The Koopa Bros' Revenge

By BlueKoopaBro

The fight begins.  An announcer from Super Smash Bros. yells, "TEAM MARIO VS. BOWSER!"

Luigi:  Where in the Mushroom Kingdom did that come from?

SSB Announcer:  "3, 2, 1, GO!"

Bowser jumps up in the air and uses the Bowser Bomb.  Mario uses his shield to block while Luigi rolls out of the way.  Mario grabs Bowser by his tail and tosses him at Luigi, and Luigi uses the Luigi Cyclone to throw him up in the air.  Once Luigi jumps to attack again, Bowser counters and grabs him.  He bites him twice and throws him at Mario, who is in the way at the time.  Mario throws his fireball while Bowser blows his fire.  Both get burnt but are not ready to give up.  Mario pulls a Super Mushroom out of his pocket and throws a giant fist right in Bowser's face.  Luigi happens to find a Bob-omb right in front of him (Who knows where it came from?).  He throws it at Bowser, but Bowser ducks, so it hits Mario instead and gets rid of his giant form.

Mario:  OW!  Luigi, watch where you're aiming.

Bowser now grabs Mario and crushes him into Paper Mario.  Luigi sees what happened and charges up for the Green Missile.  It turns out he gets the explosive Super Missile that rarely happens.  He hits Bowser dead center on his shell and knocks him out of his castle through another wall on the 8th floor.  Bowser can be seen with X's in his eyes.  Luigi gives Mario a 1-Up Mushroom, and it inflates him back to 3D.  They jump right next to Bowser, who is barely conscious.

Mario:  It's over, Koopa.  Now tell me; where is the princess?

Bowser: .. I... oof... tried to tell you The Koopa Bros... have her... not me... I was gonna meet them... in a few hours before-

Mario's phone rings.  He picks it up, looking puzzled; the Caller ID reads Unknown.

?????:  Yo, is this Mario?

Mario:  It's-a me.

?????:  Good to hear.  This is Red.

Mario:  Red who?

Red Ninjakoopa:  Red Koopa Bro.  Don't tell me you forgot about us.

Mario takes a flashback to when he first met the Koopa Bros.  He remembers the Mecha Bowser, their special attack, and the quick glimpse of their Peach poster.

Mario:  Oh yeah, I remember... Whadda ya want?

Red Ninjakoopa:  You probably guessed it already.  King B doesn't have the princess.  We do, and she gonna stay with us unless you get over here.

Mario:  All right then, we're coming over then.

Red Ninjakoopa:  Meet us in three hours on top of our fortress.  It's about time the Koopa Bros. show you what we're truly made of.

Mario:  Fine.

Red Ninjakoopa:  Fine.

Both of them hang up their phone.  Luigi looks puzzled now.

Luigi:  Who was that, Bro?

Mario:  Some old enemies of mine.  They're holding Peach for themselves.

Luigi:  Who are they?

Mario:  The Koopa Bros.

Bowser:  WHAT?!

Bowser gets up in a spilt second, though he can barely stand.

Bowser: How dare those stupid Koopas go against me?!  Youd better take me with you.  Ive got a bone to pick with them.

Mario:  Let's-a go!


The Mario Bros. and Bowser have made it into The Koopa Bros. Fortress.  Luigi has another confused look on his face.

Luigi:  Hey, how come none of us went to the Inn first before we came here?

Mario: Um... We wanted to catch them off guard?

Bowser:  Well, no turning back now.

Bowser smashes the door down.  The Koopa Bros. can hear the bang all the way form their lounge.

Black Ninjakoopa:  OH NO!  They're here already!

Yellow Ninjakoopa:  Aw man; I just ordered pizza twenty minutes ago.

Red Ninjakoopa:  No time for food, Bros.  Let's head to the roof.  You guys know what the plan is?

Green Ninjakoopa:  Yeah.  We ambush them right when they come up, we rumble a few minutes, and then we use our new attack.

Red Ninjakoopa:  Exactly.  And when they're locked away, both kingdoms will start worshippin' us.

The Koopa Bros. jump right up to the rooftop somehow. Meanwhile, Mario is yelling at Bowser.

Mario:  Bowser!  I told you we were going to sneak up by surprise!

Bowser:  So what?  That plan stinks.

Luigi:  Well, like he said, no turning back now.

What Bowser doesn't realize is that it is a long way to the roof.  Once the three have made it halfway, Bowser is tired.

Bowser:  Huff... Hoo... Can we stop now?

Mario:  No!  They have the princess.  Besides, you need to work out.

Bowser:  Look who's talking.

They finally make it up to the top.  They see no Koopas except for Bowser.  Then, four shells ram them right in their backs.  Mario and Luigi fly to the other side while Bowser turns around.  The second shell hits Bowser right in the gut, and he falls on the Mario Bros.  The Koopa Bros. pop out, ready to fight.

Red Ninjakoopa:  Well well well, if it isn't Mario and Bowser.  Wait, who's the green guy?

Luigi:  I'm-a Luigi!

He and Mario squeeze out from under Bowser.

