The Dark Prognosticus, Chapter 6: Luigi's Big Boo Adventure

By Dimentio

Chapter 7: Fight Against Boowser

Luigi: You can't get away with this!

King Boowser: I have already, so get ready to die!

Luigi: 65/65
Junior 110/110
Toad 60/60
King Boowser ???/???

Luigi uses Super Jump. Boowser uses invincibility. Luigi lands on the ground and Boowser grabs him. Junior uses Junior Punch while Bowser is distracted. Toad also uses "Bowling is Fun!". Toad throws a Bob-omb like a bowling ball and it also hits Boowser. He lets go and uses Fireball against Junior. Junior is too slow to dodge. Junior catches on fire.

Junior: Why do you hate me, DAD?

Junior implodes near Boowser. Boowser get's flung 10 feet into the air. When he crashes King Boo comes out of the body and is dizzy.

Luigi: 65/65
Junior 0/110 Reviving in process
Toad 60/60
King Boo 200/200

King Boo (still dizzy): How did THAT happen?

Luigi gets out his Poltergeist 3000. He starts sucking up King Boo. King Boo eventually escapes and uses Psywave on Luigi. Toad uses "Star" while King Boo is attacking Luigi. Toad makes five mini Stars appear and they hit King Boo. Meanwhile Junior gets revived and uses Belly Flop on King Boo. King Boo turns invisible and Junior lands on Toad. King Boo flies to Bowser and possesses him again.

Luigi 40/65
Junior 55/110
Toad 20/60
King Boowser ???/???

Boowser uses Flame Wall on Junior and Toad. Toad dodges in time while Junior just braces himself. Luigi uses "Lightning Uppercut" on Boowser. Boowser gets launched on into the air but then uses Ground Pound on Luigi. Junior then uses Junior Punch on Boowser while he is squishing Luigi. Boowser gets launched 15 feet and Toad jumps up and headbutts Boowser. Boowser gets up and uses Corona on everybody. Toad faints, Luigi gets badly burned, and Junior… well, he catches on fire. Junior tackles Boowser as he is running in circles and then implodes. King Boo gets driven out of Bowser's body again.

Luigi 10/65
Junior 0/110 Being revived
Toad Fainted!
King Boo 120/200

King Boo: Grr! Enough, time to finish you off!

Luigi: I can't and won't let you win!

Luigi eats an Ultra Mushroom. 50 HP recovered. King Boo is preparing Boo Beam. Junior gets revived and uses a Pick-Me Up on Toad. Toad gets revived. Luigi uses Bolt on King Boo. King Boo is still charging. Junior uses Cap! A purple strip lights up. Junior uses "Boo Punch" on King Boo. King Boo is still charging. Toad uses Bowling is Fun on King Boo. King Boo aims at Luigi and fires. SHINK! Junior takes the hit. King Boo possesses Bowser again.

Luigi: 60/65
Junior Fainted!
Toad 60/60

Boowser: (breathing heavily) Hah! I just eliminated your powerful weapon! How do you expect to beat me now?

Luigi: Just watch me!

Luigi uses Thunder Storm! Boowser doesn't react and gets hit. Toad sneaks up behind Boowser and uses Bowling is Fun. He hits him right on the tail. Boowser lets out a terrible cry and uses "Rain of Fire"! He breathes fire into the air and fireballs startraining down. Luigi uses "Luigi Tornado" and makes the fireballs go around him and fall on the floor. Toad, however, is getting hit all over the place.


Toad gets out a bomb and uses "Kamikaze Attack"! He jumps onto Boowser and with the last of his last strength he throws the Bob-omb in Boowser's face. King Boo comes out and sees Toad fainted.

King Boo: Well it looks like it's just you and me, pickle.

Luigi: You will pay for hurting my friends!

King Boo: Don't put your money where your mustaches is. Hehehehehe!

Luigi 60/65
Junior Fainted!
Toad Fainted!
King Boo 60/200

Luigi gets out the Poltergeist 3000 and starts sucking up King Boo. King Boo uses "Boo Punch" on Luigi and he lets go. Luigi uses Thunder Uppercut on King Boo but he turns invisible and dodges. King Boo then uses "Mine" on Luigi. Luigi gets hit and it also explodes. Luigi his the wall.

King Boo: Hehehehehe! Prepare to DIE, Luigi!

Luigi: Not… yet!

Luigi has been charging a lightning orb and he throws it at King Boo. King Boo doesn't react to it and- ZAP!

