Paper Mario: The Shadow Shrine

By JJ Bandit

Chapter 7: Every Light Has A Shadow

Zero: Merlon... Light Merlon, how is this possible?

Light Merlon: You see, Solun and the Maiden of Hopes and Dreams decided that this town should be split when the Noble Stars were in peril.

Zero: But Boogly used the Shadow Star. So does that mean Boogly was trying to do something else, and the Noble Stars stopped him?

Light Merlon: It’s possible. However, I fear since Boogly is in Shadow Town, you cannot get to him.

Zero: What about Toad and Luigi? They’re not citizens of Ladow Town.

Light: My dear children, there are two of you here, so your two other friends are probably also in Shadow Town.

Mario and Zero: !

Zero: I hope they’re ok....

A Toad runs over. He has a bright explorer hat and is dressed in white.

Light Toronto: Why hello there, friends!

Zero: Light Toronto?

Light Toronto: Why yes! It’s so nice to see you two unharmed!

Zero: Hee hee! Everyone’s so nice in Light Town, Mario! Let’s hope Shadow Town is also this nice.

Mario: *nods* Mmhmm!

Light Merlon: My shadow is very nice, he’s just not as cheery!

Zero: I see. So now comes the big question, how do we get to Shadow Town?

Light Merlon and Light Toronto: !

Light Merlon: Whatever for?

Zero: We need to put Ladow Town back to normal. We also must stop Boogly.

Light Merlon: I see. Well, you’ll need the key to Shadow Town.

Light Toronto: Light Town’s greatest treasure!

Light Toadiekins walks over.

Light Toadiekins: Hello, Mario! Hello, Zero!

Zero: So your light side fully remembers us?

Light Toadiekins: ? My light side? Oh! That’s right! I have a shadow too! Silly billys, I could never forget dear friends!

Mario and Zero smile.

Light Merlon: So, young lady, these two are asking about the Shadow Key.

Light Toadiekins: Oh! You must go to Shadow Town? I wish I understood your reasons.

Light Toronto: They need to reunite us with our shadows.

Light Toadiekins: I understand, but shadows aren’t supposed to come to light, and lights aren’t supposed to come to shadows.

Zero: I guess it does mess up the balance, but we must.

Light Merlon: We’ll tell you what to do, but the reason why we’re concerned is because by bringing our light and shadow together, the Shadow Shrine will appear in Ladow Town.

Zero: ! I see... I do understand now. Boogly meant to do this. Misstress is trying to get the Shadow Shrine into Ladow Town... We’re being used, Mario.

Mario: Oh no!

Zero: We have no choice. Luigi and Toad are in Shadow Town. We have to save them.

Light Toronto: The Shadow Key is in the center of Light Town. It’s in a big, white chest.

Light Merlon: Unfortunately you need a white chest key to unlock it.

Zero: Let me guess, that key is also in another chest.

Light Merlon: The chest is in my home.

Zero: Wonderful!

Light Toadiekins: However, the key to that chest is in the underground passageway.

Zero: Then we should get going!

Light Toronto: Uhhh... That key’s in a chest too!

Zero: Ugh! How many keys are there?

Light Merlon: Seven.

Zero: It’s always seven... Wait, are two of those keys the white chest key and the Shadow key?

Light Merlon: Yes!

Zero: Great, then we’ll only have to look for five!

Light Toronto: The first key is in the underground passageway as well. You’ll have to fight Boozle to get it.

Zero: Boozle?

Light Merlon: He’s a BIG Boo.

Zero: Wonderful…

Light Merlon: Good thing you’re a descendant of Etern, young missy. His clan’s symbol blocks much of the way down there.

Zero: Good! C’mon, Mario! Let’s go!!!

Mario: Okey dokey!

Mario and Zero run through Light Town to the underground passageway. They notice the white chest in front of the fountain in the center of town. Everything is the same in Ladow Town, except all the civilians are wearing white and the houses are brighter. Everything has a slightly faded color to it. It all looks like a Noble Star’s coloring: white, with faded color on its edges. It’s a little more cheery. Mario and Zero arrive at the pipe. It’s white now.

Zero: Let’s go, Mario!

Mario and Zero enter the pipe. The underground passageway looks exactly the same. The pipe is still white though.

Zero: Nothing’s really changed down here. Everything must be the same in all the other places, like Bobville and Magios. Well, we’ll never find Boozle if we stand around here, I assume he’s in the depths of this underground. C’mon, Mario!

Mario: Let’s-a go!

Mario and Zero travel into the underground passageway’s depths. They encounter many enemies, like Buzzy Beetles, Dark Koopas, Magikoopas, Spinies, and Bloopers (when they come across water). Zero uses her wand whenever the two come across Etern’s symbol.

Zero: Wow. Etern must’ve really wanted to keep the balance between the two towns. Oh no! Mario, look!

Mario sees a gap so wide that even Porty wouldn’t be able to cross it.

Zero: What should we do? Boozle is this way!