Green Ninjakoopa:  Who's Luigi?

Yellow Ninjakoopa:  Dude, he's Mario brother.

Black Ninjakoopa:  He has a brother?

Luigi:  *sweatdrop* Why doesn't anyone know about me?

Red Ninjakoopa:  Doesn't matter.  You three fell right into our trap.  And you guys are still black and blue from fighting each other.

Mario:  Like it's gonna make a difference.  I kicked your shells once, I can do it again.

Bowser:  You wimps are gonna pay for betraying me.  You'd better be looking forward to life in the dungeon.

Red Ninjakoopa:  Dudes, that was before.  We've been training ever since.  We've gotten at least ten times stronger than last time.

Green Ninjakoopa:  Yeah.  You really think you can beat us now?

Mario:  I don't think so.  I know so.

Red Ninjakoopa:  Fine then.  Let's do this.

The second battle begins.  Red Ninjakoopa jumps up and kicks Mario but he blocks it.  Black Ninjakoopa is trying to slam Luigi with his shell, but Luigi keeps running away.  As for Bowser, he is dealing with both Green and Yellow.  Red throws himself at Mario, but Mario punches his shell to send him flying backwards.  Red instead hits Yellow while Bowser is punching and pounding Green.  Black hits Luigi's leg and trips him.  Red stops flying and sees Luigi.  Both he and Black charge up, and then they do a double hit on Luigi, front and back.  Green tries throwing Bowser by his tail, but due to his great weight, Green can't lift him an inch.  Bowser tosses Green at Red right before he is about to hit Mario's face.  Mario then grabs an Ice Flower out of his hat and freezes Yellow.  He throws the frozen Ninjakoopa at Red while he is punching Luigi with Black holding him.  Luigi breaks free from Black and hits him with a karate chop and a kick that sends him right into the other Bros.  The Koopa Bros. get back together, then surround the three and make a quadruple attack. The Mario Bros. jump out in time, but Bowser gets hit so hard that he falls, cracking his shell and even the roof itself.

Red Ninjakoopa:  One down, two to go.

Mario:  Woah!  These guys got stronger.

Luigi:  At least they're not tough enough to beat us.

Red Ninjakoopa:  That's what you think.  Bros, let's see if they can handle our old technique again.

The Koopa Bros. jump up on each other and spin their shells simultaneously.  Since Mario and Bowser already saw this attack, they dodge it easily.  Luigi, however, is not so lucky.  He trips on his shoelace before jumping and gets knocked right on his face.  The shockwave blows him right next to Bowser with his face flat on the floor.

Red Ninjakoopa:  Nice try, green dude, but we got faster too.

Mario:  AAAaaahhh!  Not Luigi.  You pesky Koopas are gonna pay.

Mario pulls a Feather out of his glove.  A yellow cape pops up behind him.  Green tosses himself at Mario, but he uses his cape to reverse the attack and hit Black.  Red and Yellow try a dual attack, but Mario flies up and they hit each other.  He then falls straight down between them and punches them on the chin.  Both of them are spinning above him now.  He grabs them by their shells and throws them at the other two, hard enough to crack their shells.

Red Ninjakoopa:  Dude, you're gonna wish you didn't do that.  Ready, Bros?  Time to show him our NEW super special technique.

The Koopa Bros. jump and surround Mario.  They spin and move their shells in a circle.  They move so fast that they create a tornado right above him.  He gets carried into the air, and all four Koopas start attacking him airborne at super speed.  Their shells are flying so fast that it is impossible to block them.  Mario keeps getting hit repeatedly without any chance to recover.  Once he cant handle it anymore, he is down for the count too.  The Koopa Bros. end their special move and jump down.

Black Ninjakoopa:  Wooooooooowwwww!  I can't believe we actually did it!

Red Ninjakoopa:  See, Bros?  I told ya that seven-month training montage would pay off.

Yellow Ninjakoopa:  No you didn't.  I did.

He looks down, seeing that he only has his boxers on.

Yellow Ninjakoopa:   .. Dude, my shell broke.

Red Ninjakoopa:  Aw whatever.  We can get another one.  Anyway, now the Mushroom Kingdom is ours for the taking.

Green Ninjakoopa:  Not to mention Bowser's kingdom also.

The Koopa Bros. grab all three heroes and put them in the dungeon with Peach.

Peach:  Mario!  Luigi!  Bowser?

Red Ninjakoopa:  Yo Princess, enjoy their company while it lasts.  You all are staying down here forever.

The Koopa Bros. head upstairs and find the pizza man, asleep.

Green Ninjakoopa:  Hey dude, we're here to take our pizza.

Pizza Shy Guy:  It's about time.  It's been two hours now.

Yellow gives him the coins that he stole from Mario and Luigi when they were unconscious.  While they heat up their pizza, they celebrate their victory.

Red Ninjakoopa:  All in a day's work, Bros.  Tomorrow we tell everyone the news about Mario and Bowser's defeat-

Black Ninjakoopa:  And then we become legends.

Red Ninjakoopa:  Yeah.  Here comes the Koopa Kings.

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