The Basilisx Chronicles, Chapter 2: Basilisx's Revenge

By Blade Guy


We see a big, ancient temple. Inside lie five motionless objects. One of them is a Goomba with a nightcap and pajamas. The next one is a Paratroopa with a red shell and green shoes. He has a bucket over his head. The third one is a green Shy Guy with a sack that contains a Magikoopa wand and a silver pipe-like object. The fourth is a regular Magikoopa, an old one. The last one is a Koopatrol with the regular skin color of a Koopa but with yellow armor, a really dark yellow shell, yellow metal gloves, white spikes, and black eyes. The Goomba then wakes up and looks around.

"Ow, that was some battle. You guys all right?" asks Goomp.

Paraplonk, Sergeant Guy, Kamek, and Volkner slowly get up.

"Ugh. I'm not as young as I used to be, so that fall really hurt my back," says Kamek.

"I'm all right," replies Sergeant Guy.

"I might've landed on my head because my head somewhat hurts. Thank goodness I'm wearing armor," says Volkner.

"I think when I landed, I twisted my wing," says Paraplonk.

"I got it," says Sergeant Guy, grabbing his wand. He points it at Paraplonk's wing and fires a beam. When it hits, Paraplonk's wing goes back to its original position. Paraplonk tries floating and feels great.

"Thanks," replies Paraplonk.

"Don't mention it," says Sergeant Guy.

"What about me?" asks Kamek.

"Fine." Sergeant Guy does the same to Kamek and Kamek's back feels much better. "You know you had your own wand, right?"

"If I tried to reach for it, I'd... My wand. My wand! It's gone!" cries Kamek.

"Now now, calm down. It must be around here somewhere," says Goomp, trying to calm Kamek down. They search the room they are in and find nothing.

"It's not here!" yells Kamek.

"Okay look, we'll search for your wand just as soon as we find out where we are," declares Volkner. Indeed, their surroundings are new to them and they can't figure out where they are.


We see harsh, cold winds blowing at Jokes End, but Jokes End is far from normal. Instead of seeing a giant, icy mountain, there is a giant fortress. Inside it is no longer icy, either; it is warm and full of Glurps, Ice Snifits, Soratroopeas, Shy Guys, and Lakitus. We go down below to the dungeon room, where we see Basilisx, Lakimaru, and Chaos Guy looking at their prisoners, the Koopa Family.

"Hehehe. Guys, I had no idea you had completely remodeled Jokes End. By the way, how did you get Jojora to leave?" asks Basilisx.

"We didn't. She's down two cells from Ludwig," says Chaos Guy. They show Basilisx, who sees her sulking.

"What did you do with her wand?"

Lakimaru points up to above her cell, where her wand is in a case.


Then a beeping sound is heard. Basilisx reaches into his shell and pulls out the tracking device. It shows five dots on the move.

"WHAT?! They survived!" exclaims Basilisx.

"Calm down. First off, figure out their location, and we'll go from there," says Chaos Guy.

"You're right.  Let me just figure out their location and... Well well well. Looks like they landed in the ancient temple of the greedy Wizzerd, King Wiz," says Basilisx.

"King Wiz?" questions Lakimaru.

"King Wiz was a powerful Magikoopa that ruled the town Wizzerdsville. His temple is surrounded by it. The residents were only Magikoopas, Wizzerds, Dark Wizzerds, and Elite Wizzerds. There are some Boos too because back then, Boos could use more magic than they can today. Anyway, he had his lackies invade and loot other cities. Then, one day, King Wiz had a stroke. His final words were for him to be buried with his loot. So, his lackies put him in a tomb within his treasure chamber. Once he died, the residents started leaving. Eventually, his lackies died, and the town was empty. Now, since they crashlanded their, I say we wait and see if they run into King Wiz. For now, let's relax."

Basilisx, Chaos Guy, and Lakimaru head for the throne room to relax.


The minions are seen walking through the halls of the temple. Sergeant Guy is holding his wand up to give them some light. Goomp, Paraplonk, and Volkner are looking around them to try to figure out where they are while following Sergeant Guy. Kamek, on the other hand, is panicking, afraid he may never see his wand again. Sergeant Guy then stops.

