The Dark Prognosticus Sub-Chapter B: The Birth of Dark Doc

By Dimentio

Chapter 5: Dark Doc’s Plan

Master Hand: Welcome to the secret lab of Final Destination.

Master Hand is leading Dark Doc in a lab hidden away from the Smashers.

Dark Doc: So… this is where you attempted to clone all the Ssmashers, huh?

Master Hand: I wanted to create something to finally defeat those Smashers. However all I could do was make Fighting Polygon teams. I merely put plastic skin on them so they could think they were real clones of themselves.

Dark Doc: Don’t worry. I can make you a real cloning machine. All I need is DNA from the Smashers.

Master Hand: Easy. Wireframes!

The Male and Female Wireframes appear.

Master Hand: Go to the Smash Stadium. I want you to create havoc and get me each and everyone’s DNA.

They nod and go out.

Dark Doc: I’ll get to work on that machine. As soon as I’m done I’m leaving.

Master Hand: What?

Dark Doc: I have a little plan to pull out too, you know.

At Smash Stadium…

Mario: Boy, that match was tough, huh Bro?

Luigi: Yeah, but not even two well-trained Pokemon can beat us!

They are relaxing at Smash Stadium along with every other fighter involved in Melee. Peach goes up to the Bros.

Mario: I can’t believe how many people signed up this time. It really surprised me when I found out YOU registered.

Peach: Mario, can I talk to you for a minute?

Mario: Okay. Luigi, please leave.

Luigi: Okay, I’m-a going to talk to DK.

Luigi gets up from his chair and leaves. Peach sits right next to Mario.

Mario: What’s on your mind, darling?

Peach: Doc.

Mario: Doc?

Peach: I’m worried about him.

Mario: I could care less what happens to that imperfect clone of mine.

Peach: Mario!

Mario: Okay, I’m sorry.

Peach: You created him! You are like his father. You made him for your own selfish needs and then cast him away.

Mario: Peach… It’s not like I don’t think about what I did. It’s just-

Link: Everybody, look out!

Just then the windows of Smash Stadium are broken. HunDr.eds of Wireframes pour in.

Mario: Wireframes!

The Smahers get ready and start pummeling them. Then Samus hears laughing behind her.

Crazy Hand: Ah ha ho he ha he ho ha he ha!

Kirby: Your laugh can really creep people out.

Crazy Hand starts Dr.opping his bombs. Some people get blasted while others get hit by the Wireframes while trying to avoid the bombs.

Crazy: Now bring it in!

Some Wireframes bring in a huge vacuum. They put it on suction. The vacuum starts sucking up some items.

Mario: Got to stop them…

Mario grabs a Star out of his pocket. He turns invincible and begins to destroy the machine. Everyone gets up and starts beating up the Wireframes.

Crazy: I got the vacuum bag. No need to worry.

Crazy Hand disappears with their items. Peach is dealing with a Male Wireframe when…

???: Gotcha.

Peach: Mario?

???: Sleep…

She fals to the floor fainted. The figure picks her up and runs off. The Wireframes start to retreat.

Marth: That’s right, you’d better run!

Mewtwo: What was that all about?

Mario: Well whatever it was, it’s-a over. What? Where’s Peach?

Pikachu: She was with us.

Luigi: Mario!

Luigi points outside. Mario sees someone running off with Peach.

Mario: Peach has been kidnapped!

Bowser: @&%$! Whoever they are, they must have a lot of guts to do MY job.

At the secret Final Destination lab..

Peach: Where… Where am I?

Dark Doc: Safe and sound with me.

Peach: Doc? Wh-what happened to you?

Dark Doc: I just had a little transformation.

Crazy: The plan was a success!

Peach: Crazy Hand?!

Master: Good. Now Dark Doc can create those clones we want.

Peach: Master Hand?! Doc… How could you… How could you be working for them?

