Dimentio's Revenge

By Changling

Episode 4: Big Blooper Blunders

Last time on Dimentio's Revenge, we didn't show the battle between Jr. Troopa, Koopster, and Mario, leaving all of you in suspense! Instead, we showed three groups. The first group was Bowser and his army. They had all been teleported to the same place (as explained in episode 3), which was the Forest Maze! They wandered around for quite some time, until Bowser found the way out. At the exit of the forest was the Eldstar Card. As Bowser got ready to grab it, Francis appeared and tried to claim it his own. Bowser burned down the forest and deep-fried Francis, grabbing the Eldstar Card and taking off for his castle, thoughts of gathering the Star Spirit Cards on his mind.

Meanwhile, Smithy found Dry, Dry Ruins and figured that it was the perfect place to build a new factory. He settled there and sent out the Axem Rangers to build a hangar for the bay, Bowyer to recruit some minions, Yaridovich to set up the machines, and Mack to look for things in the ruins that could help them. The Axem Rangers destroyed Dry, Dry Outpost to get bricks for the hangar, but eventually made it, while Bowyer gathered desert recruits. Mack found the Ruby Star as well, and Yaridovich set up the machines without incident. Now Smithy is about to send out his minions to find more Crystal Stars.

With the final group, which was Cackletta, Fawful, and Popple, Popple stole the Misstar Card and figured out its powers. After he and Fawful searched fruitlessly for more Cards, Cackletta decided that the Cards must be in other kingdoms. The three set off for the Mushroom Kingdom.

Who will win this race? Will Bowser? Mario? Smithy? Dimentio? Fawful? Find out, in this next part of Dimentio's Revenge!

The camera sets into focus and we see Mario and Ninja looking at Jr. Troopa and Koopster, fists clenched in a fighting position. "Last time you may have beat me, Mario! And you may have beat Koopster a few times too! But this time, it's different! Teamed up with someone else, we're unstoppable!" Jr. Troopa grins at Mario.

"Ready to feel the pain, Mario?" Koopster asks, glaring at Mario.

"We can take these clowns!" Ninja says to Mario.

"Let's-a go!"

Jr. Troopa rushes at Mario to do his jump attack. Mario ducks under it, and Jr. Troopa overshoots and knocks into the wall of the badge shop. Koopster shell-shots Ninja, who jumps in the air, spins around, and kicks his shell even faster in that direction. Unfortunately for him, Jr. Troopa is in that direction.

"Oh, #$@-"

SMASH! Jr. Troopa smashes through the wall of the badge shop and lands on the counter. He rushes out the hole in the wall and jumps at ninja. She ducks, but he grabs on to her Toad ap, and bites her on the back of the head! Ninja swings her head forward, knocking him off onto the rooftop.

Mario is going one on one with Koopster. Koopster sees Mario trying to jump on him, so he quickly moves out of the way and leaves his foot where Mario lands. Mario trips and stumbles down, falling off Zess T's roof. He catches the event board to slow his fall, and sees Koopster doing a flying leap at him. Mario dodges out of the way and shoots him with a fireball. Koopster contracts into his shell and shoots at Mario. When Mario sidesteps, Koopster jumps out of his shell and kicks Mario in the face. Mario staggers backward and kicks the pestering Koopa. Koopster goes flying and crashes into the wall of the bar. Mario jumps in and looks around for Koopster…

Jr. Troopa goes into a flying leap at Ninja, who ducks, and while Jr. Troopa flies overhead, she punches upward to make sure that he doesn't grab onto her head. Jr. Troopa goes flying and lands on the roof of the badge shop.

"Hmm… you are pretty good! But let's see how you do against this! MORE POWER!" Jr. Troopa starts glowing, and he leaps off the roof onto the lower one, punching Ninja in the face. Ninja pulls out a samurai sword.

"I was hoping not to have to use this, because I don't enjoy hurting infants," Ninja says, grinning.

Jr. Troopa's eyes turn red. "I AM NOT AN INFANT!"

