The Koopa Bros' Revenge

By BlueKoopaBro

It is the day after the Mario Bros. and Bowser lost the fight with the Koopa Bros.  Kammy Koopa is worried that the three heroes might be losing.  She wonders if the Koopa Bros. actually have become stronger than before.

Kammy:  (talking to herself) I hope His Evilness can handle those Koopas.  What if they did get stronger?  Hmmm...They could just be bluffing... er... I’d better not take any chances.  LARRY!!!

Larry runs up to Bowser's room and sees Kammy.

Larry:  What?

Kammy:  I hear you're the kid who knows everything.

Larry:  Well I am the number one eavesdropper.

Kammy:  Good.  I need you to go see your father and check on him.  He and the Mario Bros. are in Koopa Bros. Fortress.

Larry:  Why would King Dad work with the Mario Bros?

Kammy:  It's a long story.  Just head over there and see what's going on.

Larry takes Bowser's old racing kart from the first Mario Kart and drives over. (When did he get his license?)  He tries to open the front door, but it won't budge.  So he sneaks in through one of the windows.  He sees the Koopa Bros. walking in front of him.  Larry hides by using his magic wand to camouflage himself into looking like one of the walls.

Red:  All right, Bros.  Today's the day.  You know what that means?

Green:  We're gonna be the new rulers of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Red:  That's right.  Black, you go and find some new recruits for our future army.  Green, you go ahead and walk to Koopa Village.  Tell them the news.  Yellow, you stay here and guard the prisoners.  I'm headin' over to the shell store and gettin' ya a new shell.  Now break a leg!

Black, Green, and Yellow:  Gotcha!

The Koopa Bros. split up.  Larry gets out of the disguise and goes down to the prison.  He sees Bowser, Peach, and the Mario Bros. inside.

Larry:  King Dad!  King Dad!

Bowser:  Larry!  What are you doing here?

Larry:  Kammy sent me to come see you.

Bowser:  So, that old hag is useful after all.  Are you all by myself?

Peach:  Oh my!  Not another Koopa.

Larry:  Don't worry, everyone.  I'm gonna get you all outta here.

Larry grabs his magic wand and fires at the door.  The door repels it and hits him right back.  He checks the door and sees the words, "WARNING!  Blast-proof and magic-proof door.”

Larry:  Aw man.  I can't open the door.

Bowser:  I knew that old hag was useless.

Mario:  Wait!  I have an idea.

(He walks over to the bars.)

Mario You can call the Koopa Kids for help, right?

Larry:  Yes.

Mario:  Good.  I want you to call your brothers and sister for help.  Maybe they can come and use their magic to break us free.

Luigi:  Yeah, and bring Yoshi too.  Make sure you tell him I sent ya.

Larry:  Okay, everyone.  I'll be back.

Mario:  WAIT!  Watch out for the Koopa Bros’ new attack.  If those guys use it on ya, you're done before.

Larry:  Gulp.  O-okay.  I'll get going then.

When Larry is about to leave, he hears footsteps coming down.  He hides with that magic wand again.  Yellow opens the door and checks on the prisoners.

Yellow:  Dudes, what's going on?

Bowser:  None of your business.

Peach:  Can you at least put on a new shell?  I don't want to see a Koopa in his boxers.

Yellow ignores them and leaves.  Larry leaves behind him and sneaks out the window.  He heads over to his kart, but it is gone.  He sees Red Ninjakoopa driving away with it.

Larry:  I probably shouldn't have left the keys in the car.

Larry instead walks to the Mushroom Kingdom.  He heads to the pipe to Mario's house, since it is closest.  He jumps down and pops up outside.  Yoshi is inside waiting for Luigi's return.  He hears the door open and runs to it, but he sees Larry, not Luigi.

Larry:  Yoshi, Luigi said to come with me.  He and Mario are in big trouble.

Yoshi:  HMPH!
 ***These are Yoshi's sounds since he can't speak English in this story.***

Yoshi takes Larry's visit as a threat.  He kicks Larry in the face, sending him right out the door.  Larry yells for him to stop, but Yoshi rolls up in an egg and rolls down on him many times until he can no longer feel his legs.

