Super Wario Sunline

By ducky.10

Prologue: The Beginning of Wario's Journey

Our long and winding adventure begins at the home of the famously greedy plumber, Wario. As he slumbered and dreamt great dreams of piling money and wealth, his wonderful vision was pierced by a heavy metal song suddenly blasting through his alarm clock's speaker. The surprised Wario jolted from his cozy bed and crashed to the floor. He clutched his back in pain and gave his alarm clock a look of displease.

"Mrehh, noon already?" The aching plumber groaned, gazing at the clock. He then slammed his fist against the top of the alarm clock, smashing it into pieces, and slowly made his way down the stairs, turning to the many portraits of himself hanging on the wall.

"Wow, do I really look that good?" Wario said to himself, specifically gazing at a portrait of himself dressed as a confederate figure. "Well, it is the real deal!" he replied in a much deeper tone, as if talking as two people.

Wario then let out a bellowing “WAH, HA, HA!” and made his way to the kitchen, still laughing at what he said earlier. He then poured himself a cup of coffee, licking his lips. He then grabbed a nearby clove of garlic and crammed it into a rather odd-looking contraption sitting nearby. After several loud ticks and clanks were heard, a powder poured out the machine and into Wario's cup of coffee. He then stirred the coffee and drank from it, rolling his eyes in wonder.

"Mmm, garlic coffee," he said, taking another sip. "I must remember to congratulate myself, Wah, ha, ha! Hmm, I wonder if I have any mail..."

Wario then left the kitchen and leapt out the front door, sipping his garlic coffee. He then lifted open the hatch of the mailbox and peered inside. He pulled out several envelopes and began scanning the lettering. He tossed two away and headed inside with the other two. "Those dang bills," Wario groaned, grinding his teeth. "Won't Diamond City's government recognize I'm too cool to pay bills?!"

The greedy, greedy man then sat at his kitchen table and began opening an envelope. He pulled out a letter and his grin stretched bigger. "Ah, fan-mail," Wario said, placing on reading glasses. "'Dear Wario, your games are awesome!' Yes, I know. 'I wish I could be just like you!' How naive, no one can perfectly impersonate Wario! 'From your biggest fan, Charlie.' Ha! What a good boy, keeping up on his role model. Oh, and what's this?"

Wario then picked up the other letter, which was pink. His face showed extreme disgust and he held the envelope far away from his face. "WAAUUGH!" Wario exclaimed, sticking out his tongue. "Who would dare send Wario, the manliest of men, a pink-enveloped letter?! Oh, I swear, I'm-a gonna... Oh? What's this?"

The greedy plumber tore open the letter and pulled out a letter. It read:

Hey handsome,

You'll thank me for this.

With love,
Captain Syrup of the Brown Sugar Pirates

Wario immediately crumpled up the letter and tossed it into the garbage bin, reminded of the scrapes he had in the past with Captain Syrup, the very same Captain Syrup who raided his castle, betrayed his trust, and stole the Bottomless Coin Sack from right under his nose. But then, Wario realized something- there, in the back of the envelope, sat an emerald-like gem, with a carving of the sun on each side.

"Eh?!" Wario grunted, a smile stretching across his face. "Well, dangle this in my face, and we got ourselves a friendship! Ha, ha, hoo, wow! I wonder how much this little puppy's worth!"

Suddenly the gem began miraculously glowing. Before the dumbfounded plumber could react, a blinding glare filled the room and Wario lost consciousness.

"Wario..." called a voice that seemed distant. "Wario, wake up. Wario... WARIO!"

Wario shot up from his unconscious state and whipped his head around. There, in front of him, he noticed an old man with a beard dressed in a green robe and minister hat. Wario then got up and began brushing himself off.

"Did you have to stand that close to me, old man?" he questioned, looking around. Wario and the strange old man were standing on a circular platform with the number 6 imprinted on the ground. The platform floated in a large black void, seemingly deprived of anything. "Now what do you want and how did I get here?" Wario asked, scratching his head.

"Wario," the old man spoke. "you have a particular gem in your possession, correct?"

Wario then looked into the palm of his hand, where the emerald he held earlier remained. "Yeah, so?" Wario grunted, showing him the emerald. "Now what's this all about?!" The old man then took the stone and threw it into the air, where a circular aura surrounded it. Suddenly, the 6 imprint soon faded to the number 5.

