Wario's Apprentice

By Badyoyo

Wario: Last time on Wario's Apprentice, I put 9 people up to the task of managing a hotel. In the last 10 minutes, they screwed up and lost. After a massive argument between Bandit and Booster and more laziness from Yoshi, Booster the Architect was fired for him being asleep on the job. This week, I have a newer, differenter task for them.

Author that no one is supposed to speak about but that keeps getting mentioned: Differenter isn't a word, use something better.

Wario: Fine , I have a new MORE DIFFERENT... task for them.

The Apartment, Midnight...

Bandit is sneaking through the apartment, dragging a sack of coins. He enters his room.

Bandit: Hehehe. This should do for tonight.

Bandit shoves the bag of coins under his bed, then plops onto his bed.

Bandit: Ahhhhhh.

Meanwhile, Biff Atlas is downstairs in his gym lifting weights.

Biff Atlas: Nothing like lifting weights at midnight to get the muscles relaxed!

Biff Atlas pulls up a 100lb weight with ease and accidentally throws it out the open window. It crashes into another window.

Biff Atlas: Yikes! Hope no one got hurt.

Biff Atlas goes up to the window and sees a broken window in WarioWare. Alarms start going off. But if Biff Atlas was looking down he would've seen he simply broke a empty glass.

Biff Atlas: Uh oh.

The phone rings.

Biff Atlas: YIPES!

Biff Atlas slowly picks up the phone.

Wario: All right! I know one of you did this to my office! I don't know who, but I do know you're getting your task 12 hours early!

Biff Atlas: Aw man...

Wario: Did I hear disapproval?

Biff Atlas: No sir.

Wario: Good, get the others and be here on the double.

Biff Atlas hangs up the phone.

Biff Atlas: GUYS! ... AND BIRDO!

Geno: Shut up! We're already awake thanks to those alarms!

Bandit: And I just got to sleep, too!

Birdo: What's the problem?

Biff Atlas: I... mean, someone has broken Wario's window, and as punishment our assignment has come 12 hours early. So, we have to go now.

Everyone groans.

Lakitu: Petey... my coffee?

Petey: Oh yes.

Petey spits out a coffee pot and a mug, pours the coffee into the mug, and gives it to Lakitu.

Petey: Here you go, Master.

Lakitu: Thank you, Petey.

Biff Atlas: All right, let's get going.

The 9 (if you include Petey) walk slowly to WarioWare. Half of them are sleepwalking. Wario is seen outside is building curled up in a blanket and pillow.

Wario: ZZZZZZ.

Biff Atlas: Wario?

Wario: Wah... ? Oh, it's you people. Listen, you get an early start today. *yawn* Anyway, your next task is to take a painting from each of these 8 artists.

Wario hands Snifit 3 the list of artists.

Wario: I want you 8 to take those paintings and put them in an *yawn* art gallery, then try to sell them. Your goal this round is to make 4,000 coins. Snifit 3 *yawn* is your leader. Now go! I need to get some sleep, there was a robbery here and the cops kicked me out so they can investigate.

Bandit: Really? I would've heard about it by now. How much?

Wario: 5,000 *yawn* coins... 5,000 of my babies gone... *sniff*.

Snifit 3: Ok, we're the *yawn* Army Ants.

Wario: Ok, just go. I need my sleep and tears.

The 9 go back to the apartment to get some coffee, then when everyone is fully awake, they begin to strategize.

The *Yawn * Army Ants:

Snifit 3: Ummm, let's see who we got...  um, on the list I mean... Hhmm... Larry Koopa, Bully, Yaridovich, Luigi... Daisy, Mona... Mario... and Jimmy T... Um... Where is he anyway? Isn't he supposed to watch us?

Dr. Crygor: No, Jimmy T. has left WarioWare and joined Diamond Software. I will observe you gentlemen and Birdo through my security cameras I have in all appropriate areas of your apartment and your life.

Yoshi: Yoshi hungry...

Yoshi eats one of the cameras.

Dr. Crygor: I'm beginning to become stressed to see that little green dinosaur.

Snifit 3: ... Um... Ok... um... Why I don't I take Jimmy T?

Large Fry: This is taking forever. Bandit, go to Daisy; Biff Atlas, go to Yaridovich; Birdo, go to Bully; Lakitu and Petey, go to Larry; Geno, go to Mario; Yoshi, go to Luigi; Snifit 3 will handle Jimmy T; and I'll go help out Mona. Take the most expensive-looking painting you can find, make sure it fits the style of everyone else's. Everyone got that?

