Paper Mario: The Shadow Shrine

By JJ Bandit

Chapter 4: Smaller is better

Porty: No offense or anything, Mario, but your brother’s kind of weird.

Mario: Oh!

Porty: So, Lakitu Valley, huh? Well, this forest path leads us right to Lakitu Spring. I’m pretty sure that if we keep going past it we’ll be in Lakitu Valley. Oh! I know a lot about directions since I have a big view up in the clouds. Let’s go!

Mario: OK!

Mario and Porty travel down the path. They fight enemies, and Porty helps Mario jump over chasms. Mario and Porty then run into Boogly.

Boogly: Ahh... If it isn’t Mario and friends.

Porty: So this is Boogly? What are you doing here?

Boogly: Stopping you! You got here a lot sooner than I thought you would. Hmph! No more saving Noble Stars, Mario! Misstress will not allow it!

(CAN’T FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Mario and Boogly get into another fight. Boogly uses his “stronger” attacks. Mario uses his hammer. Porty uses his bomb drop attack. Boogly uses an attack and Porty falls. Mario uses his hammer, which is a little stronger now, and beats Boogly. Mario and Porty win.

Boogly: ARGH!! You win this round, Mario! But there’s no way you can save that Star!

Boogly vanishes. Mario gives Porty a Mushroom.

Porty: Yeah? C’mon, Mario, I’m not gonna listen to that chump! Let’s go! Oh yeah! Thanks for the Mushroom!

Mario: Yeah!

Mario and Porty reach Lakitu Spring. It’s a beautiful, grassy meadow filled with flowers that surround a HUGE spring. It could take a boat two days to get across it. There’s a Lakitu village that surrounds it. The only problem is there are no Lakitus.

Porty: This place is amazing, but where are the Lakitus? Let’s look around.

Not far from Mario and Porty, there are a few normal Lakitu clouds surrounding a smaller pink one.

Random Lakitu Cloud: Lucy, you can’t come to the valley to find out where the Lakitus are! You’re wayyyyy too small!

Other Random Lakitu Cloud: Yeah! Besides, you don’t even carry a Lakitu!

Last Random Lakitu Cloud: What help will you be?!

Lucy: Leave me alone!!! I’m gonna get bigger someday! I want to help! It’s not fair!!!

Random Lakitu Cloud: Whatever Lucy, you still can’t come! Later, shrimp!

Lakitu Clouds: HA HA! What a small fry! SHRIMP! HA! HA! She can’t do anything!

Lucy: GRRRR!!! Meanies... Man... I can’t do anything because I’m so small! …? Huh? Uh oh! Someone’s coming! I bet they’ll make fun of me! I’d better hide!

Because of Lucy’s small size, she can use a power that allows her to look just like a little floating cloud or a bush. You can’t even notice her. Mario and Porty come over.

Porty: Hmm... No Lakitus anywhere... I wonder if they all went to Lakitu Valley...

Lucy: ... They’re looking for the Lakitu clouds too?

Mario and Porty: ?

They jump and start looking around. Lucy appears.

Lucy: Hello?

Mario: Oh!

Porty: Oh wow! I didn’t even see you!

Lucy: Because I’m so small, right?! What are you people doing here?

Porty: Oh! This is Mario and I’m Porty! Mario’s on a quest to save the Noble Stars from somebody evil named Misstress!

Mario explains everything.

Lucy: Huh... That’s interesting, I guess...

Porty: There’s supposedly a Shadow Star here! Have you heard of anything like that?

Lucy: No. But something weird has been going on here. Ever since that big purple, misty, cloudy thing showed up in the valley, the Lakitus started disappearing. That was only recently... Also, this weird guy just left. He was also talking about a shadow thing!

Porty: Boogly!

Lucy: Yeah!

Porty: Hey, we don’t even know your name!

Lucy: Oh, I’m Lucy! I’m the smallest Lakitu cloud here! I don’t even carry a Lakitu...

Mario comforts Lucy, and asks for her help.

Lucy: You want ME to go along to help you? I can’t do anything! Well actually, maybe I can help. Y’see, some Lakitu clouds are actually Ruff Puffs in disguise. I can hide you just like I hid myself! What do you say?

Lucy joins Mario’s party! Porty goes to the place where Bobby, Shurry, Koopo, and Goomaya are.

Lucy: Thank you for believing in me, Mario! I’ve never had a good friend like you before. Now let’s go find out what happened to the Lakitus! Oh! Maybe your Star will be there too! Let’s go!

Mario: Ok!

