The Mole: Plit Deception

By Bandy Andy

Mc Ballyhoo: Last time on The Mole: Plit Deception, players skydived in their first challenge and Daisy took some money away for an exemption. Hamma was misled, and eliminated by the Mole.

Who Is The Mole?

Is it Snifit, a 28-year-old Police Snifit from Desert Land?

Or is it Daisy, a 25-year-old florist from Sarasaland?

Or is it Lakilester, a 23-year-old pilot from Flower Fields?

Or is it Kamek, a 68-year-old wizard from Dark Land?

Or is it Shine Guy, a 24-year-old track runner from Shy Guy's Toy Box?

Or is it Lemmy, an 11-year-old circus operator from Ice Land?

Or is it Axem Green, a 34-year-old park ranger from Barrel Volcano?

Or is it Boo, a 48-year-old store clerk from Forever Forest?

Who Is The Mole?

Mc Ballyhoo: Hi, and welcome back to The Mole: Plit Deception! For your second challenge, you will be defending a glass bowl from intruders. You will be inside a fortress, and the glass bowl will be in the middle. You will be armed with paintball guns and trying to hold the intruders away. Hit the intruders with a paintball to take them out of the game. The game will run from midnight to dawn. As it is six minutes before midnight, you have some time to learn to shoot the paintball guns, block the entrances, and decide on positions. If you win this challenge, 30,000 coins will be added to the pot. If you shoot all the intruders, 5,000 more coins will be added to the pot. Time begins now.

Time: 6:00

The players are skilled with paintball guns, especially Lemmy and Snifit.

Lemmy: Me and my brother use these at home all the time.

Snifit: I'm a Police Snifit. What can I say?

Torpedo Ted: I'm a torpedo!

Snifit: Not what I meant.

So the players start setting stuff to block the main and back entrances. There are, however, secret side entrances that the players will have to find…

Lemmy is holding a bunch of stuff, when he trips. In a tree, he sees an exemption card.

Lemmy: Yes!

He climbs the tree and gets the card.

Mc Ballyhoo: Lemmy has found the second exemption card of the game!

Axem Green: Aw, man!

Boo: Darn!

Time: 0:00

Mc Ballyhoo: The game begins... Now!

All the intruders come flying toward the secret entrances.

Lemmy: Shine Guy! Snifit! Coming your way!

Snifit: Roger that!

The intruders split up and go through every secret tunnel, and one manages to get through to the middle before being forced to retreat. One of the intruders trips next to Lemmy, and is shot out of the game. The next ones, however, break through to the middle, where one of them is shot, but one charges the glass bowl. Just before he gets there, he is shot out of the game by Daisy. The last intruder stays away for a while.

Boo: No sign of him yet.

Lakilester: We are clear as well.

Snift: Nothing over here.

The last intruder keeps them on their toes by repeatedly showing himself, then ducking away. This cheap tactic keeps the players awake. For a long time. Finally, everyone falls asleep. The intruder sneaks in. However, Axem Green's gun falls to the floor and fires unintentionally. The intruder is hit.

P.T. Piranha: D'oh!

Mc Ballyhoo: 35,000 added to the pot!

Daisy: How dare you be the intruder?

Daisy beats P.T. to a bloody pulp.

Mc Ballyhoo: Err... yes. Please come with me.

Total Pot: 55,000 Coins.

Mc Ballyhoo: The players can now go back to the 5-star hotel we are staying at. There, they can get some sleep before our next challenge.

Everyone: Yes!

Fred Fredburger: Yes!

The players head back to the hotel, however, only one of them sees the clue to the Mole's identity.

Boo: A golden trophy that looks like Lemmy?

No, not that one.

Boo: Oh. Here is the real clue. A statue of Wart?


Boo: Thank you.

8 hours later...

Mc Ballyhoo: Time to wake them up.

Torpedo teddy sneaks into Lemmy's room and yells...

Torpedo Teddy: I'M A TEDDY BEAR!

Lemmy: A teddy bear?

Torpedo Teddy: Curse you, Author!

Torpedo Teddy does that to everyone and gets the same result.

Mc Ballyhoo: Are you ready for your next challenge?

Everyone: No!

