Mario, Luigi, and Chris: Partners in Time

By Chris

Last time on Total Drama Island… I mean, Mario, Luigi, and Chris, Partners in Time, our heroes were told the future by Merlon. (And who knows where he came from.) The heroes started their quest to the Toadwood Forest, where many cameo appearances have made an appearance (and there will probably be more). After floating across the bottomless pit riding the eggs (I don’t know if I made that clear) they entered a strange room, and the three adults were carried off by a strange, three-nostrilled nose, leaving the babies with the L33t Hammer Bros. And that’s where our story begins…

Ch. 9: The L33ts Get Owned.


Baby Mario: 160 HP
Baby Luigi: 140 HP
Baby Chris: 150 HP
L33t Hammer Bro 1: 200 HP.
L33t Hammer Bro 2: 200 HP.

Baby Mario quickly jumps toward the 1st L33t, but the Bro dodges, and uses his hammer to smash Baby Mario against the floor. Baby Chris jumps on the same L33t, with no effect.

Baby Chris: What?

Baby Luigi is studying the two L33ts as Baby Mario tries to jump onto L33t, with squat as results. Baby Chris then tries to hammer the 1st l33t, and does about one point of damage. As a result, the L33t turns and smacks him across the room.

Baby Luigi: 140 HP
Baby Mario: 154 HP
Baby Chris: 143 HP
L33t 1:199 HP
L33t 2: 200 HP

Baby Luigi studies the area, and sees the antenna on the L33t’s helmet. He decides to try to hammer it. It seems to more damage than hitting the body did, but not by much. The 1st L33t, the one he tried this on, turns and tries to slap him, but not before a Geno Blast knocks him over for about a second. He gets up like nothing happened at all, then Baby Luigi gets an idea. He thinks the saddest thing possible and cries on the antenna. It works!


L33t 1: 172 HP - dizzy 3 rounds.
L33t 2: 200 HP

The 2nd L33t sees the effect and decides to be more aggressive and careful. He grabs a hammer and throws it at Baby Mario. It misses and Baby Chris picks it up. He throws it at the 1st L33t and knocks him over. He gets up and tries to hit the person who hit him, but since he is dizzy, he accidentally hits his partner instead. The 2nd L33t realizes that he is dizzy, so he doesn’t get mad. But while realizing this, he put his guard down. Baby Mario jumps up and cries on his antenna. It doesn’t have the same effect, but it does make him tiny so he cannot cause as much damage. But he still hits Baby Mario anyway. Smack!

Baby Mario: 151 HP
Baby Luigi: 140 HP
Baby Chris: 143 HP
L33t 1: HP 172 - dizzy 2 rounds.
L33t 2: HP 169 - tiny 3 rounds.

Geno disappears and the babies are all alone. Baby Luigi decides that the battle is taking too long and uses a Flying Purple Hippo. Little does Baby Luigi know that because of the heart spewer, their antennas are damaged by 25! But the smart, tiny one throws a hammer and takes out the wing of the FPH and it falls immediately. The Dizzy l33t swings at Baby Mario, and misses by a long shot, but Baby Luigi gets smacked instead. Baby Mario takes the opportunity and cries on the antenna, but because the L33t is already dizzy, this has no effect.

L33t 1:132 HP - Dizzy 1 round
L33t 2: 144 HP - Tiny 2 rounds
Baby Luigi: 132 HP

Then something shocking happens. A figure emergs from the shadows, another cameo figure who looks like a teenage kid with a triton. Now the L33ts are really going to get owned. It’s Percy Jackson. What the babies haven’t been doing is admiring the scenery. The pink walls, the organized file cabinets…and the water fountains. Percy Jackson smiles and makes the fountains explode! Water comes gushing out of the pipes directly towards the Hammer Bros! They try to escape, but the current stops them in their tracks. They become so shocked that their HP drops to 10 HP. Percy winks at the babies and leaves without a word. The babies see their opportunity and finish the L33ts off by crying on the antennae.

Babies improve to level 25!
100 coins and 3 Mega Mushrooms.

The babies continue through the building and find their older selves frozen in an ice cube. The babies pound on it with their hammers until it breaks. The adults thank them again for saving their lives, and they all continue the quest.

