Snifit X Season 4: Booster & Snifit Super Snifitdum Saga

By Red Shy Guy

Chapter 11: Joke’s Graveyard. Huh? What? Since when? Joke’s End? That’s dumb!

Outside the castle…

Snifit 1: So now we must get to Joke’s Graveyard-

Grate Guy: End.

Snifit 2: That’s dumb. Anyway, how are we gonna get there?

Knife Guy: Well we can’t swim there. ! Booster, does your train still work?

Booster: I actually sent it to those Hammer freaks.

Grate Guy: When did you do that?

Snifit 3: Deleted scene. Now let’s go.

They go the cave where the Hammerhead Bros. are.

Sledge: Hello, Booster. Your train is operational.

Booster: Thanks.

Mallet: Hey Snifits, we can upgrade your bullets now.

Snifits: Sure.

1 minute later…

The Snifits get the Bombshell Bill.

Snifits: Thanks.

Grate Guy: !  Hey, blast those rocks!

The Snifits see some rocks and blow them up, revealing a passage that leads them to a Thwomp.

Thwomp: 200 coins, chance for secret thingy.

Snifits: Sure.

3 rocks appear and they break the middle one and get nothing.

Snifit 1: Again.

Boom! Nothing.

Snifit 2: Again.

Boom! Nothing.

Snifit 3: Again.

Boom! Nothing.

Snifits: Again.

This time they blow up all the rocks and still see nothing.

Snifit 1: ENOUGH! Hand over the treasure you have or you won’t feel too well!

Thwomp: NEVER!


Snifit 2: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I can’t read this.

Grate Guy: Give me that! Hmmm. ! I got it! Come on, we’ve wasted enough time AND money.

They head out and Booster prepares the train-ship.

Knife Guy: Are you SURE you can drive this thing?

Booster: No.

Booster starts it. Things go smoothly at first, but…


Booster does a U-turn but the lower part of the train-boat hits the boat and rips off.

Booster: Oops.

Booster sees a whirlpool and turns around and hits a rock, almost sinking the train-boat.

Knife Guy: Can’t you drive this boat?


Grate Guy: What was that?

Booster: Steering malfunction.

They look and see a huge rock ahead of them.


Booster pulls the brakes really hard and- SNAP! It breaks in two.



Grate Guy: I’m alive! My whole life was flashing before my eyes! In four months we’ll be in another adventure and we’ll met a cl-

Knife Guy: LOOK!

They see Joke’s Gra- End.

Booster: Woah.

They continue and hear a voice.

????: Welcome.

The person reveals itself to be Jojora.

Jojora: Now what are you doing here- EEEEEEEK!!! THAT THING IS UGLY!

Grate Guy: That’s not very nice! It’s just three Snifits!

Jojora: Not that. THAT!

She points at Booster.

Grate Guy: Oh, that. Yeah, he’s kind of ugly.

Booster: HEY!

Jojora: Anyway, so why are you here?

Snifit 1: We’re here to save Peach and, unfortunately, Valentina.

Jojora: Who? Well *in demonic voice* GOOD LUCK GETTING THROUGH!

Snifit Team: 0_0

Jojora disappears.

Booster: Well, let’s start climbing.


Knife Guy: WE can’t climb this, Booster.

Snifit 1: I wish there was wood around this place.

Grate Guy: For the last time, all of that was SHEER LUCK!

Snifit 2: Says who?

The Snifit team decides its best to go inside, and sees the place is puzzling.

Snifit 3: I hate puzzles.

Booster: Well I have an idea. Do we have any garlic?

Knife Guy: Yeah, but wh- Dear DAD NO!

Booster: It’s the only way.

Knife Guy: I’d rather die!

Booster: *munch* Too late!

Booster grabs his teammates and farts all the way to the second story.

Booster: Onward.

Punchiletta: HOW THE @#$% DID YOU FIND US?!

Snifits: We dunno.

Fawful blasts them to where Jojora’s room is.

Punchiletta: Fawful, I’ll be waiting on my ship. Bring me the princess and the Beanstar, capice?