"This emerald you found is one of the six Sun Stones," the old man told Wario. "They are extremely powerful stones that could open a doorway to your very own mind and make your dream a reality. Wario... what is your dream?"

"My dream?" Wario thought out loud. "That's an easy one- money, moolah, cash, the green stuff, dollar bills, and COINS! Lots and lots of coins! Millions of coins! Treasures, diamonds, gold bars, and jewels! Enough to make me filthy stinking rich!"

"Very well, Wario," the old man said, nodding his head. "Your dream will come true, but you are to collect the remaining five Sun Stones to complete the Sunline. Once you have collected them all, the gateway to your mind will open and your dream will come true."

"That's all?!" Wario gasped, his eyes wide. "I could thank you if I knew your name!"

"My name is Eldmitch," he told the purple-overalled plumber, "and I will assist you by transporting you to the locations of the five other Sun Stones. But there is one thing you need to keep in mind: the Sun Stones are being guarded by fierce foes who have empowered themselves with the Sun Stones' energy and become even more powerful. The one behind all of this is a dastardly scientist  who goes by the name of Dr. Reldemire, and he stole the Sun Stones by raiding the temple of Sunsetire. You must defeat him at all costs and retrieve the Sun Stones."

"Yeah, yeah, okay, Eldmike or whoever, just send me to the first place!" Wario demanded.

"Very well," Eldmitch responded after sighing. "The first location is Tuna Town, a small town on an island out at sea. I'll send you there now."

Eldmitch then raised his arms and a beam of light dove down from the sky and engulfed Wario, taking him to the island town in an instant. As Wario opened his eyes, he noticed he was standing in the center of the town, looking quite odd compared to the other maritime-dressed townspeople.

"So this is Tuna Town, huh?" Wario asked himself. "This place looks boring!"

"Remember your mission, Wario," Eldmitch called from the heavens. "You must defeat the powerful enemy here in order to receive the Sun Stone. And one more thing, I sent a partner for you in case you need a helping hand."

"A partner?!" Wario retorted, outraged. "Wario doesn't need no stinking partner, I can handle everything by myself!"

Suddenly a tiny Goomba wearing a sailor hat appeared beside Wario. This startled the greedy hero and knocked him to the ground. "Hi there," the Goomba said cheerfully. "I am Goombradley, and was sent by Eldmitch to be your partner!"

"Look here," Wario said sternly, pointing at Goombradley, "I don't know if you know this already, so I'm making it clear- I DON'T NEED A PARTNER! And besides, you're tiny! What could make you so useful in battle?"

"Well, for instance," Goombradley began, "I could tell you the enemy's maximum attack and defense, and can also tell you its weaknesses. I could also come in handy if you're searching for hidden treasures."

Wario froze. "Hidden treasures, you say?" he said, his grin growing wider. "Why didn't you say so?! Tell me!"

The Goomba smiled. "I knew that would get your attention," he said, laughing. "Anyway, the thing about hidden treasures is... well, they're hidden. They could be hard to find, but there's always a clue leading you to where they are. There is a map hidden in each of the five worlds, showing you the locations of all the treasures."

"Well, my little friend," Wario said, slapping Goombradley's back, "I guess I underestimated you, you're quite the adventurer! Now let's-a start by looking around town!"

Chapter 1: Count Cannoli's Clumsy Contraption

Wario began walking around town, talking to the locals. They didn't seem to know anything about the Sun Stones.

"Argh!" Wario groaned, cracking his knuckles. "We've talked to every person in this fishy town, and no one seems to know of the Sun Stones!"

"I don't understand," Goombradley said, tilting his sailor hat, somehow. "Someone is BOUND to know about them around here."

Suddenly a golden Shy Guy popped up from inside a barrel, startling Wario. He leapt out and stood in front of Wario and Goombradley.

"Hey, I heard you were looking for the Sun Stones," he stated, nudging Wario. "Perhaps I can help."

"Who are you?" Wario asked, scratching his head.

"I'm one of the five Ability Guys," the Shy Guy explained, "and I specialize in teaching helpful abilities to minors. Let's begin!"