Mc Ballyhoo: Well, too bad. Your challenge today is to get Princess Peach's honor guards to betray her.

Lemmy: What?

Mc Ballyhoo: I don't know. No, that's not the challenge, dimwits! The challenge is going to be a kart race! If you come in first place, 20,000 coins get added to the pot. Second place, 15,000. Third place, 10,000. Fourth place, 5,000. Any place below and you get no coins

Everyone: Yes!

Mc Ballyhoo: Okay, let's build the race car!

Boo: What?

Mc Ballyhoo: Yep. One of you will race, the other's will build the kart and cheat for you.

Boo: Who here has been in a Mario Kart?

Daisy raises her hand.

Boo: Okay, the rest of us will build, and I will cheat for you.

Boo creates a shortcut on the track, while the others bomb-proof the kart. Boo places a lot of bombs down the secret route. He then places an item block containing only Bullet Bills down the secret route. Meanwhile, the others build the kart so that every 30 seconds, a Boo will be unleashed and they will be invisible. The finished kart looks like a giant Boo.

Boo: This looks perfect!

Daisy moves to the starting line.

Lakitu: On your mark, get set, GO!

Daisy gets a turbo start and zooms into the lead. However, she misses the item boxes, and gets hit with a Red Shell, putting her in 5th place. She races toward the shortcut that they set up for her. Someone tries to follow her, but gets blown up by a Bob-omb. Daisy races toward first, but she can't make a sharp turn and plunges into the lake, costing her crucial placing and putting her in 7th. A Red Shell flies toward her, but the Boo turns her invisible just before it hits. She then reaches on lap 2, racing through the item box to get a Blue Shell, which she uses to blow herself into 1st place.

Lemmy: Gogogogo!

Daisy then gets a Banana Peel, which stops a Red Shell from hitting her. She then has her Boo power save her from a Blue Shell, and gets a Bullet Bill along her shortcut, putting her far ahead of the others. She then falls in the water by the sharp corner, placing her just ahead of the second place kart. On lap 3, she races for the item box, but the kart right behind her steals it from her. The driver throws a Green Shell backwards, hitting Daisy and putting her in third place. She then gets hit by a Red Shell, putting her in fifth place. She never recovers, as someone with a Star goes through the bomb field and takes the Bullet Bill from right under her nose. She finishes in 6th.

Total Pot: 55,000

Mc Ballyhoo: It is now time for you second elimination. Please take the quiz on your computer. Then shut the computer and come to Toodles’s house for your second elimination.

Question Number One. Where was the Mole during the Fortress Test?
In the Middle: 4
Outside: 4

Lemmy: My suspicions are on Shine Guy now.

Question Number 2. Did the Mole hit an intruder during the Fortress Test?
Yes: 2
No: 6

Shine Guy: Daisy is my choice for the Mole. She is the only girl, after all.

Question Number 3. What part did the Mole have during the Kart Race?
Driver: 4
Cheater: 1
Builder: 3

Boo: I hope that I get through this quiz today.

Question Number 4. What is the Mole's occupation?
Pilot: 1
Wizard: 0
Circus Operator: 1
Track Runner: 2
Florist: 3
Store Clerk: 0
Park Ranger: 1
Police Snifit: 0

Axem Green: I think I know who the Mole is.

Question Number 5. Who Is The Mole?
Everyone: ...

The players walk into Toodles’s house.

Mc Ballyhoo: It is now time for your second elimination. I will enter your names into the computer. If a green thumbprint appears, you are still in ‘dis. If a red thumbprint appears, get the @#@# out of here! Who wants to go first?

Daisy raises her hand.


Daisy: Boo yeah!


Boo breathes a sigh of relief.



Lakilester: It's over.

Mc and Lakilester walk out the door.

Mc Ballyhoo: I'm very sorry.

Lakilester: It was fun, you know. I met friends I will never forget, things I thought I would never do. It was fun.

Lakilester gets into a taxi that drives away. However, it then explodes, and sends Lakilester, like Hamma, over the horizon.

Lemmy: That was definitely a surprise.

Boo: I thought for sure I was gone.

And so Lakilester was cruelly outplayed by the Mole into thinking one was another.

Who Is The Mole?

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