Bandit: Yes! (I got Daisy, score!)

Biff Atlas: Yep.

Birdo: I guess. (Can't I ever be paired up with Yoshi?)

Lakitu: Sure, this should be fun for Petey.

Petey: Hooray! (This has got to be the best master of all time.)

Geno: Ok sure. (Great, I have to deal with Mario again, I thought I got away from that idiot after SMRPG.)

Yoshi: YOSHI! (Why does Yoshi get Luigi? What did Yoshi ever do to Large Fry?)

Snifit 3: Um... I guess. (Stop taking my leadership role and let me play the game.)

Large Fry: Ok, here are your routes to the artists. Now let's make up for our accident last episode and make Wario proud!

The *Yawn* Army Ants: YEAH!

Large Fry:  ... When we see the sun.

Everyone passes out right where they are.

7:00 AM:

Everyone begins to wake up, and they head off to their artists.

With Biff Atlas:

Biff Atlas: (reading directions) Ok, take a left at Ashley's House, and I'll be at Yaridovich studios.

Biff Atlas floats to a 3-story mansion that looks absolutely horrifying (scary, not ugly). Biff Atlas looks at it and shrugs.

Biff Atlas: Eh, not as creepy as having to share a room with Cackletta while she was still in the game.

Biff Atlas knocks on the door, which door slowly opens. Biff Atlas lets himself in.

Biff Atlas: Hello?

The door shuts by itself.

Biff Atlas: Yaridovich?

A giant Mattermouth comes down the stairs charging toward Biff Atlas. It misses and goes right through the front door.

Biff Atlas: I'm just here to sell your art to an art museum.

???: Hmm, now you're talking.

Yaridovich appears out of thin air.

Yaridovich: Please, step into my gallery.

Yaridovich goes through the floor, Biff Atlas follows into Yaridovich's studio.

Yaridovich: Biff Atlas, I'm here to make the creepiest things you could ever see. And here in my gallery, you’ll see everything from baby bones to old man bones to Shy Guy bones. This is a masterful collection.

Biff Atlas examines the paintings, seeing that most of them are Luigi's Mansion characters in Dry Bones form.

Biff Atlas: You wouldn't have... you know... the final boss, would you?

Yaridovich: Oooh, that took me a year to make. It’d better make me a lot of money.

Yaridovich shows Biff Atlas to the backroom, where he sees a picture of King Boo in Dry Bones form.

Biff Atlas: Hold on...

Biff Atlas starts to call the others.

Biff Atlas: Hey Snifit 3, should we put in a painting of King Boo in skull form?

Snifit 3: Uh... Sure, I guess.

Biff Atlas: All right.

Biff Atlas hangs up.

Biff Atlas: Yaridovich, you just got yourself a whole lot of money.

Biff Atlas and Yaridovich shake hands and Biff Atlas takes the King Boo painting to the art gallery.

With Birdo:

Birdo: 48730 Beach and Gold Drive, here we are.

Birdo knocks on the door and Bully (from this show) answers it.

Bully: Yeah?

Birdo: Hello Bully-

Bully: Hello person who was partially responsible for getting me fired.

Bully slams the door, but Birdo sticks her foot in and lets herself in.

Bully: Birdo, leave us alone.

Birdo: Us?

Bully: Me... and my 5,200 pictures of farmyard animals.

Bully pushes a button and a curtain begins to rise, revealing a door.

Bully: Go on in.

Birdo does, seeing exactly 5,200 pictures of farmyard animals.

Birdo: Oh my.

Bully: Yes, as you can tell, I have a lot of free time.

Birdo starts walking around the gallery, then something catches her eye.

Birdo: Bully, what's that?

Bully: That is Napoleon, in the last chapter of Animal Farm standing above the last commandment. I've put him on his hind legs, gave him a whip in one hand, gave him vodka in another, and I've put him in an olive-green suit.

Birdo: Very... gruesome-looking.

Bully: Took me a year to completely make that straight from the book.

Birdo: ... OOH! A colleague of the three little pigs!

Bully: *sigh* (She, of course, likes the one that took me an hour to make, instead of my masterpiece.)

Birdo: Hold on one sec, ok?

Birdo pulls out her cell phone.

Birdo: Yes, Snifit 3, which would you prefer in the gallery, a picture of Napoleon from Animal Farm, or a colleague of the three little pigs?