Mario and Zero go back a few rooms. They notice a ledge leading into another room that goes in the same direction that Boozle is in. They notice a hanging platform with Etern’s symbol. Zero uses her wand. The platform falls between the gap. Mario and Zero jump down onto it.

Zero: Excellent! Let’s keep going!

Mario and Zero continue down into the underground passageway. They face several challenges that involve Zero using her wand to get past Etern’s symbols. They face the same kind of enemies plus Gloombas and Dry Bones now too. In one room, Mario finds a big chest. It opens without a key, and inside, Mario finds the Ultra Hammer! His hammer is now super strong! Finally, Mario and Zero arrive in a circular room.

Zero: Well, it doesn’t look like the underground passageway goes any farther. ! Oh Mario, it’s the chest with the first key! Boozle must not be here. I guess this is our lucky day!

Mario opens the chest… Nothing’s inside.

Boozle: Looking for something?!

Mario and Zero: !

Mario and Zero turn around and see a giant Dark Boo staring at them.

Zero: You must be Boozle…


Zero: We know we’re interrupting the balance of Light and Shadow Town, but we need that key!

Boozle: OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!  ? Oh yeah! I’m already a ghost… uhhh… Well, that was supposed to sound all cool, but I guess I sort of messed up…

Mario and Zero: O_O

Boozle: ANYWAY! … Y’know, what let’s just get this over with… 800 years of boredom really makes a guy less fun…

(CAN’T FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Boozle hits Mario with his tongue attack. Mario uses his super jump. Boozle is hit. Zero uses her lightning attack. Boozle attacks Zero using his Boo bodyslam. Mario uses Love Smash with Goomaya assisting him on Boozle. Zero replenishes some of her and Mario’s health using heal with her wand. Boozle uses another tongue attack on Mario. Mario and Zero switch places. Zero uses another lightning attack. Mario uses a super jump. Boozle is almost done for. Boozle charges up. Zero uses heal again. Mario does a super jump. Boozle does a powerful spook attack on Zero and she falls. Mario uses his super jump one more time. Boozle is defeated. Mario and Zero win.

Boozle: It seems that you’ve beaten me. I guess that means you are the Noble Hero. That was a lot of fun! Well, I lost. So here you go!

Mario gets a chest key!

Boozle: Well, I guess I’ve done my job. You two should get back to your journey. Etern had me keeping this key safe for eight centuries. I guess his descendant came to get it back, hmm?

Zero: ! You knew?

Boozle: Yeah. Well, I guess I’ll go see the sights of this world. I’ve been stuck in this underground for far too long. Here you go, heroes!

Boozle replenishes all of Mario’s and Zero’s health.

Zero: Thank you so much!

Boozle: Well, I’m off. Good luck, guys, you’ll need it… BOO!

Mario and Zero jump. Boozle disappears.

Zero: Heh. He was a nice guy! Let’s go, Mario! One key down, four to search for. Then we’ll unlock the chest in Light Merlon’s house, and then unlock the white chest. Let’s go!

Mario: Yeah!

Mario and Zero go back to the white pipe in the underground passageway. They use it and arrive back in Light Town. They run back through town to Light Merlon’s house.

Light Toronto: Hello there!

Light Toadiekins: You two look well.

Light Merlon: Have you found the key?

Zero: Yes. Boozle is actually a really nice guy.

Light Merlon: Boozle would not be defeated by just anyone. Etern placed a curse on him, that only the Hero of the Noble Stars could beat him.

Zero: Wow… You really are the hero, Mario!

Mario: Oh!

Zero: So, do you know where the chest is for this key?

Light Merlon: I’m afraid I don’t.

Light Toronto: Don’t you worry, friends; as an explorer, I happen to know where all the valuables in Light Town are. That key should unlock a chest in Light Smar T’s house. He lives in the house with lots of books. He should have the chest.

Mario and Zero search through Light Town for a house with lots of books. They go into the bakery, a Koopa’s home, and a Shy Guy’s house. The Shy Guy’s house has a picture of a boat in it, and it has all other boat-related items. The Shy Guy in the house is in a completely white outfit.

Zero: Oh! Are you Light Sam?

Light Sam: Ahoy, Mario! What brings you and your friend here?

Zero: We’re trying to find Light Smar T’s house. Do you know where we could find it?

Light Sam: It’s in the center of town, to the left of the fountain.

Zero: Thanks so much!

Light Sam: My pleasure! If you need to take the boat out anywhere, just let me know.

Zero: Thank you, Sam!

Mario and Zero leave Light Sam’s house. They go to the center of Light Town, where the fountain with the white chest is. They go to the left house. Inside is a Toad that has a faded red top. He is dressed in pale yellow and has glasses.

Zero: Light Smar T?

Light Smar T: Hello, guests. Can I assist you with anything today?

Zero: Do you happen to have a chest that this key fits into?

Light Smart T: Why yes I do. May I ask what you would be needing with my belongings?

Zero: Ummm… Mario here is the Hero of the Noble Stars, and the two of us need the Shadow Key.

