Wario's Apprentice

By Badyoyo

Wario: Last time on Wario's Apprentice, I put six contestants to the task of recruiting athletes to fight Sega in the 2012 Olympics. It was a rough task, with a major argument between Lakitu and Geno, poor leadership from Biff Atlas, and Yoshi being lazy again, but they did manage to get eight people. They ended up getting five extra minutes of training , they cheated to make sure they won, and they had great, powerful athletes. Yet they still lost. In the end Yoshi was fired for recruiters two bouncers they didn’t need to the team. This week, with the final five in place, it's time for everyone to get serious. As well as these tasks.

The Apartment, 11:00 PM

Bandit, Birdo, Geno, and Petey are waiting in the kitchen to see who got fired.

Bandit: It's going to be Yoshi, that's for sure.

Birdo: Shut up! Yoshi is a born leader, we should be lucky we're even on the same show as him!

Geno: Why? So he can steal the spotlight yet again?

Birdo: Shut up! If there's anyone who failed that challenge it was that idiot Lakitu!

Petey: Hey! Lakitu is ten times better than Yoshi is! Yoshi has done nothing impressive while Lakitu has been working his tail off for you guys!

Biff Atlas and Lakitu open the door.

Biff Atlas: (muttering to Lakitu) I'll go first, then you follow.

Lakitu: (muttering to Biff Atlas) Got it.

Biff Atlas walks into the kitchen.

Bandit: Hey Biff Atlas! How's it going?

Biff Atlas: Pretty good, you guys won't believe who survived.

Lakitu floats in. Petey hugs him, while Birdo starts to cry and runs upstairs.

7:00 AM

Geno is in the kitchen making eggs. The phone rings and Lakitu picks it up.

Lakitu: Hello?

Wario: This is Wario, I want you guys to meet me at my bomb factory. The cab taking you there will come get you in ten minutes.

Lakitu: All right, goodbye.

Lakitu hangs up.

Lakitu: Come Petey, the challenge is in ten minutes. I'll tell Biff Atlas and Geno, you tell Birdo and Bandit.

Petey: Yes, Master.

Lakitu floats into the kitchen and finds Geno.

Lakitu: Hey Geno, the taxi to the challenge is coming in ten minutes.

Geno keeps Lakitu in the corner of his eye while nodding and flipping the egg into a trashcan. Lakitu goes to Biff Atlas's gym.

Biff Atlas: What do you want?

Lakitu: The taxi for our challenge is coming in ten minutes. I think our challenge has something to do with bombs.

Biff Atlas: All right, this is going to be fun. I've dealt with Boos rigging my bikes with bombs all the time.

Meanwhile, Petey is talking to Birdo and Bandit.

Petey: The challenge is in ten minutes, let's get going.

Birdo: *sniff* Fine.

Bandit: You're still sad about that?

Birdo: *sniff* Shut up, I never got the chance to work with Yoshi.

Bandit: Well guess what, deal with it!

A few minutes later (9 to be exact), the cab comes. Everyone gets in it and they are driven to Wario's bomb factory. Wario is waiting outside with Mona.

Wario: Good morning, everyone.

Remaining 5: Good morning, Wario.

Wario: All right, behind me is a large factory for making bombs. Some idiot had an idea to put a tennis court in it, and I barely ever use it, and you're definitely not going to use it.

Remaining 5: (Phew!)

Wario takes out a string, a black ball, some paint, some gun powder, and a match.

Wario: Aside from this gun powder, these are average, everyday items. Not much to care about, they usually are worn out in less than a minute. But if you add them all together...

Wario puts the string in the ball, paints eyes on it, places the gunpowder in it, lights the match, and sets the string on fire. He then throws it into the sky where it bursts into a firework.

Wario: You get an awesome explosion. But making explosions isn't your task. You all have to deal with something that's bigger than an explosion.

The remaining 5 start talking to each other, trying to figure out what the task is.

Wario: You see, Bully's family is coming to Diamond City for a family reunion. Bully has told them that I will provide the food. Now, Bully's folk hate to be lied to, and you know what happens when you get a group of angry, hungry Bullies? You get the people of Diamond City knocked into the ocean! I don't want any citizens getting harmed in this - I need their money. So to keep this family happy and make money at the same time, I want you guys to prepare the food to sell from scratch. The family reunion is in two days, so you have three days: day one, get the ingredients; day two, make the food; day 3, sell the food at 8:00 AM. Now Bully's family isn't rich, but it is vast, so if you manage to make 500 coins and not hurt any innocent people, I'll give Birdo immunity, and she'll nab herself a free spot in the final three.

