The Amazing Race MK II

By Giga Bowser NS

Episode 8
Title: Did you have fun? NO!!!

Phil: Previously on: The Amazing Race MK! 6 teams set off from the spectacular Rainbow Road. After the wild tasks of the previous leg…

We see replays of the Star Dive.

Phil: … teams were starting to feel the fatigue. While waiting for a bus, Dixie & Tiny were busy anticipating the excitement of the next location: Luigi’s Mansion. However, they made one fatal flaw. With their fanny pack left behind, the sisters found themselves deep in last place. However, with the intervention of a hidden Fast Forward, they managed to stay in the race. Booster & Snifit and Lemmy & Iggy battled it out after being delayed by a flat tire. In the end, Booster & Snifit checked in in last place, but this was the first non-elimination leg of the race. Now, Booster & Snifit are marked for elimination. 6 teams remain… Who will be eliminated… next?

The opening plays with no new red X’s.

Phil: This… *creepy music* is the infamous Luigi’s Mansion. A manifestation of pure, concentrated fear, it is home to many Boos and ghosts. The rooms within the mansion may be confusing, but the roof is wide open and peaceful. This… was the sixth Pit Stop… in a race around the kingdom. Teams arrived here for a mandatory rest period that allows them to eat, sleep, and mingle with the other teams… Before the next leg could even begin, controversy had already ignited.

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
*Indistinct yelling*

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
***Snifit: Well, it was, to coin a phrase, a series of unfortunate events.

***Booster: I WASn’t there!

***Snifit: Yeah, yeah. First Booster was eating a peach. He accidentally ate the pit.

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
***Iggy: And then out of nowhere this peach pit hits me in the head. It hurt, man!

***Lemmy: And I was watching. It was Booster that spit at him!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
***Snifit: When Booster spit it out, it looked like he was doing it intentionally. That doesn’t mean he was acting towards the Koopa Kids with malice!

***Booster: (weeping) I don’t even know anyone named Alice!

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
***Lemmy: He tried to pretend that it wasn’t his fault… that it was an accident, but I can see right through him.

***Iggy: We aren’t fooled. Those two don’t like us, and it was obviously on purpose.

***Lemmy: The gloves are off now!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
***Snifit: They’re so angry at us. I don’t even feel safe being around them. It’s frightening…

Phil: Kat & Ana, who were the first to arrive at 1:08 AM… will depart… at 1:08 PM.


Kat: (reading) Fly to the Forest Illusion on the continent of Dinosaur Land!

Phil: Teams must now fly to Dinosaur Land. They are headed for the Forest of Illusion. Due to the limited number of flights to the Forest of Illusion Airport, teams are permitted to take taxis or trains to the Forest. However, they must fly to Dinosaur Land first. When they arrive, teams will find their next clue at this building: The Forest Ghost House… This… is also where teams will find a major surprise of the race…

Kat: Okay!

Ana: Let’s hurry!

***Kat: We’re beginning this leg in first place. We were certainly happy to see our best friends show up right behind us.

***Ana: Yeah, kudos to them for finding the Fast Forward!

Ana: Well, I guess we’re walking to the airport.

Kat: It’s over here!

Ana: Man, they’re building airports all over the place these days…

Kat: What’s this?

TurBoo: Hellooo! Welcome to Spectra Shade Airport! You can see all our flights on that board over there. It’s constantly updated and contains all information, so don’t bother asking us for other flights.

Kat: Oh… okay.

Ana reads the board.

Kat: What’s our plan?

Ana: *sigh* Looks like we’re all going to be stuck on the same flight.

Kat: Really?

Ana: There’s no flights to Dinosaur Land here. It’s on another continent. Therefore, we’re going to have to fly to MKA, and there’s only one flight here… at 7:00 AM.

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters - 1:15 PM
Both: Dinosaur Land! Ooooohhhh!!!

***Dixie: I mean, the thing is, we were so happy to catch up to Kat & Ana that we didn’t care if we were in second!

***Tiny: If we stick together, we can beat all odds!

Tiny: Another day, another dollar!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Kat!!! Ana!!!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: Welcome to one-flight-out-of-here’s-ville.

Tiny: Just one flight, eh?

Dixie: That’s right!

***Kat: The other teams really don’t know what they’re up against.

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
***Kat: They’re floundering around at the bottom of the pack. It’s a little pathetic.

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
***Kat: We always beat them unless one of us is struck with bad luck, which, let’s be honest, can happen to anyone.

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
***Kat: Now we’re all caught up again, but it doesn’t make me worry.

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
***Kat: Not one bit!

Snifit: *reads* … Ghost house. Reminder: You are marked for elimination. Arrive first or suffer the consequences.

Booster: Whaz Marked for Felicitations?

Snifit: I’ll tell you later, let’s see if we can catch up during the airport fiasco…

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Lemmy: Oh, look! Here’s the idiots.

Iggy: Get out of here, you morons. No-one wants you here.

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Hey, come on you two. I told you before that it was an accident. Can’t we just forget this and run a clean race?

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Both: …

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Hey… Iggy… is your hair turning green?

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Iggy: Huh? *looks in reflective surface* Oh… heh heh… I guess it is.

Ana: What’s that all about?

Iggy: Well, my bro here has naturally rainbow hair, but I have green hair. We’re best friends so I decided to dye mine to match his. Not many people know that my real hair color is green though. I guess it doesn’t matter now… I don’t have enough time on the race to dye it anyway. *laughs*

Phil: All 6 teams are now on a flight to MKA, the largest airport in the Mushroom Kingdom.

The plane lands…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Come on! Let’s get going!

Ana: Hurry!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: We’re right behind you!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Where are we going? Which airline?

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: There’s too many options. Let’s go to a travel agent!

Koops: Over there? Yeah…

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Lemmy: C’mon, Ig! What are you waiting for?

Iggy: I’m coming!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Go!!!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Hi there! We need to get to The Forest of Illusion in Dinosaur Land. We need the quickest flight.

Goombellia: Very well, give me a few minutes here. You don’t care which airline you’re on?

Koops: Uh, no. Any airline will be fine, as long as we get there quickly.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Girls! Split up! We’ll find more information that way!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Gotcha! We’re checking Dinoair!

Kat: Okay! Come on, Ana, let’s see Pterodacyl United.

