The Dark Prognosticus Sub-Chapter B: The Birth of Dark Doc

By Dimentio

Chapter 11: Revenge of Dark Doc

Dr. Mario: …and just drink this every 12 hours and you will be fine, Captain Falcon. Next patient!

Kirby breaks through the crowd and crashes into Dr. Mario’s desk.

Dr. Mario: Kirby? What are you-

Kirby: Peach! She…

Kirby falls down and passes out. Dr. Mario jumps over to the other side of his desk and picks up Kirby. He notices he is heavily beaten up, with slash marks on his person.

Dr. Mario: Oh, this is not good at all…

He quickly puts Kirby in a bed and gives him a remedy. He looks out the window towards the mountains. Dark clouds start forming at the tips…

Meanwhile, back at the hidden Final Destination lab, Master Hand comes inside. Dark Doc appears from another hidden door and falls to his knees.

Dark Doc: Ugh… Well THAT could’ve gone a lot better… Did the attack on the castle at least work?

Master Hand: See for yourself.

Crazy Hand gets out a cage and Master Hand drops Peach inside. She stays huddled up as Dark Doc approaches the cage.

Dark Doc: Yes… I like what I’m seeing…

Dark Doc reaches out through the bars to Peach, but she pushes him away. Dark Doc simply grins at his prisoner. Crazy Hand slowly hovers towards Dark Doc.

Crazy Hand: I don’t see why we had to kidnap her again. You lost last time we used her as bait!

Dark Doc: If you’re talking about Dr. Mario, that fool got lucky last time! I did not foresee that the megavitamins would damage me.

Crazy Hand: Even though that was kind of obvious…

Dark Doc lets out a grunt but then takes out a dark megavitamin and a pink megavitamin. He whistles at Peach to get her attention, then waves the pills at her.

Dark Doc: Remember these? Last time your hero Mario got the advantage before I could use them. However, now that I know I can beat him, I can use these to strike terror into his heart! Let’s use the first one now, shall we? Get the patient ready for her shot…

Dark Doc nods his head as Peach looks at him with terror in her eyes. Suddenly Master Hand grabs Peach out of the cage and brings her towards Dark Doc. Dark Doc takes out a needle and inserts the pink pill into it. It liquidizes inside and he aims at her arm, but she quickly executes a Peach Bomber and blows Master Hand away. She starts running from him but Crazy Hand gets in her way. However she takes out her frying pan and starts smacking Crazy Hand hard with it. He collapses too and she heads towards the exit. Dark Doc shakes his head.

Dark Doc: For the love of…

Dark Doc takes out a modified Ray Gun and shoots out a bolt of lightning at Peach. She screams as she gets hit and falls to the floor, her body paralyzed. Dark Doc kicks Master Hand up, and both Master and Crazy Hand pick up Peach and hold her steady. Dark Doc approaches her with needle in hand.

Dark Doc: Hahahaha! Don’t worry, Peach… This won’t hurt at all…

She whimpers and screams out Mario’s name as Dark Doc injects her with the needle…

Luigi: Will you be all right, Bro?

Back at Smash Stadium, most of the Smashers have recovered from the last attack. Kirby is still on a bed recovering from his fight. Dr. Mario puts the Star Vaccine inside a pocket of his lab coat. He starts heading towards the doors of Smash Stadium. Luigi walks alongside him and puts his hand on his big bro’s shoulder.

Luigi: Dark Doc isn’t going to make the road any easier on you… Maybe you should wait for his next move is and-

Dr. Mario: Wait for him to do who-knows-what to Peach? I’ve got to fix this mistake, because if I don’t everyone in this stadium is in danger. I won’t let him terrorize us anymore. Keep watch over Kirby.

Dr. Mario shakes hands with his bro and goes running out of Smash Stadium. Luigi looks at his bro until he is nothing more than a speck of dust.

Pichu: Don’t worry, Luigi. I’m sure Mario will be triumphant again.

Luigi turn around and sees the cameraman, Pichu, smiling at him. Luigi pets the little mouse Pokemon but doesn’t say much else. He lets out a sigh and takes out a pair of stethoscopes and heads towards Dr. Mario’s office. The Pichu scampers to the helicopter dock.

Luigi: Well Kirby, time to check your- Wah!

Luigi looks at the bed and sees Kirby is gone. He runs over and lifts up the sheets, looks inside the drawers, lifts up the potted plant, and even looks in the toilet, but doesn’t find Kirby. He notices a breeze and looks at the window. He sees its open and peers out. In the distance he sees a little small star with wings heading towards the dark clouds over the mountain…

Chapter 12: That Faceoff, Part 2

Pichu: And now Dr. Mario smartly dodges Fox’s Smash attack and counters with a grab! He is tossing him over the stage… and he is outta here!