Fawful: Yes, Mistress Cackletaness.

Back in Jojora’s room…

Jojora: !  I see I have a guest. Can I invite a fri-

Snifit Group: No.

Jojora: Too bad.

Jojora’s friend drops into the room and Jojora freezes Snifit 1, 2, Grate Guy, and Knife Guy.

Booster: I’m-a number one.

Snifit 3: Bring it on!

Booster 72/72
Snifit 3 55/55
Jojora 25/25
Jojora’s Friend 300/300

Jojora throws an ice beam at Booster. Booster quickly ducks and avoids the attack but Jojora’s friend rushes in and punches Booster in the face. Snifit 3 quickly reacts and uses Bolt, hitting Jojora’s friend. Jojora uses Blizzard and the whole place gets pelted by snow, but Booster saves himself by burping and his burp melts the snow and hits Jojora. Jojora throws an iceball and Booster gets hit. Snifit 3 uses Static E and hits both Jojora and her friend. Oholina (a name for Jojora’s friend. I think I’ll stick with this one) fights the pain and punches Snifit 3 into the wall. Jojora is just giggling but Booster pounces on her and grabs her wand and chucks it out the window.

Jojora: ! EEEEEEK!!! UNCOOL!

Jojora throws an ice spell at Booster and he gets frozen solid. Snifit 3 rushes to help Booster but Oholina gets in front of Snifit 3 and grabs him, then piledrives him into the floor.

Snifit 3: OW! STATIC SUIT!

Snifit 3’s body turns static E and Oholina gets hurt and stunned. Snifit 3 takes out a potion that he pours onto the ice, and the ice melts.

Booster: Thanks. ! HEADS UP!

Snifit 3: Wha? AAAAAAHHH-

Snifit 3 gets hit by a giant icicle spear and crashes into the wall and is buried in snow. Jojora comes back and throws another giant icicle spear, but Booster grabs it. Oholina goes to punch Booster but Booster quickly smashes the icicle into Oholina, confusing her.


Jojora makes snow appear everywhere and forms the snow into a giant hand. Booster sees this and eats a red pepper, boosting his attack and doubling his fire power but making him slow and heavy. Jojora smashes the snowhand on Booster and he gets flattened. Booster quickly does a Fire Belch and Jojora gets hurt. Oholina finally comes to her senses and turns into a huge snowball, flattening Booster. Oholina grabs Booster and flings him at the wall.


Snifit 3 jumps out of the snow and unleashes a huge, powerful ray that hits both Jojora and Oholina, who look at each other and nod.

Booster 34/72
Snifit 3 20/55
Jojora 12/25
Oholina 253/300

Booster uses Fire Fart and a huge fire blast hits the enemy. Jojora uses Recover, Jojora and Oholina +20 HP. Booster gets angry and drinks some soda and unleashes a bigger Fire Belch wave. Oholina gets hit and Jojora dodges but gets hit by a lightning orb in the process. Oholina slams her fists into the ground and pulls them out and her fists are now covered in ice and her punches will do more damage. Snifit 3 eats a green pepper, raising his defense and allowing himself to stay in the air longer. Jojora uses an Ice Beam but Booster dodges it. Oholina rushes in and uses Ice Punch but Booster grabs her fist; unfortunately Booster’s hand gets frozen when he grabs the punch. Snifit 3 sees this and uses PK Thunder Y. The first bolt misses her but the other two hit. Jojora gets furious and uses Nasty Plot. Her special attacks are now powerful. Jojora makes an iceball that is much larger and has spikes on it. She launches it at Booster but Booster Double Edges it to makes it go back to Jojora, though hurting himself in the process. Oholina punches it back to Booster. Snifit 3 sees this and uses Static E and actually stops the iceball. Booster sees this and hits it again, this time hitting Jojora and causing her to lose her wand. Oholina sees this and slams her fist into Snifit 3’s mask. Snifit 3 hits the wall. Booster sees this and uses Flare Blitz. Oholina gets hit and is slammed into the wall but snow falls on her and she recovers 8 HP.  Jojora is looking for her wand and spots it, but before she can grab it Snifit 3 slides on his belly like a penguin and takes it. Jojora resorts to hand to hand combat but she is not very good and mostly misses, and even when she does hit Snifit 3 he doesn’t even feel it. Snifit 3 uses Recover, Booster and Snifit 3 +20 HP. Oholina makes the ground shake and Snifit 3 trips and falls. While he gets back up Oholina uses dynamic punch, Snifit 3 gets hit and becomes confused. Jojora gets back her wand and uses Recover, Jojora and Oholina +20 HP. Booster gets a Refreshing Herb and throws it at Snifit 3, who snaps out of his confusion.

