A Yoshi's Quest

By Fireball

One morning on Yoshi's Island, two Yoshis were talking together in one of their houses. They had a map along with them on a table and the curtains were closed so it was very dark in the room. The only supporting light was the one hanging off the ceiling, with was hardly hanging on really.

Fireball: So, these is the blueprints to Bowser's Castle. We get a rope and climb it up to Roy's room, as he will be working out at the time of the day.

Kroshi: Right, we then go into Ludwig’s room, and take his new invention that he made, The Flame.

Fireball: We will then sneak our way to Bowser's room, and if he is there, we will threaten him with The Flame.

Kroshi: Correct, and hopefully if this works, we can take back our Yoshi Map that Bowser stole from us.

Fireball: Right. And then we’ll be big heroes to the Yoshis!

Kroshi: Right on!

As the Yoshis head off to Bowser's Castle, Bowser and his Koopalings have discovered what the Yoshi Map shows, thanks to Ludwig’s brain power.

Bowser: This is interesting, we could takeover Plit with this map!

Ludwig: Yes. Only the Yoshis know about this map, and this map could lead to world conquest!

Bowser: At last, something to look forward to again! The Mario Brothers will be coming again, and I'll take Peach-

Lemmy: You always take Peach!

Bowser: But it's fun.

Roy: King Dad, it's beginning to become a running gag with you and the Mario Brothers.

Bowser: How so?

Iggy: You steal Peach, they come, defeat you and take Peach back... But it's always Mario.

Bowser: I defeated Mario ONCE!

Larry: Yeah, well that was when he was at level 1 in Paper Mario.

Bowser: I don't understand those level ups...

Wendy: Neither do I, and I don't care for this conversation.

Meanwhile, as the Koopas talk gibberish, the two heroic Yoshis make it to Roy's room.

Fireball: Good, he's probably lifting weights.

Kroshi: Now to tip-toe to Ludwig’s room.

The two Yoshis run over to Ludwig’s room and take his new invention, The Flame, and head to Bowser’s room.

Fireball: Good, everything is going as planned!

The two Yoshis are just about to go into Bowser's room, but then footsteps are heard.

Kroshi: Who is that?

Fireball: I don't know, let's get into the room!

The two Yoshis rush into Bowser’s room and hide under his bed

Kroshi: We’re doomed if they find us!

Fireball: No, we got The Flame, remember?

Kroshi: That's right!

Bowser stomps into his room and lays on his bed.

Bowser: An evil Koopa King needs his rest.

Bowser then drifts off to sleep. The two Yoshis get out from under of the bed and avoid getting slammed when the bed depresses from Bowser’s weight. They look in his drawers, and find the Yoshi Map

Kroshi: Yes!

Bowser: Huh?!

Fireball: Ah crud!

Fireball and Kroshi run out of the room and go downstairs and rush out of Bowser’s castle, still with The Flame in hands. As they run on, a flying plane seems to be over their heads... An... an airship!

Fireball: Double crud!

Bowser: You thought you could escape ME?! I am the Koopa King! King of-

Kroshi: Yeah, we know! How did you get here so fast?!

Bowser: Easy, when I woke up, I went to my airship and came over here. It's faster than you guys, you know.

Fireball: Good point, now you probably want our map…

Bowser: Uh, yes.

Then out of nowhere, the Yoshi Map is out of Kroshis hand. A dark figure with a top hat on is between the airship and the two Yoshis. Fireball goes over to the man and tries to capture him, but the man dodges the attack and uses his magic to throw him against the airship. The man then uses a fireball attack on the airship, and the ship blows up. Bowser flies into the air and lands on Kroshi.

???: Did you possibly think you could beat me? What a joke, the lot of you. Now that the Map is mine, Plit shall be mine. For I am... DJ Yoshi.

DJ then vanishes into thin air, as our strong, evil Koopa King is down and out, and our two Yoshis are on the ground, defeated. This was not in the Yoshis’ plans at all, and not in Bowser's either.


Fireball and Kroshi wake up and look around. They are not in the field they were in moments ago. Bowser is not in sight either... They are in a little cabin. Where were they…?

???: I see you two have woke up. About time.

Kroshi: W-Who are you?

???: Tony Toad. That's what they call me, at least.

Fireball: Where are we?

Tony: In the middle of a forest. You two were knocked out cold when I found you two.

Kroshi: Um, did you see a large Koopa, pretends he's the King of Koopas, big and fat?

Tony: No, just the two of you in the middle of a field with a burnt ship.

Fireball: Well, we’ve really got to get going, thanks for the rest and stuff.

Tony: Well, before you go. A black Yoshi went past here, and called himself DJ.

Fireball: That's the Yoshi who knocked us out cold! I remember, after the attack, I remember he said "DJ".

Tony: Well, he went into the Big Tree Trunk, and now the Forest is ruined!

Kroshi: We'd love to help, but we’ve really got to get going-

Tony: Not on my watch!

Fireball: You’re not wearing a watch.

Tony: Don't be smart with me. Now I saved you two, and the least you could do is help me!

Fireball: Well, I can't say no to person who’s angry with me. Lead us to the big trunk, my good man!

Tony lead the Yoshis out of the tiny cabin, and as they walk out, total chaos is breaking out in the forest. Trees are being knocked down, and some are on fire. Tony leads them to the biggest tree in the forest, which is barely still alive. There is a little door to get into the massive trunk.

Fireball: So... what do you want us to do?

