The Dark Prognosticus, Chapter 6: Luigi's Big Boo Adventure

By Dimentio

Chapter 9: Siege on… Luigi's Mansion?

(Warning! Reading this chapter will scare you to death and/or shock you! Especially you, Bowser Jr. fans. Thank you.)

Luigi and Co. have arrived in Boo Woods via Looting Machine. Luigi and Kirby get off from the Looting Machine and fall on the floor, dizzy. Junior just stands there like an idiot and Toad falls down from his Looting Machine. Toad and the others get back up.

Toad: That wasn't so bad.

Luigi: You were driving like a MANIAC! You destroyed 1/3 of Toad Town AGAIN! Why were you drinking soda while you were driving?!

Toad: I was thirsty.

Kirby: He always did get drunk from soda.

Kirby looks at Junior, who is still just standing.

Kirby: Why isn't he dizzy?

Luigi: Junior is too stupid to get dizzy, remember?

Junior: I'm huuuuungry.

Luigi: Come on! Let's go find E. Gadd!

Luigi and Co. head towards the little shack where E. Gadd lived during Luigi's Mansion. They open the door and go down the ladder… except Junior, whose weight would crush the ladder. Luigi gets down and sees the laboratory deserted. Luigi sees a note on E. Gadd's computer monitor.

Luigi: (reading the note) "Dear Luigi, If you came to visit me I am not here at the moment. I went to your mansion because for some reason your mansion turned back to that old spooky one. I went to investigate. Be back in an hour. From Elvin Gadd. Written at 2:00 PM."

Luigi looks at the clock. It is already 3:30 PM.

Luigi: Something happened to E. Gadd. Toad, put that back!

Toad: Aww, but this ray gun looks so awesome!

Luigi: Put it back! Come on. Something-a fishy is going on in my-a mansion.

Kirby: Well no time to waste.

Kirby inhales Toad and spits him all the way up. Luigi grabs Kirby and Super Jumps to the top.

Toad: That was fun! Let’s do it again!

He tries to jump down but Kirby grabs him.

Junior: (eating a sandwich): Well what happened?

Luigi: Let’s-a go to my mansion!

They look at Luigi's Mansion. It has turned all spooky and haunted looking.

Luigi: Mamamia! Well, l-l-lets-a g-g-go.

Toad: Huh? You’d think we would notice it turning like that.

Luigi takes out a flashlight and they go towards the mansion. Luigi opens the door and they enter the Foyer. He sees the door to the second area is closed off. However the doors leading to the Parlor and the Master Bedrooms are open.

Luigi: Okay, here is what we are going to do. Junior and I will go to the Master Bedrooms while Toad and Kirby will look in the Parlor.

Toad: Got it. Come on, Kirby.

Luigi and Junior go to the Master Bedrooms and Toad and Kirby enter the Parlor. We’ll go with Toad and Kirby first.

Toad: I wonder where E. Gadd is?

Kirby: I wonder when you'll return my DVD player.

Toad: Oh, stop whining! You'll get it- AAAAHHHH!

Kirby: What is- YIKES!

They both see a Purple Puncher, a Ghost Guy, and a Grabber Ghost.

Purple Puncher: We don't take too kindly towards intruders. Let’s get them, guys!

Toad: Woah, hold on. We don't want any tro- *punch!* Oww!

Toad gets launched a few feet.

Kirby: Don't worry, Toad, I'm co- *gasp* Let *wheeze* go of me.

The Grabber Ghost holds Kirby down and the Ghoul Guy uses Skewer on Kirby. Toad gets up and uses Star on the ghosts. The Purple Puncher and the Grabber Ghost are hit but the Ghoul Guy spins his pitchfork around and reflects the stars. The Grabber Ghost lets go of Kirby. Kirby uses Recycle and turns into Boo Kirby. He then uses Boo Beam on Grabber. SHINK! Grabber disintegrates. Toad, meanwhile, is dodging the Purple Puncher’s "Tornado Punch".

Kirby: I'm comi- SHANK!

