The Dark Prognosticus, Chapter 1: Paper Mario, The TRUE Story

By Dimentio

Chapter 16: Ghostly Puzzles

Mario and Co have entered Forever Forest. They see a gate and a gatekeeper.

Oakley: Stop! Do not go any further.

WHN: Why not?

Oakley: This place is one big maze. You can get lost, never to be seen again.

Mario: We’ll give you ten gold coins if you let us through,

Oakley opens up the gate and faces the heroes.

Oakley: Now listen carefully, if you want to know how to get through this-

Oakley sees they already left.

Oakley: ?  I’ve been conned.

Mario: Okay, now which passage do we take?

They see four roads.

Mario: @and%$! It’s the Forest Maze all over again!

Luigi: You shouldn’t have trouble with this then. You cleared it, didn’t you?

Mario: Actually, despite rumors, Mallow and I burned down parts of the forest and made our way through.

Toad: Then that’s what we’ll do!

Toad gets out a flamethrower and proceeds to set a tree on fire. However…


Bootler eats up Toad.

Mario: 0.0  Give us back our nuisance!

Bootler: Ahh, the Mario Bros. Guess I was late on meeting you at the entrance. Please head to Bow’s Mansion. We have important information regarding the Star Spirit. See you there.

Bootler disappears.

Mario: Just great. Now we lost Toad! Come on, Gang, let’s see if we can get through this place.

Mario and Co aimlessly wonder around the forest. 4 hours later…


WHN: We have been out here forever! What are we going to do?

Oakley: There you jerks are!

Mario sees Oakley approaching them.

Oakley: You ripped me off! Where are my ten gold coins?

Suddenly Mario gets an idea.

Mario: !  Say Oakley, is that a spider on your back?

Oakley: I’m not turning until you give me my money!

Mario: !!  Oakley, behind you!

Oakley: Nice t- chomp!

A Piranha Plant decided to make Oakley its launch. Mario hits it away.

Mario: Well there goes my plan of using him to guide us through the forest. Now what?

Luigi: !  Hey, I got it!

Luigi Super Jumps out of the forest. He gets on top of a tree and tries to find the way out.

Luigi: Hmm, I can’t see any-


Luigi falls off the tree and lands on the gang.

Mario: I can’t take it! Get us out of here!

Fine. 3 hours later…

Mario and Co have finally gotten out of the Forever Forest.

Mario: I told you my plan would work!

WHN: What plan? You just said I can’t take it! Then we just chose random paths and eventually made it here.

Mario: Shut up, Stewart!

WHN: *sigh*

They go towards the gate and at the porch they see Bootler playing chess with Toad.

Bootler: Checkmate!

Toad: (making car sounds) Broom, screech, ha! I just ran into your King! Ha ha! I win!

Bootler: For the last freaking time! There are no cars in chest!

Toad: You’re just a sore loser!

Bootler: There you guys are! I’ve been waiting FOREVER! Uh *cough*, our fair lady is waiting on the third floor. We will see you there.

Bootler disappears along with Toad.

Mario: Well, might as well go in.

Mario, Luigi, and WHN enter the mansion. Mario sees a lone Boo on the foyer.

Mario: Hey buddy, how do we get to the third floor?

Boo: You have to complete a series of puzzles and put your knowledge to the test. There is no way to get up there without doing so.

Mario: We aren’t good at puzzles!

Boo: Well Boo-hoo to you!

Mario tries to smash the Boo with his hammer but it quickly disappears. Mario hits the floor and it crumbles.

Mario: Mamamia…

Luigi gets up and dusts himself off. He sees a big chest and opens it. A lot of Boos pop out, one holding two pairs of Boots.

Boo: You want these here Boots? Then you’re going to have to guess which one of us has it! Lady Bow will be most displeased if we let them get these Boots too easily. Let’s do it like we rehearsed.

