The Dark Prognosticus, Chapter 6: Luigi's Big Boo Adventure

By Dimentio

Chapter 16: Look at that Creepy Castle

Luigi and Co. are going through the Forever Forest. Toad has run out of Looting Machines so he suggests an alternative method of getting through.

Luigi: Toad! Stop!

Toad: Come on, we’ll get there faster and we won't get lost.

Kirby: Toad! Slashing and burning this forest will not help us.

Toad: Oh come on. It’s not like anyone likes this place anyway.

Bowser Jr: The Boos at Bow's Mansion did. If you cut down this forest they will hunt you for the rest of your life.

Toad drops his chainsaw and flamethrower in fear. He thinks it over.

Toad: Hmm… I can't decide. I need some thinking drink.

He gets out a soda and drinks it in 10 seconds. Suddenly the Megashell runs them over and takes them to King Boo's Castle. They get off when they arrive.

Mario: Wasn't that-a lucky?

Toad: Huh/ Every time I drink this brand, lucky stuff happens.

Luigi: What kind is it?

Toad: Lucky Soda! I drink about 50 cans of these a week.

Toad twitches for a while. Luigi and Co. stare at the 5-miles-high castle.

Junior: Wow, look at that creepy castle.

They see there is a drawbridge. They notice they are almost at the edge and see a pit about a mile deep. Luigi wonders what to do. Mario, however, gets an idea. Mario tells him his idea. Luigi agrees.

Luigi: Oh Junior…

Junior waddles over to him.

Junior: Yes?

Luigi: You want this salami sandwich?

Junior: Yes!

Mario: Well-a all you have to do-a is jump as high as you can.

Junior nods and starts jumping. The ground starts to shake.

Luigi: Hang on to something, you guys!

Junior continues jumping. He finally does his highest jump- about 4 feet. He lands as hard as he can and the drawbridge falls down.

Luigi: Good job!

He hands Junior the sandwich and Junior eats it messily. Luigi and Co. cross the bridge to King Boo's Castle. They see they are outside and they also see a big door that is locked. Luigi notices that there is a road on the side of the castle that leads all the way to the top. It is in a spiral fashion. All of a sudden they hear footsteps behind them.

???: Hey guys! How's it going?

Kirby recognizes that voice and turns around. He sees a Pichu with a green neckerchief and a backpack. He is also holding a camera.

Kirby: Pichu, buddy! How's it going.

Pichu: I'm fine, thank you.

What? Were you expecting for him to repeat his name over and over? Well Plit has strange effects on Pokemon. They can actually talk on Plit. Now back to the story.

Luigi: What are you doing here?

Pichu: I was looking for a spooky castle to make my next movie in. I heard the Boos talk about this place, so here I am.

Toad: Why didn't you just make the movie in my castle?

Bowser Jr: You mean that castle made out of everyone in Toad Town's pillows?

Toad: Yeah. I remember when I made that place. I finally had a place to live in, and a whole bunch of people came with gifts!

Mario: That was an angry mob! We wanted our pillows back but your castle had some sort of force field. You little-

Pichu: Anywho, how come you guys are here?

Luigi: I am on a mission to-a save my girlfriend from King-a Boo.

Mario: Why don't you-a join us?

Pichu: I don't kn-

Pichu joined the party!

Pichu: Hey, I didn't agree!

Toad: Too bad! The almighty voice has spoken.

Luigi: Come on. Let's go to the top of the tower.

The members agree and walk towards the staircase-like road. However, curiosity gets the best of some of them. Toad sees a door that says “Museum”. Toad opens the door and goes in. Pichu sees a door that says “Ballroom” and decides to check it out.

Meanwhile King Boo has found that Luigi has made it to his castle.

King Boo: How did Luigi find me here?

Boo: Sire, you may want to take a look at this.

King Boo goes towards his balcony and sees Kamek and Kamella heading towards his castle. On the other end he sees Bouldergeist heading towards the other side of his castle.

King Boo: Uh oh. Deploy the undead troops.

Back with Luigi, he has realized Toad and Pichu have gone missing.

Luigi: Just great! Bowser Jr, go look for Toad, and Kirby, go find Pichu. When you find them, meet us in the Dining Room. Got it?

