Toad Battles Bowser 2: Attack of teh Clones

By Cornpie

Recap of 3 years ago...

3 years ago Peach once again was kidnapped, but instead of Mario jumping into action, Toad finally gained respect and went instead. With his friends Luigi, Fawful, Diddy, Daisy, and a sign for some reason unknown, he traveled to Bowser's castle, pwned him, and trapped him in an unmeltable metal box. Toad was a hero, Luigi and Daisy got married, Fawful... What happened to him again? Anyway, Diddy continued to help Cornpie in Interviews, and Sign continued to give information, randomly appearing everywhere in the Mushroom Kingdom like that fat guy who always sits near the statues of the gyms in the Pokemon games. The Koopalings used their dad's life insurance to go to Disney World, Peach got smashed underneath a pig that fell from the sky (running gag), and Mario became stupid again.

Ok, enough recap, time for the new story.

Prologue: Bowser's Back

5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilometers under the castle… (You thought I'd say miles, huh?)

We see a giant metal box in a giant pool of lava.

*bang* *clang* *bonk* *smash* *bash*

A crack appears on the box.

???: ... ha ha ha... ha ha... HA HA HA HA HA!

In Peach's Castle...

Peach: Toad!!! GET IN HERE!

Toad: What?

Peach: The toilet’s clogged, can you fix it?

Toad: WHAT?! Why would I do that?!

Peach: Part of the promotion I gave you after you saved me from Bowser three years ago.

Toad: ... Some promotion...

He grabs a plunger, and starts unclogging the toilet.

2 minutes later...

Toad: I found "this" in the toilet

He has a 10 inch tall, 8 inch wide diamond. It's covered in peanut butter... How'd that get in there?

Peach: I've been looking for that since I was 3!

Toad: It has the year it was made on it. It says 2008, that was last year.

Peach: Exactly.

Toad: ... I'm going to visit Toadette.

In Toadette's room.



Toadette: Even as Ike I can't beat Ness.

Toad: Hey guys.

Toadette: Hey Toad, wanna play Brawl?

Fawful: I call Ness!

Toad: Yeah su-


Fawful: What was that?

Toad: I have a bad feeling about this...

Toadette: Why?

Fawful switches the Wii off and turns to the Shroom News Entertainment Station (SNES, acronym intended).

Reporter Koopa: All through the Mushroom Kingdom a thud was heard, after which strange laughter was heard by Lava Way.

Toadette: Wait a minute! Isn't that near Bowser's Castle?

Fawful: Isn't that the 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilometer deep lava lake under and around Bowser's castle?

Toad: ... Yes.

Fawful: Oh DAD.

Toadette: That CAN'T be good.

Toad: Tell me about it.


Fawful: That sounded like Peach.

Toad: Wait a minute!

1 minute later…

Toad: NOT LITERALLY! Anyway, Lava Way, a thud, laughter, my annoying boss screaming, Cornpie typing every word I say and putting it into an Email to Lemmy. It can only mean one thing...

Toadette: It's Pizza Tuesday?

Toad: Besides that. It means… *scrolls up and sees the title* THE SEQUEL!!!

???: Did somebody say spatula?!

Toad, Toadette, and Fawful: No.

???: Oh... Well, hi guys.

The figure appears and it’s Diddy.

Toad: Wow, half of us and it's only the prologue!

Toadette: Well, technically I wasn’t in the last one so it's not half of us yet.

Fawful: Way to kill the mood, Toadette!

Diddy: No, that didn't kill it.

A pig falls from the sky and hurts Diddy.

Diddy: THAT did.

Reporter Koopa: We now have word that a flying object has flown to Peach's castle and crashed through to the throne room, and captured Peach! MARIO, WHERE ARE YOU?!

Mario: Over here.

RK: ...

The TV is switched off.

*insert SMBZ start of episode theme*
Chapter 1: Let's get it started!

At Bowser's Castle...

Peach is thrown out of the Klown Kopter

Peach: You'll never get away with this, Bowser!

???: I'm not Bowser anymore, I'm DRY BOWSER!

Peach: ... So?

Dry Bowser: I look cooler, and I have an awesomer mohawk.

Peach: ... Nope.

Dry Bowser: Gggrgh... KOOPALINGS!

... Tumble weed rolls by...



Dry Bowser: Grrrrr... Hey, what's this?

Note: Spent King Dad's life insurance money on tickets to Disney World, be back by February in 2010.  -Koopalings


Peach: HAHAHA!


Toad is seen packing his stuff in a bag. Fawful is beating up random people in Wi-Fi as Ness in Brawl, and Toadette is supervising both of them.


Toadette: You must've cheated.

Fawful: All I did was press the B button on the controlelr to use PK Starstorm.

Toad: Are you sure it's not raining chocolate?

Tay Zonday: Hey, no dissin mah song, yo! *shot*

Fawful: Well, I guess I should pack my stuff.

He goes to his room.

Toad: How did he get a room here, again?

Toadette: I don't know, Internet?

Toad: So are you coming along this time? We'll probably need more allies, considering we don't know when we'll get everybody back.

Toadette: Would I be in the story if I wasn't?

Toad: Good point. Where's Diddy?


Diddy: I never get tired of the toilets here!

Toadette: They flush exactly the same as they do in the jungle!

Diddy: Not if you put that giant diamond next to the sink in it!


Diddy: Uhhhh...  Bob?

