Paper Mario: A Goomba Side Story

By birby6

Chapter 1: Larry, the Plant King!

We see our heroes heading to Goomba Village via Goomba Road.

Goombario: This is Goomba Road, the connection between Goomba Village and Toad Town, but since Larry built his castle here weíre going to have to get through his castle to get there.

birby6: Just where exactly did he build his castle?

Goombario: Right where the Goomba King had his castle last. Itís a lot bigger thoughÖ

birby6: OhÖ

???: Hey!

Then, right in front of birby6 and Goombario, a Piranha Plant uproots itself.

Piranha Plant: Larry told me of two Goombas trespassing on his property! Iím going to have to ask you to leave.

Goombario: Fat chance!

Piranha Plant: Then Iím going to have to make you by force.

Battle Start! This is being told in PM2 style battle.

birby6: 10 HP
Goombario: 10 HP
Piranha Plant: 8 HP (unlike in other Paper Mario games, itís not holding his teeth up)

Goombario: birby6, donít lose your cool, ok?

birby6 nods.

Piranha Plant: I will destroy you!

birby6 switches places with Goombario.

Goombario uses Headbonk.
Piranha Plant: 6 HP

Piranha Plant chomps down.
Goombario: 9 HP

birby6 uses Headbonk.
Piranha Plant: 4 HP

Goombario uses Headbonk.
Piranha Plant: 2 HP

Piranha Plant chomps down.
Goombario: 8 HP

birby6 uses Headbonk.
Piranha Plant: 0 HP

You win! 10 exp!
*Battle Over*

Piranha Plant: Oh no, Iíve been defeated! I must warn Master Larry!

The Piranha Plant goes underground.

Goombario: We sure showed him! Now letís get to Larryís castle!

They continue along Goomba Road, running into a few enemies while gaining experience. When they get to Larryís Castle it looks like an upgraded version of the Goomba Kingís castle.

birby6: Woah. It sure looks big!

Goombario: Tell me about itÖ Iím quite scared!

birby6: Well we canít give up! Weíve got to save that Goomba!

Goombario: Right, so you go first!

birby6: Fine. I will go first!

birby6 is about to go in when he gets headbutted byÖ Jr. Troopa?

Jr. Troopa: Ha!

Goombario: Jr. Troopa? What are you doing here?

Jr. Troopa: Getting my revenge, of course!

Goombario: Youíre supposed to be after Mario!

Jr. Troopa: I know, but I came up with a different plan! I decided to beat Marioís partners up first! That way Mario will be weaker and then I can kill him!

Goombario: Killing? Canít you just beat him up?

Jr. Troopa: No, killing is more fun!

Goombario: -_-

Jr. Troopa: Be prepared, because here comes the pain!

*Battle Start*

birby6 switches with Goombario.

Goombario uses Headbonk.
Jr. Troopa: 8 HP

Jr. Troopa headbutts Goombario.
Goombario: 6 HP

birby6 uses Headbonk.
Jr. Troopa: 4 HP

Goombario uses Headbonk.
Jr. Troopa: 2 HP

Jr.Troopa: Youíre stronger than you look! Time to bring out the big gun!
Jr. Troopa brings out a big gun and shoots Goombario with it.
Goombario: 2 HP

Goombario: Where did you get that big gun?!

Jr.Troopa: Bobís petÖ

Dark Koopa: My gag!
Dark Koopa uses Power Shell.
Jr. Troopa: 0 HP

You win! 20 exp!
*Battle Over*

Jr. Troopa: Darn it! Iíll get you yet!

He goes away.

Birby6: Thanks Dark Koopa!

Dark Koopa: Donít mention itÖ Hey look, balloons!

He goes away to chase the balloons.

Birby6: Now letís save that Goomba!

birby6 goes in only to almost get eaten by killer plants.

birby6: Woah, you were right about the plants part!

Goombario: You should have listened to me!

birby6: Well, what are we going to do about the killer plants?

Goombario: I have an idea!

Goombario gets some weed killer from under his hat and starts spraying it like a madman while going through Larryís castle. He stops when he gets to some jail cell room.

Goombario: Darn, Iím out of weed killer!

???: Goombario?

Goombario: Hey, I know that voiceÖ.

He turns around to see, behind the bars, a pink Goomba wearing an archaeologist hat. She also has a blonde ponytail.

Goombario: Hi Goombella!

Goombella: Hi Goombario!

birby6 gets a confused look.

birby6: You know each other?

Goombario: Yup! We both went to Goom University together!

birby6: Oh!

Goombella: Yeah. Anyways, I need to get out of here, so can you please get the key to this cell? Itís in the next room, butÖ

birby6: Ok!

birby6 goes into the next room.

Goombella: I was going to say there are tons of traps in thereÖ

birby6 comes back all beaten up.

birby6: You should have told me that BEFORE I went in that room!