The Boo hands it to another Boo. That Boo throws it towards another Boo and he throws it to another Boo. They keep doing this and Luigi starts to get dizzy. After a Boo gets it they turn invisible and close in. They pass each other while spinning around really fast. They soon get back to their normal position.

Boo: Well?

Luigi: Uh… umm…

Luigi jumps on a random Boo.

Boo: Eh, wrong! Try again?

27 tries later…

Boo: *yawn* Wrong… again.

35 more tries later…

Luigi keeps guessing wrong and the Boo is turning red!

Boo: I can’t take it anymore! Here! Take the stupid Boots!

The Boos drop the Boots and leave in their signature style. Luigi and Mario grab them. Mario and Luigi got the Super Boots! Now they can do a ground pound!

Mario: Wait… Why do we need special boots to do a normal ground pound?

Luigi: It’s best we don’t ask.

Mario and Co head back up to the foyer.

Mario: Now that we have these Boots, how do we get up there?

Luigi: Let me try something, Bro.

Luigi coils up and does a Super Jump.

Luigi: Ah-ha ha!

Luigi makes it to the third floor.

Luigi: Bro, I’ll take care of things from here.

Mario: Good job, Bro!

Luigi enters the room.

Lady Bow: Ah, you got through the puzzle more quickly than I expected.

Luigi: Uh… yeah… Well they don’t call us “super” for nothing.

Lady Bow: Uh, where is the other Brother?

Luigi: Are you going to give me the info or what, lady?!

Lady Bow: Temper. Now, I am Lady Bow. I am a desc-

Luigi: Are you going to tell me OR WHAT?!

Lady Bow: DON’T INTERRUPT ME OR YELL AT ME!!! Uh… *clears throat* This has to do with the information. Bootler?

Bootler: Yes, my Lady. Since you sirs are in a rush I will explain quickly. DownthishillisavillagecalledGustyGulch.Thereisaterriblemonsterwhoeatstheseghosts.
Wehavetriedfightinghimbutheisinvincible.Soweneedyourhelptodefeatthisevilebeast. *gasp* Get all that, sir?

Luigi: Maybe…

Bow: Of course you will be rewarded for helping us.

A cage lowers holding the Skolar card and Toad.

Luigi: Hey how dare you hold a Star Spirit?!

Bow: Now, now. You would have to defeat Tubba Blubba for this card anyway.

Luigi: Well what about our nuisance, Toad?

Bow: Ah, him. Well, for trying to burn down our forest, I will hold him captive too.

Toad: I need to use the restroom!

Bow: And besides, think of it as a trade.

Luigi: Huh?

Bow: I’ll replace Toad as a partner until we stop that awful Tubba Blubba.

Bootler: What?! I say, madam, but are you completely out of your mind?!

Bow: Stop treating me like a little kid! I am a grown Boo!

Bootler: Alas, if you are going, so will I. I will fallow you an-

Bow gives Bootler a look that would have killed him if he was alive.

Bootler: Uh… duh… Fi-fine, my Lady. Just please be safe.

Bow: All right, Bootler. Shall we get going?

Luigi: Wait a minute, I didn’t agree to this.

Bow slaps Luigi.

Luigi: Ow! *sigh* Okay, let’s-a go.

They leave the room and Luigi jumps back down. He sees a beat up WHN and Mario sleeping on the couch.

Luigi: What happened here?

Mario wakes up.

Mario: Oh *yawn*, you see…


Mario: I hope Luigi finds the info we need Cindy.

WHN: THAT’S-A- Forget it. Instead of screaming at you I’M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!

WHN tackles Mario and they get into a big fight. However Mario just simply jumps on him then proceeds to take out his hammer.


Luigi: Ow.

Mario: Hey, who’s that?

Bow: I am Bow. Nice to meet you, Mister Mario.

Luigi: Oh, right. Mario, here is the lowdown…

One explanation later…

Mario: Great, so we have to defeat this Tubba Blubba to get the Star Spirit AND free Toad? Well then, let’s get going to… Where are we going?