Pichu is on his helicopter (again) reporting live over Dr. Mario’s progress. People gather again over the TV as they watch Dr. Mario step into Final Destination. Dr. Mario wipes the sweat off his brow as both Master Hand and Crazy Hand appear.

Dr. Mario: Where is he?!

Master Hand wastes no time answering Dr. Mario and immediately starts with a quick slap. However Dr. Mario is quicker and jumps to avoid it. He flip-kicks Master Hand as he goes back to his post, while Crazy Hand flies up high. Dr. Mario cleverly roll dodges out of Crazy Hand’s way but right into Master Hand’s open palm. Master Hand starts laughing as he squeezes Mario.

Pichu: This looks very bad for Dr. Mario right now!

Smashers: Come on, Mario, don’t give up!

Dark Doc: Come on, Mario, don’t give up…

Dark Doc is eagerly watching the battle from the Final Destination lab. He smiles as Dr. Mario gets out of Master Hand’s grip and Meteor Mashes him.

Dark Doc: After all… it wouldn’t be right if we let the dumb duo have all the fun. Isn’t that right, honey?

???: (monotone) You’re right, dear…

Dark Doc puts a needle with dark liquid inside his lab coat, and heads towards the exit.

Dark Doc: When I give the signal I want you to drop onto Final Destination. Got it?

???: (monotone) Yes, love…

Dark Doc smiles wickedly as he heads out of the lab.

Pichu: And it looks like Master Hand is down! And Crazy Hand doesn’t look too good either!

Dr. Mario backflips as Crazy Hand tries to electrocute him with his laser attack. Dr. Mario then quickly jumps up and corkscrews Crazy Hand, then quickly follows up with a Super Jump Punch. Crazy Hand flinches, which gives Dr. Mario time to jump up again and deliver a Meteor Mash. Crazy Hand lets out a scream as he flies off Final Destination, blowing up. Dr. Mario lands on his feet and lets out a sigh. He hears something land behind him and quickly jumps to the opposite side of the stage.

Dark Doc: What’s the matter? Jumpy much… heh heh…

Dr. Mario: Where is she?!

Dark Doc: That’s actually not important right now… But this is…

Dark Doc takes out a Super Scope and starts charging it up. Dr. Mario gets his Super Sheet ready. However Dark Doc quickly aims up and fires directly at the helicopter. The shot completely destroys the top blade of the helicopter and it starts descending out of Final Destination. The Smashers gasp as their TV suddenly losses signal…

Dark Doc throws away the Super Scope, strikes a pose, and glares at Dr. Mario.

Dark Doc: You won’t fluke a second victory! Now put ‘em up!

With that Dark Doc charges at Dr. Mario with a fist cocked. Dr. Mario easily uses his Super Sheet to turn him the other way just as he punches. Dark Doc is dumbfounded for a second and gets hit by a  Smash Attack from the back and goes flying a couple feet. His face hits the floor but he gets back to his feet.

Dark Doc: So we are going to play dirty then? Fine!

Dark Doc makes some hand gestures at which Dr. Mario looks with confusion. Suddenly a homerun bat appears out of nowhere and Dark Doc picks it up. Dr. Mario cringes but then backflips as Dark Doc swings at him. Dr. Mario throws some megavitamins while in midair but Dark Doc uses his Super Sheet to reflect them. Dr. Mario lands and manages a standing dodge as Dark Doc swings again. Dr. Mario grabs him and slams Dark Doc into the ground.

Dr. Mario: What have you done with her?!

Dark Doc just chuckles as he quickly does a sweeper kick and knocks Dr. Mario onto the floor. Dark Doc starts pummeling Dr. Mario with the bat. Dr. Mario yells out in pain and tries to drag himself away but Dark Doc doesn’t let up. Dark Doc lets out a yell as he raises the bat high up and slams it down. However Dr. Mario rolls out of the way at the last second and quickly jumps to his feet. He grabs Dark Doc again but this time throws him upwards. Dr. Mario jumps up high and delivers a strong Meteor Smash to Dark Doc, causing him to drop the bat. Dark Doc lands hard on his back but quickly rolls out of the way of an incoming corkscrew. Dark Doc turns around to punch Dr. Mario but gets hit by a Smash Attack and goes flying towards the opposite side of the stage. Dark Doc falls flat on his back, too stunned from the electric pulse to jump back up. Dr. Mario sees his chance and takes out the Star Vaccine. He injects it into a needle and starts running towards Dark Doc. Dark Doc lifts his head and sees a blurry figure running towards him with something sharp. He takes out a small microphone from his lab coat.

