Paper Mario: The Shadow Shrine

By JJ Bandit

Prologue: A NOBLE cry for Help

One day Mario and Luigi are inside their house, drinking some coffee, when Parakarry comes and delivers a letter.

Parakarry: Mail Call!

Luigi: Iíll get the mail!

Mario nods.

Luigi: Hey Mario! Check this out! Weíre invited to Toadís birthday party today. Itís a surprise party at Peachís castle! Letís go!

Mario: Okey dokey!

Mario and Luigi head to Peachís castle.

Peach: Hi Mario, hi Luigi! Iím glad you could come. Toad has no idea about the party, so we have to make this really good.

Mario: Okay.

A Toad guard turns off the lights. Everyone hides. Toad comes into the room.

Toad: Hello?

The lights turn on.


???: Surprise indeed.

Everyone looks around, confused.

Luigi: Who is that?!

Two figures come into the room through the window. One is holding a scepter. The leader of the two has a scepter with a black rod with a triangular gem. *

???: Sorry to rain on your little party, but I canít have you idiots ruin my plan, especially you, little princess.

The figure traps Peach in her scepter.

???: HA HA HA!

Luigi: Peach!

Mario tries to save Peach, but the figure blasts him with her scepter, and heís transported away.

???: BOOGLY! Make sure none of these people escape! We canít have interference!

Boogly: Yes, Mistress.

Boogly engulfs Peachís castle with a force field so no one can escape. Toad and Luigi escape through the shattered window just before the force field engulfs it. Boogly and the figure warp away with Peach still in the scepter.

Later, Mario wakes up and finds himself on a farm.

Goomaya: Hey Ma! He woke up! Look, look!

Goomy: Oh, youíre right, Goomaya. Oh! Excuse me, are you all right?

Mario nods.

Goomaya: Boy, was that weird, but exciting! You just came out of nowhere, lookiní all dead and stuff. Hey Ma, tell Pa that he doesnít have to get that pail of water we were going to splash on him!

Goomy remembers and goes to tell Goomer.

Goomaya: Whatís your name? Iím Goomaya. Itís a real pleasure to have you on our farm!

Mario tells Goomaya his name.

Goomaya: Mario, huh? Where are you from?

Mario explains to Goomaya everything that happened.

Goomaya: OH, WOW!!! THATíS SO NEAT! Nothing ever happens here, so Iím always finding out a lot of information about the world. I want to see it... BADLY. But Ma and Pa would never let me go. Besides, Iíve got too much work to do here. Oh! I hope Princess Peach is all right. I wish I could help you find her...

Goomer, Goomayaís father, comes over.

Goomer: Iím glad youíre okay. Marioís your name? Well Iím Goomer. Please tell me, Goomy, or Goomaya if we can assist you any way possible.

Goomy: I think it would be a good idea to go into the town not far from here and talk to Merlon. He can definitely help you.

Goomaya: I wish I could go to town... HEY WAIT!

Everyone jumps.

Goomaya: Mario, I could go with ya! If itís ok... Oh, Ma, Pa, please let me go! PLEASE!!!!

Goomy: Well... I donít know. Itís big out there, Goomaya, and-

Goomaya: Ma, Iím big now! Pa?

Goomer: Goomaya... I... I think maybe youíre still too young.

Goomaya: Thatís not fair, Pa! Iíve never been off this farm once! Now Iím a big girl, and I still canít go?!

Goomy: Oh... all right.

Goomer looks at Goomy.

Goomaya: You mean it? Hooray!

Goomer: Goomy, arenít you-

Goomy: Iím worried as ever, but Goomaya deserves to see the world.

Goomer: Youíre right. Mario, please take care of Goomaya. The town is just to the north of here. Take care.

Goomaya: Bye Ma! Bye Pa! I love you!

Goomer and Goomy: We love you too. Be careful.

Mario and Goomaya set off to the town, encountering Goombas, Paratroopas, and Koopas. All of a sudden Boogly shows up.

Boogly: Donít bother with your beloved princess, Mario. Youíll never get her back, the Shadow Stars wonít let you pass.
Goomaya: No way! Mario, letís show this loser who the bosses are! Yeah, címon! Yíall donít know who youíre messiní with!

(CANíT FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Mario and Goomaya fight Boogly. Mario uses his jumps and hammer. Goomaya uses her headbonk attack. Boogly uses an attack. Mario uses his hammer once more, and Boogly is defeated. Mario and Goomaya win.