Bow: Just follow me.

They go east of the mansion and go to the gate. A Boo opens it up and they continue down the road…

Chapter 17: Conquering Castle Blubba

Mario and Co. have made it to Gusty Gulch. They see the village is completely deserted.

Bow: ?  Wh-where is everybody?

Suddenly a lone Boo comes out of a hut.

Boo: Oh, my Lady, it’s you!

Bow: What happened here?

Boo: It was terrible. A crazy Koopa with wild hair came with some sort of device and sucked up all the Boos. I overheard him say “Blubba is going to have a big dinner”!

The Boo starts to cry.

Bow: This is terrible! Come on, we have to go to Tubba Blubba’s castle.

Mario: Right. Come on, let’s-a go!

They continue down the road and see a field of hyperactive enemies.

Hyper Goomba: Sugarsugarsugarsugar!

H. Paragoomba: Coffeecoffeecoffee!

H. Cleft: We no feel anything like stupids!

They charge at them really fast but again Mario and Luigi jump over them. The Clefts continue charging and fall off another cliff.

Mario: Hmm, for living rocks you think they would have SOME intelligence.

Just then WHN catches up to them.

WHN: I only followed you because you have my wallet.

Luigi: Actually if I remember correctly, Toad has your wallet.

WHN: Great! Another chapter of random torture for me. Once we free Toad I’m out of here!

Luigi: Whatever.

Bow: Enough chit-chat! We have Boos to save.

Mario: Lady, the only reason we are doing this in the first place is to get back that Star Spirit.

Bow slaps Mario a lot. They continue down the road past the hyper monsters who are too hyper to move or are dieing from the overload. Soon enough they make it to Castle Blubba.

Mario: Boy, this place looks old.

Bow: Mario Bros, I forgot to tell you something. When you don’t want to be seen, just tell me. I’ll turn you invisible.

Mario: Hmm… YOU might actually be useful, unlike George.

WHN: No comment.

They enter the castle and see the foyer has dozens of sentinels. They spot Mario and Co. and head towards Mario.

Mario: Bow, help us!

Bow turns them invisible and the sentinels go away. They walk towards a door and see the huge corridor.

Mario: *whistle* This place is huge!

Luigi: Wow. How come we don’t own a house this big?

Clubba: Hey look, it’s the Mario Bros!

About 10 Clubbas start charging towards them. Mario looks at WHN. Mario jumps on him and gets out his hammer.

WHN: Of course…

Mario hits him and he goes flying towards the Clubbas. They quickly stop and move out of the way. WHN goes flying past them and goes through the door.

WHN: @@@@&-

Mario: Uh oh…

They start charging again but Bow uses Outta Sight and the Mario Bros. become invisible again.

Clubbas: ?  Hey, where did they go?

Clubba: Ah, forget them. Let’s go back to the dining room to lunch with Master Tubba Blubba.

Clubba: Yeah, now we have a turtle for soup!

They leave and go into the dining room.

Mario: Hmm, how are we going to continue if there are ten guards and the “Invincible” Tubba Blubba?

Luigi: Well if we are invisible they won’t see us.

Bow: I’m sorry, but my magic won’t work unless you guys stand still.

Mario reaches into his pockets and finds something.

Mario: !  Ah ha!

Mario takes out two invisible caps.

Luigi: Bingo!

They put it on and go into the next room. They see the Clubbas stuff WHN in a pot. Meanwhile Tubba Blubba is devouring his Boos when…


Tubba: Uh oh. Busted.

Just then the other door slams open and Ludwig steps out.

Ludwig: Vhere iz ze Star Card?!

Tubba: Uh, Baron Ludwig, please try to calm yourself.

Ludwig: How can I calm down vhen you lost ze Star Card?! How did you lose it?!

