The Dark Prognosticus, Chapter 6: Luigi's Big Boo Adventure

By Dimentio

Chapter 18: Conquering King Boo's Castle

Luigi and Co. are at the bottom floor of the 20-story castle. Luigi, with flashlight in hand, leads his team. Toad breaks the silence.

Toad: Where do we go?

Luigi was preoccupied with thinking about getting Daisy back, and isn’t sure. The castle is pitch black and Luigi doesn't want to split up. Luigi thinks for a minute.

Luigi: We will just have to explore this castle until we find a way up.

The team nod their heads and continue going down a hall.

Meanwhile with King Boo, h is looking through a crystal ball and sees Luigi and Co. are in his castle. A Boo approaches him.

Boo: Master, aren't you afraid that Luigi will stop you?

King Boo: *laugh from Luigi's Mansion* No. I am not. There is no way Luigi can get up here without going through the four guards. I trust them to deal with Luigi. However, I will watch their progress.

The Boo leaves and King Boo continues looking through the crystal ball. Luigi and Co. have arrived at the end of the hallway and have made it to the foyer of the castle. Luigi sees a staircase that leads to the second door and two doors to the side of the staircase. Luigi decides to go up. Luigi opens the door and finds another hallway. At the end there are 3 doors: one in front of him but locked, one left of him but locked, and one right of him and unlocked. Luigi opens that door and sees a library. He starts looking around and suddenly- Bam! A book hits the back of Luigi's head. Luigi hears a chair rocking back and forth and points the flashlight in that direction. He sees a shadow but no one is in the chair. Luigi takes out the Poltergeist 3000 and heads towards it.

???: *yawn…* Well Luigi, you 'ave returned, eh?

Luigi lets out a little scream and sees Neville, the bookish father.

Neville: Tough luck, chap. If you want to get to King Boo you'll have to defeat his trusted enemies, what what. Think you can handle it?

Luigi: I am not afraid.

Neville: Well I am not gonna put up much o' a fight for I got some reading to do, eh? Let’s get this over with.

Neville's eye turns light green and the books in the library start to shake. They head towards Luigi and Co. Luigi sucks some of them up but a few hit him. Mario does a Flame Tornado and manages to burn quite a few. Toad activates his force field and dodges all the books. Bowser Jr. gets inside his shell and dodges damage like this. Kirby just inhales all the books that come towards him. Junior just stands still and his massive girth deflects the books. Eventually all the books have been dealt with.

Neville: Now isn't that a bit of bad luck? Ya-

Luigi starts sucking him up as soon as he yawns. Neville struggles a bit but gets captured. A key appears in the middle of the room. Luigi picks it up and heads out the door. Luigi goes and unlocks the door to the left. He enters and sees the Twin's Room. Luigi and Co. enter. The room is a bit bigger with a lot more toys. Toad decides it would be a smart idea and gets a burlap bag. He starts stuffing in as many toys as he can. Just then they hear a voice.

???: Hey, what do you think you are doing with our toys?!

Toad looks and gets squished by a large toy truck. Luigi sees Henry and Orville, the Twin Bros.

Luigi: What do you guys-a want?

Henry: We just wanted to play hide and seek with someone.

Orville: Hey, you guys want to play with us?

Luigi: I have no time-

Henry and Orville: *in demonic voice* Play or die!

Luigi: Okay!

Orville: Good. Go outside and we will call you when you can come in.

Luigi and Co. go outside. Henry calls them back in 20 seconds later. They go inside and see about 20 different boxes.

Luigi: @%&$!

Luigi takes out his Poltergeist 3000 and starts sucking up the boxes. However none of them shake. Luigi guesses and picks boxes 4 and 15. The Twins come out of boxes 2 and 7. They laugh and Luigi has to try again. After losing 50 times, when Luigi comes back into the room the members see Luigi is completely red. He lets out a scream and throws lightning all over the floor. The Twins jump out of their boxes in fear. However their fear quickly turns to anger.

Henry: Hey, you cheated… again!

Orville: Learn to play far!

Henry takes out his car and Orville takes out his plane. Luigi however grabs the car and throws it (with Henry still on it) at the plane. They both collide and explode. Henry and Orville are dizzy and Luigi quickly sucks them both up. 2 keys appear in the room. Luigi grabs both and they go out the door. Luigi puts the key in the middle door back at the earlier fork, and they go in. After 20 minutes of walking through the castle, they make it to the 5th floor. They see a staircase that leads to the door to the 6th floor, but it is locked. When Luigi and Co. get near, it grows bigger and the door starts to glow a white-gray color. Luigi sees the top half of the key turn into the shape of a heart. Luigi puts in the key and the door opens. Luigi and Co. are about to go in when the door slams on them. Luigi can then hear a voice.

???: Only three are allowed to go through this door.

Luigi looks at his team and picks Mario and Junior. They go inside and the others stay. When the door closes out of nowhere Dry Koopatrols fall down to where the rest of the party members are.