Booster 38/72
Snifit 3 25/55
Jojora 25/25
Oholina 218/300

Jojora boost Oholina’s attack. Booster’s attack returns to normal. Booster eats red and green peppers and Snifit 3 just eats a red pepper. Oholina turns into a snowball. Snifit 3 throws a lightning orb to stop the snowball and Booster uses Fire Punch to break the snowball and hit Oholina. Snifit 3 uses PK Thunder Y and all three lightning bolts hit Oholina. Booster uses Flare Blitz but Oholina uses Ice Punch and their strength is even. Snifit 3 remembers something and uses bullet rain, both Jojora and Oholina are pelted by bullets and one of the bullets hit Jojora’s hand and she drops her wand. Jojora goes for it but Booster to slides on his belly like a penguin. Jojora skis across the floor but Booster grabs the wand first. Jojora reacts quickly and grabs it too, but Booster, being more powerful physically, is able to toss Jojora against the wall. Oholina turns into a snowball and crushes Booster, making him lose the wand, and Oholina grabs it while still in the snowball. Snifit 3 quickly throws a lightning orb, not to hurt her but to send her off course, and it works, making Oholina crash into a wall and the wand flies across the room. Jojora grabs it and zaps Oholina. Oholina is adorned in fireproof makeup but electric attacks against her will now be critical. Booster double edges her and the wand goes flying. Snifit 3 shoots a bullet and rides it while Oholina is charging at full speed. Snifit 3 sees this and quickly jumps off the bullet, which hits Oholina, stunning her and slowing her down. Then Snifit 3 jumps on her and grabs the wand. Jojora quickly throws a huge ice bomb that blows Snifit 3 across the room and into the wall. Snifit 3 lets go of the wand but before anyone cab react the wall that Snifit 3 hit crumbles. Snifit 3 runs away but the wall falls and destroys the wand.

Jojora: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! My power’s fading! GONE!

Booster: Really. In that case…


Jojora: Nighty night, meanies…Ugh.

Jojora faints. Oholina goes into rage mode and grabs Booster and slams him against the wall. Snifit 3 uses PK Thunder B and both lightning bolts hit Oholina and she takes critical damage. Booster Double Edges her away.

Booster 18/72
Snifit 3 15/55
Oholina 155/300

Oholina turns into a snowball except this one has spikes on it and is way bigger. Booster uses Flare Blitz but the snowball is powerful and Booster is launched away though the snowball is weakened. Snifit 3 uses Storm and the immense lightning hits Oholina. Oholina uses Ice Punch on Snifit 3. Oholina grabs Snifit 3 but Booster gets out a train and grabs Snifit 3. He unfreezes him and Snifit 3 is shooting elec bullets off the train while Booster is moving the train. Oholina gets pelted but quickly turns into a snowball. She starts to catch up with the train and the bullets do minimal damage to her. Booster gets an idea and goes toward a wall. As soon as the train is about the touch it they jump off, but Oholina can’t stop because of the ice and makes contact with the train as it hits the wall. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Oholina flies across the room. Snifit 3 gets a Super Shroom, +35 HP. Booster gets out a Mushroom, +15 HP. Oholina slams the ground and an icy stalagmites rises up and hits both Booster and Snifit 3. Oholina grabs one of the mites and smashes it onto Booster. Snifit 3 uses Elec Bullet Rain and Oholina takes huge amount of damage. Oholina uses Avalanche; she gets a lot of snow and jumps high and slams onto Booster. WHAM! Booster is down for the count. Snifit 3 uses Static Suit and he turns static again. Snifit 3 starts running around the room and Oholina slams the ground and icy stalactites fall down and almost hit him. Oholina pounds her fist again and a stalagmite appears in front of Snifit 3 and hits him. Oholina jumps up and Ice Punches him to the floor. Oholina takes damage too for making contact. Snifit 3 is super electrically charged and launches a huge Plasma Ball that hits Oholina. Oholina takes off the makeup and now she is immune to electrical damage.