Mario and Lucy start heading down the spring path. Along the way, Mario finds a few items: a Mushroom, some Maple Syrup, and a Dried Shroom. He also finds the Feeling Fine badges down the path. He and Lucy each equip one. They come towards the end of the path in the Lakitu Town.

Lucy: Look Mario, if you look down the spring path there’s Rugged Road! It leads you right into Lakitu Valley. We just left the town in the Lakitu Spring. So we still have a ways to go... Oh no! Look up ahead. Those are Ruff Puffs! They look a LOT tougher than regular ones, so let’s hide when we get near them. Let’s go!

Mario and Lucy keep heading down the Spring Path. Lucy hides Mario when they get near the Ruff Puffs. They leave. Mario and Lucy get closer to Rugged Road. Once they set foot on it, they see something.

Lucy: Look! Are those Lakitus?!

Mario and Lucy see a few Lakitus get sucked into the purple mist. Their clouds come out as Ruff Puffs, Dark Puffs, and Ice Puffs.

Lucy: EEK!!! Those were those Lakitu clouds from earlier!!! They’ve been turned into evil Puffs!!! Mario, we have to hurry!!! Pretty soon everybody will be turned into Ruff Puffs. What happened to the Lakitus?! It was almost like the purple mist ate them!!! C’mon!!!

Mario: Mmmhmm!

Mario and Lucy start heading down Rugged Road. They encounter enemies such as Spinies. Lucy hides Mario from any Puffs that show up because they don’t want to hurt any of the Lakitu clouds. They reach Lakitu Valley and see that the purple mist covers a lot more of Lakitu Valley than they thought. The purple mist is starting to look solid.

Lucy: Mario, look at the mist! It almost looks solid and jagged!

??? (thunderous voice): HOW DARE YOU CALL ME JAGGED?!

Mario and Lucy: !

???: Look up, shrimps!


Mario and Lucy look up and see the mist is actually a giant mist-like cloud monster.

Lucy: What did you do to the Lakitus?!

???: That’s no way to introduce yourself, child. Watch carefully. My name is Madame Puffina. It’s a pleasure to meet you. And you are?

Lucy: I’m Lucy the Lakitu cloud, and this is Mario, the hero who’s going to save the Noble Stars! He’s here looking for the Shadow Star!

Madame Puffina: Ugh! Another Lakitu cloud? How many of these- ! Wait! Did you just say Shadow Star? As in MY SHADOW STAR?!

Lucy: Your Shadow Star?

Madame Puffina: Yes. A nice person named Misstress came here and promised me that if I hung onto to it I would be granted any desire. I used to be an ugly little Dark Puff, and now look at me! I’m beautiful, purple, and huge!

Lucy: What about the Lakitus?!

Madame Puffina: All in my way. They actually make very tasty snacks! So I ate them all!

Lucy: And the Lakitu clouds?!

Madame Puffina: Ugh! All asked the same questions! They were pretty annoying, so my little shadow jewel turned them into Puffs who only obey me!

Lucy: That’s horrid! We’re going to stop you!

Madame Puffina: Oh please! You make me laugh! You’re about half the size of all the other clouds! Are you “the little cloud that could”? Ha! You make me laugh, dear child!

Lucy: I may be small, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do big things!

Madame Puffina: Really? Hmph! I would very much like to see that! How about you try to stop me? Go ahead! This won’t take long!

Lucy: NO IT WON’T!

(CAN’T FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Mario and Lucy get ready to fight Puffina. Puffina uses her dark power with the help of the Shadow Star. Lucy covers Mario with her elude attack. Mario uses his hammer and jump attacks. Mario also uses some special attacks as well. Puffina uses some more dark magic. Lucy uses her Spiny attack. After a lot of battling, Mario and Lucy defeat Puffina.

Madame Puffina: This isn’t happening!!! NOOOOooooooooooooo

Madame Puffina shrinks back down. She is now a jagged purple Dark Puff thing that’s about the size of a regular Ruff Puff. As she shrinks, all the Lakitus come out of her and are all free. The Lakitu clouds are still Puffs, though.

Lucy: Not so big now, are we?!

Puffina: I’m still bigger than you! Oh, my power, my beauty! Ohhhhh!!!

Lucy: Hmph! Take that, Puffina!

Puffina: Ooo... I’m sure Misstress will be cross with me. I’d better tell her what happened!

Puffina flies off.

Lucy: Yay! The Lakitus are safe! But what about the Lakitu clouds?

