Paper Mario: The Shadow Shrine

By JJ Bandit

Chapter 2: Going out with a bang

Shurry: Wow, this place is so cheery. I’ve never seen so many cheerful Bob-ombs in one place.

Mario and Shurry walk through town and stock up on supplies. They then hear some Bob-ombs gossiping.

Bob-omb #1: I don’t even think he is a Bob-omb.

Bob-omb #2: Ugh, I know. Do you really think he even has a fuse under that stupid hat?

Bob-omb #3: It’s highly unlikely.

Bob-omb #2: What a defective little twerp!

The Bob-ombs giggle and walk away.

Shurry: Woah, who do you think that Bob-omb is?

Mario: Hmm...

Shurry: We should probably ask someone what the quickest way to the Mirage Temple is.

Mario: OK!

Mario and Shurry find the mayor of Bobville.

Bobart: Hello travelers. Welcome to Bobville. What can I do for you today?

Mario explains.

Bobart: The Mirage Temple? Why anyone would like to go to that freaky place just puzzles me. If you take that road you should be able to get there in a hurry. It’s just that it’s blocked by that big rock right now.

Mario, Bobart, and Shurry then see the gossiping Bob-ombs picking on a shy blue Bob-omb. Mario asks what is going on.

Bobart: That’s Bobby. He’s a very quiet little Bob-omb. A lot of other Bob-ombs pick on him because he is, well, different. We’re not even sure he has a fuse under his hat. That, or he’s embarrassed to be a Bob-omb. It’s quite tragic, actually.

Shurry: It’s not right for them to pick on him though!

Mario and Shurry go over to poor Bobby, who’s just been picked on.

Shurry: Hi!

Bobby: ...  Um... Hi...

Mario asks if Bobby’s ok.

Bobby: What? Yeah, I’m fine... I guess.

Shurry: Hey come on, don’t let those jerks pick on you!

Bobby: ...

Mario comforts Bobby and asks if he would like to come with them so he doesn’t have to be picked on anymore. He also tells him about the Shadow Stars.

Bobby: Thank you, Mario, but... I just can’t! I’m sorry!

Bobby runs away scared and embarrassed.

Shurry: Poor kid... Well, let’s go, Mario.

Mario: Ok.

Mario and Shurry go over to the rock blocking their way to the Mirage Temple.

Shurry: Well this isn’t good. How will we save the Noble Star if we can’t even get to the Mirage Temple? We can’t let that Boogly’s mistress open the Shadow Shrine. Let’s ask Bobart if there’s any other way.

Mario: Okey dokey!

Mario and Shurry ask Bobart if there’s another way to the Mirage Temple. He tells them there isn’t. Mario and Shurry go back to the rock.

Shurry: Why don’t we ask a Bob-omb to blow it up?

Mario: Yeah!

Mario and Shurry ask every Bob-omb in town if they can blow that rock up. Many try but all fail. Mario and Shurry are about to give up when Bobby comes over.

Bobby: Wait, let me try, Mario.

Bob-omb #1: You!? Ha! Look, the Bob-omb who doesn’t even have a fuse thinks he can blow up a rock!

All the Bob-ombs laugh. Even though Bobby feels discouraged, he tries anyway.

Bobby: Mario, could you take my hat off, please?

Mario picks Bobby up by the hat. Bobby drops down while Mario is still holding his hat. He makes a giant explosion that blows the rock into a million pieces.

Shurry: All right!

The Bob-ombs all stare in awe, feeling stupid and embarrassed. Mario puts Bobby’s hat back on so it again covers his fuse.

Bobby: ... Mario... I think I’ll accept your offer. I’m tired of being treated like a little kid! Can I maybe... I don’t know... become brave and help you save the Noble Star?

Mario: Mmmhmm!

Bobby joins Mario’s party! Shurry goes to where Koopo and Goomaya are.

Bob-omb #1: Be careful, Bobby.

Bob-omb #2: We’re sorry about being so mean to you.

