The Koopa Bros' Revenge

By BlueKoopaBro

It is a boring day for the Koopa Bros. as they were ared out of their minds.  (Well, at least two of them were.).  It is raining, and their fortress is dripping from the ceiling.  Green and Yellow are watching TV, Red is punching the Sandbag with eyes on it, and Black is depressed while sitting on a bucket with water dripping on him.  Red sees him and stops hitting the Sandbag.  He comes up to Black and pushes him away from the dripping ceiling.

Red Ninjakoopa:  Yo Black, what's the matter?

Black Ninjakoopa:  All the usual, dude.  We're shunned from the Koopa Troop thanks to Mario and that kid with the eggshell, Bowser keeps us laid off for no apparent reason, and we're stuck inside a fortress that has no heat except for those fireballs...  Our lives stink.

Red Ninjakoopa:  I know what you mean, dude, but it's not like we're gonna get a new mission out of the blue.

Suddenly, Red's cell phone rings.  He picks it up wondering, who it is.

Red Ninjakoopa:  Yo.  Hi Boss...  You want us to do what?  ...  Ok!  We'll make sure we'll do it... Yeah yeah, but we got stronger than ever before.  There's no way we can fail now...  We'll watch our backs...  Okay, bye bye.

Black Ninjakoopa:  Who was that?

Red Ninjakoopa:  That was the boss.  He said we got ourselves a new mission.

Black Ninjakoopa:  No way!  For real?

Red Ninjakoopa:  As real as it gets.  C'mon, let's go tell the others.

Meanwhile, Green and Yellow are watching the Mushroom Bowl.  It is the Charging Chucks vs. the Yoshi Bombers.

Lakitu Broadcaster:  It's the last chance for the Yoshi Bombers to recover, their final chance to make a comeback.  With a score of 18-22 and 15 seconds on the clock and 10 yards away, I hope their coach has an idea to make the touchdown.

Green Ninjakoopa:  This is it.  The Charging Chucks got to win.  They gotta.

Yellow Ninjakoopa:  No kidding.  There's no way the Bombers are gonna score.  Not while Black Yoshi's got a concussion.

Lakitu Broadcaster:  The teams are now in position.  Red Yoshi hikes the ball.  Charging Chuck #4 tackles Red Yoshi.  Blue Yoshi makes a quick pass to Yellow Yoshi before getting dog-piled to the ground.  Yellow Yoshi makes a quick kick to the goal line.  Charging Chuck #12 jumps for the ball.  And Orange Yoshi sticks his tongue right under him and catches the ball while on the goal line!  THE YOSHI BOMBERS WIN THE MUSHROOM BOWL!!!

Green and Yellow:  NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Red and Black head to the lounge and see Green and Yellow angry and yelling at the TV.

Red Ninjakoopa:  Hey guys!  You're not gonna believe this.

Green Ninjakoopa:  I know.  The Charging Chucks lost.  Their season's over!

Red Ninjakoopa:  No.  Not that.  King B's got another mission for us.

Green Ninjakoopa:  Really?  What'd he say we gotta do?

Red Ninjakoopa:  All right.  Here's the plan...


Back in Bowser's Castle, Bowser and Kammy are chatting about their plan involving the Koopa Bros.

Kammy:  Are you sure they can do this?  They’ve managed to fail us twice.

Bowser:  Well, you know what they say; third time's the charm.  Now quit worrying, you old witch.  Instead of me going over to kidnap the princess, they are.

Kammy:  But you’ve managed to fail countless times.

Bowser:  Doesn't mean they'll do any worse than me.  Besides, Mario and his brother are on vacation at Keelhaul Key, and Peach's castle has little to no defense.  It's impossible for them to lose.


The Koopa Bros. are now in front of Peach's castle.  Yellow is complaining to the others.

Yellow Ninjakoopa:  Are we there yet?

Red Ninjakoopa:  Yellow, this is the ninth time you've been complaining about how far Peach's place is...We're here now.

Yellow Ninjakoopa:  Finally!  I thought I was going to pass out.

Green Ninjakoopa:  Dude, we only walked five blocks.

Red Ninjakoopa:  Okay dudes, time to get in our disguises.

Black Ninjakoopa:  Are you sure this'll work?  We got busted last time.

Red Ninjakoopa:  I'm pretty sure the Toads already forgot about that.

The Koopa Bros. turn into their Toad disguises.  They head inside Peach's castle and find Peach with Toadsworth.