Pichu: Is this bad?

Inside the door there is a Rec Room. Luigi’s flashlight suddenly goes off. They can barely see. Mario then sees the barbells going up and down. Luigi notices it too and to his horror it gets set on the floor. They then see Biff Atlas.

Biff Atlas: Hello weaklings. How would you like to become my punching bags? Because it appears, hehehe, I don't have any.

Luigi screams like a little girl.

Luigi: We can't defeat him without punching bags!

Mario: Is this bad?

Junior: I'm huuuuuungry.

Luigi gets angry at Junior and hits him. Biff Atlas laughs at them. He starts heading towards him. Luigi runs around like a scared little girl. Mario runs and jumps to avoid Biff Atlas's punches. Junior reaches into his lard of fat and takes out a hamburger. Biff Atlas decides to Falcon Punch Junior. He hits his stomach… and his hand gets stuck. He tries to pull it out but he still can't. Luigi and Mario start throwing fireballs but they go through him and hit Junior instead.

Junior: AUGH!

He catches on fire and starts running around like a headless chicken, taking Biff Atlas with him. He runs into many things and eventually explodes. This hurts Biff Atlas but it doesn't expose his heart. He starts punching like crazy. Mario and Luigi dodge his attacks but Mario trips on a barbell. Biff Atlas hits him and Mario gets launched and collides with Luigi. Biff Atlas goes to the downed Mario Bros. and starts beating the living daylights out of them. Suddenly…

Junior: Junior Puuunch!

Biff Atlas collides with the wall and gets knocked out. His heart is exposed and Luigi starts sucking him up. However while being sucked up Biff comes to his senses and starts pulling away as well as swinging his arms. Mario gets out of Luigi's way but not Junior. Biff punches Junior while being sucked up. Biff quickly starts to shake off Luigi and eventually gets freed from his grasp. Luigi topples over. Biff summons Blue Twirlers to help him in battle. 5 Blue Twirlers head towards the group. Luigi puts a green fireball inside the Poltergeist and starts throwing fire towards the Blue Twirlers. They get hit but still approach them. They pound the ground and Luigi and Mario get hurt by the earthquake. Junior wakes up and sees Biff approaching him. Biff uppercuts Junior and he goes up 10 feet. When he lands he produces an earthquake and Mario and Luigi get bounced into the air. They land right on Biff and he gets knocked out again. Luigi starts sucking him up and he pulls. Biff goes scrambling and Mario uses Flame Tornado on the Blue Twirlers. They die and Biff escapes the vacuum's pull. Biff summons Grabber Ghost. Biff then grabs Junior and throws him like a bowling ball at Mario and Luigi. They jump it and Mario uses Mario Finale on the Grabber Ghosts. They die but Biff starts Volcan Jabbing in all direction. Mario and Luigi are getting pounded from all over. They grab each other’s hands and use Flame Bros. They start spinning around really fast. As soon as they get enough speed they use Flame Tornado and are engulfed in their respective color of fire. The fires wrap around each other and they slam into Biff. He hits another wall and faints. Luigi then completely sucks him up. Biff leaves a key and the rest of the party members crash through the door.

Luigi: Woah, what happened to you guys?

Bowser Jr: My aching shell.

Mario: Come on-a, get up.

The members get up and they leave the Rec Room. They continue on and go up more staircases and halls. Luigi looks and sees another 3-door hallway, but all the doors are locked. Luigi unlocks the one to the left. Luigi and Co. enter the room and see it is darker than ever! There also seems to be many mirrors in the room. They start to hear moaning and wails. Luigi starts shaking like a leaf on a cold autumn day. Hey, my first simile! Luigi shines his flashlight in all directions but can't seem to find the source. For a moment the moaning stops and Luigi hears a voice.

???: You dare show your face again? This time I'll put up a fight!

Luigi looks and sees Uncle Grimmly, Hermit of Darkness.

Uncle Grimmly: That there fellow King Boo is a nice chap. I can't let you get to 'im.

Uncle Grimmly disappears. Once he reappears the mirrors reflect his image and there are dozens of him. Luigi lets out a little yelp.

Grimmly: Now green bean, here is a little something I learned from Sir Weston.

Grimmly charges a white sphere in his hand and fires out ice. The mirrors imitate and they start firing ice towards Luigi and Co. Luigi and Mario do Flame Bros. and repel the ice. Toad hides behind Junior as well as do Kirby, Bowser Jr, and Pichu. Junior can't get frozen due to his body heat. Grimmly sees they avoided damage from his attack.

Grimmly: When you first met me, Luigi old bean, I could barely scare. Now I am a fully loaded scaring machine.

Grimmy's eyes turn blood red and he suddenly grows fangs. Luigi lets out a little scream. He starts roaring and all the mirrors do the same. The soundwaves are pushing Luigi and Mario out of the room. Mario grabs Luigi and they do Swing Bros. Luigi hits Grimmly but it turns out to be a mirror. All the Grimmlys start to laugh.

