Mario, Luigi, and Chris: Partners in Time

By Chris

Last time on Mario, Luigi, and Chris, Partners in Time, our heroes were revived only to be attacked by Princess Shroob. In the end, they prevailed, but the Time Hole was gone! But Luigi, with the brains of a genius, called Daisy with a cell, and she came to the rescue! Soon they got defenses and a queer stone. They came to use the stone, which changed the fighting style! But after the fight with JS, the heroes got a nasty surprise…

Ch. 7: The REAL quest begins.

Mario is seen weeping on the ground.

Mario: It’s-a not right. I was prepared for Bowser or Princess Shroob by themselves! But now, we have to go on some quest with three leaders against me!

Chris: But, you got me and me.

He chuckles to himself. But Chris is wondering if Peach is the only girl they kidnapped…

Luigi: Hey, we can do this… somehow…

Chris: It is my fault though. If I hadn’t fallen into the hole, none of this would’ve happened.

Mario: No, when we-a jumped in to save you, Toadsworth was already ranting on. “Where’s the princess, where’s the princess?

They all chuckle.

Luigi: But we don’t know where to go!

Suddenly Merlon appears from behind a bush.

Mario: Woah! Where did you-a come from?

But he appears not to hear him.

Merlon: In order to complete your quest, you will have to face many trials and get the nine Cobalt Stars. To begin, all of you will go to Toadwood Forest, where three of you will be kidnapped in a gross way!

Mario: Huh?

Merlon: Then you will continue to the Island where the Yoshs are, and go through a giant’s mouth to salvage the second piece!

Chris: What?

Merlon: Then to a desert, where you will face three familiar enemies!

Luigi: I get it!

Merlon: Then to two volcano islands, each of which has a Cobalt Star. One is Thwomp, one is Rumplebump Volcano from the Pudding Continent.

Luigi: I told you it was real.

Merlon: The sixth Star is in a shrine of what makes you invincible.

Mario: The Star Shrine.

Merlon: Then, there will be three doors. Each has a Cobalt Star. Each one will have one of someone’s worst fears.

Mario: Uh oh.

Merlon: And six more partners will join your team. Three will be older and three will be younger.

Chris: Quit speaking in riddles and tell us.

Merlon: Also, in the final level, you will face each boss two times, in different ways.

He disappears.

Mario: … Well, the title says the REAL quest begins, so we should get going.

Luigi: But we don’t know which way to go.

Dora: Who do we ask for help when we don’t know which way to go?

The Babies: THE MAP!

Dora: The Map, that’s right!

Mario steals the map and kicks Dora away from the scene. Turns out they have stolen a different map from the annoying talking one.

Luigi: Cool! A map of the world we’ll travel in. How convenient.

Mario: This is cool! But the woods are in the past!

Chris: The Time Machine, you… Never mind, I’ll refrain from calling you a ding-dong.

Luigi: We should go.

So they go into the time machine and set it for 1320 Toadwood Forest. And the REAL quest begins.

Ch. 8: When The Going Gets Tough / Cameo Heaven.

They appear in the middle of nowhere.

Chris: Where are we?

Mario: We should get going. The map says the Cobalt Star is in the factory to the east.

Luigi: It does?

Sure enough, the map is glowing straight on the factory.

Chris: Convenient

Mario: We can’t waste time. We have to get there.

They continue to travel.

Mario: We’re using up too much time! Isn’t there another way?

Chris: Aw man! What an idiot I was. TAXI!

The F-Zero shows up. (In the forest? They’re crazy!)

Captain Falcon: Need a hand?

Luigi: The factory, and step on it!

Before he can finish, they’re there.

Chris: We need to get in.

Luigi: But there are guards all over the place!

Suddenly Harry Potter appears.

Harry: I am the chosen one. Here’s an invisibility cloak.

The Invisibility Cloak is now an item! You cannot sell it, it will be with you forever! Use it out of battle to sneak by things without being caught! Use it in battle to sneak up on your opponent.

Chris: Ok, get in!

Mario: This is really random. Who’s next?

Luigi: SSSHHHH!!! You’ll jinx it!

But he doesn’t and they get in without being caught. They take off the cloak.

Chris: Whew, we’re in! But…

There is a giant, bottomless pit in front of them.

Mario: What do we do?

Luigi: Mario, we need someone to help!

Suddenly Birdo from Super Mario Bros. 2 comes!

Birdo: This Is As Far As You Go!

She starts to spew eggs from her mouth.

Chris: And how is this supposed to help?!

Luigi, the smart person he is, figures it out.

Luigi: Quickly! The eggs! Remember in the game?

Mario’s eyes widen.

Mario: Oh yeah!

Luigi jumps on an egg. Then Mario. Then Chris.

Luigi: Everyone ok?

All six of them are proven to be ok. Then they enter a room.

Mario: Wow, this place is weird!

Suddenly a nose with three nostrils appears from nowhere and sucks the three older heroes into it!


??? : Too late. They’re gone.

Three L33t Hammer Bros. come out.

L33t Hammer Bros: There is no escape.

The L33t Hammer Bros. have taken the older heroes! What will become of them? What will become of the Babies? Why do I always have questions near the end? Find out in Ch. 9: The L33ts Get Pwned. (The title tells it all.)

Read on!

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