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Quick! Follow the ninjas!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
***Kooper: Well, we saw out the window all the teams running around frantically. They were basically just guessing.

Goombellia: Okay…

***Kooper: Our travel agent was very fast. She compared all the flights and got us on the one we needed.

Goombellia: You two are now booked on Dinoair. It departs later than Pterodactyl United, but it arrives earlier because the Ptero one stops at Yoshi’s Island first.

Kooper: Yoshi’s Island? Wow, that’s so far out of the way!

Goombellia: No no, the Yoshi’s Island in Dinosaur Land. It’s a different place. *chuckles*

Koops: Excellent! So, we’re on the first flight?

Goombellia: Confirmed!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends - First Flight

Kooper: Okay! Thank you very much!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters

Dixie: Hi!! We’re trying to get a flight to the Forest of Illusion! We need the fastest flight!

Rex: Yes, indeed! We have a flight at 5:10.

Tiny: Okay, that’s soon enough. Are there any other flights?

Rex: Pterodactyl United has a flight at 4:45.

Dixie: Oh, shoot! Let’s go!

Tiny: Hold on, hold on… Which one arrives first?

Rex: Ours does. It’s direct. Theirs stops at Yoshi’s Island over in Dinosaur Land.

Tiny: Ah! Excellent, could we get two tickets please?

Rex: I’m not sure if we have enough space…

Dixie: Oh, please!

Tiny: It would really help us out!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas

Ana: Hi! Do you have a flight to the Forest of Illusion today?

Pterry Toad: Yes we do, we’re departing at 4:45

Kat: Is this the fastest flight here?

Pterry: No, Dinoair has one that arrives earlier.

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Come on! Run!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Aw, no! Come on, Ana! We have to beat them there!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters – First Flight

Rex: Okay, ladies. You are now on the flight.

Dixie: Thank you so much!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Wait!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Heeey!!!

They’re rushing across the airport.

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Uh, could we reserve more seats?

Rex: Sorry, ma’am, you two took the last seats.

Dixie: Oh-


Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Oww!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Ugh... Watch where you’re going…

Ana: Hey! Let me up!

Paratroopa: Watch the wings!

All 4: *Jumbled arguing*

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Both: …

Dixie: *shrugs* Sorry, you Koopas! The flight’s full. Go somewhere else!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Seriously?! Aww…

Paratroopa: C’mon, let’s go…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Ugh… *mumbles* Yeah, see ya…

Ana: Losers… Hey Dix! Were you lying to them or is the plane really full?

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Yeah, sorry you two… We took the last seats…

Tiny: You’d better hurry and get another flight.

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Iggy: So, that’s it then? We’re confirmed?

Pterry: Yep! You’re on your way to the Forest of Illusion.

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers – Second Flight

Lemmy: Thank, you!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Hi, us too? Same flight?

Booster: Mayk it snappers!

Pterry: Er, sure…

…  *Printing noises*

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master – Second Flight

Booster: Thanks! *Smoooooch*

Pterry: Aaaauauuuuggggh!!!

Snifit: Booster!!! How many times have I told you not to do that?!

Booster: 17,879,556,998 times!

Snifit: *twitch*

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
***Koopa: So eventually we got on the Ptery United Flight. We’re kinda bummed…

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners – Second Flight

***Koopa: The ninjas managed to get on too. I tell ya, they’re going to be tough competition.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas – Second Flight

***Koopa: In any case, we’re all on our way. We’ll catch up… we will…

The planes fly into the sky.

A plane lands.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Okay, let’s get on the next plane.

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Lemmy: Where is it? Over here?

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Right now we’re waiting to get on our connecting flight and-

P.A.: *fuzz* Uhh, attention folks. We apologize, but the Pteryodactyl United Flight to the Forest of Illusion has been cancelled. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

All 8: No!!!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
***Kat: Before the announcement was finished, we were already off and running. It wasn’t long before we reached a ticket desk.

Kat: Hi! Please tell us you have tickets to the Forest of Illusion!

Eerie: Hmm… *checks computer* Well, it looks like we’re the only airline with a flight there all day. Would you like tickets?

Both: Yes!!!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Hey, wait! Us too! Can we have tickets?!

Eerie: Now hold on…

The ghost types on a keyboard…

Eerie: Okay, you’re both on our flight.

Kat: Oh, thank you!

Paratroopa: Yes! Thanks a lot!

Eerie: You two- *points to the Koopas* -are lucky! You got the last tickets.

Koopa: Nice!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas – Third Flight
Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners – Third Flight

Ana: Thank you! Bye!

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Lemmy: Did I hear correctly? You have no more tickets all day?

Eerie: Yes, unfortunately.

Iggy: Aww, man…

The plane takes off.

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: I guess that just leaves us…

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Lemmy: What should we do, Iggy?

Iggy: We have to find another way. Maybe we can take a taxi, train, ferry… anything!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: C’mon, Booster. There’s a ferry to Chocolate Island. We can then take a taxi.

Booster: Oooh! Fairies! Do I get a wish?!

Snifit: … No…

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Lemmy: … Well, their plan sounds good. Unless you have any better ideas…

Iggy: I don’t think so. Let’s go get a ferry.

A wolf howls.

First Flight - 12:35 PM
Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Are you ready?

***Tiny: Once again we were separated from our best friends.

***Dixie: But it was both of our decisions to split up at the airport, and now we’re paying for it.

***Tiny: But we’ll go for the win!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Okay! Let’s go! Now!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters

Dixie: Hey, Dix. Let’s see that map.

Tiny: …

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: You guys have a map? Would you mind sharing it with us?

Dixie: Uhh…

Kooper: Come on, we’re both in first place and way ahead of the others! What do you have to lose?

Tiny: Fine. C’mere.

Koops: Thanks.

Dixie: Okay, look. There’s the airport, and there’s the ghost house. It should be an easy walk through the thick forest.

Kooper: I see. Shall we go?

Tiny: Okay, yeah, that’s simple.

Koops: Ladies first!

Dixie: Why, thank you!

Tiny: Straight this way?

Dixie: Yes, there’s a forest with some open trees and then it’s the ghost house.

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Let’s go!

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Lemmy: Is this the place?

