The Dark Prognosticus, Chapter 1: Paper Mario, The TRUE Story

By Dimentio

Chapter 26: Weird Times on Lavalava Island

The dolphin- err, whale has made it to Lavalava Island.

Mario: Boy I’m hungry.

Luigi: That was an hour-long trip.

Mario and Kolorado jump off the whale and run.

Toad: We’d better follow them.

Whale: Well I’d better leave.

Luigi: Hey, you’re staying here until we want to go back.

Whale: Look, there is an active volcano and I have a wife and three kids.

Toad: You liar.

Whale: Okay you’re right. I’m so lonely! Waaaah!

Toad: I was referring to the active volcano part.

Bow: Better leave him to his sorrows. We’d better follow the others before they do something stupid.

They leave the whale and go down the road. They see Mario chewing on a coconut.

WHN: Mario, where is Kolorado?

Mario: Over there making friends.

Mario points in Kolorado’s direction. He is completely covered in Jungle Fuzzies.

Kolorado: Will one of you chaps PLEASE GET THESE THINGS OFF ME?!

WHN uses Power Shell and knocks away all the Fuzzies. They see Kolorado is bruised all over.

Kolorado: Thanks, old bean. Now let us forge on!

Kolorado runs ahead of them.

WHN: Mario! Why didn’t you help him?!

Mario: Coconut milk?

WHN: Get that out of my face!

WHN knocks the coconut away. The next thing he knows he is flying in the air with a hammer mark in his shell. Mario and Co continue going down the road and make it to Yoshi’s Island Village.

Red Yoshi: Welcome to the village, strangers.

Mario: You got any food?

Red Yoshi: Hey, that’s OUR line.

They go to the center of the village and see WHN in the inn. They go inside and Luigi goes up to the Toad.

Luigi: Have you seen another badly mauled Koopa with a funny accent?

Toad: Yeah, he went that way near the volcano.

Luigi: Oh…

Mario: Come on, Luigi. You aren’t afraid of a little magma, are you?

Luigi: Are you?

Mario: Yes, I’m terrified. Now let’s-a go.

They leave the village and head down the road.

Kolorado: I say, these native Shy Guys are giving me a warm bath.

Mario and Co see Kolorado in a pot surrounded by Tribal Guys.

WHN: Not again!

WHN uses Power Shell. One of the Tribal Guys sees him heading towards him and takes out a tennis racket. He does a dance and lightning strikes the racket. WHN comes towards him and the Tribal Guy smacks him with his electrified racket. WHN goes rocketing out of that part of the jungle.

Mario: That was failure, Thomas.

Kolorado: I say mthis bath is starting to get hotter… And why are you chaps putting in vegetables?

Mario decides to take action and uses Quake Hammer. The pot falls down and Kolorado gets out. The Tribal Guys get an angry look on their masks. They start throwing spears toward Mario and Co. Mario and Co duck to avoid the oncoming spears.


WHN was just coming back when one of the spears hits him. He falls down on the floor. Bow uses Spook. The Tribal Guys get scared and run away.

Kolorado: I say, the natives here are very rude. Well aside from that, the volcano should be near here.

They walk down a bit and see the entrance to the volcano. However it’s over a big gap that’s covered in magma.

Kolorado: This shall not stop me! I took pole jumping in high school.

WHN: Ugh…What? Kolorado, no!

Kolorado grabs a nearby stick and goes back a few feet. He runs at high speed, hits the ground with the pole, and-

Mario: He’s going to make it!

A Tribal Guy comes back and kicks the poll. He leaves giggling.

Toad: No he’s not.

Kolorado starts to go down the gap. He acts fast and jumps off the pole. He hits the wall hard and faints.

Mario: Well, better leave him to his nap while we find a better way to get there.

The team members nod and they go back to the village. When they arrive they see all the Yoshis in a panic. Mario approaches the one calm Yoshi.

Mario: What happened?

Yoshi: The kids have run off to the jungle. They have yet to come back and Sushi went in to look for them. Please help get the kids back.

Mario: You got it. Come on, team. Let’s-a go!

They run into the jungle.

Mario: Hmm. Where do you think they went?

Sushi: Help me!

Mario: ?

Mario looks around and sees a tree.

Mario: ! The tree needs help!