Tubba: Uh, well, I was looking at how shiny the card was. I took it out of its case for a better look. Soon however I got sleepy and… uh… I left it out. *gulp* I guess it decided to, uh, leave the castle.

Ludwig: Fool! I made you vhat you are! Do you vant to go back as being a scaredy Clubba again? Do you?!

Tubba: N-no sir…

Ludwig: Ugh, maybe I should have enhanced your brain, not your-


Mario: Curses! Now we don’t know what he enhanced. Come on. Let’s go before the invincible caps ware of.

They go to the next room, ignoring WHN’s screams for help.

Ludwig: Ugh, I can’t bear to see them eat a Koopa. Release him and go back to your posts!

Clubbas: Ahhhhhh…

They let go of WHN and throw him out a window.

Ludwig: I’m going to go check on your heart. I vant you to search for that Star Spirit, got it?

Tubba: Yes Baron!

Ludwig leaves the dining room.

Tubba: … After a little nap.

Tubba heads the other way and Mario and Co. hear the footsteps.

Mario: Quick, Bow!

Bow uses Outta Sight again just as Tubba enters the corridor.

Tubba: I can’t shake the feeling that there is someone in this corridor other than me.

Mario: Just your imagination.

Tubba: ?

Tubba decides to play it safe and does a ground pound. The floor shakes and it starts to break apart. Tubba stomps off, making the ground shake. He goes up the stairs and does one more ground pound. The floor Mario and Co. are on breaks and they fall into a basement.

Mario: Ick, just great.

Luigi: Cobwebs! That means there are sp-spiders!

Mario: Oh come on, Luigi, let’s go.

They search around the basement for a while and spot a Boo.

Boo: Your Ladyship, what are you doing here?

Bow: I am here with the Mario Bros. to defeat that ghastly Tubba Blubba.

Boo: You should know that you can’t defeat him! He is invincible, which is why-

Mario: Yeah, yeah, which is why he is called the Invincible Tubba Blubba. Look, why are you here in the first place?

Boo: A couple Boos and I heard that Tubba has a secret that would ruin him if it ever got out. We were able to get it but Tubba found us and devoured all my friends.

Bow: Do you still have the secret?

Boo: Yes, your Ladyship. It seems to be a recipe on how to “devincible” him. Good luck! I’m out of here.

The Boo disappears. Mario and Luigi look at the recipe.

Luigi: Hmm, it says to get a pot filled with boiling water. Add some salt, a few spices, a bit of basil, slowly add oregano-

Mario: Woah, woah, that’s Mama’s recipe for Alfredo sauce.

Luigi: I knew it. She’s been trying to kill us for years. Well, let’s get this potion done and then we can defeat that Tubba Blubba.

They go back to where they fell. Luigi Super Jumps out while Mario Wall Jumps out. They get the ingredients and get to work.

25 minutes later…

Mario and Luigi have a huge bowl of their potion.

Mario: Come on, let’s get this potion to Tubba.

They carefully get over the gap. Bow stops and looks at a blue block. She decides to hit it and- ZAAAP! Bow learns Spook!

Mario: Great! Just what we need, for her to be more powerful with her slaps.

They slowly go up the stairs, and Bow opens the door. The ground starts to shake and sure enough, Tubba is across the hall.

Tubba: Hmm, I smell something yummy!

He spots the Mario Bros. across the hall. Tubba charges at them.

Tubba: You guys are as good as dead.

Mario: Before you end our games, why don’t you have a nice bowl of uh… Alfredo sauce?

Tubba takes the bowl out of his hands and drinks it. He burps.

Tubba: Yummy! Now I feel more energized so I can squish the living tar out of you.

Mario: Ha ha! You have been tricked so we’re not afraid!

Luigi: Don’t speak for everybody, Mario.

Tubba: What are you-

Mario jumps on Tubba Blubba. Mario got the first strike!