Snifit 3 12/55
Oholina 70/300

Snifit 3 eats a Mushroom, Snifit 3 +15 HP. Oholina uses Ice Punch but Snifit 3 ducks and shoots her leg. Oholina falls down but Snifit 3 dodges and shoots Oholina with bullets. Oholina punches Snifit 3 against the wall. Snifit 3 remembers something. Oholina makes stalactites fall down but Snifit 3 rolls-dodges. Oholina uses Ice Punch but Snifit 3 uses Drain, Snifit 3 +12 HP. Oholina slams her fist on Snifit 3 and gets stuck to the ground. Snifit 3 uses Bullet Rain but Oholina was prepared and turns into a snowball. When she looks she sees Snifit 3 has disappeared. Snifit 3 shoots out a POW Bill. BOOOOOOM!!! Oholina goes flying and Snifit 3 uses Drain, Snifit 3 +12 HP. Oholina slams the ground and stalagmites circle Snifit 3, trapping him. Snifit 3 uses POW Bill but the stalagmites don’t even crack. Oholina turns into a huge iceball with many sharp, pointy icicles popping out and hits Snifit 3. Snifit 3 falls down and Oholina uses Avalanche but Snifit 3 uses Bullet Rain and the bullets hit her back, stopping her attack. Snifit 3 uses drain while she falls down. Oholina slams down, Snifit 3 dodges but when she slams into the floor an ice wave hits the entire arena, freezing Snifit 3’s body. Oholina uses Drain Punch and hits Snifit 3, Oholina + 15 HP. Oholina prepares another one but Snifit 3 uses Mega Drain and the huge beam hits Oholina and she instead slams against the wall, pushing Snifit 3 away. Snifit 3 quickly uses bullet rain and hits Oholina and the wall. Oholina starts to get up but with the last of Snifit 3’s magic he uses POW Bill. But Oholina ducks and the Bill hits the wall.

Oholina: HA! You missed.

Snifit 3: Wasn’t aiming at you.

Oholina: Huh?

She sees the wall is collapsing but it’s too late as she gets buried in the rubble.

Battle Over. +700 EXP. Level Up.

The Snifit team move on and see Midbus.

Midbus: You’re stronger than I thought. But your journey ends here.

Midbus slide-punches them and they let go off the Beanstar.

Midbus: MUH! MUH! MUH! Thanks for delivering it!

Midbus leaves with the Beanstar.

Booster: Now what?

Suddenly the group looks at Grate Guy.

Grate Guy: Just because I wear pink? I have to ride my ba-

The Snifit group tackles him. Meanwhile…

Fawful: Midbus, have you got the Beanstar?

Peach: You’ll never get away with this.

Fawful: Correction, we already have.

????: Good thing we fooled them with the fake Peach.

Fawful and Midbus: !

They see another Peach.

Peach?: You got an imposter. Come on, Snifits, let’s go ho-

Midbus: ATTACK!!!

Midbus grabs Peach? and throws Princess Peach and Valentina to the Snifits.

Midbus: Me thanks you for delivering the princess. MUH! MUH! MUH!

Fawful: Are you sure, Midb-

Midbus grabs him and they board Cackletta’s ship.

Princess Peach: Thanks.

Booster: Can I get a kiss now?

Valentina: HEY!

Booster: I was talking to you

Valentina: Oh, okay then.