Noble Star Spirit: In order to save your Lakitu cloud friends, you must free me. It was the shadow’s cruel power that made them that way. Everything will go back to normal as long as the Noble Guardian, Porty, sends his power to Mario.

Porty: Hey! I knew it! ... Ha ha! Just kidding! I’m really a Noble Guardian?

Noble Star Spirit: Yes. Because of your open heart and trust towards others, you have been named the Guardian of Friendship. You’re always there for others when they need you. Porty, please give Mario your powers and release me from this curse.

Porty: Sure! All right Mario, here goes everything!

Porty sends Mario his power. Porty returns to the “partner place”. Mario frees the Noble Star Spirit. Mario can now use the special move Friendship Spear. MARIO SAVED A NOBLE STAR!

End of Chapter

Mario has saved four Noble Stars. With his new friend, Lucy, the journey has become a lot smoother for Mario and Co. There are still three Noble Stars to find and rescue. We can only look to the future now. Still, the thought remains, will Mario be able to stop Misstress?

Peach’s Event


Puffina: I’m… so… so… I’M SO SORRY, MISSTRESS! It wasn’t my fault th-

Misstress: No excuses! You disgust me! Go! Go join the rest of the filth who failed me!

Puffina leaves Misstress’ room.

Misstress: Hmph! Well Boogly, what’s next on our to-do list?

Doop (disguised as Boogly): Tee hee!

Doop changes back to normal.

Doop: You tell me!

Misstress: Doop! What on the world are you doing in here?! Where’s Boogly?!

Doop: He’s still outside, waiting for you to finish yewwing at Puffina!

Misstress: LEAVE MY SIGHT!

Doop: Temper, temper, Misstwess... I would wuv to see what your next pwan for the hewoes is! Why don’t you tell me?

Misstress: You know the answer to that question already, Doop. Goodbye.

Doop: You’re no fun! I’ll find out one way or another, though! You can count on that! Bye-bye, Misstwess!

Misstress: Send Boogly in.

Doop: Tee hee! My pweasure!

Doop leaves, and Boogly walks in.

Boogly: I’m already on top of things. That little conceited princess is in a panic. Not only did I take the gem, but I destroyed their little “plumbing system”.

Misstress: And the Shadow Star?

Boogly: He understands his orders. That gem isn’t the only thing keeping him alive.

Misstress: Then we have nothing to worry about.

Boogly: … They already have four…

Misstress: Do not forget phase two of my plan, Boogly. Trust me. The others don’t know that the pieces are falling into our favor. Keep an eye on Doop, though.

Boogly: Yes, Misstress.

In the shadow scepter…

Flick: How was your dream?

Peach: *wakes up* Flick?

Flick: The dream, ‘member? The one I gave you?! Man, I have to remind you of everything!

Peach: Oh yes! Well... there were people staring at me with sad smiles. It was hard to understand.

Flick: All people giving you hope. Ugh! Y’know, this training isn’t really working! This time I’m giving you a dream, and I’m coming with you in it!

Peach: All right...

Flick: Get ready, Princess.

Flick gives Peach a dream. She closes her eyes. Peach then finds herself out of the shadow scepter with Flick next to her.

Peach: Are we free?

Flick: Are you dumb? This is a dream. We’re in Misstress’ lair all right, we’re just not in the shadow scepter. Don’t get spotted by anyone or you’ll wake up. You’re going to learn how to control dreams.

 Peach and Flick wander the halls of Misstress’ lair. Peach then notices her surroundings.

Peach: Th-this is my castle! Everything’s so much darker! But this is my home!

Flick: Yes and no. Y’see, since this is a dream, sometimes things are a little different than what they truly are. True, we are in Misstress’ lair, but no, it’s actually not your castle. You have to get over illusions and pick out the real things.

Peach: All right. Here I go. SHOW ME MISSTRESS’ LAIR, DREAM!

The walls change. Peach sees Misstress’ actual lair.

Peach: Oh! It worked! I can control what happens.

Flick: Again, yes and no. True, you can basically do what you want, but no, you cannot control the people in this dream. C’mon, we have to get to Misstress’ room to find out where the next Shadow Star is.

Peach and Flick hurry down to Misstress’ room. The coast is clear, so they poke their heads in. Misstress is talking to Boogly.

Misstress: What do you mean?

Boogly: Mario apparently has this Toad friend who went to Blooper Gem Key in search of treasure.

Misstress: That means he could tell Mario that’s where the next Shadow Star is.

Boogly: I know.

Peach: Flick! Did you hear that? The next Shadow Star is at Blooper Gem Key! We must tell-

Flick: !  Uh oh!