Light Smar T: THE SHADOW KEY?!

Zero: I’m afraid so…

Light Smar T: Well, I don’t really want to argue, so you may take what’s inside. The chest is right over there.

Mario and Zero see the chest. Mario goes over and unlocks it. Mario got a (new) chest key!

Zero: Thank you, Light Smar T!

Mario and Zero exit

Zero: Ok. We have the next key. That makes two. So we have to look for three more, and we know where the other two are. So let’s keep moving!

Mario: Okey dokey!

Mario and Zero head back to Light Merlon’s house.

Light Merlon: So you’ve found the key?

Zero: Yes. So where should we look for the next chest?

Light Toronto: Well, I’m not exactly positive, but I think that chest is in-

Light Toadiekins: I happen to know the exact location of that chest.

Light Toronto: Ummm....

Light Toadiekins: Sweetie, you don’t know everything about treasure.

Zero: Ha ha! So Light Toadiekins, where is it?

Light Toadiekins: Well, the chest is hidden in the back of my home. I’m sure you’ll be able to find it!

Zero: We are heroes!

Mario and Zero run through Light Town in search of Light Toadiekins’s house. They run to the east side of town and see a white house with faded pink edges. They go inside of it. There’s a picture of Light Toronto and many explorer books.

Zero: This must be it! Aww… Toadiekins is so sweet. She certainly loves Toronto.

Mario: Mmhmm!

Mario and Zero look for openings in the house.

Zero: Hey Mario, look at that!

Zero points to a crack on the wall.

Zero: I know I can’t break it. Do you know who could?

Mario: Yeah!

Mario switches Zero and Bobby.

Bobby: Hey… Everything all right?

Mario: Mmhmm!

Bobby sees the crack.

Bobby: Oh, ok! Umm… well… we know what to do!

Mario takes Bobby’s hat off and he explodes. A little opening appears.

Bobby: That’s sort of small… I’ll go!

Bobby enters the opening with the 2nd chest key. He comes out with key #3.

Bobby: H-here, Mario!

Mario got chest key #3!

Bobby : … All right! I’m glad I could help!

Bobby returns to the partner place and Zero comes out.

Zero: Woo! Five stars for Bobby! Let’s go tell Light Merlon!

Mario: Ok!

Mario and Zero head back. Mario tells Light Toadiekins they got it.

Light Toadiekins: I knew you could do it!

Zero: So, where next? We already know the fifth one is in the underground passageway, the sixth one is in Light Merlon’s house, and the seventh one is the Shadow Key.

Light Toronto: Well, friends, I’m pretty sure it’s on the outskirts.

Zero: Outskirts?

Light Toronto: If you travel all the way to the back of Light Town, you’ll come to its outskirts. That’s where the Shadow Shrine is in Shadow Town.

Zero: Let’s go!

Light Toronto: I must warn you, there are enemies out there. Mainly Boos.

Zero: K.

Mario and Zero head to the outskirts. They fight some Boos, which don’t give them to much of a challenge. They find the chest all the way at the back.

Zero: Easy enough!

Mario unlocks the chest and gets the 4th key. They head over to Light Merlon’s.

Zero: Got it!

Light Merlon: You know where to go from here!

Zero: Right!

Mario and Zero head down the white pipe back into the underground passageway.

Zero: Ok, so let’s think. If Boozle had a key that way, we should go the opposite way.

Mario and Zero head the opposite direction of where Boozle was. They fight Buzzy Beetles and some Dark Boos. Zero gets rid of Etern’s marks, and they get through. Mario finds the Ultra Boots. His jump is super powerful now. They find the chest.

Zero: Aha!

Mario unlocks it and they get the 5th key. The duo head back to Light Merlon’s house.

Light Merlon: Good job, heroes. Well, go on in. I wish I could change your minds.

Zero: I also wish we didn’t have to do this, but our friends are in Shadow Town.

Light Toronto: We understand.

Light Toadiekins: Please be careful.

Mario and Zero walk into Light Merlon’s house. Mario unlocks the chest. Mario got the white key!

Zero: Well, let’s go! I hope Luigi and Toad are all right! Boogly is going down!

Mario and Zero walk outside.

Zero: Here’s where we say goodbye.

Light Toronto: Say hi to my shadow for me!

Light Toadiekins: Me too!

Zero: We will.

Light Merlon: We’re not saying goodbye. You’ll see me again when me and my shadow join. We shall become the Merlon you knew. Take these.

Light Merlon gives Mario an Ultra Shroom and some Jammin’ Jelly.

Zero: Thanks!

Mario: Oh!

Mario and Zero head to the center of town. Mario unlocks the white chest and gets the Shadow Key.

Zero: Here we go. Just unlock the air. A door to Shadow Town will appear.

Mario: Ok!

Mario holds up the key. A black door shows up. Mario and Zero walk through. They are still in the center of town, only now the sky is dark. The houses are all black and gray.

Zero: Shadow Town…

They notice that there’s a black chest behind them. It’s locked.

