The Dark Prognosticus Sub-Chapter B: The Birth of Dark Doc

By Dimentio

Chapter 3: The Mistake

Dr. Mario: It… it made a clone of me!

They then see V.M.H. fall to the ground. Dr. Mario and Nurse Peach quickly go up to him and help him up. They see he is a perfect clone of Dr. Mario.

V.M.H: Where am I? Who am I? Who are you guys? Why do you look exactly like me?

Dr. Mario: I am your creator, Dr. Mario! You are a clone of me that I made out of the deadly Death Virus. You are a professional doctor who will help me cure the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom. You are Virus Made Humanoid, or V.M.H.

Nurse Peach: Don’t you think he deserves a batter name?

Soon V.M.H’s eyes fall on Peach. His virus-made heart starts to throb.

V.M.H: Who is this beautiful woman?

Peach blushes while Dr. Mario is a little bit uncomfortable.

Dr. Mario: This is my trusty assistant and fiancé, Peach.

V.M.H: Oh…

Dr. Mario: Hmm, I think we should name him D.M.C. or Doctor Mario Clone.

Peach: You and big, long words! How about just Doc?

Doc: Such a beautiful name, like yourself.

Peach giggles.

Dr. Mario: Yes well. Your first job will start tomorrow morning. We have a lot of patients to cure.

Doc nods. Peach still looks at Dr. Mario with concern in her eyes.

The next day…

Dr. Mario: Doc?

Doc: Yes?

Dr. Mario: Let us begin. Being a clone of mine, you should know all the cures, equipment, diseases, and such.

Doc: Yeah.

Dr. Mario: Well then, let’s-a get to work. Nurse Peach, please bring in the next patients.

Soon the doctors go into different examining rooms.

Doc: So what seems to be the problem?

Mushroomer: I have this headache that won’t go away.

Doc: You must be suffering from the case known as Brain Trauma.

Mushroomer: What?

Doc: It’s a terrible disease where the brain works so much that it will explode!

Mushroomer: Oh my!

Doc: Here, I’ll make you a prescription right now.

He goes to his cabinet, gets a few random drugs, mixes them together, and pours it into a little bottle.

Doc: Drink one tablespoon every 12 hours. Soon your brain will slow down and your headaches will be gone.

Mushroomer: Thanks, Doc!

Doc: My pleasure. Next! What seems to be the problem?

Koopa: I need to get a tailitis shot.

Doc: You got it!

He gets out a random needle filled with a vaccine. He tries to aim for a vein but misses.

Koopa: Ow!

Doc: Sorry.

He tries again.

Koopa: OW!

Doc: Oops.

Koopa: Ouch!

Doc: Missed again.

Koopa: OUCH!

Doc: Darn it. Almost had it.

Koopa: @&%$!

Doc: Oops. A little blood spill there. Ah ha! There, all done.

Koopa: I feel a little funny…

Doc: Side affects of the vaccine. Next! What is the problem, sir?

Monty Mole: I broke my arm.

Doc: Hmm. Okay, first we need to bandage that arm up.

He takes out some toilet paper and wraps it around the Monty Mole’s arm.

Doc: Now the cast.

He takes out a cardboard box and makes a makeshift cast out of it.

Doc: Now I’m going to give you some pain pills for that arm. Be sure to take as many as you want when you are in chronic pain.

Monty Mole: Uh, thanks Doc.

A few hours later…

Dr. Mario: Wow! We got done fast! Now I have spare time to do research on finding other cures.

Doc: Did I do well?

Dr. Mario: Hm.m I didn’t really see, but being a clone of me, I’m sure you did a spectacular job!

Doc: Thanks!

Dr. Mario: Well, get to your room and get a good night’s sleep.

Doc goes to his room, which is inside the clinic. Just then the phones start ringing.

Dr. Mario: Yes? What?! Well I’m sorry Toad b-but! Yes? Oh… The wrong shot, you say? Well I’m sorry to hear about your husband… Yes, bring him in if you wish… Can I call you back? Oh, your arm got infected, you say? Your pills were su-sugar pills?! Oh hello, c-can you call me later? No, an emergency? Hang on a minute… DOC?!

Doc: I’m sorry…

Dr. Mario: YOU’RE SORRY?!