Grimmly: Which one is me? You'll never know!

Luigi however already knows what to do. He gets out a gallon of soda from Toad's pockets. Wow, that little guy sure loves his soda. He makes Junior drink all of it, and with the help of Mario starts shaking him up. Junior starts to shake and pretty soon-

BUUUUUURP! All the mirrors break and Grimmly is exposed.

Grimmly: My mirrors how cou-

Luigi shines his flashlight and Grimmly gets stunned. Luigi starts sucking him up and eventually sucks him up completely. A key appears. Luigi grabs it and heads out the door. He unlocks the right door and goes in. He then hears someone playing billiards. Luigi looks and sees a billiards stick floating in midair.

???: So Luigi, youse returns, huh?

Luigi sees that it is Slim Bankshot, the Lonely Poolshark.

Slim: King Boo was kind enough to release me, see. So I am going to return the favor by gettin' rid of youse.

Slim then smacks Luigi with his pool stick. Luigi topples over and collides with his team. Slim starts to swing his pool stick like a light saber.

Slim: Let me show youse what a pool shark can really do, huh.

He goes for Luigi's legs but Luigi jumps over the stick. Slim goes up to the table and shoots 5 billiard balls toward Luigi. Luigi ducks but one hits the wall and bounces back into Luigi's bottom. Luigi lets out a cry of pain. He walks up to the pool table and grabs a pool stick. He holds it like a sword. Slim has a smile on his face.

Slim: En guarde!

They start having a, well, pool stick fight. They also have to occasionally swat away any billiard balls that head their way. Mario and the other members have already sat down and are eating any snacks provided by Junior. Pichu, however, is filming the fight.

Pichu: Thanks to modern technology I can make the pool sticks look like lightsabers.

Luigi quickly swats a billiard ball away but that leaves an opening and Slim takes the chance. Slim pins him down with his pool stick.

Slim: Join me, Luigi!

Luigi: Oh no! I know where this is going.

Slim: No, I am your father!

Luigi: I knew it! This is stupid!

Slim: Join me, and together we can rule as father and son!

Luigi: This is getting ridiculous so I'm ending it-a.

He hits a billiards ball towards Slim and it hits him in the face. Luigi then begins to keep hitting him with the pool stick. Slim quickly puts up his pool stick in defense but Luigi breaks through it. Slim has shocked expression on his face.

Slim: Youse broke my favorite personal pool stick. Oh, remember back in the war days, how I got this pool stick. It all happened in…

Luigi has heard enough and starts sucking him up. Without his pool stick Slim doesn't even fight back and so gets captured easily. Two keys appear on the pool table. Luigi grabs them both and heads out the door. Luigi opens the front door back at the fork and they go in. They see a spiral staircase and lots of ghost bats on them. Luigi starts sucking them up while going up the stairs. Eventually they reach the top of the staircase and see another huge door glowing white-gray colors. Luigi opens the door. Again a voice is heard.

???: Only three are allowed to enter here.

Toad: Works for me!

Without Luigi reacting, Toad, Bowser Jr, and Pichu go inside the room. Kirby tries to go in but the door slams in his face.

Kirby: Wait! Don't leave me out here!

Luigi: They'll be fine-a. I am still-a tired from that Biff fight.

On cue an armada of Luigi's Mansion ghosts appear.

Luigi: Oh come on!

Toad sees they are in some sort of Clock Room. He sees a lot of valuable clocks, so…

Bowser Jr: Toad, put those clocks back!

Pichu: This is boring. Oh, shiny!

Pichu goes up to a clock that resembles King Boo, and touches it. It starts playing the Luigi's Mansion song. They then hear something winding.

???: Halt! Who-

???: Dares-

???: Come-

???: Here?

Toad and Co. turn around and see the Clockwork Soldiers, the Toy Platoon. They walk towards them holding violin cases.

Red: You-

Green: Aren't-

Blue: Welcomed-

Clockwork Soldiers: Here!

Toad: Yeah, well, you stink! Haha, me one, you zero!

Red: Prepare-

Blue: For total-

Blue: Destruction!

They open up the cases and take out Mini-Bill Blasters.

Pichu: Hey, those are some nice prop guns!

They open fire on Toad. Toad closes his eyes. He feels the Bullets hitting him but they don't go through him. He ducks behind a table and picks up one of the Mini-Bullet Bills.

Toad: These Bullet Bills are made out of cork! However they still hurt me. Owie.

Bowser Jr: I'll take care of these guys no problem..

Bowser Jr. transforms into Shadow Mario. S.M. jumps acrobatically from one wall to other chairs and other objects. The Clockwork Soldiers try to shoot him but they keep missing. S.M. starts to throw fire goop from his brush onto the Soldiers. However they are not affected and Red gets a shot at S.M. He turns back into Bowser Jr. and ducks behind the table.