Dark Doc: Quick, get over him and attack him…

Dark Doc cringes just as he sees Dr. Mario is only a few feet away and lifting the hypodermic needle. Dr. Mario brings down the needle over Dark Doc, when suddenly Dr. Mario yells out in pain. Something blunt struck his hand and as a result caused the needle to go flying out of his hand and off the Final Destination stage. Dr. Mario stands there for a few seconds, baffled, then he gets hit by a very hard and dense object. He gets sent flying straight up and starts falling back down. He then gets smacked hard and goes flying to the other side of the stage. Dr. Mario techs as he lands but notices that Dark Doc is still down. He squints and realizes there is a translucent figure next to him.

Dr. Mario: You cheap coward! Two against one isn’t fair! Especially when your partner is invisible!

Dark Doc lets out a chuckle as the figure helps him up.

Dark Doc: Are you saying you would like to see my partner?

Dr. Mario shakes off the pain and starts running towards the evil doctor. He jumps up and cocks his fist. Dark Doc smiles and lets out a laugh as he takes out a remote control from his lab coat. He pushes a button marked “Cloaking device”. Suddenly the translucent figure appears before the noble doctor’s eyes.

Dr. Mario: Peach?!

Dr. Mario mis-times his hit in order to avoid Peach. However he lands face first in front of the pair. He looks up at Peach, who looks fine except for a bandage on her arm and for her dilated pupils.

Dark Doc: Honey? Please give our patient here the standard check-up.

Peach nods and grabs Dr. Mario off the floor. Dr. Mario holds onto her arms.

Dr. Mario: Peach! Don’t you remember me?!

Peach responds by slamming him into the ground, then jumping on his back.

Dark Doc: Good, now see if there is any problem with his stomach.

Peach grabs Dr. Mario again but holds him up and punches him in the gut. The wind is knocked out of Dr. Mario and he falls down as Peach lets go. Dark Doc starts laughing triumphantly. Dr. Mario starts getting up but Dark Doc kicks him back down. Peach flinches for a sec. Dr. Mario notices and tries to reach for a megavitamin, but Dark Doc stomps on his hand.

Dr. Mario: What… did you do to her… you madman!

Dark Doc: Oh, all I did was do extensive research on the human brain, find out which parts react to love, study some chemistry, recreate the hormones that are linked with love, add my own little drug to induce mind control, turn it into a pill, and inject it into the nurse. No big deal. Unfortunately the effects aren’t as strong as I would hope because she is SO monotone, but hey… At least she is finally all mine.

Dark Doc picks up Dr. Mario with one hand and starts punching him with the other. Peach suddenly puts her hand on Dark Doc’s shoulder.

Peach: (non-monotone) Don’t you think you’re doing a little too much?

Dark Doc slams Dr. Mario into the ground and kicks him away a couple feet, then turns to Peach.

Dark Doc: I call it just desserts for his selfishness! Now do as I say. Go pick him up and hold him steady.

Peach: (monotone) Of course, darling…

Peach goes over to Dr. Mario, who is starting to lose consciousness. She picks him up but Dr. Mario leans on her arms.

Dr. Mario: Peach… please… You’ve got to break… this spell he has you in…*cough*

Peach just stares at Dr. Mario and doesn’t say a word. Dark Doc approaches Dr. Mario, holding the needle with the dark liquid.

Dark Doc: Heh heh… AH HA HA HA HA! Dr. Mario… “Master”, you’ll be happy to know I made a medical breakthrough as well! This here liquid contains a cloned death virus that multiplied rather quickly to make this liquid. This poison is the most lethal in ALL THE UNIVERSE! As quickly as 5 minutes you’ll die, but not before feeling your vital organs burn as they turn into an unrecognizable pulp! Now you will feel the pain that I had to endure on the inside!

Dark Doc starts laughing as Dr. Mario tries to back away, but Peach has a tight hold on Dr. Mario. He stares into her eyes, which are wide with fear and full of doubt. She stares at him back and he notices a quick sparkle in her eye. He quickly embraces her.

Dr. Mario: PEACH!