Valentina gives Booster a kiss.

Chapter 12: Tour of the ship and attack of the unlikely duo

Punchiletta: Excellen. You have Peach, but where is the other hostage?

Midbus: She not needed.

Punchiletta: Excellent. But why is Peach having trouble standing and her arms are bigger and her hair is weird?

Fawful: Hmmmmmmmmmm. !

Fawful turns on the air conditioner and the “hair” on Peach? falls off, revealing a jester hat.

Midbus: 0_o

Punchiletta: -_- Fawful… please fire at will.

Fawful starts shooting randomly and Grate Guy quickly crawls away and pushes a button that creates a barrier.

Punchiletta: Okay, who is the @#$% idiot who got the fake Peach and setup a barrier button?!

Midbus and Fawful point at each other.

Punchiletta: -_- IDIOTS!!! FIX IT!

Midbus and Fawful start working on it. Meanwhile Grate Guy is walking around and looking for the Beanstar. Grate Guy sees out the window the ship is heading for Beanbean Castle. Grate Guy notices he left the Peach dress while he ran away. Grate Guy starts looking in the crates of the ship for anything, and finds a…

Grate Guy: Feather?

Grate Guy turns into Cape Guy. Cape Guy starts flying around and spots the real Beanstar, but sees that if he takes the Beanstar he will be zapped with 10,000 volts of electricity. Cape Guy gets an idea. He takes out the fake Beanstar and quickly switches them. Cape Guy breaks a window and jumps off.


Fawful: Bowser’s Castle? Yes, Mistress.

With Cape Guy on the way down…

Peasley: Hey there, Grate Guy. You got the Beanstar?

Cape Guy: Yeah, here.

Peasley: Thanks. Ciao.

Peasley leaves. Suddenly a pigeon appears and bumps into Grate Guy, destroying his cape.

Grate Guy: 0_o

Grate Guy falls down.


At Teehee Valley…

Knife Guy: How do you know that Grate Guy will land here?

Snifit 2: Science Fiction.

Grate Guy falls through the sand and lands in some sort of base.

Popple: What the? HEY ROOKIE. GET OVER HERE!

????: Yeah yeah, I’m coming.

Knife Guy: We’d better go find Grate Guy.

They get the Spin Drill from SMG2 and find Grate Guy tied up and gagged.

Grate Guy: MPH! MPH! MPH! MPH!

Snifit 1: What do you think he’s saying?

Knife Guy: You know, looking at this place and its structure, if someone’s planning a trap they would activate it right… now!

A net falls and Knife Guy, Booster, and Snifit 3 get captured.

Snifit 2: What the?

Popple: I’ve capture you, see?

Snifit 1: Release our friends and our bro.

Popple: You think I’ll be that easy? Well my best rookie came to this place and now he’s going to help me destroy you.

Snifit 2: We can take anyone.

Popple: Than take HIM on!

Popple moves to the left and they see…

Everyone except Popple: TOAD?!

Toad: Hi.

Snifit 1: You know what? Bring it on!

Snifit 1 62/62
Snifit 2 60/60
Popple 220/220
Toad 60/60

Toad throws a bomb but Snifit 1 ducks and uses Bolt.


Popple throws another bomb but Snifit 2 shoots out a bullet and destroys it. Toad takes out his squeaky hammer and hits Snifit 1 with it. Snifit 2 uses Bolt on Toad again. Popple uses Shadow Sneak and Snifit 2 is hit. Snifit 1 uses Elec Bullet Rain and Popple and Toad are pelted by bullets. Toad throws his hammer but Snifit 1 ducks and uses drain. Popple takes out a Bill Blaster and starts shooting Bullet Bills. Snifit 2 jumps on the Bullet Bill and then uses Mega Drain. The Bill Blaster explodes in front of Popple. Then Snifit 2 lands on him. Toad goes to get his hammer but Snifit 1 uses Lightning Orb to stop Toad in his tracks. Popple throws a Bulky Bomb at Snifit 1 but Snifit 1 jumps out of the way and hits Toad. The explosion also makes the hammer fly and hit Popple in the face.

