Paper Mario: The Shadow Shrine

By JJ Bandit

Chapter 3: A New Friend x2 on Cloud Avenue

Mario and Bobby arrive on Cloud Avenue.

Bobby: ... This place... Itís amazing. I canít believe weíre up in the clouds like this. Oh, wow... Mario, look at all the passageways in the clouds. Which one is Airway 87?

Mario: Hmmmm...

Mario and Bobby look around, and then Bobby notices something.

Bobby: ... Look! There are numbers in the clouds. This one says 42, this one say 97... OH! Look Mario, this one says 87! I think this is our passageway... oh, I guess I mean airway. Ha ha!

Mario and Bobby go down the passageway, encountering enemies like Dark Puffs and other cloud creatures. They reach a small town. There are many Goonies, Puffs, and Boos, and thereís also a Duplighost. The Duplighost comes over to them.

Doop: Hewwo! Wecome to Aiwway 87! My name is Doop! Wetís pway sometime!

Bobby: ... Thanks! Umm... Weíre actually looking for something called a Shadow Star... Do you know anybody who knows about that sort of thing, Doop?

Doop: UHHH... Wet me tink... Maybe Porty knows someting... Or not... Iíd ask the mayor... His name is Gooner... I tink... Or not... Thatís all I know... Come pway with me sometime!

Doop leaves.

Bobby: Well... we should see Mayor Gooner... Letís go...

Mario and Bobby find the mayorís house, which is made out of clouds.

Bobby: Umm... hello???... No oneís here...

Mario: Hmm...

Bobby: Maybe we should just go ask people around town...

Mario and Bobby go around town and ask many of the civilians. They all tell them to talk to the mayor. They then come across a green Goonie with wings and a pink Goonie without.

Goonay: Címon, Porty! Itís not fair! Teach me how to fly!!!

Porty: I wish I could, Sis. I can still barely fly myself. I only got my wings last week. Youíll get yours when youíre older.

Goonay: PORTY!!!

Porty: *sigh*

Mario asks Porty.

Porty: A Shadow Star? Well... it sounds familiar... Someoneís told me about something that could possibly be it... Iíd talk to the mayor. Iím very busy right now. My little sister is causing trouble. Please just go talk to him.

Mario and Bobby walk away.

Bobby: Well that wasnít much help... I wonder where the mayor is.

Mario: Hmm...

Bobby: ... I guess it wonít help if we just stand around... Letís go!

Doop runs into Mario and Bobby.

Doop: OH! Umm, sowwy! Iím just in a big wush wight now. I have to go somewhere important! BYE BYE! Wetís pway sometime!

Doop runs off.

Bobby: ... Hmm... Wonder whatís up?!

Mario and Bobby travel through the town. They go to the Airway 87 shop and buy some supplies. The mayor is nowhere to be found. They then hear a ruckus outside of the mayorís house.

Dark Puff Civilian: WHAT?! First Mayor Gooner, now your sister?!

Porty: She might have run away... She was really mad at me for the... the whole flying thing...

Boo Civilian: Goonay wouldnít run away for something like that.

Porty: ... Hold on! Doop is gone too!

Bobby: ... Umm... Mario and I saw Doop earlier... He was in a bit of a rush...

Porty: This has never happened before...

A Dark Puff flies over to everyone.

Porty: Did you check all the airways?

Dark Puff: I couldnít find anyone. I asked every single entrance keeper. They see everyone. They said none of them ever came by.

Porty: ... Iím going to find them all. Iíll look everywhere.

Boo Civilian: Porty, what if you should so happen to disappear as well?

Porty: I... *sigh* Youíre right...  Hey you!

Mario: HMM!

Porty: Youíre Mario? Hey, you told me that youíre looking for a Shadow something! Letís team up! Weíll look together! Iím sure I could help you. You could probably help me too! Címon, be a pal! Please?

Mario: OK!

Porty joins Marioís party! Bobby goes to the place where Shurry, Koopo, and Goomaya are.

Porty: I can help you get to places that are too far for you to jump to! But, since I can barely fly, I can only go a short distance. Okay, time to find Gooner, Goonay, Doop, and the Shadow Star.

Mario and Porty exit Airway 87ís town and travel to the outskirts. Porty helps Mario get across to the other side.

Porty: I never like going out here. The outskirts can get dangerous.

Mario and Porty encounter many different enemies and travel through a difficult labyrinth of clouds. They then arrive at a cloud cliff and see Gooner and Goonay behind cloud bars.

Porty: Goonay!

Goonay: Porty!