Bowser Jr. and Kirby: Got it!

They leave and Luigi, Mario, and Junior enter the door next to them, which is the Dining Room.

Bowser Jr. goes down for a while and sees the door to the Museum is open.

Bowser Jr: Of course. The perfect place to loot something.

He goes inside and finds many old paintings and statues. He can hear stuff being thrown and things getting ripped. He goes to the end of a hallway and sees many ripped pieces of paintings and statues.

Toad is currently staring at the original Mono Lisa.

Toad: Boy is she ugly. I swear, the artist must have been drunk when he was painting this piece of junk.

He throws it away and continues rummaging. Bowser Jr. goes over to him and smacks him across the forehead.

Toad: Ow! What was that for?!

Bowser Jr: For getting separated from the group. Now come on. Luigi is expecting us at- AAHHH!

Toad looks ahead and sees about 5 Dry Bones, 3 Glum Reapers, and 10 Purple Punchers. One Dry Bones is carrying a jar. Out pops Jarvis.

Jarvis: Hey boy. How dare you destroy my jars? You boy are gonna have to pay.

Toad: Oh boy.

Meanwhile in the Ballroom, Pichu is filming the area where he would like to do his movie. Kirby has already made it there and grabs his neckerchief. Pichu chockes and falls down.

Pichu: You do not disturb a director when he is busy!

Kirby: Come on, we have to go to the Dining Room.

Just then they see about 10 Ghost Guys dancing around and the Floating Whirlwinds.

Pichu: Are we in trouble?

The Ghost Guys hold out their pitchforks and start making fireballs at the tips.

Kirby: Yep, we’re in trouble.

Meanwhile in the Dining Room, Mario and Luigi are helping themselves to some pasta. Junior however lifts the fridge and starts shaking it, catching food with his mouth.

Luigi: What's taking them so-a long? We could-a have using all this time to free Daisy!

Mario: Relax-a, Brother.

They then hear a huge burp.

Luigi: Junior! Say excuse me.

Junior: I didn't burp.

Luigi: If you-a didn't then who…

Luigi sees Mr. Luggs followed by 3 Garbage Can Ghosts and three Dry Koopatrols.


Toad is currently dodging Jarvis jars while Bowser Jr. is fighting with the Purple Punchers. Jarvis starts laughing as Toad trips and is getting hit by many jars. Toad quickly activates Force Field. Bowser Jr. is dodging all the attacks acrobatically but falls down when a Dry Bones throws a bone at him. The Purple Punchers gang up on him.

Jarvis: Hoho boy. It seems you can't beat me, boy.

Toad: Yeah well, shut up. Ow!

Toad gets hit by another jar. Toad quickly ducks as another is about to hit him, and grabs it. He throws it towards Jarvis. The jar he is in breaks and his heart shows.

Jarvis: Uh oh.

Bowser Jr. gets out of the pile and quickly turns into Shadow Mario. He uses Fireball and hits one of the Purple Punchers. That one disappears and the other ones go toward him but-

BAM! Jarvis's head collides with the Purple Punchers. Shadow Mario takes the opportunity and uses new move "Flame Stone". It lands on the pile and all the Purple Punchers disappear. Jarvis keeps throwing jars at them but they dodge and Toad quickly shines his flashlight. S.M. quickly uses Super Jump on him. Toad meanwhile is dealing with the Glum Reapers. They keep trying to use "Scythe" on Toad but he is too fast. He charges his Star Ray and fires it towards a Glum Reaper. He gets hit and disappears. Toad stops and gets out some Lucky Soda. He drinks it and all of a sudden Pure Water falls on the Glum Reapers and the Dry Bones. They disintegrate and Toad goes to help S.M. However Jarvis is clearly losing and S.M. uses Paint Smack. He hits his heart and leaves electric goop. Jarvis soon explodes from the electric goop.

Toad: Whew! Come on, let’s go to the Dining Room.

Meanwhile in the Ballroom, Pichu and Kirby are dodging the fireballs fired by the Ghost Guys. The Floating Whirlwinds are just laughing at them. Pichu quickly does a U-turn, jumps up, and uses Thundershock. The pitchforks act as a lightning rod and the Ghost Guys get zapped. They fall down and Kirby quickly turns into Sword Kirby. He starts having a sword/pitchfork fight with the Ghost Guys. Pichu takes out his camera and starts filming.

