The Amazing Race MK II

By Giga Bowser NS

Episode 9
Title: That was Japanese for “success”

Phil: Previously on, The Amazing Race MK! Six teams set off from the infamous Luigi’s Mansion and raced to the continent of Dinosaur Land… The tropical locale was beautiful to look at, but teams had bigger problems. At the Yoshi’s Island airport, flights were cancelled, which put rivals Booster & Snifit and Iggy & Lemmy at the back of the pack. At the Forest of Illusion, teams found a new twist!

Dixie: It’s an Intersection!

Phil: Working together, some teams excelled while others faltered. It all wound down to a race to the Pit Stop, where Iggy & Lemmy arrived ahead of Booster & Snifit, but received some shocking news.

Phil (Replay): You have incurred a 35-minute penalty.

Phil: In the end, this penalty did them in, and the two were eliminated from the race… Five teams remain… Who will be eliminated… next?

The opening plays with a new Red “X” over Iggy & Lemmy

Phil: This… is the Forest Fortress, a stronghold built by Bowser on the outskirts of the mysterious Forest of Illusion. This forest is known for its confusing paths and twisting turns. After a difficult leg of the race within this forest, this Fortress was the seventh Pit Stop… in a race around the MK. Teams arrived here for a mandatory rest period. With the Intersection forming new friendships, will there be any room left for competition? And will Booster and Snifit, who have begun every single leg in last place, make up lost time? Koopa & Paratroopa, who were the first to arrive at 6:34 PM, will depart, at 6:34 AM.


Paratroopa: Okay! Travel to Chocolate Island…

Phil: Teams must now travel by taxi to this southern island of Dinosaur Land. Due to its sparse vegetation, it is known as Chocolate Island. In the previous leg, teams began by visiting the Forest Ghost House. Now, teams will travel to this ghost house: The Choco-Ghost House. Here, they will receive their next clue.

Paratroopa: More Dino-fun! Okay!

***Koopa: It feels good to leave in first place. It shows how competitive we are.

Koopa: This should be a fun day!

Paratroopa: I doubt anything will be as fun as yesterday was! Haha!

Koopa: Yeah… TAXI!!!

Paratroopa: To a ghost house! How original.

Koopa: Yeah, I don’t know why Bowser kept building them… Why did the Boos need houses anyway?

Paratroopa: I’unno…

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters (6:43 AM)

Dixie: Oooh! Chocolate Island!

Tiny: Sounds delicious! Hahaha!

***Dixie: One of the major factors of our race game, well, you have to be nice. It’s a competitive game and everybody wants to win, but you have to be a kind individual, or no one will help you and everybody will want you out of the game.

Dixie: Let’s get there quickly!

Tiny: Good luck, Team Katana! Good luck, Team Aquakoops!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas (6:55 AM)
Kat: Ah! Chocolate Island! Sounds awesome.

Ana: Taxi! Taxi!

Kat: We need to go here… Do you know?

***Kat: Luck is a huge factor in this game. Taxi drivers, bad directions, acts of god… Even the most physically fit get eliminated! Just look at Foshi & Xoshi!

Ana: Let’s go find our friends…

Kat: We have so many…

Ana: It’s one big lovefest, eh?

Kat: And everyone’s invited except Booster!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends (7:04 AM)
Koops: *yaaaaaaaaawn*

Kooper: Wake up, buddy! We’ve got another exciting day ahead of us!


Kooper: Once there find the Choco-Ghost House.

Koops: What the *bleep*? What’s with all the scary locations?!

Kooper: I don’t know… Let’s just go!

***Koops: It’s a growing experience, and I am happy for that. Look at me! I rode a winged block extreme! *waits 5 seconds, then slowly holds up a rock-on symbol* Rock up!

Kooper: It’s the final five! How exciting!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master (7:39am)
Snifit: Booster! Stop eating the clue! We only get one, and I don’t want your slobber all over it! Give it! *bonk*

Booster: Oooowwwwwwww! Dat hurtz!


Snifit: Okay, let’s go get a taxi!

Booster: IXAT!

Snifit: Heh! He’s gone into reruns!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: And I’m telling you, it’s named because there’s lots of dirt!

Paratroopa: You’re crazy! Haven’t you read the story of Wiggler Wonka and his chocolate factory?

Koopa: That’s a STORY!

Paratropoa: Haha! Riiight… Anyway, look out your window!

Koopa: Wow! The sea is beautiful!

Paratroopa: We’re going over an embankment! Cliff driving! Hahaha!

Koopa: Are we almost there?

Mini-Dino: We are there!

Koopa: Oh! I see it! Right up there!

*door shut*

Paratroopa: Wow! It looks… exactly the same as the other one!!!

Koopa: Told ya Bowser’s losin’ it.


Koopa: Travel to division three…

Phil: Teams must now travel by taxi to Chocolate Island’s third division, which encompasses a large canyon through the center of the island. Teams must find some nearby Cape Feathers and use them to cross the large gap to their next clue.

Koopa: Okay. Take us to division three, please!

Paratroopa: Pffffttt!!! I don’t need a Cape Feather! I could probably even carry you over!

Koopa: Yeah, but it says we need to keep the capes for the whole leg, so we might need them for more than flying…

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Is this it?