Zero: The Light Key must be in there. I wonder how we’ll get back? The door’s gone.

Luigi: Mario?

Toad: Zero?

Zero: Luigi! Toad! You’re ok!

Luigi: Of course we are! We’re The Green Thunder and Mush Boy, after all!

Toad: Ugh! Anyway, we were just about to come get you guys! Shadow Merlon had this key in his house that unlocks this black chest. The Light Key’s in there.

Luigi: It was a really crazy adventure.

Zero: I think I know exactly what happened.

Luigi: No way! You’ve got to hear this!

Semi-Toad’s & Luigi’s Event!!!

Luigi: All right, so we wake up here and…


Toad: Where are we? Mario! Zero! Toronto!


Toad: Look at the sky. Did Boogly do this?

Shadow Toronto: Are you two ok?

Toad: Toronto? What happened? Why are your Mush spots black? Where’s everyone else? What happened to Ladow Town?

Shadow Toronto: I’m not Toronto. I’m Shadow Toronto. His shadow. This is Shadow Town.

Luigi: What?!

Shadow Merlon: Hmph! Why Luigi and Toad, you ended up here! Mario and Zero must be in Light Town.

Shadow Toadiekins: What happened?

Shadow Toronto: These two landed in Shadow Town.

Toad: How can we get to our friends?

Shadow Merlon: You need to get seven keys… blah blah blah *same Merlon speech as to Mario and Zero*

Luigi: The Green Thunder and Mush Boy are on it!

Toad and Luigi travel to the underground passageway. They go down a black pipe and fight Boozla, a giant regular Boo. They find all the other keys from Shadow Smar T, Shadow Toadiekins, Shadow Sam (since the outskirts contain the Shadow Shrine), and Shadow Merlon.

Semi-Toad’s & Luigi’s Event!!!

Luigi: So now we’re here.

Zero: The exact same thing happened to us…

Toad: Boogly is at the Shadow Shrine, which is in here!!!

Zero: Yeah, we know.

Toad: Oh!

Shadow Merlon: Well, it’s about time the heroes arrive.

Luigi and Toad: Hey!

Shadow Toronto: As much as it pains me, you have to go defeat Boogly and bring us back to our lights.

Shadow Toronto: Yeah!

Zero: Oh! Shadow Toronto, Shadow Toadiekins, your lights say hi!

Shadow Toadiekins: Hmm. That’s nice of them.

Zero: Wow, Mario. Everyone in Shadow Town is pretty kind, they’re just so somber and monotonous.

Mario nods.

Zero: Should we go?

Shadow Merlon: That would be best.

Shadow Toronto: You should probably know that the Shadow Shrine is on our outskirts. Boogly is there with the Shadow Star.

Zero: So “Green Thunder” and “Mush Boy”, how come you didn’t fight Boogly?

Luigi and Toad: !

Toad: … Ummmm... Cuz we thought finding you guys was more important…

Luigi: Oh c’mon! That’s Mario’s job! I’m not fighting the bad guys!

Mario: Oh!

Zero: Hee hee! You two are great!

Toad: Why thank you!

Luigi: SOMEONE has to be the hero… sorta...

Zero: Let’s go!

Mario: Ok!

Mario and Zero run to the outskirts of Shadow Town.

Zero: ! Mario, look!

Boogly is standing at the front of a small door on a sort of ledge. The door leads into a huge, pitch black shrine.

Zero: That’s the Shadow Shrine.

Mario and Zero run over. Mario gets in fighting position.

Boogly: You’ve finally made it, Mario. Fortunately you’ve given me just enough time to prepare for this battle. Look what surrounds the Shadow Shrine.

Zero: The Noble Stars! That’s right, when we freed them, they said they had to go to the Shadow Shrine to filter out the dark power of that Shadow Star.

Boogly: They were trying to prevent the town splitting. BUT THEY FAILED! AND NOW I’M IN CONTROL!

Zero: What do you mean?!



Boogly: HA HA HA! Don’t be foolish. Misstress can do that herself. I’m simply going to use this Star’s power for ME.

The Shadow Star rises above Boogly. Dark lights flash. Boogly grows ten times bigger. He is now floating, and has two big arms.

Zero: What are you?!

Boogly: You may call me Shadow Boogly if you please. This time I’ll destroy you, Mario!!!

Zero: We shall see!

Shadow Boogly: HA HA HA!

(CAN’T FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Shadow Boogly starts off the battle with a blast of dark magic from the Shadow Star. Mario and Zero get hurt pretty badly. Mario uses an Ultra Jump on Shadow Boogly. Zero uses the most powerful lightning attack with her wand. Shadow Boogly uses his headbutt on Zero, flattening her. She gets back up though. Mario uses Trust Fall with Bloobetta. Now he’ll be safe if he falls in battle. Zero uses a blast of Magikoopa magic. Shadow Boogly is hit. Shadow Boogly uses another blast of dark magic on Mario. Mario uses another Ultra Jump. Zero uses heal on Mario. Shadow Boogly uses another dark magic attack on Zero. Zero is in peril. Mario uses a Super Shroom on Zero. Zero uses another lightning attack. Shadow Boogly headbutts Mario. Mario uses Courage Blast with Bobby on Shadow Boogly. Zero uses another Magikoopa blast.

