The Mole: Plit Deception

By Bandy Andy

Mc Ballyhoo: Ten ordinary Pilt citizens will be competing as a group to win tests that will add money to a group pot that only one player will win. But among the players is a traitor, a saboteur, The Mole.The winner will be the one who answer the question of, Who Is The Mole?

Is it Snift, a 28-year-old policeSnufit from Desert Land?

Or is it Daisy, a 25-year-old florist from Sarasaland?

Or is it Kamek, a 68-year-old magician from Dark Land?

Or is it Shine Guy, a 24-year-old track runner from Shy Guy's Toybox?

Or is it Lemmy, an 11-year-old circus operator from Ice Land?

Or is it Axem Green, a 34-year-old park ranger from Barrel Volcano?

Or is it Boo, a 48-year-old store clerk from Forever Forest?

Who Is The Mole?

Author’s Note: From now on, when the players are talking to the camera in a secret confession, it will look like this:

***Kamek: This challenge stunk...

Got it?

Mc Ballyhoo: Hi, and welcome back to The Mole. Last week, we did a fun fortress test, where our players were armed with paintball guns and had to shoot four intruders. They won by accident when the gun of one of the players dropped to the floor and shot the last intruder, who was beat up by Daisy for being an intruder. And Lakilester was bounced over the sky- err, executed.

Kamek: Umm...

Mc Ballyhoo: Shut up! Time for your first challenge of the day!

Total Pot: 55,000.

Shine Guy: W-

Mc Ballyhoo (shortening it to Mc, darn it): No.

Axem Green: B-

Mc: No.

Lemmy: H-

Mc: No, gosh darn it! Your challenge is to go through a maze. One player is going through, equipped a video screen. The other six, who will be seen on that screen, will have a map and will be silently giving clues to the person in the maze. The map only shows the way through, nothing else. The person in the maze will have ten minutes to get through and recieve their next clue- err, reach the finish. This challenge is worth 20,000 to the pot. However, if anyone gives vocal directions to the runner, you will lose 5,000 from the challenge. If you do not win and this happens, 5,000 will be taken from the total pot.

Boo: Someone watching The Amazing Race lately?

Mc: Ye- No.

Boo: Sure.

Mc: That's it! You're eliminated.

Boo: No.

Mc: Dang it. Choose the person going through the maze.

Boo: Shine Guy.

Daisy: Myself.

Shine Guy: Kamek.

Kamek: Snifit.

Snifit: Axem Green.

Axem Green: Boo.

Lemmy: Me!

***Boo: These people are a bunch of idiots!

***Snifit: Man. So finally, we chose Shine Guy. He is a track star, after all.

Daisy: Shine Guy is going.

Mc: To the maze!

They all walk twenty miles to the maze. Well, all except Mc, who rides in a helicopter.

Axem Green: I hate you.

Mc: I know.

They arrive at the maze.

Mc: Shine Guy, are you ready?

Shine Guy: No.

Mc: Too bad. On your mark, get set, go!

Shine Guy starts running through, glancing at his video screen. He sees Daisy pointing to his left.

Clock: 9:35

Shine Guy: Left it is!

Daisy gives him a thumbs up. She then points straight.

Shine Guy: Okay!

She then points left. However, she meant right but pointed to her right, and his left.

Shine Guy: Left again!

He then looks away from his video screen, not seeing Daisy frantically pointing the other way.  Boo then gets his attention with cymbals, which is somehow allowed.

Shine Guy: Wrong way? Crud.

Time: 7:26

Shine Guy gets lost, and cannot find his way back to the main path.

Shine Guy: Where am I?

***Shine Guy: This challenge was hard.

***Kamek: This challenge stunk...

Mc: *through Megaphone* Five minutes!

Time: 4:54

Shine Guy finds the main path, and Axem Green sighs in relief. He then points straight.

Shine Guy: Got it!

Suddenly, the movie screen dies.

Shine Guy: What the?

Lemmy groans.

Mc: You can talk as long as the video screen isn't working.

Lemmy: The Mole...

Axem Green: Yep...

Boo: Don't give up hope! He may be able to find his own way!

Snifit: Yeah, in five days.

Time: 2:34

Suddenly the video screen turns back on. Daisy pumps her fist, and Lemmy cheers. Snifit points straight.

Shine Guy: Gotcha!

He sprints as fast as he can.

Time: 1:32

Boo points right. Shine Guy turns right. Axem Green pantomimes running and crossing the finish line.

Shine Guy: *pant* Going... as... fast... as… I... can...

Time: 0:10

Lemmy: Hurry!

Shine Guy falters, and crosses the finish line seconds too late.

Mc: Shine Guy and Invisible Person, you are the last team to arrive. I'm sorry too say you have been eliminated from The Amazing Race.

Boo: What's with all these Amazing Race references?

Mc: Dunno. Anyway, you lost coins.

Axem Green: What?!

Mc: Lemmy spoke before he crossed the finish line, and he didn't make it in time.

Total Pot: 50,000

***Boo: What Lemmy did... Wow. That's extremely Mole-like.

***Kamek: Shine Guy ran out of energy, but he barely ran at all! He's a track star! Very strange.

Mc: Time to head back to the hotel.

Lemmy: Stupid me...

Axem Green: Whatever. Let's go back now.

Unbeknowest to the rest, while the video screen was down, Shine Guy found an exemption.

At the hotel…

Mc: You must be tired, walking that entire way.

Boo: Yeah...

Mc: You float. So you don't count. Well, I'm letting you guys take a break, and we’re having the elimination tonight.

Kamek: Err...

Mc: Go take the quiz! Now!

All: Yes sir!

Fred Fredburger: Yes!

Doopliss: Die!

What happened to Torpedo Ted happens to Fred Fredburger.

All of Plit: Hooray!

The King of Hyrule: No.

All of Plit: Thank DAD!

DAD: Shut up! I'm watching Poker!

All of Plit: Err...

Mc: Leave us.

All the weird stuff that was incredibly annoying, rude, dumb- Sorry, Morton got to my keyboard. Anyway, it left.

Lemmy: Let's do this!

Question No 1: What did the Mole do in today's challenge?
Runner: 4
Map Reader: 3

Snifit: Not much to go on here...

Question No 2: Has the Mole gotten an exemption?
Yes: 4
No: 3

Question No 3: Did the Mole sabotage today’s challenge?
Yes: 6
No: 1

Question No 4: Is rhe Mole a good guy or a bad guy?
Good Guy: 2
Bad Guy: 5

Kamek: Kinda odd question...

Question Number 5: Who is the Mole?
All: ...

Mc: Elimination time.


S.H.I.N.E. G.U.Y

All: Huh?


Boo: Yes! Go me! Go me!

A.X.E.M. G.R.E.E.N

Axem Green: #@#@@#@!

Mc: I'm sorry.

Axem Green: (leaving room) @#@#@@#@#!

Mc: Sorry it ended like this.

Axem Green: @#@#@#@#!

Mc: You know what?

He kicks him over the horizon.

Axem Green: @#@##@!@@!

Axem Green has been eliminated for reasons unkown, and yadda yadda yadda.

Who Is The Mole?

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