Iggy: It’s the fourth division of the island; yes, the ferry terminal should be here.

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Booster: Will my fairy be a godmother?


Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Lemmy: Ah, here we are! Hi! Do you have any ferries to The Forest of Illusion?

Kiyoshi: Sorry, no, but I can give you tickets to Chocolate Island. You dock at the east end, so the forest is not far away.

Iggy: Okay, we’ll take it.

Kiyoshi: Here you are!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Hi! Us too?

Kiyoshi: Okay! You’re on your way!

*Ferry horn*

Iggy: Here we go!

The ferry sails off into the sea.

*Time lapse*
Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: *yawn* This forest is monotonous!

Tiny: I think I see it up there! Yeah!

We see a shot of the ghost house. A Boo circles its top.

Both: Woah…

Tiny: Eh, Luigi’s Mansion was bigger.

Dixie: Haha, yeah! Hey, there’s a flag!

Tiny: Let’s go!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: What happened to the girls?

Koops: They went ahead.

Kooper: Right… when you were tying your shoe.

Koops: …

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Tiny: Right up ahead, Dix! What is that?

Dixie: Oh my gosh, it’s a Yield!

Tiny: It is? No it isn’t! There was no warning in the last clue!

Dixie: What are you talking about? It’s a Yield!

Tiny: It’s not a Yield, Sis! Look!

They approach it.

Tiny: Intersection… What’s this?

Phil: When teams arrive at the Forest Ghost House, they will encounter a new twist in the race. They must join forces with another team, then perform all tasks and make all decisions together… until further notice.


Tiny: “Warning! You are Intersected”

Dixie: So we have to join up with another team?

Tiny: Yeah, and I assume it’s going to be the Aqua Koopas…

Dixie: What happened to them?

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: C’mon, Koops! Will ya hurry up? The trees are not going to freaking eat you!

Koops: How… how do you know?

Kooper facepalms.

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: C’mon, you guys…

Tiny: The other flight is landing…

Second Flight - 1:00 PM
Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Hurry!

Ana: Let’s do well this leg!

Kat: Hopefully we can find our good friends!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Yahooo! Forest of Illusion! I remember this place!

Koopa: You were stationed here?

Paratroopa: Yep! Over there in the secret division.

Koopa: Cool!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: There it is! Finally!

Koops: Oh, dang! I hope we don’t have to go inside it.

Kooper: Hey, there’s the girls!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Hey! Kooper! Koops! We have to work with you!

Tiny: Yeah! It’s an Intersection!


Kooper: Intersection…

Koops: Okay, that’s fine with me, as long as we can move away from this haunted house!!!

Kooper rolls his eyes.

Dixie: Detour!

Phil: A Detour is a choice between two task, each with its own pros and cons. This Detour will allow teams to relive two of Mario’s greatest struggles in this forest. The choice: Sink… or Float. In Sink, the newly joined teams will make their way here, the second division, where a large lake sits. Here, teams will don SCUBA gear and dive deep, searching for Urchins. They must harvest these Urchins and bring them to the surface. When they have 30 Urchins, they will receive their next clue. In Float, the newly joined teams will make their way to the third division, an area where large bubbles are regularly seen for an unknown reason. This infamous location was where Mario, after being lost for hours, finally found his way out of the forest through this Magic Keyhole. Now, the newly joined teams must carry this!

The camera shows a huge key the size of a queen-sized mattress.

Phil: With all four team members working together, manoeuvring this unorthodox key will be difficult… but possible. Once teams have brought the key to the keyhole, they will receive their next clue.

Tiny: I say we do the key one.

Koops: “Carry an enormous key.” How big do you think it’ll be?

Kooper: I think she’s right. Getting Urchins from the lakebed sounds tricky and difficult… and you’d probably be scared of them anyway.

Dixie: Okay, it’s settled. We’re doing Float.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Ah, what a lovely forest. The trees cast such intriguing shadows on the ground.

Ana: We should come back here sometime. It would be a good place to train.

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Are we going the right way?

Paratroopa: Yes, just follow me. I’m pretty sure I know where it is.

Koopa: Okay…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: I believe we go this way…

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: This is gonna be fun!

Dixie: Yeah. We don’t mind working with you as long as we knock the Koopalings or Booster out of the race.

Koops: Yeah… Those Koopalings are pretty mean…

Kooper: And Booster’s SO annoying!

Dixie: Are we almost there?

Tiny: I think so… We just keep heading south.

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: That’s it, huh?

Paratroopa: Yep! Impressive, huh?

Koopa: Uh… no.

Paratroopa: Exactly! Hahaha! C’mon!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Is that the ghost house?

Ana: Might be, come on.


Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Intersection, huh?

Koopa: What’s this about?

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: There it is!

Ana: Luigi’s Mansion was better.


Kat: Looks like a new twist in the race.

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: I guess we should work together, girls.

Kat: I guess so. I wonder where the other girls are.

Paratroopa: Join us, and you may find them! Mwa ha ha!

Ana: Heh…


Ana: So, which Detour are we doing?

Koopa: I’d kinda like to get the Urchins.

Kat: I agree, it sounds easy.

Koopa: Para, is that okay?

Paratroopa: I dunno… I’m not that big on swimming.

Kat: We have to make the right decision.

Ana: Yeah, if he can’t do it then its gonna hurt all of us because we’re Intersected.

Paratroopa: It’s okay, I’ll do it.

Ana: All right then.

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Dixie: So… how’s life?

Kooper: Eh, heh… don’t even get me started.

Koops: This race has been so much more stressful than we expected it to be.

Tiny: You’re not allowed to say that. We’re the most stressed out here!

***Dixie: It was an interesting experience working alongside the Aquakoops.

***Tiny: A little change of scenery… hahaha!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Kat: What a… monotonous forest…

Paratroopa: Hmm hmm hmm…

Koopa: Hopefully this time, we won’t break the rules while in this forest…

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: There it is! Division three!

Dixie: Oh my gosh!!! Look!

The camera shows the giant key.

Kooper: It’s huge!!!

Koops: Okay, everyone take a corner.

All 4 are grunting.

Dixie: Which… which way do we go?

Tiny: That way! Follow the red and yellow flags!

Kooper: Oh… my… gosh…

Koops: Heavy…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Kat: This is it?