Bob-omb #3: Good luck!

Bobart: Bobby, please be very careful. Come back soon.

Bobby: … Thank you... all of you. Let’s go, Mario!

Mario: Mmmhmm!

Bobby and Mario start down to the Mirage Temple.


???: BOOGLY! You had them right where you wanted them, and then you let them walk all over you? You’ve disgraced me!

Boogly: My apologies, Mistress.

???: I’m going to go see this so-called hero for myself.

Boogly: But... Mistress!

???: Silence, Boogly. I’ll be back shortly.

Back on Mirage Road...

Bobby: Wow, this is kind of creepy... Some of the enemies we’re seeing aren’t really here... They’re mirages.

Bobby shudders. Right on cue, Boogly’s mistress arrives. She has her precious shadow scepter.

???: Ahh... So you’re the famous Mario. You’re nothing more than a little insect with a mustache. Your little princess has told me all about you.

Mario sees Peach in the shadow scepter.

Peach: Mario!

Bobby: Wh-who... WHO ARE YOU?!

???: My my, I’ve forgotten to tell you my name, and introductions are so important. I am called Misstress. I’m called the mistress of the shadows, and I shall soon rule your itty bitty world. Such shame, such pity.

Mario and Bobby get ready to fight Misstress, but she stops them in a force field.

Misstress: I don’t have time for games. But if you want to play, Miragio is up in the temple. I advise you to stop interfering. Goodbye.

Peach: MARIO, NO! MARIO!!!

Misstress disappears, and the force field vanishes.

Bobby: Oh Mario, this isn’t good, right?.... We have to stop this Miragio... Let’s go!

Mario and Bobby keep traveling until they reach the Mirage Temple. Bobby stops and Mario looks at him.

Bobby: Gee... I just can’t get over what Misstress said... Is she really going to takeover the world? … I don’t know if I can help you stop someone so scary...

Mario comforts Bobby.

Bobby: ...Thank you, Mario… Ok...Let’s go find this Miragio person and save the Noble Star!!!

Mario: Okey dokey!

Mario and Bobby enter the temple.

Bobby: Look at all the mirrors. It’s kind of like a fun house... only it doesn’t look too fun.

A giant enemy then comes leaping towards Mario and Bobby.


Mario swings his hammer and it goes right through the enemy. It then disappears.

Bobby: … It wasn’t real… It was just a… mirage. This sure is creepy.

Mario and Bobby encounter several even scarier mirages, but continue on. They also encounter some real enemies. Along the way Mario finds a chest guarded by a lantern ghost; he and Bobby defeat it. Inside the chest, Mario finds the Super Boots, and his jump becomes more powerful. Mario and Bobby continue down the mirror-covered hall.

Bobby: It feels like we’ve been walking on this path forever. There must be a quicker way.

Mario spots a crack in one of the mirrors. Bobby blows though it; behind the mirror there’s a secret passageway.

Bobby: Wow!

Mario and Bobby continue down the passage and find a big blue door. They go inside. There’s nothing in the room but a mirror. Inside the mirror is a Shadow Star.

Bobby: Mario, it’s the Shadow Star! How do we get it out of there?

???: That’s an easy one, children; you don’t.

Bobby: AAAH! Who are you?!

Miragio: My name is Miragio. Misstress has sent me to this temple to get rid of a hero. So where is he?

Mario: Hi!

Miragio: To be honest, I was expecting more... No matter. It seems you disregarded my warnings at the beginning of the temple.

Bobby: Warnings?

Miragio: My mirages!  I thought they would send you running home. Oh well. I’ll just have to fight you instead. Misstress told me she was sending me toys, so I’ll play.

(CAN’T FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Mario and Miragio get into a big boss battle. Miragio uses his special moves, Mario uses his jumps and his hammer, and Bobby explodes a few times. Miragio starts to build up power. Mario attacks a few more times by jumping. Miragio builds up enough power and releases a critical attack that weakens himse;f as well as Mario and Bobby. Mario uses a Super Mushroom to get some health back. Miragio uses a powerful lightning blast on Mario. Bobby uses his Super Bomb attack and defeats Miragio. Mario and Bobby win.