Birdo: Why me?

Wario: Because you’re team leader, DUH!

Birdo: But I don't want to be team leader. Quite frankly I don't want to do anything that involves you!

Wario: Well too bad! Choose the name.

Birdo: We're Wario's a ruthless and stupid leader who quite frankly deserves to die, get turned into a Dry Bones and be drowned in oil-polluted water that has been set on fire, then have all of his dry bones be sent to different places on Plit.

Wario is marching over to punch Birdo right in her gigantic nose. But Mona is somehow able to restrain him.

Mona: She has no power over you. Pity her, and fire her at the end of the episode.

Wario gets ready for an earthquake punch, but then stops himself.

Wario: All right, but for the record, Fawful is looking pretty good right now.

Mona: Why don't we cool off at the beach? This show is giving you way too much stress.

Wario: All right, all right, quit shoving.

Wario and Mona get in Wario's car and drive off.

Wario's a ruthless and stupid leader who quite frankly deserves to die, get turned into a Dry Bones and be drowned in oil-polluted water that has been set on fire, then have all of his dry bones be sent to different places on Plit:

Birdo: Ok, I don't want to do this work. But let's just get this over with.

Geno: All right, first we should-

Lakitu: What are you doing?! This totally shows why my argument was right last episode!

Geno: Lakitu, be quiet.

Lakitu: Now listen here, Geno-

Geno: Listen, Lakitu, I know you don't like me. And quite frankly, I don't care about you or your stupid servant. But right now-

Lakitu: Hey! Petey is not a stupid servant! He's loyal and can beat you in a battle any day!

Geno: Listen, we have no control of this team whatsoever. Birdo doesn't want to do this, so I'm going to help her. I say just so we can appeal to Wario, let's have peace this episode and see how far we can bring this challenge.

Lakitu: All right, but if you fail-

Geno: I will take half responsibility.

Bandit: Okay, where do we start?

Biff Atlas: Probably what kind of food we're going to sell.

Birdo: What about soup? It's easy to make and it's good to eat, plus it's usually expensive.

Lakitu: Okay, we'll do that.

Biff Atlas: Fine with me.

Bandit: Anything for peace.

Geno: Ok, now we need certain kinds of soup. How about... egg?

Birdo: NO!

Geno: Pumpkin?

Biff Atlas: That sounds great! ... As long as we don't listen to any bad rap music while in the pumpkin patch.

Birdo: What about cheese?

Bandit: Cheese would enhance the taste. I'm in.

Geno: Let's add in another... Beef?

Biff Atlas: Yeah! Meat! We can win this challenge!

Lakitu: You probably just jinxed us. But let's get going.

Geno calls for a cab and the driver pulls up. Wario's a ruthless and stupid leader who quite frankly deserves to die- You know what? I'm just going to call them "The Team" from now on. The Team gets in, including Birdo.

Birdo: All right, Wario's given us 100 coins to get ingredients and containers. So off to Diamond City Digs!

The cab goes to Diamond City Digs.

Andy: Oh dear.

Biff Atlas picks up Andy by his nerdy shirt collar.

Biff Atlas: 200 glass bowls and 200 plastic cups. FOR FREE!

Andy: Y-yes. JUST DON'T HURT ME!

Andy wets his pants before Biff Atlas drops him. Andy then gives The Team 200 glass bowls and 200 plastic cups, which he places in the cab's trunk.

Geno: All right, next stop: Mona Pizza!

The cab driver nods and drives The Team to Mona Pizza. The Team get out.

Geno: All right, just act natural.

Bandit sneaks in through the air vent to try to get the cheese they have. Geno, Biff Atlas, and Lakitu start distracting the staff by doing a Three Stooges skit. Then one Mona Pizza staff member spots Bandit.

Mona Pizza Staff Member: Hey-


Bandit is slowly tiptoeing through, carrying a container of hot cheese. While the staff is distracted, Bandit throws the cheese container into the trunk of the cab. The Team get in after it.

Bandit: To a random pumpkin patch, and step on it!

The cab speeds off, leaving Mona Pizza in the dust.

Lakitu: What were you doing?! We already had them distracted!

Birdo: A guy spotted Bandit, so I had to get their attention.