He screams out her name as Dark Doc injects him right in the spine. Dr. Mario’s scream suddenly snaps Peach to her senses and she sees Dr. Mario holding onto her. She also sees Dark Doc with an evil glint in his eyes as he injects all of the death virus liquid into Dr. Mario. She reflexively drops Dr. Mario and hits Dark Doc with her golf club. He goes flying to the opposite side of the stage but techs before he bounces off the stage. Peach quickly falls to her knees and sees the needle is still lodged in Dr. Mario’s back. She takes it out and flips him over, finding him to now be as pale as his lab coat. Tears start forming in her eyes. She leans close to his face and whispers something into his ear but he doesn’t respond. She holds him tight as she quietly begins to sob. Meanwhile Dark Doc hops back to his feet with a huge smile on his face. He starts walking towards Peach.

Dark Doc: You can’t save him now! He is already dieing as we speak. As soon as he dies, I’ll impersonate him back at Smash Stadium, infiltrate it, and find the Smashers’ weaknesses, inform to Master and Crazy Hand, and then they can lead a full attack on them. I have already gotten my revenge and soon so will they! As for you, my pretty princess…

Dark Doc takes out another needle from his lab coat with the same pink liquid as before. Peach holds onto Dr. Mario ever closer to her as Dark Doc approaches the pair.

Kirby: Not so fast, villain!

Suddenly the needle gets blasted out of Dark Doc’s hands. Kirby appears out of the darkness of Final Destination riding his Winged Star with a Ray Gun in one stub and a passed out Pichu in the other. Kirby jumps out of his star (leaving Pichu on it) and lands next to Dark Doc. Dark Doc yells out as he goes to grab Kirby. Kirby quickly dons a red bandana and locks hands with Dark Doc. The two struggle for a sec but Kirby overpowers Dark Doc and throws Dark Doc a couple feet. Kirby quickly takes out the Star Vaccine from his mouth and throws it at Peach. At the sight of the gold-glowing pill Dark Doc screams in disbelief.

Dark Doc: Where did you get that?!

Kirby: It fell from the sky as I was getting close to Final Destination. Quick, Peach!

Dark Doc suddenly blasts off like a rocket towards the dieing Dr. Mario and Peach. Peach quickly opens up the needle she still has and stuffs the pill inside, it quickly turning into a liquid. Dark Doc jumps up high and cocks his fist, ready to smash Peach. Kirby however quickly aims at Dark Doc and fires another blast from his Ray Gun. Dark Doc gets hit, messes up in midair, and falls flat on his face. He watches in horror as Peach injects Dr. Mario’s arm with the Star Vaccine. He glows a shiny gold color for a few seconds which then turns into a mighty white shine. Dr. Mario jumps to his feet as fresh and vibrant as he ever has been. Dr. Mario lets out a huge smile as Dark Doc starts pounding the floor over and over.

Dark Doc: No… No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO!!! I won! I WON! You can’t live! I KILLED YOU! KILLED YOU! I-

Dr. Mario picks up Dark Doc from the ground and smacks him across the face.

Dr. Mario: You are in big trouble. Kirby?

Dr. Mario throws Dark Doc up into the air and quickly follows it up with a Super Jump Punch. Dark Doc goes flying high but starts falling back down into Kirby’s sight. Kirby catches him by doing a triple kick on the evil doctor while he is still airborne. Dark Doc goes flying a couple more feet, landing just as Dr. Mario has a headbutt fully charged. He smashes Dark Doc back into the air, where Kirby brings him back down with a Final Cutter Attack. Dark Doc lands hard on the floor and stays there, breathing hard. He slowly gets up as Dr. Mario has a fully charged Smash Attack.

Dr. Mario: Arrivedercim Doctor!

Dr. Mario unleashes his Smash Attack right into Dark Doc’s face. He goes flying horizontally at a super fast speed right into Kirby’s lap.

Kirby: Enjoy your flight!

Kirby does his Upward Smash Attack and kicks the devious doctor straight up into the air. Dark Doc goes flying past the dark clouds until he is completely gone. Dr. Mario and Kirby shake hands as they look over the horizon. Suddenly Dr. Mario gets pounced on by Peach.

Peach: MARIO!!!

Peach starts smothering him with kisses, tears of joy flooding her eyes. Peach holds Dr. Mario tightly as Dr. Mario returns the embrace. Kirby clicks a button on his remote and a huge Wagon Star appears. Kirby grabs the fainted Pichu off the Winged Star and puts him in the wagon.

Kirby: Come on, you two! It’s time to go home.

Peach, however, still holds onto Dr. Mario.

Peach: I thought… you were going to leave me… I thought-

Dr. Mario puts a finger over her lips and just smiles. She smiles back and lets go of Dr. Mario. He grabs her hand and they walk towards the wagon. They get on and Kirby gets on the driver’s spot. The wagon flies from Final Destination and heads towards Smash Stadium…

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