Sushi: Is he normally like this?

Luigi: Sometimes.

Luigi smacks Mario upside the head and points up the tree.

Sushi: Get me down!

Mario hits the tree and Sushi falls down.

Sushi: Thank you.

Mario: This fish needs water!

Sushi: Actually I’m fi-

Mario grabs her and starts heading towards the water.

Sushi: Wait! Stop! No! Wait!

Mario drops her in the river and CHOMP!

Mario: What just happened?

Luigi: You meatball! Didn’t you read the sign?

He points to a sign that says “Warning! Shark-infested rivers. Yes, it’s possible”.

Mario: Oops.

Toad: So Mario just fed that shark the kids’ nanny? Now how are we supposed to get the kids back.

Mario: We’ll split up. Luigi and I will check the north side. Toad and Watt will check the west side. Bow will check the east side.

WHN: What about me?

Mario: You go back and reassure the Yoshis that everything is fine.

WHN: Fine. I’ll see if I can find my sister.

WHN heads back to the village. Everybody else goes their ways.

Luigi: How are we going to find these bambinos, Mario?

Mario: Easy. What do Yoshis love more than fruit?

Luigi: I don’t know.

Mario: A Yoshi co- Where did it go?!

Red Yoshi: *munch, crunch, belch*

Mario picks him up but Red Yoshi bites his arm.

Mario: Ow! I’m trying to save you, little twerp!

Red Yoshi: Run away!

The Red Yoshi runs back to the village.

Mario: Well that’s one. I wonder where the others are?

Blue Yoshi: Wah! Wah! Wah!

Luigi: Make it stop!

Mario: Hey, you sound like that all the time.

Luigi gets angry with Mario and takes out his hammer. Luigi smacks Mario into a tree. It shakes hard and the little blue Yoshi falls on Mario.

Blue Yoshi: Ugh! Huh? Hey, thanks for breaking my fall, hairy lip plumber.

Mario: My aching spine…

The Blue Yoshi gets off Mario’s head and goes back to Yoshi’s Village.

Mario: I hope the other guys are making progress as well.

Meanwhile with Toad and Watt…

Toad: How did we end up here?!

Watt: I don’t know! I was following you.

Toad: I was following my pet moth.

Toad has a moth wrapped around a string. It starts to fly close to Watt and- zap. The moth burns to the ground.

Toad: Philip! Why?!

Purple Yoshi: H-hello? Is an-anyone there?

Watt shines more brightly and they spot a little Purple Yoshi.

Purple Yoshi: Oh, what a relief. I’m saved!

Toad goes to his fried moth.

Toad: But at what cost? At what cost?!

Purple Yoshi: Weird…

Purple Yoshi jumps up to the warp pipe and goes to the village. Toad and Watt follow and are back outside.

Toad: I wonder if there is another Yoshi nearby?

Watt: Look Toad!

Toad sees the Green Yoshi being chased by some bushes.

Yoshi: Someone save me!

Toad: Fungus of Might to the rescue!

Toad throws his squeaky hammer at one of the M. Bushes. It hits the M. Bush and they start paying attention to Toad.

Toad: Uh oh…

The M. Bushes start running after Toad. Watt uses Electro Dash and manages to dash over all the M. Bushes. Toad sees them get stunned for a bit and uses Mini Stars. He hits all the bushes and they faint.

Yoshi: Thanks. I thought I was going to become plant food.

The Green Yoshi runs back to the village. Toad and Watt decide to go back too.

Meanwhile with the Mario Bros. and Bow…

Mario: We’d better go find Bow. She might need help.

Luigi: Right.

They smack away any Tribal Guys and gas any plant monster. They see Bow surrounded by Putrid Piranhas and protecting the last Orange Yoshi.

Mario: Bow!

Suddenly two more Putrid Piranhas come out of the ground and grab them by their overalls.

Luigi: Hey let us go!

Bow, however, is handling them, slapping the sense out of them if they get too close to the Orange Yoshi. Then a huge Putrid Piranha comes out and catches Bow by surprise. He eats her and goes back underground.

Mario: Mamamia!