Geno: Well next time can you at least point it out to us first?

Birdo: All right.

Driver: Pumpkin Hill! Here's the only Pumpkin Patch I could find!

Lakitu looks out the window, seeing a large pumpkin field filled with Jack O' Lanterns, bottomless pits, and bad rap music. H cringes at the place.

Petey: I agree with you, Master, it looks horrible.

Birdo: EW!

Driver: Well, it's the only Pumpkin Patch in Diamond City.

Biff Atlas: Then drive out of the city!

Geno: No, it could take forever to find another pumpkin patch.

Bandit: But I hate this place.

 Birdo, Lakitu, Biff Atlas, and Petey: So do we.

Geno: Well, do you want to spend our resources? Or do you want to spend a couple of minutes getting pumpkins from this place that shouldn't even be in a Nintendo Universe?

 Birdo, Bandit, Biff Atlas, Lakitu and Petey: Spend our resources.

Geno: Fine, stay in the cab.

Geno walks off by himself. Half an hour later he has found nothing but Jack O' Lanterns. Disappointed he couldn't add pumpkin juice to his soup, he walks back to the cab.

Geno: All right, you guys were right. Time to actually spend money and go to Diamond City Grocery.

The driver takes the cab to a large grocery store.

Biff Atlas: All right! Where's the meat?! I haven't had any since I’ve been on this show!

Bandit: We have to steal it from the butcher.

Geno: We have to BUY it from the butcher.

Bandit: But we already got the other things for free.

Birdo: Well we have to buy SOME things.

Geno: We have to have some sympathy.

Lakitu: Now shut up before Petey finds a meat grinder in his mouth and puts you in it.

Bandit: He doesn't have that.

Petey spits out a meat grinder.

Bandit: ...

Birdo: ...

Lakitu: ... I was joking.

Meanwhile, Geno and Biff Atlas have gotten ahead of their team and are at the butcher, staring at some nice beef.

Geno: We'll take 100 pounds of that beef.

Butcher: All right, that will be 200 coins.

Geno: Are you crazy?!

Butcher: Hey, I'm not a tiny doll person buying a lifetime’s supply of meat.

Geno: All right, let's get stealing then.

Biff Atlas: I thought you would never ask.

Biff Atlas punches the butcher, knocking him out, then Geno breaks the glass with his finger gun and takes the 100 pounds of beef. Biff Atlas grabs Geno and teleports him to the cab, where Bandit, Birdo, Lakitu, and Petey are still arguing. Geno, Biff Atlas, and the driver grab them and pull them into the cab.

Geno: All right, to the apartment!

The driver pulls up next to the apartment, where The Team get out.

Driver: *Ahem*

Biff Atlas: Huh? Oh yeah. How much?

Driver: For the amount of time I've driven you all around the city, 50 coins.

Biff Atlas: All right, here you go.

Driver: Thank you.

The driver takes off.

Bandit: Where have you been?

Biff Atlas: Paying the driver.

Birdo, Bandit, Geno, and Petey facepalm.

Lakitu: You do know that the cabs here are free, right?

Biff Atlas: Then who was that driver?

Bandit: That was my cousin Louie, one of the best con-artists in my family. Every family reunion he is always the poorest one at the beginning, but the richest when he leaves.

Geno: Dear DAD. Let's just go to bed and create the soup tomorrow.

That night The Team sleep. Then they get a surprise visitor.

Visitor: Hehehe. They can't win if they don't have knives.

The visitor sneaks into the kitchen and snatches all the knives they have. Suddenly the light comes on, and we see Geno in the doorway. The surprise visitor is masked so we can't figure out who it is.

Geno: Huh?

Geno is still groggy from lack of sleep, so he is not alarmed by the stranger.

Visitor: *in girly voice* Uh, this is Mona, and Wario says that Bully's family reunion is today.

Geno: *yawn* okay.

The visitor runs out. Geno gets out a glass and a carton of milk, pours the milk into the glass, and drinks the milk. Suddenly his reactions kick in and he does a spit take.

Geno: WHAT?! The family reunion's today?!

Geno turns on every light in the house.

Lakitu: Huh?

Birdo: What do you want?

Bandit: Can't we ever get sleep on this *yawn* show?

Biff Atlas: You’d better have a great reason for waking us up.

Geno: Guys, the family reunion is today, we need to make the soup before 8:00 AM!