Dark Doc: I am no longer Doc! I am Dark Doc, and you are my lovely prisoner.

Peach: You kidnapped me?!

Dark Doc: Quiet! I have work to do.

Dark Doc starts looking through the bag of items.

Dark Doc: Mario’s hat, one of Luigi’s gloves, a half-eaten watermelon, Samus’s helmet, Marth’s tiara, Captain Falcon’s pistol, Link’s Boomarang… Hmm, well I don’t need to continue searching but I’d say you got some DNA of everyone.

Dark Doc grabs the bag and heads towards his cloning machine.

Dark Doc: Now making a clone shouldn’t take too long. However, making numerous clones will. Go and make sure Mario won’t stop me.

Master Hand: You’re ordering us?!

Dark Doc: Do you want your plan to work or not?

Master Hand clenches and unclenches himself. He signals Crazy Hand and they leave the lab.

Peach: You can’t get away with this, Dark Doc!

Dark Doc: Silly Peach. I’m not your ordinary villain. I’m your MARIO-cloned villain! Now let the cloning begin!

Dark Doc unveils a huge machine identical to the one Dr. Mario made. He puts in the items and pushes Clone…

Luigi: Mario, you sure you want to do this?

Dr. Mario: I have to correct the mistake I made. Besides, it’s not that difficult getting to Final Destination.

Dr. Mario sets off, leaving the rest of the Smashers behind.

Pichu: This would make a great movie!

Dr. Mario makes it to Hyrule Castle. He sees Link standing nearby.

Dr. Mario: Link? I thought I told all of you to let me do this alone…

Link turns around and spots Dr. Mario. He takes out his sword and charges towards him. Dr. Mario jumps to avoid getting sliced.

Dr. Mario: Link?! What are you doing?!

Link: Must obey!

Dr. Mario does a roll dodge and gets behind Link. Link turns around and gets hit by Dr. Mario’s Smash Attack. Link gets launched into the air. He takes out his bow and shoots an arrow. Dr. Mario reflects it with his Super Sheet. Dr. Mario sees a Bob-omb next to Link. Dr. Mario jumps up into the air. Link takes out a bomb and throws it at the airborne Dr. Mario. He throws out two pills. One hits the bomb and destroys it. The other heads towards Link. Link dodges it but the pills hit the Bob-omb. Boom! Link gets launched “off the screen”.

Dr. Mario: That couldn’t have been a Polygon disguised as a Smasher. It looked more like… a clone. I have to hurry!

Chapter 6: The Faceoff

Meanwhile at Smash Stadium, the rest of the Smashers are watching TV. The news reporter, a Jigglypuff with a green bandana, comes to the desk.

Jigglypuff: Hello there, this is Jackie Chan with the smash news.

Luigi: Ugh, he must have hit his head pretty hard.

Jackie: In recent news Crazy Hand, along with some Wireframes, attacked Smash Stadium. Not only that but someone has kidnapped Princess Peach Toadstool. Dr. Mario has gone to Final Destination to get her back. Let’s go to Pichu with the current progress of Dr. Mario. What’s happening, Pichu?

Pichu: Well it seems that Dr. Mario has run into what looks like clones of other Smashers.

Ness: What is this?

Pichu: As I speak he is currently fighting a clone of DK.

The camera zooms in. Dr. Mario uses Coin Uppercut on DK. The DK clone recovers and does a Meteor Smash on Dr. Mario.

Pichu: Yes, I’m sure we’re all asking the same question: Who made all these clones?

Dark Doc: Hmm. He is getting closer.

Dark Doc turns off the TV.

Peach: Mario is coming to stop you and save me.

Dark Doc: Quiet! Well, those clones are roughing him up. Better get to my next experiment.

Peach: What is that?

Dark Doc: Ho ho ho. You’ll find out soon enough, my darling.

Peach: I am not your darling!

Dark Doc: You will be once I get this pill ready.

Peach: P-pill?

