Mario, Luigi, and Chris: Partners in Time

By Chris

Chapter 1: How it Started / Catch Catastrophe

Once it was a beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom, without a cloud in the sky.

Mario: Ah Luigi. Don’t you wish there was more days like this?

Luigi: You said it! This ended up to be a great day. Hey, wanna play catch?

Mario: Sure! Get your glove!


Luigi: Come on, Mario! That was right to you!

Mario: Couldn’t see. The sun was in my eyes.

???: I WAS NOT!!!

Mario: Angry Sun! Run for it, Luigi!

Mario and Luigi run far and knock into someone.

Luigi: Sorry Mister. Sun’s after us.

???: Huh?

Luigi: He means Angry Sun.

???: Oh, ok. Name’s Yardiovich. CHRIS Yardiovich to be exact.

Luigi: Nice to meet you, Chris.

Chris: Great to see you too! You said the sun’s after ya?

Mario: Yeah. Bowser must be on his way to the castle to start his Koopaish tricks. Hey… I fought a Yaridovich before…

Chris: Yaridovich… Oh! You mean the one Smithy built! No no, Yaridovich is my last name. Now about that sun you were talking about?

Luigi: Well he seems to be gone now. Well Mario, let’s get going! We need to give Koopa what he deserves.

Chris: Wait! Can I come? Got nothing better to do.

Mario: Sure! We could use an extra set of hands.

Chris: Thanks!

Chris joined your party!

Chris: Fiesta!

No, not that kind! Chris can scare some enemies off because of ugly he is…

Chris: HEY!!! I can give you a Siesta the HARD way!!!

… He can also, in battle, use Punch, and Annoy for two FP, AND Tattle for free!

Suddenly Toad comes by.

Toad: Want a lesson on FP before going?

Mario: No thanks.

Toad: Great! You see…

947,374,856 lessons later…

Toad: …And that’s how.

Mario: (sarcastically) Gee, thanks.

Toad: No prob. Bye!

Luigi: Phew. Let’s-a go!

Chapter 2: Partners in Time / An Old Enemy

The dynamic trio start walking down the street when all of a sudden something drops from the sky.

Luigi: What in the world is that?

Mario: Why it’s E. Gadd’s old time machine!

Suddenly it opens to reveal…

Baby Mario and Luigi: Wet’s-a go!

Baby Chris: Whoopee!

Chris: Oh dear god, it’s me as a baby! I can tell that birthmark anywhere!

Mario: What, that giant blotch on it’s kneecap?! Sheesh!

Luigi then notices something else in the time machine. Something with yellow eyes…


It then pops out and everyone can see it is Shrooboid Brat.

SB (Shrooboid Brat): #&*%#&*%#&*%

Mario: Mamamia!

Random Toad: Now’s the time to teach you how to battle in a group of six…

All: !!!

875,795,100,345 lessons later…

Toad: …And there you go.

Mario: *sigh* Let’s-a go!

Luigi: Okey-dokey!

Boss Battle!

Shrooboid Brat ??? HP
Right Sucker: ??? HP
Left Sucker: ??? HP
Middle Sucker: ??? HP
Mario: 130 HP
Luigi: 100 HP
Chris: 110 HP
Baby Mario: 70 HP
Baby Luigi: 80 HP
Baby Chris: 50 HP


Shrooboid Brat throws the Middle Sucker at Chris!
Chris: 104 HP

Chris uses Tattle on Shrooboid Brat!
Shrooboid Brat- 1400 HP, 10 Atk, and 0 Def. HOLY COW!!! That’s a lot of HP and attack power he’s got there! Hard to believe he’s the first boss! His weakness is his Suckers. Destroy them all and he has -50 Def.

Mario uses Jump on Right Sucker!
Mario: Whatever you say!
Right Sucker: ??? HP

Luigi uses Hammer on the Right Sucker!
Right Sucker: ??? HP

Baby Chris uses Hammer on Right Sucker!
Right Sucker: ??? HP

Baby Mario uses Hammer on Right Sucker! Timed hit!
Right Sucker: ??? HP

Baby Luigi uses Hammer on Right Sucker! Timed hit! Plus lucky!
Right Sucker: 0 HP
Right Sucker is out!

Shrooboid brat: !!!! #&*%#&*%!!!!
Shrooboid brat uses Crowd Cover! He looks to the time machine with all the Shroobs in it… All but Shrooboid Brat: !!!!!! All the Shroobs put up signs of all the people they want to tackle, and Chris gets picked the most.
Chris: 89 HP

Mario uses Hammer on Left Sucker! It’s… super effective? Plus timed hit!
Left Sucker: ??? HP

Luigi uses Hammer on Left Sucker. It’s super effective! Timed hit!
Left Sucker: ??? HP

Chris uses Annoy on Left Sucker! 2 FP used!
Left Sucker: 0 HP
Left Sucker is out!

Shrooboid Brat: #&*%#&*%!!!!!!!
Shrooboid Brat uses throw on Luigi!
Luigi: 92 HP

Baby Chris uses Crybaby on Middle Sucker! Super effective! Timed hit! Lucky double!
Middle Sucker: ??? HP

Baby Mario uses Hammer on Middle Sucker! Timed hit!
Middle Sucker: 0 HP
Middle Sucker is out!