Everyone just stands/floats there. A few minutes later they all realize the problem.

Bandit: Oh my DAD! We need to get working!

Biff Atlas: I'll get us coffee!

Biff Atlas runs to the coffee pot.

Bandit: I'll get the water ready!

Bandit runs to the sink, gets a pot, and fills it with water.

Lakitu: Me and Petey will cook the meat!

Bandit runs to the oven, Lakitu plops the meat in the pot and turns on the burners.

Birdo: I'll get the cookbook!

Birdo runs to the shelf and gets a cookbook, which she gives to Geno. He reads through it until he finds soup.

Geno: Uh oh.

Biff Atlas: What do you mean uh oh?!

Geno: According to the cookbook, it will take 12 hours to get the meat ready.

Birdo: Oh well. Looks like we lose.

Lakitu: Then we shorten the time by half.

Birdo: Is that possible?

Bandit: Well, right now, we have to get SOMETHING done.

Birdo: I guess you’re right.

Petey: What's the amount of heat we need to add to the pot?

Geno: (reading cookbook) Let the meat simmer at the stove's lowest temperature for 12 hours.

Lakitu: Then we need to set it to twice that amount.

Petey: Okay, our stove's lowest temperature is 250 degrees.

Bandit: 250 times 2 is 500. So set it to that.

Lakitu sets the temperature to 500 degrees.

Lakitu: Now we only have to wait six hours.

Petey: Got it.

Biff Atlas: Now what about the cheese?

Geno: According to the cookbook, that's the last thing we add.

Bandit: All right, so we wait.

Birdo: And wait.

Lakitu: And wait.

Petey: And drink coffee.

Biff Atlas: And wait.

Six hours later, after drinking 5 pots of coffee, playing 3 games of Monopoly, and watching WWE reruns, the timer dings and everyone runs to the pot seeing the soup filled, but the beef still looks like it has flavor in it.

Geno: Uh...

Bandit: No time! Get the cheese ready!

Lakitu and Petey pull out the beef and Birdo starts pouring cheese into the soup.

Biff Atlas: Ok, now what do we do?

Geno: According to the cookbook, we pour it into individual cups and bowls.

Bandit: Got it!

Biff Atlas gets out the cups and bowls, Bandit sorts them, and Lakitu and Petey start gently pouring the soup into the cups.

Birdo: *sigh* As much as I don't want to, we might as well add Birdo eggs.

Birdo spits out 200 eggs and starts cracking them individually into the bowls.

Geno: All right, put caps on these babies and we should be able to make it on time.

Lakitu and Bandit put lids on all the cups and bowls and give them to Birdo to hold. Biff Atlas leaves and comes back with an umbrella, a foldaway table, some folding chairs, and a cash register.

Biff Atlas: They say the heat is going to be record-breaking. So I got ourselves a stand.

Geno: Good, now we have to get it outside. We still have an hour left before the reunion, but we’d better work fast.

The Team charge out of the apartment, and take a ten minute-long jog to Beach and Gold Drive.

Geno: Ok, we have 50 minutes left before the reunion, so we need to set up fast!

In a fast forwarded clip, The Team set up the shop, get the soup out, and place it on the table.

Bandit: *Phew*

Lakitu: Can you say annoying?

Biff Atlas: I don't ever want to do that ever again.

Birdo: Me neither.

Petey: How much time is left?

Geno: Just five minutes until the reunion.

Bandit: You know, the thing I don't understand is, don't people usually start appearing before an event begins?

Lakitu: Nonsense. Look, here comes a car.

A car comes speeding up to The Team’s stand, then stops. The driver starts honking.

Geno: What are you doing?! This place is supposed to be secured for a party!

The driver gets out.

Driver: What are you doing, blocking the road like that?!

Bully opens the door to his house, tired and groggy.

Bully: Huh? What are you five doing here? You're supposed to be here tomorrow.

Biff Atlas: What? No we’re not. The family reunion's today.

Bully takes out a calendar. Bandit exams it.

Bandit: Yep, the family reunion is tomorrow.

Geno: But that's impossible! Mona came in and said it was today!

Lakitu: Are you sure you weren't sleepwalking again?

Geno: I'm positive!

Bandit: Well we can't just pack it up and go home. Biff Atlas, stay here and make sure the stand doesn't get destroyed and the soup doesn't get cold.

Biff Atlas makes the stand invisible and teleports it off the road.

