The Basilisx Chronicles, Chapter 2: Basilisx's Revenge

By Blade Guy


It Is a stormy day in the Mushroom Kingdom. But somewhere on the outskirts of Toad Town, a Koopatrol is seen with the rain and wind blowing in his face. This Koopatrol is different from other Koopatrols. This one has black armor, red eyes, and gray skin and shell with dark gray spikes. He stops next to a bush with dark flowers on it. He walks over to it and pulls on one of them. Then, the bush moves to the right, and a hole it revealed. The Koopatrol jumps in. The bush moves back to its original position. The Koopatrol falls down the hole, but lands on his feet in a dark cave.

He advances and eventually comes across a light. He enters the light and finds himself in the secret villains bar. He looks around and finds many villains: Petey Piranha, Popple, Huff N. Puff, Crystal King, the Koopa Bros, and many others. He walks toward the bar and takes a seat next to a Lakitu with a black cloud, an eye patch on his left eye, and a black shell with two purple stripes going around the shell. He also has a crown that looks like King Boo's from Mario Super Sluggers, and a sword sash. Next to him is a Spy Guy without the flower cap. He has the same black color scheme, but his green is now a dark blue. He has a sack like Sergeant Guy, but it contains a mega hammer I will tell about later, a magic wand, and a small bag that contains blue, red, yellow, and green pellets.

The barkeep, a Boo wearing a polka dotted tie, approaches the Koopatrol. "What would you like to have?" he asks.

"Give me a frosty rootbeer float," he replies.

"Coming right up," he says. He turns his back to make the float, but gets a conversation Started. "You're new here, I can tell. How'd you find out about this place?"

"I've been hearing rumors about this place. Thought I might check it out," says the Koopatrol.

"Yeah, and a good day you chose. It's raining Goombas out there." The barkeep finishes the float and slides it over to him. "That'll be 15 gold coins."

The Koopatrol reaches into his shell and pulls out 15 gold coins.

"Thank you, and enjoy the float," the Boo says as he floats away.

The Koopatrol takes his drink and notices a pool table. He takes his float and walks over. The Lakitu and Spy Guy then whisper something.  "Hey, isn't that the one Koopatrol who lost to Bowser?" asks the Lakitu.

"Yeah, I think it is," says the Spy Guy.

"I got an idea. Maybe we can take all the loot he has. If he lost to Bowser, he must be pretty weak," says the Lakitu.

"Let's go," says the Spy Guy

They walk up to the Koopatrol (or Basilisx) and go for a sneak attack. The Lakitu grabs a Spiny egg to knock him out. But when he throws it, Basilisx is gone. The two baddies look at each other in confusion. The, Basilisx appears behind them and slashes the egg with his claws. The Lakitu yelps and both the Shyster and airborne Koopa turn around. Basilisx is seen with one of his hands pointed at them, claws out.

"What's the big idea of trying to sneak attack me?" asks Basilisx.

"Uh... We thought you weren't strong, so we wanted to steal all that you have... hehehe," says the Lakitu, laughing nervously.

The Spy Guy smacks him behind the head. "You dolt! Why would tell him our plan?!" exclaims the Spy Guy.

"Okay you two. I don't know who you are, but whoever told you I was weak... is wrong!" exclaims Basilisx.

"But you lost to Bowser!" says the Lakitu.

"No, unfortunately, it wasn't Bowser. But I wish it was!"


Basilisx sighs and tells them, but has a hard time doing so. "I lost... to... his... minions."

The two look at each other and Start laughing. Basilisx then gets peeved. "SHUT UP! I lost because they got lucky!"

They continue laughing. Then the Spy Guy pipes up. "What did you lose to? A Goomba!"

They continue laughing and Basilisx gets fire in his eyes. "NO! It wasn't just a Goomba..."

"So you admit you lost to one!" says the Lakitu.

"Yes, but, there were others: a Paratroopa, a Shy Guy, and a Magikoopa. Their names are Private Goomp, Corporal Paraplonk, Sergeant Guy, and Kamek the Magikoopa."

The two stop laughing and get angry faces. Basilisx is confused. "Uh, was it something I said?"

"Did you say Paraplonk?" asks the Lakitu.

"And Sergeant Guy?" asks the Spy Guy.


"Paraplonk was the guy who made Bowser fire me!" says the Lakitu.

"And Sergeant Guy made Bowser fire me!" says the Spy Guy.

"What are you talking about?" asks Basilisx.

"We used to be Corporal Lakimaru and Sergeant Guy. But since those two are more powerful than us, Bowser fired us."

"Wait, your names are Lakimaru and..."

"The name is Chaos Guy."

"Why do they call you that?" asks Basilisx.

"In due time, I will tell."

"What do you mean due time?"

"We want to help you plot your revenge on those minions who took our places," says Lakimaru.

"We also want revenge on Bowser for firing us!"

"Hmm. With the three of us together, we could bring not only Bowser, but the Mushroom Kingdom to its knees."

"I like that," says Chaos Guy.

"Starting today we will be known as... The DaStardly Trio!" exclaims Basilisx.

The three of them laugh, and thus, the DaStardly Trio is born.