Mario 15/15
Luigi 13/13
Bow 15/15
Tubba Blubba 10/10

Tubba: That puny attack doesn’t hurt me!

Mario: Wha?!

Tubba: I don’t know why you gave me a bowl full of my mother’s recipe for Alfredo sauce, but you’re going down!

Mario and Luigi: D’oh!

Bow quickly uses Outta Sight.

Tubba: ?  They’re gone. I know you’re still here. I can smell the tomato sauce.

Luigi: Way to go, you meatball!

Tubba goes to the far corner of the hall and they see their chance. They quickly dash to the door. However, they see it’s locked. That doesn’t stop Mario. He takes out his hammer and knocks away the lock. They enter Tubba’s room.

Mario: That stupid Boo lied to us! Now how do we hope to beat that giant monster?

Luigi: Maybe we kind find something here.

Bow: Let’s get searc-

Thump! Thump!

Mario: Quick Bow, hide us!

They go to the corner of the huge bed and Bow uses Outta Sight. Tubba Blubba comes in.

Tubba: Ergh! I lost them. Well, time for a little beauty rest. Then again, I should look for that Star Spirit. After Baron Ludwig made me who I am, I don’t want to go back to a lowly Clubba again. *yawn* Well… my mother’s Alfredo sauce does make me…

He falls down on the floor sleeping. The gang come out of hiding.

Luigi: !  Hey Mario, look!

They see a small chest near the bed. Mario opens it up and out pops a key.

Yakkey: Hello, I’m-

Luigi: Eeeeeppp! A talking key!

A soon as Luigi screams, Tubba wakes up.

Tubba: ?  Uh, five more minutes, Mommy…

Tubba spots the Mario Bros.

Tubba: Hey, give me back my key!

Mario: Great going, Luigi…

Chapter 18: A Ghost Gulping Battle

Mario quickly grabs Yakkey and puts him in his pocket. Tubba tries to body slam them but the Mario Bros jump out of the way. They leave his room as Tubba gets up. Tubba goes outside and sees them walking on the bridge.

Tubba: You won’t get away this time!!!

Tubba does another ground pound and the bridge collapses. Mario and Luigi hang on for dear life.

Mario: Mamamia… Wah!

Tubba goes to the bottom bridge and starts running towards the Mario Bros. They get back on their feet and start running away. Tubba starts gaining on them but the Mario Bros. jump down the stairs while Tubba walk down them. However when they get to the door…

Luigi: !  Mamamia! It’s locked from the outside!

They see Tubba charging at them like a Charging Chuck. Mario gets an idea.

Mario: Luigi, *whisper, whisper*

Luigi: Got it, Mario!

Tubba raises his fist and aims at them. Luigi Super Jumps away while Mario ducks. Tubba passes both of them and hits the door instead. The entire wall collapses and the rubble falls on him. Mario and Co take the opportunity and go to the foyer. They go out the door as some Boos arrive.

Bow: What are you guys doing here?

Boo: Your Ladyship, we want to help you.


Tubba (from inside): Argh! You guys won’t get far!

The Boos quickly hold the door down as Tubba gets to it.

Tubba: What’s wrong with the @&%$ door! WHY?! (POUND!) WON’T IT?! (POUND?!) OPEN?!

Boos: (grunting) Go… on, your… Ladyship! We’ll… hold him… off as long as we (POUND!) can!

Bow: You’re mad! He will eat you all alive! Er… your afterlife.

Mario: Come on, Lady, we’d better go!

Luigi: Go where?!

Mario: Let’s ask the key!


Tubba: I smell delicious Boos! OPEN THE DOOR! (POUND!)

Mario: Yo, what’s your master’s secret?

Yakkey: I’m not telling you that my master’s secret is in the windmill down the hill. You’ll never get… that… info- Drat!

Mario: You heard the stupid key. Run!

They start running but Mario stops.

Luigi: Now what?! (POUND!)

Mario points at a wet WHN.