Snifit 1: This is PATHETIC!

Snifit 2: Yeah, we’re defeating you without breaking a sweat.

Popple: You’re right. ROOKIE!  Activate the You-Know-What.

Toad: Yes, Popple.

Toad pushes the button and the looting machine comes and Toad hops in.

Snifit 1: 0_0  Oh, rubbish.

Popple: Prepare to die!

Snifit 1 62/62
Snifit 2 60/60
Popple 195/220
Toad 12/60
Looting Machine 200/200
Cue Castle Boss mid.

Snifit 1 uses Bullet Rain but the Looting Machine spins around, reflecting all the Bullets back at the Snifits. Popple uses Shadow Sneak and starts beating up Snifit 2. Snifit 1 uses POW Bill and the Looting Machine grabs it but POW bill is too powerful for the Looting Machine and explodes. The Looting Machine starts shooting Missile Bills. Snifit 1 uses Lightning Orb to destroy them but the Looting Machine hits the orbs back, hitting Popple and Snifit 2.


Snifit 2 uses Static Suit and Popple gets shocked by the static. Snifit 2 uses Elec Bullet Rain. The Looting Machine spins but the electricity in the bullets stuns the Looting Machine and it gets pelted by bullets. The Looting Machine charges at Snifit 1, who throws a lightning orb to change its course, but the Looting Machine activates its brakes and a claw comes out and grabs Snifit 1 and starts slamming him against the walls. Meanwhile. Popple is still hiding in the shadows but Snifit 2 uses Gunk Cannon and Popple slips on the gunk on the floor. Snifit  2 shoots a plasma ball and Popple gets electrocuted and stunned. Snifit 2 uses Hyper Beam and hits Popple but Popple activated some strange device and reflects the same Hyper Beam back at Snifit 2. Snifit 2 hits the wall. Snifit 1 sees this and breaks the claw holding him with POW Bill and escapes, but the Looting Machine gets in front of him. Toad jumps out and uses Spore, sending Snifit 1 to sleep. Snifit 2 gets back up but Popple throws a Fire Bomb at him, destroying the wall and possibly Snifit 2. Snifit 2 jumps out and becomes a Pyro Snifit. Snifit 2 throws a small fireball in the air but it explodes in the air and fire spreads everywhere.



Snifit 2: I died for my brothers, ugh.

Snifit 1 wakes up from the explosion that hit him too and sees his brother on the floor. Snifit 1 musters up all his energy and uses Banzai Bill Rain. Only a few Banzai Bills fall because Snifit 1 was weak. Popple and the Looting Machine get pelted by it. Popple throws a bomb at Snifit 1, defeating him.

Knife Guy: GOTTA HELP!!!

Knife Guy cuts the net entrapping them but only Snifit 3 and Booster join the fray.

Snifit 3 59/59
Booster 76/76
Popple 130/220
Looting Machine 135/200
Toad ?/?

Popple takes out an Ultra Mushroom, +50 HP. Toad jumps out and fixes his machine, +30 HP. Snifit 3 jumps into the fire that the explosion left and becomes a Pyro Snifit. Booster uses Spritz Bomb and throws bombs everywhere. Popple dodges but the Looting Machine gets hit. Popple uses Shadow Sneak and steals Booster’s Ultra Mushroom. Before Popple can eat it, Snifit 3 Flare Blitzes Popple and tackles him into the fire. Booster gets on his train. The Looting Machine starts throwing Hyper Beams that Booster is dodging. He activates his caNnon and a huge bomb hits the Looting Machine. The Looting Machine slams the ground, causing the train to run off course. The Looting Machine fires another Hyper Beam, successfully hitting the train, which explodes and sends Booster flying, but in the air Booster eats a fatty doughnut, +10 HP. Booster gets fatter and flattens the Looting Machine. The Looting Machine catches fire while Booster’s fat starts to kill him so he jumps out and the Looting Machine spins to throw the fire away.