Bowser Jr: Okay, I can't handle it.

Toad: Hmm, what was the Clockwork Soldiers' weakness again?

Pichu: I think I know.

He opens up his backpack and starts looking through it. He finds a tape and put it inside the camera. On the small screen it shows Luigi fighting the Clockwork Soldiers and it shows that by sucking up their wind up keys they become vulnerable.

Bowser Jr: How did you get this?

Pichu: I was the cameraman for every game after I arrived, remember?

Toad looks at the table where they are hiding and sees that it is starting to break apart.

Toad: Well let’s hurry up and defeat them, guys!

Bowser Jr. transforms back into S.M. Toad runs out and distracts two of the Soldiers while Pichu distracts the other. S.M. jumps behind them and does Mario Tornado. The wind up keys spin really fast and eventually they fall of and the Soldiers are vulnerable. Toad quickly uses PK Startstorm. All the soldiers take heavy damage. However that is the only damage they take as they quickly get new wind up keys and start to open fire again. Toad quickly ducks behind a chair but Red gets out a grenade and throws it at the chair. It makes a small explosion but it is enough to break the chair. Toad runs away screaming. Pichu is running and accidentally trips on Toad. They both fall in a heap and Red is coming with another grenade. S.M. however long jumps towards Red and does another Mario Tornado. The wind up key falls off and the grenade explodes in his hand, also hurting his heart. S.M. defeats him with a paint smack that left fire goop on his heart. Red explodes and the other Clockwork Soldiers get very upset. Green gets out a rocket launcher and aims at S.M. He backflips to try to avoid the rocket but hits a wall and then gets hit by the rocket. He reverts back to Bowser Jr. Green fires another one but Pichu uses Electroshock and destroys the rocket. He jumps behind Green and starts to pull his wind up key. Green tries to shake him off but Pichu holds on firmly. Pichu bites the key out and Green becomes vulnerable. Pichu jumps up into the air and uses…

Pichu: Eat unbreakable camera!

He hits his heart and actually knocks it off! Green explodes and Blue gets awfully mad. Blue takes out a bazooka! He puts in a real Bob-omb and aims at Pichu. He fires but Toad jumps in the way and uses Force Field. BOOM! Toad's shield holds up until he lets go. Blue puts in another Bob-omb and fires. This time it lands behind them and the blast gets them. They hit the wall and fall down. Bowser Jr. rushes towards them and helps them up. Blue loads again. Toad, Pichu, and Bowser Jr. start running around in different direction. He keeps firing but keeps missing. Toad isn't looking where he is running and runs into a table. The table shakes hard and the clock on the top flies into the air. It flies right into the mouth of the bazooka, which was just fired. BOOM! The bazooka explodes due to it being clogged, and the blast knocs the wind up key off Blue. With Blue now vulnerable, Toad takes a shot with his Star Ray. He fires and it goes right through Blue's heart. He wails before disassembling. All the clocks start ringing and from out of the biggest pops a key. Toad grabs it and puts it on his shirt. Just then Luigi and Co. crash through the wall. Luigi gets up in a lot of pain.

Pichu: You guys okay?

Luigi: Of course. Come on, we-a have to keep going.

They help the others up and continue on. Kirby however stops and Luigi notices that. He walks over to Kirby.

Luigi: Everything okay-a, Kirby?

Kirby: Does that look like an elevator?

Luigi looks at the toy house where the soldiers were. A little platform is at the entrance. Luigi suddenly remembers when he first met the Clockwork Soldiers.

Luigi: Come on, everyone, Kirby found a faster way to get to the top.

Luigi, Mario, and Toad get on first, then Kirby, Pichu, and Bowser Jr. Finally Junior gets on. They all take the elevator up. Luigi goes to a nearby window and then comes back to his party members.

Luigi: It-a seems we are on the 17th floor. We are getting close.

Mario: Well-a then, no time to lose. Everybody let’s-a go!

Luigi and Co. keep going through hallways and such. Eventually they reach a part of the castle that takes them to the 18th floor. Luigi walks toward the staircase but suddenly…

CRASH! The chandelier falls on Luigi. They suddenly hear a baby laughing, and the chandelier goes back on the roof. Mario goes over to Luigi and helps him up.

Mario: You okay-a, Brother?

Luigi: Yeah, I am-a all right.

Bowser Jr: Well you should eat this anyway, Luigi.

He hands him a Yoshi Cookie. Luigi + 15 HP + 15 FP. Luigi and Co. go up the staircase and Luigi puts the key in the keyhole. Luigi opens the door and they go inside. They see yet another hallway but this one is way more strange. The front door is partly frozen and a cold mist is seeping from the door. From the right door Luigi and Co. can hear a piano playing. Finally through the left door they can hear murmuring sounds. Luigi opens up the door to the left and they go in. Luigi sees that the room is actually a nursery. While Luigi us looking around Junior spots a rocking horse. He waddles towards it and gets on. He starts rocking on it, which catches Luigi's attention. Luigi then hears murmuring behind him and turns around and ses something moving in the crib. Luigi looks in Junior's direction and to his horror the rocking horse is starting to brake.