Paratroopa: Yep! This is the place they call The Lake of Illusion.

Ana: Over there! There’s where we suit up.

Koopa: I never looked good in a SCUBA suit… My shell always made it look like I was a humpback.

Paratroopa: You? What about me? I hate having my wings pressed against my shell for so long! They lose their fluffiness!

Kat: C’mon, guys! Less chat, more suiting up.

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Iggy: Taxi!

Lemmy: Taxi, taxi!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: No! They took the only taxi!

Booster: Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

Snifit: Excuse me, can you call me a taxi?

Booster: -aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-

Snifit: 15 minutes?! Ugh, we’re going to be so far behind…

Booster: -aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Lemmy: Heh heh heh…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Ana: *Check. Everyone ready?*

Koopa: *Let’s do it!*

Paratroopa: *I’m comin’.*

Kat: *All right, everyone, we can do it. The Urchins are blue, so look closely.*

Paratroopa: *Mmmm… *

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Watch it! Watch it, Tiny! Duck!

Tiny: Woah! Tree branch…

Koops: Why does the race keep sending us to spooky places like this? I hate this!

Kooper: Ugh… Just… focus on carrying this thing…

Serene music plays.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Kat: *Wooooww… *

Ana: *This is beautiful… *

Koopa: *Look at all the plants and animals!*

Kat: *Nice! It’s so pretty!*

The music abruptly changees.

Paratroopa: *Hey! I got a couple of Urchins here!*

Koopa: *Oh, well done, Para!*

Paratroopa: *Yeah, whatever. I just wanna get this done so we can get out of here.*

Kat: *I’ve got some too. That makes 8 in total!*

Ana: *Good job, everyone!*

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Dixie is walking backwards, supporting the key. Her foot grazes the edge of the floor.

Dixie: Oh (Bleep)! Oh (Bleep)! Oh (Bleep)! Oh (Bleep)! Oh (Bleep)! Oh (Bleep)!!!

She falls. The large key goes crashing to the ground.

Dixie: Owww…

Tiny: Shoot! That almost landed on my feet!

Kooper: You okay?

Koops: Ugh… This is tougher than we anticipated…

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Iggy: This is the Forest of Illusion?

Lemmy: Yeah, and Roy was controlling it.

Iggy: He’s an odd one, eh? First Sky Land and then this?

Lemmy: Heh… yeah…

Iggy: Are we almost to the ghost house?

Wiggla: Yes, yes, we near!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Oh, finally! TAXI!!!

Booster: IXAT!!!

Snifit: Come on! Please take us to the Forest Ghost House! And step on it!

Booster: Yah! I already stepped in it!

Snifit: Wh- Eewwww! Booster!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: *More! Get over here, Koop! Hey, Kat! To your left! Ana! Swim upwards!*

***Kat: Uh, Paratroopa was really provin’ himself. He got things done right and quickly.

Kat: *Good job!*

Koopa: *We’ll be done in no time!*

Ana: *You’re not kidding! We already have 25!*

Paratroopa: *Hey! Stop talking and look!*

Other 3: *Yes sir!*

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Dixie: How… how close are we?

Koops: I have… no idea! I just hope we don’t drop it again…

Kooper: I… Stop, you guys… I need a break…

Dixie: I hate to admit it, but I do too.

Dixie takes out a juice box and drinks it.

Kooper: Wh- How are… huh?

Dixie: What?

Kooper: How are you holding the key AND holding your juice with both hands?!

Koops: Are… are you holding the key with your hair?

Dixie: Oh, yeah, that’s my way of carrying things.

Kooper & Koops: …

Dixie: …

Kooper & Koops: HOW?!

Tiny giggles.

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers

Iggy: And heeeeeeere we are!

Lemmy: That taxi was… fast…

Lemmy’s hair is now angled backwards.

Iggy: Heh… We made up a lot of ground! Now Booster is SURE to be eliminated!

Lemmy: Hey, what’s that up there? A Yield?

Iggy: Ooh, really! Let’s send them even further back!

Intense music plays as they rush up, but abruptly stops when they reach the clue box.

Iggy: Intersection? Huh?


Lemmy: *reads* … Oh no!

Iggy: What?

Lemmy: Oh NO!!!

Iggy: What, what? Let me see! *reads*

Lemmy: We have to…


Lemmy: Are you KIDDING me?!

Iggy: Urgh! This stinks! Now we have to work with a wimp and an idiot, AND they’re like half an hour behind, so we have to wait for them…

Lemmy: Well, this may be it… You know how lucky they are…

Iggy: It can’t get any worse…

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Ugh, Booster! What are you doing now?!

Booster: A’m eatinz mah beard!

Snifit: Why?!

Booster: Z!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Dixie: Dixie: Hey! What’s that sign way up there?

Tiny: Where? On that tree?

Sign: Halfway there!

All 4: Ughhh…

Dixie: This is so heavy, I can’t even believe it!

Koops: Oh, great, now we have to get it by these trees.

Kooper: How are we going to do this?

Dixie: Like this!

She shoves the key as we hear the sound of metal on bark.

Tiny: Woah! Dix, don’t kill the trees!

Dixie: I don’t want to fall behind!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: *Where’d Para go?*

Paratroopa: *Turn around, go through the passage.*

Koopa: *Hm?*

Paratroopa: *Come on! I can’t carry them all!*

Kat: *Wh- How many do we have now?*

Paratroopa: *28.*

Ana: *Really? We’re almost done?! All right!*

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Ahhhh! Here we are! The Forest of Illusion.

Booster: Naw whar ish house of ded peeples?

Snifit: I dunno… Sir, do you know the Forest Ghost House?

Monta: Okay!

Snifit: Uh… you know?

Monta: Okay!

Both: …

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Both: …
Iggy: Where…are…they…?

Lemmy: They are slowly souring my patience…

Both: …

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Tiny: *huff, huff* Okay, put it down for a second… Let’s rest…

Koops: Thank… you…


All 4 exhale.

Tiny: I… I can barely breathe…

Kooper: This thing is way too big… Imagine if Mario and Luigi had to actually use one of these on their adventure…

Tiny: Heh heh heh…

Dixie: I wonder how the other girls are doing…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Kat: Mmfffn Mmmmmff! *removes mouthpiece* And we are done!

