The Dark Prognosticus, Chapter 6: Luigi's Big Boo Adventure

By Dimentio

Chapter 14: King Jack Attacks

King Jack: You can't win now! I am invincible!

Luigi: Everyone has a weakness, including Jack.

Luigi 120/120
Mario 125/125
Toad 100/100
King Jack 1,000/1,000

Luigi uses Lightning Uppercut but KJ (short for King Jack) uses Thunder Punch. It connects and Luigi is sent back. Meanwhile Mario is charging an attack. He is fully charged and uses "Blaze Punch". Mario's right fist is completely engulfed in flames. Mario jumps behind KJ and meteor smashes his back. POW! Mario sees he left a scorch. KJ turns around and grabs Mario. He is about to throw him when…

Toad: Fire Breaker Beam!

Toad summoned his Looting Machine and shoots the Breaker Beam. It aims right towards his chest. KJ roars in pain and lets go of Mario. KJ then starts charging an attack. His red eye starts to glow and sparks come from it. Everyone knows he is going to do Mad Jack's signature move.

Luigi: Avoid that attack at all cost!

KJ does "Lightning Tower". He fires a laser at the ground they’re standing on. Suddenly an electronic circle forms around them. Luigi long jumps out of the circle while Mario (still wearing FLUDD) Turbo Nozzles out. Toad however doesn't get out in time. A huge electrical beam shoots straight up from the circle. Luigi and Co. watch in horror as Toad takes the full hit. When it ends they see Toad has used a new move, "Force Field". However since the attack was so powerful the force field broke and Toad got dizzy. Luigi and Mario quickly decide to use Rocket Bros. Mario starts charging up FLUDD in rocket mode. At the same time Luigi is charging his Lightning Uppercut. When he has fully charged Luigi Super Jumps towards KJ. Mario lets go and he goes super fast towards KJ. KJ however only sees Luigi going towards him and uses Punch. Luigi lands on Mario and they both go towards KJ as he misses Luigi. Mario tackles him while Luigi uppercut JK right in the chin with all his might. KJ topples over and King Boo comes out.

Luigi 80/120
Mario 125/125
Toad 100/100
King Boo 800/800

Luigi quickly pulls out his Poltergeist and starts sucking up King Boo. While he is getting sucked up Mario uses "Coin Uppercut" on him. Toad aims and used Star Ray on him. King Boo quickly does Ghostly Wail and Luigi and members get launched. King Boo quickly goes back to possess Mad Jack.

Luigi 60/120
Mario 105/125
Toad 80/100
King Jack 800/1,000

Mario switches with Bowser Jr. Toad and Bowser Jr. use Buddy Beam on KJ. KJ however holds out his hand and takes the attack, which barely does anything. Luigi uses Ultra Jump and jumps on KJ. KJ however uses Blaze Punch on Luigi when he lands. Luigi is launched and hits a crystal. Bowser Jr. goes to assist him. Toad however…

Toad: PK Starstorm!

Meteors crash through the caves and are aimed at KJ. He punches some of them but in the end tales a great deal of damage. Bowser Jr. hands Luigi a Mushroom Crepe. Luigi + 30 HP. KJ recovers from the attack and uses "Triple Tower"! He shoots out an electric beam, a fire beam, and an ice beam. They all go in different directions as Toad is still recharging from his attack. Luigi tries to jump out but gets hit by the electric beam. Bowser Jr. gets hit by the fire beam but it doesn't really affect him. Toad gts hit by the ice beam and is frozen solid. KJ takes the opportunity and uses "Breaker Punch" on the frozen Toad. CRASH! Toad gets launched towards a crystal and faints on contact. Kirby comes out. Bowser Jr. looks at the fainted Toad and uses Transform. He turns into Shadow Mario. S.M. used "Paint Smack" on KJ. KJ sees this and is about to Thunder Uppercut him but…

Fighter Kirby: Smash Punch!

It connects and they are both equally powerful. S.M. smacks him with his brush, leaving electric goop on his face. KJ screams as the electrical goop is frying his circuits. Kirby takes the chance and uses "Round House". Kirby kicks him and KJ collides with a wall. King Boo comes out.

Luigi 65/120
Kirby 90/90
Bowser Jr. 70/85
King Boo 500/800

Luigi: Surprise!

King Boo turns around and sees Luigi use new move "Negative Zone"! King Boo gets even more dizzy and falls down. Luigi used "Storm" on the downed King Boo. ZAP! King Boo gets launched towards a wall. S.M. is about to use Triple Jump but LICK! King Boo licks him and S.M. turns back into Bowser Jr. King Boo then uses the opportunity and uses Mine on the downed Bowser Jr. He gets launched towards the opposite wall. Kirby turns into Boo Kirby and is about to use Lick on King Boo but…

King Boo: Catch, sucker!