Peach:  Hello. my fellow Toads.  Mario isn't here right now.

Red Toad:  Oh, we don't need Mario.  We just wanna know if we can ask you some questions.  It's kinda private, so we don't anyone interruptin'.

Peach:  Ok.  Toadsworth, you go and fetch the others some food.  I'll take them into my room.

Toadsworth:  Very well, my princess.  Tally-Ho.

Peach and the four "Toads" head over to her room.

Peach:  So, what is it you boys wanted to ask me?

The Koopa Bros. switch out of their disguises and lock the door.

Green Ninjakoopa:  Yeah.  How dumb are you guys?

Peach:  Oh my goodness!

Red Ninjakoopa:  Not so fast, Princess.  Don't even try to call Mario, otherwise you're gonna get it.  Now you’d better come with us if you know what's good for ya.

Afterwards, Toadsworth returns from the market to see Peach.  When he enters Peach's room, there is a letter on the table.  When he sees it, he faints.


As for Mario and Luigi, they are relaxing on Keelhaul Key.  Mario hears his DS ringing, and sees an Email from Peach's castle.

Mario:  Oh no!  Luigi, we must go back home.

Luigi:  Why?  What for?

Mario:  It's the princess.  She's been kidnapped.

Luigi:  Mamamia.  Again?  But I'm still playing volleyball with Yoshi.

Mario:  There's no time for that.  We must go now.

The Mario Bros. return from their notoriously short vacation.  They meet up with Toadsworth.  Toadsworth shows them the letter.  Mario reads it aloud.

Mario:  "Dear Mario Bros., the princess is now my prisoner in my castle.  If you try to rescue her, your goose will be cooked.  (Who says that anymore?)  My troops will be waiting for you in my kingdom.  Sincerely, Bowser."

Mario turns to Luigi.

Mario: We’ve got to save her.

Luigi:  We know how to save her already: beat up Bowser's goons and kick his sorry butt.

Toadsworth:  Oh, I hope the princess won't be harmed in any way.

Mario:  Lighten up; we've done this dozens of times.  Bowser never wins.

Mario and Luigi head over to Bowser's Castle.

As for Peach, she is being held in the Koopa Bros’ dungeon.  The wall has been boarded with a locked door.

Peach:  You'll never get away with this.

Red Ninjakoopa:  Wrongamundo, Pprincess.  The note we left is leading them to Bowser's castle instead.

Black Ninjakoopa:  Why'd you write that down instead of ours?

Red Ninjakoopa:  C'mon, Bros, I'll tell you upstairs.

The Koopa Bros. head upstairs to their lounge.

Red Ninjakoopa:  I've been thinking, Bros; why should we listen to Bowser again?  Mario will kick our cans again.  So, they'll be heading to the boss's place.  Once both of them are blacked and bruised, they'll be coming for us.

Black Ninjakoopa:  But won't they team up with Bowser?

Red Ninjakoopa:  That's when we'll be ready.  We've been training for months now, and we're in better shape than they'll be.  When they barge into our home, we’ll beat their sorry butts, throw them in our dungeon with Peach, and both their kingdoms will show their respect to us.  We'll be taking over.  The Koopa Bros. will soon be the Koopa Kings.

Green Ninjakoopa:  I like the sound of that.

Yellow Ninjakoopa:  I agree.  That seven-month training montage will finally pay off.

Red Ninjakoopa:  And we'll be able to show them all our new special technique.

Green Ninjakoopa:  Dude!  You mean the one we were gonna show Mario the second time we were gonna face him?!

Red Ninjakoopa:  You know it.  Now let's get some rest, dudes.  They'll be coming soon.


Back in Bowser's Castle, Bowser hears some loud noise coming from Ludwig's room.

Bowser:  Ludwig!  How many times have I told you to keep it down when you're making your inventions?

Instead, Bowser's wall breaks down with Ludwig thrown into another.  The Mario Bros. appear, looking real mad.

Bowser:  Mario!  What have you done to my Koopalings?

Mario:  Shut up, Koopa.  We know you kidnapped the princess again, but why did you have to do it during our vacation time?

Bowser:  What?!  I didn't kidnap her.  The Koopa Br-

Luigi:  Save your breath, Koopa.  I was playing with Yoshi during our vacation.  You would not believe how crushed he was when we told him it was over.  He wouldn't even eat for five whole minutes.

Mario:  So now, we're gonna end your reign of terror once and for all.

Bowser:  Fine.  I can take you two all by myself.

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