The Dark Prognosticus, Chapter 6: Luigi's Big Boo Adventure

By Dimentio

Chapter 3: The Takeover

4 hours after King Boo devised his plan…

Bowser: Argh! What do you mean the troops are retreating?!

Kamek: Sir, for some reason our troops at King Boo's Castle are running away in fear.

Bowser: Those cowards! Well then, Kamek, I leave it in your and your wife’s hands.

Kamek: Don't worry, Master. I will not fail you.

Kamek teleports away.

Bowser: Just great! King Boo declares war on me just when I was getting ready to kidnap Peach. How can this get any worse?


Bowser falls on the floor, with most of the wall on top of him.

Bowser: What in the world was that?

King Boo: Hello Bowser. Long time no see. Hehehehe.

Bowser gets out of the rubble.

Bowser: YOU! What are you doing in MY castle?

King Boo: Preparing my plan, and you’re part of it.

With that King Boo throws a mine at Bowser. Bowser jumps back as it almost hits him. BOOM! Another part of his castle blows up.

Bowser: You'll have to improve your aim if you want to hit me.

King Boo: All right then, CATCH!

He grabs another mine and throws it at Bowser. Bowser jumps high, avoiding the mine, and ground pounds on top of King Boo. King Boo turns invisible and gets away from Bowser's enormous girth.

Bowser: Where are you, coward?

KB: Here!

Bowser looks behind himself and- LICK!

Bowser: ARGH! It burns!

KB: Boos, get over here!

Three Boos appear in front of him.

KB: Prepare to fire the Boo Beam.

Bowser: Not so fast!

He breathes fire. King Boo gets out of the way. King Boo then makes a beam of ice and fires it at Bowser. Bowser retaliates by shooting out icicle spikes. They collide and create a mist in Bowser's throne room.

Bowser: Where is that -



Boos: Now, Master?

KB: Yes, now!

The Boos and King Boo get together to form a white energy ball in their stubs and… SHINK! They fire a ray of light that hits Bowser square in the chest. Bowser lets out a terrible roar before falling on the floor.

KB: Excellent! Now go make sure Bowser's brats don't disrupt our plans!

Boos: Yes sir!

They leave.

King Boo: Step one is complete. Now I have to wait for my troops to come back with Daisy. Still I have to take care of Mad Jack, and DAD knows it won't be easy. Now…

He picks up Bowser's unconscious body and puts him in chains.

KB: I have to wait for Luigi to arrive. AHAHAHAHA!

Chapter 4: The Annoying Ally

We see Luigi crying in the airport.

Luigi: What am I going to do?

Mario: Don't worry! I will go-a save Daisy, I have done it-a before.

Luigi: No.

Mario: Excuse me?

Luigi: No, I will rescue Daisy… by myself.

Mario: Well in that case I will help you.

Luigi: No. You left without my help to save Peach. Bro, I also need to-a learn to go on my-a own adventures. Sorry, but you can't join.

Mario: Oh good, because actually I am quite tired. Luigi, all I can say is-a good luck. Why don't you go to my house and-a get some supplies?

Luigi: Thanks, Bro.

Luigi hugs Mario and runs to Mario's house. Mario heads towards Peach's Castle to tell the news. Luigi enters the house and gets as many items as he can. When he leavesthe house-

???: Hi Luigi! Have you seen Mario? I'm huuuungry.

Luigi looks and sees a young but very obese penguin wearing a red scarf. He is also wearing a rainbow-colored snow hat. He is not a Plit penguin but a Real World emperor penguin.

Luigi: Oh, hey Junior.

Junior: Where are you going?

Luigi: (boldly) To save my girlfriend (meekly) from King Boo.

Junior: Oh, please can I come?

Luigi: Hmm, you ARE very powerful but also annoying. I am not sure. Well, first get permission.

Junior: Okay!

Junior takes out a cell phone.

Mad Jack: Hello?

Junior: Mad Jack, can I have the day off to help Luigi on his adventure? Pwease?

Mad Jack: Sure, whatever, just make sure you don't do anything too stupid.

He hangs up.

Junior: Yay! Mad Jack let me have the day off from working in the factory.

Luigi: Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's-a GO!

And so our zero- OUCH! I mean our "hero" along with Junior run to Bowser's Castle.

Chapter 5: The Magic Battle

Luigi and Junior make it into Dark Land. How did they get past all the guards? Well-

Luigi: I can't believe your burp destroyed all the tanks and knocked out most of the troops!

Junior: Well that's why I call it "Atomic Belch"!

Luigi: There, it's Bowser's Castle!

Luigi sees there is a huge hole in the wall of Bowser’s throne room.

Luigi: Come on, we’ve got to go get Daisy.

???: Not so fast!

Suddenly six geometrical shapes come out of the darkness. Luigi thinks fast and goes behind Junior. Both spells hit Junior.

Junior: AUGHHHH!

Junior falls down. Suddenly Junior's body glows green. You can then hear nuclear radiation sounds. Then Junior sinks into the ground.

Luigi: 3, 2, 1…

Junior jumps out of the ground.

Junior: Argh! Must… destroy… man…kind!

Luigi slaps him as hard as he can.

Luigi: Ugh. You can kill him but he won't stay dead.

???: Yes,that has always been the problem.

Then out of thin air Kamek and Kamella appear in front of Luigi.

Luigi: What do you guys want?

Kamek: We know you are somehow involved with the attack on Bowser's Castle!

Kamella: We are going to stop you and then stop King Boo.

Luigi: You can't defeat me. Bring it!

They get into position. You can then hear the Fight Against Kamella theme from Galaxy playing in the background.

