Mario, Luigi, and Chris: Partners in Time

By Chris

Last time in our story, the Babies went to save the older versions of themselves. E Gadd tagged along. They defeated the Shrooboids and Shroobs 2 and 3, and healed their older versions. Princess Shoob saw this from behind a bush. And that’s where our story begins.

Ch. 5, Plan B

Princess Shroob: ATTACK!

Princess Shroob leads an army of Man Made Axem Yellows and Blacks to the scene.


Mario: 210 HP
Luigi: 220 HP
Chris: 200 HP
Baby Mario: 150 HP
Baby Luigi: 160 HP
Baby Chris: 140 HP
Axem Yellow: 120 HP
Axem Black: 100 HP
Axem Yellow 2: 120 HP
Axem Black 2: 100 HP
Princess Shroob: 200 HP

Mario Jumps on Axem Yellow! Timed Hit!
Axem Yellow: 102 HP

Luigi Hammers Axem Yellow! Timed Hit! Lucky!
Axem Yellow: 79 HP

Chris uses Tattle on all.
Chris: The HP was already shown. Defence for Axems is 6 and Princess Shroob’s is  0. Princess Shroob will continue to make or heal Axems if they are killed or damaged. It’s of upmost importance to kill her first.

Baby Mario uses Crybaby on Princess Shroob. Timed Hit!
Princess Shroob: 178 HP

Baby Luigi uses Jump on Princess Shroob! Timed Hit! Lucky!
Princess Shroob: 136 HP

Baby Chris uses Hammer on Princess Shroob! Timed Hit! Super Effective!
Princess Shroob: 94 HP

Princess Shroob uses Shroob Wall! Shroobs pile up on each other to protect Princess Shroob. Princess Shroob can’t be attacked!
Shroob Wall: 50 HP

Axem Yellow uses Crush on Mario!
Mario: 194 HP

Axem Black uses Bomb Throw on Mario.
Mario: 177 HP

Axem Yellow 2 uses Bodyslam on Mario!
Mario: 134 HP

Axem Black 2 uses Slash on Mario!
Mario: 128 HP

Mario uses a Max Mushroom!
Mario: 210 HP

Luigi: Where’d you get that?

Mario: That Flying Purple Hippo up there.

Flying Purple Hippo: I’m Prettyful!

It then turns into an item! Random, huh? When used, it literally showers them with love. Hearts spew from its mouth.

Luigi uses Hammer on Shroob Wall! Super Effective!
Shroob Wall: 0
Shroob Wall Out!

Chris uses Flying Purple Hippo on Princess Shroob!
Princess Shroob: Ack! Love hurts!
Princess Shroob: 44 HP

Baby Mario uses Hammer on Princess Shroob! Timed Hit! Lucky! Super Effective!
Princess Shroob: 0 HP
Princess Shroob Out!

Baby Luigi uses Crybaby on Axem Yellow! Super Effective!
Axem Yellow: 54 HP - Immobilized.

Baby Chris uses Crybaby on Axem Yellow! Super Effective! Timed Hit! Lucky!
Axem Yellow: 0 HP

Axem black uses Bomb Barrage on All!
Mario: 205 HP
Luigi: 215 HP
Chris: 195 HP
Baby Mario: 145 HP
Baby Luigi: 155 HP
Baby Chris: 135 HP

Axem Yellow 2 uses Bodyslam on Mario!
Mario: 189 HP

Axem Black 2 uses Slice on Mario.
Mario: 178 HP

Mario uses Green Shell on Axem Black. Hits 20 times.
Axem Black: 16 HP

Luigi uses Hammer on Axem Black.
Axem Black: 0 HP

Chris uses Annoy on Axem Yellow 2. Timed Hit! Super Effective!
Axem Yellow 2: 33 HP

Baby Mario uses Crybaby on Axem Yellow 2! Super Effective!
Axem Yellow 2: 0

Baby Luigi uses Crybaby on Axem Black 2! Timed Hit! Super Effective!
Axem Black 2: 47 HP - Immobilised

Baby Chris uses Crybaby on Axem Black 2! Timed Hit! Super Effective! Lucky!
Axem Black 2: 0 HP

That’s the ballgame!

The Marios: level 17!
Chris: level 16
Babies: level 18

Princess Shroob: Don’t think this is the end! I’ll have my revenge!

She floats away.

Chris: Hey, she left a wallet. Hey, it has an inscription on it! It says “I-a love Peach” . *looks up* Mario?

Mario blushes .

Chris: Let’s see, we have 999 coins! Sweet! Let’s go back home.

They go to the spot where the time hole was but they see it’s gone!

Luigi: !!! Wait, E Gadd, do you have a cell on you?

E. Gadd: Yeah, why?

Luigi: You’ll see.

Phone: Ring Ring Ring Ri…

Daisy: Hello?

Luigi: Hey Daisy, you know about the time machine E. Gadd built?

