The Entity

By Black Ghost


One night in the portrait gallery of Professor E. Gadd, there is a rumbling sound. The sound comes from the largest room in the gallery. It is loud enough to be noticeable, but not so loud that it wakes the professor, who fell asleep in his workshop after working all night on an experiment. The sound is then accompanied by the vibration of the only portrait in the room, the portrait of King Boo.


The ghostly king's arm has made its way out of the portrait, followed by the rest of his transparent body. He finally makes it all the way out and emits another ghostly laugh.


This is it, that laugh wakes the old professor up. The professor can't tell what the noise is as he is a little hard of hearing in his old age, so he goes to investigate, not knowing what he will find. He enters King Boo's portrait room and sees King Boo's ghostly face.

E. Gadd: Huh, what? How did you get out of your portrait?

King Boo: AHAHAHAHA! Foolish old man! (remembering something) WAIT! You're the one who helped those cursed Mario Bros. imprison me in that accursed painting! (calming down) No matter, you could be useful to me.

E. Gadd shudders as King Boo comes closer, and closer...

Three days later, at Peach's Castle…

Mario: Great party, as always, Peach!

Peach: Oh, come on, you're just saying that!

Mario: No, really! I mean it!

The party was in full swing. Everyone was dancing, Toad was DJing, even Daisy had come! Luigi walked over to Mario.

Luigi: Hey Mario, how ya doing?

Mario: Great, I'm really having fun!

Peach: You think it's time we bring out the big surprise?

Mario: That sounds like a good idea!

Luigi: What is the big surprise, anyway? You never told me!

Mario: That's because it's a surprise!

Peach: I'm bringing it out!

Peach walks up to the front. The music stops and the crowd goes quiet.

Peach: I'd like to thank you all for coming. I think this party has been one of our best! I would like to show you our biggest sur-

Peach is cut off by the Mario Bros. theme. Everyone looks around. Luigi looks very embarrassed. He takes out his cell phone and looks at the caller ID. It's E. Gadd.

Luigi: Sorry, I have to take this.

Luigi answers the phone.

Luigi: Hello?

E. Gadd: (sounding worried) Luigi! The um... ghosts! Yeah, ghosts!

Luigi: What about ghosts?

E. Gadd: They, um... broke out of their um... *some idle chatter is heard in the background* portraits! They all escaped!

Luigi: Well, I thought you said those portraits were impossible to break out of...

E. Gadd: (angrily) That's not important! Get over here now!

The sound of hanging up is heard.

Mario: Well, who was it?

Luigi: It was E. Gadd. He said all the ghosts broke out.

Mario: Then we need to get over there!

Luigi: I don't know, he didn't seem like he remembered much, and I couldn't hear anything going on in the background.

Mario: It doesn't matter, after what he's done for us, we have to help him!

Luigi: I guess you're right.

Luigi turns to Peach.

Luigi: Peach, could you postpone the party ‘til tomorrow?

Peach: (disappointed) I guess...

Mario: Well let's go!

Mario and Luigi travel to the workshop. When they get there they see Gadd outside.

E. Gadd: Oh, thank goodness you've come! Those ghosts are running rampant!

Luigi: Don't worry, Professor, we're on it!

E. Gadd: The Poltergust 3000 is inside! I'm sure that will help.

Mario: Why did you put it inside?

E. Gadd: Um... uh, there wasn't enough room out here!

Luigi: But there's plenty of room...

E. Gadd: (quietly) Darn! (loudly again) Would you just go?!

Mario Bros: OK!

They head toward the portrait gallery. E. Gadd stays behind. When they are far enough away, he grins. Then he laughs maniacally.

E. Gadd: Oh, those suckers fell for it!

Meanwhile in the portrait gallery, there are ghosts everywhere!

Luigi: YIKES!

Mario: We’d better find the vacuum!

Luigi: Good idea!

They look everywhere for the vacuum. It's no easy task with the ghosts running around making mischief. Unfortunately, they can't find it anywhere.

Luigi: It doesn't seem to be here!

Mario: We'll have to fight them off by hand!

Luigi: I don't know about this...

Mario: We don't have another choice!

Mario and Luigi attempt to fight off the ghosts. Along with the portrait ghosts, there are many normal ghosts as well. They try jumping, punching, and kicking, but everything travels right through them.

Luigi: Wait a minute, we haven't gone in King Boo's room yet!

Mario: Luigi! Wait!

Luigi doesn't hear Mario's call as he dashes toward the room.

Mario: Luigi!

He goes toward the room Luigi went towards, but the door shuts and locks itself. Mario fends off ghosts alone for ten whole minutes until he hears the door unlock. He dashes inside.