Miragio: NO! Misstress, please forgive me.

Miragio vanishes and the mirror breaks. The Shadow Star hops out.

Noble Star Spirit: Ahh... Mario, thank you. You have broken me out of the Mirror of Miragio. Now there’s just one more thing to do. Koopo... awaken as the Noble Guardian you are, and lend Mario your power, the power of light inside you that will free my Noble Star.

Koopo: So I’m a Noble Guardian as well? Well I’ll be. That’s great. Now I can help the Shadow Star, and I can continue to fight by Mario’s side.  Please... tell me why I have been honored.

Noble Star Spirit: Koopo, you always intended to do good for the world, even though you did it in rebellious ways. You are eager to help and to do the right thing. Your heart is filled with a light that can change a Shadow Star back to a Noble one. You have been named the Guardian of Helpfulness.  Now do what you are destined to do.

Koopo: All right!

Koopo lends his power to Mario and goes back to the “partner place”. Mario frees the Noble Star Spirit. Mario can now use the special move Extra Help. MARIO SAVED A NOBLE STAR!


Mario has saved two of the Noble Stars and is off to find number three. With two new additions to the paper party, Shurry and Bobby, things are going to get a lot easier. But after meeting Misstress, Mario has seen that she is very strong. He has to get that shadow scepter. Can Mario face the trials ahead involving real trust and friendship?

Peach’s Event

Misstress: Miragio... you have failed your mission. EXPLAIN.

Miragio: I apologize, Misstress. The Hero of the Noble Stars is strong... I wasn’t strong enough.

Misstress: Hmph! That’s not good enough! Boogly, we need to hire someone a LOT stronger than Miragio.

Miragio slumps, and leaves.

Misstress: Hmm... What now? Where have you placed the next Shadow Star?

Boogly: Up in the sky.

Misstress: Good, good.  So, do you think they’ll find it?

Boogly: That depends; who are we sending to look after it?

Misstress: I’m not sure yet.....

In the Shadow Scepter...

Peach: Ohhhhh...  THIS IS THE WORST! Mario almost saved me, but Misstress is too strong! If only I could help...

Peach paces in the shadow scepter

???: Teehee! You sure like to whine!

Peach: Oh my! Who in the world?!

Peach is then greeted in the shadow scepter by a tiny ball of light.

???: Hiya, Princess, or should I say, the Maiden of Hopes and Dreams?

Peach: ?

???: Oh! My name’s Flick! I came back! We never got a chance to say hi!

Peach: Umm...

Flick: You sent me to the Hero of the Noble Stars! I gave him some light powers! ‘member?

Peach: OH! You mean you’re what I sent to help Mario... Do you think you can help him again? Misstress is very strong...

Flick: You’ll have to fill me with more hope. You should know that already...

Peach looks at Flick, a little confused.

Flick: Hmph! Well, the expression on your face isn’t very hopeful! COME ON, YOU’RE THE MAIDEN OF HOPE, DREAMS, AND LIGHT! You can control the shadow scepter!

Peach: WHAT?!

Misstress: Who... said... THAT?!

Flick: Send me away! Quick!

Peach: I’ll try... I… I hope Mario is okay! I want him to be okay. PLEASE HELP MARIO!

Flick: Gladly!

Flick shoots out of the shadow scepter to find Mario.

Misstress: NO! YOU! Stop interfering! Boogly! I need you to find... *whisper, whisper…*

Boogly: But! Remember the last tim-

Misstress: Just do it!

Boogly: All right...

Misstress: As for YOU, Princess!

Peach: Uh oh.

End of Peach’s Event

Bowser’s Event

Kamek: Umm... Bowser... sir? Instead of trying to find Mario, shouldn’t we, like, know what these people who actually have the shadow things look like? It’s gonna be kinda hard to find them.