"Hey, what gives?" asks Paraplonk.

Sergeant Guy points ahead and they see a bunch of Dry Bones on the ground, along with wands and robes. At the sight of all the wands, Kamek gets a sparkle in his eyes, though you really can't tell since he is wearing glasses. Kamek rushes to all the wands and checks them out. But none of them is the right one.

"Okay, first off, how can you tell which wand is yours? And second, what is so important about your wand?" asks Goomp.

"I can tell it's mine because I can feel my power within it. And it is important because it was the first wand I started with. I've had it ever since I tried to stop Yoshi from saving Baby Luigi," explains Kamek. Goomp then approaches him.

"Don't worry, buddy. We'll find it, and you will be able to perform spells again," says Goomp.

Kamek gets up and says, "I will find my wand if it's the last thing I do!"

"And we're here too...!"

"What?" says a puzzled Kamek.

The four other minions notice that the Dry Bones are putting themselves together, putting on the robes, and grabbing the wands. All of the minions get wide-eyed and their mouths drop open. Kamek is puzzled. "You guys wanna say something?" asks Kamek.

They all, except Goomp, point behind him. He turns around and gets wide-eyed and his mouth drops open just like the others. The Magibones swing their wands and fire magical blasts. The minions realize they are being attacked and jump out of the way.

Sergeant Guy fires wand blasts at the Magibones. He hits them, but they put themselves back together. Goomp does a spin kick and tries to keep them down, but they keep coming back up. Paraplonk tries to keep them down by adding a spin to his shell shot, but no avail. Volkner is the last up and sends a lightning orb at them. He throws it like a bowling ball and hits them all. "Strike!"

Unfortunately, they put themselves back together. The Magibones fire one combined magical blast. It hits the minions, and they are sent to the ground. Kamek, who is watching from the sidelines, wishes he could help his buddies. Then he thinks of a way that he can.

"Guys, use fire!" he yells.

The minions are confused, except Sergeant Guy. He swings his wand and engulfs Goomp, Paraplonk, and Volkner in fire. The Magibones get anime sweatdrops. Goomp headbonks some of the Magibones, which keeps them down. Paraplonk and Volkner use a combined shell shot to take down a lot of the Magibones. Sergeant Guy waves his wand and shoots a fire spell. He hits the remaining Magibones and they stay down. Sergeant Guy uses a water spell to put out his comrades.

"That was some good battling, guys," compliments Kamek.

"Thanks. Now, letís search for that wand," says Goomp.

Sergeant Guy leads the minions through the temple. They eventually reach a long hallway. Goomp is about to take a step, but Volkner stops him. "Why are we stopping?" asks Goomp.

Volkner picks up a small rock and throws it into the hall. It lands, activating a trap on the tile it lands on. The trap sends out darts from the wall, shocking the minions.

"Wait. Dead Wizzerds, traps within hallways... Guys," states Kamek, "I think Basilisx blasted us to an ancient temple."

"Obviously. But... this could be Tutankoopa's temple," says Paraplonk.

"Tutankoopa doesn't have magical Dry Bones, or traps," says Sergeant Guy.

"Then... whose temple is this?"

"I don't know, but we have to somehow go down this hallway without activating any traps," explains Volkner.

"I'm on it," says Sergeant Guy. He waves his wand and fires mist into the hallway. The mist hits all the tiles, but only some become a light blue color. "Okay, follow me and avoid the blue tiles."

The minions advance through the hallway and step over each blue tile they see, except Paraplonk, who is just floating through. But when they make it halfway through, Goomp trips. He lands on a tile, activating a trap. The minions look behind them and see Thwomps starting to fall.

"Run!" yells Kamek.

The minions start running through the hall, stepping on all the tiles. But they are running so fast that they avoid every trap. They make it to the end, the final Thwomp falling behind them. They give a sigh of relief and look in front of them to see they are in a treasure chamber. Uh oh.


Basilisx, Chaos Guy, and Lakimaru, not in his cloud, are seen in a hot tub, relaxing. Then, Basilisx checks the tracking device to check up on the minions.