Ana: Hee hee! Look at the Urchins. They have cute little faces!

Paratroopa: *shakes like a dog* Uuuuughhhh… That was very unpleasant!

Koopa: But you did very well!

Kat: Yeah! Way to go!

***Kat: If we didn’t have Paratroopa on our team, we probably would’ve taken a lot longer.

***Ana: It worked out great that we could Intersect with them… I think it certainly helped us.

Rip Van: Ah, I see you brought me my dinner! Thanks! Here’s your clue!


Kat: Oh boy… this is cryptic.

Koopa: Lemme see. “Travel to” … ”The Middle of Nowhere”?!

Phil: The Intersected teams must now travel to this place…

The camera shows an open clearing.

Phil: This clearing in the center of the forest is known as the middle of nowhere by residents. Teams will find their next clue here.

Paratroopa: Oh! Haha! That’s what we called this place *points to map* because it’s in the middle of the forest.

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends

Kooper: We… must… be… three… quarters… of… the… way… right…?

Dixie: I… hope… so… My… hair’s… getting… tired…

Koops: … Weird…

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Booster: Look! It’s a Buuuuuu!

Snifit: Yes! There’s the ghost house… Hey, look!

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Both: …

Snifit: What are they doing there…?

Iggy: Oh, hey, look who finally showed up.

Lemmy: Mm…

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Hey Iggy, hey Lemmy. What’s this?


Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Iggy: It’s an intersection, and unfortunately we have to work together.

Snifit: Oh, well that’s good then. We’ll get the job done faster and-


He removes his pants.

Other 3: …

Lemmy: And THAT’S why we’re dreading the upcoming task.


Lemmy: Okay, it’s a Detour.

Iggy: Carrying a huge key? I’m not sure those two could handle it, and all they would do is slow us down.

Snifit: Hey! Lemme see!

Lemmy: You’re probably correct. Let’s do the Urchins.

Snifit: We’re part of your team now! Let me read the clue!

Lemmy tosses him the clue.

Snifit: Hey! We have to help in decision making.

Iggy: Nnnnnnnnnnnno you don’t. Come. Now.

Booster: YASH SUR!!!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Dixie: Hey, Sis! What’s that way up there?

Kooper: Looks like another race flag…
Dixie: Yeah… but something’s written on it.

Tiny: “Fin”… ”Finkle”… ”Finish”! It says finish!

Koops: Ugh… Finally!

Tiny: Let’s go!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Haha! This is it! Welcome to the middle of nowhere, everyone!

Kat: Ha! How anticlimactic…

Koopa: There’s the clue!


Koopa: Roadblock!

Kat: Teams are no longer joined…

Phil: At the Roadblock clue box, teams will no longer be joined by the Intersection. A Roadblock is a task that only one team member may perform. No person may do more than 6 roadblocks on the entire race… As Mario and Luigi got lost and turned around in this forest, they made an unexpected detour to this place… The Forest Gorge.

The camera shows the level known as “Forest Secret Area”.

Phil: To get across, they had to ride these surfing winged blocks. Now, teams will also have to do this. However, these surfing blocks are much faster and harder to control. If teams can control the beast, they will receive their next clue when they reach the goal.

Kat: “Who’s ready for a wild ride? (Really wild)”

Ana: Me! Me! I wanna do it!

Kat: You’ve done enough, it’s my turn.

Ana: Awwww!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: I think we can all agree who’s gonna do this.

Koopa: Good luck, Para!

Paratroopa: This is gonna be fuunnnnn!!!

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Iggy: Is this it?

Lemmy: Yep. Hey, get out and suit up. Do it quickly.

Snifit: You two have to stop ordering us around. We’re all part of the same team now.

Lemmy: *sigh* Look, we don’t want to get eliminated any more than you do, so if we all work fast we’ll be done soon!

Snifit: Yeah, but if we don’t work together we’ll falter!

Iggy: Shut up and suit up.

Snifit: *sigh*

***Snifit: It wasn’t a happy train for sure. Everyone was simply miserable. I foresaw trouble…

Booster: Whaz dis?

Snifit: It’s a SCUBA suit, Booster. Here’s yours. Put it on so you can breathe underwater.

Booster: Aww, I can already doo dat! Watch!

He sucks up lots of water.

Snifit: Booster!!!

Booster: Pwaaahhh

He sprays water all over Lemmy & Iggy.

Booster: Tastes like Illusion!

Lemmy & Iggy: …

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
*VERY LOUD SLAM* *Trees sway* *Ground Shakes*

All 4: DONE!!!

Wiggy: Very good!

All 4 are panting.

Dixie: That… that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done…

Koops: I’m… gonna keel over.

Tiny: That was hard… but at least it’s over!


Tiny: The middle of nowhere…

Kooper: Where’s that?

Dixie: Let’s look at the map.

She unfolds the map.

Dixie: Hmm…

Koops: If I had to guess… I’d say it’s this place *points* because it’s a field right in the middle of the forest…

Dixie: That, uh… sounds exactly correct.

Kooper: Good job, Koops! Let’s go see!

Koops: Mmmm… Thanks…

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Iggy: *Okay, everyone doing okay?*

Lemmy: *I think we’re off to a good start.*

Snifit: *I got one!*

Lemmy: *Hey! HEY! Booster!!! You idiot! Stop chasing fish and doing other random things!*

Snifit: *He can’t really help himself!*

Iggy: *Shut up! I hate the both of you! I can’t stand either of you, so hurry up and get some Urchins so we can just eliminate you two!*

Snifit: *…*

***Snifit: Boy, there were some harsh words coming out of their mouths… It, uh… wasn’t spectacularly fun.

Iggy: *Grrrr… *

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Dixie: Is this it?

Tiny: Yes! There’s the flag! Right up there!

Kooper: Good job, Koops! Way to come through!

Koops: …

*Riiiiiiiiiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiiiiiiip*

Dixie: Teams are no longer joined…

Kooper: Roadblock…

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Tiny: I’ll do it! It sounds pretty fun!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Ugh, do you want to do it?

Koops: Not really…

Kooper: Come on, Koops. I’ve already done four, and you’ve only done one. You need to do some if we’re ever going to be a team and win this race.

Koops: … Okay, you make a good case, Mr. Kooper. I will do this… Wish me luck…

Kooper: We gotta get there first.