The Putrid Piranhas are closing in on the crying Yoshi. Mario, without even thinking, eats a Fire Flower. He transforms into Fire Mario! He shoots a fireball at the Putrid Piranha that is holding him. It withers and dies while Mario shoots another fireball at the Putrid Piranha holding Luigi. Mario then starts throwing out fireballs at the plants surrounding the Yoshi child. They all die and the Orange Yoshi approaches them.

Orange Yoshi: Thank you. Now I must head home.

Mario: We’ll come with you.

Luigi: Mario, do you think Bow is safe?

Mario: Let’s hope, Luigi.

Chapter 27: Hot Stuff!

Mario and Co are back in the village. WHN approaches them.

WHN: Where is the snooty Boo?

Mario: She’s been kidnapped. We have to find an entrance to the volcano quick, but first, reward.

Mario goes over to the chief Yoshi.

Yoshi: Thank you, Mario, for saving the children. Uh, say, where is Sushi?

Mario: Uh… She sacrificed herself for the good of the children and there were no remains.

Yoshi: Terrible! Let us take a moment of silence… Moment over.

Mario: So what is our reward?

Yoshi: This.

Mario gets the Raven Statue!

Mario: What kind of lousy reward is this?!

Yoshi: Hey, that is the key to finding Raphael the Raven! He can surely help you in your quest.

Mario: Well then, where is he?

Yoshi: Somewhere deep inside the jungle.

Mario: We need to get there… fast!

A few moments later…

Luigi: I’m telling you, this wooden rocket ship isn’t going anywhere!

Mario: Shut up! Light it, Yoshi.

Yoshi: Okay.

WHN: Yoshi, no!

The Yoshi lights the fuse. The fire eats it up quickly but nothing happens.

Mario: Dang it! It worked on Snifit X! Why won’t it work here?

Luigi: Is it me or is the place sh-

BOOM! The rocket ship explodes and they go flying. They all crash into the Raven statue and destroy it completely.

Mario: I’m… okay. Just let… me… catch my bre…Ugh.

About 3 hours later…

Raphael: Hey buddy, you awake?

Mario: What happened?



Raphael: You destroyed my beautiful statue! For that you’re going to have to pay!

Luigi: Uh, Mario!

Raphael: Wait… Mario?

Mario: *gasp* The one you’re *wheeze* crushing.

Raphael the Raven gets off Mario and he stands up.

Raphael: Forgive me. I have been expecting you. I am Raphael the Raven.

Mario: What do you mean you have been expecting me?

Raphael: You see, it all came to me in a dream…


We see Raphael the Raven sleeping. He starts having a dream and there is nothing but stars. Suddenly a voice calls upon him…

???: Pasta.


Raphael: Ah yes… You want to go inside Mt. Lavalava, right?

Mario: Yes.

Raphael: Then I shall help you. CAW CAW!

Small Ravens come over to the area. They start talking to each other, then they start leaving.

Raphael: Follow me.

Mario wakes up his other fellow partners and they follow the Ravens. They head to the cliff overlooking the entrance to Mt. Lavalava. The Ravens start to build something while Raphael talks to Mario.

Raphael: I just remembered, I also need to give you this.

Mario gets the Ultra Stone!

Raphael: With it you AND your partners will be able to learn new abilities. It will even let you guys perform these attacks called Bro Attacks. However, some partners can only learn their move during a certain event or when someone teaches them a move.

With those words being said, the Ravens finish the pulley.

Raphael: Use this to make it to the entrance. I wish you and your friends luck.

Raphael walks back to his tree.

Mario: All right, gang, let’s-a go.

They go one by one on the pulley. When WHN makes it he notices that Kolorado isn’t there.

WHN: Guys, Kolorado is gone!

Luigi: He must have gone without us.

Mario: Then we’ll meet him on the way. Let’s-a hurry.

They walk inside the volcano and see it is scorching hot. A nearby Putrid Piranha spots them.

Putrid: The Mario Bros! I must report this to the boss at once.

It goes back underground.

Mario: Hmm, how are we going to get through this?

Toad: Well we’re not going to find out standing around.

They continue walking and see the floor completely covered in magma. They see platforms on the magma.

Mario: This is too hard!

Mario looks inside his pockets and finds-

Mario: Just what we need!

Luigi: Mario, you have a Warp Whistle?!

Mario: I kept one after our adventure. Now…

Mario uses the Warp Whistle and the entire crew is teleported. Mario sees they got teleported to a big room with another huge chest.