Boogly: Princess Peach?!

Misstress: Get her!

Peach: EEK!

Peach wakes up.

Peach: OH! I’m back! Well, we’d better tell Mario where to go. And please, give him some power.

Flick: Yeah, yeah.


Peach shoots Flick out of the scepter.

Misstress: Not again... Boogly! Go slow those heroes down!

End of Peach’s Event

Bowser’s Event

Bowser’s theme is playing. Bowser, Kammy, and Kamek are all soaring high above Ladow Town. Bowser’s in his Clown Copter, and Kammy and Kamek are on their brooms.

Bowser: So that shadow thing is up in the sky?

Kammy: I’m absolutely positive, Your Gnarlyness.

Kamek: (mumbling) just like you were positive about the one in Ladow Town…

Kammy: Look, Sire! There it is, the cloud town!

Bowser: All right! Let’s go get that… ummmm…

Kamek: Shadow Star?

Bowser: Ha! Let’s go get that Shadow Star! Geez, Kamek! Could you start being useful?

Kamek: But I was the one who-

Kammy: Silence!

Bowser goes up to Cloud Avenue. Kamek and Kammy follow.

Kammy: Hmmm… Now where to look…

Bowser: Looks like I can get out of my copter now.

Bowser jumps out of the Clown Copter, but because of some of those extra pounds he falls right through the clouds. FAIL


Kammy: Sire!

Kamek: Uh oh!

Kammy: We have to find help!

Bowser is seen falling. He lands in peaceful little Bobville. As he gets up, the Bob-ombs scream and run around in circles.

Bowser: Uggghhh… Man, I’ve got to lay off the fries at Mushroom Burger… ! Hmm?

Bowser spots Bobart.

Bowser: HEY! Where’s the Shadow Star?!

Bobart: Umm… Mario already took it… PLEASE DON’T KILL ME!



Kammy and Kamek fall face-first into the ground next to Bowser.


Kamek: Nergh…

Bowser: All right, you two useless pigs! LET’S GO!!!

Kammy and Kamek: YES SIR! ... Owwwwwwwwww…

End of Bowser’s Event


Lucy: Well, it looks like things are finally back to normal! Thank you so much. Mario!

Mario: Mmmhmm!

Lakitu 1: Wow! Lucy, thank you!

Lakitu 2: Yeah! You’re the best!

Lakitu Clouds: We’re sorry we said you couldn’t help!

Lucy: I… I don’t know what to say! You’re welcome! Oh! It’s all right!

Random Lakitu Cloud: Maybe there’s a Lakitu who’s small enough to fit on you.

Lucy: Oh, that’s all right, guys! I’m gonna stick with Mario! He needs my help!

Other Random Lakitu Cloud: Well, you know where we’ll be! Good luck, Mario!

Mario: OK!

Lucy: To Ladow Town!

Mario and Lucy exit Lakitu Spring. They head down the Forest Path. Soon they arrive in Ladow Town and find Merlon.

Merlon: Ahh, there you are! I was hoping you’d get back soon! I have good news and bad news! How about the good news first? Toronto went off to Blooper Gem Key and has been doing well in his research. The bad news is we don’t know where the next Shadow Star is…

Flick: Well then, today’s your lucky day!

Merlon: Why Flick! What are you doing here?

Flick: Well, I’ve got to power up Mario.

Flick powers up Mario and Lucy. They level up.

Mario: Oh!

Flick: And I just happen to know the location of our Shadow Star! It’s in Blooper Gem Key!

Merlon: Why that’s perfect!

Flick: I know! Anyway, I’ve got to head back to Miss Maiden. She’s hopeless! Oh, sorry! I meant she’s hopeless without me! It was sort of a joke! She doesn’t have any hope from people yet. Y’know, ‘cause she’s the Maiden of Hopes and Dreams and, well, never mind! Just get the Shadow Star!

Flick exits.

Merlon: Mario, you go meet up with Toronto! He will assist you in your search! Also, there’s a princess down at Blooper Gem Key. I’m sure she will be valuable to your search. To get to Blooper Gem Key, go down to the Ladow Town dock. A Shy Guy named Sam runs our main boat. I’m sure if you ask nicely, he’ll take you to Blooper Gem Key. Now get going. Oh! I almost forgot. Your brother’s looking for you. I think he’s by the dock now. Go on!

Mario: Ok!

Mario and Lucy head over to Ladow Town Dock. Luigi and Toad are there as well as Toadiekins, Sam, and other Ladow Town fishers.