The Guy used Skewer on Kirby. Toad gets hit and hits the wall. His flashlight falls out and it stuns the Purple Puncher. Toad uses new move "Star Ray" on the Purple Puncher and it disappears. Kirby, meanwhile, turns into Tornado Kirby. He uses Whirlwind and the Ghoul Guy loses his mask. Toad quickly shines the flashlight and he gets stunned. Kirby finishes him of with a Boo Punch. The lights turn on and there is a chest.

Toad: Shiny. Must open.

Toad opens the chest. He reaches inside and finds a card with half of a key drawn on it.

Kirby: We’D better keep that. Come on, let's go back to the Foyer.

Toad nods and they go for the Foyer. Meanwhile, Luigi and Junior are in the Master Bedroom. Luigi then slips on a banana peel.

Luigi: Junior, put your garbage In the, well, garbage.

Junior: I didn't eat that.

Luigi: If you didn't eat that how did that get there?

Luigi looks in front of him and sees a Blue Twirler, a Gold Ghost, and a Garbage Can Ghost.

Blue Twirler: Duh, hey, it’s Luigi. Let’s get 'im.

Luigi: Uh, crud.

Luigi gets out his flashlight and shines it at the Blue Twirler. He freezes and Luigi starts sucking him up. Luigi starts getting dragged right into the Gold Ghost. It uses "Ghostly Uppercut" and Luigi lets go of the Twirler. Meanwhile Junior is talking to the Garbage Can Ghost.

Garbage: I can eat more bananas than you.

Junior: No you can't!

Garbage: Yes I can!

Junior: Oh yeah? Try me!

Luigi meanwhile sucks up the Gold Ghost. However the Blue Twirler uses Earthquake and Luigi topples over. He comes over and-

Blue Twirler: Falcon Pun- DING!

Luigi shines the flashlight towards him and uses Lightning Uppercut. He explodes. Luigi looks over to Junior and sees the Garbage Can Ghost and Junior are having a banana eating contest. MUNCH, MUNCH, MUNCH.

Garbage: You can't beat me. Watch this!

He eats ten hole bananas in one bite.

Junior: Oh yeah? Beat this!

He leaves and 25 seconds later comes back with a banana tree. He shakes it and eats all the bananas.

Garbage: Oh yeah? Try this!

He leaves. 30 seconds later he comes back with a truck full of bananas. He eats them all in one bite.

Junior: Ha! Try to beat this!

He leaves. A minute later he comes back with DK's entire banana horde. He swallows it whole.

Garbage: Impossible! No one has ever beaten me in a banana eating contest! WHY?! IT BURNS!

The Garbage Can Ghost implodes. The lights come back on and a chest appears. Luigi opens it. He reaches in and finds a card with the bottom half of a key drawn. Luigi picks it up and puts it in his pocket.

Luigi: Come on, Junior. Let’s head back to the Foyer.

Junior: Ok.

They head back. The teams find each other and share what happened.

Toad: Wait, how did Junior get DK's banana horde?

Luigi: That doesn't matter!

Toad: What are you talking about? I tried to, uh, "borrow" some bananas for a shake and he punched me to Kingdom Come. I didn't like it there. Everybody had mini Bullet Bill Blasters and smelled like soup.

Luigi: Ugh! Come on, people, we’ve got to find E. Gadd!

Kirby: What about the cards?

Luigi and Toad hold them out and they start glowing. They connect and out pops a key. Luigi takes the key and it opens up Area 2 of the Mansion. They go in, Luigi first.

(Warning! Its coming up. If you have stomach and/or bladder issues DO NOT READ THE NEXT PART! Thank You!)

Luigi shines the flashlight and they walk towards the Basement. They then hear footsteps.

Luigi: H-h-hello? Is an-n-nybody out there-a?

???: Luigi, is that you?

Luigi looks in the direction of the voice. He sees somebody and shines his flashlight towards him. It’s Bowser Jr.

Luigi: Bowser Jr! What are you doing here?

Toad: Bowser Jr.

He steps in front of Luigi and sees he is really there.

Toad: Buddy, what's up!


Bowser Jr: Hi Toad! I'm still waiting for you to return my microwave.

Kirby: Oh, hey Bowser Jr! Long time no see.

Bowser Jr: Yeah, well I got to answer Luigi's question. Well my magic paintbrush was running out of its special ink so I went to E. Gadd to see if he could refill it. When I got to his lab all I saw was a note. I went to the mansion to try to find him but then I got locked inside. Now you guys are here.