Biff Atlas: Now what?

Lakitu: Just stay there and keep it that way.

Biff Atlas: Okay... HEY!

Geno: Have fun, we're going to get some rest.

Biff Atlas: Grrrrr.

Birdo: Actually, I have to go powder my nose. Be right back.

Lakitu: I'm tired.

Petey: Me too, *yawn* Master.

Bandit: I'm so tired I could fall asleep right-

Everyone falls asleep on the grass. Even Biff Atlas falls asleep, causing him to accidentally make the stand visible. As The Team snooze, the masked head of the surprise visitor from before pops out of the bushes.

Visitor: Here's my chance.

The surprise visitor sneaks up to the stand, making sure The Team don't wake up. The surprise visitor takes out a jar of spiders.

Visitor: Ever hear of flies in your soup? Well let's change that to spiders.

The visitor takes out individual spiders and places them all in different cups of soup. Then the visitor sneaks away.

The next morning, 7:00 AM

Geno: *yawn* What time is it?

Geno checks his watch.

Geno: Oh, 7:00. Guys and Birdo, wake up.

Geno wakes up Lakitu, Birdo, Bandit, and Biff Atlas.

Lakitu: What do you *yawn* want?

Birdo: Can't I have more beauty sleep?

Geno: It's time to get ready.

Biff Atlas teleports the shop onto the road, and Petey heats up the soup by putting the cups and bowls in hot mud. By the time they're ready, the family reunion has begun.

Bully: Ok, guys, just act like normal businesspeople and you should be fine.

The Team: Got it.

Suddenly a whole herd of Bullies come charging up. When they have all gathered around Bully they start conversing.

Bully: You’ve just got to meet the family. This is my mother, and here's my dad, and here's Sis, and here's Pappy. And here's-

The Team aren't listening, they are focusing all their attention on serving the hungry Bully family.

Biff Atlas: I never knew Bully's family was this big.

Geno: Here you go, sir.

Patron Bully: Miss!

Geno: Uh oh.

That Bully runs into Geno, and takes her soup.

Geno: At least they're paying us.

Lakitu: What are we selling these soups at?

Bandit: 2 coins for a cup, 4 coins for a bowl.

Petey: And we're making a lot of cash already. We already got 258-

Another Bully family member buys a cup.

Petey: We’ve got 260 coins!

Wario is observing the family reunion with Mona.

Wario: Hmmmm.

Mona: They seem to be doing well so far.

Wario: Yes, but they always manage to screw it up in the end.

Mona: Don't worry about it.

Wario: I’m always worried because I will have to deal with one of these five every day.

Mona: Again, don't be scared. You can always fire them.

Wario: Yeah, I guess.

Meanwhile with The Team…

Birdo: Hey Geno, let me pass out cups of soup so we can get money from the people at the back of the family reunion.

Geno: Okay, good idea.

Geno gives Birdo a box with 50 cups of soup. She starts passing out the soups and getting money.

Lakitu: I always find a good night's rest will cheer someone up. Right, Petey?

Petey: Can't talk, Master, I'm too busy counting the coins... Where was I? Oh yes, 435, 437, 439…

Business is booming, everyone is having a great time. Until a Bully family member finishes her soup and finds a spider dead at the bottom.

Bully Family Member: EWWWWWW! There's a spider in it!

The entire Bully family hears this. Checking their soup, they find that sure enough, they have spiders to. They gasp; some faint, some jump up and down in anger.


Wario: Oh dear.

Mona: Another failed challenge?

Wario: Yep. Let's get to WarioWare before we end up in this rampage.

Wario and Mona hop on Wario's bike and ride off. Meanwhile the Bully family is pushing The Team and taking their money back, then they run off into Diamond City while attacking innocent people. Only The Team, their broken stand, and the Bully from this show are left at the scene.

Bully: Why do all family reunions end like this?

Bully goes back inside his house. The Team are stunned by how their chance at winning just swept from their fingertips (Or leaves in Petey's case).

Bandit: Wow... How did that happen?

Biff Atlas: Those spiders weren't there yesterday.

Birdo: Well there go my chances at getting immunity.

Lakitu: God, Wario is going to kill somebody.

Birdo: Agreed, and I think I know who.

Petey: Who?

Geno: Yeah, who?

The warp pipe appears, everyone but Biff Atlas enters it.

Biff Atlas: Boy, I'm an idiot, I forgot we still had this.