Kammy: OH SHUT UP!


Kammy: Good plan.

Kamek: bad plan... why’d we leave the castle in the first place when they were still there?

Kammy kicks Kamek.

Kamek: EEK!

Kammy: Ah, this looks a good spot to find him.

Bowser and Co. head into Ladow Town.


Mario and friends find themselves back in Bobville.

Bobart: Oh! You did it!

Bob-omb #1: YAY BOBBY!

Bob-omb #2: We’re glad you’re okay.

Bob-omb #3: YOU DA BOMB, KID!

All Bob-ombs: YEAH! You rock!

Bobart: We’re happy to have you home, Bobby.

Bobby: … Thank you… but… I’M GONNA STICK WITH MARIO!

Bob-ombs: ???

Bobart: ?

Bobby: ... I want to help. Besides... it’s time for someone as timid as I to get a taste of the real world. I’ll come home… promise!

Bobart: We’re proud of you, Bobby. Good luck to you both!

Mario and Bobby bid farewell and head to Ladow Town. Townspeople are screaming and running, and Merlon comes running up to them.

Merlon: OH MARIO! YOU’RE BACK! THERE’S PANDEMODIUM HERE!!! THIS BIG, GIANT FELLOW IS TERROIZING THE TOWN!!! … Oh, by the way, good job with the Noble Star and all… HELP!!!

Ladow Town Citizen: Look, crazy people are trying to attack the monster!

Mario and Bobby spot Toad and Luigi trying to fight Bowser, Kammy, and Kamek.

Toad: We-we-we’r-we’re… RUN, LUIGI, RUN!!!

Toad runs behind a trash can

Bowser: YEAH, YOU RUN!!! ALL RIGHT, LET’S GO, GREEN ‘STACHE! … What’s his name again?

Luigi: IT’S LUIGI!!!


Mario and Bobby run over, glad to see Luigi and Toad, but they can’t believe that Bowser’s already back!

Luigi: HOORAY! Mario to the rescue! I’ll be back here!

Luigi runs behind the same trash can that Toad is hiding behind.

Bowser: ARGH! Mario! All right, let’s settle this!

Yet another fight with Bowser begins, and Mario, of course, wins.


Kammy: Sire! Your blood pressure!

Kamek: Y’know I keep trying to say let’s avoid these guys. But does anyone ever listen..noooooooooooooooooooo-

Kammy shoves Kamek out of the way.

Merlon: Good show! That will teach them to leave the Noble Stars alone!

Bowser: Huh? What now??

Merlon: ...

Kammy: AH YES! The Noble Stars protect the light in the world. They’re powerful.

Mario: OH NO!!!

Kamek: OOH! Good idea by me, let’s go and get the Noble whatevers instead of the Shadow ones before-


Bowser: Good plan. Glad I thought of it.

Kamek: BUT! Oh never mind…

Bowser, Kammy, and Kamek fly away. (Somehow the Clown Copter came back.)

Bobby: … Oh… I guess that this isn’t good…

Merlon: Looks like I said the wrong thing at the wrong time. Oh well, live and learn, I guess.

Mario and Bobby look at each other.

Luigi: Nice job, Bro!

Toad: Yeah! Me and Luigi made it out of the castle before Misstress could get us. YEAH!

Luigi: Well, while you’re off, me and Toad are gonna protect the Ladow Town civilians. We might even go off on our own adventure! We’ll be around!

Mario: OK!

Merlon: By the way, Mario, there’s someone I want you to meet. He’s a very reliable source. Come, come.


Bobby: Hmm?

Merlon: Oh! What’s this?

Flick: Whew! Ahh, Mario, right? It’s me, Flick, ‘member? I helped you the last time you came back here.

Merlon: Ah yes. Who’s helping Mario along the way?

