Mario's Past Adventures Come Back

By andrei

Chapter 3: Say Hello to the Yoshis

World 3


Goombella: Where is this p-po-portal taking us? It has been g-going for a long t-time. I'm scared!

Luigi: Yeah, Goombella is right, the portal has been going for a really long time.

Doopliss: I'M GOING TO DIE! I knew I shouldn't have joined you slicks.

Mario: Eveyone-a, EVERYONE-A! What we-a should-a do is stay calm and wait!


Mario: I'm not a moron, Luigi, and no, I don't-a ever get-a scared.

FLUDD: Mario, you make us even more worried.

The portal FINALLY stops and Mario and Luigi arrive on a familiar island.

Mario: I remember this-a place, I've-a been here before-a!

Luigi: Yeah, you're right, Mario, I've been here before!

Yoshi: Yoshi! (Mario remember me!)

Yoshi Elder: Mario welcome, it has been a long time since I saw you. What's this? You've brought your friends. Well, then hello to everyone.

Yoshi: YOSHI! YOSHI! YOSHI! (I'm so excited about seeing you again.)

Mario: Well now I-a remember this-a place! I've been here twice-a, once when I-a was a baby and once when I-a was-a saving Yoshi's Island.

Luigi: Yes, and I remember from when I was a baby too!

Goombella: Wow, I never knew. That will really help us for our quest of the Crystal Stars.

Doopliss: Yeah, really interesting.

FLUDD: Yes, I know, Doopliss, it will actually help us.

Doopliss: I was being sarcastic. Sheesh.

Yoshi Elder: Did you say you were on a quest for Crystal Stars?

Goombella: Yes, do you know anything about them?

Yoshi Elder: There is some good news and bad news about them.

Goombella: What's the good news?

Yoshi Elder: Good news, we know where the Crystal Star is.

Goobella: Great! Where are they?

Yoshi Elder: The bad news is you have to beat Lava Piranha for it.

Mario: He-a never gives up-a easily, does-a he?

Yoshi: Yoshi. (Can I go, Elder, please, please, please?)

Yoshi Elder: It will be dangerous, are you sure you still want to go?

Yoshi: Yoshi, Yoshi. (Yes, I'm sure I want to go.)

Yoshi Elder: Ok. But be very careful.

Mario: Let's-a go!

So our heroes go into the volcano with their new friend Yoshi.

Luigi: Hey everyone, we should go through here.

FLUDD: No Luigi, my system says that we should go through here.

Luigi: Oh, ok.

Doopliss: Hey FLUDD guy, should we go through here?

FLUDD: Yes Slick, we should.

Doopliss: Don't EVER CALL ME THAT!!

FLUDD: Yes, whatever you say, Slick.

Luigi: Stop arguing, you two.

Goombella: FLUDD, are we almost there?

FLUDD: Yes, we are almost there.


Lava Piranha appears in a spot of lava.

Lava Piranha: So you have come here for me to beat you all.

Mario: HA! Keep your funny jokes-a to yourself-a because I-a beat you-a last time.

Lava Piranha: Well then, let's have a battle.


FLUDD: Mariom I would suggest you use Earth Tremor on your turn.

Mario: Good-a idea, FLUDD-a! EARTH TREMOR!


Lava Piranha: OWWW!

FLUDD: My turn, Nozzle Blast!

Lava Piranha: OOOOOWWWWW! That... really... hurts!

Doopliss: Body Steal!

Lava Piranha: Hey! You look like me. W-why am I purple?

Luigi: You stole his body?

Doopliss: Yeah, you have a problem with it?

Luigi: No, and now it's my turn. Hammer!

Lava Piranha: Can't... take... much... more of... this.

Yoshi: Yoshi! (Egg Toss!)

Lava Piranha: Ha! What's that supposed to do?

Goombella: It's supposed to decrease your defense. I use Defend.

Lava Piranha  Haha. Now it's my turn, Fireball!

Mario: Owowowowowow! Hammer!

Lava Piranha: It's... OVERRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

Doopliss: Awww, I didn't get to hit it.

Luigi: YES! We got the Crystal Star.

Goombella: Let's go back to the Yoshi village.

They arrive back in the village

Yoshi Elder: WOW! All of you managed to get the Crystal Star from that... MONSTER!

Yoshi: Yoshi, Yoshi. (Elder, can I go on the quest with them?)

Yoshi Elder: Well... ok, but be very careful.

Mario: Hey-a everybody-a, I found a portal.

Doopliss: Well, let's go through.

Goombella: Bye Elder, it was nice meeting you.

Our heroes go in the portal.

Everyone: AHH!

Read on!

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