Pichu: Yes! Perfect stuff!

Kirby: Help me!

Pichu quickly uses Shockwave on the Ghost Guys. However one Ghost Guy hits Kirby and a green star (the power that holds Sword) comes out. The star takes the hit and turns shades of yellow and green. Kirby swallows it back up and becomes Plasma Sword Kirby. He quickly defeats the Ghost Guys.

The Floating Whirlwinds: Why, you defeated our dance buddies, but can you defeat us?

With that they start spinning and soon form a tornado. Kirby uses Recycle and turns into Tornado Kirby. He turns into a tornado and tackles the F.W. Both tornadoes are equally powerful and Pichu tales his camera out again.

F.W: You… can't… out… whirlwind… us!

With that they push against Kirby harder and he gets blown away into Pichu. Pichu's camera goes high into the air and into the range of the F.W. They stopp spinning and-


The male gets hit by Pichu's unbreakable camera and their heart shows. Kirby quickly tells Pichu to hit him with an electric move. He uses thundershock and Kirby takes out a silver star. It takes the hit and turns shades of silver and yellow. He swallows it and becomes Hurricane Kirby. A huge cloud surrounds Kirby as he uses his ability. The F.W. get sucked up and get hit by the lightning inside.

Pichu: Good stuff, good stuff, good stuff.

The F.W. eventually are defeated.

Pichu: And cut!

Kirby: Come on! We have to get to the Dinning Room.

In the Dining Room, Luigi and Mario are jumping to avoid Mr. Luggs’s fireballs. Junior, however, is dealing with the Dry Koopatrols, Koopatrols that have passed away. Mr. Luggs is drooling with anger and falls down, exhausted. Luigi whips out the Poltergeist and starts sucking him up. Mario goes to the Dry Bones and uses Mario Finale. The Dry Bones disintegrate. Junior however is getting triple-teamed by the Dry Koopatrols. Junior is about to use Cap when- RAM! Mr. Luggs rams into Junior while he is being sucked up. Junior hits the floor hard and the mini-earthquake flips them over. Junior gets up and uses Ultimate Belly Flop. He manages to squish all of them. Mr. Luggs breaks free and uses Fire Blast. Luigi gets hit and is blasted to the wall. Mario goes over to Luigi and picks him up. Mr. Luggs is now aiming at Junior and does "Blast Furnace". He shoots out a ball of fire that makes a fire tornado on contact with Junior. Junior explodes. Mr. Luggs still has some energy left and uses Flamethrower. He starts breathing fire towards them but Mario, still holding Luigi, jumps out of the way. Mr. Luggs gets exhausted and Luigi wakes up. He gets out the Poltergeist and sucks him up. On cue, Toad, Bowser Jr, Kirby, and Pichu arrived.

Luigi: (breathing heavily) Great, you’re back. Come on, let’s-a go.

They leave the room and continue going upwards.

Chapter 17: Friend or Foe? You decide!

Luigi and Co. continue going up. Luigi looks up and sees lots of lights flashing and geometric shapes. Suddenly they hear a huge explosion at the top. Parts of the castle start to fall apart and the road they are on starts breaking apart. Suddenly Kamek and Kamella fall in front of them. Right next to them falls Metalgeist and the road collapses. They fall all the way down. Luckily they land on Junior and are not harmed. Kamek, Kamella, and Metalgeist fell down next to them. They see Luigi and react.

Kamek: Luigi, quick, join us and help us defeat Metalgeist!

Metalgeist: No! Luigi, don't listen to them! Join me to get rid of those old fools.

Kamek: Luigi! Use your common sense and help us defeat this monstrosity!

Metalgeist: Luigi, open your eyes! I told you where to find King Boo's castle. Repay the favor and help me defeat them!

Luigi looks at Kamek and Kamella and then at Metalgeist.

Now you choose who will Luigi fight by.

Luigi: I choose to fight by Kamek.

Metalgeist: You will pay for that decision, Luigi, with your life! Grha!