Shadow Boogly: Hmmm... You two are very strong, aren’t you?

Zero: Feeling weak?

Shadow Boogly: I’m just getting started. NOW, SHADOW STAR POWER!!!

Shadow Boogly charges up for a very powerful attack. Mario switches Zero out and Lucy comes into the battle. Lucy uses her elude attack on Mario. Boogly releases a very powerful attack on Mario. It misses, thanks to Lucy. Mario switches Zero back in. Zero uses another shot of lightning. Boogly headbutts Zero. Mario uses an Ultra Jump. Zero uses another shot of Magikoopa magic. Shadow Boogly can’t take much more. Shadow Boogly uses dark magic on Mario. Mario’s attack power falls. However, Mario uses another Ultra Jump. Then Zero uses one last lightning attack. Boogly is down. Mario and Zero win!

Shadow Boogly: *huff… huff…* So strong...

Shadow Boogly turns back to regular Boogly.

Boogly: Hmph! Just wait, heroes! Misstress is ready to fight! You’ve played right into her hands! Take the Shadow Star! You’re a total pawn, Mario!

Boogly leaves.

Noble Star Spirit: Great hero Mario, you have rescued nearly every Noble Star from a fate of darkness. I am the last to be saved. However, I fear our foe Misstress is plotting something terrible. Misstress will not be defeated when you free me. I know you’ll be able to defeat her with the help of the Noble Stars and the Noble Guardians. Please, Mario, you must get the light from the final Noble Guardian, the Guardian of Wisdom. Zero, give Mario the power of light within you, so I can be freed.

Zero: Ahh. I am the Noble Guardian of Wisdom. Mario, remember when I zoned out on you a few times?

Mario nods.

Zero: I was wondering if I could be as marvelous as Etern, if I was the Noble Guardian of Wisdom. I felt I was the whole time. I guess I was right.

Noble Star Spirit: Zero, being wise is not just being able to put people on the right path or being smart, it’s showing love, helpfulness, courage, friendship, pride, and trust. You know how to use all of those things. The Noble Guardian of Wisdom has all the aspects of the other Guardians. You show all of those traits, and your wisdom about them guides the hero to victory. Now send Mario your power and free me.

Zero: Of course. Mario, please take the power I can offer you.

Zero sends Mario her power. Mario frees the Noble Star Spirit. Mario can now use the special move Shower of Wisdom. MARIO SAVED A NOBLE STAR!

End of Chapter

Finally! Mario has saved all of the Noble Stars. However, the battle with Misstress is right around the corner. Has Mario been the pawn of Misstress the whole time? What is her true plan? Will Mario’s light and friendship shine through, or will the darkness of the Shadow Shrine be too much? And what about Doop?

Peach’s Event

Misstress: It’s finally time, Boogly. The heroes have fallen right into my trap!

Boogly: I’m sorry I let him get the last Star.

Misstress: Oh please, you just made things easier for me. Watch yourself though, Boogly, using the Shadow Star without permission is a bit traitorous, don’t you think? Don’t turn into Doop.

Doop enters.

Doop: Wooking for me?

Boogly: Get out.

Misstress: Now now, Boogly; what do you want, Doop? We didn’t call for you.

Doop: I heard my name. That was pwetty cwever, using the hewoes to your advantage wike that, luring them into your big Shadow Shrine twap. I’m impwessed. However, I have a wittle compwaint. I was gonna come in anyway, but you called me a twaitor, Misstwess.

Boogly: It’s true.

Misstress: Hush. Yes, is that a problem?

Doop: I just think it’s a wittle hypocwitcal, is all.

Misstress: How so?

Doop: Oh pwease, your big pwan to use the hewoes and the west of us for your own selfish needs!

Boogly: Now’s not the time to grow a conscience, Doop.

Doop: I’m not the onwy one who figured it out, Misstwess! Miwagio knows too!

Misstress: Why Doop! I’m insulted! You really think you and Miragio aren’t getting your end of the bargain. You two and Puffina, that big rock guardian, and Phantomias are all getting the power you desire from me.

Doop: You may be the worst liar I’ve ever seen, and I’d know, because I’m the best!


Doop: !  Excuse me?

Boogly: You heard her!

Doop: I did not mean to hurt your self esteem, my wittle mistwess. I know you’re after Masster.

Misstress: You quiet yourself. This is none of your concern.

Doop: Oh, but it is. I don’t know which, but you’re twying to revive him or eat his dark powers.

Misstress: That’s not-

Miragio enters the room.

Miragio: The heroes have saved all of the Stars! What do we do?

Misstress: Miragio, I want you and... Doop to go stall for me. Fight off those heroes.

Doop: Where would you wike us to go?

Misstress: Shadow or Ladow Town. Whichever is easiest.