Toad: Say Bowser Jr, why don't you join us save Daisy?

Bowser Jr: Sure, buddy. I'd like to help.

Bowser Jr. joins Luigi's party.

Luigi: Come on, we have to go find E. Gadd.

Co: Right!

Chapter 10: Return of Kamek and Kamella

Luigi and Co. are in the Dining Room. Everybody but Luigi is eating like a pig.

Luigi: Come on, guys! Weve got to go find E. Gadd!

Toad: Warrior rule number 1: Never fight on an empty stomach.

Luigi: Fine! I'll go search myself.

Luigi leaves.

Kirby: Come on, guys. Let’s go help Luigi search for E. Gadd.

Co: Fine.

Kirby and Junior go to the courtyard. Toad and Bowser Jr. go towards the Rec Room. Luigi is already at the Tea Room.

Kirby: Keep your eyes peeled, Junior. You never know when ghosts are trying to kill you.

He looks behind him and sees Junior getting swarmed by ghost.

Kirby: Just great. He goes to help him.

Meanwhile Toad and Bowser Jr. are messing around in the Rec Room.

Toad: Ok, go!

Bowser Jr. hits the punching bag towards Toad and Toad jumps. He lands on the bag and swings wildly.

Bowser Jr: My turn!

He gets into position and- BAM! He gets hit from behind with a punching bag.

Bowser Jr: Oww! Toad, why didn't you tell me you were hitting the one behind me?

Toad: I didn't do it.

Bowser Jr: Then who…

They look behind them and see a dozen Blue Twirlers.

Toad and Bowser Jr: Oh...

They pile up on them.

Meanwhile, Luigi he is sipping on a cup of tea.

Luigi: Just what I needed to recharge my batteries! What the…

Luigi sees a napkin with something written on it.

Luigi: (reading) "Luigi, help! They’re after me! I'm being taken to the-" Of course!

Luigi drinks the rest off his tea and heads to the Rec Room. There he sees Toad and Bowser Jr. horribly beaten up. Then through the other door come crashing Junior and Kirby, also horribly beaten up.

Luigi: What happened to you guys?

Junior: The pain…

Luigi: I know where E. Gadd is. Come on!

They slowly get up and fallow Luigi to the Basement. They then fallow him towards the path to the Pipe Room. They see it is also locked.

Luigi: Drat! Now we have to search the entire mansion to find the key to the Secret Alter.

Toad: Or better idea…

Inside the Pipe Room…

Kamek: Spill it, old man! Where is King Boo hiding?!

E. Gadd: N-n-now sonny. Calm down.

Kamella: We know you have the technology to tell us where King Boo is. SO where is-


The wizards turn around and see Toad's Looting Machine crashed through the wall. Luigi and Co. come from behind the machine.

Luigi: Why didn't you do that in the Foyer?!

Toad: I was lazy.

Luigi: >-<

Kamek: Erg, it’s that pest Luigi!

Kamek: And the idiotic penguin Junior!

Kamek: And that miserable fungus Toad!

Kamella: Not to mention that cop Kirby.

Kamek: Also *sigh* traitor to the Koopa Klan, Bowser Jr!

Bowser Jr: You know darn well that the family betrayed me!

Kamek: Enough talk! Time to finish what I started: eliminating the Mario Bros, starting with Luigi!

Luigi 100/100
Toad 85/85
Junior 120/120
Kamek 200/200
Kamella 175/175

Kamek uses Geometrical Shapes at Luigi. Luigi uses Super Jump! However Kamek did that on purpose and uses "Flame Stone" on Luigi. Meanwhile Toad uses Headbutt on Kamella. She guards and Junior uses Junior Punch from behind. POW! Kamek sees this and uses "Meteor Blast" on Junior and Toad. Toad barely avoids this but as usual Junior takes the full hit. Toad uses Star on Kamek. Kamek reflects them and they hit Junior instead. Luigi used Super Jump and in the air uses "Megaton Hammer" on Kamek. SQUISH!

Kamella: Kamek! Why you! Geometrical Barrage!