Mario: Jackpot!

Mario jumps carefully over to the chest. He opens it up and sees TWO Ultra Hammers AND an Ultra S. Hammer.

Mario, Luigi, and Toad: AWESOME!

You’re welcome.

Mario: I won’t need this worn down thing anymore.

Mario throws his hammer away, again with all his might. It catches fire on the way out.

In Goomba Village…

Goomba Priest: We are gathered here AGAIN to mourn the loss of Goombario, who was squished by Mario, then revived only to get squished by a flying hammer.

The tomb where Goombario is starts shaking. Goombario gets out again.

Priest Goomba: I guess I won’t be needed… again.

Goombario: It’s a good thing I had TWO Life Shrooms.

Just then Goombario sees the flaming hammer heading towards him. Gommbario ducks and avoids the hammer. However a Bob-omb is walking by and the hammer heads his direction. Boom! The dust clears and they see a tree falling towards him.

Goomp: A Goomba’s life is ro-


Back inside Mt Lavalava…

Putrid: Mr. Larry, sir.

Larry: What is it?

Putrid: The Mario Bros, his friends, and some Koopa with an accent have infiltrated the volcano.

Larry: Well stop them! Why do you guys need my permission to attack the enemies, anyway?!

Putrid:… I don’t know.

The Putrid Piranha leaves Larry with a caged Bow.

Larry: So where were we? Oh, right. What’s your favorite color?

Bow: I’m not talking to you. Just wait until the Mario Bros. beat you up.

Larry: I’d like to see them get past my hot little friend.

Bow: Your deceased brothers and sister depended on their henchmen, and now look how they turned out.

Larry: *gulp* Uh… I might have second thoughts on this.

Meanwhile with Mario and Crew…

Mario: Jefferson, run faster! You’re falling behind!

They are running away from a Spiny Tromp. They jump out of its way and it goes past them. They get back up and continue. However, when they go into the next room they see a mob of Putrid Piranhas.

Mario: This isn’t good…

WHN: I’ll handle them.

WHN uses Dizzy Shell. The Putrid Piranhas just move aside and WHN zooms past them into a nearby Lava Bubble. His shell catches on fire, and he ricochets of the wall and burns down all the Putrid Piranhas. WHN learns Fire Shell!

WHN: Cool! Uh, I mean hot stuff!

Toad: Lame.

They continue by and see Kolorado on the floor in pain.

WHN: What happened to you?

Kolorado: I jumped from a huge distance. Oh, my aching bottom. Go on without… me?

WHN and Kolorado see the others already left them behind.

WHN: @&%$!

Mario and Co continue up and get to the pulley inside the volcano. The each get on one at a time. Sure enough WHN and Kolorado arrive with them in another room.

Kolorado: My treasure senses are tingling.

WHN: Actually I think that’s the ground…

Toad: Run for your lives!

Behind them they see a giant Spiny Tromp heading their way. Mario runs, hammer in hand.

Mario: It’s true what they say about curiosity sinking the plumber!

Kolorado: Holy!


Kolorado: Nearly nicked me, old boy…

WHN: Oh my aching shell…

They both slowly get up and see a huge hole made by the Spiny Tromp.

Mario: We’ll go on ahead while you guys recover.

Mario and Co move onward…

Chapter 28: A Flaming Battle… With Nature!

Mario and Co see a Heart Block and Mario hits it. Mario and Co, Full HP. They head down some stairs and see Larry talking to Bow.

Larry: Come on! I’m a prince, I can give you anything you want!

Bow: Look, I’m NOT interested in you! Ah, Mario! You have arrived.

Mario: You just blew our cover!

Bow: Oops…

Larry: So you came, did you?

Luigi: And we see you’re all alone.

Larry: Not me. Arise, my pet.

Out of a pool of lava rises a giant Piranha Plant with two buds.

Larry: Say hello to Lava Piranha.

Toad: How unoriginal.

Lava Piranha: YOU GUYS BAD GUYS! *cough* Sorry. We won’t let you take that Star Spirit without a fight!

Mario: I’ve handled worst things than you! Bring it on!