He throws a chili pepper towards Kirby. Kirby eats it and his tongue catches fire. King Boo then uses Boo Uppercut and Kirby gets launched. Luigi all of the sudden lands on King Boo, flattening him. King Boo turns invisible and goes back to possess Mad Jack.

Luigi 65/120
Kirby 50/90
Bowser Jr. 30/85
King Jack 600/1,000

Luigi: No more games!

Luigi uses Ultra Jump and uses Flame Tornado. He hits KJ in the chest but he grabs him and jumps on him! Squish! Kirby uses "Punch Man Break" on the distracted KJ. He gets launched about 4 feet in the air- enough for Bowser Jr. to get Luigi out from underneath him. Bowser Jr. gives him an Ultra Shroom- just in time for KJ to do Electric Tower on them. Bowser Jr. faints. Kirby started using Volcan Jab but KJ just puts his hand up and it does nothing. KJ uses Falcon Punch on Kirby and his body hits the river. Mario and Junior come out. KJ then uses "Cloaking" to turn invisible. Luigi and Mario go up to each other.

Mario: What are we going to do?

Luigi: I don't know? The last time we fought him his cloaking was a major problem. Argh! What was Mad Jack's weakness again?

Mario: I can't remember.

Luigi looks at Junior, who is just poking Bowser Jr's fainted body. When he pokes him- Zap. He gets zapped.

Junior: Ow. That huuuuuurt me.

Luigi: Electricity! That was Mad Jack's- OUCH!

The invisible KJ used "Mach Punch" on Luigi. Mario uses Fireball on KJ but he just retaliates with Flame Stone. Mario gets hit. Junior decides to be smart for once and use Cap. A brown stripe lights up. Junior jumps about 2 feet and when he lands he uses Earthquake! KJ however is not affected as he is floating. Junior then gets hit with Lightning Tower. Luigi helps Mario up and they use Storm Bros. Luigi is charging an electric sphere while Mario is throwing countless fireballs at the river. Soon all that evaporation makes clouds. Luigi throws all the electricity he has charged up into the clouds. The clouds turn stormy and a lot of lightning hits the ground and KJ. His cloaking disappears and he takes lots of damage. He roars and starts to charge up his Lightning Towers. Luigi eats an Ultra Maple. Luigi + 50 HP and + 20 FP. What, you didn't know they used Flower Points? Well then how could they do all those moves, eh? Anywho, in the end KJ throws out three Lightning Towers. Mario avoids all of them by Turbo Nozzling out of all of them. Luigi braces himself and takes the attack! Junior, well…

Junior: AUGH! No… Must… keep…battling.

Junior reaches into his stomach and gets out a turkey sandwich. Junior + 30 HP. Suddenly they see Luigi is somehow still alive but with electricity all over him. He Ultra Jumps… towards Junior. He hit his stomach and gets launched twice as fast, which KJ didn't expect. Luigi holds out his fist and with the extra electricity he uses Lightning Uppercut on KJ. He gets launched about 10 feet and out comes King Boo.

Luigi 10/120
Mario 85/125
Junior 100/130
King Boo 200/800

Mario: Oh yeah!

King Boo turns around and sees Mario use Mario Finale! King Boo gets scorched all over. Luigi comes in and uses new move "Swerving Ace" on King Boo. Luigi does a spin while Uppercuting King Boo, which leads him to being launched in a spinning fashion. Junior uses Belly Flop but King Boo quickly turnss invisible and avoids this. Junior ends up getting impaled by a crystal. King Boo turns visible and uses Boo Beam. Mario and Luigi jump away but see that was a trick for King Boo to possess Mad Jack.

Luigi 10/120
Mario 85/125
Junior revving in process
King Jack 200/1,000

Mario: Let’s finish this.

Luigi: Wait Mario. Mad Jack’s body is too weak. If we continue we could kill Mad Jack.

Junior: Yay! Freedom.

Luigi smacks him.

Luigi: Look, we need villains to know that they shouldn't mess with us, and Mad Jack does a perfect job with that. We can't kill him.

Mario: So how are we going to get King Boo out?

Luigi: Um, Junior!

Junior: Yes?

Luigi: You know Mad Jack. What does he hate that drives him crazy?

Junior: Oh, that's easy. When I eat everything in the meat factory, when I blow up part of a factory, when I drive customers away, when I know him, when-

Luigi: Okay, we get it. What is the number one thing, though?