Tiny: Looks just like the one from the Forest, so I’d say… yeah!

Dixie: Who’s that behind us?

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas

Kat: Who’s that in front of us?

Ana: It’s the girls!

Both cars stop.

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: There’s the clue!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: ‘Sup?

*Riiiiiiip* *Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip*

Dixie: Wow! We get to fly with Cape Feathers!

Ana: That sounds fun!

Kat: Well come on, then! Let’s get going!

*Door slam*

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: There it is up ahead!

Koops: I’m keeping my eyes closed.

Kooper: Oh raspberries. It looks just the same as the other one!

Koops: I don’t care. That’s bad enough for me.


Kooper: Okay. We’re gonna have to fly using some Cape Feathers, it looks like…

Koops: Okay…

Kooper: You aren’t scared?

Koops: Ugh, believe me. If you’ve held onto Mario while he flies through the air in the form of a paper airplane, you wouldn’t be afraid of heights anymore.

Kooper: What?!

Koops: Nevermind…

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Both: …

Koopa: You know, this place really does look like chocolate!

Paratroopa: Mmmm… Chocolate… What I wouldn’t give…

Koopa: This it?

We see an overview of the gorge.

Koopa: Looks pretty deep…

Paratroopa: Here’s the Cape Feathers!

*Poooof* *Poooof*

Koopa: Bahahahahahaaa!!! You look funny!

Paratroopa: Ugh… As I’ve mentioned before, I do NOT like my wings pressed against my shell for long periods of time!

Koopa: Come on! I’ll race ya!

Paratroopa: Hey! Wait up!

They both begin to soar over the gorge as majestic music plays.

***Koopa: That, to me, was the best task on the entire race. I finally got to experience flying like a Paratroopa does.

Koopa: Waaahoooo!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Booster: Hawse dat’s not a doctor, but full of buuuuuz!!!

Snifit: Coolio…


Snifit: Uh oh…

Booster: Whuh oh?

Snifit: Well, Booster, you have to fly across a large gorge with a Cape Feather.

Booster: Does I eatz it?

Snifit: No, of course you- Wait… I’m not sure… Mario says he eats Fire Flowers…

Booster: Why iz cab not muuving?

Snifit: Good point. Let’s roll.

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners

Paratroopa: So, you understand the mechanics of this thing?

Koopa: Yeah, I hold it open like this *rises* to catch air and rise.

Paratroopa: Yeah. It’s a long gap…

Koopa: Uh oh, we’ve got the Teen Girl Squad on our tails.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: I heard that!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Come on! We can catch up to them!

Ana: This is a Cape Feather?

She pokes it… *Pooooof!*

Ana: Waaaahh! What just happened?

Kat: Haha! That’s called the magic of the Mushroom Kingdom, Ana!

*Pooof* *Poooof* *Poooof*

Kat: Follow us and mimic our style. We’ve done this before in training.

Dixie: You got it!

Tiny: Let’s go! Big run, big takeoff!

All 4: Wheeeee!!!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: This it?

Koops: Wow! Look! I can see all three teams in the air! We made up some ground.

Kooper: Great shortcut, bud! Here ya go *pays cabbie*

Koops: *exhales* Okay… This gorge is REALLY deep…

Kooper: You’ll do fine. Come on, I see the Cape Feathers!

*Pooooof* *Pooooff*

Koops: Heh… We look funny…

Kooper: Haha! It fits in with my bandana! Come on! Let’s fly!

Koops: Okay… Here goes nothing!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: We’d better land soon. We got lots of people following us!

Paratroopa: How’d they all get here so fast?

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Hmm… Looks like everyone’s here.

Tiny: Everyone except Booster…

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Dangit, Booster! I don’t care how good they taste! Stop eating steering wheels!!!

Booster: Phooey!!!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Land ho!!!

Paratroopa: There’s the clue! Go grab it!

Koopa swoops down.


Koopa: Para! Detour!

Phil: In this Detour, teams will have to make a choice similar to the one made by teams of the previous race when they visited Grass Land. The choice? High or Low. In High, teams will make their way to this small airstrip. Then, they will both be taken to 15,000 feet, where both members will perform a skydive. This task is extremely frightening, but teams that can face the vertigo will move ahead. In Low, teams must find this place… the Chocolate Caverns. It’s a location that’s known by many as the secret division. Once teams enter this cave, they must search for their next clue. There’s nothing frightening about this task, but it takes longer to complete than the skydive.

Paratroopa lands, shifts the cape to his front, and hovers with his wings.

Paratroopa: Oh, this race is no good for my babies…

Koopa: One of the tasks is a skydive. Shall we do that?


Koopa: Okay! Haha!

Paratroopa: Oh boy!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Come on! Let’s follow them!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Don’t lose them!

*Riiiip* *Riiiiiiiiip*

Dixie: Detour!

Ana: Hey, girls! We did the star dive, so we can do skydiving.

Kat: That is the logical option.

Dixie: All right! Another chance to do something we’ve never done before…

Kat: Come on! This way!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Ugh… We’re finally here. Okay, the Cape Feathers are right here. You just… touch them? *Pooof* Oh! Yeah! Wow, look at this awesome cape! I look cool!


Booster: Waaahhzz! Mah back skin has grown!

Snifit: No, that’s your cape. We’re gonna have to use it to fly over this here gorge.