"Ah, looks like they entered the treasure chamber...! Perfect. Letís wait and see what happens," says Basilisx with an evil grin.

"How will you know when they are dead?" asks Lakimaru.

"The tracking devices will turn off when they die."

"So all we have to do is wait and let that King Wiz guy do our job?" questions Chaos Guy.

"Yes," says Basilisx.


The minions look around the treasure chamber and are amazed at how much treasure there is. Kamek then notices a sparkle. He walks toward it and realizes it is his wand sticking out of the treasure.

"My wand!"

Kamek grabs it and feels his power back. "I'm back baby!"

Then, a rumbling noise is heard. The minions look around and see a large tomb on the other side of the room. It slowly opens and out comes a black robe, black Magikoopa hat, Magikoopa glasses, and ghostly hands, one holding a giant wand with a black-jeweled tip. A loud, booming voice is heard.

"Who dares enter my temple?!" asks the spirit.

"Who are you?" asks Kamek.

"I am known as King Wiz, the great, evil Wizzerd!"

"But how are you alive? And where is your body?" asks Goomp.

"I have been buried here for many years. My body, along with my bones, eventually withered away. But my spirit stayed with my treasure so I can protect it! Now you want to steal all my treasure!" yells King Wiz.

"No, we just came looking for my wand," says Kamek.

"LIES! I must kill anyone who tries to steal my treasure!"

"Guys, we have to knock some sense into this spirit. He is so attached to his treasure that he thinks anyone who comes in is going to steal it," explains Sergeant Guy, "So, we have to defeat him!"

The four minions nod and the five of them turn to King Wiz in battle position.

BOSS BATTLE # 1: King Wiz

King Wiz floats high into the air and fires a magical blast. Kamek fires a magical blast as well. The two collide and explode. Paraplonk charges through and delivers a shell shot right in his stomach. King Wiz is sent back, but quickly fires an elemental spell. He shoots a blast into the air and lightning clouds start to form. Lightning then starts striking the ground. The minions start running away from the lightning. Sergreant Guy counterattacks by sending a fire spell at the clouds, which disintegrate. King Wiz then charges toward them and sends his free ghostly hand at Goomp, grabbing him and encasing him within his fist. Inside, tiny shadow balls are shot at him. Volkner forms a lightning orb and fires it at the hand. King Wiz's hand is hit and it opens, freeing Goomp.

King Wiz gets angry and fires another elemental spell, an earth spell, toward the ground. The ground begins to open, large cracks forming within. Paraplonk is safe, but the others have to rush away from the cracks. Volkner trips and almost falls into one of them, but Paraplonk is fast and grabs him by the hand. Kamek, after getting on his broom, fires blast after blast toward King Wiz. King Wiz puts up a magical shield that protects him from the blasts. Sergeant Guy, on Kamek's broom, shoots magical blasts as well. The shield breaks. King Wiz sends out another elemental spell, the fire spell. Unlike Kamek's and Sergeant Guy's, King Wiz's fire spell is a blast of fire sent around the room. Paraplonk tucks into his shell to protect himself, as does Volkner. Kamek and Sergeant Guy put up shields. Goomp is the only one left unprotected. He is hit, and his nightcap and pajamas are burnt. They turn to ash.

King Wiz laughs at Goomp's appearance and is about to finish him off. Goomp closes his eyes and waits for the end. King Wiz's free ghost hand charges at him and tries to grab him. But at the last second, Goomp gains a spiked hat like a Spiky Goomba. The ghost hand gets poked by it, and backs away. Goomp looks and sees his hat, which he had forgotten about. He then gains wings. The minions are amazed; Volkner, confused. Goomp starts flying up alongside Paraplonk. King Wiz is amazed at Goomp's transformation. Both Goomp and Paraplonk headbonk and shell slam him into the wall. King Wiz is fed up and fires one last elemental spell, the ice spell. This spell shoots out an icy blast. Goomp and Paraplonk dodge it, but the blast heads for Kamek and Sergeant Guy. Both are two scared to react, so they put their wands in front of the blast. But the blast is absorbed into both their wands. King Wiz can't believe what he is seeing, not can Goomp, Paraplonk, and Volkner. Sergeant Guy and Kamek look at each other and grin. Their wands have absorbed the ice, which means they are able to use ice spells now. They both aim their wands at King Wiz and fire a blast of ice each. They hit King Wiz, who is sent into the wall, knocked out. The minions cheer and regroup on the ground.