Mario: Luigi, are you ok?

Mario sees Luigi and an unconscious E. Gadd.

Luigi: I'm ok, I guess.

Mario: But what about him?

Mario points to E. Gadd.

Luigi: He's probably fine.

Mario: But what about the ghosts?

Mario checks the halls of the gallery again. All the ghosts have disappeared.

Mario: Weeird.

E. Gadd starts to wake up.

E. Gadd: Oh, boys, when did you get here?

Mario: You just talked to us outside.

Luigi: He's probably losing his memory in his old age.

E. Gadd: You may be right, but I just had the weirdest dream… Hey, when did I get here? Weird.

E. Gadd leaves.

Mario: We’d better go too, Peach is waiting.

Luigi: You go ahead, I'll catch up.

Mario: Ok.

Mario leaves. Luigi is alone.

Luigi: Perfect, step one to my redemption is complete. Heheheh.

Chapter One

Mario and Luigi get home. Mario calls Peach to tell her they are ok and that will be coming to the party tomorrow.

Luigi: Why would I wanna go to one of Peach's stupid parties?

Mario: Oh, come on, you love Peach's parties! Besides, everyone's gonna be there!

Luigi: Everyone? That's perfect.

Mario: Luigi, are you ok?

Luigi: Um, yeah! (whispering) Bumbling idiot…

Mario: What?

Luigi: Oh, nothing. Just can't wait for the party.

Mario: Ok, we’d better get to sleep, it's getting late.

Luigi: But I live for the night.

Mario: What?!

Luigi: I didn't say anything.

Mario: Oooooookaaaaaaaay.

Mario goes to bed. Luigi is unable to sleep and stays up all night.

The next morning...

Mario: How'd you sleep?

Luigi: Um... fine.

Mario: Are you sure you're ok?

Luigi: Yeah, Mr. Nosy.

Mario: What?

Luigi: Well, you keep sticking your nose where it doesn't belong, is all.

Mario: I do not stick my nose where it doesn't belong!

Luigi: Can't you have the decency to leave me alone sometimes?!

Mario: Oh, I leave you alone all the time when I'm out saving Peach!

Luigi: Oh, don't even talk about that. I help a lot, and who does she thank? MARIO! I never get an ounce of gratitude!

Mario: Oh, I gave you a lot of gratitude when you saved me from that DERANGED LUNATIC GHOST!

Luigi: Don't even talk about that! I saved your butt and you never gave me a second look!

Mario: HOW DARE YOU? I'm outta here, I'm sure Peach can find something for me to do instead of BEING HERE WITH YOU!

Mario storms out. Luigi grins evilly.

Luigi: Perfect, everything is going according to plan.

A few hours later the party is underway. Mario is doing his best to avoid Luigi. Daisy walks up to Luigi.

Daisy: Hey Luigi-wibbles, wanna dance?

Luigi: Get lost, ugly!

Luigi walks off.

Daisy: What?!

Luigi approaches Peach.

Peach: Oh, hey Luigi!

Luigi: Hi Peach. *snicker*

Peach: You like the party?

Luigi: No, it's totally awful.

Peach: Are you kidding?

Luigi: No, this is the saddest, worst, most pitiful excuse for a party I've ever visited, you ugly, disgusting witch.


Luigi: Oh, I'm sorry, Ms. High-and-Mighty. I didn't realize that you were queen of Plit!

Peach: I have never been pompous! I can't believe you would even say that!

Luigi: I'm leaving, Princess.

Peach: Don't you walk away from me!

Luigi walks into an empty room, hoping Peach will follow him. His plan works, and Peach follows him.

Peach: How DARE YOU say that and just walk away?

Luigi: So I can do this!

The door locks on its own. Peach gasps and Luigi laughs maniacally. The whole rooms darkens as a pure black shape comes out of Luigi's body like a ghost going through a wall. Luigi falls to the ground, knocked out. Peach screams as the shape comes toward her, but no one can hear her as the shape enters her body. The door unlocked. Mario comes in almost immediately.

Mario: I saw you chase Luigi in here, what happened?

Mario glances at the knocked out Luigi.

Peach: He gave me some lip, I knocked him out with a frying pan.

Mario: You too?

Peach: He's been doing that lately, hasn't he?

Mario: Yeah. He has.

Peach: You go enjoy yourself, I'll make sure I didn't hit Luigi too hard.

Mario: *chuckle* Ok, see ya.

Mario leaves. Peach looks at the unconscious Luigi.

Peach: One more step to redemption...

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