Booster: Okay!

Bowser takes off and flies like a pro.

Snifit: … What the?

Snifit: Hey! Wait for me!!!

Booster: Waahhahahayyahaggaaahhh!!!

Snifit: Wahgh! What are you complaining about? You’re flying perfectly! I’m the one having troubles!

Booster: Oh… WHY????

Snifit: I dunno… Who’s that up there still flying?

Booster: Lukz like Koopser and Koop!

Snifit: Ohhhh…

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Doin’ good, Koops!

Koops: Don’t look down… Don’t look down… Don’t open eyes… Don’t open eyes…

Kooper: ‘Kay, start descending slowly! We’re almost there!

Koops: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ... And also… meep…

Kooper: I give up with you…

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Aw, man! They’re already landing, and we’re barely halfway there!

***Snifit: It looked like we were going to end up in… close to last place again, which really cheesed me off. I was tired of finishing in the bottom.

Snifit: Rrrr… Come on, Booster! Fly faster!

Booster: But whaeeee?

Snifit: Because I want to win. I really want to win a leg. So go!!! *Zooooms off*

Booster: Waaah! Waaayyyyyttttt!!! *Zooom*

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Detour… High or Low.

Koops: Why do I get the feeling I’m going to want to do “low”?

Kooper: High… Take a skydive…

Koops: *grabs clue* We’re doing Low.

Kooper: Wh- hey! Koops!

Koops: No argument. That is the one single thing I refuse to do on this race.

Kooper: But… come on! It’ll be over so quickly!

Koops: No. Come, let’s get started on these caves. Get out your map.

Kooper: *whine* Fine…

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Oh boy… I can’t wait!

Paratroopa: Can you go faster, sir?

Koopa: Uh oh, we’ve got taxis coming up behind us.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Who’s that?

Ana: Ooh! It’s the Koopas!

Kat: Sir, can you pass them?

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Ana’s waving to us…

Tiny: I think she’s trying to pass.

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: No, sir! Don’t let them pass! We’re racing them.

Paratroopa: Faster! Faster!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Yes! Yes! Go! Go! Go!

Ana: We’re passing them.

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Aw, no! They’ve passed us.

Koopa: Sir, you HAVE to stay in front of this other taxi.

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Can you please pass, sir?

Tiny: … I don’t think he understands.

Dixie: Sir… *mimes with hands* … pass?

The driver shrugs.

Dixie: …

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Okay! Detour!

***Booster: Yashz, Snifit was the go fast and make time down no less high go blooey…

***Snifit: I think what Booster’s trying to say is my determination made up some of the deficit…

Snifit: Do you want to skydive, Booster?

Booster: Divesky?

Snifit: Sure. You go up in a plane and jump out.

Booster: PLANE?! *bounces up and down* Divesky! Skydive! Dkysive! SiveDky!

Snifit: *snickers* Okay, let’s go!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Feels good to be in first, eh?

Ana: Yeah, but those Koopas are hot on our tails.

Kat: Look! There’s the airstrip!

Ana: Ooh!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: They’re gonna arrive first…

Paratroopa: Who cares! I’m just psyched to skydive!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Come on!

Tiny: The heat of the game is really on!

Dixie: All right!

ChocoPara: Hey-oh! Are you all ready for some skydiving?

All 6: YES!

ChocoPara: Okay! Head over this way, suit up, and get your safety briefing.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: This’ll be really fun!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: I can hardly contain myself! Wheeeee!!! This’ll be so fuuuuuunnnnnn!!!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Okay! Let’s go!

Tiny: Totally!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Okay… Do you see a cave entrance around here?

Koops: Hmmm…

Kooper: We gotta find one…

Koops: Ughh…

Kooper: Come on, man! Lighten up! We’ll make it!

Koops: I… hope so…

***Koops: I am scared… I’m scared scared scared scared…

Kooper: Oh boy… We’re goin’ spelunkin’…

Koops: …

***Koops: But there isn’t much I can do about it…

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: This… hmmm…

Booster: WHAAA?!?!?!

Snifit: I’m not sure. Are we going the right way?

Booster: Ahhhwyaahhayahhammaaaa!!!

Snifit: Hmm?

Booster: Izz aaa… haaaaiiiiyyyyyyyyaaaaa!!! The cheezburger is cheezburgering in the cheezburger!

Snifit: What are you… talking about now?

Booster: Rook! Pranes!!!

Snifit: Oh… OH!!! The airstrip! Sir, pull over!

Booster: And get me a cheezburger!

Snifit: Come on! Let’s get going!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Are you ready, Ana?

Ana: Let’s go!

Kat: Good to be in first, eh?

The plane takes off.

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Follow that plane! Hahaha!

Koopa: We’re gonna skydive in these capes?

Paratroopa: Yeah, we gotta keep them. The clue said so, remember?

Koopa: K…

The plane takes off.

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Well, we can always use the capes as parachutes, eh?

Tiny: Heh heh…

The plane takes off.

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Woww… look! They’re all up in the air already! Come on, we’d better get going.

ChocoPara: Hi, you two! Are you ready to skydive? Step in here to su-


ChocoPara: *blinks* Uhh, please go suit up.

Snifit: And stop eating your cape, Booster!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Koops: Umm, Kooper. Is that a cave over there?