Biff Atlas picks up a box and floats into the warp pipe.

Wario's Office

Wario and Mona are sitting in their chairs, The Team are already in their chairs except for Biff Atlas, who sits in his chair when he arrives.

Wario: Well, you idiots have done it again. After this elimination, we're only three episodes away from me choosing my apprentice. Birdo, where did you five go wrong?

Birdo: I don't know.

Geno: I don't really know either. I only know that someone let spiders into our soup.

Birdo: I'm going to kill the person that did that.

Wario: ...

Mona: Wario?

Wario: ...

Mona: Wario, are you ok?

Wario: ...

Mona slaps Wario.

Wario: *Phew* Thanks, I was in a state of shock at someone who would be so stupid!

Birdo: Whoever ruined my chances of immunity deserves a slap to the face!

Wario: Geno, why did you take leadership responsibilities again?

Geno: Well, Birdo didn't want to be team leader so I decided to work as a co-team leader. And I take half responsibility for losing this task.

Wario: You didn't do anything wrong except waste half an hour at Pumpkin Hill. Birdo, why did you not want to be team leader? You've won the past two times I've made you leader.

Birdo: You see... It's kind of complicated. I can't really tell you.

Wario: Grrrr. Biff Atlas, how does it feel to have made no coins today?

Biff Atlas: Actually, Wario, we still have a few coins.

Biff Atlas shows Wario the box he picked up. He opens it to reveal 50 coins.

Biff Atlas: We still had a bit of our budget left.

Mona: So they still made money.

Wario: Yes, but that's not enough for you guys to win.

Biff Atlas: I know. But hey, at least we made something.

Wario: True. Lakitu, what have you got to say about today's turnout?

Lakitu: Well, I was very disappointed, but I don't think I'll get fired today.

Wario: We'll see. Who do you want gone?

Lakitu: Probably Geno, he was a semi-leader and let this happen.

Wario: Bandit?

Bandit: Birdo, for not wanting to do the task.

Wario: Biff Atlas?

Biff Atlas: Hmmmm, I was going to say Birdo for my past reasons.

Birdo: Women have won gameshows in Lemmy's Land before!

Biff Atlas: Yeah, they've won the Amazing Race- not The Apprentice. But again, Birdo has never won a game.

Wario: Well we only have one official winner so far. Geno, who would you fire?

Geno: Birdo, probably.

Wario: Well Birdo, with the exception of Lakitu, everyone wants you gone, so you’d better bring two people that did worse than you.

Birdo: I know just the people. I'm going to bring, Birdo and Birdo.

Wario: What?

The Team (except Birdo): Huh?

Birdo: You see, there's only one person to fire... me... I sabotaged my team.

Wario: What?!

Birdo: I stole the team's knives, I told the team the family reunion was yesterday, and I was the one who put spiders in the soup.

Wario: You were right. You do deserve to get slapped!

Birdo: Well you deserve this disgrace! You got rid of Yoshi! He deserved to win this game!

Wario: Listen, Birdo, Yoshi was a terrible person to have as my apprentice. I gave him a lot of chances, he never did anything that great. And if you had taken Yoshi's place last episode, I'm pretty sure I would've fired you!

Birdo: Guess what, I quit!

Wario: Oh no, you can't quit, we're not going to have the same ending as Cackletta. You're FIRED! Now OUT OF MY BUILDING!

Birdo: Take this, you miserable pile of unneeded space!

Birdo fires an egg at Wario, but Mona jumps up, catches it in midair, and throws it back at Birdo. The egg lands right in Birdo's gigantic nose, and she can't pull it out. She keeps trying until she stumbles backwards out an open window.


Wario: Thank you.

Mona: Anything to protect you, Wario.

Mona gives Wario a kiss on the cheek. Wario turns bright red.

Wario: Mona, not in front of my maybe-future apprentices. Anyway, let me be the first to welcome you all into the final four.

Final 4: All right!

Wario: The competition's going to be tougher than ever. And all but one of you will shine. Good luck, and see you tomorrow.

The final 4 leave.

Narrator: One job, now four working for it-


The narrator looks up and sees Birdo falling right toward where he is standing. He takes a step forward to make sure she misses him.

Narrator: Wario's search for an apprentice-

Birdo lands behind the narrator, and her egg loosens from her nose and hits the narrator right in the back of the head.

Narrator: -continues…

The narrator collapses.

Read on!

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