Jr. Troopa charges at her, swatting her sword aside, even though that earns him a large cut in his hand. He tackles her and a cloud of dust rises up. When it clears, the two roll into the inn and resume their fight in there…

Mario rushes in and looks around. A shell comes flying from the bar counter, smacking him in the face. The people in the bar are startled momentarily, and then start cheering for whoever they think will win. Mario staggers backward from the blow, and Koopster lands lightly on his feet. Like lightning, he brings his fist forward in a punch, but Mario is quicker. He ducks the punch and shoots a fireball at Koopster. Koopster dodges, and the fireball hits the counter. The counter goes up in flames and the Rogueport citizens, who were cheering seconds before, start screaming and running away from the blaze

Koopster looks around. "Pretty good, plumber, but you haven't won this yet! The blaze could turn the tide for either of us!" Koopster's face scrunches up against the heat.

"Well-a then, let's see what-a happens!" Mario says, stepping away from the counter…

Ninja jumps to her feet and looks around for Jr. He jumps out behind her and she swings around, throwing a shuriken at him. Jr. gets hit in the face and howls in pain. He tackles Ninja to the ground and pins her with his hand. "This is the end of the road for you!"

Suddenly, fire leaps out of the ground, and Jr. jumps back. Ninja leaps to her feet and rushes back to where the badge shop is as the inn bursts into flames. Jr. follows and leaps at her, biting her wrist. She shouts and trips, falling off the roof and onto the ground below. Jr. Troopa tries to grab onto the floor, but he misses and falls down with her. Ninja lands on her hands and feet in a catlike position as Jr. Troopa falls splat on the ground, unconscious. Ninja hears shouts and rushes into the bar, where she guesses Mario is…

Mario charges at Koopster, who jumps over Mario's head, landing behind him. Mario spins around and Koopster grabs a chair, throwing it at him. Mario ducks and charges up a pyrosphere in his hand. Koopster blanches in fear and leaps behind the counter, dodging the fireball. Mario leans his head over the counter, looking for him, and WHAM! Mario is blasted in the head by the shell. He flies back into the wall with Koopster on top of him. They smash a hole through the wall, right when Ninja runs in. She spins around at the sound of breaking wood, and rushes back out, to Mario and Koopster. She catches up to them in front of the gallows, finding them kicking and punching each other, and jumps into the fray. A cartoon cloud goes up, and while fighting, Ninja gets knocked away and down the staircase that leads to the docks. Mario rushes after her, and Koopster follows Mario. Ninja staggers back onto her feet and Mario hands her a Mushroom. Ninja starts feeling better as Koopster runs up. Mario and Ninja get ready to fight, when Koopster stops in his tracks, staring up behind them. Mario turns around and stares up behind him.

A HUGE Blooper is coming out of the water, eclipsing the Rogueport docks in shadow. "BLOOPER!!!" shouts the Blooper, although no one can understand it. Mario gasps.

Suddenly, footsteps are heard running into the dock. Mario turns around, to see Jr. Troopa holding the Crystal Crystal Star. "Haha! Mario! I've got you and your friend done f- WHAT THE @%#$!" Jr. Troopa looks up at the HUGE Blooper.

The Blooper looks at all of them, and then looks at the Crystal Star. "BLOOP BLOOP BLO-BLOOP!" The Blooper swings a giant tentacle at the Star, trying to grab it, but Jr. jumps out of the way. The Blooper brings out ten tentacles from the ater, and swings them around, trying to hit Jr, who jumps, ducks, slides, and weaves, but the Blooper still goes for him. The Blooper brings one tentacle up really high, and smashes it down. Jr. jumps out of the way quickly, but the slap breaks the staircase in half and he tumbles down it. Jr. runs behind Mario, but the Blooper attacks him there. Jr. Troopa doesn't know what to do, when he suddenly realizes that he has one last chance.

Dodging a swinging tentacle along with Mario, Ninja, and Koopster, he runs out to the middle of the docks and holds the Star up high. A bunch of lines shoot out from it and wrap around the Blooper. The Blooper starts screaming in pain randomly, and Jr. laughs. The Blooper slips back underwater, and Jr. Troopa sits down with a sigh of relief. Suddenly the Blooper pops back out, shaking back and forth. A black shell with darkness trailing behind it flies off it and lands on the dock. A strange, black Koopa pops out from the shell and looks at the Blooper while holding a strange remote.

