The Dark Prognosticus, Chapter 6: Luigi's Big Boo Adventure

By Dimentio

Author's Note: If you are not prepared to handle new views from a tourist then please, I suggest you leave now. Also yes, this is chapter 10. I will tell this story first and then give more info later.)


Dimentio: Well hello there. So you came to hear my stories that you have never heard before and that I have in this here book, eh? Well then brace yourself for things that will blow you away. Now go get a snack, a drink, or use the restroom, for it is time for me to begin.

Chapter 1: The New Scary Plan.

In a castle somewhere we see King Boo in his throne room trying to formulate a plan.

King Boo: I must make a plan to get rid of Luigi. Without him I can easily finish off Mario and rule Plit! However I don't know how to do it.

Suddenly a Boo appears in front of him.

Boo: Your Highness, look at this.

He holds up a magazine.

King Boo: FOOL! I am working on a plan to get revenge on Luigi. I don't have time to read-

He looks at the title.

King Boo: "10 Richest People on Plit"?!

Boo: B-b-but Sire, look at this.

He turns the page. There King Boo sees Luigi with Daisy. On top of that it reads "Rich Couple".

King Boo: Of course! We will kidnap Daisy and trick Luigi into a trap and, heheheh, kill him.

Boo: Um, sir, we still have two MAJOR problems.

King Boo: What?

Boo: We are still at war with Bouldergeist and Bowser, remember? Also the second problem is, him!

The Boo flips to the page that holds the number 1 richest person on Plit.

King Boo: (in a whisper) Mad Jack…

Boo: What will we do about him?

King Boo: I'll take care of him. Now, MINIONS!

An armada of Boos arrive.

King Boo: It's time to take a little trip to Sarasaland. *Insert King Boo laughter from Luigi's Mansion here*

All the Boos laugh with him.

Chapter 2: The Letter

We go to Toad Town. Luigi comes out of a pipe and Mario comes after him.

Mario: Luigi PLEASE! Make-a me some pasta.

Luigi: Mario! I was preparing to go-a visit Daisy and then you-a call me just so I can-a cook you some pasta! You have to-a learn to do some things your-a-self. Now if you’ll-a excuse me, I have-a date with Daisy.

Luigi walks to the airport but Mario still fallows him. Then a Boo appears in front of Luigi.

Boo: Yo, Green Been! I gots a letter for you.

He throws Luigi a letter.

Boo: If I was youse I would actually read the letter. Heheheh.

The Boo disappears before Luigi can say anything.

Luigi: What is he-a talking about?

Luigi takes the letter and opens it with caution.

Luigi: (reading the letter) "Hello scumbag. It is I, King Boo. I have kidnapped your girlfriend Daisy. If you want to get her back you will meet me at… at… at…"

Luigi freezes. Mario grabs Luigi and shakes him.

Mario: Where? Meet him where? What does the rest say, Luigi?!

Luigi: He wants me to meet him in *gulp* Bowser's Castle.

Why is King Boo at war with Bowser and Bouldergeist? Who is this Mad Jack person? Why does King Boo fear him? Why does King Boo want to meet Luigi in Bowser's Castle? All these questions and more will be answered in the next chapter.

Read on!

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