Mario 25/25
Luigi 24/24
Toad 23/23
Larry 60/60
Lava Piranha 40/40
Lava Buds 7/7
Lava Buds 7/7

Mario jumps on Lava Piranha to start things off. Luigi uses a Super Jump but the buds are quick to respond. They shoot out small fireballs towards him and Luigi gets hit. He falls to the floor hard. Larry sees his chance and shoots out geometric shapes from his wand. Toad acts fast and gets in front of Luigi. He takes out his hammer and swats the shapes back at Larry. Larry however takes out his tennis racket and hits it back. Luigi gets up and sees Toad struggling. Luigi long jumps towards Larry and lands on him.

Larry: Get off me, plumber!

Toad hits the shapes as hard as he can and hits Larry. Meanwhile Mario is dodging a barrel of fire attack coming from the Lava Buds.

Lava Piranha: What’s the matter, Mario? Can’t take the heat?

Mario ignores the comment and uses Power Jump. Mario hits Lava Piranha but on the way down the two bulbs wrap around Mario.

Mario: Uh oh. Let go off me!

Lava Piranha: Good job. Hold him still now.

LP inhales and shoots out an orb of fire. Mario gets badly burned and the buds still have him down. LP prepares again, when-

Luigi: I’m coming, Bro! Ah-ha ha!

Luigi jumps on one of the bulbs and then on the other. Mario gets freed and lands on the ground.

Mario 18/25
Luigi 18/24
Toad 23/23
Larry 50/60
Lava Piranha 30/40
Lava Buds 0/7

Lava Piranha: My poor buds! You’re going to pay for that!

LP inhales again and releases another orb of fire. Mario and Luigi quickly jump away to avoid it. Toad gets launched into a wall.

Larry: You can’t defeat me, fungus. Ow!

Toad threw his hammer at Larry.

Toad: We’ll see about that.

Luigi uses Ultra Jump and lands right on LP. He lets out a screech and rams his head against Luigi. However now that his head can be reached, Mario uses Power Smash. POW!! He lets out another screech of pain.

Larry: Oh no! Lava Piranha! Oof!

Toad pounced on Larry and is now bashing his head with his hammer.

Lava Piranha: Okay, no more games! Prepare for some hot stuff!

Mario: I feel that is being said too much.

LP inhales deeply and starts breathing out fire towards Mario. Mario tries to run but trips on a rock. Mario gets scorched badly. LP inhales again but Mario acts fast. He throws his hammer into his open mouth.

Lava Piranha: *choke* Ack! *gasp, wheeze*

Larry grabs Toad and throws him into another wall. He sees the terrible condition Lava Piranha is in.

Larry: No!

Mario uses Power Jump. POW! Lava Piranha tries to scream but can’t. He falls back inside the pools of lava.

Mario: Yahoo! Now your turn, Larry!

Larry: I don’t think so. You see, Mario, I didn’t wish for Lava Piranha. I created him myself.

Luigi: What does that mean?

Larry: This!

He pulls out his Star Card.

Larry: I wish for Lava Piranha to be powerful!

The Card glows a brilliant white. Suddenly the ground starts to shake and Mario and Co fall down.

Mario: This isn’t good!

Crash! Lava Piranha comes back out except he looks WAY different. The original head is now covered in flaming petals. The two bulbs have matured into flaming heads that look like Lava Piranha except without the petals. Finally three new flaming bulbs have grown.

Larry: Say hello to Super Lava Piranha!

Mario: Why does this happen to me?

Mario 10/25
Luigi 13/24
Toad 17/23
Larry 30/60
Super Lava Piranha 50/50
Lava Piranha 10/40
Lava Piranha 10/40
Lava Bud 10/10
Lava Bud 10/10
Lava Bud 10/10

Mario: Hmm. Something tells me if someone had lived this battle would be a lot easier.

Mario uses Hammer Throw. One bud quickly gets in the way and takes the hit.

Mario: We’re done for!

Larry: Exactly!

Toad uses Mini Stars and launches them towards the Piranhas. They all get hit and turn their attention to Toad.

Toad: Uh oh…

He starts running as soon as the heads starts firing out fireballs.

Kolorado: Not to fret. Kolorado to the rescue!

Kolorado comes running in and jumps towards Super Lava Piranha. He does these incredible and simply awesome techniques. He lands back down and behind him Super Lava Piranha explodes… Or at least that is what he imagined.