Kooper: Hm? Oh… oh, yeah! That’s the one, I see the flag! Hey, driver! Over there please!


Koops: This should be no problem… I hope…

Kooper: Well, at least it won’t be dark.

Koops: Oh, really? That sounds like good news! Why’s that?

Kooper: ‘Cuz there’s lava pools down there.

Koops: … *gulp*

Kooper: I shouldn’t’ve said that. Double-You Slash Ee…

Koops: Hm?

Kooper: “Whatever”

Koops: Oh… sorry…

Kooper: Entrons-nous!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: Wow!!! Look how high we’re going!

Kat: This will certainly be an interesting task!

Ana: Who’s in that plane behind us?

Kat: The Koopas…

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
The camera shifts from one plane to the next.

Paratroopa: Wheeeeee-heeeeee!! Hahahahaaaa!!!

He’s flying all around the plane’s interior.

Koopa: Jeez, Para. You don’t have to be such a downer…

Paratroopa: /-:/

Koopa: It won’t be long now!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
*Another camera shift*

Tiny: You’ve got a point. This’ll be nothing compared to that star dive. That was just insane.

Dixie: Yup. I wonder what happened to the Aquakoops… Koops did the star dive too. Did he really chicken out on this?

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Come on, ya chicken!

Koops: Baaaaawk bawk bawk bawk bawk!!!

Kooper: Ugh, seriously? Look at this place! Just take a look.

Koops: *moans* Fine…

They enter the cave.

Koops: Woah…

Kooper: Pretty cool, eh?

Koops: … Yeah… it looks… nice… Where do we find the clue?

Kooper: I’m not sure, let’s go look.

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master

Booster: PLAYNN!!!

Snifit: Yes, Booster, it’s a plane. Stop playing with that pack. It’s got your parachute in it.

***Snifit: Sometimes I feel like a parent. Booster can be very immature sometimes.

Snifit: Booster! Don’t touch it! Do I have to give you a timeout?

Booster: No…

Snifit: Good, let’s go.

The plane takes off. The camera shift to a plane in the sky.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas

Kat: Okay, I’m ready.

Guide: Ready? Jump!

Kat: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

She flies by a falling camera at high speed.

Ana: Wow! Awesome!!!

Guide: Your turn!

Ana: Okay! One! Two! Three! Wheeeeeeeee!!!! Hahaaaaaaaa!!!

Kat: This is great!!! Mnn!

Her parachute opens.

Ana: There’s Kat! She’ll be on the ground in moments, looks like!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Koops: Kooper… do you see anything?

Kooper: No… but it would help if you opened your eyes and started looking!

Koops: I don’t wanna…

Kooper: Wait… wait, look! I think I see it over there! We gotta climb up there!

Koops: You found it already? Wow! How lucky!

Kooper: Just… watch it… Climb up!

Koops: Can you reach it?

Kooper: Yeah, but I don’t wanna fall…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: *parachutes down lightly* Heyy!!!

Kat: Good job, Ana! Doin’ good!

Ana: Woo! *lands* Fun!

Kat: Well, let’s move on then!

Ana: Thanks!


Phil: Teams must now make their way here: Wendy Koopa’s castle. This fortification, once the final stronghold before Bowser’s realm, is where teams will find their next clue.

Kat: Okay! Come on, you caped clown.

Ana: Hey!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Okay, Wendy’s Castle it is.

Koops: Looks like this was a good choice.

Kooper: I hope so… I have no idea what place we’re in…

Koops: Oh, my! SUNLIGHT!! Ooh, I missed you!!!

Kooper: Hey!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kooper & Kat (split screen): Taxi!!! *End split screen*

Kat: Please take us to the castle!

Ana: And step on it!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Can I go? Can I go?

Guide: Just a second… okay! You’re ready!!!

Paratroopa: Here I goooooo!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Koopa: Look at him go! Ha!

Paratroopa: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

***Paratroopa: Oh, yeah! I had a blast! I pulled my wings in and went into a nose-dive! It was awesome!

Koopa: Don’t forget your parachute! Hahaha!!!

Guide: Okay, it’s your turn.

Koopa: All right! Here we go!!!

***Koopa: Yeah, I had fun too. My first Paratroopa experience!

Koopa: Hahaaaaaa!!! Awesome!!!

Paratroopa: Time to deploy!

His parachute opens.

Paratroopa: Again! Again! Hahahaaa!

Koopa: I’m right behind you…

His parachute opens.

Koopa: Wooo! That was a blast!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: Looks like the girls are about to jump!

Kat: Oh, really?

Ana: Yeah, really!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: No way!!!

Tiny: Go ahead!

Dixie: This is wiiiiiiiiiild!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!

Tiny: Woooo!!! Great jump, girl!!!

Dixie: Hahahahahahaaaa!!!!

Tiny: Can I go? Am I ready? Okay!!! Here we go! *girly scream* Woww!!!

Dixie: Way to go giiiirrrllll!!!

Tiny: Wheee!!!

Dixie: Oh yeah! We are having a good day today!!!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters - Currently in 4th Place

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Oh, boy… I can’t wait… Booster! STOP EATING YOUR SEATBELT!

Booster: Aw, Foooeeeyyyy on You!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Okay! Let’s go to Wendy’s Castle!