All of a sudden, two stone blocks fell on top of each other beside Wario. "Let's try this one out," the Ability Guy said. "This one's a partner move that can only be used by you and the little guy, here. So, why doesn't the big guy start by standing on the little guy's head?"

Wario leapt up onto Goombradley's head and stood there.

"Good," the Ability Guy commented. "Now, the little guy has to jump, but at the same time, the big guy has to as well. Why don't you try that out?"

Goombradley jumped and Wario did as well, lifting Wario up and onto the two stacked blocks.

"Great job!" the Ability Guy congratulated. "You've learned one of the five abilities, High Jump! Now, I have to tell you about battling an enemy, so, I'm gonna get my little friend here to show you!"

A smaller Shy Guy popped up behind Wario and they enteed a battle.

"Now," the Ability Guy began, "the thing you have to remember about battling an enemy is the Action Commands. These let you do a little more damage than regular attacks do. We'll start by the big guy and little guy attacking normally."

Wario ran up to the Shy Guy and punched him. Goombradley then ran up to him and headbonked him. Both attacked did one damage.

"All right, now we'll attack using the action commands." the Ability Guy informed. "All right, let's see what the big guy can do!"

Wario charged toward the Shy Guy again and suddenly froze.

"Jump here and tackle the enemy!" the Ability Guy yelled, pointing at Wario.

Wario jumped and tackles the enemy, doing three damage.

"See?" the Ability Guy said, patting Wario on the back. "It's easy to do, and it makes defeating enemies a whole lot quicker! Now, little guy, go ahead and do your attack."

Goombradley leapt into the air, about to headbonk the Shy Guy, when he froze.

"Jump here!" exclaimed the Ability Guy.

Goombradley then bounced off the Shy Guy's head and froze again.

"Jump again!" the Ability Guy yelled.

Goombradley then jumped in midair and rammed downward into the Shy Guy, doing two damage.

"Now, it's time for the enemy to attack," the Ability Guy informed, pushing the Shy Guy at Wario, which froze about two feet away from him.

"Jump now!" the Ability Guy hollered. Wario then jumped, dodging the Shy Guy's attack.

"And that wraps up the battling how-to," the Ability Guy said, placing his hands at his sides. "why don't you start heading west of town, you'll find what you want there."

The Ability Guy gave Wario and Goombradley a thumbs-up and vanished in a flash of light.

"Thanks to that Ability Guy, we'll be able to use the Action Commands to our advantage!" Goombradley stated, smiling. "Let's start heading west like he told us."

Wario nodded quickly and began heading to the west of Tuna Town, travelling into a market. He then entered a shop. Wario's eyes glared along the shelf, scanning all the items: Garlic, Battle Overalls, a Yellow Hammer, and a Bag of Bullet Bills.

"Argh, matey!" Growled the pirate shopkeep. "What'll you buy?"

"I'll take three Bags of Bullet Bills," Wario chose, ramming his finger in his nose. "And the Battle Overalls."

"Wise choices, yellow one," the shopkeep said, giving a thumbs-up. "That'll be fifteen coins."

Wario pulled fifteen gold coins from his pocket and gave it to the shopkeep. He then equipped the Battle Overalls, increasing his defence by two.

"All right!" Wario exclaimed, buttoning the Battle Overalls. "Now, let's get looking for that Cannoli guy..."

As Wario left the shop, he noticed a massive robotic spider wearing a large top hat standing in the town square. Suddenly the hat lifted off, revealing a short, fat man wearing a top hat, glasses, and cape.

"You say a fat man dressed in yellow appeared here?!" he screamed at a group of townspeople. "I demand you tell me where he is, or I'll show all of you what my newest contraption can do!"

"CANNOLI!" Wario hollered at the furious man, lifting up his sleeve. The robotic spider then whipped around, and the caped count gasped.

"WARIO!" he yelled, pointing at Wario angrily. "I knew someone as unintelligent as yourself would go searching for the Sun Stones, you pompus brute!"

"It's been a while, Cannoli," Wario growled, cracking his knuckles, "but that doesn't mean I can't still kick your butt like all those other times!"