Luigi: Junior, noooooooooooo-

Junior: Wheee! This is f- CRACK! Augh! Oof!

Junior's massive girth has destroyed the rocking chair. Luigi shines his flashlight towards the crib and sees Chauncey, the Spoiled Baby. Chauncey goes towards the remains of his rocking chair.

Chauncey: *in demonic voice* WHO DID THIS?!

Luigi and Co: He did!

They point at Junior. Chauncey looks at Junior, who is just staring at the remains of the horse. Suddenly Chauncey's eyes turn red and he gets a red aura around him. Luigi and Co. back away slowly. Chauncey's fist suddenly gets engulfed by flames and he starts to scream.

Chauncey: Wah! Wah! Wah! You destroyed my rocking chair! Goo goo gah goo! You… die… NOW!

He goes up to Junior and-

The Dark Prognosticus will now sensor the following scenes as they are too violent and horrible. We are blocking this for the sake of all small children.

Dimentio: Oh boy! I’d hate to be Junior at that moment!

Tourist: Come on, read on!

Dimentio: Okay, it’s over, like a war after one side has finally beaten the enemy.

We now go back to our scheduled reading. We see Junior's corpse go through the castle wall and he falls into the pit. Chauncey then looks at the others.

Chauncey: Gah goo gah goo goo next!

Luigi and the others scream. Chauncey shakes his rattle and another rocking horse flies over to Chauncey. He gets on it and starts flying around the room. He shakes his rattle and fires fireballs toward Luigi and Co. Chauncey shakes his rattle again and sends his teddy bears towards the group. Luigi however turns around and sucks them up with the Poltergeist 3000. This gets Chauncey even more mad, and he shakes his rattle again. Giant bouncing balls start falling towards them. Bowser Jr. gets in his shell and starts spinning around. All the balls that head towards them get deflated by Bowser Jr. Luigi however only sees one ball left and sucks it up. He aims toward Chauncey, who is busy pouting over the deflated balls. Luigi fires and Chauncey gets hit clean in the face. Chauncey falls from his rocking chair and lands face-first. Luigi pulls out the mighty Poltergeist 3000 and starts sucking him up. Chauncey starts floating around everywhere, dragging Luigi with him. Luigi eventually lets go. Chauncey starts crying out. His fists get engulfed in flames again and he starts to float towards Luigi and Co. Mario gets in front of his gang and his fists catch on fire too.

Mario: Bring it on!

The following is once again being blocked for the sake of small children everywhere.

After the fight. Luigi and Co. look out through the Mario-shaped hole in the wall and see his corpse fall all the way down. Luigi looks at Chauncey, who is just laughing. He turns the vacuum on and tires to suck him up. Chauncey holds on to his horse and starts shooting out fireballs from his rattle. Luigi sucks them up and starts shooting out fireballs from his Poltergeist. Chauncey retaliates with his own but Luigi's are bigger and more powerful. The horse catches on fire and Chauncey looks at it burn. He starts crying but is cut short as Luigi sucks him up. A key appears on Chauncey's crib. Just as they are about to leave the room, they hear a propeller. They look at the hole in the room and see Junior and a weak but revived Mario.

Luigi: Mario, you are alive-a!

Mario: Thanks to-a Junior. But come on-a, Luigi, you have to-a save Daisy.

Luigi: Right, let’s-a hurry!

Junior: What, don't I even get a thank you?

Mario: Thank you, now lets-a go!

They head out the door and enter the room to the right of the hallway. They see the room is a Conservatory. Luigi sees a whole bunch of instruments. Luigi thinks about who is in the room.

Luigi: Everybody, grab an instrument and follow my lead!

Luigi and Co grab some instruments and start playing Gusty Garden Galaxy. Soon enough the piano starts playing with them and everyone stops. Luigi shines his flashlight and sees Melody Pianissima, the Beautiful Pianist.

Melody: I see that your musical talent hasn't died, Luigi. Everyone, would you like to listen to my sonata?

Luigi and Co. nod.

Melody: All right, chaps, here I go!

Melody starts playing the following song.

Melody: By the way that song appeared in Super Mario Galaxy. Do you know the name of that song?

A) The Comet Observatory
B) Gusty Garden Galaxy
C) Rosalina's Song

Luigi: Uh… The Comet Observatory?

Melody: (banging the piano) No! No, no, no, no, NO! It's Rosalina's Song! It plays when you get all 120 Stars and view the end credits. Err… Never have I been so wronged! How could you not know such a beautiful song?!