Lakimaru, Chaos Guy, and Basilisx are seen walking in the dead of night after the storm has blown over. They are heading for Bowser's Keep.

"So Basilisx, what is the first part of our revenge plan?" asks Chaos Guy.

"Are we going to just kill those minions and force Bowser to take us back?" asks Lakimaru.

"Or are we going to kill everyone in that Keep, and then takeover the Mushroom Kingdom?"

"No, my allies, we are going to kidnap the Koopa family and have the minions try to save them. And if they can't save them in a certain amount of days, we kill the family!"

"Oooooh, a heartbreaking scheme. Very interesting, Basilisx. But, where are we going to hide?" asks Lakimaru.

"Well, I have just been roughing it since those minions took me down. What about you guys?"

"Well, you see this crown?" says Lakimaru.


"Well, I lead a rebellion of Lakitus, while Chaos Guy here leads a rebellion of Shy Guys. So, we do have a place."

"Where is it?"

"Jokes End," says Chaos Guy.

"But that's all the way in the Beanbean Kingdom. What were you guys doing in a Mushroom Kingdom villains bar?"

"Hey, just because we live in the Beanbean Kingdom now doesn't mean that we don't like to drop by now and then to get a good rootbeer float," says Lakimaru.

"Okay. Now, when everyone is asleep, we take the Koopa Family hostage," explains Basilisx.


They keep advancing. Then, it Starts getting hot - they have just entered Bowser's territory. Lava pools are seen everywhere. But the heat isn't going to stop them. They keep going and eventually reach the Keep. They head for a window and look inside. They find themselves looking in on the throne room and notice that, standing on a long, red carpet, is a Koopatrol with the regular skin color of a Koopa but with yellow armor, a really dark yellow shell, yellow metal gloves, white spikes, and black eyes . Around the carpet, the Koopalings and minions are standing, making sure that this Koopatrol is not like Basilisx. Then, they hear Bowser speak.

"So, you have the ability to control electricity... Volkner?" asks Bowser.

"That's right. I can also make lightning orbs to electrify my opponents," explains Volkner.

"Well, your application seems to be in order. You don't have the desire to backstab me, right?"

"No sir. My soul purpose is to help YOU takeover the Mushroom Kingdom," says Volkner.

"Hmmm... I like your attitude! Welcome to the Koopa Troop!" exclaims Bowser. Bowser gets off his throne and goes up to Volkner to shake hands. Volkner extends his hand and they shake.

"Now, you'll be staying with the other Koopatrols. I can't give you a high rank yet. I must see how you do in battle and all that stuff. If you need any help, just asks my Koopalings or my top-ranked minions." He points to Goomp, Paraplonk, Sergeant Guy, and Kamek.

"All right. Thanks for letting me join. I'll do my best."

"Good, now, everyone... DISMISSED! And you," says Bowser, pointing at his children, "get to bed." They all sigh and leave.

The DaStardly Trio climb through the window, which has been left open. "Okay, find the Koopalings, I'll go get Bowser," whispers Basilisx. Lakimaru and Chaos Guy nod. They split up.


We see Volkner following the minions to the training facility. When he enters, he is amazed at all the things Bowser has for training. Then, Goomp notices him and walks up to him.

"So, what made you want to join the Koopa Troop?" he asks.

"Well, my dad joined this troop years ago. He is now retired now. I thought I'd follow in his footsteps."

"Interesting. How did you learn to control electricity?"

"Oh, thatís an interesting story. You see, the day I left to train to become good enough for the Koopa Troop, it was thunderstorming really hard. I was on a boat to the Beanbean Kingdom; I had heard that there were some powerful enemies there, so I thought I'd train with them. But, the boat was tipped over by a giant wave. I was able to get into one of the lifeboats. I'm not sure what happened to the captain of that tiny boat. Anyway, I was able to row onto an island. But it was dark, so I slept in the lifeboat.

"The next morning, I woke up and felt horrible. I looked around to find out where I was. I then found a sign that said I was in the Oho Oasis. A light blue creature told me that I could look around the Thunder Temple if I wanted to. So, I entered and made it to the back to find a lightning orb. I touched it and was electrified. Then the Thunder Temple guardian came and told me that I was able to master the powers of electricity. He told me everything I needed to know. I trained on the island, and after weeks of training and surviving on sea creatures, I took the lifeboat to the closest continent, ended up at the Beanbean Airport, and took a plane to the Mushroom Kingdom to join the Koopa Troop."

"Wow, that was an awesome story. By the way, I'm Goomp. Come on over and I'll introduce you to the others."

Goomp takes Volkner to the others so he can introduce them. Paraplonk, Sergeant Guy, and Kamek notice Goomp bringing Volkner over and stop what they're doing.

"Volkner, I'd like you to meet Paraplonk, Sergeant Guy, and Kamek."

"What's up?" says Paraplonk, putting his fist out. Volkner knows that Paraplonk wants a fist pound, so he extends his fist and they fist pound.

"How's it going?" asks Sergeant Guy, who extends his hand for a shake. Volkner kindly shakes his hand.