Snifit 3: ... Um... I like the three little pigs...

Birdo: Okay, goodbye.

Birdo hangs up her cell phone and takes the collage to the gallery.

Biff Atlas: Hey... What in the world is that?

Birdo: It's a collage of the three little pigs... What is that?

Biff Atlas: It's a skull portrait of King Boo. Now why would you have something that definitely doesn't fit the theme?

Birdo: Don't look at me, Snifit 3 said he liked it.

Biff Atlas: Well move it to the other side of the room, I'll prepare the champagne we're going to give away at this thing.

With Lakitu and Petey:

Petey: Yay! I can't believe we're going to see Larry! He's the greatest EVER! ...  Not as much as you, Master.

Lakitu knocks on Larry's door.

Petey: Oh boy, I can't believe this is really happening.

Larry opens the door, Petey lets out a girly shriek and faints.

Larry: Uh...

Lakitu: Ignore him, he's just a major fan of you.

Larry: I thought that stuff only happened on TV.

Lakitu: We are on TV.

Lakitu points to one of the cameramen.

Larry: Ok, what can I do for you?

Lakitu: I wish to see your art.

Larry: Why didn't you just say so? I just finished painting my latest masterpiece.

Larry lets Lakitu in as Lakitu drags in Petey. Larry shows him an art gallery filled with paintings of Piranha Plants.

Lakitu: Hmmm, heh, Petey, I think you should see this.

Lakitu takes out a Spiny and pokes Petey with it.

Petey: YOUCH! Thank you, Master.

Lakitu: Have a look at this, Petey.

Lakitu shows Petey a picture of Petey Piranha.

Petey: Oooh, it's me!

Larry: I presume you're going to take that portrait?

Lakitu: How do you know we're here to take one of your paintings to an art gallery?

Larry: I'm a fan of your show, and it's live on television today. But I couldn't recommend a picture of Petey... I recommend... this

Larry opens a curtain to reveal a painting of Lava Piranha.

Larry: This baby is worth at least 1,000 coins, plus it fits the mood.

Lakitu: We'll take it. Petey, carry this for me.

Petey: Yes, Master.

Petey carries the Lava Piranha painting in his mouth and they go back to the gallery.

With Large Fry:

Large Fry: Ok, and this must be Mona's house.

Large Fry knocks on the door and Mona answers it, seeming rather depressed. (But her cast is off. Hooray!)

Mona: Yeah?

Large Fry: Excuse me, but I am here to collect art from you to give to Wario-

Mona slams the door.

Large Fry: Was it something I said?

Mona: Yes, I don't want to do anything associated with that fat tub of lard! Get it?!

Large Fry: Hmmm.

Suddenly a light bulb appears above Large Fry's head.

Large Fry: Say Mona... how about I hook up Wario with your... worst painting.

Mona opens the door slightly.

Mona: Keep talking.

Large Fry: Listen, you give me your worst painting, then I'll try to get your job back and... perhaps get you in with Wario again.

Mona shuts the door. A few minutes later she opens it fully and is holding two presents.

Mona: Give the large package to your teammates, and the small package to Wario.

Large Fry: All right, on the double.

Large Fry leaves for the art gallery, revealing his paining to be a red triangle.

Biff Atlas: That's the best she has?

Large Fry: No, it's the worst.

Birdo: ...

Lakitu: You do know you're supposed to get her best painting, right?

Petey spits a recorder out of his mouth and gives it to Lakitu.

Petey: Play it, Master.

Lakitu: ... Why do you have this in your mouth?

Petey: In case anyone tries to assassinate you, I can track him using this and a camera I have in here.

Lakitu: ...  Ok...

Lakitu plays the tape.

Tape-recorded Large Fry voice: Take the most expensive-looking painting you can find, make sure it fits the style of everyone else's.

The *Yawn* Army Ants glare at Large Fry.

Large Fry: Uh...

Meanwhile with Geno:

Geno: I'm going to regret this.

Geno knocks on Mario's door.

Mario: What-a is it?

Geno: Nothing, just here to admire your art.

Mario: Oh-a, come on in-a.

Mario lets Geno in, Geno then bangs his head on a Mario painting. Mario then kicks him.

Mario: You ruined Me Painting #4893! It took me years to complete that! Take it! Vandal!

Mario throws the painting at Geno, who just barely catches it.

Geno: Oook.

Geno walks off, confused, to the gallery.