Mario: There you are, Sid.

WHN: Why?

Mario: Come on! We found Tubba’s weakness.

WHN: And I have to go. Splendid.

They grab him and continue running down the hill. They pass the hyper monsters, go past the huts, and finally make it to the windmill. They unlock the door and go in. Meanwhile at Castle Tubba…

Tubba: (pounding on the door) ERGH!!! Can’t let Baron Ludwig down. Wait, that’s right! Falcon Punch!

He hits the door and it goes flying. The Boos scatter around and land in pain.

Tubba: I’ll be back for my lunch later.

He starts running towards the windmill. Meanwhile Mario and Co have already made it to the room with Tubba’s heart.

Mario: Kooky!

Ludwig: Please call me Ludwig! I don’t like that nickname. It makes me sound crazy!

Luigi: Give up now before we have to rough you up!

Tubba’s Heart: Ha! I would like to see that! Prepare to be destroyed!

Mario 15/15
Luigi 13/13
Bow 15/15
Ludwig 40/40
Tubba’s Heart 50/50

Mario jumps on Tubba’s Heart (TH). Ludwig breathes out a fireball towards Luigi. Luigi successfully dodges it but TH tackles him. He gets launched into a wall.

Mario: Luigi! You okay, Bro?

Luigi: Mamamia! That heart sure is powerful…

TH: That was nothing! I have this great attack but it’ll take some time to charge up, so hold up.

Bow goes up to him and starts slapping him.

TH: Hey lady, stay after the fight. I am sure to build up an appetite.

Bow: Why you…

Ludwig jumps up and slams into the ground. Ludwig sends out shockwaves and the Mario Bros. fall down.

TH: Ha ha!

TH uses Crimes of the Heart! Mario and Luigi get pulled in by the mini-hearts, which start squeezing the life out of them.

Ludwig: Ah ha ha! Chew on this, Drain Brains!

Ludwig breathes out another fireball and shoots it towards Mario. However Bow takes the hit. The mini-hearts release them and Luigi faints.

Mario: Boy that heart is powerful. Huh? Luigi!

Mario takes out a Fried Shroom and eats it. Mario + 8 HP + 2 FP. Mario uses Power Jump. POW! He hits TH head on. He tries to tackle him but Mario sees his chance and uses Power Smash. POW!! TH collides with Ludwig.

TH: Owie…

Ludwig: We can’t stop now! Quick, charge up the attack!

TH: Ugh… Right!

TH prepares his attack again. Mario uses Hammer Throw but Ludwig shoots geometric shapes at it. Ludwig slams the ground again but Mario jumps over the shockwaves. He lands on Ludwig.

WHN: Hey, how come I’m not fighting?

Oh, right. WHN joins in. He uses Shell Toss but Ludwig merely stops him. He slams the ground and WHN flips over.

WHN: Why?!

Ludwig grabs him and throws him at Mario. Mario swats him and he hits TH instead.

TH: Hey! Take this, Crimes of the Hearts!

The mini-hearts come out again but Bow quickly uses Outta Sight and hides Mario. The mini-hearts miss and disappear. However when Mario reappears TH slams into him and sends Mario flying into the wall.

TH: How’d you like that, Faucet Face?

WHN and Ludwig start hitting each other with their shells. However since Ludwig is bigger WHN is having a rough time. Bow sneaks behind TH and starts slapping him.

TH: Ow! Lady, you got some powerful slaps! I’m outta here!

He jumps out of his podium and leaves. Mario gets up and jumps towards WHN. Mario takes out his hammer and hits Ludwig with all his might. Ludwig tries to turn but gets hit. He goes spinning out of control and goes out the door too. He runs into TH. They quickly get up and leave the windmill. Mario picks up his little brother’s fainted body.

Mario: After them!

They go through the tunnel and chase after them. Outside…

Tubba: *huff, gasp* I made it… Eh?