"Glad to have a new member," says Kamek, who also extends his hand. Volkner shakes his as well.

"Glad to meet you all. So this is where you train?" asks Volkner.

"Yup. It's the best training facility for miles," says Goomp.

"Now, is training ALL you guys do?" asks Volkner.

"Of course not," says Paraplonk.

"We sometimes have days off and spend some time with the Koopalings," explains Sergeant Guy.

"We also go and attack the Mushroom Kingdom, but we always end up getting beat by Mario and Luigi," says Kamek.

"Right... Anyway, could one of you show me around the Keep?"

"It's getting kinda late," says Goomp. "Is it okay if we do it tomorrow?"

"Sure. I just need help getting to the Koopatrol bunk," says Volkner.

The minions guide Volkner to his bunk, but then hear a scream. "That sounds like Wendy," says Kamek.

"Let's find out what's going on!" exclaims Volkner.

The minions rush off to Wendy's room, with Volkner following them. When they enter, they see a Lakitu riding a black cloud. The Lakitu has the regular skin color for the species but has an eye patch over his left eye, a crown, a black shell with two purple stripes going around it, and is wearing a sword sash.

"Well well well, look who we have here," says the Lakitu.

"What are you doing with Wendy?!" exclaims Paraplonk.

"Oh, I'm just here to kidnap her! Me and my buddies are here to kidnap the whole family!"

"Well, you're going to have to get through us if you want to get the others!" says Kamek.

"Too late," says the Lakitu. He pulls out his sword and slashes the air. A portal opens up and Larry and Roy are seen tied up inside. The Lakitu then pulls out a rope which he uses to tie up Wendy, then throws her in the portal and shuts it.

Then a Spy Guy comes in carrying Iggy, Lemmy, Roy, and Ludwig, all tied up. "Hey Lakimaru, you got the others?" asks the Spy Guy.

"Sure do, Chaos Guy. Just throw 'em in here," he says while opening the portal. Chaos Guy throws them in and Lakimaru shuts the portal.

The minions just Stare at the horrible scene they are watching. "Why are you doing this?!" exclaims Paraplonk.

"Revenge, Paraplonk! Revenge!" exclaims Lakimaru.

"How do you know... Wait a minute... Lakimaru!"

"Ah, so you do remember me."

"Then that must mean you're..." Starts Sergeant Guy.

"The former Sergeant Guy," finishes Chaos Guy.

Then, they hear another voice. "Ah, I see all of you now know each other," says the voice.

The minions turn around and see Basilisx holding a tied up Bowser and Jr. (Wow, he is really strong.)

"Basilisx!" exclaims Kamek.

"Yes, I am back for revenge! Along with my two new buddies, Lakimaru and Chaos Guy. Now, if you don't mind, we are off."

Lakimaru opens the portal and Basilisx throws Bowser and Jr. in. But just as he is about to leave with Lakimaru and Chaos Guy, a magical blast is shot and hits Basilisx in his shell. He is sent to the ground and slowly gets up to find out that Kamek at fired a blast at him.

"Oh, it's like that, is it? Lakimaru. Chaos Guy - wait outside, I'll be with you in a few seconds.

They both nod and rush outside. Basilisx spins and brings out his claws.

"Come and get some!"

Basilisx charges toward the minions and Starts slashing at them. The minions dodge every slash he throws at them. Goomp headbonks him in the stomach and sends him to the ground. Paraplonk dive-bombs him, but Basilisx tucks into his shell and heads for Paraplonk. He pops out and kicks him right in the stomach. Paraplonk is sent toward the ground, but Volkner jumps up and catches him.

Sergeant Guy fires an icy spell at Basilisx. But Basilisx is fast and acts like the spin drill from SMG2 and digs underground. He comes up behind the minions and drill-attacks all of them. They are sent to the ground. Volkner gets up and quickly fires a lightning orb at him. Basilisx spins and the orb is caught inside a mini tornado he made. He stops spinning and sends the tornado back at him. Volkner jumps out of the way, but Basilisx appears behind him and brings out his claws, which then light on fire. He is about to slash Volkner, but isn't quick enough. Kamek puts a spell on Goomp that gives him more power. Goomp headbonks him and Basilisx is sent to the ground again.

"So, you learned to engulf your claws in fire without swiping them through it?" asks Goomp.

"Hehehe. It's one of the many tricks I learned. Here is another one that should finish you off!"

Basilisx charges toward the minions with his claws out, but this time, they are engulfed within a shadowy aura. And with one slash, he finishes them all off in one fall swoop. The minions fall to the ground. Basilisx withdraws his claws and brings out five little balls. He puts them all on the minions in places where they wouldnít be able to see them.

"If you survive this next attack... those things will let me know where you are."

He forms an orb of dark energy. He fires it at the minions and it causes a giant, dark explosion. The minions are seen blasting off to who knows where.

Meanwhile, Lakimaru and Chaos Guy are seen outside with their jaws hanging open, but you really can't tell with Chaos Guy. Basilisx comes out and laughs.

"That was all too easy. Come on, guys, letís get outta here."

Lakimaru opens a portal and the three of them jump in. But before they are out of view, Basilisx laughs evilly.

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