Junior: When I burp near him.

Luigi: Of course! Junior, Atomic Belch him.

Mario: Uh, guys… Watch out!

While they were talking, King Jack was charged up his Lightning Tower, and he fires it. Mario gets in the way and takes out his cape. His is straining to throw the lightning tower back at him but it is too powerful to throw back. The cape slowly starts to tear.

Mario: Do it now!

Junior drinks a soda and BUUUUUURP! The soundwaves hit King Jack but they barely do anything! KJ just laughs. Luigi knows he really is too powerful, but then again... Luigi reaches inside Junior’s stomach and gets out a salami sandwich. He stuffs it into Junior's mouth. Junior starts to spin around and transforms into…

Junior: Junior Man!

Luigi: You get to take copywritten ideas and just put Junior in front of them?

Junior Man: Yes! Now BUUUUUURP!

This time Mad Jack's circuits go crazy and he shuts down. King Boo comes out and is amazed.

Luigi 10/120
Mario 85/125
Junior 65/130
King Boo 100/800

King Boo: How did you-

Junior Man: Ultimate Belly Flop!

SQUISH! King Boo comes out from underneath and sees Luigi smiling. He uses Lightning Uppercut.

Battle Over! Luigi wins!
Every party member learns a new move!

Luigi: Now hand over the love of my life!

Daisy: Aww.

King Boo: Never!

Luigi: What?!

King Boo: I shall have my revenge! Now!

The Boos that are holding up the crystal put it aside and use Boo Beam. Everybody gets the same idea and throws Junior at the beam.

Junior: Y'all stink! AUGH!

Junior sinks into the ground after getting hit. King Boo quickly gets Daisy and disappears with her.

Luigi: Daisy!

King Boo comes back.

King Boo: Oh, you don't need that any more!

He throws a mine at the tracker. It blows up. King Boo leaves. Luigi and Co. head towards the shut down Mad Jack. Luigi starts to give him an electric charge. Mad Jack stands up.

Mad Jack: What happened to me?

Junior: Well…

One explanation later…

Junior: …And that's how you ended up here, Master.

Mad Jack: Well then…

He gets Luigi and Co. and stuffs them in his box. Jack gets inside as well and Mega Jumps straight through the cave. He lets them out at the entrance.

Mad Jack: I expect you to return soon. Okay?

Junior: Yes Master.

Mad Jack: Good.

He leaves.

Luigi: Well now we have to go find E. Ga-

In the distance they can hear an explosion.

Luigi: That can't be good.

Chapter 15: The Engine Room's Fall

Luigi and Co. heard an explosion somewhere in the distance. Toad takes out his binoculars and looks high into the sky.

Toad: Uh, Luigi, is the Engine Room that important to you?

Luigi: Yes…

Toad: Uh, well it got blown up.

Luigi: What?!

Luigi takes Toad's binoculars and looks. It is true. The Engine Room is in a fiery blaze and has fallen somewhere near the Forever Forest.

Luigi: We have to go there immediately.

The all get inside Toad's Looting Machine and drive off. As they are driving, dark red clouds are forming around the crash site. Luigi is worried they won't get there in time.

Luigi: (I'm sorry, Daisy, but if I don't fix the Engine Room there is no way for me to save you.)

Luigi and Co. arrive at the crash site. They see it has received some damage but it isn't anything Luigi can't handle. Luigi looks as the clouds are getting darker and lightning is starting to form. Luigi looks in front of him and sees Metalgeist.

Metalgeist: Ugh, you sure are a thorn in my side! How can I win the war with you always interfering?

Luigi: You idiot! Don't you know why I was assigned the Engine Room?!

Metalgeist: Uh, no?

Luigi: This Engine Room serves a real purpose. The Star Spirits knew that Morton Koopa Sr. can return whenever he pleases. So they built this Engine Room. As long as the Engine Room is afloat, Morton Koopa Sr. can't be resurrected. And now…

A storm is building up and the winds are getting harsh. Luigi and Co. struggle not to get blown away.

Luigi: -that the Engine Room, is destroyed Morton has a chance to be alive again.

Metalgeist: Hah! I can take that old fool. You, however… It’s time you never see the light again. Now put up your fists.

Luigi: Err, I have no time for this!