Koops: No, I mean wish me luck in not fainting at the thought…

Kooper: Heh heh…

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Ah! Here we are!

Paratroopa: Sorry! I kinda forgot the way a bit.

Koopa: S’okay. I believe we’re either first or second.

Lakzar: ‘Sup? You ready for your wild ride?

Paratroopa: You got it!

Lakzar: Well, here it is! *floats aside* The Winged Block EXTREME! *rock solo*

Both: …

Lakzar: … Sorry… All you do is stand on it and shift your bodyweight to control it.

Paratroopa: Sounds good!

Koopa: Good luck!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Got it. Just follow us! The map shows the way!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Let’s go!

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: *Uhh… Wow… You’re fast… *

Iggy: *Got 1… got 1… got 1… *

Snifit: *Do you… uh… need help?*

Iggy & Lemmy: *NO!!!*

Booster: Glub, glub?

Snifit: *No, Booster, they- Gah! Hey! Put your suit back on! Now!*

Booster: Gluubbb!!! Urk…

Snifit: *Ugh… Hold on, guys!*

Iggy & Lemmy: …

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Oh! Ana! I found it!

Ana: Over here?

***Kat: Yeah, we got a little lost in the forest… We’re not entirely proud of it…

Ana: How’d you find it?

Kat: I opened my ears…

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners

Ana: Haha!!! Why couldn’t you have let me do this one?! It looks so fun!

Kat: Sorry, Sis! Hi!

Lakzar: Are you ready for the Winged Block EXTREME?!

Kat: … Sure…

We see a helicopter shot as the two practice on their winged blocks.

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Okay! I’m ready!

Koopa: Already?

Paratroopa: Haha! Yeah! This thing is fun! It’s just like flying at high speeds!

Lakzar: Okay! Here is the course over here. Simply make it to the end without crashing. Are you ready?

Paratroopa: Ready!

Lakzar: GO!!!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: *waves hands* Woah! Woah!!! Jeez! *grabs edge* How do you work this thing?

Ana: Haha! Don’t worry, Sis! You’ll get the hang of it!

Kat: How’d he get it so fast…?

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Hey-ah!!!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: Heeeeeeeeyyy!!! Where have you been?

Tiny: Lifting a key…

Ana: Ooooohhhhh… I guess the water one was the better choice, ah?

Tiny: Mm…
Ana: Who was your Intersected partner?

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Tiny! Wait!

Koops: There she is.

Ana: Ohmigosh! Hi!!! That means Iggy & Lemmy are stuck with Booster & Snifit! *bursts out laughing*

Kooper: Hey! *smacks Ana on the back* Does this mean we’re part of your clique now?

Ana: Heh heh… We’ll see!

Kat: HEY!!! Did you happen to notice Paratroopa is almost done? Get your butts up here! *Swoosh* Woah!

Tiny: I’m comin’!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Okay, Koops. You can do this. Look at Para over there.

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Yeah!!! Wooo!!! Uhn, ha!!! Ohh!!! Yeahhh!!!

Paratroopa is doing wild flips, spins, and other crazy manoeuvres.

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: … On second thought, look at Kat!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Stupid thing! I’m a ninja! Why won’t this work?!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: … You know what? You’ll do fine! Just go!

Koops: *gulp*

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Yay Para!!! Wooooo!!!

Paratroopa: *skids to a stop* And done! *snaps fingers* Don’ mess wit’ me!

Lakzar: That was the most EXTREME performance I’ve ever seen! You’ve definitely earned this!

Koopa: Thanks! Wow, Para! This might be our best leg yet!


Koopa: Make your way to the next Pit Stop…

Phil: Teams must now continue to follow the path out of the forest, until they reach this place: Forest Fortress. This towering fort on the edge of Soda Lake was built as a stronghold by Bowser even though he unknowingly allowed Mario to access Star Road by doing so. This fort, which is now a tourist attraction, is the Pit Stop for this leg of the race. The last team to check in here…may be eliminated.

Paratroopa: Pit Stop! Are we in first?!

Koopa: I sure hope so! Let’s go! Forest Fortress! You familiar with it?

Paratroopa: You betcha! Come on!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: Wow… they’re done already…

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Weren’t you partnered with them?

Ana: Yeah, and they were good competitors. I like Paratroopa. He’s funny…


Tiny: I think I got it!

Dixie: Haha! Good!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Gaa-a-a-a-aaahh! How do you stay balanced?

Tiny: You gotta find the sweet spot.

Dixie: Help each other out! We’re in a good position right now!

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Iggy: *Okay! Phew! I think we’re done now.*

Snifit: *Really? Good job, you two! That was fast harvesting!*

Lemmy: *Good job, Bro!*

Iggy: *Come on, you two.*

All four of them surface.

Booster: PWAAAHHHH!!! I always hated fresh air, but that water-air tasted awful!

Snifit: …


Iggy: Find the middle of nowhere… Lem! Go ask someone!

Lemmy: No, it’s okay, I know it. Follow me!

Snifit: Good job… good job!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: KOOPS!

Koops: Ugh… This doesn’t look safe!

Lakzap: Well, you ain’t gonna learn if you don’t get on it.

Kooper: KOOOPS! I shoulda done it…

Koops places one foot on gently. The entire thing shifts downward slightly and Koops emits a girly scream. Kooper facepalms.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: So, right there?

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Tiny: I think… You’re shorter than me, but your feet should work out if you plant them there. It’ll help you stay balanced.

Kat: Heh… Thanks, Tiny!

Tiny: Oh, hush. I’m going to go try the course now. Good luck!

Kat: Thanks!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Lakzar: Are you ready?

Tiny: Yeah! Let’s do it!

Lakzar: Go!

Majestic music plays as Tiny handles the Winged Block very smoothly and gracefully around the obstacles.

Dixie: Wooo! Way to go!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Oh, yeah! That works much better. Okay, I’ll try now!

Lakzar: You’re ready? Okay then, get set and GO!

Kat: Hup!

She immediately dives.

Ana: Kat! Watch out!

Kat pulls upward at the last minute and picks up lots of speed. Ana, watching this, does an anime fall.

Ana: Don’t scare me like that!

Kat: Heh! *peace sign*

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Oh my god! SUNLIGHT!!!

