The Dark Prognosticus Sub-Chapter B: The Birth of Dark Doc

By Dimentio

Chapter 9: Dark Doc’s Attack

Kirby takes out a laptop from out of his mouth. Currently Kirby and Peach are on a dock located outside of Smash Stadium. The Rainbow Ride cruiser carefully lands next to the dock. Peach gets out while Kirby starts having a live chat with Dr. Mario.

Dr. Mario: Your mission is quite simple, Kirby: escort Peach back into her castle for safety. I have to stay behind and cure the rest of the ill Smashers. Beware of Dark Doc. He might get wise on us and ambush the Cruiser. Make sure Peach is safe at all costs.

Kirby: Yes sir! Peach will make it back to her castle unscathed.

Kirby closes the laptop, eats it, and proceeds to get on the Cruiser as well. It ships off and heads into the skies. Dr. Mario watches from his window in his office and sees the Cruiser disappear behind the clouds. He goes back to attending his patients.

Peach: Sure is nice up here…

Back on the Cruiser, Peach is looking outside her window and watching as Smash Stadium is reduced to a speck. Kirby is on-deck driving the cruiser.

Kirby: Hmm. At this rate we will get to your castle in no time. Sorry about you having to miss the rest of the tournament…

Peach comes out of her room and goes on deck with Kirby. She places her gloved hand on Kirby’s bald head.

Peach: It’s fine… Maybe when this whole ordeal blows over I…

Dark Doc: Can live with me for all eternity! Haha!

Suddenly Dark Doc falls from the sky and lands right on the Cruiser. Peach shrieks and Kirby jumps from the wheel and confronts the mad doctor.

Kirby: All right, put out your hands so I can cuff’em!

Dark Doc: If you insist…

Dark Doc puts his arms out but quickly does a Dr. Tornado and sends Kirby flying high. Kirby however uses the height to his advantage and transforms into a one-ton weight. Dark Doc starts walking towards Peach but gets crushed underneath Kirby. Kirby quickly transforms back and grabs the crushed doctor. He does an Air Drop but they land all the way on top of the Rainbow Cruise course. Peach quickly grabs the wheel and heads towards the landing dock of the course.

Back all the way up…

Dark Doc: That Air Drop… Mighty impressive… and quite painful…

Kirby proceeds to Vulcan Jab Dark Doc but he simply jumps up to avoid it and corkscrews Kirby in the face. Kirby wobbles back a bit, which gives Dark Doc the opportunity to land a one-two punch. However when Dark Doc goes for a kick Kirby pulls out his Final Cutter and slashes the doctor into the air and brings him back down. Dark Doc jumps back to his feet and starts throwing multiple Mega Vitamins at Kirby. Kirby jumps up, avoiding the pills, and takes out his hammer. Dark Doc roll-dodges behind Kirby as he hits the ground with his hammer and does a quick Smash Attack. Kirby gets sent flying and Dark Doc quickly runs up underneath him and sends Kirby flying up even higher by doing a Super Jump Punch.

Meanwhile with Peach…

Peach: I’m coming, Kirby! Wait… Where is the break for this thing?

Just then Peach crashes onto the dock, not hard enough to brake but hard enough that it sends Peach onto the deck. The Cruiser starts to descend and Peach quickly jumps onto the deck. She begins climbing up the odd stairway.

Kirby falls down hard and Dark Doc aims for Kirby. He takes out a Bob-omb and throws it. Kirby quickly comes to his senses and leaps forward, avoiding the Bob-omb. Dark Doc goes for another corkscrew but Kirby intercepts with a powerful upward kick. Dark Doc gets sent flying up and Kirby combos up with another Final Cutter by dragging him back down with it and then sending out a shockwave. Dark Doc quickly flips back as Kirby tries to hammer him again. Kirby opens his mouth and inhales but Dark Doc quickly uses his Super Sheet and turns Kirby around. It takes Kirby a second to realize he is inhaling nothing, but by then Dark Doc has charged up his Smash Attack and electrocutes Kirby.

Kirby gets sent flying again, with Dark Doc going underneath him again, ready to launch him farther. However Kirby decides to quickly turn into a Thwomp and crushes Dark Doc as he attempts his Super Punch. Kirby quickly transforms back and floats towards the launched Dark Doc. He executes a triple kick and hits Dark Doc even farther. Dark Doc quickly performs a tech as he hits the floor and jumps back up into the air. Kirby, surprised by the Doc’s quick reflexes, does not act in time to block off Dark Doc’s Meteor Smash. Kirby gets sent even farther and hits the floor hard. Kirby slowly gets up but Dark Doc catches up to him and performs a sweeper kick, knocking Kirby back down. Dark Doc grabs the weakened Kirby with one hand and takes out a Super Scope with the other. He begins to charge it in front of Kirby’s face and laughs cruelly.