Paratroopa: Ugh… My cousin worked there. He said Wendy was a total *bleep*!

Koopa: Oh, well! Come on! Get in the taxi. I want to hurry this up so I can fly again! I love this cape! I gotta get one!

Paratroopa: Yeah…

*Scene shift*
Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Guide: Okay! You are now ready to jump, Snifit!

Snifit: I have to go first? Can’t he go first?

Guide: Oh, all right… Go ahead, sir.

Booster: I is not sir! I’s a madame!

Guide: Er… okay… Go ahead and jump.

Booster: Waaaahahaha!

He runs around with his arms extended like a plane.

Guide: No! No, sir, just jump out the plane!

Snifit: And for GOSH sakes, don’t forget your parachute!

Booster: A pair of shoots?! Wheeee!

He jumps out.

Snifit: *exhales* And… there he goes…

Guide: How do you deal with him?

Snifit: Eh, you learn as you go… Can I go make sure he doesn’t eat his parachute… again?

Guide: Sure…

Snifit: See ya!

Snifit jumps. The guide shakes head in disbelief.

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters

Dixie: To the castle, please! Sir!

Tiny: Go fast! Fast!

Dixie: Yeah! Let’s get going!

The camera shifts to the sky, where two parachutes open.
Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: There! See?! Now you’re falling slowly and you won’t get hurt!

Booster: Ur lyaing!!! I’ms gunna dye now!!!

Snifit: *sigh* You know what? Whatever…

They slowly descend to the ground.

We see a helicopter shot of four taxis driving along the brown ground.
Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Ooh! Lookie, look! I think we’re comin’ up on the ninjas!

Paratroopa: Yeah, that’s their taxi, right?

Koopa: I’d assume so…


Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Koops: Ummm… That taxi’s approaching behind us… rather quickly…

Kooper: Looks like they’re gonna pass us…

Koops: Aw, man, there they go…

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
They’re both going hysterical.

Koopa: Who was that?

Paratroopa: It wasn’t-

Koopa: -going ahead-

Paratroopa: -the Ninjas…

Koopa: Did-

Paratroopa: I’m not su-

Koopa: I thought we were in second! Dang!

Both: …

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Koops: Phoo…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: *sigh* It feels good to be out in front!

Ana: Yeah… I hope the girls are okay…

Kat: They’ll be fine. Trust me. Koops and Kooper are going to fall far behind. They can’t handle the race.

Ana: …

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
They both land.

Booster: WAAAAUUUGGGGHHHH!!! I’m drowning!!! Glugghbbbzzz!!!

Snifit: Are you through?


Snifit: Make your way to the castle… Okay! Easy enough! Hey! Sir! Thanks for waiting. Can you take us to the castle?

Cholaté: Oh, man… I don’t know. That’s a long drive with… that *points to Booster*

Snifit: …

The car drives off.

***Snifit: Well, once again, we were in dead last… We weren’t sure what we were gonna do this time… Fourth place was the monkies, so… yeah…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: *yawn* Oh! We’re here!

Kat: Yep! Here ya go! *pays*

Ana: I see the clue!


Ana: Roadblock!

Kat: Really, now?

Ana: It says, “Yes, there’s a reason we told you to keep the capes. Who’s ready to use ‘em?”

Phil: A Roadblock… is a task that only one person may perform…

As he says this, the camera focuses on the tall castle.

Phil: …and in this Roadblock, teams must fully realize the potential of the Cape Feather…

He pauses as the camera zooms in on the roof, where he is standing.

Phil: … and summit a behemoth. The task appears simple. Team members will have to use the Cape Feathers to fly over the top of this castle and land on the other side. However, this is no easy task. It requires stamina, precision… and proper calculations in wind speed. If team members can manage to fly over top of the castle… they will receive their next clue.

Ana: You wanna do it?

Kat: Sure, I’ll give it a try. *reads*

Ana: Okay, Sis! Just like we do back at the dojo! Catch the wind and flyyyy!!!

Kat: *grumbles* Yeah… Okay, there’s a lot of wind right now… Is it safe to go?

The guide nods.

Kat: Okay…

She takes a running start and leaps into the air. However, the wind carries her far off course.

Kat: Waaaaahhh!!!

Ana: Hahahaaa! I’m sorry… hahahahaa! That was really funny!

Kat: Oh, quiet!

Ana: The Koopas are here.

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: You guys! Someone’s coming, and it isn’t the monkies! Someone passed them!

Ana: Who is it?

Paratroopa: We’re not sure. Hey, what’s the Roadblock?

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Okay! This time I’ll jump into the wind!

She leaps at an angle, but as soon as she jumps the wind dies.

Kat: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!


Other 3: …

Ana: That answer your question?

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: … I’ll do it…

Paratroopa: Good luck, Koop!

Koopa: Okay… This should be no problem. Hey! I get to fly again! Awesome!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: Kat! The girls got passed!

Kat: Oh, man… I’ll betcha anything it wasn’t Booster…

Ana: I didn’t see them skydiving, did you?

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: No…

Koopa: Okay! Let’s try! Haaaaa!!!

He can’t quite make it to the top…

Koopa: C’mon… c’mon… awww…

Paratroopa: You gotta catch more wind! Make it lift you up!

Koopa: What’re you talkin’ about?