Luigi 150/150
Mario 160/160
Junior 165/165
Metalgeist 100/100

Metalgeist uses Steel Stalagmites. Luigi and Mario dodge. Junior takes the hit but grabs a stalagmite and chucks it at Metalgeist. It goes thorugh him but then he uses Falcon Punch. Junior grabs it but it is too strong and he gets hit. Meanwhile Mario and Luigi are preparing Hammer Bros. Luigi prepares his Super Jump and Mario gets on top of him. Luigi jumps up high and they both take their hammers out in midair. Mario makes them spin, and around they go. Metalgeist sees this and tries to stop it but POW! CRACK! Direct hit. However that gives him time to do Hammer Arm. POW! He hits them both and they go flying back. Junior gets back up and uses Belly Flop. Metalgeist takes out the stalagmite that he still had through him and impales Junior. Junior faints and is replaced with Kirby. Mario and Luigi get back up and Luigi Super Jumps. Mario uses Blaze Punch on Metalgeist. He leaves a dent but Metalgeist just swats him away. Kirby meanwhile turns into Bomb Kirby and starts to throw Bombs like crazy. In the air Luigi uses Bolt on Metalgeist. He sees these two attacks coming so… BOOM! Metalgeist explodes, hitting Kirby and Luigi. However, he is now vulnerable.

Luigi 100/150
Mario 120/160
Kirby 90/110
B. Ghost 900/900

Mario gets back up only to be rammed against by B. Ghost. Mario hits a tree. B. Ghost summons three Bomb Boos and sends them towards Luigi. Luigi is getting up and sees the Bomb Boos heading towards him. He jumps out of range and uses Fireball. They explode but out of the smoke comes B. Ghost heading towards him. He slams into Luigi and Luigi gets sent into Kirby, who also get knocked back. B. Ghost is charging his Boo Beam when Mario jumps on him. He is about to slam on him when he hears spoons clanking. He then starts getting sucked up. Kirby had used "Cook Kirby" and got B. Ghost in the pot. He lets him out and B. Ghost is about to lick Kirby when Luigi uses Storm on B. Ghost. He gets blown away and reforms back into Metalgeist. Luigi sees the storm is getting worse.

Luigi 90/150
Mario 110/165
Kirby 80/110
Metalgeist 100/100

Luigi: I have no time for this!

Metalgeist: Don't worry, after I deal with Morton, your death will be painful and slow.

Kirby however has different plans and uses "Warp Star". He gets on a Warp Star and sky-bombs Metalgeist. His armored cracks. He uses Sonic Boom on Kirby. He gets launched towards wrecked machinery but Mario catches him. Luigi uses Lightning Uppercut on Metalgeist. This causes a slight dent but he grabs Luigi and starts punching. Mario acts quickly and does "Meteor Smash" on Metalgeist’s hand. This makes another dent but he just grabs Mario as well and started squeezing them. Kirby uses Megaton Bomb on Metalgeist. It explodes, damaging Metalgeist intensely but also hurting Mario and Luigi. The Mario Bros. get away from his grip and they both eat a Super Mushroom. Mario Bros + 20 HP. Metalgeist starts to use Hammer Arm but both Mario Bros. use Fire Uppercut. His armor is destroyed and he is vulnerable again.

Luigi 30/150
Mario 80/165
Kirby 60/110
B. Ghost 700/900

Mario immediately uses Mario Finale. Being part Bomb Boo, B. Ghost explodes. However he goes towards Kirby, who has just turned into Bomb Kirby, and explodes near him. BOOM! Kirby gets thrown into a dead tree that then falls on him. Kirby faints, and Toad comes out. B. Ghost starts gathering machines now to make Mechageist.

Luigi 30/150
Mario 80/165
Toad 120/120
Mechageist 150/150

Toad automatically uses PK Starstorm! Luigi however is not happy about that. The meteorites would destroy the Engine Room. He switches out Mario for Junior and puts him as a shield to protect the Engine Room. Junior's stomach makes the meteors go towards Mechageist. He is overwhelmed and takes great damage. Junior gets switched back for Mario. Luigi eats a Shroom Steak. Luigi +70 HP. Mechageist uses Missile Rampage. Mario, being newly switched out, doesn't see that and takes lots of the hits. Luigi Long Jumps over them but lands near Mechageist, who uses Ram. He rams Luigi with his body and he got thrown backwards. Toad uses Force Field to escape the missiles. Mario gets up and is about to use Blaze Punch when Mechageist fires out a laser. Mario takes the hit and collides with Luigi. Mario and Luigi get back up and do Cyclone Bros. Right when they are about to hit him, Mechageist opens his mouth and fires 3 Bullet Bills! Luigi takes most of the hits while Mario only gets hit by one. Mechageist is about to use Bomb Punch when- BAM! Toad summoned his Looting Machine and rams against Mechageist. His armor is almost broken. Mario and Luigi do Splash Bros. and just as they are about to hit him… BOOM! Mechageist’s exterior explodes, taking out Mario. Bowser Jr. comes out.