Luigi 170/170
Kamek 250/250
Kamella 225/225
Metalgeist 125/125

Metalgiest pounds the ground and uses Earthquake. Luigi super jumps out of range while Kamek and Kamella float out of range. Luigi is about to use Flame Tornado when Metalgeist uses "Ghostly Wail" on Luigi. Luigi gets hit by the soundwaves and hits the wall. Kamek gets on his broom and uses geometric shapes. They hit him but barely leave a scratch. Metalgeist uses "Bullet Punch" on Kamek but Kamella quickly uses Force Field and protects Kamek. Metalgeist then decides to use Hammer Arm on the still downed Luigi. He hits him and Luigi goes through the wall and falls into the pit.

Kamek: I am going to hate myself for this.

He quickly picks up speed and catches Luigi and goes back to the castle. Luigi gets off the broom.

Luigi: Thanks!

Kamek: DON'T mention it!

Kamella: Darling, some help!

Metalgeist is currently throwing metal spikes at Kamella. Kamek goes up to Metalgeist and uses Psychic Blast. It barely does anything but turns his attention towards Kamek. Luigi sees this and quickly uses Lightning Uppercut. Luigi leaves a dent but Metalgeist still has his attention on Kamek. He grabs him and started squeezing the life out of Kamek. Kamella however is already charging an attack and uses Magic Beam. Shink! Metalgeist's armor is badly damaged and he lets go of Kamek. Luigi takes the opportunity and uses new move "Electroshock" on Metalgeist. Metalgeist however uses "Reflect" and sends it right back at him. Luigi quickly Super Jumps out of the way but it hits Kamella.

Kamella: Mind your elders!

Metalgeist: Let’s get this over with!

Metalgeist uses Steel Stalagmites. Kamek and Kamella dodge easily, however Luigi is still up in the air. He sees Metalgeist distracted with his attack and uses "Jack Hammer". Ratatatatata-CRACK! Bouldergeist is vulnerable.

Luigi 110/170
Kamek 200/250
Kamella 205/225
B. Ghost 900/900

Kamek and Kamella go up to him and quickly use Magic Blast. B. Ghost gets launched towards a wall. Luigi goes up to him and uses Luigi Tornado. B. Ghost gets sent up in the air but uses "Pile Driver" on Luigi. He gets buried in the ground. Kamek goes up to him but B. Ghost uses "Illusion". B. Ghost disappears and then reappears but now there are two. Kamek uses geometric shapes on the second one and it blows up on him. B. Ghost laughs and quickly rams into Kamella, who is busy trying to help Kamek. Kamella drops her wand and it lands near B. Ghost. He picks it up (telepathically) and points at Luigi. Luigi finally gets out of the ground just in time to see B. Ghost use Flame Stone on him. Luigi however uses new move "Green Missile". He fires and barely avoids the attack. He is still going and hits B. Ghost, causing him to drop the wand. Kamella grabs it back and B. Ghost summons metal and technological equipment. He forms into Mechageist.

Luigi 90/170
Kamek 170/250
Kamella 190/225
Mechageist 200/200

Mechageist uses "Bullet Rampage" on everyone. Bullet Bills fire from out of his hand and head towards Luigi and his partners. Luigi uses new move "Fireball Carnage". He throws out countless green fireballs towards the approaching Bullet Bills. They explode on contact with the fireballs. Kamek and Kamella make a force field around them and they dodge the attack. Mechageist sees this however and uses Breaker Beam while their guard is down. Luigi doesn’t see it and got hit. Kamek and Kamella's shield is already weak so the Breaker Beam easily breaks through the shield and hits them. Mechageist however is not gonna let up easy, and does Sonic Boom. Luigi gets blasted towards the wall as do Kamek and Kamella. He is still not gonna let up easy and does Missile Rampage. Luigi gathers his strength and quickly super jumps out of range. Kamek and Kamella quickly teleport behind Mechageist. Kamek uses Aqua Blast while Kamella uses Fireball Carnage. The metal gets extremely weakened but Mechageist turns around and fires a Banzai Bill at them. Kamek pushes Kamella out of the way and takes the full hit. Luigi sees this and is about to use Jack Hammer but Mechageist's left hand swats him away. Kamella goes over to Mechageist and uses Spontaneous Explosion on Mechageist. His metal is extremely cracked. He quickly blows up and hits Kamek and Kamella. However now he is vulnerable.