Paratroopa: I know, right? The fortress is right there!

Koopa: Yeaahhh!!!

Paratroopa: Yeah! Here we are!

Reznor: Grrrr!!! Welcome to the Forest of Illusion!!!

Paratroopa: Thanks!

Phil: Koopa & Paratroopa…

Koopa: I can’t… Tell us!

Phil: You’re…team number 1!!!

Koopa: Yeah!

Paratroopa: WAAAAAAHOOOOOOO!!! *does aerial flips*

Phil: Congratulations. As the winners of this leg of the race, you have each won a high-quality Starman Camera!

Paratroopa: Oooh!

Phil: You can enjoy it after the race.

Paratroopa: I gotta tell you… we’ve been waiting for first for a while now. We finally got it, eh?

Koopa: Hey! It was all you today! We would’ve done awful if not for you!

Paratroopa: Ha haaa!

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Iggy: There it is! Way to go, Lemmy!

Snifit: Aha! This must be our next clue!

*Riiiiiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiiiiiip*

Iggy & Lemmy: YESS!!!

Snifit: Teams are no longer joined… Okay, well good working with you guys!

***Snifit: Not.

Lemmy: Roadblock!

Snifit: I will do this Roadblock.

Lemmy: It’s gotta be me! I balance on balls all the time!

Iggy: See ya!

They both rush off.

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Oh, shoot! Hey, come on, Booster! We have to beat them! We’re marked for elimination, remember?

Booster: No…

Snifit: It doesn’t matter! Follow them!

Booster: Yesh Madame Cheezburger!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Tiny: And time! … Or… finish… or whatever…

Dixie: Good job, Tiny! You totally rocked that course!

Tiny: Why, thank you!

Lakzar: Good job! Here ya go! Don’t forget to be EXTREME!!!

***Dixie: That guy sounded like he was off his meds…


Dixie: Goin’ to the Pit Stop, girl!

Tiny: Let’s go! Good luck, Ana! We’ll see you soon!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Ugh… Around here… Woah! Don’t wanna hit that!

Ana: Keep going, Kat!

Kat: This is fun once you get the hang of it!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: You got it, Koops?

***Koops: After riding it for a bit at low altitude, I kinda got the feel for it… It wasn’t so bad. It’s like a little kid meeting a big dog. He starts out terrified, but it soon becomes his best friend.

Koops: Hup! *does handstand*

Kooper: Good! Are you ready?

Koops: I’m not going to do it very fast!

Kooper: That’s okay! Just get’er done!

Koops: Hoo… Okay! Let’s try it.

Lakzar: Go!!!

Koops: Mmm…

He inches out slower than a snail’s pace.

Kooper: …Yay?

Lakzar: …Hey! If I can still reach you after 50 seconds, you’re not being EXTREME enough!!!

Koops: Whoa! *Accidentally dips* Woaaaah!!!

Kooper: Holy cow! Now he’s doin’ it!

Koops: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Careful! Careful! One last hoop! Yeeeeeeee… ah! Okay! That was good!

Ana: Indeed! Good job, Kat!

Lakzar: Good job. Here ya go!


Kat: Travel by foot to the Forest Fortress…

Ana: Pit Stop, eh? Come on! I know which way the girls went.

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: This is it?

Tiny: Yeah! There’s Phil!

Dixie: Wooo!

Phil: Dixie & Tiny? … You’re team number 2!!!

Dixie: Excellent!

Tiny: We’re still hanging strong!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Koops! Watch out! Be careful!

Koops: Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllp!!!

Kooper: … Uh… never mind! You’re doing awesome!!! Somehow…

Koops: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Phil: Kat & Ana?

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Yes, Phil?

Phil: You’re team number three!

Ana: That’s good! That’s fine.

Kat: What an enjoyable leg!

***Kat: We had a lot of fun today with Koopa & Paratroopa. It felt nice to help them get to the front of the pack. But we’re not gonna let that happen again *chuckle*

The music shifts.

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Iggy: This?

Lemmy: Yeah, this looks like the place.

Iggy: Are any teams still here?


Lemmy: Does that answer your question?!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends

Kooper: *blinks* Okay, seriously. Are we in the Twilight Zone? He’s doing the course perfectly and he’s barely got his eyes open!

Koops: Hoooowww dooooo yooouuuu stooooppp thissss thiiiiiiiiing?!

Kooper: Koops! Pull up a bit!

Koops: Gaahh!

The wings of the blocks barely graze the hoop.

Koops: Where am I?!

Lakzar: Right at the finish! Ha! Gotcha!

Koops: Wah!

He is flung into the bushes by the abrupt stop.

Kooper: Hahaha! Way to go, Koops! Did you have fun?

Koops: NO!!!

Kooper: Oh well, it’s over now! You did it!

Koops: Ugh… Leave me to vomit in peace…


Kooper: Pit Stop, here we come!

Koops: Ughhhh… Look, there’s a taxi, let’s grab it.

Kooper: No, we have to walk.

Koops: We do?! Uuuugghhhhh…

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Lemmy: Okay! This is easy! I got it!

Lakzar: You ready for the course then?

Lemmy: Sure! Let’s try it!

Iggy: Good luck bro!

Snifit (distant): Booster!!!

Iggy: Ugh… And hurry up!!!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Come! This is the place. Please go wait at the finish line.

Booster: But I’m not Finnish! I live in the Mushroom Kingdom!

Snifit: I don’t care. Go! Now!

Booster: Baaaaaaaaaaawwwww!!!

Snifit: *sigh* Okay, let’s do this.

Booster: Gud looooouck!

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Lemmy: Woah! This course is rad! Wheee heee!!!

Iggy: Sweet moves, Lem! Do a flip!

Lemmy: Here I go! Woo!!!

Iggy: Haha! Hey, watch it!

Lemmy: Waaaahhhhh!!!


Lakzar: *blows whistle* Obstacle impact! I’m sorry, but you’ll have to retry the course.

Lemmy: Ugh… Sorry, Ig! I was being too cocky.

Iggy: It’s okay. We’ll still beat them. Remember, they have that half hour penalty!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: This isn’t so hard!

***Snifit: The Winged Block wasn’t very hard to balance, and turning was slow but responsive. I think my small stature came in handy.