Luigi 40/150
Toad 120/120
Bowser Jr. 95/95
B. Ghost 450/900

Luigi uses Lightning Uppercut but B. Ghost leaves a Bomb Boo. The Bomb Boo explodes on Luigi. Toad and Bowser Jr. do Star Slam. Bowser Jr. gets inside his shell and starts spinning fast. Toad headbutts the shell and it goes towards B. Ghost. Toad quickly does a Star Ray on the shell and it goes even faster. POW! B. Ghost gets launched several feet. B. Ghost uses "Bomb Kamikaze" on Bowser Jr. 50 Bomb Boos head towards him. Bowser Jr. quickly transforms into Shadow Mario and long jumps over the Boos. However now they are going towards Toad.

Toad: Why do I always die a fiery death?!

BOOM! Toad opens his eyes and sees that Bowser Jr. took the hit. He stands up slowly and BAM! B. Ghost slams into him and Bowser Jr. collides with Toad. Luigi gets up and used new move "Shockwave" on B. Ghost. B. Ghost sees it coming and actually jumps out of the way. However the waves of electricity turn around and ZAP! B. Ghost quickly starts to reform into Mechageist. Toad uses new move "Recover" on Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. + 30 HP.

Luigi 10/150
Toad 110/120
Bowser Jr. 35/95
Mechageist 150/150

Luigi uses Froggie Drink. Luigi and Co. + 30 HP. Toad gets into his Looting Machine and uses Breaker Beam. Mechageist however uses Breaker Beam as well. They are both equally powered. Luigi goes to help Toad but Mechageist uses "Bullet Bill Rampage". His hands start throwing out Bullet Bills. Luigi uses Fireball on them and they explode. However some Bullet Bills are heading towards Toad's machine. Bowser Jr. quickly uses "Shell Shock" and starts hitting the Bullet Bills. Mechageist takes this opportunity and uses "Banzai Bill"! He opens his mouth and out pops a Banzai Bill. It points towards Bowser Jr. He fires it. Toad quickly pushes the gas and goes to take the hit but evacuates at the last second. KA-BOOM! They both collide and explode.

Toad: Well at least I saved Bowser Jr.

Luigi: Toad! Bowser Jr. was on top of your machine.

Toad: Well isn't that anticlimactic?

Junior comes out and starts eating a sandwich. The storm is building up and the whole of Plit starts going dark. Luigi knows it is only a matter of time. He grabs Junior and twists his cap.

Luigi: Eat Junior Bomb!

Mechageist sees Junior collide with him and Boom! He is vulnerable again.

Luigi 40/150
Toad 120/120
Every other partner fainted!
B. Ghost 300/900

Toad quickly uses PK Starstorm and aims at B. Ghost. He takes all the hits. He slowly gets back up and sees Luigi with the Poltergeist 3000

Luigi: Arryvadechi

He sucks up Bouldergeist Ghost.

Battle Over! Luigi wins!

Luigi: We have no time to lose! Morton will be resurrected soon, and if we don't get this thing fixed Plit is doomed!

Co: Right!

They begin repairing the Engine Room as Plit gets darker and darker. After an hour the members get tired. Luigi however continues to work like mad. Soon they hear the ground shaking. Out comes a skeletal hand. They put Junior on top of it and it throws him 50 feet in the air. The members scream like a little girl.

Mario: Luigi! Hurry up-a please.

Luigi: Done!

He pushes on a button and the engines sputter.

Luigi: Come on, come on. Please work!

The Engine keeps sputtering. Another hand comes out of the ground. They continue screaming.

Luigi: Come on! Please work!

Junior then lands near the Engine Room and shakes the entire ground. The Engine starts to work and it flies again. A bright light shines from the Engine Room and all the darkness vanishes. The hands sink into the ground. Luigi jumps off the Engine Room after putting it on automatic pilot. He reaches for his Poltergeist and pushes release. B. Ghost comes out. The members surround him. Luigi walks toward him.

Luigi: Where is King Boo's castle?

B. Ghost: I am not telling you nothing!

Luigi: I want to get Daisy back. The only way to do that is to find King Boo. I can make sure you stay in the Underwhere for good! So where is King Boo's castle?

B. Ghost: Over these woods you will find a hidden passage. Just keep following it and you will reach King Boo's castle. I'll meet ya there.

B. Ghost turns invisible and gets away.

Luigi: Come on. Let’s go stop King Boo once and for all.

Can Luigi stop King Boo? Will Metalgeist return? What about Kamek and Kamella? You don't want to miss the end of Luigi's Big Boo Adventure!

Read on!

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