Miragio: … Why didn’t you tell us about Ladow Town and the split?

Misstress: Are you questioning me, Miragio? HOW DARE YOU?!

Doop: Wet’s go, Miwagio! I see Misstwess is anxious for her next move.

Miragio: … Yeah, let’s.

Miragio and Doop leave.

Misstress: Hmph. It doesn’t matter if they’re suspicious at this point anyway. That little princess can’t do anything. Mario’s not going to be able to stop me either. There’s one problem, though...

Boogly: What?

Misstress: I’m afraid that if Fl- that stupid ball of light remains around, we’ll have a problem! I need you to dispose of it.

Boogly: How?

Misstress: I hope the princess wasn’t too comfy in there, because I’m taking her out of the Shadow Scepter.

Boogly: Are you sure?

Misstress: Positive. Come. We must make haste!

Outside of Misstress’ room…

Phantomias: What are you sssssaying?

Doop: Wead my wips, Misstwess is betwaying all of us.

Puffina: That’s impossible! She promised me power and beauty!

Miragio: Yeah, good luck with that. We were all pawns in Misstress’ plan. Doop said so.

Stone Guardian: SO?

Doop: Wisten, I’m not sure about Boogwy, but Misstwess is only twying to help herself.

Miragio: We’re puppets!

Phantomias: But, ssssshe would never betray me...

Doop: Weally? I’m sure that’s what Solun said too!

All: WHAT?!

In the Shadow Scepter…

Flick: It’s time, Princess Peach! The final battle!

Peach: Do you think I can takeover the Shadow Scepter?

Flick: Sure you can! Mario and me are gonna help you, ‘member?

Peach: I sure hope so!

Flick: … Thank you, Princess Peach.

Peach: What do you mean, Flick? I should thank you for teaching me so much!

Flick: Thank you for being my friend.

Peach: Don’t make it sound like goodbye, Flick.

Flick: Princess, I fear after the final battle, we won’t see each other again.

Peach: Flick, do you have to go somewhere?

Flick: Sorta...

Peach: Oh…

Flick: Listen. You need to know the most important part about taking over the scepter. First, you hope that the dreams of others will help you. Then, you’ll receive light from others. You release m- that light onto the scepter. You have to filter out all of the dark magic, overpower it by hoping for me- I mean the light you send.

Peach: All right.

Flick: You can do it. You’re stronger than the last Maiden.

Peach: That can’t be right. She was so confident and strong.

Flick: Her own light was weak. She depended on the dreams of others more than her own. It was sort of sad. She was a beautiful Maiden, though.

Peach: You know so much...

Flick: The history has passed through my ancestors to me. I have to know that story.

Peach: I see. So now what?

Flick: Well, we need to get out of this scepter. I overheard that Misstress may release us.

Peach: That’s good. All we can do now is wait.

Flick: Hold on. You need to know something.

Peach: Yes?

Flick: No matter what happens during that battle, you cannot forget your mission. I know you have good intentions, but if Mario or Toad or me or Luigi or anyone gets hurt, you can’t run over to help them. Your task comes first. Ok?

Peach: I’ll try. Flick, promise me something.

Flick: All right.

Peach: Promise me that you’ll find Mario now and help him. I’ll come later.

Flick: I can’t, Princess. I have to stay with you.

Peach: I don’t want something bad to happen before we get out of this scepter; with Mario you’ll be safe.

Flick: You NEED me to take over the scepter. It’ll be incredibly dangerous if we’re separated during the fight.

Peach: Could you at least help Mario and return then?

Flick: I promise I will.

Peach: Thank you, Flick.

Flick: The only person who deserves to be thanked is you, Princess Peach.

Flick shoots out of the scepter.

Peach: Please be careful, Mario.

Misstress: There it goes.

Boogly: That is so annoying!

Misstress: Let the little light power him up. He won’t stand a chance anyway.

Boogly: Phase 2 is perfectly intact. The heroes will fall!

Misstress: Good. There’s only one thing that bothers me, though.

Boogly: What’s that?

Misstress: Everything Doop said was true.

End of Peach’s Event.

Bowser’s Event

Kamek: Not one Shadow Star!

Kammy: I heard Mario found them all!

Bowser: WHAT?!

Kammy: I’m sorry, my Liege!

Kamek: Yay! I just got a brilliant idea! Let’s find the people who kidnapped Peach and kidnap her from them instead!

Bowser: I just got an awesome idea! Let’s find those goons who took Peach, and steal her!!! GWA HA HA HA!!!

Kammy: Great idea!

Kamek: OH COME ON!

Kammy smacks Kamek! (5 stars for running gag). Then Miragio and Doop run into Bowser

Miragio: Hey, watch it!

Kamek: Who are you?


Miragio: Wouldn’t you like to know!

Kammy: Spit it out!

Doop: Tee hee! Wemember, Magios?

Kamek: How could I forget? Miss Zero was there... *sigh* <3…

Kammy: Oh shut up!

Doop: That wady with the scepter is the one who has your captive!