"Ha!" Count Cannoli laughed, adjusting his glasses. "I beg to differ, Wario, but I have gotten much more experienced at building my robotic creations, all thanks to Dr. Reldemire. In fact, they are equipped with the latest technologically-advanced weaponry! Allow me to demonstrate."

Just then lazer beams shot from the robotic arachnid's eyes at Wario, and they entered a battle.

"Prepare yourself, you yellow-dressed sham!" Count Cannoli remarked as the spider's hat returned to it, protecting the dastardly thief. "I'll box your ears!"

"Wario," Goombradley said, tugging at Wario's arm somehow, "Count Cannoli is being protected by the hat on top of the robot! How can we hit him?"

"Let's try busting the robot's legs!" Wario stated, grinning.

Wario then tackled one of the robot's legs, dismembering it from its body. Goombradley performed his double headbonk and blasted the other leg. Suddenly, Cannoli's laughter filled the air and lazers fired from the robot's eyes, which Goombradley and Wario successfully dodged.

"Let's try out the Bag of Bullet Bills!" Wario laughed, whipping several Bullet Bills at the spider robot, knocking off the other six legs in a flash. The robot's damaged body fell to the ground and suddenly, hatches opened from its sides and two mechanical arms extended out, with vicious rotating saw blades for hands.

"Ha, HA!" Cannoli laughed from the inside of the hat. "You fool, did you think you had defeated me? Laughable! I scoff at your pathetic attempt to- AUGH! I spilled my drink!"

Suddenly sparks shot from the robot and the protective hat exploded, leaving Count Cannoli out in the open.

"Wario, attack Count Cannoli!" Goombradley told, jumping up and down. Wario let out a sigh.

"Spare me the jibber-jabber," Wario said, facepalming himself. "It's what I wanted to do anyway!"

Wario then leapt and delivered a ground pound to Count Cannoli's cranium. The robot suddenly combusted into flames and several explosions occurred, breaking the machine into several pieces. The battle ended, and Cannoli got to his feet.

"You haven't won, Wario," he growled, shaking his fist. "I will be back, and you will be sorry for this!"

Count Cannoli then pulled out a remote control and clicked a button, causing a hatch to open in his hat. Out came a hotair balloon off the count flew.

"What a loser," Wario laughed, his hands at his sides. "I won by a fluke, but I still beat him!"

"He didn't seem to have a Sun Stone," Goombradley sighed, looking at the robot's wreckage. "I guess we'll have to keep heading west."

So after defeating Count Cannoli, Wario and Goombradley continued west of Tuna Town to search for the second Sun Stone. Suddenly they came upon a peculiar X written on the ground.

"Huh?" Wario grunted, scratching his head. "What's this?"

"Try ground pounding it, Wario." Goombradley suggested.

Wario then leapt into the air and performed an ever-so-perfect ground pound, breaking the ground benieth him and sending himself falling into an underground chamber. Over in the corner of the room, by a door, stood a Shy Guy with a clown mask.

"Hey there, stranger," the Shy Guy spoke in a raspy voice. "What brings you into Tuna Town's underground? Don't you know people get lost down here? I bet you don't. Some say beyond this door is the entrance to the underground maze... I wouldn't know, though. That door’s stuck, jammed, unable to be enterer. Yeah, it's like it's teasing you. It sure is teasing me."

"Err, right," Wario responded, a look of confusion on his face. "Do you know how to get through it?

"'Fraid not," the unusual aquaintance replied. "But since I landed down here, I've been looking around, and right over there, under that rock, I found a hole. I couldn't see around down there, though, so I climbed back up. But there was something down there... it was big and had a massive row of sharp, jagged teeth... It also barked like a dog. True story!"

"Creepy," Goombradley exclaimed, stepping away from the rock. "But it should be no trouble for you, eh, Wario?"

"Pfft, no way!" Wario laughed, clutching his stomach. "That overgrown dog-monster-thing won't stand a chance against me! Wah, ha, ha!"

And so Wario's journey began... What started as a nice morning checking the mail soon turned into a full-on quest, to recieve the mystical Sun Stones from the minions of the wicked Dr. Reldemire... What kind of ferocious monster is down in that hole? Will Wario survive? And will Wario ever defeat Dr. Reldemire and retrieve the remaining five Sun Stones? And if so, will his fantasy ever come true? Tune in next time for the next addition of...


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