Tony: Inside the tree is a green stone. You must get the green stone and bring it back out here. Once you have the stone back, you must climb up on the outside of the tree and there is a little nest up there. Put the stone up there and the forest will be restored.

Kroshi: All right, but it seems like a lot of trouble.

Tony: It is, so get to it!

Fireball: All right, no need to yell.

Fireball and Kroshi make their way into the big tree to find the green stone. They see a staircase and begin to climb.

Fireball: Since when do trees have a staircase?

Kroshi: Beats me.

The two Yoshis then make it to two doors.

Kroshi: Let's try the left door.

Kroshi tries to open the door, but it won't open. He then starts to kick it.

Fireball: Let's try the right door.

Fireball opens the right door, and Fireball goes in the room, with Kroshi following.

Fireball: Hmm, nothing seems to be in this room, but a door ahead.

Kroshi: Well, let's just open the door ahead then.

Fireball: Captivating idea.

Fireball and Kroshi go to the door, but two Koopas dropi in front of them. They have yellow shells and black shades. One has a black hat that is on backwards and the other has black wristbands on his wrists.

Shades: There is no need to go no further, for me and Knuckle will stop you!

Knuckle: Yeah, we suggest you leave this instant, or you’re going to get a painful beat! Right Shades?

Shades: Right Knuckle!

Kroshi: Look, we just came to get some stone, and this old man won't leave us alone, unless-

Shades: You say... stone? No way are you getting that stone, my dear friend, or the boss would not be too happy with us.

Knuckle: This is your final warning, save yourself the trouble and get out of here!

Fireball: We'd love to, but we won’t.

Knuckle: Well I guess this stirs up trouble!

Shades: Right, you guys are going down!

Shades goes in his shell and blasts right at Fireball and Kroshi, hitting the both of them. Kroshi gets up but falls again, as Fireball gets up and barely remains upright. Knuckle comes and throws a punch at Fireball. Fireball ducks out of the way, and Knuckle hits Shades.

Knuckle: Sorry Shades, I meant to hit that red Yoshi!

Shades: ....

Shades does not respond, for he may be out cold. Kroshi comes up and grabs Knuckle and slams his shell to the ground. Knuckle crawls out of the room and falls down the stairs. Shades then tryies to punch Kroshi, who ducks and Shades falls down the stairs as well.

Fireball: Now! To go to the next room.

Kroshi opens the door to reveal a small key.

Kroshi: Aw! What's a key doing here?

Kroshi and Fireball get out of the room, back to the room with the two doors

Fireball: Wait, let me see that key...

Fireball takes the small key and trips and the key goes flying to the left door and goes in the little keyhole. Kroshi turns the key and the door opens.

Kroshi: Talk about random.

Fireball gets back up to his feet, and follows Kroshi into the room. The room is surrounded by mirrors

Kroshi: There are thousands of me!

Fireball: And me!

Fireball and Kroshi go into the next room

Fireball: Well... that was pointless!

Kroshi: Quite.

Fireball and Kroshi look around the room to see a bridge leading to the next door. But the door looks massive, even larger than a Yoshi that has eaten a Mega Mushroom.

Fireball: So... Looks like a very unsafe bridge. But I'm up for it!

Fireball runs across the bridge, but then the bridge breaks. Fireball... is...

Fireball: ALL RIGHT!

Kroshi looks down to see Fireball standing less then a couple of inches away from him

Fireball: Some bridge. Let's get going.

Kroshi: Woah, you really had me startled!

Fireball and Kroshi walk up to the big door and look up at it. They push the door and go into the room, finding a shining green stone

Kroshi: Cool! The stone!

Kroshi grabs the stone.

Fireball: You would think a trap of some sort would happen.

Kroshi drops the stone, and both Yoshis go to pick it up, and as they are down on the ground picking the stone up, a blade whizzes just over their heads. The Yoshis make it out of the big tree and see Tony there, waiting in fear

Tony: Finally! You’re here!

Kroshi: Who were you expecting?

Tony: You! Now I got the ladder set up for you to put the stone in the nest.

Fireball: All right.

Fireball is about to climb the ladder but Tony pushes him and takes the stone!

Tony: Fools! You fell for my plan! What a couple of saps you two are!

Kroshi: ... W-What?

Tony: An old guy like me would have found it hard to walk that far in the tree, so you guys did me a favor, thanks! Hahahahahahaha*cough*haha!

Kroshi throws an egg at Tony, making him drop the stone. Fireball picks the stone up and begins to climb the ladder.

Tony: Oh no you don't!

Tony is about to stop Fireball, but Kroshi takes Tony and throws him away from the ladder. Kroshi then takes an egg and throws it at Tony, hitting his head. Fireball is still climbing the ladder, and is having more trouble then he had imaged. Each step he takes gets him more tired than the last. Tony then takes out an orb and throws it on ground, and a puff of smoke flutters into the air. It becomes a Chain Chomp! Kroshi runs for his life. Finally Fireball makes it to the nest, where he dropps the stone in the little nest and falls off the ladder and lands on the Chain Chomp, hitting Tony off the Chain Chomp. Fireball gets off the big monster and the Chain Chomp chases Tony out of the forest. Then, the whole forest turns back to normal. Trees go back to normal, grass grows back, and there are no more fires. Peace is restored to the forest.

Fireball: Woah, what a waste of time... We’ve got to get the Yoshi Map back!

Kroshi: Oh yeah, let's get going!

The two Yoshis go off to get that Map again. What other adventures await the two Yoshis?

Read on!

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