Battle over! Luigi wins!
Luigi learns a new move!
Junior learns a new move!
Toad gets back his Looting Machine and learns new moves!

Luigi: Now where is Daisy?

King Boo: I'm not telling you NOTHING! You won this battle, Luigi, but you have NOT won this war. AHAHAHAHAHA!

King Boo turns invisible and flies away.

Luigi: Great! Come on, we’ve got to fallow him!

Junior and Toad: Right!

They jump out the hole and go in the direction of where they THINK King Boo went.

Chapter 8: Return of… Bouldergeist?

Luigi and Co. run to Toad Town. Right when they get to the town square-


Luigi and Toad jump away… while Junior is looking at the sky.


Junior gets blasted away. Luigi and Toad look and see it was a starship. Kirby comes out of it.

Toad: Kirby, what happened?

Kirby: Cop K got a transmission that Space Land was being attack by some monster. We got on our ships and left for Space Land. However, when we got within 50 feet we were shot down by boulders!

Luigi: Bouldergeist! He is probably working with King Boo. Come on, we’ve got to go to Space Land.

Toad: No problem!

Toad gets on his Looting Machine and pushes a button. It transforms into a spaceship.

Luigi: How did you get this again?

Toad: I got it for Christmas. Now hop on.

They get on and head to Space Land. When they are 50 feet away boulders come out of nowhere and start attacking the Looting Machine.

Toad: Grr! My machine can't take more damage. What do we do?!

Luigi: I got it!

Luigi grabs Junior and puts him outside. Junior takes all the hits from the boulders.

Junior: I'm suing! Oh oh!

A giant boulder hits Junior and he falls down from the ship.

Kirby: That had to hurt.

Toad: We have landed!

They get off the machine. They then suddenly get spacesuits. They also hear propelling sounds. They see Junior's cap turned into a propeller and lots of smoke is coming out of it. Junior lands next to them and gets a spacesuit too. Luigi sees his precious Space Land being destroyed by Bomb Boos. Luigi gets out his Poltergeist 3000 and starts sucking them up.

???: Well if it isn't Luigi. I would have never thought you would be brave enough to come here.

Luigi: Show yourself, Bouldergeist!

???: My name is no longer Bouldergeist. It is now-

Luigi and Co. see the ghost of Bouldergeist with steel wrapped around him.

Metalgeist: Metalgeist! Grha! Luigi, prepare to have a burial in space!

Luigi: I don't think so, windbag! Come on, everybody- except Junior.

Junior: Aww.

Luigi 80/80
Toad 70/70
Kirby 60/60
Metalgeist 75/75

Metalgeist uses "Hammer Arm" on Luigi. Luigi uses Super Jump to avoid this and then uses Flame. Toad uses Headbutt on Metalgeist while he tries to get his hand off the ground. Toad hits him… and gets a major headache. The flame hits Metalgeist but there is no effect! Kirby meanwhile uses "Recycle" and transforms into Fighter Kirby! Fighter Kirby uses "Volcan Jab" on Metalgeist. Metalgeist retaliates with "Sonic Boom". The Volcan Jabs are destroyed and Kirby is thrown away. Luigi uses new move "Hammer". Luigi hits him with his hammer but the hammer just breaks! Metalgeist uses "Iron Punch" on Luigi. Luigi gets knocked back. Toad recovers from his headache and uses Bowling is Fun! Metalgeist roars from the explosion and his iron is cracked.

Luigi 60/80
Toad 65/70
Kirby 50/60
Metalgeist 45/75

Luigi: That's it!

Luigi uses Flame Tornado on Metalgeist. Metalgeist is hit but there is no effect. Kirby sees what Luigi is up to and uses Recycle. He turns into Neptune Kirby and uses "Aqua Blast" on the hot Metalgiest. His metal is now even more cracked! However Metalgeist uses "Steel Stalagmites"! Luigi and Kirby get hit! Toad jumps however and uses BIF (Bowling is Fun). Metalgeist becomes Bouledrgeist!

Luigi 35/80
Toad 65/70
Kirby 25/60
Bouldergeist 250/250

Luigi uses new move "Ultra Jump" on the Bouldergeist ghost. However he moves quickly and leaves a Bomb Boo. Luigi hits the Bomb Boo and it explodes on Luigi. Kirby uses Recycle and turns into Bomb Kirby. Bomb Kirby uses "Megaton Bomb" on B. Ghost. BOOM! Direct hit! Toad uses Star on B. Ghost. Another hit! B. Ghost uses "Bomb Boo Kamikaze"! 50 Bomb Boos head toward Kirby and Toad. Toad jumps as high as he can while Kirby floats up and drops a bomb where the Boos are. BOOM! The explosion misses them but not the blast. They are blown away. Luigi meanwhile uses Thunder Uppercut on B. Ghost. B. Ghost lets out his scream and then-

CHUNK! CRASH! CRACK! ZAP! More metal and electronic equipment go around B. Ghost. He starts reforming but he has a more electronic appearance. Also his hands have changed. Where his fingers used to be, rockets take their place and act as his fingers. He lets out his roar.