Gooner: Porty, what are you doing here?

Porty: Me and Mario are here to rescue you guys. The townís worried sick! Who did this to you two?

Gooner: It was a Dark Puff... He told me to stop looking into business involving the Shadow Star. He brought me here.

Goonay: Well... the mayor was out cold when you put me in here, Porty... I thought you were punishing me. Yíknow, for causing trouble...

Porty: I didnít bring you here!!!

Goonay: You also told me to stop sticking my nose where it doesnít belong... I didnít get it.

Porty: Goonay, you know me, I wouldnít do this!

Goonay: It sure looked like you! Except your hair was kinda different.

Porty: Whatís going on? Wait! Whereís Doop?

Goonay: I donít know.

Gooner: Has he gone missing as well?

Porty: Somethingís wrong... Mario, look! Is that the Shadow Star?!

Mario and Porty look at the top of Cloud Cliff. The Shadow Star is there.

Mario: OH!

Porty: The sky looks darker. Letís go get it! At first, I just wanted to find everybody, I couldíve cared less about the Shadow Star; but Mario, weíre friends now. Friends will always help friends. We trust each other.

Mario: Mmmhmm!

Doop: Hewwo, Mawio! Hewwo, Porty! Are you here to pway?

Porty: Doop! There you are! Are you ok?

Doop: Heehee! Wetís pway!

Porty: Címon, Doop! Help us! Mario needs to get that Shadow Star! Get down here!

Doop: Mawio wants that? Heehee! I donít tink so!

Porty: Doop?

Doop jumps over to Mario and Porty.

Doop: I know a fun game! Itís called guess who! Ok! Who should pway? How about you, Porty? Ok ok! Wetís pway!

Doop grabs Porty with the hair things he has on his head. Doop spins around and releases Porty. BUT NOW THERE ARE TWO OF PORTY!

Gooner: AAH!

Goonay: Porty!!!

?Porty?: Mario, you know Iím Porty! I donít know whatís gotten into him!

?Porty?: No! Donít listen to him. Címon! Weíre good pals now! You know I wouldnít dupe you like this jerk would!

?Porty?: Mario! Go get the Shadow Star!

?Porty?: DONíT! How do you know he isnít going to use it himself!?

Gooner: I canít tell which is which!

?Porty?: Goonay! You know itís me, right?

?Porty?: Sis! Címon! You can tell which of us is, uhh... you know! You have to know that Iím Porty!

Goonay: ... Stop. I... I think itís... Oh...

?Porty?: Mario! Canít you see somethingís strange? How come heís keeping you here? He wonít even call you Mario!

?Porty?: Thatís not tw- I mean, thatís a big lie! You know Iím Porty! Mawio! AAH!

Porty: Aha!

Doop: Ok, you got me!

Doop transforms back

Goonay: Doop! Why did you lock me up?

Doop: ĎCause you saw me with the Shadow Star! I couldnít let anyone get suspicious. Misstwess would get so angwy!

Mario: Oh!

Mario explains to Porty.

Porty: What? Ok, now I get it! Youíve been tricking us this whole time! So what are you going to do? Your secretís out, Doop! Game over! Give us that Star!

Doop: Do you weally tink that Iím just going to let you have this? Iím alweady using it better than Misstwess. Have you noticed the darkening sky? Cwoud Avenue will soon turn to dust! Iím just getting started! Ok, Mawio. Wetís Pway!

(CANíT FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Mario and Porty get into a fight with Doop. Doop uses many sneaky attacks. Mario jumps. Porty uses his divebomb move. Doop duplicates himself into Porty. He can now use Portyís attacks. Porty can still cause damage though. Mario has to jump on Doop now since heís in the air. Porty uses his divebomb move again. Mario uses a special move, which ends the fight for Doop. Mario and Porty win.

Doop: Oww... That hurt. That was weally mean.

Porty: Nice try, Doop! Your plan failed! That Shadow Star is ours!

Doop: Fine! Take it! But one ting before I tell Misstwess I failed and everyting. Are you sure you arenít just pwaying into her hands? You should tink about tat before you head back to Shadow Town! Oopsie! I shouldnít have said tat! Oh well! Bye bye, Mawio!

Doop throws the Shadow Star to Mario and Porty, then leaves.

Noble Star Spirit: Mario, I thank you. It is time for you to free me. You need to get the power from the Noble Guardian, Bobby.

Bobby: I... Iím a Noble Guardian... But... thatís impossible...