Dark Doc: Well, we know who came out on top this round!

Peach: Not yet!

Suddenly the sound of someone getting smacked by a frying pan fills the air, and before he know it, Dark Doc is flying high up in the air. He tries to straighten himself out when suddenly Peach jumps towards him and smacks him hard with her tiara. He goes flying up a little higher and tries to calm his pounding head. However, as he is falling down, Peach gets underneath him and charges up her upward Smash Attack. Dark Doc opens his eyes just as Peach hits him in the face.

Dark Doc: I’ll win next tiiiiiiimmmmeeeeeee…

Dark Doc gets sent flying towards the nearby mountains. Peach quickly goes to Kirby’s side and helps him up.

Kirby: Thanks, Princess…

Peach: No problem, Kirby… but…

Peach looks out into the clouds and then turns to the spot where Dark Doc landed high up on a mountain.

Peach: How are we going to get to my castle?

Kirby: Way ahead of you.

Kirby takes out a cell phone. The antenna extends with a star tip and sends out a signal. Suddenly Kirby’s Warp Star shows up and lands next to Kirby. Kirby climbs on and Peach holds onto Kirby. They fly off back into the clouds.

Chapter 10: Attack on the Castle

Kirby: Castle approaching!

Kirby maneuvers out of the clouds and Peach sees her castle come into view. Kirby carefully dips the Warp Star and it starts to descend.

Kirby: I’ll just drop you off at the entrance and then I can head back-

BOOM! Suddenly the Warp Star gets launched out of the sky and Kirby & Peach start falling through the sky. Peach quickly reacts and takes out her parasol. She also grabs Kirby, who is in a daze. She slowly floats to the top of the castle. She watches the Warp Star crash into the ground and become engulfed in flames. Kirby quickly comes to and looks at his destroyed vehicle.

Kirby: Oh phoo… That was my favorite Air Ride machine… Wait, they can’t normally catch on fire like that…

Peach: Then you don’t think…

Suddenly they hear two figures falling behind them, and quickly turn towards them. They see Marth & Roy standing side by side.

Peach: Oh, hi guys. What are you doing here-

Suddenly they pull out their swords and walk slowly towards them.

Kirby: I’d say it’s safe to presume these aren’t our friends.

Marth quickly lunges at the pair with his sword but they simply jump out of the way. Roy then jumps up after them and uses Blazer but Peach puts Toad up in defense. Toad releases some spores as Roy hits, who gets sent flying back. Marth jumps next as Peach puts Toad away, and slashes vertically. However just as the sword is about to hurt Peach, Kirby smashes Marth away with his hammer and knocks him into Roy. They both land in a pile but quickly get up, looking furious. Marth quickly runs up to Peach and performs his Shield Breaker. However Kirby quickly leaps in front of it and takes the hit. He flies to the other side of the castle and Marth pursues. Peach tries to run there too but Roy cuts her off as he tries to use Flare Blade on her. She simply roll-dodges to her left and avoids the attack. Roy lunges at her with his sword and Peach puts up her tennis racket in defense. He knocks it away and then Smash Attacks Peach. She is knocked only a few feet away as she uses Peach Bomber to counter the momentum. She also manages to hit Roy and send him dragging across the floor. He gets back up and quickly performs his Double-Edge Dance. Peach gets overwhelmed by the combo and is sent flying up into the air. Roy adds more injury by performing his Blazer again, scorching the princess. She falls back down hard on the roof.

Meanwhile, Kirby falls on the roof but quickly techs to get back on his feet. Marth jumps up and does a downward slash just as Kirby quickly roll-dodges to avoid it. Kirby retaliates by sucking Marth up. He swallows him and obtains his shield breaker ability. Kirby notices something on his head and finds out it’s blue hair.

Kirby: Wow… I have hair!

Kirby jumps for joy, but his celebration is cut short when Marth successfully slashes at him. Kirby gets knocked up a couple feet and Marth jumps to forward-slash him, but Kirby uses his new Shield Breaker to knock Marth away. Marth falls to the floor and skids a little but regains his posture. Kirby lands gently but then runs towards Marth and turns himself into a fireball. Marth times himself and uses counter to knock Kirby away just as his hit connects. Kirby techs as he hits the castle wall and proceeds to corkscrew Marth. However he uses counter again and knocks Kirby into the wall, harder this time. Kirby falls down and notices he lost his hair.