Baby Luigi uses Crybaby!
Shrooboid Brat: 1284 HP

Shrooboid Brat uses You Sucker!
Shrooboid brat pulls a Sucker from his mouth and throws it at Mario!
Mario: 109 HP

Mario uses Super Jump! 2 FP used! He jumps 35 times on him! Lucky on 9 jumps!
Shrooboid Brat: 756 HP

Luigi: Hey… That’s pretty effective!
Luigi uses Super Jump! 2 FP used! 56 jumps! 23 jumps lucky!
Shrooboid Brat: 221 HP

Chris uses Annoy! Timed hit! Lucky!
Shrooboid Brat: 0 HP
Shrooboid Brat out!

Battle over!


2000 experience points! 20 Mushrooms! 21 Honey Syrups!
Mario levels up to level 5!
Luigi levels up to level 5!
The rest level up to level 6!

Mario: Wow! I thought that that would never end!

Chris: Wait, what about that crowd of Shroobs in the time machine?

They look to see that they’re all gone!

All: Uh oh…

Chapter 3: Shroobs, Koopas, and Humans / Time Hole Strikes Again

The six heroes soon run into E. Gadd.

E. Gadd: Jeepers! The Shroobs are back! How did they come back?!

Mario: You left your time machine at Yoshi’s Island after your safari in Yoob’s belly.


E. Gadd: I found it! It’s my Sunnycide! All I need to do is get the mutation out of its body! Now to the time hole!

Flashback End…

E. Gadd: Jeepers! Behind you!

They look and E. Gadd runs away feeling guilty.

Mario E. Gadd! E. GADD! Well he’s gone now. Hey, what’s that over there?

Something “over there” jumps on Luigi and it appears to be…

Stuffwell: Hello Mario! Where is… Oops…

He jumps off Luigi.

Stuffwell: Sorry Luigi. I was told there was a Chris here but… Oops…

Stuffwell jumps off Chris.

Stuffwell: I’m so clumbs-

Babies: WAHH!!!

Stuffwell jumps off the Babies.

Stuffwell: … I’m standing on a Random Toad, aren’t I?

All: Yup.

Stuffwell: Ugh, I’m just shrinking and going into Mario’s pocket.

So he does. And… well, let’s just say that we won’t see him anymore because…

Stuffwell: Sheesh! I didn’t know he had so much cheese here! I’m lost! WAHH!

Well now back to the hero’s problem.

Chris: Problem? What problem?!

Bowser then jumps from behind a bush.

Chris: … I hate my life.

Bowser: Mario! I’m back! And I got some friends!

Then two people jump out, revealing…

Luigi: Princess Shroob!

Chris: Jacob!


Chris: *sigh* There’s no need to yell.

Bowser: We don’t have time for that, Jacob. We’ve gotta go! Send some minions!

Jacob: Aye aye, sir.

Princess Shroob: $*&%#&*% (Ok. Shroobs, come forth!)

Bowser: Troopas! We need you guys to stay behind!

Troopas: Ok, King Bowser!

Shroobs: #*&%#*&%!!!

Machine Mades: We’ll kill ‘em!

Bowser: C’mon, let’s split!

They leave and the heroes stand there as puzzled as can be.

Chris: … Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go smash ‘em!


Mario: 150 HP
Luigi: 160 HP
Chris: 140 HP
Baby Mario: 90 HP
Baby Luigi: 100 HP
Baby Chris: 80 HP
Machine Mades: ??? HP
Shroobs: ??? HP
Koopas: ??? HP


Mario uses Jump on Machine Mades!
Machine Mades: ??? HP

Chris uses Tattle on Machine Mades!
Machine Mades- 50 HP, now 42 HP; 10 Atk, and 12 Def. This is it? I could beat him in my sleep! Their weakness is water! Use Crybaby and that will stop ‘em!

Luigi uses Super jump on Machine Mades! Timed hit! Lucky!
Machine Mades: 29 HP

Baby Chris uses Crybaby on Machine Mades!
Machine Mades: 0 HP
Machine Mades out!

Baby Luigi uses Jump on Koopas!
Koopas fall on their shell for no damage, but they can’t attack.

Baby Mario uses Hammer on Koopas! Timed hit! Lucky!
Koopa: ??? HP

Shroobs uses RUN AWAY!!! They run from battle...

Mario uses Jump on Koopas!
Koopas: ??? HP

Chris uses Tattle!
Koopa- 100 HP, now 56; 2 Atk and 20 Def. As much HP and Def as they have, they’re easy! Just jump on them and they fall on their shell, losing ALL of their Def and their chance to attack for two turns!

Luigi yses Hammer! Koopas: 32 HP

Baby Chris uses Hammer! Koopas: 23 Hp

Baby Mario uses Hammer! Koopas: 10 HP

Baby Luigi uses Hammer! Koopas: 0 HP

Koopas are out!

Battle over!