Noble Star Spirit: Bobby, you hid among the crowd, so shy and unsure. But when you realized the world needed you, you showed no hesitation in using your power. You have been named the Guardian of Courage. Now, use your power once more.

Bobby: ... Here you go, Mario...

Mario receives Bobbyís power. Bobby returns to the ďpartner placeĒ. Mario frees the Noble Star Spirit. Mario can now use the special move Courage Blast. MARIO SAVED A NOBLE STAR!

End of Chapter

After freeing the third Noble Star, our hero has made some new friends. Mario is starting to get on top of his game. But one question still hurts our heroes: What is Misstress really planning? Mario might need to watch out for Misstress, because Doop has also brought up some important questions about her true plan.

Peachís Event


Doop: Hee Hee Hee! You sound so sure and in contwol. My question is, why in the world would you twust someone who has doublecwossed you before? It weally doesnít make sense to me, Misstwess. The funniest thing about this conversation is that you know Iím wight. Donít you?

Misstress: Ö

Doop: HEE HEE! I knew it!

Misstress: Thatís enough, Doop.

Doop: Iím going, Iím going.

Boogly: How did Doop find out?

Misstress: I donít know, but thatís not important. Instead of finding people we know to help me, letís use someone we donít. The key will be the Shadow Star. Go!

Boogly: Yes, Misstress.

In the shadow scepterÖ

Flick: All right, I helped your little friend out. Now itís time for us to begin your training.

Peach: Training?

Flick: You have no idea how to takeover the shadow scepter, Ďmember? Iím going to teach you!

Peach: Oh, ok!

Flick: First, I have to give you a dream.

Peach: Iím going to fall asleep?

Flick: Yes. Did I not just basically say that?

Peach: Well okÖ But firstÖ make sure Marioís doing well will you?

Flick: Fine... Donít let the bed bugs bite, or whatever...

Flick flies around Peach. She falls asleep. Flick shoots out of the scepter to find Mario. The scene changes to Peachís dream.

Peach: Where am I? Itís so dark in here. HELLO?!

Peach begins to wander around the darkness sheís in. She notices a candle on a wall.

Peach: Well, Iím inside a room. Maybe this candle will make things a bit easier to see.

Peach grabs the candle. She comes to a door in the room, and opens it. She is outside now. Peach sees that she has exited some kind of shrine.

Peach: Wha? Is this that Shadow Shrine? Oh my!

Peach notices many dark civilians staring at her. Theyíre smiling. Their smiles are a little sad.

Peach: ... Is this hope?

The scene fades to blackÖ

End of Peachís Event

Bowserís Event

Kamek: Ugh... Weíve been looking for hours... What do these Shadow things or Noble things look like?!

Kammy: Hush! Iím sure we can find one! AHA! LOOK OVER THERE!!! Lord Bowser, that must be a Shadow Star!

She points at a stone star statue.

Bowser: SCORE!

Bowser tries to move it.

Bowser: Hey! This thing isnít moving!!!

Kamek: Maybe itís not a Shadow thingÖ..

Kammy: OF COURSE IT IS, YOU DOLT! Try pulling harder, Your Repulsiveness.

Bowser triesÖ The statue breaks.

Bowser: O_O

Kamek: I think someone owes me an apologyÖ..

Kammy: Silence!

Bowser: Letís keep movingÖ RAHHHHH!

Kammy: ACK!

Kamek: Argh!

End of Bowserís Event


Mario and Porty head back into the town of Airway 87.

Boo Civilian: Mayor, Goonay, Porty, Mario! Youíre all ok!

Dark Puff: Whereís Doop?

Porty: Ummm...  Letís just say Doop had to leave, and heís never coming back!

Civilians of Airway 87: ???

Porty: So Mario, how do we get back to Ladow Town?


Gooner: Goonay, I think itís good for Porty to help Mario along his journey.

Porty: Iíll teach you how to fly as soon as I get back. I promise!

Goonay: ... Ok... Good luck, you two!!! Bye!!

Mario: Mmmhmm!

Mario and Porty head back to Cloud Avenue.

Porty: So... how do we get back to the town?

Mario: OH NO!

Porty: Hmmmmm... Actually, Iím pretty sure Airway 21 has a cannon... Maybe that will send us back to Ladow Town. LetĎs go!

Mario: Ok!

Mario and Porty travel over to Airway 21. A Boo meets them.

Boo-boo: Hi! Welcome to Airway 21 Iím Boo- Oh, hey Porty! What are you doing here all the way from Airway 87?

Porty: Boo-boo, me and my buddy Mario need to head to Ladow Town. Do you think we could use the cannon?