Kirby: My hair! Now you’ve done it…

Kirby starts running towards Marth again and he quickly counters. However Kirby just stands still for a bit, then grabs Marth and performs an Air Drop. He crashes him into the ground and Marth flies up into the air. Kirby quickly fallows it up with a flip-kick and juggles Marth higher into the air. Marth comes to his senses and goes for another downward slash, but Kirby simply air dodges and hammers Marth in the face. Marth is launched far off the castle but with quick timing he does his dolphin slash and safely grabs onto the ledge. He gets back up and starts slashing at Kirby. Kirby quickly takes out his cutter in defense and they engage in a swordfight.

Meanwhile on the other side of the castle, Peach tries to get back up but Roy puts his foot on her chest and raises his sword up high. Peach quickly takes out her golf club and whacks Roy across the face. Roy stumbles back a bit and Peach gets up. Roy swings his sword but Peach puts up her sword in defense. She quickly shakes him off and swings upwards, hitting Roy hard in the stomach. He loses air and kneels down, holding his stomach. Peach slams her golf club hard on his face and he falls down. She continues hitting him for a while. Suddenly Roy reaches out and grabs the club before it can hit him again. He pulls it out of her grasp and throws it away. He slashes her but she easily recovers and floats in the air. He jumps up and slashes at her but she floats out of his range and quickly smacks him hard with her tiara. Roy gets launched and hits the castle wall hard. Peach quickly fallows it up with another Peach Bomber but Roy times it right and counters. She is blown back quite a few feet and barely hangs on to the ledge of the castle. Roy goes over to the ledge and tries poking her but she lets go before he hits her. She then quickly does her Peach Parasol and hits Roy away from the ledge. She lands back up and quickly rolls behind Roy as he Smash Attacks in front of him. She quickly grabs him and slaps him away. Roy, however, uses Blazer quickly while in the air and gets back on the roof safely. Roy slashes vertically at Peach, who holds up her frying pan in defense. Roy thrusts his sword but Peach knocks it away with her frying pan. Roy continues attacking Peach in all directions but Peach deflects all his attacks with simply her frying pan. He backs off quickly but then leaps at her, his sword over his head. Just as he starts bringing it down Peach smacks him hard over the head with the pan. Roy falls flat on his face and drops his sword. He gets up but Peach charges up her forward Smash and hits him with the frying pan. Roy gets launched some yards away and disappears.

Peach: Whew… That’s why I never leave home without ya.

She sits down to catch her breath, when a shadow engulfs her…

The sound of two swords grinding against each other fills the air as Kirby battles Marth with his cutter. However, Kirby has difficulty keeping up as Marth is fast and Kirby isn’t used to using his cutter as a sword. Marth quickly does a horizontal slash and Kirby jumps up and lunges at Marth with his cutter. Marth gets sent back and Kirby puts his cutter away. Marth runs up to Kirby and quickly does his Shield Breaker, but Kirby quickly ducks and avoids it due to his size. Kirby then just as quickly performs his Smash Attack and sends Marth flying. Marth barely makes it to the ledge of the castle and climbs back up the roof. Marth runs towards Kirby and jumps just as Kirby swings his hammer. Marth does a forward slash and knocks Kirby off his feet. Marth quickly lands and grabs Kirby. He tosses Kirby up into the air but not too high, for then he quickly does his Upward Smash and hits Kirby hard. Kirby goes flying way up high but transforms into a rock and comes crashing down. However Marth simply rolls out of the way and does his Dolphin Slash just as Kirby transforms back, causing him to fly up again. Low in health, Kirby decides to do one last move. As he is flying in the air he takes out his cutter and starts focusing. Marth sees his chance and jumps up into the air, ready to stab Kirby with a powerful Shield Breaker. Just as he thrusts his sword, Kirby opens his eyes and swings his cutter, shooting out a sword-like beam that cuts Marth in half! Kirby lands gently and sees Marth still suspended in the air. He sees his halves split off, then explode in a virus-filled explosion. Kirby seems puzzled for a bit but then realizes…

Kirby: Dark Doc’s men… They fallowed us… Which mean…

Kirby quickly turns around and sees Master Hand floating away. He starts hearing muffled screams from inside Master Hand’s closed fist. Kirby tries to float after him but in a split second Master Hand disappears.

Kirby: This is very bad…

Kirby starts running towards Smash Stadium…

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