Luigi 20/170
Kamek 50/250
Kamella 100/225
B. Ghost 600/900

B. Ghost uses Illusion and three B. Ghosts appear. One tackles the downed Kamek and it explodes on him. The other hits the downed Kamella and explodes. However B. Ghost sees a shadow on top of him. Squish! Luigi Ultra Jumped B. Ghost, then uses new move "Karate Chop" on him. B. Ghost comes to his senses and uses Headbutt on Luigi. He jumps it and heads towards Kamek, who hits him with geometric shapes. He uses Illusion and there are three. Kamek however is ready this time and used Force Field. Instead the Illusions go after Luigi, who has just landed from his jump. Luigi is able to dodge one but the other hits him. Kamek sees this and is about to use Recovery when B. Ghost headbutts him and Kamek gets dizzy. Kamella rushes to help Kamek but B. Ghost slams into her. He quickly does a Boo Beam on her. Shink! Kamella faints. Kamek gets up, his blood boiling with anger. He uses Spontaneous Explosion and B. Ghost gets hit critically. However in the air he uses Ghostly Wail on Kamek, who faints as well.

Kamek: Luigi…

Luigi rushes over to Kamek.

Kamek: Here…

With the last of his strength he hands him his wand. Luigi transforms into Super Luigi and recovers 50 HP!

B. Ghost: Oh crud…

Luigi charges towards him and uses Lightning Uppercut on B. Ghost. B. Ghost gets launched high into the air. He uses the height to try to Pile Drive Luigi. Luigi however dodges and uses Fireball Carnage. B. Ghost is badly damaged. He tries to tackle him but Luigi jumps up. B. Ghost uses Bomb Boo Kamikaze. 50 Bomb Boos head towards Luigi. He star spins and grabs one by the tongue. The rest he takes out with Fireball Carnage. Luigi swings the Bomb Boo towards B. Ghost.


Boom! B. Ghost floats up, letting out his scream as he blows up. Half of a key falls down and Luigi picks it up.

Battle Over! Luigi wins!

Luigi goes over to Kamek. He slowly stands up.

Kamek: Thank… you Luigi.

Luigi: Kamek, please tell us why you are at war with King Boo in the first place.

Kamek: Okay, I will elaborate. You know that King Boo has never gotten along with Bowser. King Boo wants to kill you guys first for what you did to the Boos. Bowser as well wants to kill you guys for what you have done to the Koopa Klan. Eventually the tension grew too much and King Boo declared war on us so he can dispose of you. Bowser has entrusted me to finish this war, but I can't. I am far too weak. Luigi, please defeat King Boo for the Koopa Klan.

Luigi: No! I am here to defeat King Boo so I can rescue my girlfriend.

Kamek: Fine! Just defeat him! I don't care. Here.

Kamek hands him the top half of the key.

Kamek: The staircase-like road has been destroyed so you will have to go up from inside the castle. Be careful, Luigi. I have no idea what's in there.

Luigi: You-a got it. Team, let's-a go!


Luigi: I choose to fight with Metalgeist.

Kamek: Bad choice, Luigi. When I am through with you, you will wish that I had killed you back when you were a baby and not horribly like I am about to do now!

Luigi 170/170
Metalgeist 150/150
Kamek 250/250
Kamella 225/225

Metalgeist uses Hammer Arm towards Kamek. Kamek dodges and retaliates with geometric shapes. Luigi uses Fireball on Kamella but she fires a fireball as well. They collide and make a miniature explosion. Kamella can't see through the smoke and gets hit by Luigi's Flame Uppercut. Kamella collides with Kamek. Metalgeist takes the opportunity and uses Hammer Arm on them. He squishes them under his giant metal hand. Kamek uses teleport and teleports Kamella and himself out from under Metalgeist's hand. Kamek teleports behind Luigi and uses "Diamond Saw". Luigi gets damaged tremendously. Kamek is about to attack again but Luigi uses new move "Green Missile". He fires like a rocket and hits Kamek right in the stomach. Kamella sees this and uses Spontaneous Explosion on a part of the castle's outer wall. It explodes and a huge part falls in Luigi's direction. Luigi is scared and doesn't move. Metalgeist looks in Luigi's direction and sees the wall about to fall on him.