Luigi: Woah, j-j-just take it easy, Melody…

Melody: That's it, Luigi! You will pay for insulting my beautiful sonata! Attack, my pet!

Suddenly the lid of the piano grows teeth and forms a drooling tongue! Melody floats above her demonic piano. A storm builds up inside the room. She has wild hair now along with a pair of red eyes, and is cackling evilly. A tornado of music sheets has surrounded her. A puddle forms around Luigi and Co.

Luigi: Mommy… Uh, we need new pants.

Melody: Ugh, gross! Go get yourselves clean and then I can enact my revenge.

One quick change later…

Melody: Now… ahem. Ah ha ha ha ha! Get them, my lovely pet!

The piano starts walking towards the group.

Toad: Good piano… Nice piano… Run for your lives!

The group start scrambling in random directions while the piano tries to bite them. Melody starts laughing at the site.

Melody: Can you fight my lovely music sheets as well?

Melody then divebombs towards Luigi. Luigi quickly ducks and Melody misses. Her back turned, Luigi pulls out the Poltergeist and starts it up. However the vacuum's sucking power just makes the tornado spin faster.

Melody: Your mere housecleaning device is no match for my power! Ahaha!

Luigi hears the piano is getting closer to him, so he runs. The piano starts to roar and everybody falls down from the noise. Pichu goes over to Luigi.

Pichu: Why haven't you sucked up Melody?

Luigi: Her tornado prevents the Poltergeist from working. What can I do?

Pichu: Well did you try to blow her tornado away?

Luigi: Pichu, you're a-

CRUNCH! Luigi looks and sees Junior getting mauled by the piano. Junior starts screaming and the others try to help him out. However Melody goes over there and sends some of her music sheets toward the group. They get hit and let go of Junior, who is still getting mauled. Luigi puts the Poltergeist on reverse and shoots out a lot of air towards the distracted Melody. Her tornado disassembles and she scurries to try to make the tornado again. However Luigi shines his flashlight and she gets stunned. Luigi puts it back to suck and, well, you know. She starts dragging him but Luigi stands his ground and tugs on her. The piano sees its mistress is in trouble and spits out Junior. Junior falls on the other party members. The piano rushes over to Luigi, who is still busy sucking up Melody. Luigi almost sucks her up completely but suddenly…


Luigi: Yeowwwwww! GET THE @&%$ OFF ME!!!

The piano has bitten Luigi's bottom and is currently shaking him like a rag doll. Melody develops her tornado again. Mario and the others try to make the piano let go of Luigi but to no avail, he is still shaking him. Melody laughs and puts her hand up, and the piano stops.

Melody: Any final words, Luigi, before I command my cute little pet to devour you alive?

Luigi: (dizzy) Make the roller coaster stop.

Melody is about to give the order when Toad suddenly remembers something…

Toad: PK Startstorm!

The meteorites crash through the ceiling and into the castle. Meanwhile with King Boo…

King Boo: This potion will give me 5,000 HP! Now I can't lose!

He drinks it. King Boo= 5,000 HP! Suddenly the roof lands on him. King Boo - 1,000 HP!

King Boo: Ow! What the?!

He sees the meteorites falling and they hit him. King Boo - 1,000 HP!

King Boo: Not enough strength to curse… Ugh.

Now at the Conservatory…

The meteorites head towards the piano. Melody sees her piano get crushed underneath all the meteorites. Once they disappear all they see is some pieces of wood, some piano wires, and some piano keys. Melody breaks out in tears. Luigi decides to end her misery and sucks her up. Where the piano once stood, two keys pop out. Luigi grabs them and they head towards the door. Once in the hallway, Toad stops everyone.

Toad: Hold on, you guys. Group Recovery!

Luigi and Co. + 30 HP!

Luigi: Thanks Toad. Come on-a everybody. Time is-a wasting.

Luigi opens the somewhat frozen door and they go inside. As soon as Luigi steps through the door he slips and falls. Mario goes to help him up but falls down as well. The gang look and see the hallway they are in is completely frozen. Luigi and the others walk carefully across the hallway. Eventually they see another big door glowing. Luigi puts in the keys. Luigi now must decide who gets to go with him.

Kirby: I want to go. I haven't fought any ghost guardians.

Luigi: Okay, you and Pichu since he is a newbie.

Pichu: Okay.

Mario: Okay, good-a luck you guys.

Luigi and his group enter the door. As soon as the door closes an army of Dry Koopatrols and Luigi's Mansion ghosts (with the elements protecting their heart) appear.

Junior: Why do you hate us, DAD?!

Luigi sees the room is the Cold Storage. He start shivering and so do Kirby and Pichu. Kirby turns into Fire Kirby, and with his head a torch Luigi and Pichu warm up. However they see there are icicle spikes hanging on the roof. The heat makes them fall from the roof and they have to dodge to keep from getting impaled. Kirby slips and slides towards the corner. His torch lights two campfires that are there.

???: HOT! Who dares make it HOT in MY room?!