Miragio: Doop, what are you-

Doop: She wives in a pwace known as the Shadow Wands.

Miragio: Ahem. Shadow Lands.


Bowser: How do we get there?!

Doop transforms into Boogly.

Kamek: O_O

Doop: Fowwow me!

Miragio: Doop!

Doop: We’ll get Mawio waiter. This will be fun! You know I wuv to pway!

Miragio: What are you planning?

Doop: Wisten, Misstwess is pwanning on taking Peachy out of the scepter soon anyway; we’ll get her to do it now! One of you guys take Boogwy away so I can sneak in. Then I’ll bwing Peachy to you.

Bowser: Sounds good!

Kamek: But how can we trust you?

Doop: I wuv messing with Misstwess!

Miragio: It’s true.

Doop: Twust me!

Doop, Miragio, Bowser, Kammy, and Kamek travel to the Shadow Lands, where Misstress’ lair is.

Miragio: This is the place...

Doop: Ok, you!

Kamek: Yes?

Doop: Wet’s go!

Kamek: What about everyone else?

Doop: Ummmm… Just pway like 20 questions or somting!


Kamek: Ugh!

Bowser: Ok, you freak with the sheet, you’d better hurry up! I’m not a patient dude!

Doop: Got it!

Doop and Kamek go inside the lair.

Kamek: Now what?

Doop: Shhhhhhhhhhh...

Kamek: Fine.



Miragio: It’s been, like, two minutes. They need some time.

Bowser: Kamek is a total failure. I should’ve gone in there!

Bowser starts stomping.


Back inside…

Doop: Ok, this is Misstwess’ woom. Go on.

Kamek: WHAT?!

Doop: Get Boogwy.

Kamek: Uhh... Ok.

Inside Misstress’ room...

Boogly: So when do we want to take her out of the scepter?

Misstress: Soon, soon... I want that light disposed of first. Get going! I already told you to dispose of it, so go! I want you to go to Ladow Town and get him now!

Boogly: I’ll try... I can’t fight Mario now, though... I’m still weakened...

Misstress: *sigh* That’s what you get for using the Shadow Star... Go.

Boogly: Yes ma’am.

Boogly exits the room.

Doop: Hide!

Doop and Kamek hide behind a statue. Boogly passes them, mumbling to himself.

Doop: That was easy! K, you can go. I can handle it fwom here.

Kamek: All right then...

Kamek leaves.

Bowser: So where’s the princess?

Kamek: Doop’s getting her now.

Bowser: You’re so useless!!! WHAT DID YOU EVEN DO IN THERE?!

Kamek: … Nothing…


Misstress: What, Boogly?!

Doop (still disguised): Ummm... We should let her out now.

Misstress: Why?

Doop: So it can’t come back to her......

Misstress: Who? What are you planning?

Doop: Get her out, and then she can’t takeover the scepter without him. He can’t come back to her! Then they’ll be apart!

Misstress: You mean the princess and the light?

Doop: Yes!

Misstress:Great idea! I can’t believe I didn’t think of that! Now’s the perfect time! All right Princess Peach, GET OUT!!!!

Misstress shoots Peach out of the scepter.


Misstress: TAKE HER AWAY!!!


Misstress: TAKE HER AWAY!!! Bring her to the dungeon! I don’t want her out of here completely!


Misstress: Ideas come and go, Princess. Sorry, I hope you weren’t too comfy in there! Take her away!

Doop: You got it!!!

Doop (still as Boogly) takes Peach out of the room.

Peach: LET ME GO!!!

Doop changes back.

Doop: Boy, is she dumb or what?

Peach: You’re that Duplighost!

Doop: Weally? I hadn’t noticed! C’mon, I’m “wescuing” you!

Doop runs out with Peach

Peach: Thanks Do… BOWSER?!


Doop: you’re welcome!

Bowser: GWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

Kamek: Woo!

Kammy: RIGHT ON!!!

Bowser: C’mon, let’s get out of here!!!

Bowser picks Peach up.


Kammy: Shut it! Lord Bowser caught you.

Kamek: So, HA!

Bowser jumps in his Clown Copter.

Bowser: LATER, CHUMPS!!!

Bowser, Kammy, and Kamek fly off.

Miragio and Doop: HEY!!!

Kamek: Yay! We got Peach.

Bowser: PBBT! You mean I got Peach!!!

Kamek: Argh...

Kammy: What now, Lord Bowser?

Bowser: TO MY CASTLE!!!

Peach: Oh Flick… I’m so sorry.

End of Bowser’s Event.


Toad: All right, now what?

Shadow Merlon: We must fuse the two towns. Luigi, if you please, the Light Key.

Luigi: Here you go.

Shadow Merlon: Take it, Mario.

Shadow gives Mario the Light Key.

Mario: Yahoo!

Luigi: Hey!

Shadow Toronto: You do the same thing you did in Light Town. Unlock the door and you’ll go back there, then have the two Merlons fuse. Merlon will take care of the rest.