Goombella: Well I WAS going to tell you.

birby6: Oh. Now that we have everything covered, letís go!

He and Goombario go in the next room and avoid traps, pits, and KILLER MONKEYS! ... Oops, what I meant to say was KILLER PLANTS! When they get the key and come backÖ

Goombella: Thanks for getting me out of there.

Goombario: Donít mention it!

Goombella: Also, can I ask you a question?

birby6: Ok!

Goombella: Can I come with you on your adventure? I want to teach that Larry Koopa a lesson!

Goombario: Sure! The more the merrier!

Goombella joined the party! In battle she can blind enemies with her Headlight Flash move!

Goombella: Letís get going!

???: Not so fast!

A bush full of Piranha Plants uproots itself.

Piranha Bush: I just came to check onÖ

It notices the jail cell doors are open and that Goombella is out.

Piranha Bush: Hey, how did you get out of your cell?

It notices birby6 and Goombario.

Piranha Bush: So, it was YOU two! Larry told me of some troublemakers in his castle, and looks like I found them! Time for me to give Larry a gift heíll never forget!

*Battle Start*

birby6 switches with Goombella.

Goombella uses Headlight Flash.
Piranha Bush: Aiiiiiiiiii!!!
Piranha Bush is blinded. He canít attack.

birby6 uses Headbonk.
PB: 8 HP

Goombella uses Headbonk.
PB: 6 HP

PB is still blinded.

birby6 uses Headbonk.
PB: 4 HP

Goombella uses Headbonk.
PB: 2 HP

PB is no longer blinded.
PB uses Triple Chomp.
Goombella: 7 HP

birby6 uses Headbonk.
PB: 0 HP

You win! 50 exp.
Goombario grows to Level 2.
*Battle Over*

Piranha Bush explodes.

birby6: We sure took care of him!

Goombella: We sure did! Anyways, I picked this up from the thing before it captured me. You can have it!

Got a Key.

Goombella: Now letís teach Larry a lesson!

birby6 goes back to the main room and unlocks the door that was previously locked. They end up in what appears to be a huge greenhouse full of plants.

birby6: So this must be Larryís room.

Goombario: I think it isÖ

Goombella: Hey! I think I see Larry!

They look around to see Larry Koopa apparently staring at one of his plants.

birby6: All right, Larry! Time to stop bothering the residents of Goomba Village!

Larry does nothing.

Goombario: Looks like heís giving us the first move!

Goombario headbonks Larry and his head comes off.


Goombella: Wait just a minuteÖ

Goombella goes over and inspects Larryís body.

Goombella: Itís a dummy!

???: Youíre right!

Larry Koopa drops from the ceiling in what appears to be a spy suit.

Goombario: Woah! You scared us!

Larry: They donít call me sneaky for nothing andÖ Hey, I thought I locked you up!

Goombella: These guys rescued me!

Larry: Well, prepare for another lock up when Iím done with these creeps! Anyway, I heard about you intruders. Iím quite surprised you got past my killer plantsÖ.

Goombario: We used weed killer! It works every time!

Larry: Darn those weed killers! Anyways, I also sent my best prized plant to investigate.

Goombella: Oh, him? We easily beat it.

Larry: WHAT?! That was my most valued plant! Iím going to kill you!

*Battle Start*

birby6 uses Headbonk.
Larry: 13 HP

Goombella uses Headbonk.
Larry: 11 HP

Larry summons a Piranha Plant! Larry is hiding!

birby6 uses Weed Killer.
Piranha Plant is instantly killed.

Goombario: You had weed killer all along?

birby6: Yup.

Goombario: Then you couldíve used it on the Piranha Bush!

birby6: I could only use it once!

Goombario: Oh!

Goombella uses Headbonk.
Larry: 9 HP

Larry spits fire.
birby6: 7 HP

birby6 uses Headbonk.
Larry: 7 HP

Goombella uses Headbonk.
Larry: 5 HP

Larry spits fire.
birby6: 4 HP

birby6 uses Headbonk.
Larry: 3 HP

Goombella uses Headbonk.
Larry: 1 HP

Larry spits fire.
birby6: 1 HP

birby6 uses Headbonk.
Larry: 0 HP

You win! 100 exp.
birby6 grows to Level 2.
Goombella grows to Level 2.
*Battle Over*

Larry: X_X

Goombella: I think heís knocked out.

Goombario: Me too.

birby6: Hey, whatís that?

birby6 picks up a pink key.

Goombario: We should ask Russ T. about that!

birby6: Who?

Goombario: A Toad thatís a brainiac about everything!

birby6: Whereís he?

Goombario: In Toad Town. Itís just beyond this castle.

Goombella: Hey, that battle with Larry created a hole out of here!

She motions toward a hole in the wall.

birby6: Youíre right!

Goombella: Letís get out of here!

Everyone jumps out of the hole, prepared to go to Toad Town.

Read on!

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