Meanwhile, Popple is getting the beating of his life. Snifit 3 isn’t letting him out of his sight and keeps tackling him. Popple finally throws a water bomb that hurts Snifit 3 badly. Popple takes out a huge Metal Hammer and hits Snifit 3 away. Booster gets an idea. He grabs and eats Snifit 3. Popple hides himself in the shadows and the Looting Machine braces itself. Booster burps out Snifit 3 in the form of a huge fireball. The Looting Machine catches it but is being dragged. The Looting Machine stops it but sees Booster use Flare Blitz and is tackled right into a wall. The Looting Machine unfortunately still has Snifit 3. It activates its jetpack and flies into the air and performs atomic Pile driver. SMASH! Snifit 3 is left stuck in the floor and confused. Booster goes to help his buddy but Popple grabs him and steals his Ultra Mushroom again and flings Booster into the fire. Before Popple can eat the Ultra Mushroom, Snifit 3 uses Hyper Beam and hits Popple and the Ultra Mushroom. The Looting Machine gets a huge hammer and smashes Snifit 3, defeating him. Booster jumps out of the fire and grabs Popple, but before Booster can do anything Popple stuns Booster with his taser. The Looting Machine grabs him and starts spinning in circles and throws Booster, who hits the wall, and then Popple throws a Bowser Bomb. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! Booster is terminated. Grate Guy and Knife Guy join the fray.

Grate Guy 72/72
Knife Guy 70/70
Popple 120/220
Looting Machine 110/200
Toad ?/?

Grate Guy makes a shield around them and Knife Guy uses Knife Rain. The Looting machine spins, deflecting the knives, but Popple gets hit by them. Popple goes to steal something but the shield deflects him. Grate Guy uses Meteor Blast, and Popple and the Looting Machine are hit. Popple takes out another Ultra Mushroom but Knife Guy throws a knife and the knife hits it and a wall. Popple goes to get it but Grate Guy kicks his ball and Popple trips on it. The Looting Machine shoots a Hyper Beam but the shield deflects it back at the Looting Machine. Knife Guy takes out his Flame Sword and slashes Popple. Popple takes out his hammer and hits Knife Guy. Knife Guy uses Ice Slash but Popple hides in the shadows and a bomb hits Knife Guy and sends him flying. The Looting Machine grabs him and pile drives Knife Guy. Grate Guy uses PK Fire B and Popple and the Looting Machine are hit but the Looting machine takes minimal damage. The Looting Machine starts spinning in circles again but Grate Guy kicks his ball and it goes underneath the machine, messing it up and it falls. It tries to get back up but Knife Guy puts his Flame Sword through it. Popple sees that and tackles Knife Guy. He smashes his face but Knife Guy uses Ice Slash and freezes Popple. Grate Guy uses PK Freeze Y to freeze Popple even more. Grate Guy and Knife Guy stack up on each other and charge. The Looting Machine gets back up and charges as well, and Popple takes out a King Bomb. All throw their attacks and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! They all get sent flying in different directions. Grate Guy uses PK Recover Omega, Grate Guy and Knife Guy +30 HP. Popple lands near the Ultra Mushroom and grabs it. Knife Guy quickly throws an ice knife and hits Popple, knocking him out. Toad comes out of his looting machine and repairs it, +20 HP. Grate Guy uses PK Freeze B but the Looting machine activates its jetpack and flies into the air and Giga Impacts Knife Guy. Grate Guy makes another shield.

Grate Guy 67/72
Knife Guy 30/70
Looting Machine 68/200
Toad ?/?

Toad: How did you avoid taking so much damage?

Grate Guy: We’ve been watching our allies fight, and they all focused on offense.

Knife Guy: So we focus on offense and defense.