Mario: Look out!

Kolorado: What?

He gets hit by a Lava Piranha and hits the wall hard. He faints on contact and WHN arrives.

WHN: What is that?

Larry: Your executioner.

SLP starts to glow yellow.

Mario: Look out!

SLP uses a ripped off move known as Solar Beam! Mario and Co quickly dodge the attack. The site where it hits is completely destroyed.

Mario: We’ve got to get rid of it now!

Toad: Look what I found!

Mario: Perfect!

Mario uses Snowman Doll! A giant snowman appears and starts bouncing around SLP. All the Piranhas shrivel up.

Larry: No you won’t!

Larry kicks Mario away. He then grabs Toad and hurls him towards Luigi. Luigi jumps over Toad and smacks Larry with his hammer. Mario gets up and eats a Bland Meal. Mario + 10 HP + 10 FP. Mario still sees SLP is vulnerable and uses Power Jump. POW! The Piranhas snap back into reality. SLP starts to glow again. They prepare themselves. Lava Piranhas + 10 HP!

Mario: No way! He can heal them!

Luigi: Are we gondolas?

Mario: Its goner, spaghetti head, and yes!

Larry: Say your prayers, you pasta pulverizing plumbers.

Mario: Prayers… That’s it!

Mario puts his hands together and prays. Skolar comes in.

Skolar: Star Storm!

Shooting Stars rain down on the enemies, dealing massive damage. The Lava Buds shrivel up.

Mario: Yes!

Mario sees Luigi in front of him. He jumps over him and starts spinning around. Luigi jumps and grabs onto him. They go above SLP and drop down on him. POW!

Larry: What was that?!

Toad: This!

Toad hits Larry across the face with his hammer. Larry falls down hard on the floor and then Toad headbutts him. Larry gets dizzy for a while. SLP inhales and releases a huge orb made of lava! Mario and Luigi barely escape the attack. However the other Lava Piranha heads breathe out two fire orbs and strike the Mario Bros. dead on.

Mario 11/25
Luigi 8/24
Toad 14/23
SLP 27/50
LP 7/40
LP 7/40
LBs 0/10

SLP starts to glow again. Piranhas + 10 HP!

Mario: The way things are headed, we’ll lose for sure!

Luigi: Unless… Quick, check to see if you have any useful items. I’ll go help Toad.

Larry and Toad are having a tennis racket-hammer fight.

Larry: You can’t possibly beat me! Give up!

Toad: Never!

Luigi sneaks behind Larry but he senses Luigi’s presence. He quickly turns around and kicks Luigi away. Toad however sees an opening and crushes him with his hammer. Toad continues to hit him until he faints. Mario is still looking through his pockets when he finds something.

Mario: Pastariffic!

Luigi: Mario!

SLP is charging another Solar Beam attack and aims at Mario. He fires it at full force and Mario takes the complete hit.

Luigi: Bro!

When the dust settles they see Metal Mario! MM uses Power Jump and avoids damage from the fire. POW! Luigi quickly gets behind MM as he lands and hits him with his hammer. He shrinks down and turns into a ball. Luigi hits him back and forth, severely hurting SLP and the Lava Piranha heads. The bulbs time themselves and grab Mario. They break through his metal and SLP gets in front of Mario.

SLP: So long, pest!

SLP starts charging fire inside his mouth.

Luigi: Mario!

Luigi jumps in front of his brother and-


The next thing Mario knows, Luigi’s fist is covered in electricity. His fist is also in contact with SLP’s chin. SLP’s head rears back in pain. Luigi and Mario fall down into the ground. Luigi learns Lightning Uppercut!

Mario: Bro, that was amazing!

Luigi: I didn’t even know I had it in me.

The moment is broken when the Lava Buds grab Luigi and dunk him into the lava.

Mario: No! Luigi!

Toad goes in to try to save him but is stopped dead in his tracks when SLP shoots out an orb of lava at him. SLP then quickly rams his head into Toad, knocking him out as well.

SLP: No more games! This battle is just getting heated up!

Watt and WHN come into play.

Mario: Quick, Watt! Distract SLP.