Ch. 10 Mean, Green Swiggling Machine!

Chris: MAN! You babies are the BOMB! Saved our skin twice!

Luigi: Don’t know what could happen if we didn’t bring you three along!

Mario: Yeah, I don’t want to think about it! *stops in his tracks* What is that?

They stop upon seeing a giant Wiggler drinking some substance from a cup. Two Dr. Shroobs are by the Wiggler’s side.

Baby Mario: Ooh, I want to touch it!

Chris: NO!!!

Too late. Baby Mario knocks over the substance the Wiggler was drinking. The Wiggler looks down and gets mad from the sight of his spilled drink… REAL MAD!

Boss Battle!

Mario: 220 HP
Luigi: 200 HP
Chris: 210 HP
Baby Mario: 180 HP
Baby Luigi: 160 HP
Baby Chris: 170 HP
Swiggler: 500 HP
Dr. Shroob 1 and 2: 150 HP

Luigi and Baby Luigi both hammer the Wiggler at the same time with no effect. Mario tries jumping, with no effect. Baby Mario and Baby Chris cry on it with no effect. Finally, Chris looka it up.

Chris: Swiggler: HP 500, attack 10, defense infinite. There is no hurting this guy. The only way is if his drink is poisoned. That’s about it. You know, those pale Mushrooms of the doctors look kind of gruesome.

Mario: Thank God your Tattle always has a hint around somewhere.

While Swiggler bats Baby Luigi away and slams him against the wall, Mario sneaks up on a Dr. Shroob and pickpockets him for a pale Mushroom. Mario rhrows it in the drink and goes back to the fight. Swiggler takes a sip.

Swiggler: *&)*^*&%^^$(^(*&()%^%^ (Oh man, I don’t feel so well…)

Swiggler turns a shade of grey-green. Luigi takes the chance and sends a Flying Purple Hippo at it. It totally destroys lots of his health.

Swiggler: 370 HP

Mario sees the opportunity and super jumps on Swiggler and Baby Luigi hammers it. A Dr. Shroob then throws a regular Mushroom in his drink. Swiggler regains his color and attacks. He rolls over onto Baby Mario and flattens him.

Baby Mario:146 HP
Swiggler: 279 HP

Luigi then checks Dr. Shroob’s pocket and finds another pale Mushroom and throws it into Swiggler’s drink, while Chris and Mario attempt to attack but fail. Afterwards, Swiggler takes a drink and loses his color again. Baby Mario then hammers Swiggler.

Swiggler: 271 HP

Baby Chris then lets out a Geno Doll, which grows and attacks Swiggler with his finger pistols. During this, Mario steals a regular Mushroom from a Dr. Shroom before he can throw it in Swiggler’s drink. Chris then hammers Swiggler, but then he loses his grip on the hammer, making the hammer bounce off Swiggler and then bash onto Mario’s hand, causing Mario to accidentally throw the regular Mushroom into the drink. Swiggler takes a sip and regains 50 HP. But he loses it and some more when Geno does the Geno Whirl on him.

Swiggler: 147 HP

Luigi then Super Jumps on Swiggler while Baby Mario kicks a shell at him. But the shell bounces back at him and knocks him back into the walls. Luigi jumps off of Swiggler after a few minutes.

Swiggler: 48 HP
Baby Mario: 126 HP

Swiggler rolls around, dodging attacks left and right. Finally, Mario and Luigi send shells at it, taking it down. The Dr. Shroobs suddenly become startled with fright and take off.

No level ups.
No items.

Mario: Good job, guys! We rocked!

Luigi: Yeah, and we got this!

He holds up a Cobalt shard.

All: YES!

Suddenly, a blur comes and circles around Luigi. Soon, the blur takes the shard from him. Then it stops.

???: What do you think of this, FOOLS?!

It turns out to be Baby Bowser.

Baby Bowser: These could be worth something on Evil-bay!

Chris: Evil-bay?

Baby Bowser: What did you think the E in Ebay stood for?

He leaves with the star shard.

Chris: I don’t believe that the E stands for anything.

Luigi: Umm… Are you not noticing that HE TOOK THE STAR SHARD?!

Our heroes have had their shard taken away from them! What will they do? How will they get it back? Find out next time!

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