Luigi 50/50
Junior 100/100
Kamek 150/150
Kamella 125/125

Luigi uses Fire uppercut on Kamek. Kamek dodges and uses Geometrical Shapes. Luigi gets hit. Junior uses Belly Flop on Kamella. She teleports behind him and uses Fireball on him.


Junior runs around like a headless chicken and tackles Kamek. Kamek uses psybeam-Wait, this isn't Pokemon!

Kamek: How do you think Nintendo came up with certain moves?

Oh. Well it hits Junior and he gets propelled into a dead tree. Luigi uses Super Jump while Kamek is distracted. Luigi buries Kamek in the ground with his jump.

Luigi 30/50
Junior 55/100
Kamek 95/150
Kamella 125/125

Kamella goes up to Junior and uses Super Fireball. Junior catches on fire… again.


Junior implodes. Kamella gets caught in the blast. She then sees nothing but ash. Then the ash turns green. The same process happens.

Junior: Argh! Must… destroy… Ma- Oof!

Luigi got thrown at Junior. Kamek and Kamella charge a spell. Luigi then Super Jumps and uses Fire Tornado. Luigi becomes covered in green fire and starts spinning around wildly. Kamek notices it and pushes Kamella away, taking the entire shot.

Kamella: Kamek! That's it! Psychic Bl-

Junior: Ultimate Belly Flop!


Luigi: 10/50
Junior 85/100
Kamek 40/150 Burned
Kamella 75 /125

Luigi opens his pocket and swallows a Super Mushroom, recovering 20 HP. Kamek gets off the ground and uses Lightning Orb. Luigi retaliates with a Thunder Punch. They both connect. Kamek, however, gets sent back 20 feet. Junior then lands on Kamek. Junior gets up and uses Cap. Junior's cap starts glowing with a red stripe on it glowing even more brightly. Junior then breathes fire at Kamella. She teleports behind him and uses Psychic Blast. Junior gets launched high into the air and falls down, leaving a creator. She then gets punched from behind by Luigi. Kamek then uses Bolt on Luigi. Luigi jumps to Junior and Kamella teleports to Kamek.

Luigi 5/50
Junior 40/100
Kamek 5/150
Kamella 60/125

Luigi: Let's-a finish this.

Kamek: Gladly!

Luigi uses Super Jump just as Kamek uses Flame. Junior uses Cap and it glows on a blue stripe. Junior uses Hydro Pump on Kamella as she uses Fireball. Luigi then lands on Kamella. However Kamek uses Flame Wall on both of them. Luigi falls down fainted. Kamek picks up Kamella but then-


The soundwaves make Kamek faint and poison Kamella.

Luigi Fainted!
Junior 40/100
Kamek Fainted!
Kamella 40/100 poisoned

Junior uses Junior Punch. He charges up his flipper and jumps at Kamella, who simply teleports behind Junior. She lands on the floor and says a spell but-


Junior punches the floor, creating shockwaves that make Kamella fall down and lose her wand.

Junior: Ultimate Belly Flop!

Kamella: This is going to hurt.


Battle Over! Luigi and Junior Win!

Kamek: You haven't heard the last of us!

They both teleport away, dropping two keys. Luigi grabs one and Junior grabs the other.

Luigi: Boy, that was a tough battle. Without your ancient artifacts, Junior, we could have been done for!

Junior: I'm huuuungry.

Luigi: Come on, let’s go to the castle.

They go to the front door and put in one of the keys. The door opens up and they go inside.

Chapter 6: Siege on Bowser's Castle

Luigi and Junior enter the castle. Then-

Crunch, crunch!

Luigi: Junior, you hear that?

He turns to Junior… who is eating a Goomba.

Luigi: JUNIOR!

Junior: What?

Luigi hits him.

Junior: Ow! That huuurt me.

Luigi: Augh, let's just go.

They continue up the castle. They see a lot of unconscious Koopas and Goombas. They make it to a cell room where they hear a cup hitting the metal bars.

???: These bars can never hold me! So let me go! Please?

Luigi: Toad! Is that you?

He looks through the bars and sees Toad banging the bars with a cup.

Toad: Luigi, what are you doing here?

Luigi: I could ask you the same thing.

Toad: Well Popple gave me an assignment to loot some stuff from here.

Luigi shakes his head.

Luigi: Toad, why in the WORLD did you let yourself be Popple's new rookie?

Toad: Hey, I give people their stuff back… in a week or two.

Luigi: Then where is your looting machine?

Toad: Bowser took it from me. Please Luigi, you’ve got to let me out.

Luigi: Fine, step back.

He turns to Junior.

Luigi: Here Junior, have a steak.

Junior: Steak!

He eats the steak out of Luigi's hand. Luigi then steps back.

Luigi: Oh, by the way, it's made out of tofu.


Junior implodes. The explosion frees Toad. Junior then gets revived you-know-how.

Luigi: Come on. Let's-a go.

The trio head up to Bowser's throne room. They use the second key and get inside.

King Boo: Welcome, Luigi!

Luigi: All right, King Boo, I'm here. Now where is Daisy?

KB: Oh, don't worry about her. If I were you I would be more worried about yourself! Hehehehe!

Luigi sees Bowser chained down and unconscious. KB then notices Junior.

King Boo: Well if it isn't the adopted son of the all powerful Mad Jack. I can't see how that jack-in-a-box monster can stand you! Oh wait, he doesn't! Ahahahaha. Now then, Luigi, your life is about to be cut short. Ahahahahaha!

He then flies at Bowser… and possesses him. The Bowser body stands up and a long, red tongue comes out of his mouth and his eyes turn red..

???: Say hello to King Boowser! Gwahahaha! Now Luigi, prepare to die!

Will Luigi and Co. stop King Boo? What has happened to Daisy? What is up with Toad? How is Junior so powerful? Will Kamek and Kamella come back? Find out next time!

Read on!

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