Larry:  Yoshi... *cough...* I'm not here to fight... ow... Mario and Luigi... were captured by the Koopa Bros.  I need your help to save them and King Dad... and Princess Peach.

Yoshi:  WOAH!

Yoshi doesn't believe him.  He sticks his tongue out and puts Larry in his mouth.  He walks over to the pipe and spits him into the pipe right back into the Mushroom Kingdom.

Larry:  Stupid dinosaur.  I guess I'll have to get my brothers and sister for help now.

Larry becomes very tired as he walks all the way back to Bowser's castle.  He falls on the floor inside, and two Koopatrols pick him up.  He falls asleep and gets carried to his bed.  He wakes up eight hours later and completely freaks out.

Larry:  OH NO!  I forgot to tell them!

Larry runs up to Bowser's room and picks up a megaphone.

Larry: IGGY, LEMMY, WENDY, MORTON, ROY, LUDWIG, JUNIOR (Yes, Bowser Jr. is a Koopaling too)! HEEEELLLPPP!

All seven of them rush up to the room.  Roy punches Larry and smashes the megaphone.

Larry:  What'd you do that for?

Roy:  For waking me up in da middle of da night, Cheatsy.

Wendy:  It's three in the morning.

Lemmy:  Yeah, Cheatsy.  What's so important?

Larry:  It's King Dad.  He's been kidnapped!

All Koopalings except Larry:  WHAT?!

Larry:  Yeah.  He, Princess Peach, and the Mario Bros. were kidnapped by the Koopa Bros.

Roy:  Ain't nobody takin' King Dad away from us.

Wendy:  Who's gonna get me whatever I want when Daddykins's not around?

Morton:  Yeah, those two-timing, double-crossing, backstabbing Koopa Troopas are gonna get it.  Yeah, they're gonna get what they deserve.  Nothing but-

Iggy:  (to Morton) We get the point already, Big Mouth.

Bowser Jr:  So how are we gonna save Papa?

Larry:  I got a plan.  Lemmy, get your Freeze Gun.  Ludwig, you go to your lab and grab all the Stopwatch items you can get.  Junior, you get that magic brush you were talking about.  The rest of you, grab your wands and follow me.

All eight Koopalings take Bowser's Klown Kopter and fly into the woods near the fortress.  Since none of them knew how to land it, they crash into some nearby bushes.

Iggy:  Aaaawwww.  King Dad's gonna be mad at us.

Ludwig:  We'll tell him about this unfortunate mishap later.  Now Cheatsy, tell us about this so-called plan.

Larry:  Okay.  Wendy will go to the front door.  She'll see the first guard and flirt with him.  Once he's distracted, the rest will sneak into the next room.  Roy, Ludwig, Junior, and I will head upstairs and take care of anyone who spots us.  Hip and Hop will head down to the prison room.  Lemmy will freeze the bars while Iggy uses his wand to destroy them.  Once all four of them are free, we run out of the fortress and wait for King Dad's punishment on the Koopa Bros.

Bowser Jr:  But what if they spot us?

Larry:  Then we hightail it as fast as we can back to King Dad's castle.  We tell Kammy we blew it, and she'll call the whole Koopa Klan army to attack.  Now, is everyone ready?

All seven other Koopalings:  Ready!

Wendy walks over to the door, looking as pretty as possible.  She knocks on the door.  Black Ninjakoopa opens the door and sees her.

Black:  Oh, um, hi.

Wendy:  Hi there.  (sounding seductive) I heard you cute boys took Daddykins away.  *leans closer to Black* I've been dieing to find a man like you.  So strong, so cooool, and so ninja-like.  Why don't you and me go over to your room and chat?

Black:  (blushing) Oh, um... okay.

Black puts his arm around Wendy.  As both of them walk away from the door, the other seven Koopalings sneak in through the window.

Roy:  Aaaah...AAAAHHH...A-CHOO!