He sees his heart and Ludwig leaving the windmill.

TH: There you are! Quick help us!

Tubba: No problem.

The gang go outside and see the evil pair.

Ludwig: Give it up, Mario, you are as good as dead!

Mario: Try me!

Mario runs up to them.

Mario 11/15
WHN 10/12
Bow 10/15
Ludwig 30/40
Tubba’s Heart 25/25
Tubba Blubba 10/10

Mario jumps over Tubba and lands on his heart.

TH: Cheater!

Ludwig and Tubba jump into the air and slam onto the ground. This creates a massive shockwave that hurts Mario and WHN. TH goes for a slam but Bow slaps him, stopping him.

TH: Cut it out! Ergh! Leech!

TH attaches to the flipped WHN and starts sapping his HP.

WHN: I don’t feel good.

Mario quickly gets back up and goes to assist WHN. However Tubba gets in his way and slams the ground with his fists. Mario quickly rolls out of the way. Ludwig sees Mario and tries to body slam him. Mario acts fast and takes out his hammer. He swats him away but Tubba swats Mario away as well. Bow goes up to TH and slaps him away. TH + 10 HP from Leech.

TH: Let’s end this!

TH starts charging up. WHN gets up and uses Dizzy Shell. He makes both TH and Ludwig dizzy. Mario gets up and takes advantage of the moment. He uses Power Smash on TH while Bow slaps Ludwig.

Ludwig: Ow! I’m not sure if that hurt more than Karma’s slaps.

TH snaps back to normal and unleashes Crimes of the Heart. Mario gets near to Ludwig and tries to jump away. However the hearts get them both and start squeezing.

Ludwig: *gasp* Not… me… you iziot!

Tubba comes charging and does a ground pound. Bow quickly floats to Mario and uses Outta Sight. Mario turns invisible moments before Tubba comes crashing down on Ludwig.

Tubba: Oops.

WHN avoids the attack by using Power Shell and zipping to safety. He also runs into TH. Ludwig comes from underneath Tubba’s massive girth.

Ludwig: Come on, you guys! Ergh! HP Up!

Ludwig takes out his wand and gives himself and Tubba’s Heart 10 HP! Mario reaches into his pocket and takes out a Hot Shroom. Mario + 15 HP! Mario reaches into his pocket again and takes out a 1-Up. He gives it to Luigi.

Luigi: Oh, what happened?

He sees Tubba charging towards them, arms flailing. Luigi quickly grabs Mario and Super Jumps over Tubba. TH slams into the Mario Bros. on re-entry.

Mario 9/15
Luigi 7/13
Bow 10/15
Ludwig 13/40
TH 24/50
Tubba Blubba 10/10

Mario: We have to defeat Tubba’s Heart NOW!

Luigi: On it, Bro! Ah-ha ha!

Luigi uses Ultra Jump and lands on TH.

TH: That really smarts! Argh! Charge!

Mario starts running away from Tubba as he starts charging towards him again. Ludwig tries to fry Bow with his fireballs but she keeps turning invisible.

Ludwig: Er! Hold still, will you?!

Bow: Take this, you rancid reptile.

She slaps him again but during the slaps Ludwig charges up a fireball. He shoots it out and Bow catches on fire. Mario quickly does a backflip and avoids Tubba again. Just then TH unleashes Crimes of the Heart! However Luigi is ready this time.

Luigi: L-power!

Luigi takes out his hammer and manages to swat all the mini-hearts back at TH!

TH: This probably won’t be *gasp* good!

The hearts start squeezing him and soon let go.

TH: X_X  OWWWWW! I’m hurting to reunite!

TH goes up to Tubba Blubba and forces his mouth open. Ludwig gasps in horror.

Ludwig: No! You’ll lose your invincibility if you and your heart unite!

It’s too late. Tubba swallows up his heart.

Tubba: Yeah! I feel way better now! I am now truly powerful.