Paratroopa: Trust me! My wings work similarly!

Koopa: … Right…

Paratroopa: Just trust me!

*honk honk*
Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: Uh, oh! Someone’s here!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Who ’s it?

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Koops: *yawn* This the place?

Kooper: Yep. Hey, everyone!

All 4: …

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: Man… Can’t believe they’re here…

Kat: Here goes another! Hup!!!

She Barely misses the top.

Kat: Awww…


Both: …

Kooper looks at Koops. Koops pretends not to notice.

Kooper: Koops?

Koops: Uhh… ummm… Nice… weather…

Kooper: Koops, this is an easy one. Please take it.

Koops: But… :’(

Kooper: Koops…

Koops: Fine… I’ll… try to do it good…

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa glances at Ana.

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana glances at Paratroopa.

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Koops: All right… Let’s give this the old 1-2…

He runs up and jumps.

(Side view)
                                       /----/ (Koops’ Jump)
/---------------------------------/ (Castle Height)

Kooper: …

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: Go!!!

  /-------------------------------/ (Kat’s Jump)
/---------------------------------/ (Castle Height)

Ana: Ugh!!! Just aim a little better…

Kat: Yeah… but I’ll get it! I think I’ve got it…

Time passes…
Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Are we here? It’s about time!

Tiny: Girls!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: Hey! What happened?

Tiny: Taxi luck…


Tiny: Roadblock…

Ana: Kat says she knows how to do it, but she’s waiting for the wind to die down.

Kat: It’s blustery!!!

Tiny: Okay, who should do it?

Kat: Dixie!

Dixie: Me? Okay!

Dixie reads the clue, then walks up to Kat.

Dixie: So, what’s the deal here?

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Well, *speaks quietly* those two have no idea what they’re doing!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! I’m flying awaaaaaaaaaaayyyy!!!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Koops! Jump H I G H E R!!!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: I actually marked a spot on the ground where a jump will work, but we can’t do it with this rough wind…

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Yeah, it’s so windy today! Brrr…

Kat: Just give it time… I sense calm approaching…

We see a far shot of the two Koopa teams attempting to jump the castle and failing. We see a shot of a weathervane with flags tied below it. They flutter in the wind/

Both: …

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: What are those two doing over there?

Koops: Okay… I guess I should try a little harder…

Kooper: Oh, there he goes… Okay! That’s good! Faster!

Koops: Hup!

                      /----------------/ (Koops’ Jump)
/---------------------------------/ (Castle Height)

Kooper: That was better! Just hold the wind a little longer!

Koops: But I always look down and get scared…

Kooper: Then… DON’T LOOK DOWN!!!

???: BEEP BEEP!!!

All 8: Ughh…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: And, I think that’s our cue to get going…

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Really? Okay!

Kat: It’s not gonna get much better, and look who’s here…

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master

Snifit: Well, look, Booster! Everyone’s here! EVERYONE!!!

Booster: DAZ Guud?

Snifit: Well… yes…


Snifit: Okay… Roadblock…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Just watch me and do the same thing!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters

Dixie: Go for it, girl!

Kat: Mnnn…

She darts off. She runs very quickly towards the castle, but jumps fairly early at a crudely drawn line in the ground. She maintains an unbroken diagonal flight path directly towards the top. She keeps her cape open, catching lots of wind…

    /------------------------------/ (Kat’s Jump)
/---------------------------------/ (Castle Height)

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Oh, no! She’s not going to make it!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
At the last minute, she pulls up sharply.

/----------------------------------/ (Kat’s Jump)
  /---------------------------------/ (Castle Height)

Kat: Yeaaahhh!!! That’s how you do it!!!

Everyone Else: Wow…

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Wow! Nice job, girl! Oh, boy… Now I have to do that…

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: Nice, Kat!

Kat: You don’t mess with Team Katana!


Ana: Make your way to the next Pit Stop!

Phil: Teams must now find this place… The Sunken Ghost Ship… It used to be an Airship run by Bowser. Now, it has completely sunk under the waves. *Teams must figure out how to make it here, to find the Pit Stop inside… *

The camera shows Phil is wearing SCUBA gear and is floating inside the flooded ship. The Mat is weighted down by stones.

Phil: *The last team to check in here… may be eliminated.*

Ana: Woah… The Pit Stop is underwater!

Kat: It is?! What?! No, way!

Ana: Yeah, it says to head to the dock right over… there. Then we gotta put on SCUBA gear and dive for the Pit Stop!

Kat: And I thought the one at Cheep Cheep Beach was crazy… Okay! Let’s go!

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: My turn!!! Hup!

She mirrors Kat’s jump by following the straight flight path and arriving just below the top.

Dixie: Come on… Up!!! Yeah!!!

Tiny: Way to go! Success!

Dixie: Hoo… That was fun!!!


Dixie: Pit Stop! What?

Tiny: Mm?

Dixie: We get to go underwater!

Tiny: Haha! Wild… Come on, I saw the ninjas go this way.

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Good luck, Booster! You’re gonna need it…

Booster: Waahaughaaaa!!!

    ------------------------------/ (Booster’s Jump)
/---------------------------------/ (Castle Height)

Snifit: Oh, great… Now I gotta dig him up!

Booster: *muffled* Dish air tastes lyk ground!