Black:  What the- It's an ambush!

Black moves away from Wendy.  Lemmy fires his Freeze Gun, but Black spins his shell so fast that the friction from the shell melts the ice as it touchs him.  He then jumps up to the upper floors to warn the other three Koopa Bros.

Iggy:  Great going, Bully.  You blew our cover.

Roy:  SHADDAP!  Dis place is full of dust.

Wendy:  That's something I would have said.

Ludwig:  Our diabolical plan has been foiled.  What do we do now?

Larry:  Change in plans.  Lemmy, you and Iggy keep going down to the dungeon.  The rest of us will go upstairs and defeat those Koopa traitors.

A mob of Koopa Troopas, Goombas, and Bob-ombs march out the door in front of them.

Roy:  Awright, let's do dis.

Bowser Jr. moves his bandana up to his mouth and transforms into Shadow Mario.  He uses his brush and releases the goop onto the Goombas and Koopa Troopas.  They quickly fall into the goop.  Lemmy freezes the next door, as Roy grabs one of the Bob-ombs and throws it.  The door explodes and breaks open.  More Koopas come and slam their shells at the Koopalings, but Lemmy uses his magic wand to create one of his bouncing balls.  The Koopas hit the ball, and bounce off and hit each other.  Roy then jumps up and breaks the chain on the upward stairs.  They fall down right next to the other floor.  Lemmy and Iggy head down to the prison room while the other six go up.  A few Paratroopas swoop down and hit Larry.  He falls down, hitting Lemmy and Iggy, and all three of them fall downstairs.  Ludwig uses a Stopwatch and freezes them.  Wendy uses her wand and makes those magic rings; the rings keep bouncing off the Paratroopas.  Once the Stopwatch runs out of power, the Paratroopas fall to the ground.

Meanwhile, the other three Koopalings go inside the dungeon and see Bullet Bill Blasters aiming at them.  They fire, but Lemmy and Iggy shut the door in time.

Iggy:  Oh great, there's no way in.

Lemmy:  Well whadda we do now?

Larry:  We’d better head back up to the others.  They may need our help.

The three Koopalings catch up to the other five halfway up a staircase.  Morton fires his wands into some Bob-ombs and blows up a wall.  More Koopas and Goombas keep coming, but they keep getting beaten.  After awhile of resistance from the Koopa Bros’ minions, the Koopalings make it up to the rooftop.  It still has the cracks from the first battle against the Koopa Bros.

Iggy:  Awesome!  We made it.

Ludwig:  Don't get excited just yet, Hop.  We still have to beat those nasty Koopa Bros. and release King Dad.

Roy:  Where are dose stupid Koopas?  I gots to teach dem a li’l respect.

The Koopa Bros. jump up to the top and use their Koopa Tower again.  All of the Koopalings move away except for Roy, who thinks he is strong enough to take it.  Roy is slammed so hard that he is sent flying from the rooftop and down into the water surrounding the fortress.


Larry:  Aw great.  Bully's out.

Red:  Look at this, Bros.  Bowser's kids have come to save him.

Yellow:  I'm shocked that our new army didn't do as well as we thought.

Black:  What did you expect?  We recruited them just the other day.

Lemmy:  All right, you punks.  Give back King Dad and nobody gets hurt.

Morton:  C'mon, you numbskulls.  We know you got King Dad and the princess and the Mario Bros.  We're King Dad's toughest and roughest-

Green tosses his shell at Morton's head and knocks him out.

Green:  Thought he'd never shut up.

Larry:  Heeey.  That's not fair.

Red:  Tough luck for you, Koopa Kids.  We beat the Mario Bros. and your dad, so what makes you six think you can defeat us?

Just then, Yoshi flutters up to the rooftop with Roy on his back and fully conscious.

Larry:  Yoshi!  What are you doing here?

Yoshi:  HapHapHapoooo! (What Yoshi actually means is that he decided that Larry was telling the truth and wants to join him for now.)

Larry:  Okay then, now we're ready fight.

Red:  Whatever you say.  Time to party, Bros…

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