Bow: In that case, you and me, one-on-one!

Mario Bros: You’re crazy!

Bow: Shush! I know what I’m doing!

Tubba: Bring it on, tasty ghost lady.

Ludwig: You’re going to lose!

Luigi: Shut up! Ah-ha ha!

Luigi Super Jumps on Ludwig, knocking him out.

Bow: Now that he is taken care of, you’re next.

Bow quickly goes up to Tubba and starts slapping him.

Tubba: Ow! Quick Heart, give me energy!

Tubba + 10 HP!

Bow 5/15
Tubba 15/20

Tubba tries to ground pound her but she quickly disappears. She reappears in front of him and starts slapping him. Mario quickly reaches into his pocket. Mario takes out a Super Mushroom and throws it at Bow. Bow + 10 HP.

Luigi: When did we get that?

Mario: Magic plus deleted scene.

Tubba tries to slam her into the ground but again she disappears and theN reappears to slap him.

Tubba: Hey, you’re cheating!

Tubba does A ground pound and sends a shockwave that catches Bow off-guard. She quickly avoids it and slaps him again. However after the fifth slap Tubba grabs her and slams her into the ground.

Tubba: Falcon Punch!


Mario: Mamamia! Is she… alive?

Tubba makes a huge crater containing a very injured Bow.

Tubba: Heh. Nice try, Lady.

She starts moving again and uses Spook! Tubba gets startled and falls down. Bow takes the opportunity and slaps him.


Tubba faints. Battle Over! Mario wins = 32 Star Points! Mario and Co (except Bow) + 5 HP!

Tubba: Oh darn it…

Tubba collapses and faints. Some Boos come over and grab him.

Bow: We will take him to Boo’s Mansion until he regains consciousness. There we’ll see if we can free our Boo Buddies.

Mario: Sounds good to me. So… *clears throat*

Bow: Right. Bootler, the Star Spirit… oh, and that Toad.

Bootler comes over with the Star Card and Toad.

Toad: Yay! I’m free!

Bootler: Here is the Star Spirit as promised.

Bootler releases the Star Card. Suddenly…

Ludwig: Gotcha!

Ludwig comes out of nowhere and takes the Star Card. He gets into a giant robot that pops out of the hill.

Ludwig: You want it? Come get it!

Toad: They got that fair and square!

Toad starts running after the robot.

Mario: Oh no, Toad!

Toad goes down a hill and sees a little arena.

Ludwig: Fight me if you wish, but you’ll end up dieing!

Toad: Watch me triumph over you!

Ludwig shoots out Bullet Bills from what looks like a small replica of Megaleg. Toad avoids the Bullet Bills but they home in on him. Toad jumps and shoots out some mini-stars, destroying the Bullet Bills. Ludwig shoots out some Bob-ombs. Toad avoids them and grabs one. He throws it at Megaleg with all his might and hits the head. Boom!

Ludwig: Vhat?! Damage critical alreazy?! Ergh! Fire Bonzai Bill!

The mouth shoots out the huge Banzai Bill. Toad acts fast and throws his squeaky hammer at the Bonzai Bill. It blows up on contact but the explosion hurts Toad. Toad slowly gets up just as Ludwig shoots out more Bob-ombs. Toad takes out his hammer and starts hitting them back at him. Boom! Boom! BooOOOOOOOM!!!

Ludwig: Damage too high!


Ludwig falls down in pain and releases the Star Spirit. Toad grabs it and releases Skolar.

Ludwig: Are you going to end my game just like my bros?

Toad: Nah, let them decide your fate.

Ludwig sees an angry mob of Boos.

Ludwig: Oh boy…

Mario and friends have defeated Ludwig and the “invincible” Tubba Blubba! Now with the 3rd Star Spirit freed, things look better for Mario and Co. Well, what? You expect questions or something? Yeah, well you might want to wait ‘til next time. So…

Read on!

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