"You nitwit! We nearly had it! Goodness! You're the most worthless piece of junk ever!" the black Koopa says as the camera zooms in on the Blooper to show that it has a strange collar on it. The Blooper is obviously offended by that remark and brings up a giant tentacle to smash the Koopa into the ground, but the Koopa pushes a button on the remote control and electricity is seen emerging from the collar and traveling all over the Blooper. The Koopa sighs, and talks to the Blooper again. "Next time you lose, shocking is the least you'll get!"

"BLOO-BLOO BLOOP!" the Blooper says, looking extremely sad.

The Koopa sighs and turns toward the heroes and villains, who are watching him cautiously. "Sorry about that, it would have been much easier on you guys if he'd just killed you. Anyway, I'll be taking that Star there," says the Koopa, looking at the Crystal Star in Jr. Troopa's hands.

The little Koopa stares in shock at him for a second, but then snaps to his senses. "No! Me and my buddy Koopark got this fair and square!" Jr. backs away from the black Koopa.

"I suggest you give me that Star, or it's game over!" the Koopa snaps, pulling out a portable Bullet Bill Blaster.

"Uh, um, well, here you go!" Jr. stammers, holding the Star out with shaking hands.

The Koopa walks forward to grab the Star, when WHAM! He smashes against the ground, then gets up to see Mario grabbing the Star. "I don't-a know who you are-a, but I know that you-a aren't up to any good!"

"Oh, excuse me. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Koopark, a faithful servant of Dimentio, and the one who will end your game!" the Koopa declares, leaping nimbly back to his feet.

Mario glares at him. "I don't-a think so!" Mario gets into a fighting position.

Koopark sighs, and grabs the portable Bullet Bill Blaster. Mario grimaces, realizing that he's already hurt, but shrugs it off and gets ready for the fight. But the fight never comes.


A tentacle smashes into Koopark's head. He spins around and sees the Blooper lifting up its tentacle for another smash. Koopark gets the remote out, but Mario quickly tackles him to the ground and jumps out of the way as the tentacle comes back down. Koopark smashes into the ground, then tries to get up, but the Blooper sprays ink all over his face, He stumbles around before falling into the water.

Ninja comes forward and grins a large grin at Mario. "We got the first one! Only thirteen more!" Ninja laughs. Mario smiles at her, then flashes a peace sign at the camera.

But the episode isn't over yet! The Blooper looks around the dock and spots Koopster. He gets angry, thinking it's Koopark, and smashes Koopster with his tentacles. Koopster yelps and gets into his shell before impact, and the Blooper knocks his shell into the wall super hard. The shell bounces off the wall and hits Mario and Ninja in the back, and they faint and fly out into the ocean. The screen goes black… (This is one of, if not the, last times they get knocked out, don't worry.)


Once again we are in the dark, torch-lit room. Dimentio is sitting in his chair, waiting for Koopark to come back with the Crystal Star. He looks at his watch. Should be here any minute now, Dimentio thinks, wondering where his minion is. Suddenly, his ears perk up. Footsteps...


 "Enter!" declares Dimentio. The door opens slightly, and in slips Koopark, dripping wet. "Do you have the Crystal Star?" DImentio asked the soggy Koopa.

"Well, um, you see-"

"Spit it out!"

Koopark sighs. "My own Blooper turned on me and kept me from getting them, and the Crystal Star." He looks down, not daring to look at the face of his master.

Dimentio grins. "Ah ha ha! We shall get him next time, like a bear snatching a fish from a river. I suppose you should go to the next location. We have spotted the Mamar Card on Isle Delfino somewhere. Go and retrieve it, and if you meet that Mario and his friend, eliminate them!"

"Yes, sir." Koopark breathes a sigh of relief. "I'll do it right away, sir." The black Koopa runs out of the room, leaving a grinning Dimentio.

Dimentio sits back in his chair, when…


Dimentio springs upright; it is probably Blagon returning. "Enter!"