Boogly: You have bested me... for now!!! I must tell my mistress!

Boogly leaves.

Goomaya: What did he say? Shadow Stars? Mario, we have to see Merlon... NOW!

Mario and Goomaya arrive in Ladow Town.

Goomaya: So this is the world.

Goomaya looks around in awe, while Mario spots a figure outside an odd building, looking worried. Mario goes over.

Merlon: Hello there, traveler, Iím Merlon. Welcome to Ladow Town.

Goomaya: Hi Merlon, Iím Goomaya. Do you know somethiní about the Shadow Stars?

Merlon: Iím glad someone else has noticed. In this world there are seven stars called the Noble Stars. They supply all of our light. If the Noble Stars are touched by something called the Shadow Scepter, they will turn into Shadow Stars. If all seven Noble Stars are turned into Shadow Stars the Shadow Shrine will open. The Shadow Shrine is located somewhere in Ladow Town, yet no one can find it. It is filled with a dark evil. Not only will the world plummet into darkness, whoever opens the Shadow Shrine gets unlimited power. Someone has started to attempt this. Already one Star is a Shadow Star. They have been scattered through the world. There are seven people and one hero who can stop this. They are called the seven noble guardians, and the hero receives their power turning the Noble Stars back to the way they were.

Mario tells Merlon about the figure, Boogly, and what theyíve done to Peach.

Merlon: Apparently, they have the Shadow Scepter. The Shadow Scepter is like a key to the Shadow Shrine.  The reason why theyíve taken that maiden is because the dark legend of the Shadow Stars explains, ďif you capture a maiden whose heart is filled with dreams and light, the Shadow Scepter will reach its highest power over time.Ē Iím afraid thatís what theyíre doing.

Goomaya: What do we do, Mario?

Mario: Hmmm...

Mario explains.

Merlon: Youíre going to save the princess and free the Noble Stars? Thatís great! Where will you look?

Mario tells them about Bowser.

Goomaya: You think those guys are workiní for this Bowser fella? Well, weíll check his place out!

Merlon: I wish you luck.

Mario and Goomaya stock up on supplies and head for Bowserís castle. They face many Koopas on the way and finally arrive at the castle. Before they sneak through the door, a Bandit pops out of the bushes.

Goomaya: Who are you?

Shurry: Iím Shurry, the ninja. Iím also a bandit and a fighter.

Mario gets ready to fight.

Shurry: Woah, hold on, mustachioed man, Iím not gonna fight ya, unless youíre looking for a fight. I just need a favor. Listen, I dropped something in that castle thatís real important to me. If you find it and give it to me, Iíll give you a reward. What do you say?

Mario nods.

Shurry: Great. Iíll be waiting here.

Mario and Goomaya enter the castle.

Chapter 1: A rematch with an old foe

Goomaya: Woah, what a weird place. Mario, are you sure this is where this Bowser fella lives?

Mario: Mmhmm.

Goomaya: Well letís keep going then.

Mario and Goomaya enter the first door in Bowerís castle. Meanwhile...

Bowser: Ok, so I think this is the perfect plan for stealing Peach. What do you guys think? Itís totally awesome, right?

Various Koopas, Magikoopas, Hammer Bros, and Goombas: Yeah, I guess, sure, whatever, etc.

Kamek: Do you really think this will work? Come on, all our other plans were crushed by Mario. What makes this plan so- mmph!

Kammy shoves Kamekís wand into his mouth.

Kammy: Lord Bowser, this plan will work perfectly. Iím sure it cannot fail.

Kamek: Yeah sure, listen to the old hag...

Kammy shoves Kamek into a wall.

Kamek: ACK!

Bowser: Awesome. Letís get to it!

Later... Mario and Goomaya are traveling very sneakily through Bowserís castle when suddenly they get caught by three Koopatrols.

Koopatrol # 1: Uh oh! Itís Mario, what should we do, Koopo?

Koopo: Leave it to me, boys. Go deliver the message to Lord Bowser that his old buddy Mario is back.

Koopatrol # 2: Yes, Boss!

The two Koopatrols leave. Mario gets ready for a big fight with Koopo.

Koopo: Hold it. Iím not gonna hurt you, Mario, or fight you.

*Mario and Goomaya look at each other, confused.

Koopo: Keep your voices down. Listen, Iím not on Bowserís side. You could just call me a traitor or Koopo, whichever you prefer. Anyway, Iím part of a rebellious group called B.U.B., or ďbeat up baddiesĒ. Iím undercover, trying to take down Bowser. How about I join you guys? I could be a big help to whatever youíre doing.