*I'm sorry, we're having technical difficulties due to Toad beating up Di- I mean a chicken ate a camera. Well, actually, I was right the first time*

Here's a word from our sponsor:


Now back to our scheduled FF.

Diddy: Ow... Ow, ow, that really hurt!

Toad: Are we all ready?

Fawful: Yep, got my sleeping bag, Wii, games, mustard of doom, and fury.

Toadette: I got my stuff and a map. Which will help until we find that Sign you guys keep rambling on about. I also stole your iPod.

Toad: Well it's a good thing I stole yours. And I gots my stuff too.

Diddy: I'm a monkey, I don't need anything except food, which I'm sure all of you have, plus Cornpie blew up my room before that one Interview.

Cornpie: HAHAHAHA! THAT WAS MY BEST JOKE EVER! Seriously the, best.

Diddy: Hahaha... Now go away!

Cornpie: But I'm going to be musical entertainment this time around, instead of an annoying force that only appears during filler scenes.

Cornpie walks away. Meanwhile...

Peach is getting beaten up, bound and gagged, and smashed by Thwomps. Also new age music is playing. The iPod's click wheel is broken so you can't press the buttons or change the volume! And it only has new age music, and Hannah Montanna. IT'S PURE EVIL! Anyway, Dry Bowser is looking through Ludwig's lab for something he can use to beat anybody who tries to beat him.

Dry Bowser: Hmmmm... Now what should I grab... Hey, what's this?

He sees a machine labeled The Clone-O-Matic with a built in toaster.

DB: This could help-


Toad and friends are there.

Toadette: Wow, that was fast.

Diddy: Guess there has to be an important plot thingy that's taking place now so the title and rest of the storyline make sense.

Fawful: That doesn't sound like it has fury.

Toad: And now you got our hopes up!

Dry Bowser: And now I shall destroy you all!

He steps into the machine.

*insert really epic dramatic music here*

Lights come out from the top, the castle starts to shake, insane amounts of power go into the machine, it looks like it's about to explode, and then... Toast pops out from the top.

Dry Bowser: Oops... It was set to toaster.


Dry Bowser: Now for real!

*insert really epic dramatic music here*

Lights come out from the top, the castle starts to shake, insane amounts of power go into the machine, it looks like it's about to explode, and then... It explodes! Dry Bowser flies and lands in the back of the room, and 8, yes, 8, not 7, Dry Bowser clones come out of the front. facing our heroes. There is a blue one, a pink one, a yellow one, a black one, a brown one, an orange one, and a rainbow one.

Blue One: Typhoon Bowser!

Pink: Cupid Bowser!

Yellow: Lightning Bowser!

Black: Shadowser!

Brown: Continent Bowser!

Orange: Heat Bowser!

Rainbow: Extreme Bowser!

Dry Bowser: And you already know me.

Toad and Co: @#$%!


Toad: 1,000/1,000
Fawful: 945/945
Toadette: 750/750
Diddy: 890/890
Team Bowser: 1,000,000/1,000,000 (I decided to just turn it into a team)

Toad used Flower Smash!
0 damage!

Fawful used Fury Missles!
-3 damage!

Toadette used Copter Hair Spin!
5 damage!
Toadette: REALLY?!
No, 0 damage.

Diddy used Peanut Popgun!
0 damage.

Team Bowser ate the peanut.
1,000,001/1,000,000 (yeah, they have better than max stats now.)

Typhoon Bowser used Water Bomb.
It exploded all over the place!
Toad: 850/1,000
Fawful: 580/945
Toadette: 400/750
Diddy: 0/890
Diddy: Why do I lose automatically?!
Because you gave them extra HP!

Cupid Bowser used Arrow Shot.
Toad got shot!
Toad fell in love with Toadette.
Toad: What is this, Pokemon? How do I get infatuated?!
Toadette: I think it's sweet.
Toadette also got shot. But it wasn't a cupid arrow. 1/750
Toadette: I fail.

Lighning Bowser used THUNDER!
Fawful got shocked! 325/945
Oh no, it also hit Toad! This is getting dangerous! I've been playing too much PBR. 370/1,000

Shadowser used Darkness overload!
Fawful was consumed by the darkness! Fawful couldn't take it! 0/945
Fawful: I have fury... no more.

Continent Bowser used the earth to trap Toad and Toadette! They can't move!

Heat Bowser was about to use Flame Smash Out! But he tripped on a bug and hurt himself. 1 damage! ... Not much though.

Xtreme Bowser used Claw Obliteration!
Toadette was torn apart and passed out! 0/750
Toadette: Bye Toad...

Dry Bowser: My turn! FALCON... KICK!
1,000 Damage to all.
Toad: 0/1,000
Fawful: 0/945
Toadette: 0/750
Diddy: 0/890

Battle Over

Toad and Co. got smashed away to a faraway place... otherwise known as Sarasaland.

And so... an epic is beginning. Toad and friends have gone to Bowser's Castle in a futile effort to stop Bowser early on and save Peach once more. But when they got there Bowser cloned himself and used his 8 clones to defeat our heroes. Bowser himself then used Falcon's weaker move, the Falcon Kick, to send them flying to Sarasaland. Knowing that 2 of their friends live there, can they get them back in the group, do an epic RPG battle, and gain the strength to defeat the clones and Bowser himself? Will the Koopalings buy me a souvenir from Disney World? Find out in the next exciting episode of SUPER MARIO BROS. Z!



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