Nurse Peach: Don’t you think you’re being a little harsh?

It was close to midnight. Dr. Mario had to cure all the patients that were scheduled with Doc.

Dr. Mario: How could you fail me?! You are a complete clone of me! *sigh* This doesn’t make any sense.

Doc: Well I thought I knew what I was doing.

Dr. Mario: How could you think?! You should know! Looks like my experiment was a failure.

Nurse Peach: Well what do you think went wrong?

Dr. Mario: The DNA… The slot flew out before V.M.H. was completely created. Looks like he is an incomplete clone.

Doc: What does that mean?

Dr. Mario: Ugh! You should know! It means you didn’t fully get my DNA. You got some parts of it, like my looks, but you didn’t acquire my genius!

Nurse Peach: Well why don’t you try to teach him?

Dr. Mario: I don’t know…

Doc: Please! I don’t want to be a failed experiment! I want to help sick people. Please teach me…

Dr. Mario: Okay, fine. We’ll start early in the morning…

The next morning, Nurse Peach enters the clinic. She sees Dr. Mario jumping up and down with Doc laughing.

Dr. Mario: NO! Blue Viruses bring out a cold, not fever!

Nurse Peach: So how is the teaching going?

Dr. Mario: Not good. He isn’t very knowledgeable on diseases and how to cure them. He is very good, however, with medical technology. It seems that part of my DNA was transferred to him.

Nurse Peach: Oh…

Dr. Mario: Now what does the Yellow Virus do?

Doc: Uh, gives gas?

Dr. Mario: You have got to be kidding me… Okay, here is a book. I want you to read it. Learn as much as you can from it. Come to my office, then I’ll give you a test. You’d better pass, is all I’ll say.

Nurse Peach: Don’t you think you’re being too rough?

Dr. Mario: As my clone, he has failed me. Now if you excuse me, I have research to do.

Dr. Mario heads towards his office.

Doc: Thanks for standing up for me, Nurse.

Nurse Peach: Please Doc, call me Peach. Now you’d better get studying.

Doc: Yes… Peach.

Nurse Peach attends to patients for the rest of the day. Soon the clock hits 8:00 PM.

Nurse Peach: Busy day. I should probably leave early today.

She sees Doc go into Dr. Mario’s office.

Dr. Mario: At last! I may have found the cure for cancer! Now all I have to do is test it. Better get this-

Doc: Hi! I’m ready for my test.

Dr. Mario: Later! I’m busy.

Doc: But I’m really eager. I know I can pass.

Dr. Mario: Ergh! As a doctor you should know better than to bother a fellow doctor when he is making a groundbreaking experiment!

Doc: It can’t be as important as me.

Nurse Peach comes into the office and sees Doc push Dr. Mario.

Dr. Mario: What do you want?!

Doc: J-just the test…

Dr. Mario: Please, I’m bu-

Just then Dr. Mario accidentally drops the test cure.

Dr. Mario: NO!

He dives to try to catch it but soon they hear the sound of glass breaking.

Dr. Mario: No… I was so close… I spent years researching… No…

Dr. Mario starts to cry. Nurse Peach quickly goes to him and tries to comfort him.

Doc: So when is the test?

At this Dr. Mario stands up and looks at his clone.

Dr. Mario: You…

Doc: Yes…?

Dr. Mario: You destroyed the only chance I had to cure cancer!

Doc: I’m sorry I bumped into you, but-

Dr. Mario: No buts! I don’t want an imperfect clone! Get out.

Nurse Peach: What?!

Doc: What?

Dr. Mario: GET OUT! I don’t want you here no more! I don’t care where you go but… I just don’t want to see you again!

Doc stands still a bit. He starts to cry and runs out the door.

Nurse Peach: Doc, please wait!

It’s too late. Night falls and soon Doc disappears.

Nurse Peach: How could you?!

Dr. Mario: I have no choice. As my clone I expect more from him.

Nurse Peach: *sigh* Do you think he will be okay?

Dr. Mario: That doesn’t matter now. I was hoping I would have the cure done before the tournament.

Nurse Peach: The what?

Dr. Mario: Didn’t you get the memo? There is another Smash tournament coming up.