Mario: Level 8!
Luigi: Level 8!
Chris: Level 9!
Babies: Level 10!

Chris: Well that was easy!

Luigi: I can’t believe the Shroobs ran away!

Mario: SSSSSSHHHHHHH! Over there!

Over there…

Baby Bowser: Yum! These cookies are delicious! Haack! I’m ch-ch-cho- *gulp*

Kamek: There, drink this. It’s from... uh... an evil cow.

Baby Bowser: Ah. Nothing like some good milk from an evil cow. But next time, could it be from an evil goat?

Mario: Back up slowly.

They run when suddenly E. Gadd comes from nowhere.

E. Gadd: Boys! A time hole is in the garden! Go check it out!

Mario: Why? What’s wrong?

E. Gadd: I’ve traced some army following three people in there! That just isn’t right in the past!


Mario: MAMAMIA! Okay, we’ll check it out! Who knows what they’re up to! Babies, stay with E. Gadd, he will take care of you!

Babies: Byebye!

Chris: Now… Lets check it out.

Luigi: Just be glad that we’re farther away from Baby Bowser.

Mario: Ho, aren’t you right!

Chris: While you two were talking, we’re here.

They look to see that he is right.

Chris: I’ll check it out.


Toadsworth is on a rolling shopping cart. He knocks Chris into the time hole! His body disintegrates into a million pieces, then goes in.

Mario and Luigi: OH NOOOO!!!


Mario: No time! Let's-a go!

They jump into the time machine. The same thing happens.

Luigi: Wait, did he say something about the princess?

Mario: Uh oh...

Chapter 4: Past Problems

Mario is out of the time hole at last! But unfortunately…

Chris: Bleah!

Mario: Oops! Sorry!

Luigi comes out!

Mario and Chris: Bleah!

Luigi: Oops! Sorry!

Chris: Ugh, enough of this! We’ve got to go! Oh, and watch where you aim. Almost broke my shades when you landed on me.

Mario: Yes, let’s go! Hey, over there! A Partner Power-Up! It has-a-

Chris: HOLD IT! What’s a Partner Power-Up? I’m new here!

Mario: It teaches new moves! It has YOUR name on it!

Chris: MY name?! Sweet!

He hits it! He learned Jump in battle! Also, he can now jump as high as the Marios!

Chris: SWEET! And no FP used! No FP, no problems.

Mario: Eh, you spoke too soon. Look!


Chris: RUN FOR IT!

They run and make it to HolliJolli Village, passing all the Shrooblets, where they find a bigger problem.



They run to the mayor’s house.

Chris: *pant, pant, pant* I think we lost them.


Herose: !!!


Mario: Oh, it’s just a Toad.

Luigi: Well don’t stand there! He’s in the chimney! Get him out!

Mario jumps under the chimney and gets the Toad out.

Toad: I’ll have you know I’m the mayor! Thank you! Oh, and watch your aiming while jumping! My thing still hurts!

Suddenly three Shroobs come and spot him!

Shroobs: #&*%#&*^+%!!!


Chris: Well don’t stand there! Let’s help him!

They run out and see the Mayor being sucked up by a Shroob UFO!

Heroes: !!!

Then the Shroobs spot them!

Shroob 1: #&*%#*&%???

Shroob 2: #*&%$#*&^%???

Shroob 3: @&$(%&$)%&!!!!!!

Boss Battle

Mario: 200 HP
Luigi: 210 HP
Chris: 190 HP
Shroob 1: ???
Shroob 2: ???
Shroob 3 : ???


All Shroobs use Shroob UFO Call! A UFO appears overhead and starts a countdown!
Shroob UFO: 3

Chris uses Tattle!
Shroob- 50 HP, 10 Def, and 2 Atk. Jeez, you call this a boss?! This is lame! Let’s kill ‘em already! Although I do feel uneasy around that Shroob UFO…

Mario uses Hammer on Shroob 1! Timed hit!
Shroob 1: 42 HP

Luigi uses Super Jump on Shroob 1! Timed hits! Super effective! Lucky!
Shroob 1: 12 HP

Shroob 1 uses Gunshot on Mario!
Mario: 198 HP

Shroob 2 uses Countdown! The Shroob UFO goes down one more than it should!
Shroob UFO: 2

Shroob 3 uses Gunshot on Chris!
Chris: 188 HP

Shroob UFO uses Countdown!
Shroob UFO: 1

Chris uses Jump on Shroob 1! Timed hit! Lucky!
Shroob 1: 0 HP
Shroob 1 is out!

Mario uses Super jump on Shroob 2! ... It misses…

Luigi uses Hammer on Shroob 2! Timed hit!
Shroob 2: 42 HP

The Shroobs pass.

Shroob UFO uses Countdown!
Shroob UFO: 0
Then Shroob UFO shoots something BIG down at our heroes!
Chris: 0 HP
Mario: 0 HP
Luigi: 0 HP

Battle Over!

Shroobs: @*$&%^@($&#!!!

Are they doomed? Will no one help them? Did the Shroobs prevail?! Find out in the next chapter, A New Hope. (The title probably gives it away anyway.)

Read on!

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