Luigi shines his flashlight and sees Sir Weston, the Chilly Climber. Kirby gets back on his feet and goes towards Luigi.

Weston: You dare make the same mistake TWICE, Luigi?! King Boo assigned me not to let you past, and that is exactly what I am going to do. For freeing me, I will present King Boo with a Luigi-cicle!

Weston encases himself in a block of ice and starts sending ice stalagmites toward Luigi and the group. Luigi jumps them only to get stabbed by an icicle spike from the roof. Pichu get hit by the stalagmites as he can't run well on the ice. Kirby starts breathing fire towards Sir Weston. His ice blocks is starting to melt and Weston shoots out a beam of ice. However his Ice Beam is no match for Kirby's fire, and the block continues to melt. Weston decides to cheat and as soon as the ice breaks Weston tackles Kirby. Kirby hits the wall and struggles a bit to get off. Weston goes up to the roof and grabs an icicle. He ais at Kirby but Pichu quickly jumps up and grabs on to Weston's face. He stars shaking and screaming words not fit for print. He is about to stab Pichu instead but Pichu emits a quick bolt of electricity. Weston lets go of the icicle. Luigi recovers from being impaled and sees Weston in pain. Luigi whips out the Poltergeist but can't suck him up. Weston sees this and just laughs at his pathetic attempt. Luigi however sucks up the icicle and it gets stuck on the nozzle. Luigi puts the vacuum on reverse and- SWOOSH! SHANK! Weston gets impaled by the icicle and he floats down trying to get the spike off. Luigi puts the vacuum back on suck and sees Weston is vulnerable. Luigi starts sucking up the defenseless climber. Weston is dragging Luigi behind him as the ice floor gives Luigi almost no traction. Luigi strais to keep on sucking Sir Weston but has to also watch out for icicles falling from the ceiling. Pichu goes over to Kirby and helps him up. They both see Weston break free from the Poltergeist's grasp. He encases himself again and starts summoning ice stalagmites. Luigi however wants to get Daisy back and is really angry that so many ghosts are getting in his way. Luigi uses Fire Tornado and goes right through the stalagmites and crashes into the block of ice, severely weakening it. However his anger causes him to make a mistake and as soon as the fire tornado disappears Weston shoots him with a beam of ice. Luigi is frozen solid and the group come to Luigi's aid. Kirby start to defrost Luigi. Pichu uses Agility and dodges the ice stalagmites like they are nothing. As soon as he gets close Pichu jumps and gets out his unbreakable camera. CRASH! He breaks the ice block. Weston starts to throw icicles at Pichu but he is just too quick. Kirby frees Luigi from the ice and hands him a hamburger. Luigi + 20 HP. Luigi sucks up one of the icicle spikes stuck on the ground. It gets stuck in the nozzle and Luigi aims at Weston, who has Pichu cornered. Luigi fires and impales him. Sir Weston struggles to get the icicle out and Luigi starts sucking him up. Again the little traction keeps Luigi from sucking him up completely. Sir Weston escapes and an icicle falls on Luigi. Sir Weston is about to encase himself with ice when…

Kirby: Blast Furnace!

He shoots a huge ball of fire towards Sir Weston. He quickly dodges it but the blast melts a lot of the ice. The icicles start falling more frequently. He encases himself in ice but the heatwaves from the attacks are slowly melting the ice. He charges his ice beam and starts shooting all over the place. Luigi gets up and uses Fire Uppercut on the weakened ice. It instantly breaks but Weston starts throwing icicles everywhere. Pichu puts up his camera as a shield and Kirby turns into Rock Kirby. Luigi however gets out the Poltergeist and sucks up most of the icicles. He shoots out all the icicles and impales Sir Weston. He starts to moan but Luigi doesn't have the stomach to hear it so he sucks him up completely. On cue the other members crash through the wall and the enemies follow.

Luigi: Run!

They go through the door at the corner of the Cold Storage. Luigi and Co. run down some hallways and up a few stairs. Eventually they reach the final room in the castle. Luigi sees it is unlocked and they go right in. The group sees it is an Artist's Studio. Luigi knows who is in this room.

???: So you 'ave come to zee my lovely creations, non?

Luigi: I have no time for this, Vincent van Gogh!

???: That's Vincent van Gore, you iziot!

Luigi shines his flashlight and does see Vincent van Gore, the Starving Ghost. Vincent looks at Luigi angrily.

Vincent: Last time, Luigi, you 'ave failed to zee the life I give to my creations. This time you vill truly appreciate ze life I give to my creations! Now, my beautiful works of art, destroy Luigi!

He swings his brush and 10 canvases come out with the following ghosts: Gold Ghosts, Temper Terror, Purple Puncher, Flash, Blue Twirler, Blue Blaze, Bowling Ghost, Grabber Ghost, Purple Bomber, and Mr. Bones. Luigi has a terrified look on his face.