The door flies open, and in rushes Blagon, holding a vial of some purple substance and a syringe. "I have it ready! I got it from her herself!" Blagon shouts, clearly exuberant about something.

Dimentio's grin grows wider. "She just gave you some of her blood?" he asks, referring to the liquid in the vial.

"Oh, no. I had to fight her to get it. Ha! Also, I got near that Mario guy and he didn't even notice me! That Mario and his pal are so dense. I was right next to them! Let me tell you what happened."


Blagon teleports into Rogueport square, disguised as a Pianta thug. He looks toward the pipe that leads to his destination in east Rogueport, and starts to head towards it, when he notices a bar and decides to stop and get a drink. He comes into the bar and walks up to the barkeeper. "I'd like a cup of dat Hoolumbian drink youse gots," he says, trying out his thug accent.

The barkeeper goes and gets one for him. "That'll be 20 coins."

Blagon looks in his wallet (stolen from a real Pianta thug) and sees only 10 coins. "Hows about youse gives me da drink, and I won't make Da Franky come and inju' ya!"

The barkeeper gulps and hands him the Hoolumbian. He sits down and brings the Hoolumbian up to his lips to drink, when a shell crashes through the wall behind him, knocking the glass of liquid on the ground. A Koopa pops out of the shell and ducks behind the counter, as Mario rushes in. He looks around, trying to find the Koopa, who jumps from behind the counter and shoots at him. Mario staggers backward and notices Blagon, looking at him curiously. He suddenly shakes his head and turns his attention back to the Koopa.

All around, people are cheering for the two combatants, and Blagon chooses this moment to leave. He rushes out of the bar and runs toward the pipe, diving in. He makes his way through the sewers and finds the Thousand-Year Door. He enters…


"Ah, good work, Blagon," muses Dimentio. "Anyway, the time for chitchat is over. Begin the procedure!"

Blagon inserts some of the mysterious liquid into the needle and then poked the end of the needle into Dimentio's arm. All the liquid is slowly drained into his arm...


Bowser looks up at his castle. It has been redecorated to look like a giant Koopa shell. The shell is green and has ten spikes sticking out of it, just like Bowser's shell. Above the spike in the middle of the shell (the top of the castle) is a spire, leading up from the top of the spike. If you look up high enough, you can see at the very top a Bowser-shaped mini-castle. It has been made and painted so well that it looks exactly like Bowser. The spire ends at a place between both feet, and on either side of the spire is a glass-covered tunnel leading into the side of each foot. Although this may seem unsteady, it also has strong rockets beneath it to keep up the mini-castle in case of the glass tunnel breaking.

This is the best design EVER! I have never gotten the castle to look this good! I hope Mario doesn't wreck it. As usual… Bowser sighs, and then signals his army and kids to follow him as he marches into the castle.  While walking in, his oldest son, Ludwig, runs up to him.

"Father! You know zat Star Spirit Card zat you found in ze forest?" Ludwig asks, a glimmer in his eyes.

"Bwahahahaha! Of course I remember that, Son! Spoils of war! How could I forget that?" Bowser laughs.

"Vell, if zey'res vone of zem out zere-" Ludwig begins, but is cut off by his father.

"Yeah, yeah, I know. If zey'res vone of zem out zere, zere must be more!" Bowser says, putting on a horrible French accent.

"…Zat vans' very nice. Anyway, zere's more zan just zat! I believe sat if I were able to perform a few experiments on zat Card, I vould be able to make a tracking device to lead to ze ozers!" Ludwig states, looking up at his big, hulking father.

"Bwahahahahahaha! Sounds good to me! It'll be a lot easier if I know where this stuff is!" Bowser laughs again.

Ludwig rushes off, then turns around and goes back to Bowser. "Oh, yeah, may I have ze Card?" asks Ludwig, blushing.

Bowser takes out the card and begins to hand it to Ludwig, but stops. He growls, "If you blow this Card up, you'll be in the dungeons for life!"

Ludwig gulps and carefully takes the Card. "You can count on me, Fazer." Ludwig gulps again before running off to his lab.

Bowser grunts, straightens up, and walks off towards his throne room, intent on telling Kemek and Kammy the news. (He had left them and some other guards behind to guard the Keep.)