With Snifit 3:

Snifit 3: Um... hello?

Snifit 3 knocks on the door, and then finds a note.

Note: At Club Sugar, if you're here for a painting, backdoor's unlocked.

Snifit 3: Um... Ok.

Snifit 3 walks to the back of Jimmy's house, opens the backdoor, and enters a gallery filled with paintings of girls in bikinis. Snifit 3 covers his eyes and picks up a random painting.

Snifit 3: Umm... I think this will do.

Snifit 3 brings the painting over to the gallery, though he bumps into a lot of walls since he's not looking where he's going.

Large Fry: All right, that was worse than me.

Snifit 3: Um... what...? Uh... What's wrong with it?

Large Fry: Open your eyes.

Snifit 3 opens his eyes and the "painting" turns out to be a page ripped out of Jimmy T's diary.

Snifit 3: ... Uh... Oops?

The *Yawn* Army Ants facepalm.

Meanwhile with Bandit:

Bandit smoothes his hood, takes a bunch of roses out of his pocket, cleans his glove because he got it all bloody when he was picking roses, and takes a bit of mouthwash that he gushes around in his mouth and spits out into a bush. Then he gets ready to knock on the door, but Yoshi swallows him, then spits him out with the roses poking his tongue.

Bandit: All right, what was that for?!

Yoshi: Yoshi sorry, Yoshi follow directions and directions lead to here. Yoshi thought you were thief.

Bandit: I'm a Bandit, not a thief, you idiot. Either way, this is Daisy's house. Watch, I'll show you.

Bandit knocks on the door and Luigi opens it.

Luigi: How can I help you?

Bandit: ...

Daisy suddenly pushes Luigi to the side

Daisy: Excuse me, Sweetie, but I think he wanted to see me.

Bandit: ... Huh...? Yoshi, show me your directions.

Yoshi: Here.

Bandit compares his directions to Yoshi's, finding they look absolutely identical.

Bandit: All right, so apparently Luigi and Daisy live together.

Luigi: Ohhoho! Not just that…

Daisy: We're married.

Bandit: What?! But Fawful told me you were dating Wario.

Daisy: Date, take advantage of so I can steal his money to give to Luigi. Same thing.

Bandit: Smartly played, Daisy. (Not only is she cute, she also has a mind. I would make her my girlfriend if it weren't for Luigi.)

Yoshi: Can Yoshi and Bandit go in now?

Luigi: Why of course.

Luigi lets both Bandit and Yoshi in. Luigi leads Yoshi to some green light paintings, and Daisy leads Bandit to some orange light paintings.

Yoshi: Oooh.

Bandit: Aaaah.

Luigi: Which do you like most?

Yoshi spies a painting of light that looks like Yoshi himself.

Yoshi: Yoshi like that one!

Luigi: Excellent choice.

Daisy: So Bandit, spy anything nice?

Bandit can't find quite what he's looking for, but decides to take a light painting that looks like Peach's castle. Bandit and Yoshi leave with their new paintings

Daisy: Have a nice day.

Bandit: Oh, I had a nice one, all right.

Yoshi bonks Bandit on the head.

Bandit: Ow! What did I do? All I did was appreciate being near her.

The 2 go to the gallery and hang their paintings up.

Snifit 3: ... Um... I think... we need to ...

Large Fry: I've already got the champagne ready, the advertising fliers are posted all around the city, and I've made a large sign saying "Masterpiece Art Show". All we need to do now is make the prices on these things.

Snifit 3: Um... how about... 500 coins each?

Large Fry: What?! Some of these things are worth a thousand at least!

Snifit 3: Well... um... you see... um... if we sell them all... we win.

Large Fry: All right, but if you screw up...

That night they open the gallery to the public. Most of Diamond City’s most sophisticated people are there, everyone in formal wear.

Large Fry: All right, let's get charming.

Snifit 3: Um... yeah...

Large Fry: First take this drink.

Snifit 3: ... Um... I don't drink...

Large Fry: Everyone has to drink sometime in their life.

Large Fry pours the champagne into Snifit 3's turret.

Snifit 3: ... ALL RIGHT! Let's get to charming!

Snifit 3 starts staggering toward Princess Peach.

Birdo: (muttering to Large Fry) Does one glass make you do this?

Large Fry: (muttering to Birdo) No, he just thinks it does since he never drank this stuff before.

Snifit 3: Hellooooooooo Nurse!

Birdo facepalms.

Birdo: Oh dear.