Metalgeist: May evil villains have mercy on me.

His hands go over to the wall and hold it from falling on Luigi. Luigi opens his eyes and sees this. Luigi runs away from the wall and Metalgeist lets go.

Luigi: You saved my life?

Metalgeist: Don't say a word.

Kamek and Kamella however are charging a spell and unleash Hyper Magic Beam. Shink! It hits Metalgeist but his armor doesn't let up yet. Metalgeist grabs Luigi and chucks him towards them. With the added momentum Luigi uses Flame Tornado. Kamek once again pushes his wife away and takes the full hit. Kamella is about to use Triple Fireball but Metalgeist uses "Bullet Punch" on her. She gets launched a few feet but Kamek grabs her. Metalgeist was hoping for that and uses "Ghostly Wail" on them. They hit the wall.

Luigi 100/170
Metalgeist 20/150
Kamek 110/250
Kamella 95/225

Kamek and Kamella use "Mega Recover"! Kamek and Kamella + 100 HP! Luigi however already used new move "Electroshock" on them and as soon as they stop recovering the electroshock hits them both. Metalgeist uses "Bullet Punch" but Kamek and Kamella teleport behind him and use Magic Blast. His armor breaks off and he is vulnerable. Luigi however jumps in front of him and uses new move "Karate Chop" on Kamek. Kamek gets launched a few feet and Kamella just stares. B. Ghost takes this opportunity and slams against Kamella, who lands on her husband. They get up and use "Atomic Blast" towards B. Ghost. Luigi tries to push him out of the way but gets hurt himself. B. Ghost might have died if it weren't for Luigi pushing him out of the middle of the explosion, though the edges of the blast however still get him. B. Ghost uses Boo Beam on Kamek but he dodges. Luigi slowly gets up and eats an Ultra Mushroom. Luigi + 50 HP! Kamella decides to use Triple Fireball on Luigi. Luigi Super Jumps it and lands on Kamella. Kamek keeps firing geometric shapes toward B. Ghost but he keeps dodging. When he gets close enough B. Ghost uses Headbutt on Kamek. He gets dizzy for a while and Luigi collides with him. Kamella picks up Kamek but B. Ghost slams into Kamek.

Luigi 80/170
B. Ghost 600/800
Kamek 120/250
Kamella 125/225

Kamek and Kamella use "Recover"! Kamek and Kamella + 70 HP! Luigi eats a Deluxe Feast. Luigi + 40 HP + 40 FP. B. Ghost uses Bomb Boo Kamikaze on Kamek and Kamella. 50 Bomb Boos head towards them. Kamek and Kamella fire fireballs but Bomb Boos hit each of them. Kamek goes towards B. Ghost but he uses "Illusion". 2 B. Ghosta appear and Kamek hits the second one with geometric shapes. B. Ghost gets hit but the illusion tackles Kamek and explodes. Kamella however uses Blast Furnace on B. Ghost. He dodges the main attack but gets hit by the fiery blast. He lands near Luigi. Luigi gets an idea and grabs him. He Super Jumps and aims toward Kamek. Kamek sees a shadow but this time reacts quickly and fires a geometric shape. Luigi throws B. Ghost in the air but gets hit. B. Ghost, now high in the air, uses "Pile Driver" on the unsuspecting Kamek. Kamella sees Kamek get buried in the ground and uses Geometric Barrage. B. Ghost gets hit multiple times and collides with Luigi. B. Ghost comes to his senses and summons metal and electroni equipment. He transforms into Mechageist. He starts using Missile Rampage. Kamek and Kamella use Force Field and dodge the attack. Luigi however sees their shield weakening and uses "Storm". A lightning bolt comes out of the sky and hits Kamek and Kamella. Mechageist uses Bullet Barrage. His hands start shooting out Bullet Bills. Kamek and Kamella are still stunned from the lightning attack and get blasted by the Bullet Bills. Luigi charges up a sphere of electricity. Once fully charged, he throws it up in the air and when it falls back down, Luigi hits it with his hammer. It flies towards Kamek and he gets hit.