Snifit: …

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: Yatta! This is it!

Ana: SCUBA gear once again, eh?

Kat: Foshi’s probably glad he’s not here right now…

They suit up.

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: Wait for us!

Kat: Ah, so you made your jump okay then?

Dixie: *thumbs up* Exactly as you did it, girl!

Ana: Good job! Come on! Suit up!

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: Both of the girls got it… Man! I thought we were gonna beat them again! Come on, Koopa! Try to do what they did!

Koopa: Where did they jump from?

Paratroopa: I don’t know! Wasn’t it back there or somethin’? She went diagonal, not straight up.

Koopa: Hmm…

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
***Kooper: Koops was finally getting the height, but he wasn’t getting the technique.

Kooper: Koops! You gotta go back!

Koops: But… that’s scary…

Kooper: Just do it!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: *Follow me! I see the ship!*

They’re swimming along the surface.

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Tiny: *Poor Bowser… He’s just destined to fail, isn’t he?*

We see an overhead view as they approach the Sunken Ghost Ship.

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Tiny: *Time to dive?*

Dixie: *Let’s go!


Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: *We have to enter it.*

Tiny: *Wow… It’s like an ancient artifact… *

Boo: Eeeeheheheheheheeee!

Tiny: *… with silly ghosts in it*

Ana: *I wonder why Boos hang out here? There’s plenty of Ghost Houses… on dry land.*

Many Boos: *Laughing*

Kat: *Ugh, they’re everywhere… This room is more crowded than a Twilight marathon at a girl’s college.*

Other 3: *… *

Kat: *… What?*

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: There! I think she took off from there!

Koopa: Here? Okay.

Paratroopa: Step back and get a running start, then fly diagonally towards the top!

Koopa: Okay… okay, just do it, right? *begins to run* I can be a Paratroopa!!!

Paratroopa: …

Koopa: Waaaaaaahhhh!!!

        /---------------------------/ (Koopa’s Jump)
/---------------------------------/ (Castle Height)

Paratroopa: Uh oh! He’s not quite as high as the girls were!

Koopa: Grrr… I’ve gotta… RISE!!!


Paratroopa: Oh! There he goes! He’s over!

Koopa: Wooo!!! I am AWESOME!

Paratroopa: No…

Koopa lands.

Paratroopa: …the wind is awesome. But whatever.

Koopa: :’(


Paratroopa: Make your way to the Pit Stop and- Awww!!! We’ve gotta put on SCUBA gear, again?! I hate SCUBA gear!!!

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Kat: *Ah! Seikoo!  This room!*

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Dixie: *Er, gezundheit?*

Kat: *That was Japanese for success.*

Tiny: *You know Japanese?*

Kat: *Yeah! You have to if you’re going to study the art of ninjas! Anyway! We’re here! Step on the mat… er, float over it! Haha!*

Eerie: Mwee hee hee heee… Welcome to Chocolate Island…

Kat: *… *

Phil: *Kat & Ana? You’re… team number 1!*

Ana: *Yay!!! Yeah! Yeah!*

Kat: *Another leg is in the bag!*

Phil: *As the winners of this leg, well… was Chocolate Island delicious?*

Ana: *snicker* *No! Tasted like dirt!*

All 4 laugh.

Phil: *Well, you two have won a year’s supply of the most delicious chocolate in the entire Mushroom Kingdom!*

Ana: *Wow… *

Kat: *Nice… *

Dixie/Tiny -- Sisters
Phil: *Dixie & Tiny, you’re team number 2!*

Dixie: *That’s great!*

Tiny: *But I want chocolate! Waaaaaahhh!*

Kat/Ana -- Sisters / Ninjas
Ana: *Don’t worry! We’ll share it with you!*

Dixie: *Really?*

Kat: *Mhm! Yoku dekimashita!* (You did well!)

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Paratroopa: *Well, here we are again… swimming along.*

Koopa: *Aw, you’ve always got your head in the clouds! This is a good change of pace for you!*

Paratroopa: *Yeah, but I don’t have my wing-care essentials with me! They’re getting so messy!*

Koopa: *Come on. We’ve gotta dive for the Pit Stop here.*

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Oh… come on, bud… we’re really falling behind here…

Koops: Ugh…

Kooper: He can’t make this jump!

Koops: Come on… come on… gah!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: Stuck in last place with another team again… How familiar…

Booster: Soo, we iz not moving!

Snifit: Wh- Booster! What are you doing standing behind me?

Booster: I’z waiting for mah cheezburgers!!!

Snifit: Go jump the castle!!!

Booster: Than cheezburgeerz?!?!?

Snifit: MAYBE!!!

Booster: Good enough! *Zoooom*

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: We can’t lose this… not now…

Koopa/Paratroopa -- Partners
Koopa: *Ah! I found him!*

Paratroopa: *Phil! You gotta stop hiding in strange places!*

Phil: *Koopa & Paratroopa?*

Paratroopa: *What?*

Phil: *You’re team number 3!*

Koopa: *That’s fine, I’ll take that.*

Paratroopa: *Whatever.*

Koopa: *Heh… Excuse him… He doesn’t like water… *

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: Oh, man… Neither of these two shoulda done this one…

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Booster: Boing boing boing boing boing boing!!!

He’s bouncing up and down 2cm.