Toad uses Shield Killer and the shield breaks, then he Breaker Beams Grate Guy. Knife Guy uses Ice Knives and throws 10 ice knives at the Looting Machine. The machine only dodges 3. Grate Guy gets back up and uses Psychic to pick up the machine and slam it into the ground. The Looting Machine’s claw comes out and pulls Grate Guy’s head, making the spring appear. A chainsaw comes out of the Looting Machine and goes to cut the spring, but Knife Guy puts up his knife and blocks it. Grate Guy uses PK Thunder a. The lightning bolt hits the machine and stuns it. Knife Guy cuts the chainsaw, then the claw. The Looting Machine Giga Impacts Grate Guy since he was getting back in place. Knife Guy uses ice slash and hits the machine. Toad jumps out and uses Spore. Knife Guy falls asleep. Grate Guy uses Healing and Knife Guy wakes up and gets hit by a Bob-omb. Grate Guy uses Recover, Grate Guy +20 HP. Toad comes out to fix the machine and Grate Guy kicks his ball at him, but Toad dodges and goes back inside. Knife Guy uses Butcher Rain. Butcher Knives hit the Looting Machine and cause major damage. Grate Guy uses Meteor Swarm and the Looting Machine gets pelted by stars. The Looting Machine uses Breaker Beam and the bros. get hit. As the Looting Machine starts to recharge, Knife Guy uses Guillotine and makes a huge cut in the machine.


Toad pushes a button and the Looting Machine heads toward the bros. and explodes. Knife Guy pushes Grate Guy away and Knife Guy takes the hit and hits a wall. Toad jumps out and takes out his squeaky hammer.

Grate Guy 47/72
Knife Guy 1/70
Toad 60/60


Toad: As a Mushroom I can recover my own HP slowly. While I was in my machine I recovered it all.

Grate Guy uses Recover on Knife Guy, +20 HP. Toad slams his hammer on Knife Guy. Knife Guy uses Ice Slash but Toad dodges it and throws a Bob-omb at Knife Guy. Grate Guy uses PK Fire B and Toad gets hit. Toad uses Spore and Grate Guy falls asleep. Knife Guy uses Ice Slash and Toad gets hit but not frozen. Toad throws his squeaky hammer but Knife Guy dodges it and throws an ice knife.


Knife Guy: 0_0  Oh dear.

Knife Guy and Grate Guy get pelted by stars and Knife Guy gets buried and KO’d. Grate Guy wakes up and looks at where Knife Guy is buried.


Toad: Oh dear.

Toad gets pelted by stars too. Toad fights the pain and attaches himself to Grate Guy’s face and uses Leech, Toad +7 HP. Grate Guy just runs around screaming but realizes something. He kicks his ball and the ball bounces off the wall and hits Toad. Grate Guy uses PK Fire B. Toad gets hit again. Toad gets out a Fire Flower and becomes Fire Toad. Fire Toad throws a huge fireball and Grate Guy is hit into the wall. Toad uses Flame Wall but Grate Guy counters it using PK Freeze Y. Toad throws another huge fireball but Grate Guy kicks his ball so the ball catches fire, then he kicks it towards Toad but Toad hits it back with his hammer and Grate Guy is hit and falls down. Toad jumps on him and takes out his hammer.

Toad: Any last words?

Grate Guy: Yes. PSYCHIC!!!

Toad suddenly gets lifted up in the air and is spun around. Grate Guy points his finger down and Toad comes crashing down.

Toad: Impo…sibble. Ugh.

Battle Over. +999 EXP. LEVEL UP. New moves learned.

Popple: Dang.

Popple gets up.

Popple: We’ll be back one day, see?

Popple and Toad disappear.

Booster: Let’s head toward Beanbean Castle.

They head there and see the place is destroyed.

Snifit 2: Have any of these people learned to clean their own castle.


Snifit 2: OW!

Grate Guy: Idiots. Let’s go to the castle.

Booster: What’s that?

Grate Guy looks and sees…


Knife Guy: Punchiletta must have taken it over.

Snifit 1: We must board that flying castle.

Snifit 3: But how?

Snifit 1: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

And so our idiotic heroes have saved the Beanstar but now must board the castle and finally destroy Punchiletta. Can they defeat Punchiletta and her underlings? Find out in the final part of Snifit X Season 4!

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