Mario: Luigi, you’re a genius!

Daisy: Yeah.

Luigi: Go inside it and set the dial to 1320 BC and the town to HolliJolli Village. We’re stuck here until you help.

Daisy: Ok, coming. These guys can be so weird. *click*

Luigi: She’s coming!

Mario: Good!

20 minutes later she arrives.

Luigi: Thanks!

Daisy: Don’t mention it. Let’s see… 2009 Mushroom Kingdom.

Soon they arrive in their own time.

Ch. 6, Prepare for the worst/ new fighting style

Chris: We’d better upgrade if we’re going to continue.

Mario: Yeah. He’s right. To the armory!

They go to the armory and get some armor.

Defense: Work Overalls = +10 defense

Defense: Work Overalls = +10 defense

Defense: Koopa Shell = +10 defense

Defense: Play Clothes = +10 defense

While they admire their clothing, Mario notices a shiny orb on the shelf.

Mario: What’s that?

Shopkeeper: Ahh, buy it and use it in battle to find out. It’s 500 coins but we’ll make it 250 coins just for you, my Italian friend.

Mario: Deal!

Chris: We now have 450 coins.

Luigi: Well, enough either way. We have to go to the item shop.

They go to the item shop and buy 10 FPH (Flying Purple Hippos) and a new item, 10 Geno Dolls! These make the doll come to life and become an ally! They also buy 20 Mushrooms and 20 Honey Syrups.

Chris: With 150 coins to spare!

They start to think about what to do next.

Mario: I feel like we’re forgetting something.

Suddenly Mario’s eyes go wide.

Mario: Luigi! Before we left! Toadsworth said something about the princess!



Flashback end…

Luigi: We’d better get to Toadsworth!

They run into the throne room. But it isn’t only Toadsworth who is there…

Jr. Shrooboid: &*(&(^^&^$^$&^^&*^*(&)


Mario: 250 HP
Luigi: 260 HP
Chris: 240 HP
Baby Mario: 180 HP
Baby Luigi: 190 HP
Baby Chris: 170 HP
Jr. Shrooboid: 500 HP

Mario uses Shiny Stone!
Mario: … It didn’t do… OH MY GOSH!
They can move freely. It’s no longer an RPG battle!

Toad: Would you like to have instructions on-

All: NO!

164,589,274,900,390 lessons later…

Mario is seen trembling, Luigi has wet himself, the Babies are huddled in a ball asleep, and Chris is slamming his head on the wall.

Cheese from Cartoon Network: I like this game! Haha!

Then he spontaneously combusts.

Mario: … Ok… Let’s get this party started!

Mario swings his hammer at Jr. Shrooboid, but Jr. Shrooboid dodges, making a dent in the wall. Then Luigi goes to jump on him, but JS (Jr. Shrooboid) dodges again. The Babies are still asleep. Chris then Tattles on JS.

Chris: Mommy! He’s dodging every single move we do!

Wrong kind!

Chris: Oh. JS. 500 HP, 2 Defense. This guy is tough. He dodges every move we make! There must be some way to get him.

Mario then sees a way.

Mario: Hmmm.

Mario jumps. JS jumps to the side. That’s just what Mario wants. He throws his hammer at JS. It hits!

Mario: SCORE!

JS: 478 HP - Immobilized by shock.

Considering JS is immobilized, they decide to just attack him. Luigi uses an FPH

FPH: I’m Prettyful!

FPH attacks him, Meanwhile, Mario also uses an item, the Geno Doll! Geno uses his Star Gun on JS while Chris gets into shell position and blasts off at him. JS finally wakes up. JS: 260 HP. The Babies then wake up and see they’ve missed most the battle. They go and do multiple moves. Baby Mario uses jump, which JS dodges. But Baby Mario and Chris use crybaby and they hit! The Geno Doll then uses Geno Whirl, doing loads of damage. Mario then sees the Babies’ technique, and likes the idea. He talks to Luigi and Chris and they turn to face him. Mario goes to hammer JS, as does Chris. JS dodges, and Luigi Super Jumps on JS 59 times. JS: 1 HP. JS then calls in Shrooblets to make a Junior Shrooblet. Then he heals JS by 100 HP, then disappears. Geno disappears. Then Luigi goes to hammer JS, but he dodges. Then Chris Super Punches JS, knocking him back. Mario then hammers him.

JS: &*()&*()&*()^#$$%#&@*$%%&#...

Battle Over.

No Level Ups.
200 Coins.

Toadsworth then twitches.

Toadsworth: Mario! The princess! She’s been taken by some weird kid claiming to be called Jacob Bowyer the III!

Peach is missing! What has happened to the princess? Why did Mario have an inscription on his wallet? What is this Flying Purple Hippo from? *CoughAgeOfMythologyCough* Why did I add the Shiny Stone without it being the way to get ot Culix? Find out later in Ch. 7: The REAL Quest Begins.

Read on!

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