Chapter 4: The Recruitment

A few days have passed. Doc just kept running, trying to find a place where he would be accepted. Wherever he went however he was greeted the same. “Hi Dr. Mario”. He wished he didn’t exist. However, somewhere in his heart he wished he could see Nurse Peach again. Soon he got tired. He decided to take a nap near the bottom of a giant mountain.

???: Hey, look at that. Is that…

???: It looks like Dr. Mario, but…

???: Hmm didn’t Mario register a few days ago?

???: Not to mention he whooped our sorry fingers two days ago.

???: I just got a great plan…

Doc wakes up, flying and in pain. He crashes into a tree.

Doc: Ow… What the?

He sees two huge, gloved hands floating with him.

???: Nice swat, Bro. That sure woke him up.

Doc stands up. They approach him.

Doc: Who are you?

Master Hand: I am Master Hand, manifestation of creation.

Crazy Hand: I am Crazy Hand, manifestation of destruction. Now answer us this. Who are you?

Doc: Why would you guys care? I’m just an imperfect clone banished away be my creator.

Master Hand: I see… You’re the clone of Dr. Mario.

Crazy Hand: Imperfect, you say? How come?

Doc: Look, I don’t want to divulge information to two floating hands that hurt me. I’m leaving.

Crazy Hand gets in his way.

Crazy Hand: What’s the hurry, banished clone?

Doc goes the other way and Master Hand stops him.

Master Hand: Why don’t you stay and join us? We could use help defeating the Smashers.

Doc: I’m not looking for revenge.

Just then Doc gets punched from behind by Crazy Hand. Doc hits another tree.

Crazy Hand: I can sense… anger, sadness… and lust for revenge.

Doc: No! I don’t want revenge against Dr. Mario!

Just the he gets “kicked” away by Master Hand. Doc lands on the hard ground. He lays there for a bit.

Master Hand: I can feel your hatred as well. You hate your creator for creating you. You have no real meaning… no free will. You hate your creator for this.

Doc: No… I-I don’t.

Crazy Hand grabs him and hurls him back down into the ground. Doc slowly stands up.

Crazy Hand: Your sadness… it is strong. You’re sad because your creator gets the woman you love… Peach.

Doc: I’m not listening to you scum!

Master Hand gets behind Doc and makes a signal. Crazy Hand quickly rushes in as a fist and hits Doc. The fist collides with Master Hand’s open palm and they shake it off. Doc just lays there breathing heavily.

Master Hand: You want revenge! I can feel it pulsating through your whole body! You want to get revenge on that plumber/doctor. You want to repay him for his selfish acts! For being harsh towards you. For creating you without thought! Join us! With our help you can get revenge on him!

Doc: I will not join you…

Crazy Hand: Your anger, your hatred, your sadness, your lust for revenge will make you all powerful… Only if you join us! You will give Mario what he deserves.

Doc: No… I… I…

Master Hand: Also with Mario out of the way… Peach is all yours.

Doc: But… but…

Master Hand goes up high and hurls his open palm down at Doc. Crash! Master Hand sees he missed. Doc comes out of nowhere and smashes his own fist at Master Hand. Crazy Hand tries to grab him but Doc rolls out of the way and does his Dr. Tornado on Crazy Hand. He hears a bullet coming towards him. He quickly turns around and takes out his Super Sheet and reflects the bullets back at Master Hand. Crazy Hand tries to poke him but Doc jumps out of the way. He starts to breathe hard. Master Hand joins Crazy Hand.

Master Hand: You are quite powerful indeed.

Crazy Hand: Join us.

Doc: I’m still not sure.

Master Hand: We have the power to make you a perfect clone.

Crazy Hand: All you have to do is swear your loyalty to us.

Doc: … Ok then. If you can make me a perfect clone then I will join you.

Master Hand and Crazy Hand start to glow. They go next to Doc. They start zapping him with blue electricity. The DNA in the Death Virus starts to multiply to make a complete copy. The viruses start to change color. They stain his white cloak black. His kind eyes soon turn into a frown. He forms a menacing smile. The electricity stops.

Master Hand: So how do you feel, Doc?

Doc: I am no longer Doc… I am Dark Doc!

So was the birth of Dark Doc…

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