Back at Joke's End, Basilisx is checking on the minions. He pulls out his tracking device and can't believe what he is looking at.

"NO!" cries Basilisx.

Chaos Guy and Lakimaru check on him. "What is it, Basilisx?" asks Lakimaru.

"Those blasted minions are still alive!"

"How can you tell?" questions Choas Guy.

"If they had died, their tracking devices would've turned off!"

"Well," starts Lakimaru, "what do we do now?"

Basilisx sighs and turns to them. "We blow up the temple. And if they are still not dead... we go on with plan B."

The Shyster and Koopa nod. Lakimaru opens a portal and they all jump in.


The minions high-five each other. "We did it!" cries Volkner.

"That ROCKED!" yells Paraplonk.

"We sure showed him," says Sergeant Guy

"Okay, but I doní't understand one thing. Why does Goomp now have a spike hat and wings?" asks Volkner.

Goomp sighs. "Well, I'm actually a mix between a Spiky Goomba and a Paragoomba. But Bowser wanted it to be a secret, so he makes me wear those pajamas to keep them from appearing."

"So, if you didn't wear those, you could have way more power and be of a higher rank?"


"Right, now that we have that taken care if," says Kamek, "we can-"

Before he finishes, a loud explosion is heard. The minions look around. Another explosion is heard, and part of the temple's ceiling falls. The minions rush out of the treasure room, leaving King Wiz behind. But before the entire room caves in, he says his last words.

"Thank you... for calming... my... spirit..."

With that, the entire ceiling falls down.

From outside the temple, Basilisx and Chaos Guy are seen in crafts that are shaped like Clown Copters. These are actually mechanical hovercrafts with their team logo on it: a capital D with a T going through it. Lakimaru is in his own cloud, as the three of them are seen throwing Bob-ombs at the temple.

"This should destroy those minions!" exclaims Basilisx.

They continue to throw Bob-ombs. Inside, the minions are running as fast as they can from falling debris. They eventually reach the entrance and Volkner dives through it while the others fly out. The entrance collapses behind them and the minions sigh. Basilisx looks down and sees them. He gets furious.


The three of them throw Bob-ombs at the minions. The minions see the bombs and start scattering. The Dastardly Trio cannot hit them.

"I'll take care of them. You two just sit back and enjoy the show," says Chaos Guy while pulling out his Mega Hammer. He flies down toward them and lands his hovercraft. The minions look at him.

"Wait, aren't you..." starts Goomp.

"Chaos Guy? Yes. And I think you were supposed to be killed inside that temple," Chaos Guy remarks.

"Wait, you mean you were the one who caused the explosions?" questions Sergeant Guy.

"Not just me. My cohorts and I wanted you eliminated. Why? Because we want revenge!"

"For what?" asks Paraplonk.

"For starters, me and Lakimaru want revenge for Sergeant Guy and Paraplonk getting us fired! And Basilisx wants revenge on all of you, except the new guy, who is going to be dragged into this anyway. Now, since King Wiz didn't kill you, nor did our plan to bomb the place, I want you to meet my little friend: Mega Hammer!"

Chaos Guy slams it onto the ground and the ground shakes, causing Sergeant Guy and Volkner to fall. The others are flying.

"What kind of hammer is that?!" asks Goomp.

"Just a little creation of my own. This has the power of the Mega Hammer badge. I took the power from it and put it into anoghdf hammer. But now just any hammer... an Ultra Hammer! The experiment has made the Ultra Hammer somewhat bigger, which was fine, because I can control its size! And that's not all. I can cause shockwaves that can spread over a three mile radius, and I gave it the attributes of the Fire Hammer badge, the Ice Hammer badge, and the Quake Hammer badge! Now, it's time for you to be eliminated!"

The minions have just beaten a treasure-obsessed spirit, and have now run into a Spy Guy who wields a powerful hammer. What will happen to the minions? Find out in chapter 2!

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