Lucy: Oh, that must be Sam! So that’s your brother? All right. There’s Toad. Is that Toad’s girlfriend?

Mario shakes his head.

Lucy: No? Oh! Toronto’s a Toad then! That’s his girlfriend?

Mario: Mmhmm!

Lucy: I see! Alrighty then! Let’s-a go! Teehee!

Mario: Oh!

Mario and Lucy head over to Luigi, Toad, and Toadiekins.

Luigi: Hey Bro! I was hoping you’d show! Guess what? The Green Thunder and Mush Boy struck again!

Toad: UGH! Please stop calling me that!

Toadiekins: Oh Toronto… You two stupids! My Toronto isn’t going to get home because of your ignorance!

Luigi: Calm down! You know what they say, “ignorance is bliss”!

Toad: Again, I’m sorry!

Lucy: Hold on! What’s going on?!

Luigi: Well, being heroes is rough work, especially if you’re Ladow Town’s. Me and Mush Boy here saved this lady’s life. Do you want to here what happened?

Toad and Toadiekins: NOOO!!!

Luigi: Sure they do! Well here goes!

Semi-Toad’s & Luigi’s Event

Luigi: So here me and Toad were waiting around to help people, when we hear Toadiekins over here crying for help…


Luigi: Did you hear that?

Toad: No, Luigi…

Luigi: C’mon, Toad! We should at least have some fun! I think this is a job for The Green Thunder and Mush Boy.

Toad: Luigi, do you really want the cops angry again?

Luigi: Let’s go!!!

Toad: Ugh!

Luigi and Toad go over to Sam’s boat. Toadiekins is talking to him.

Toadiekins: Sam, please help me. Just take me to Blooper Gem Key! I have to go see Toronto!

Sam: Toronto told me specifically not to let you follow him. He doesn’t want you to get hurt.

Toadiekins: But-

Toad: Well it looks like it was a false alarm. C’mon, Luigi. ? Luigi?

Luigi: What seems to be the problem, ma’am?

Toadiekins: Who are you? Mario?

Luigi: Fear not! I am The Green Thunder! Oh, and that’s Mush Boy!

Toad: … I don’t know him…

Luigi: Is this guy causing you trouble?

Toadiekins: Who, Sam? No, it’s just he won’t-

Luigi: Fear not, ma’am.

Toad: What are you- HEY! PUT ME DOWN!

Luigi throws Toad at Sam

Sam: HEY! TOADIEKINS, I SAID NO! DON’T THROW YOUR FRIENDS AT ME! That’s it. This boat isn’t moving.

Toadiekins: But Toronto won’t-

Sam: He’ll have to swim back. Get off my boat.

Toadiekins: Sam…

Sam: NOW!

Toadiekins runs off the boat, Luigi and Toad follow.

Luigi: Don’t worry, ma’am, you’re safe.


Toad: Great…

End of Semi-Toad’s & Luigi’s Event

Luigi: So we save her from that jerk, and now she’s giving us a hard time! Can you believe it?!

Mario and Lucy (who had fallen asleep) wake up

Toad: You threw me at the boat driver!!!

Toadiekins: Mario, Sam’s not running the boat now. How will Toronto get back?

Lucy: Oh no! How are WE going to get to Blooper Gem Key to meet up with Toronto?

Toadiekins: Try talking to Sam. He doesn’t hate you yet!

Lucy: It’s worth a shot!

Mario and Lucy go over to Sam.

Sam: Sorry, boat’s not running today, or tomorrow, or even the day after that.

Lucy: Oh please, Sam. Mario here is a hero, we really have to get to Blooper Gem Key.

Sam: I’ve had it with heroes.

Lucy: Well is there any other way to Blooper Gem Key?

Sam: Not from here there ain’t. This is Ladow Town’s only port.

Lucy: Now what? His mind is made up.

Scream from Blooper Gem Key: EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!!

Sam: Yow! What is going on?!

Lucy: I have a really strong feeling that something terrible is going on there, Mario! Is that enough motivation for you, Sam?!

Sam: Hmph!

Same Scream: I NEED A PLUMBER!!!

Sam: (to Mario) You a plumber?

Mario: Mmhmm!

Sam: How about you give me 20 coins, and I’ll forget about my rage about the green guy?

Lucy: We can afford that! Let’s go!

Mario gives Sam 20 coins.

Sam: See, money resolves everything! All right! ANCHORS AWAY!!!

Sam starts up his boat. Mario and Lucy jump on and head to Blooper Gem Key.

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