Paper Mario: A Goomba Side Story

By birby6

Prologue: The Adventure Begins

We see Goombario in Goomba Village sitting on one of the steps of the Toad House.

Goombario: Geez. Nothing has ever happened ever since Mario saved the Star Rod from Bowser.

???: What’s wrong, hon?

Goombario turns around to see it’s Goomama, attempting to cheer up her son.

Goombario: Nothing Mom. *sigh* It’s just nothing never happens anymore ever since I went on that huge adventure with Mario.

Goomama: Oh, I see. *thinks for a moment* You went on that one quest with me to Toad Town…

Goombario: You just took me grocery shopping!

Goomama: Oh yeah. Why don’t you go check on our baby Goomnut Tree?

Goombario: Ok…

Goombario slowly treads to where Goombaria found Mario during his first adventure. After Mario took the Star Rod back from Bowser, the Goomba family planted a baby tree where Goombaria found Mario in Paper Mario. It was growing slowly, but it was better than nothing. When Goombario got there he found the baby tree, standing tall and firm.

Goombario: Oh well. Might as well tell Mom…

Just as Goombario is going back to Goomba Village, he trips over something.

Goombario: Ouch! Darn that Goombaria! She needs to learn not to leave Goomnuts everywhere!

When he turns around he doesn’t see scattered Goomnuts like he expected. Instead he finds a Goomba lying there with his eyes shut

Goombario: Oh my gosh!

He quickly goes over to the Goomba. He puts his head to the Goomba’s abdomen.

Goombario: Good. He seems to be breathing.

He sees the Goomba shift a little.

Goombario: I think he’s asleep. *starts shaking the Goomba* Hey, are you ok? Hello? Come on! Wake up!

Miraculously, he sees the Goomba slowly lift his eyes

The Goomba: Whaaaaaa…

Goombario: It’s about time you woke up!

The Goomba: Huh?

Goombario: Are you ok?

The Goomba suddenly gets a surprised look on his face and rapidly backs away from Goombario.


Goombario gets a confused look.

Goombario: Huh?

The Goomba: Goombas aren’t supposed to be real!

Goombario: Hey, you’re a Goomba too, and you’re talking.

The Goomba: No I’m not! I’m a human!

Goombario: You’re not a human! See for yourself.

Goombario points to a puddle next to him. The Goomba looks in and then grows wide-eyed

The Goomba: O_O  Oh my gosh! You’re right! I’ve been turned into a Goomba!

Goombario: Are you sure you’re ok?

The Goomba: No I’m not! I’m supposed to be human! Human!

Goombario: Calm down. You need to relax.

The Goomba: Relax where?

Goombario: In Goomba Village, of course!

The Goomba: Goomba Village?

Goombario: The village where my family lives!

The Goomba: (I don’t know him much, but he’s the only one around here that seems to know me. I have to go with him.) … Ok. I’ll go.

Goombario: Splendid! Let’s go!

Goombario runs and then suddenly stops

Goombario: Oh! I almost forgot! I forgot to ask what your name was!

The Goomba: Oh yeah! I think I remember. It’s birby6.

Goombario: birby6? *thinks about it for a moment* Ha! That’s a funny name for a Goomba!

birby6: Uhhhh… Yeah. It is funny!

Goombario: Yup! Anyway, let’s get going!

birby6 follows Goombario to Goomba Village.

Goombario: This is Goomba Village!

birby6: Isn’t it a little small?

Goombario: Yes, but we’ve got more visitors ever since Mario beat Bowser over the Star Rod!

birby6: (Ugh. Why do I have a strange feeling about this Bowser person? It’s like I know this guy somewhere…)

Goombario: birby6? Are you ok?

birby6: Yeah, I’m ok. Something is just troubling me now.

Goombario: Well if something is troubling me I just go to Goompa for help

birby6: Really?

Goombario: Yup. Let’s go see him so you can talk to him about your troubles.

birby6: Ok.

They go to see Goompa. When they see him he’s still working on fixing the balcony from when it broke in Paper Mario.

Goombario: Hi Goompa!

Goompa: Hi Goombario! *notices birby6* And who might this feller be?

Goombario: Oh! This is birby6! He says he’s a human but it’s unnatural for a Goomba to be saying that.

Goompa: Indeed it is…

???: HELP!

Goombaria rushes in.

Goombaria: Larry has done it again!

Goombario: What did Larry do this time?!

Goombaria: He summoned two Piranha Plants and they kidnapped a Goomba that was coming to visit!

Everyone gasps.

Goompa: Someone has to save that Goomba!

Goombaria: What about you, Goombario? You went on an adventure before.

Goombario: That was against Bowser and the Star Rod! Larry is different!

Goombaria: He’s basically Bowser’s kid!

Goombario: … Oh.

Goombaria: And if you don’t save that Goomba I’ll use my Dizzy Dance on you!

Goombario: No! Not the Dizzy Dance! Ok, I’ll go…

Goombario turns to birby6

Goombario: …only if you come with me.

birby6: What?! Why do I have to come with you?

Goombario: Because, like Mario beforehand, we usually went together. To tell you the truth… I’m quite scared myself.

Goombaria: Ha ha! Goombario’s scared!

Goombario: Quiet Goombaria! Anyway, will you come with me?

birby6: (I have a funny feeling about this Larry. Maybe I should go with him…) Ok. I’ll go.

Goombario: Great! Then let’s go!

They start to leave.

Goompa: Wait fellers!

Goompa goes to the duo.

Goompa: Take these with you!

He gives them 2,000 coins.

Goombario: You’re giving us money?

Goompa: You’re going to need supplies when going to Larry’s castle. Just say it’s a little present from me!

Goombario: Ok! birby6, I think it’s best to go to the newly built shop here first. We need to stock up on supplies before going to Larry’s Castle!

birby6 listens. After they stock up on supplies, they prepare to go to Larry’s castle…

Read on!

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