Some time later…

Bowser is sitting on his throne, thinking up evil plots. His thoughts are interrupted by Roy chasing a screaming Iggy into the room. Iggy hides behind the throne and Roy chases after him. Bowser, mad about losing his train of thought, shouts, "ROY! IGGY! GO AND PLAY SOMEWHERE ELSE!" Roy stops in his tracks and quickly leaves the room. Iggy whimpers and runs out, only to be tackled by Roy, who brings Iggy into his room.

Bowser sighs and shakes his head amid the screams of Iggy. When will my children learn to get along? If they spent as much time fighting Mario as they did each other, the whole world would belong to us! He turns his thoughts back onto the Star Spirit Card. I wonder if even that Card will make things different for us. I wonder if ALL the Cards would make things different for us. I mean, Mario has beaten me when I was giant, when I was invincible, even when I ambushed him after he was weak from fighting that wacko robot guy!

Bowser is shaken from his thoughts as he hears knocking on the throne room door. "Come in!"

The door opens and Ludwig comes in, holding the Eldstar Card in one hand and a machine that looks like a Gameboy SD in the other. "Fazer! I have done it!"

Bowser, momentarily forgetting what Ludwig had been doing, asks, "What?! Bought a Gameboy SD?! I'm too busy for this nonsense! Get outta here!" Bowser shouts.

Ludwig shakes his head, "No, Fazer! I have created ze device to track ze Star Spirit Cards! I call it, ze… Actually I haven't decided what to call eet yet. Should it be the-"

Bowser sighs. "Just give me the stupid thing." Ludwig snaps out of it and hands the machine to his father. "Now, Ludwig. I want you to go and get all the Koopalings in here. Also get Haggie and Ancient Rrelic. Go quickly!" Ludwig nods twice before rushing off.

Bowser sits back down in his throne as he watches his son run off, and waits for everyone to arrive. First to come is Larry, because he had been spying on that whole conversation. Next is Kamek, followed by Kammy, both riding on their brooms. Next is Wendy, clearly upset about being called out of putting on her makeup. Then is Roy, who is in the middle of beating up Iggy, then Morton, Bowser Jr, and finally Lemmy and Ludwig.

Bowser stands up and starts talking to everyone. "All right, you are probably all wondering why I asked you here. The reason is not the Marios. It is because of the Star Spirit Card I found in the woods. Now, if you remember, Dimentio had all of those. If he had all of them, then why would he scatter only one of them? I conclude that he scattered all of them. As you probably all remember, those Cards hold great power. Wielding all of them would enable to defeat someone who is both invincible and really strong. We must find them all before Mario does.

“We should all split up though, just to cover more distance. Now, Ludwig, you make nine more of these tracking things and give them to all your siblings and the Magikoopas, but not to Larry. Larry, I need you to go spy on Mario. I advise you two to go off right away!"

"Yes sir!" the two Koopalings reply before rushing off, one to the lab and the other to his doomship.

Morton steps up. "So King Dad, Bowser, ruler of Dark Land, King of Koopas, where should we each go, leave to, travel to, and do we go alone, solo, by ourselves, or with someone else, a sibling, a pal, a- OW!" Morton stops at a punch from Roy.

Bowser replies, "You should each go a different way. I want to cover as much ground as we can. If you want, you can take some troops or specially trained army personnel, but you must not go with each other. Got it?"

Bowser Jr. stands straight and says in his squeaky little voice, "You can count on me, Dad!" before walking out.  The other Koopalings and the Magikoopas also take their leave, getting ready to go. It will be their toughest mission yet…

Everyone has set off to begin their adventure! Dimentio has sent out his minions and has control of the Chaos Heart, Star Rod, and both Prognostici. Mario and Ninja have set off, a Crystal Star in hand. Bowser has sent out his kids and even himself, holding the Eldstar Card. Smithy has obtained the Ruby Star and sent forth his minions to get the rest while he makes robots. And finally, Cackletta, Popple, and Fawful have begun their journey to the Mushroom Kingdom to search. Who will achieve their goal first? Find out on the next thrilling part of Dimentio's Revenge!

Read on!

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