Watt: *gulp* Okay…

Mario reaches into his pocket and eats a Hot Shroom. Mario + 15 HP + 5 FP. Watt is electrocuting the Lava Bulbs. They soon shrivel up. SLP starts to glow again. Every Piranha + 10 HP!

WHN: What can I do? I can’t even reach him!

Mario: Hold on…

Mario prays again and Skolar comes back.

Skolar: Boy, you really need me. Star Storm!

The shooting stars damage everybody again. Mario quickly jumps on WHN and he retracts inside his shell.

WHN: I know where this is going!

Mario starts swatting him towards SLP. The other Piranhas take the hits for their master but they soon shrivel up again. Mario hits WHN towards SLP but he rams WHN and he goes flying. Watt goes up to SLP and uses Electro Dash.

Mario 23/25
WHN 17/20
Watt 15/15
SLP 15/50
Every other head 0

SLP starts to glow but Mario throws his hammer at him, messing him up. SLP hits the ground hard and lava spews out. Mario doesn’t see it coming and gets scorched again. Watt uses another Electro Dash. SLP starts to wither.

SLP: I… can’t go down. Take this!

He hits the ground even harder and a huge wave of lava approaches Mario. Mario quickly gets out a Stone Cap! Mario is protected from the attack. Mario breaks out of the stone and throws his hammer at SLP. He ducks and avoids the hammer.

SLP: Ha!

The hammer ricochets off the wall and hits SLP in back of the head.

SLP: Ugh…

SLP falls down on the floor, withered.

Battle Over! Mario wins = 40 Star Points! + 5 FP!

Mario: Now let’s take the Star Card, Bow, and run.

Larry: Uh… Not so fast!

Larry summons vines that constrict Mario and Watt.

Larry: You killed Lava Piranha. Now you guys are going to die with him!

WHN: Not if I have anything to say about it!

Larry: What are you going to do?

Larry gets inside his shell and rams into WHN. WHN lands upside-down.

Larry: I’ve got you now!

Larry goes for a piledriver.

WHN: That’s what you think.

WHN uses Dizzy Shell. The mini tornado suspends Larry in the air and spins him as well. The tornado throws him towards a wall.

Larry: Very nice.

WHN gets back on his feet and gets inside his shell. He charges towards Larry and he does the same. They collide with each other and bounce off. Larry takes out his wand and shoots out geometric shapes. WHN uses Dizzy Shell again and the tornado manages to redirect the shapes back at Larry. Larry jumps to avoid getting hit. WHN sees his chance and uses Power Shell. He hits Larry and he hits another wall.

Larry: Okay, that’s it! No more mister nice guy!

Larry makes vines grow and attack WHN. He starts getting pummeled by the plants. Larry then kicks him and WHN lands on his shell again. The vines hold him down and Larry charges the wand for a finishing blow. WHN struggles but can’t get freed. Then he gets an idea. He uses Fire Shell! He burns through the vines and collides with Larry.

Larry: Why?! I was so close…

Larry faints. The Star Card comes out and Misstar gets freed. Suddenly the volcano starts to shake.

Mario: What’s happening?!

Misstar: Lava Piranha is trying to kill us all!

Lava starts to flood the ground.

Kolorado: We’ll I’m glad that Mario beat the monstrosity. Now for the treasure.

He runs ahead and everybody runs as well. They make it to a cracked wall and see a dead end.

Mario: Get us out!

Mario and Luigi break down the wall with their hammers and continue on. Misstar is carrying Larry and Lady Bow’s cage. Kolorado spots the treasure on a high platform.

Kolorado: I knew it! Must… get… treasure! By golly, I’ll risk my life for that treasure!

Misstar grabs everybody and heads up the volcano. The lava is starting to overflow.


Misstar: Stop squirming! … Oops!

She dropped Kolorado and he falls into the lava. They get out just as the volcano erupts.

With that, another Star Spirit has been saved. Now with only two to go, what awaits Mario and Co? Why does Kolorado think the whale is a giant dolphin? Why is the whale so lonely? Will WHN ever get treated right? What about his sister, who was yet to be confirmed? Why are there shark-infested rivers? Since when did Toad have a pet moth? Why did Mario have to use that Warp Whistle? Why did it transport them to the treasure room when it was supposed to take them to the Warp Zone? Why did Mario have to kill the entire Goomba family? Well you might find out next time!

Read on!

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