Dark Doc goes to his lab table.

Pichu: It seems that at long last, Dr. Mario has made it to Final Destination.

Master Hand: Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Crazy Hand: Ah ha he ho ha ho he ho ha!

Pichu: Wow! Both Master AND Crazy Hand have appeared!

Dr. Mario: Where is he?

Master Hand: Who?

Dr. Mario: Doc!

Crazy Hand: I’m sorry. The only doc I see is the pipsqueak in front of us.

Dr. Mario: Fine, we’ll do it the hard way.

Master Hand: Is there any other way? Ha!

Pichu: Owch! It seems Master Hand started the battle with a quick slap. Now Crazy Hand is shooting lasers from his fingers. Dr. Mario rolls behind him and is now doing some serious damage. Master Hand has made a fist and is rocketing off the field. He’s coming in! Dr. Mario jumped out of the way! No! However Crazy Hand grabbed him and is now currently squeezing the life out of him. Okay, he let go of him now.

Luigi: Come on, Bro. You can do it!

Pichu: Dr. Mario is whipping out his Dr. Tornado. Crazy Hand comes in for a poke as Master Hand is suspending himself in the air as a fist. Dr. Mario jumps over the pokes, and air dodges as Master Hands hurls his fist down. What’s this? Crazy Hand is glowing? They close in on Dr. Mario. On no! He fell asleep. Now they’ve turned into fists and are charging towards Dr. Mario! POW! Ow! We heard the attack from hear. Miraculous! Dr. Mario is still hanging on to the field. He gets back on. Crazy Hand is now dropping bombs while Master Hand is “walking” towards Dr. Mario. Dr. Mario jumps and back-kicks Master Hand! While in the air he does a corkscrew on Crazy Hand as well! They are going back to their original posts. Crazy Hand is glowing again.

Popo: Come on, Mario. Dodge it this time.

Pichu: Master Hand is getting behind Mario. He’s giving some signal to Crazy Hand. Now Crazy Hand is going up into the air. He’s going to slam his fist into Master Hand’s palm. Dr. Mario is just standing there! Oh no! He’s going in! Amazing! Dr. Mario did a simple dodge and Crazy Hand missed! Now Dr. Mario is pummeling Master Hand.

Master Hand: We’re losing… again!

Crazy Hand: We aren’t done yet!

Pichu: They are both trying to grab Dr. Mario! Dr. Mario dodges Crazy Hand but Master Hand grabs him. Oh, the pain and agony!

Kirby: Come on, Mario. Don’t give up yet.

Pichu: Master Hand hurls him into the ground. Dr. Mario recovers and does a Meteor Smash on Master Hand.


Pichu: Yes! Dr. Mario defeated Master- Oh no! He’s heading the helicopter’s way! AAAAAHHHH-

The camera gets cutoff.

Luigi: No!

At Final Destination the helicopter is spinning out of control. It lands on the battlefield.

Pichu: Ugh. That was the worst ride ever…

Pichu faints.

Crazy Hand: Well that is inconvenient.

Dr. Mario: Why is that?

Crazy: To you! Give up or I shoot the little rat to heaven!

Crazy Hand makes his gun motion.

Dr. Mario: Are you really that stupid?

Crazy: I’ll take that as you won’t give up.

Crazy Hand shoots out 5 bullets. Dr. Mario gets in Pichu’s way. He takes out the Super Sheet and reflects them all back.

Crazy: Cru-


Crazy: ARGH!

Crazy Hand goes flying out of Final Destination.

Dark Doc: If you want something done you get two weaklings to do it. Then you come in for the final crushing.

Dr. Mario turns around and sees Dark Doc standing on the other side of the field.

Dr. Mario: I knew it was you.

Dark Doc: Did you?

Dr. Mario: Where is Peach?

Dark Doc: Enjoying the view.

Dr. Mario looks up and sees a floating cage containing Peach.