Large Fry: Yep, he's a goner

Snifit 3 gives Peach a look that might mean "Let's make out right now in front of all these people.” Peach kicks him (since he's too tiny to be slapped) and marches out of the gallery.

Meanwhile with Lakitu, he's trying to convince someone from out of town to buy a painting.

Lakitu: So sir, how would you like to buy a painting of King Boo in skull form for only 500 coins?

The Dryest Bones: Why would I buy a small portrait, when I could be buying the latest WarioWare games?

Lakitu: ... Uh...

The Dryest Bones leaves.

Lakitu: Dang it!

Luigi walks in with Daisy.

Geno: Oh, hello. Luigi... and Daisy. What brings you here? Come to admire your art?

Luigi: No, we're here to buy the other one's paintings.

Geno: What?

Daisy: Oh, we spent 1,000 coins on those paintings, and hearing that they are only 500, we decided to buy each other’s paintings.

Geno: ... Suurre. Just take them and hand me 1,000 coins.

Daisy takes the paintings and Luigi drops a giant sack of coins on Geno. Mario enters the store.

Yoshi: Hi Mari-

Mario takes back his painting and throws a giant sack of coins (but not as big as Luigi's sack) on Yoshi. One of the cameramen follows Mario.

Mario: I can't leave my wonderful painting behind.

Mario kisses his painting and runs off.

Biff Atlas is also trying to convince... yet another person who the author wants to throw in for no good reason.

Biff Atlas: For just a measly 500 coins, you can have this lovely painting of Lava Piranha.

Glass Joe: *Insert French words that no one can understand*

Glass Joe gives Biff Atlas 500 coins and takes the painting, which crushes him.

With Bandit:

Bandit: Ok King Boo, how would you like this you painting?

King Boo: You didn't get my good side, and it's just a ripoff of me.

King Boo leaves.

The day goes by; a lot of other things happen, but no one buys the other four paintings. They get rejected by a Bullet Bill, a Bulky Bob-omb, Gourmet Guy, Bowser, Degeneration Upside Down L… All seems lost until a late arrival enters the building.

Birdo: Psst! Large Fry. Look who's showed up.

Large Fry: Oh my DAD, it's Grodus.

Grodus: That's right, I've come to take the paintings I enjoy, and place them in my new base I planted on a planet called Earth.

Bandit: Oh, uh, here, let me give you a tour.

Bandit leads Grodus around, showing him the remaining paintings. Grodus takes the paintings of King Boo and the red triangle.

Grodus: How much will this cost me?

Bandit: 2,000 coins.

Grodus: All right, I guess that's a worthy price.

Grodus open a compartment in his chest and pulls out the mother of all huge sacks of coins, and gives it to Bandit.

Bandit: (Yes yes! We win!)

Large Fry: (I thought that red triangle painting would come in handy.)

Birdo: (Oh, I wish he took the three little pigs painting, but I think I'm safe this round.)

Lakitu: (Bandit, you are a genius.)

Petey: (Lakitu, you are a bigger genius... Don't ask me how I can read his mind, it's something us Piranha Plants get when we're born. )

Biff Atlas: (I shall celebrate this win by upgrading my bench press weight to 1,500 lbs)

Geno: (Yoshi ended up helping us... Impressive.)

Yoshi: (YOSHI!)

Snifit 3: Wait!

Grodus and *Yawn* Army Ants: ?

Snifit 3: Those paintings are worth only 1,000.

Grodus: Each? I guess I can comply with that.

Bandit starts giving hand signals to Snifit 3.

Snifit 3: No, just give us 1,000 coins total.

Grodus: All right.

Grodus takes back the sack and gives Bandit another one that is much smaller.

Grodus: This will look great in the oval office.

Grodus walks out with his new paintings, transforms into *Insert name of US President you thought stunk here*, and rockets himself to Earth.

Bandit: Snifit 3, you idiot!

The warp pipe appears and everyone gets in.

Wario's Office:

Everyone gets in their seats. Wario is talking on a cell phone.

Wario: You want how much?! ... All right... Whatever’s good for you, Daisy... Love you... Goodbye.

 Wario hangs up his phone,

Wario: Ok, 20 hours ago I sent you 8 to get paintings and sell them. I hope you managed to do something as easy as that. Crygor, how much did they make? Did they make 4,000?

Dr. Crygor: No, they made 3,000.

Wario: ... *sigh* Ok, Snifit 3, what went wrong?