Zero: Easy enough.

Shadow Toadiekins: I’m nervous.

Toad: Hey, don’t worry! We’re heroes, right?

Luigi: Sort of...

Mario and Co. run to the center of town.

Mario: Here we go!

Mario opens the door to Light Town. He and Zero run through.

Light Merlon: Mario! Zero! You two look well! I’m so glad!

Light Toronto: We were deeply worried!

Light Toadiekins: We knew you would be ok, but I couldn’t stop worrying!

Zero: Thanks! Light Merlon, we need you to fuse with your shadow...

Light Merlon: Indeed. All right children, come along.

The three enter Shadow Town.

Shadow Merlon: Hello.

Light Merlon: Why, it’s a pleasure to see you! Alrighty, time to become Merlon!

Shadow Merlon: I hope you two understand the consequences.

Light Merlon: Ahh... They know, they know! Come along now!

Light and Shadow Merlon fuse into one another, leaving just Merlon.

Merlon: I’m me again!

Luigi: Seeing two Merlons, how creepy!

Merlon: What an odd experience... All right, I’ll handle things from here. Zero, please assist me. You are the Guardian of Wisdom...

Zero: Oh, sure! What should I do?

Merlon: Etern was the one who cursed the town…

Zero: Right, right! Ok, uhh… I GOT IT! Mario, give me the keys!

Mario gives Zero the Light and Shadow keys. Zero gives them to Merlon.

Zero: Fuse these.

Merlon does so.

Luigi: Now?

Mario takes the key. He ponders what to do with this gray key. Mario then goes in between the door from Shadow and Light Town, and unlocks the opening. A new door appears. Mario, Toad, Zero, Luigi, and Merlon walk through it. The door closes and disappears. They are all back in Ladow Town.

Toadiekins: That was crazy!!!

Toronto: Completely amazing!

Merlon: Quite!

Toad: Insane!

Luigi: Cool!

Zero: Mysterious!

Flick: MARIO!!!

Flick flies in

Flick: Hi Mario!

Merlon: Flick, what a pleasant surprise!

Flick: I try!

Toronto: You’ll never believe what happened!

Flick: Ladow Town split into two. I know the whole story, ‘member?

Toadiekins: Right!

Flick: This has to be quick!

Mario flies around Mario and Zero. They level up!

Flick: All right, got to go… That’s weird…

Luigi: What is it?


Mario: Oh no!!!

Zero: WHAT?!

Flick: STUPID KUMQUATS! I hate Misstress!!!

Toad: Flick, calm down!

Flick: This is bad!

Toronto: You don’t seem to be fading...

Flick: The princess still believes in me, but I don’t know where she is!

Merlon: Come, to the outskirts!

The eight of them travel to the outskirts, where the Shadow Shrine is.

Zero: Oh no...

Mario: Mamamia!

Merlon: It’s all right, look.

The Noble Stars are surrounding it.

Merlon: Great Noble Stars, where is the Maiden of Hopes and Dreams?

Merlon: Great Noble Stars, where is the Maiden of Hopes and Dreams?


Everyone: Misstress!

Misstress: I should’ve known Doop was behind this!!! I go to the dungeon, no princess, no Boogly! Out of my way!

Flick: C’mon!!! Let’s stop her!

Boogly runs over.

Boogly: Misstress! I had no idea you were coming here! I was just about to get here, to destroy that light! Why are you here?

Misstress: Doop messed things up! Now it’s really time to unleash phase two! Thank you for making my job a whole lot easier! They’re gathered in one place! Excellent!

Misstress takes out the Shadow Scepter.

Toronto: NO! SHE’S-

Misstress blasts dark magic across the Noble Stars, and they all turn back into Shadow Stars.

Luigi: NO!

Misstress: NOW, BOOGLY!!!


The Shadow Shrine begins to open.

Zero: NO! The world will flood into eternal darkness!!!

Misstress: The process will take some time! BUT SOON THIS WORLD WILL BE MINE!!! You see, heroes, I needed the Shrine here in Ladow Town. I couldn’t do that without the Noble Stars in panic. Now the shrine’s here, and I can use the Shadow Stars’ power again!

Misstress and Boogly leave with all seven Shadow Stars.



Flick: AHH!

The scene blackens. Flick appears, with Peach across from him.

Peach: Flick...

Flick: PEACH!!!

Peach: … Bowser’s… Castle… Help… Mario... I… hope… please… Flick… Thank you!

Flick: I HEAR YOU!!!

Things go back to normal


Everyone looks at him.

Flick: Peach is in Bowser’s Castle!

Zero: All right! C’mon, Mario! The shrine’s opening, we have no time to waste!!!

Goomaya: Hold on! Mario, I’m gonna help ya save Princess Peach!

Mario: Ok!

Zero: All right, Goomaya!

Zero goes back to the “partner place”.

Toad: HURRY!

Goomaya: Y’all got that right! Let’s go, Mario! It’s time to save the world!

Mario and Goomaya head out to Bowser’s castle.

Read on!

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