Boo-boo: Sure! Follow me.

Boo-boo takes Mario and Porty over to the center of the town in Airway 21.

Boo-boo: Iíll be right back!

Boo-boo enters a small shack and comes out with a small cannon.

Boo-boo: Here you go!

Porty: Thanks, Boo-boo! Címon, Mario!

Mario: Letís-a go!

Mario and Porty jump into the cannon.


Mario and Porty get shot through the cannon and bounce off of Merlonís roof, which is surprisingly like a trampoline.

Porty: OW! Sorry, that wasnít a bad landing, I was just preparing to land with a big crash, thatís all.

Merlon runs out of his house.

Merlon: AAAH!!! WHAT THE KUMQUATS WAS THAT?! Oh, Mario! Was that you bouncing off my roof? Oh... Ok, thatís good! Did you save the Noble Star?

Mario: Mmhmm!

Merlon: Good! So Bobby was a Noble Guardian, hmm? Iím not surprised. He has a lot of potential! Very smart... Oh yes! Whoís your new friend?

Porty: Iím Porty! Iím gonna help Mario save the Noble Stars!

Merlon: Great! Toronto went off to the Squid Islands to search for treasure! Iím really not sure where youíll find the next Shadow Star, unfortunately...

Flick: Iíll give you a hint! Itís in Lakitu Valley!

Merlon: Flick! What in the world are you doing here?

Flick: Little miss Princess Helpless likes to give Plumber Boy power, Ďmember?

Flick levels Mario up.

Mario: Oh!

Flick: Anyway, I must be off! I have a princess to wake up! ĎTil we meet again!

Flick flies off.

Merlon: Heís certainly odd... Well, you should probably go to Lakitu Valley. To get there from here you should go through the Forest Path. Itís on the south side of town. Run along! You have a world to save, after all!

Mario and Porty head off to the Forest Path.

Luigi: Hey Bro! Whatís up? While you were gone, Toad and I were taking care of all the townspeople.

Toad: Donít listen to anything he says!

Mario, Porty, and Luigi: O_O

Luigi: Anyway, we just made these peoplesí lives a bazillion times better! Weíre like heroes, man!

Toad: Oh no! Donít tell them what happened!

Luigi: Címon, Bro! Wanna here the story? Itís pretty dang awesome!

Mario: OK!

Toad: Oh no!

Semi-Toadís & Luigiís Event!!!

Luigi: Ok! So there we were, just standing around Ladow Town while you were up in the clouds...


Toad: Man! Whatíre we supposed to do while Mario saves the world?

Luigi: Ummmm... I donít know... Meet some cute Ladow Town girls, run errands for Merlon... get to know the people around town... HUH?

Luigi (thinks he) hears an old lady crying for help.

Luigi: Thatís it! Weíll become heroes! Weíll save the citizens of Ladow Town! Iíll be... The Green Thunder! ... Yeah... thatís good... I feel like Iíve used that name before... Whatever! Oh! Toad, you can be my sidekick, Mush Boy! What thinks?

Toad: No way, Luigi! Iím not getting involved in this!

Luigi: Please?!

Toad: Fine! But donít call me Mush Boy! Thatís lame! Letís go!

ďThe Green ThunderĒ and ďMush BoyĒ race over to the cry for help! Itís an old lady Koopa with a purse and a little boy Koopa.

Luigi: Whatís the problem, Madame?

Old Lady Koopa: Huh? Who are you? What do you want? Are you a purse-snatcher?

Luigi: No worries, maíam! The Green Thunder and Mush Boy are here to help!

Toad: UGH!

Luigi sees the little boy.

Luigi: AHA! This boy was trying to steal your purse! No worries, maíam! Iím on the case!

Little Koopa Boy: Huh? Why would I take Grandmaís purse?

Luigi jumps on the little boy.


Old Lady Koopa: POLICE! A psychopath just attacked my grandson!!!

The Ladow Town police run over.

Police Officer: All right, you two, come with me!

Toad: This day just gets better and better.

(Flashback over)

End of Semi-Toadís & LuigiísEvent

Luigi: I guess the police were so grateful that we saved the old lady, they wanted to make us official heroes, right Toad?

Toad: NO! They nearly arrested us because you assaulted a little boy! Whatís wrong with you?!

By this point Mario and Porty are both asleep.

Luigi: Bro?

Mario and Porty wake up.

Luigi: Awesome story, right?

Toad: Just go save the Shadow Star.

Mario and Porty exit Ladow Town and start walking down the Forest Path.

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