Snifit: Okay! Just a few more minutes and I’ll try it!

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Lemmy: Hey, shorty! Move it! We’re going to the Pit Stop, so see ya later! Hup! *dives with winged block*

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Oh, dang. Looks like we don’t have much time to practice… Okay, hey! I’m ready to start!

Lakzar: Okay! Good luck, and GO!!!

Snifit: Okay! Ha! *woosh* Just gotta be careful… I’m the tortoise… he’s the hare…

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: There it is! Wow! What a magnificent fortress!

Koops: Looks like… Hooktail’s…

Kooper: Yeah, or the Koopa Bros’.

Both: …

Phil: Kooper & Koops…

Both: …

Phil: You’re team number 4!

Koops: Ughh… Okay… that’s fine…

Kooper: You did so well, today! I’m proud of ya. Koops! C’mere and let me give you a noogie!

Koops: Ack! Hey!

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Iggy: Woah. Looks like it’s an all-out battle between the two of them… Well, it looks like Lemmy’s going faster than Snifit, so it should be okay.

Lemmy: Get ready to run, Ig!!!

Iggy: I’m on my way.

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: It’s okay… I’m right behind him… and Booster can run pretty fast in a crunch…

Booster: *gasp* Snifit!!! You didn’t tell meh you could flyyy!!! I can fly too! Wheeee! *jumps one centimetre* Fun!!!

Snifit: Slow and steady… wins the race…

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Lemmy: One last hoop! Here we are! And finish!

Iggy: Great job!

Lemmy: Thank you! That was fun.

Iggy: Whatevz! Let’s get to the Pit Stop quickly so we can eliminate these *bleep*s.


Iggy: Oh, the Forest Fortress. I know that! It’s this way! Come on!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Get ready to run, Booster! This is it!!!

Booster: Yay! I think… oh well…

Snifit: Don’t… wanna… fall…

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Iggy: Are there any taxis we could take?

Lemmy: Is that one over there?

Iggy: Yeah! Come on! Let’s grab it!

Lemmy: What luck!

They get in.

Lemmy: To the Forest Fortress please!

They drive off.


Booster: That wash good jorb, Snifit!

Snifit: Why thank you, Booster! My first compliment from you!

Booster: LEZ GO!!!

Snifit: Yeah!

Booster: WAIT!!! Look at this leaf! It looks like Mona Lisa!

Snifit: COME ON!!!

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Iggy: Here we are!

Lemmy: Yep! We beat them. Good job, Bro!

Phil: …Iggy & Lemmy?

Iggy: We know already, Phil!

Phil: You’re the… fifth team to arrive.

Iggy: All right!

Lemmy: Looks like they’re out at last!

Phil: … However!

*Abrupt silence*

Phil: You did not follow your clue correctly. You were to travel to this Pit Stop on foot… You took a taxi.

Iggy: Oh, shoot…

Lemmy: I did not see that. I did not see that.

Phil: And for that you have incurred a 35-minute penalty. Please wait over there.

Iggy: Oh man… But those two have a penalty too.

Lemmy: If they arrive in the next five minutes we’re out. If not, we’re safe.

Iggy: *gulp*

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Booster, please! You do know that if we’re eliminated now we won’t get to ride anymore trains or planes!

Booster: W…we…WHAT? Don’t lie to me! You’re just a lying cheezburger!

Snifit: No, really! There’s… uh… train memorabilia at the Pit Stop! Come on!

Booster: …Okayz! Come on! *ZOOOOOMM*

Snifit: Wheee!

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers - PENALTY: 33:57
Iggy: This is tense… (33:49)

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Wait! It’s over there, isn’t it?

Booster: Ish not this way?

Snifit: No! Turn around!

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers - PENALTY: 32:35
Both: … (32:30)

Lemmy: If only we had read the clue… we would’ve been in for sure… (32:20)

Iggy: Just pray, Bro… Just pray… (32:15)

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master

Snifit: Come on! Come on! We have to make it! We have to!

Iggy & Lemmy: … (32:01)

Snifit: We will survive to the bitter end!!!

Iggy & Lemmy: … (31:43)

Snifit: We cannot be struck down!!!

Iggy & Lemmy: … (31:15)

Snifit: We’ll never QUIT!!!

Iggy & Lemmy: … (31:07)

Lemmy: Almost… (30:50)

… (30:34)

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: GO!!! GO!!!

Booster: WHAT?! Oh right, the mat.

Snifit: Yes! We made it! Hahaha!

***Snifit: Well in the beginning, we were just racing with good spirits, but when we saw the Koopalings standing at the side of the mat, we were shocked.

Phil: Booster & Snifit? You’re the sixth team to arrive. You were marked for elimination and have received a 30 minute penalty.

Tense music plays.

Phil: Both of you have penalties… Booster & Snifit’s penalty is 30 minutes.

Phil: Iggy & Lemmy? At this current point in time… your time penalty is… 30 minutes and 10 seconds.

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Both have crestfallen expressions.

Phil: That means, Booster and Snifit, you are team number 5, and will be able to safely check in after your penalty. Congratulations.

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Oh my gosh! Unreal!!! That’s insane!

Booster: Waaaawww!!!

Snifit: We’re sorry, you guys…

They walk off.

Iggy/Lemmy -- Brothers
Phil: Iggy & Lemmy? With the penalty you have received you are the last team to arrive. I’m terribly sorry to tell you you’ve been eliminated from the race.

Iggy: Ughh…What an awful way to go.

Phil: This is officially the closest margin for elimination in the entire history of any version of this show.

Lemmy: Well, nothing we can do about it.

Iggy: Yeah… Hey, look! I didn’t notice before, but my hair’s all green now!

Lemmy: Haha! Yeah, it must’ve washed off in the lake!

Iggy: Eh, oh well. This is my true image, Mushroom Kingdom!

***Lemmy: We could not match the legacy set by our dad and younger brother, but we feel proud of what we have accomplished.

***Iggy: We crushed many weaklings in our path and strived for victory.

***Lemmy: The race was tough! It was one of the first real challenges either of us have ever faced.

***Iggy: And in the end, we’re brothers and that’s the whole story. He’s my best friend-

***Lemmy: And I’m his. Green hair, or rainbow.

***Both  *Laughing*

The credits roll…

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