Peach: Help me, Mario!

Dr. Mario: Let her go.

Dark Doc: Gladly.

Dr. Mario looks at him confused. Pichu starts to wake up.

Pichu: Uh… Where is my camera?

Pichu looks inside the wreckage and finds his unbreakable camera. Dark Doc snaps his fingers and the cage lowers. Pichu sees Dark Doc.

Pichu: What in the?!

He turns on the camera. Now the other Smashers see Dark Doc.

Luigi: Why does he look like Mario?

The cage opens and Dr. Mario reaches for Peach’s hand. SLAM! The cage door slams shut before Dr. Mario can grab her hand.

Dark Doc: Of course I didn’t say you can have her for free. You’ll have to earn her.

Dr. Mario: What are you talking about?

Dark Doc: Put up your fists!

With that Dark Doc jumps up and Meteor Smashes Dr. Mario square in the face. He gets launched into the air. Dark Doc tries to kick him but Dr. Mario air dodges. Dr. Mario lands and Dark Doc goes for a corkscrew. Dr. Mario times it right and does a headbutt. Dark Doc goes flying into the air. He recovers and starts shooting out dark pills. Dr. Mario jumps over them and does his Coin Uppercut. Dark Doc air dodges and uses Coin Uppercut himself. He sends Dr. Mario flying again.

Dark Doc: You can’t beat me. I know every move you know. Not to mention, that battle you had really weakened you.

Dr. Mario: I can’t give up!

Dr. Mario runs up to him and does his slide kick. Dark Doc trips but rolls out of the way of the oncoming Smash attack. Dr. Mario uses Dr. Tornado. Dark Doc gets sucked in and starts to get pummeled. He gets launched into the air but pulls out a Bob-omb.

Dark Doc: A good villain cheats smartly!

He throws the Bob-omb down and hits Dr. Mario. He gets blasted out of the battlefield.

Bowser: He did not just do that!

Dr. Mario acts fast and uses his second jump as well as his recovery move. He hangs onto the edge, breathing heavily. Dark Doc walks over there.

Dark Doc: Any last words… Master?

Dr. Mario just remains silent, catching his breath. Dark Doc raises his foot over Dr. Mario. Dr. Mario sees his chance and jump up from the ledge. He throws out two pills. One hits Doc in the back, the other in his left arm. On contact they start to sizzle.

Dark Doc: Argh!

Dr. Mario: Of course… He is a…Virus Made Humanoid. My pills!

Dr. Mario starts throwing out more of his pills. However Dark Doc is now more cautious and takes out his Super Sheet. He reflects all the pills back at Dr. Mario. He jumps up to avoid them and throws more pills. Dark Doc roll dodges and avoids the horde of pills. He does a Coin Uppercut. He misses by an inch and that’s where Dr. Mario sees his chance. He throws four pills at Dark Doc’s legs. They hit his legs and they start to sizzle. Dark Doc falls onto the floor in pain.

Pichu: Good stuff, good stuff, good stuff.

Smashers: You can do it, Dr. Mario!

Dr. Mario lands on the floor as Dark Doc tries to get up. Dr. Mario throws out four more pills at his arms. He falls back down again as soon as the pills hit his arms. Dr. Mario stands over him.

Dark Doc: Curse you! This isn’t over yet! You can’t get rid of me!

Dr. Mario: Sorry… Doc.

Dr. Mario starts to throw dozens of pills at him. He closes his eyes and continues. All he can hear is Dark Doc’s screams of agony. Then he doesn’t hear it anymore. He opens his eyes and sees a tower of his pills. They start to dissolve and Dr. Mario can see the viruses dieing. The cage door opens and a crying Peach comes out.

Peach: Oh Dr. Mario… Why?

Dr. Mario: I’m sorry, Peach… but I had no choice.

They look one more time at the spot where Dark Doc. Dr. Mario grabs Peach’s hand and leave Final Destination…

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