Snifit: Booster!!! Can’t you do anything right?!

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: I’m gettin’ nervous…

Koops: *sigh* I have to step this up… I’m letting Kooper down…

Koops: I keep jumping from here, but I’m not making it to the top… I guess I could jump earlier… but then I’d be in the air for so much longer… *shivers* Er, no! No, it doesn’t matter. I’ve gotta do this… we’re in it to win the race! Okay… let’s try it…

Kooper: Ah, there he goes again.

Koops: Gotta run fast… gotta jump higher… kinda like in Tails’ song… HA!!!

Kooper: Oh, woah! He’s far back…

Koops: I gotta fligh hiiiiigh…

Kooper: Come on, dude! You can make it!!

/---------------------------------/ (Koops’ Jump)
/---------------------------------/ (Castle Height)

Kooper: Woah!! He didn’t even have to pull up! He’s over!

Koops: …

Kooper: And he’s still rising, the fool. KOOPS! YOU CAN STOP NOW!

Koops: Wah? WAAAAHHHH!!

He slowly descends straight down.

Kooper: Calm down, you did it!


Koops: Am I on solid ground?

Kooper: Yep! Come on! Pit Stop!

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master

Booster: Yew mean DAT was all yew wanted me to do?!

He farts really loudly and propels himself over the top of the castle, landing neatly on the other side.


Super Koopa: Uhhh… Yeah, sure. Here.

Snifit: YES! Come on, Booster-


Snifit: We’re gonna try to avoid elimination one more time!!!

Booster: We go off?

Snifit: Yep! Come on, we gotta go SCUBA again into a sunken bo- er, train…

Booster: Wheeeeeheeee!!!

A helicopter flies over, showing both teams at the edge of the water.

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: *All ready, Koops?*

Koops: *Mhm… *

Kooper: *C’mon, bud. This is no time to be scared. This is the time to be winning!*

Koops: *Oh, I’m not scared. I want to win. I really do, Kooper.*

Kooper: *All right… *

All 4 of them quickly swim to the Sunken Ship and dive down

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: *Okay, Booster! Find Phil!*

Booster: *Hooooooo’s Phil?!*

Snifit: *You’re kidding, right? We’ve only met him like seven times now… He’s the guy who says we’re team number… whatever.*

Booster: *Ohh… I thought he waz Phail!*

Snifit: *No… (muttering) But you are… *

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends

Kooper: *He must be inside one of these rooms… This place is cool! A real relic!*

Koops: *… *

Kooper: *Koops? You back there?*

Koops: *I forgot about… the ghosts… *

Kooper: *Wh- Oh, dude! The Boos here aren’t scary! Watch! Everybody say “Whee!”*


They fly around crazily.

Koops: *… What the?*

Kooper: *I’unno… They get mellowed out by these waters, or whatever… C’mon! I think I see Phil!*

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: *Come on! Don’t lose them! We’re gonna win this race if it kills us!*

Booster: *Eh, I’s already dead… *

Snifit: *Ignoring you… *

Booster: *Waaaaaaahodibfasodibhfaoiudbfobeoifeoibfadsoifsdoifhasdoifafg!!!*

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Koops: *Kooper, where are we going?*

Kooper: *In what I hope is the right direction… *

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: *Don’t lose them! Phil’s around here somewhere! Keep an eye out!*

Booster: *That happened once!*

Phil: *… *

Eerie: Eeheheheheeee… they’re coming…

Phil: *eyebrow raise*

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: *Wh- oh, HEY! Booster! I found him!!!*

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: *What? No! He found him! Go back! Swim!*

Koops: *It’s too late… *

Booster/Snifit -- Lackey + Master
Snifit: *Yes! YES!!! We survive again!!!*

Booster: Mhm!


Phil: *… Booster & Snifit?*

Snifit grins.

Phil: *You’re… Team number 4!*

Snifit: *Yeah! Surviving the race yet again… and underwater at that.*

Booster: *cough, cough* *Dis water ish SALTY!!!*

Kooper/Koops -- Recent Friends
Kooper: *We swam right past it… *

Koops: *Nooo… *

Kooper: *It’s… impossible… *

Eerie: Heee heeeee… Welcome to Chocolate Island…

Phil: *… Kooper & Koops? You… are the last team to arrive… *

Both: *… *

Phil: *… *

Kooper: *Yeah… and?*

Phil: *and… I’m pleased to tell you this is a non-elimination leg!*

Kooper: *… Oh…* *sigh* *Yes… *

Koops: *That’s great news! I did not want to be eliminated underwater of all places!*

Kooper: *That would’ve been silly.*

Phil: *That’s the good news… You two are now Marked for Elimination. If you do not arrive at the next Pit Stop in first place, you will incur a 30-minute penalty. Other teams could be checking in and, ultimately, you could be eliminated.*

Kooper: *That’s fine… as long as we can race another day.*

***Kooper: I don’t like being at the bottom. I didn’t like it on the first leg, and I don’t like it now. Being Marked for Elimination… it’s just extra drive! More determination to win! It makes us want to survive! To prove everyone wrong! It makes us want to win and make the penalty mean nothing! It’s nothing!!! We’re still gonna win! We were gonna win on day 1, and we’ll still win! We will!

***Koops: Er, yeah… Shat he said…

The credits roll.

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