Kamek: ENOUGH!!! Luigi, prepare to meet your maker!

Kamek and Kamella charge up a spell and use "Dark Star"! Two Ztars head towards Luigi and Mechageist. One hits Mechageist dead on and his exterior nearly breaks. Luigi also gets hit and nearly faints. Luigi slowly gets up and uses Shockwave. This time Kamella pushes Kamek out of the way and she takes the hit.

Luigi 10/170
Mechageist 10/200
Kamek 30/250
Kamella 65/225

Kamella and Kamek use "Minimal Recovery". Kamek and Kamella + 30 HP. Kamek uses Diamond Saw on Mechageist. His armor breaks apart. Luigi finds his last Super Mushroom and eats it. Luigi + 20 HP. Kamella uses Corona. Luigi Super Jumps out of the way but B. Ghost explodes from the fire. Kamek sees Luigi in the air and summons his broom. He flies towards him and tackles him and throws him onto the ground. Luigi gets back on his feet and uses Electroshock. Kamek avoids it but hits the castle in the process. Meanwhile Kamella has B. Ghost cornered and she uses Triple Fireball. B. Ghost gets hit by two and explodes again. Luigi sees this and slams right into Kamella. B. Ghost jumps onto Luigi and jumps off. B. Ghost is above Kamella and Pile Drives her. Kamek comes to his senses and uses "Crystal" on the unsuspecting B. Ghost. B. Ghost gets impaled and he faints. Kamek starts laughing. Luigi quickly uses Super Jump and uses Flame Tornado in the air. He slams into Kamek and he hits the wall but teleports to help Kamella. Luigi eats a normal Mushroom. Luigi + 10 HP. He goes over to the impaled B. Ghost and takes the crystals off him.

B. Ghost: Luigi… you have to… defeat them… now!

Luigi: I need an explanation and I can't have it if you die permanently.

B. Ghost: I… have survived worse. Here…

He hands him a Fire Flower. Luigi turns into Fire Luigi. His attack goes up. Luigi runs towards the wizard couple. They use Geometric Barrage. Luigi however retaliates with Fireball Carnage. The fireballs go through the geometric shapes and hit Kamek and Kamella. Kamek almost faints but Kamella hands him a Mushroom. Kamek + 10 HP. Luigi however does not let up and jump-kicks both of them. They both fall on the floor. Luigi grabs Kamella and swings her around. He lets go and she collides with Kamek. They both get launched towards the pit and they fall down into the abyss. Luigi looks over and sees nothing.

Battle Over! Luigi wins!

Luigi sees the top half of a key where Kamella collided with Kamek. He walks over there and picks it up. He dashes to where B. Ghost is. He helps him up.

B. Ghost: Thanks, Luigi.

Luigi: Bouldergeist's Ghost, tell us: Why are you at war with King Boo to begin with?

B. Ghost: All right, it all has to do with land. You see, Ghostly Galaxy was never mine to begin with. When Bowser got a hold of the Stars he told us to find a galaxy we like and take it over. King Boo somehow had Ghostly Galaxy. I went over with a lot of troops and easily kicked him out. He swore revenge on me.

Luigi: Well, why are you fighting Kamek and Kamella if you work for Bowser?

B. Ghost: After my defeat by you guys he fired me. However my Bomb Boos were loyal to me and I still own Ghostly Galaxy. Luigi, please go defeat King Boo for me. I am far too weak. Take this.

He hands him the bottom half of the key.

B. Ghost: End this war and defeat King Boo for my right to keep Ghostly Galaxy.

Luigi: No! I am here to defeat King Boo to get Daisy back.

B. Ghost: I don't care! Just defeat that moronic monarch! Be careful, Luigi. With that staircase-like bridge gone you'll have to enter the castle to get to the top. DAD only knows what lurks inside that castle.

Luigi nods and looks at his team.

Luigi: Come on, team. Let's-a go!

From this point everything is the same regardless…

The key halves join together and Luigi walks to the main entrance. He puts the key in and opens the door. Luigi and Co. enter.

What will happen to Luigi and Co? What lurks through the dark halls of King Boo's castle? Can Luigi get Daisy back? You don't want to miss the thrilling conclusion to Luigi's Big Boo Adventure!

Read on!

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