She starts throwing thousands of Geometrical Shapes at Luigi. Luigi manages to hit some back with his hammer but there are too many. Luigi gets blasted very far.

Kamella: Don't think I forgot about you guys!

She uses Corona on Junior and Toad. Junior, well, he implodes from the fire. Toad gets very injured.

Toad: Okay, THAT does it!

Toad uses New Move-

Toad: PK Starstorm!

Huge meteors fall from the sky and destroy the mansion.

Kamek: What happened?

He sees the meteors coming towards him.

Kamek: @&%-


Luigi 10/100
Junior Being revived but replaced
Toad: 40/85
Kamek 100/200
Kamella: 85/100

Junior gets replaced by Kirby. Luigi eats a Shroom Steak. Luigi + 70 HP. Toad eats a Mushroom. Toad + 10 HP. Kirby turns into Fire Kirby.

Kamek: Ugh. What… was… that?

Kamella: I have NO idea. Well let’s get serious!

Kamek and Kamella use Force Field! They are surrounded by a barrier! Toad is recharging! Luigi uses Bolt! No effect! Kirby uses Fireball! No effect! Kamek and Kamella are charging a spell. Toad uses Looting Machine! Toad uses Missile Barrage! The shield is starting to disappear! However the wizards are done charging! They use Hyper Magic Beam on all of them! Luigi Ultra Jumps and barely avoids it! Kirby uses Fire Blast! It weakens the blast by a bit but still hurts Kirby. Toad however…


BOOM! Toad dies another, err, fiery death. Bowser Jr. comes out.

Bowser Jr: NO! Toad! I will avenge you, buddy!

Bowser Jr. uses Transform! He turns into Shadow Mario! S.M. uses "Triple Jump" on Kamella. He lands two out of three hits. Kirby uses Flameball! Kirby engulfs himself in flames and hits Kamek. Kamek retaliates with Magic Blast! Kamek then sees a shadow above him. He sees Luigi coming down very fast toward him.

Kamek: Why?!


Kamella aims at Luigi and uses Psywave on him! Shadow Mario comes in and tries to use Fire Punch on Kamella but Kamek gets up and uses Aqua Cannon! He hits Shadow Mario dead on and the paint comes off him. He turns back into Bowser Jr. Kirby uses Eruption but Kamella uses Tsunami on Kirby. Kirby gets washed away like Bowser Jr.

Luigi 60/100
Kirby 20/75
Bowser Jr. 25/70
Kamek 60/200
Kamella 65/175

Luigi uses Lightning Storm on both of them! Direct hit! Kirby and Bowser Jr. both use "Double Kick" while they are down. Kamek and Kamella, however, use Magic Blast when they land, and hit a destroyed part of the mansion. That part falls on them. CRASH!

Luigi 60/100
Junior 60/120
Every other partner FAINTED!
Kamek 30/200
Kamella 35/175

Kamek: It's not over yet! Watch this!

They both use Recover! Kamek and Kamella + 70 HP!

Kamella: How do you expect to beat us now?!

Luigi looks behind him and sees Junior eating a sandwich.

Luigi: Uh…well…um… JUNIOR BOMB!

The Magicians: What?

Luigi grabs Junior and twists his cap. Junior then starts to glow and Luigi throws him towards Kamek and Kamella.

Kamek and Kamella: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO-


Luigi wins! Battle over!

Kamek (flying through the air): We will meet again, Luuuiiigggiii! Ding!

Luigi: Whew, I'm glad that's over now.

He unties E. Gadd.

E. Gadd: Whew, thanks Luigi!

Luigi: Thank me later! Tell me where to find King Boo!

E. Gadd: Sheesh! Young people these days! Well, you got something from King Boo?

Luigi: Well I still have his old crown.

He hands it over.

E. Gadd: Great! I'll be back!

He goes into his lab. Luigi rounds up his party members. E. Gadd comes back.

E. Gadd: Here. This tracker will take you to him.

Luigi: Thanks, E. Gadd. Come on, let’s-a go!

Will Luigi find King Boo? Where is King Boo holding Daisy hostage? Has he taken care of Mad Jack? Were you shocked by the new friendship Toad and Bowser Jr. have? I think you were. Wait ‘til next time!

Read on!

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