Vincent: Now, moi creations, I order you… Come to life!

The canvases shake and the ghosts come out. Luigi pulls out the Poltergeist.

Luigi: I will-a save you, Daisy. Team, let’s-a get them!

Co: Yeah!

Luigi shines his flashlight and almost all the ghosts get stunned. Luigi effortlessly sucks them all up. However more ghosts come out of the canvases!

Vincent: Oh ho ho! Luigi, zis time moi art can never die!

Junior eats a salami sandwich and becomes Junior Man! He starts pummeling all the ghosts but more come out. Kirby turns into Cook Kirby. He gets all the ghosts in the pot but once again more ghosts come out of the canvases. Eventually the ghosts overfill the room and start beating the life of the heroes. Mario's eyes turn yellow and he unleashes his Final Smash. A lot of the ghosts die and the fire spreads toward the canvases. They catch on fire and Vincent starts panicking.

Vincent: Moi art! Oh, got to repaint it!

He gets a new canvass and starts painting a Gold Ghost. While he is panicking he is vulnerable but Luigi is still struggling with the minor ghosts. Van Gore finishes the painting and puts it on a tripod. Luigi activates his Negative Zone and all the ghosts get confused. They start attacking each other and Luigi rushes to meet with the others.

Luigi: You guys have to destroy his canvases in order to expose his heart.

Co: Right!

Toad: I'll get to it! PK Starstorm!

The meteorites destroy most of the canvases and all the ghosts! Vincent screams. He gets out 7 canvases and starts painting madly. Luigi however jumps towards him and starts sucking him up. Vincent has a weak pull and Luigi is tugging with all his strength. The others defeat any ghosts who try to help their master. Luigi almost sucks him up but trips on a canvas and lets go. Vincent's eyes turn blood red and he gets a golden aura around him. All the canvases start to glow as well and new canvases are made. All the ghosts come out with the same aura.

Vincent: I give power to moi creations. Now zey vill kill you! Au revoir!

All the ghosts are now faster and stronger. Luigi tries to shine his flashlight but a Purple Puncher hits him and Luigi drops the flashlight. A Blue Twirler destroys the flashlight. The group get cornered and all the ghosts start to giggle. Pichu then steps forward and his eyes start to glow yellow. The ghosts have a puzzled look on their face.

Pichu: Pi-freaking-chu!

He uses Volt Tackle! He wraps around a yellow ball and goes berserk! All the ghosts flee but they all eventually get killed. Pichu stops and faints. Kirby picks him up and goes to revive him. The others take advantage of the situation. Bowser Jr. however goes up to Vincent van Gore. He takes out his paintbrush.

Vincent: Oh, you vant to fight me, you little novice?

Bowser Jr: I am no novice. I can beat you.

Venice: Dreams vill get you nowhere, so en guarde!

Vincent draws his paintbrush and they start fighting. Mario and Luigi use Flame Tornado and destroy most of the canvases. Toad defeats all the ghosts with some trouble. Kirby revives Pichu with a 1-Up. The gang watch the sword-like fight. Bowser Jr. does an offensive move but Vincent blocks it. He sees an opening and trips Bowser Jr. Vincent is about to smack him but Bowser Jr. quickly gets on his feet and backflips. He jumps back towards him and they continue fighting. Vincent swings his brush vertically but Bowser Jr. blocks it. Bowser Jr. jumps out and tries to slam his brush on him horizontally but Vincent blocks it as well. Bowser Jr. lunges towards him but Vincent is prepared. He swings his brush around in a circle and smacks Bowser Jr. in the process. He falls down and drops his brush. Vincent puts his paintbrush on his throat. The tip suddenly has a knife. Vincent laughs at his opponent.

Vincent: Any last words?

Bowser Jr: Just these: Roar!

He breathes out fire and Vincent backs away to avoid it. Bowser Jr. rolls toward his brush and picks it up. He gets back on his feet and jumps towards him. Vincent gets mad and does another horizontal attack. However that was a bad choice as Bowser Jr. knows what to do. He jumps it again but this time hits the brush with his own, knocking it away. Vincent is shocked at the sight and so are the others. Vincent lets out a deep sigh.

Vincent: I 'ave failed you, King Boo. Luigi, please do away with moi as moi does not vant to confront King Boo. It seems moi's creations are not at all great. *sigh*

Luigi nods and sucks him up. A big key appears in the middle of the room and Luigi grabs it.

Luigi: This is it… No turning back now-a. We will confront King Boo and take-a back Daisy. Come on-a, team. Lets’-a go.

They walk towards the door and get out of the room. They see just a staircase and a door at the end. They go up and Luigi unlocks the door. Luigi opens up the door and sees the ceiling. They go on…

This is it. Can Luigi defeat King Boo? Does King Boo have anything up his sleeve, err… stub? You don't want to miss the end of Luigi's Big Boo Adventure!

Read on!

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