Snifit 3: Umm... uh... I don't know...

Wario: Ok, this is getting ridiculous.

Large Fry: Wario, to be honest, a lot of things went wrong today. I got the worst painting from Mona, Snifit 3 got an entry of Jimmy T's diary by mistake, Snifit 3 thought he got drunk and acted like a moron, Snifit 3 gave the paintings low prices, the list goes on.

Wario: Okay, Bandit, how much did you actually do this time?

Bandit: I almost was able to get enough money to win us the challenge - had it not been for Snifit 3 here.

Wario glares at Snifit 3 as he asks the next question.

Wario: Biff Atlas, how was work?

Biff Atlas: Uh... It was rough. I can't really say much.

Wario: Birdo, I saw that you almost got a painting of Napoleon from Animal Farm. I would've bought that for over 1,000 coins. Why did you pick the three little pigs collage?

Birdo: Well, I personally liked the Napoleon portrait, but Snifit 3 said the three little pigs would fit the theme.

Snifit 3: Um...  No I didn't... uh... I said I liked them.

Birdo: Oops... Sorry.

Wario: Grrrr... Geno, you don't have immunity, are you afraid of what's going to happen today?

Geno: I am a bit nervous. But I think there are people to fire other than me.

Wario: Lakitu, did you do anything wrong?

Lakitu: No, me and Petey here made good decisions this episode.

Wario: Large Fry, did you have anything to do with Snifit 3 acting drunk?

Large Fry: No, Snifit 3 was acting weird in the first place.

Snifit 3: Um... no I wasn't... uh...


Snifit 3: Uh... Large Fry gave me the champagne.

Wario: Large Fry, why did you lie to me?

Large Fry: I didn't! Honest. No one acts weird after their first glass, you know that, right?

Wario: Maybe, but we'll see. Yoshi, what rookie mistake did you make?

Yoshi: Yoshi didn't make mistake this time!

Wario: ...

Bandit: He didn't make a mistake, Wario.

Wario: All right, I'll believe you, but who would you fire, Yoshi?

Yoshi: Yoshi would fire Snifit 3.

Wario: Bandit?

Bandit: Yeah, Snifit 3 deserves to go.

Wario: Biff Atlas?

Biff Atlas: Snifit 3

Wario asks everyone else. They all say Snifit 3.

Wario: Well Snifit 3, it's obvious they want you gone. So choose two people that you think did worse than you.

Snifit 3: Um... hm... Birdo... and... um... Large Fry

Wario: All right, you five are safe.

Bandit, Biff Atlas, Geno, Petey, Lakitu, and Yoshi hop into a pipe.

Wario: I want to have a little talk with you 3.

Wario leads the idiotic leader, Birdo, and Large Fry up to the top floor.

Wario: Okay, now that we're alone, Snifit 3, why shouldn't I fire you?

Snifit 3: ... Um... uh... um... hm…

Hours pass, everyone fallss asleep.

Snifit 3: …hm... Oh! I know!

Wario: *yawn* What? ... Oh. Your reason, what is it?

Snifit 3: Birdo and Large Fry weren't able to sell a painting. Large Fry got me drunk-

Wario: Ok, Snifit 3... just stop. All that you just said right then can easily be contradicted, I don't even need to hear the rest of your reason. You're *yawn* fired.

Snifit 3 stands there, stunned.

Wario: Now *yawn* get out of my building.

Snifit 3 walks up the staircase and into the Cheep Blimp.

Snifit 3: Uh...

Wario: Ok, *yawn* you two are dismissed.

Birdo and Large Fry: ZZZZZZ.

Wario takes out a megaphone and a cola. He quickly drinks the cola, starts shaking his belly, and places his mouth to the megaphone.


Birdo and Large Fry: ACK!

Wario: You can leave.

Birdo leaves. Large Fry turns to leave to, then stops and goes back to Wario.

Large Fry: Oh yeah, almost forgot.

Large Fry takes out the present Mona gave him.

Large Fry: Mona wanted me to give this to you.

Large Fry hands Wario the book and leaves. Wario rips off the wrapping paper, revealing a red and yellow book. He flips through a couple of pages, his tired expression slowly turning to surprise, then to sadness, then to anger, then back to sadness. A tear falls down his cheek.

Wario: ... *sniff* ... Why's the camera still on me?! Go annoy the narrator!

Cameraman: The narrator's asleep

Narrator: ZZZZZZZ.

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