Flick: Why, it’s none other than the fair maiden of hopes and dreams, of course. Boy, is she whiny! “Help, Mario! Help, Mario!” That’s all I ever hear from her. She goes by the name of “Peach”. Ring a bell?

Mario: OH!

Flick: Well, I must be off. But here, take this before I go!

Mario and Bobby level up.

Bobby: … Th-thank you, Flick!

Flick: See you!

In a flash, Flick leaves.

Merlon: Well, shall we go, then?

Mario: Mmmhmm!

Mario, Bobby, and Merlon all head to Merlon’s strange house. They are greeted by a Toad in an explorer outfit.

Merlon: This is Toronto. He told me he’s heard about a Noble Star that has transformed into a Shadow Star.

Toronto: YES INDEED!

Mario and Bobby jump!

Toronto: It is I, former student of Kolorado Koopa, explorer extraordinaire, master of treasure, and an archaeologist prodigy, Toronto Toad! I heard all about your adventure from Merlon and IT GOT ME STOKED! ahem! I mean... I was quite impressed. It just so happens that I have found where your dear Shadow Star lies. It is up in the Clouds!

Bobby: W-what?! How are we supposed to get to it that way?

Toronto: ...................................................................... I don’t have all the answers. I’m just a rookie, y’know.

Bobby: Ugh…

Merlon: Don’t fret. How about this, you two can go deliver this letter to Miss Toadiekins. She likes to wander around the center of town. Go on, get to it. Toronto and I will figure out how to get you to Airway 87, the town in the clouds. Off with you.

Mario: OK!

Mario and Bobby find Toadiekins sitting on a bench, and give her the letter.

Toadiekins: OH THANKS! I’ve been waiting for this letter forever! You’re a saint. Are you good friends with him?!

Bobby: Uh… Merlon just told us to give you the letter… We don’t really know who it’s from… Sorry.

Toadiekins: Oh! Good old Merlon! The letter is from my dear boyfriend, Toronto. My Toronto always thinks he has to prove to me that he’s the best adventurer of Ladow Town. He’s always off. But sometimes Merlon finds old letters he wrote to me that he was too shy to give. Merlon always gets them to me! Thank you so much! If you see Toronto, please tell him to stop by and say hello, I miss him terribly.

Bobby: Oh… WE WILL! You can count on it!

Toadiekins: Thank you!

Mario and Bobby return to Merlon’s house and notice a big cannon.

Toronto: NEXT STOP, AIRWAY 87!!!

Merlon: Glad to see you back, Mario. I forgot about this cannon I had. It took me right up to Cloud Avenue when I was a boy. Now, Cloud Avenue is full of different airways, starting from 1-100. The Shadow Star is on Airway 87. Just take that path, and you’ll find your way into a town. I’m sure people on Airway 87 can tell you where to go.

Mario: OK!

Bobby: … By the way… we delivered that letter and everything… and well… Toadiekins really misses you, Tronto…


Merlon: Toronto…

Toronto: All right, truth is I miss Toadiekins too, it’s just… I want to be the best explorer, and I want to be her hero…

Bobby: … That’s sweet…

Toadiekins come running.

Toadiekins: OH TORONTO! You’re still here!!! I thought you had already left!

Toronto: Toadiekins!

Toadiekins: I missed you so much! Toronto, I want you to follow your dream to become an explorer, but every once in awhile please just come to see me.

Toronto: I promise you I will.

Goomaya jumps out of the “partner place”.

Bobby: Oh Goomaya, what’s up?

Goomaya: It’s just that I felt something right here. Aha! Since I have been named a Noble Guardian, the Maiden of Hopes and Dreams should’ve heard that! (It’s like telekinesis... Cool!) Toadiekins loves Toronto and wants him to follow his dream. The Noble Stars are amazin’!

Merlon: That’s right! There is another to be saved. Go, Mario!

Mario: Ok!

Goomaya goes back to the “partner place” and Mario hops into the cannon. Mario shoots off towards the sky.

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