???: Say hello to Mechageist! Grrahahaha!

Luigi: You sure have been busy, haven't you?

Luigi 15/80
Toad 55/70
Kirby 15/60
Mechageist 75/75

Mechageist uses "Missile Rampage" on them. Luigi uses Luigi Tornado to make them miss. Kirby uses Recycle and turns into Ghost Kirby. He turns invisible to dodge. Toad, having no way to dodge, switches with Junior.

Junior: Yay! I get to fight now. So what did I- AUGH!

All the missiles hit Junior and he implodes. Toad comes back out. Toad uses new move "Looting Machine"! His machine comes and Toad gets on. He pushes a button and missile launchers come out. He uses Missile Rampage and throws a lot of missiles at Mechageist. Mechageist retaliates with "Laser" and shoots a huge laser at the missiles, destroying most of them. While Toad and Mechageist are fighting, Luigi eats an Ultra Mushroom and Kirby eats a Super Mushroom. Luigi + 50 HP and Kirby + 20 HP! Toad uses "Ram" with his Looting Machine. However Mechageist uses "Bomb Punch" and hit the machine. KA-BOOM!!! Toad's corpse goes sailing while BOTH of Mechageist’s hands are gone. Junior revives.

Luigi: NO! Toad! You'll pay, Mechageist! Team, don't hold back!

Luigi uses Ultra Jump on Mechageist. He dents the metal! Mechgeist uses Sonic Boom when Luigi comes down. Kirby dodges since he is still Ghost Kirby. Kirby uses Recycle and turns into Bomb Kirby.

Kirby: Luigi, use an electrical attack on me!

Luigi: Why?

Kirby: Just do it!

Luigi uses Lightning Orb on Kirby. Kirby, however, takes out a black star (the power that holds Bomb), and it takes the hit. Now it becomes a star of shades of black and yellow. He swallows it and becomes Lightbulb Kirby!

Junior: Uh, guys, a little help?

They see Mechageist throwing a laser at Junior while Junior is throwing out fire because of Cap. Kirby uses "Electrical Explosion" on Mechageist! His armor gets cracked! Luigi then uses Fire Uppercut on him. More cracks! Junior then uses Junior Punch on him. CRACK! THUMP! B. Ghost is vulnerable.
Luigi 65/80
Kirby 35/60
Junior 20/110
Bouldergeist 125/250

B.Ghost uses Boo Beam! Shink! They all dodge! Junior uses Atomic Belch! Luigi uses Ultra Jump while B. Ghost is getting hurt. SQUISH! B. Ghost comes from out of Luigi's shoe and uses Lick! He licks Luigi and Junior. Luigi is paralyzed and Junior is burned. Kirby comes from behind and uses Electric Explosion on B. Ghost! Boom! Another hit. Luigi uses Poltergeist 3000 Flamethrower!

B. Ghost: Wait! I'm part Bomb Bo-


Battle over! Luigi wins!

Luigi: Haha! I-a got it! Now tell me where Daisy is!

Bouldergeist: I don't know what you are talking about!

Luigi: Stop lying. I know you and-a King Boo are working together to kill me!

Bouldergeist: What?! I'm at war with that fool! I came here to harness my metal and mecha powers but YOU ruined it.

Luigi: Oh.

Bouldergeist: I’ll get you next time, scum!

Bouldergeist disappears.

Junior: Well now what?

Luigi: We go find were King Boo is!

Kirby: Ok, mind if I join you guys?

Luigi: Not a problem. Let's-a go!

Toad: Ow. Did we win?

Luigi: Yes, now come on! We’ve got to go find E. Gadd, he will help us find King Boo.

Toad: Okay everybody, hop on!

They get on Toad's Looting Machine. Huh? How does he have another? Well Toad has extras.

Will Luigi find E. Gadd? How can he help? Why are Bouldergeist and King Boo at war to begin with? Has King Boo done something to stop Mad Jack? Finally, what in the world is Kirby doing on Plit? Tune in if you want to find out!

Read on!

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