The Mole: Plit Deception

By Bandy Andy

Mc Ballyhoo: Ten ordinary Plit citizens will be competing as a group to win tests that will add money to a group pot that that only one player will win in the end. But among the players is a traitor, a saboteur, The Mole. The winner will be the one who answers the question of, Who Is The Mole?

Is it Snifit, a 28-year-old Police Snifit from Desert Land?

Or is it Daisy, a 25-year-old florist from Sarasaland?

Or is it Lakilester, a 23-year-old pilot from Flower Fields?

Or is it Kamek, a 68-year-old wizard from Dark Land?

Or is it Shine Guy, a 24-year-old track runner from Shy Guy's Toy Box?

Or is it Lemmy, an 11-year-old circus operator from Ice Land?

Or is it Axem Green, a 34-year-old park ranger from Barrel Volcano?

Or is it Boo, a 48-year-old store clerk from Forever Forest?

Or is it Hamma, a 26-year-old Glitz Pit fighter from Glitzville?

Who Is The Mole?

Mc Ballyhoo: Welcome to Poshley Heights! I'm sure you’re all wondering what you are doing here. Well for the next 21 days you will be competing for up to 1,000,000 coins, however, only one of you will win. One of you is the Mole, a double agent trying to sabotage the work of the group. Enough chit-chat, let's go to your first challenge!

The players see a giant helicopter on a landing pad.

Mc Ballyhoo: For your first challenge, which is worth 35,000 coins to the pot, you will be skydiving into a circle at ten thousand feet. However, if you miss, 5,000 coins will be deducted from your total. For every player that jumps and lands in the circle, 10,000 coins will be added to the pot. If one person does not jump, the game will end after that person.

Lakilister: Sounds fun!

Lemmy: Lemmy's Interview Show!

Axem Green: Sure, whatever…

Lemmy: Lemmy's Interview Show!

Mc Ballyhoo: Well, let's get on the helicopter!

The players board the helicopter.

Boo: I'm going first. Anyone have a problem with that?

Lemmy: Lemmy's Interview Show!

Boo: I thought not.

Lemmy: Lemmy's Interview Show!( Curse this author!)

Bandy Andy: I am all powerful!

Lemmy: (I don't have to accept your submission, you know.)

Bandy Andy: Fine, you win.

Lemmy: Thank you. By the way, who is piloting the helicopter?

Torpedo Ted: I'm a torpedo!

All of Plit: Noooooo!!!

DAD: Yes!

Fred Fredburger: Yes!

Mario: Cheese!

P.T Piranha: No! Another no permission cameo!

Bandy Andy: Woohoo! It's-a me, Mario, ha hoo!


Bandy Andy: Kung foo mash!

Bowser: Bowser blast!

A dust cloud appears. Wwhen it clears Bowser is little more than a speck in the sky.

Mc Ballyhoo: Over the moun- All right, let's get on with the challenge.

Shine Guy: All right then, Boo, go.

Boo jumps out and lands safely: in a bush of thorns that is lit on fire. However, he does land in the circle.

Boo: Hothothothot!

Axem Green: Here I go!

Axem Green jumps out, but lands on the edge of the circle.

Mc Ballyhoo: Did any part of his body land outside the circle?

The replay shows every part of his body in the circle.

Lakilester: By the way, is Torpedo Ted-

Torpedo Ted: I'm a torpedo!

Lakilester: -still piloting?

Mc Ballyhoo: No, Fred Fredburger is.

Fred Fredburger: Yes!

Daisy: Fine, I'll jump now.

Daisy jumps, but lands outside the circle.

Mc Ballyhoo: Ouch! 5,000 coins are gone.

Kamek jumps and lands in the center of the circle.

Shine Guy jumps but does not land in the circle.

Lemmy: Quick! My fans!

Thousands of Lemmy fans stampede to help Lemmy down. He easily lands in the circle.

Fans: We love you, Lemmy!

Mc Ballyhoo: All right, Hamma, go.

Hamma: All right, all right.

Hamma jumps and lands in the circle.

Snifit: I will go.

Snifit, with his madskillz, easily makes it in.

Lakilester jumps and lands in the circle.

Total Pot: 25,000 coins

Mc Ballyhoo: Players may come in for-

The King of Hyrule: Dinner!

You see the players at dinner. There are 8 durians hanging from the roof

Mc Ballyhoo: I have something to give out to you. It's a journal with 150 pages inside. Players may choose their journal number now.

The order goes:
1. Lemmy
2. Lakilester
3. Kamek
4. Hamma
5. Shine Guy
6. Boo
7. Axem Green
8. Daisy
9. Snifit

Mc Ballyhoo: Whoever has journal number 8, please come with me.

Daisy stands up and walks off with Mc.

Mc Ballyhoo: Daisy, I am going to offer you an exemption.

For those of you who don't know an exemption is a card that allows a player to skip the quiz. That player cannot be eliminated.

Mc Ballyhoo: To earn this exemption you must take 5,000 coins from the pot.

Daisy: Gimme the card.

Mc Ballyhoo: Do you want to tell the others or should I?

Daisy: I'll do it.

Mc Ballyhoo: Ok.

Daisy walks back into the room.

Daisy: Guys, I took 5,000 coins from the pot for an exemption.

Shocked murmurs are heard.

P.T. Piranha: Sis!

Daisy: Bro!

Torpedo Ted: Torpedo!

Doopliss: Die!

Doopliss uses a diamond saw and hacks Torpedo Ted in half.

All of Plit: Yes!

Fred Fredburger: Yes!

Lemmy: Lemmy's Interview Show!

Total Pot: 20,000

Mc Ballyhoo: Well, it's time for your first elimination. You will be taking your quiz here/ When you are done shut off the computer and go to suite 344 for the elimination.

Question Number 1: When I announced your names at the beginning, what number was the Mole addressed?
1: 0
2: 1
3: 0
4: 1
5: 1
6: 2
7: 2
8: 1
9: 1
Snifit: I think that Shine Guy is the Mole, because he missed the circle. But Daisy took money from the pot as well, so my suspicions may not mean anything.

Question Number 2: What number did the Mole skydive during the first mission?
1: 1
2: 0
3: 1
4: 1
5: 1
6: 2
7: 1
8: 0
9: 2

Question Number 3: Does the Mole have an exemption?
Yes: 4
No: 5

Question Number 4: What is the Mole's occupation?
Pilot: 1
Wizard: 0
Florist: 2
Park Ranger: 1
Track Runner: 2
Police Snifit: 1
Circus Operator: 1
Store Clerk: 0

Question Number 5: Who is the Mole?
Everyone: ...

The players walk into the suite.

Mc Ballyhoo: It is now time for your first elimination. I will begin entering your names into the computer. If a green thumbprint appears, you are still in this madness. If however a red thumbprint appears, you will be relieved of this horror. Who wants their name entered into the computer first?

Shine Guy raises his hand.





Hamma: Whatever.

Hamma and Mc Ballyhoo walk out the door

Mc Ballyhoo: Hamma, I'm sorry.

Hamma: It's all right. It was fun.

Hamma gets into a taxi

Daisy: What a shocker.

Kamek: Hamma was one of my few friends on this show. Yeah, I'm sad.

Lakilester: It was all so sudden, I feel real bad for him.

Snift: How was he your friend? You knew him for so little time.

Hamma, the Mole's first victim, was cruelly outplayed by the Mole. Now as the players head back to their rooms they feel a bit empty, except for one of them.

Here is a clue to the Mole's identity.

Lakilester: There are five key things in this game: lying, deceit, betrayal, teamwork, and no emotion.

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