Goomaya: What do you think, Mario?

Mario: Hmm... Okay!

Koopo: Great! Letís go!

Koopo joins Marioís party! Goomaya goes to where the other partners go when theyíre not being used.

Koopo: Oh yeah, we need a key to the next room. I kind of dropped it up there, kind of stupid really.

Koopo points to a ledge that Mario cannot jump up to, next to a ledge that he can get up on. Mario and Koopo get up to the ledge across from the key.

Koopo: Let me handle this little predicament.

Koopo uses his shell power to pick up the key. Mario gets the B. Castle key. Mario and Koopo continue on.

Koopo: So Mario, why exactly are you here?

Mario explains.

Koopo: Shadow Stars, huh? Sounds intriguing, Bowser has one?

Mario tells Koopo what he thinks.

Koopo: So this Boogly and figure might be working for him, and you want to find the fair Princess Peach. I see, I see. A logical conclusion... Letís keep moving.

Mario: Okey dokey!

Mario and Koopo keep traveling through Bowserís castle, finding things. They find Shurryís ninja star in the room before Bowserís. They then enter his planning room.

Koopatrol # 1: ACK! There he is, Lord Bowser!

Bowser: Argh! Why are you here?! Koopo, get him!

Koopo: I donít think so. Weíve come to rescue Princess Peach!


Mario and Koopo look at each other.

Koopo: Um... Call me what you will, Bowser; I was never one of you.

Bowser: I donít care about you! Who has Peach?!


Kammy smacked Kamek.

Kammy: We must attack Mario now!

Bowser: Right, princess or no princess, Iíll wail on you any day.

Koopo: Letís go, Mario!

(CANíT FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Mario and Bowser get into a fight. Koopo uses his strong, spiky shell attacks, and Mario uses his hammer and jumps on Bowser. Bowser attacks by breathing fire. Koopo uses a sharp spin attack. Bowser jumps on Koopo. As always, Mario uses his hammer and delivers the final blow on Bowser. Mario and Koopo finally win.

Bowser: Argh, okay, okay, I surrender for now.

Koopo: Now give us the Shadow Star.

Bowser: What are you even talking about? A what now?

Mario explains.

Bowser: These bozos kidnapped Peach, and now youíre looking for some star things? Kidnapping Peach is my job! Kamek, Kammy, letís go. I have to make it clear that Iím the only one who can kidnap Peach!

Mario: Oh no!

Kamek: Oh yes!

Bowser: Iím out!

Bowser leaves in his Clown Copter followed by Kammy and Kamek on their brooms.

Koopo: Wait Mario, look!

Koopo points to a dark star in the corner of the room.

Noble Star Spirit: Mario, Hero of the Noble Stars. The first Noble Guardian needs to lend you her power. Goomaya, lend the hero your power.

Goomaya: Me?! But why? And who are ya?

Noble Star Spirit: I am the spirit of this Noble Star. Goomaya, you are a Noble Guardian because of the courage you had to leave your home, and because of the love you took with you and never left behind. You have been named the Guardian of Love.  Now itís time for me to go to the Shadow Shrine to stop the evil one who has taken the fair maiden of light and dreams. Please Mario, release me from this Shadow Star. Goomaya, you must give Mario your power.

Goomaya does so, and Mario frees the Noble Star Spirit. Mario can now use a special move called Love Smash. MARIO SAVED A NOBLE STAR!


Mario and Co. have freed the first Noble Star. There are six other stars in distress, and who is Booglyís ďmistressĒ? Well, with Marioís new friends, Koopo and Goomaya, thereís bound to be adventure ahead.

Peachís Event

???: BOOGLY, YOU IDIOT! How did you drop the Shadow Star right where those intruders could interfere with my plan?

Boogly: Iím awfully sorry, Mistress, it wonít happen again.

???: Oh, it better not, or youíll be sorry.

Boogly: Yes, Mistress.

???: It seems the so-called hero has been found. Great, he already found a Noble Guardian and is totally interfering. This is not good. I must find a way to fix this interference.

Peach: Oh, this is just awful. Iím trapped in this scepter, and Mario could be hurt! What am I to do? I wish there was someway I could help!

Peach slumps back and a beam comes shooting out of the scepter, startling Boogly and his mistress.

???: AAAAAAGGGHHH! Hold still, stupid princess! I canít have you interfere! Stop trying to control my shadow scepter! Youíll just reverse the-


???: Oh! Never mind. Just quit moving.

Peach: Sheís certainly odd. And sheís hiding something about this scepter... AHA! Iíll try to send Mario some of my power to help him!

Peach shakes forward and another beam comes out of the scepter.


The beam shoots off to find Mario and Co.

???: You ignorant pest! Boogly, Iíll keep her under control. Go stop this ďMarioĒ. Iíll send an old friend to help you.

Boogly: Miragio?

???: SHUSH!

*End of Peachís event.*

Toad's & Luigiís Event

*Close up on Toad and Luigiís faces*

Toad: Ok, worst surprise party ever.

Luigi: Hey, stop complaining! At least we made it out of there in one piece!

Toad: Oh yeah? Then where are your pants?

Luigi looks down to realize his pants are around his ankle; embarrassed, he pulls them up.

Toad: So where are we?

Luigi: Donít ask me!

Toad: No need to be snippy!

Luigi: Look, it says on this sign, ď0 miles to Ladow TownĒ.

Toad: I guess weíd better get going.

*End of Toad & Luigiís event.*

Bowserís Event

Bowserís theme is playing while he, Kammy, and Kamek are walking.

Bowser: So, where do you think these bozos are hiding out?

Kammy: Iím not sure, Your Repulsiveness, but Iím sure if we follow Mario and those losers following him, weíll find them.

Kamek: Are you kidding?! Ok Kammy, letís follow our enemies who beat us up whenever they see us!

Kammy smacks Kamek... AGAIN!

Kamek: ACK!

Bowser: Good, letís go.

Bowser goes down a road, pummeling Goombas, Koopas, and basically everything thatís in his way.

Bowser: THAT was tiring. Letís take a break.

Kammy and Kamek: Yes Bowser!

*End of Bowserís Event.*


Mario and Koopo walk out of Bowserís Castle. Shurry pops out of the bushes.

Shurry: Well if it isnít mustache and friends. Did you find it? You know what it is, donít you?

Mario gives him the ninja star.

Shurry: Hey, great job! Hey, listen Mario, I know how I said Iíd give you a reward, and, well, I was bluffing a bit. So hereís the deal, Iíll join you! You could use my fighting skills. What do you say?

Shurry joins Marioís party! Koopo goes to the same place that Goomaya is in.

Shurry: All right, well, letís get going. Weíre wasting daylight.

Mario nods, and they continue on. Mario and Shurry go back from whence they came and arrive in Ladow Town.

Merlon: Ahh, Mario, you have saved a Noble Star. Well done. This arrived for you.

Merlon holds the beam that Peach sent out to help Mario. He gives it to Mario and Shurry, and they level up!

Mario: OH!

Merlon: It seems like a friend of yours wants to help on this mission.

Shurry: Hey Merlon, do you have any idea where we could find the next Noble Star?

Merlon: The next Noble Star Spirit sent me a distress signal from the Mirage Temple. Itís already a Shadow Star, Iím afraid. You can get to the Mirage Temple easily if you cut through the town of Bobville. Just be careful, it is a town of Bob-ombs.

Mario: Oh no!

Shurry: We can handle it!

Mario: Okay.

Merlon: You should get going.

Mario and Shurry start to go through Ladow Town, looking for the way to Bobville. They canít find any path leading to it.

Merlon: Oh, Mario, I forgot to tell you, you can only get to Bobville through the underground passageway. The pipeís right over there. Go on, off with you now.

Mario and Shurry go down the pipe. They find themselves in the underground passageway. They start to walk through when Boogly arrives in front of them.

Boogly: Aha! There you are. You need to stop interfering with my mistressí plans. And Iím going to make you stop!

(CANíT FLEE THIS FIGHT!) Boogly gets into a fight with Mario. Mario takes some damage from Booglyís attacks. Shurry uses his ninja star move, which hits Boogly. Boogly uses his attack on Shurry, but he defends himself. Mario uses his hammer and delivers the final blow.

Boogly: You are strong. This is not good. Miragioíd better be able to finish you off. I better go tell my mistress.

Boogly leaves.

Shurry: Hold up! Aww man, he got away, Mario. Well it looks like weíre at the end of the passageway.

Mario and Shurry leave the underground passageway to find themselves on a bright and sunny road. They then see a sign that says Bobville. They go in to the town.

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