Dimentio's Revenge

By Changling

Episode 9: A Tribute to Torte

~This chapter is dedicated to Chef Torte. Any of his characters used are used in an attempt to honor his good name, in the hope that he might return some day~

Last time on Dimentio’s Revenge, Mario, Ninja, and O’Chunks ran from the Sports Hall, worried that someone from Dark Land would be chasing them. After sprinting ‘til night (though you can’t really tell in Dark Land), they stopped to plot their next course of action. Mario didn’t know what to do, so he decided to go ask Merlon of Toad Town about a strange card that had achieved. When they got to Toad Town, a Toad ran out and informed them that Peach was being mind-controlled and that she had in turn hypnotized all the other Toads. Mario immediately rushed straight into the unknown dangers of Toad Town.

When they ran in, an angry mob of Toads came and rushed at Mario, who ran to South Toad Town, not wanting to hurt them because they didn’t have any choice. Ninja and O’Chunks then split up, Ninja to the castle to stop Peach, and O’Chunks to save Mario from the Toads.

With Mario, the Toads chased him and he ran for the sewers, but crashed into Morton, Yaridovich, and Popple, who were in Toad Town to find the Sapphire Star. They broke the pipe to the sewers in half, which made a whirlwind suck everyone into the sewers. In there, Yaridovich KOed the angry mob with a water blast, then turned to attack Mario. Morton started talking about how he was going to kill Mario, and Popple threw him into the nasty sewage water. A Super Blooper came out and there was a huge battle, but in the end, Mario and O’Chunks won. They then set off to find and help Ninja.

Ninja entered the castle successfully, battled some guards, and searched the castle. She couldn’t find Peach until she went out on the balcony, and then they fought, resulting in Ninja getting knocked off the edge of the balcony. She held on by one hand, and when Peach was just about to end her game, Mario and O’Chunks got to the scene and saved Ninja, who destroyed the chip that was controlling Peach’s mind. But then, in a dramatic sequence, Dimentio came in and ruined it all, taking Peach as his captive once again and taking the Sapphire Star that Peach possessed.

We now join Mario, Ninja, and O’Chunks walking out of Peach’s Castle.


Mario, Ninja, and O’Chunks walk out of Peach’s Castle, looking defeated. Mario sighs, and sits down on the ground. “So, what do-a we do now?”

Ninja plops down next to him. “I don’t know. I guess we should keep looking for the Star Spirit Cards and the Crystal Stars.”

Although it is O’Chunk’s turn to plump on his rump and say something, Mario ruins his chance at stardom by leaping into the air. “That’s-a it! We need to speak to Merlon about this card-thing! That’s why we-a came to Toad Town in the first-a place!”

Ninja flips back onto her feet. “Yeah, that’s a good idea. Let’s go!”

O’Chunks begins to say something, but Mario and Ninja have already left.  He runs after them, grumbling something about never getting a word into the conversation. When they reach Merlon’s house, Mario steps up to the door and knocks. A loud voice calls out, “Merlon is not in here!”

“Oh, come on, Merlon. We know you’re-a in here because you’re talking to us!” Mario replies reasonably.

“Hrmph. It’s Mario, is it? Well, come on in, I guess,” the old wizard calls out.

Mario pushes open the door and steps tentatively inside. Once they’re all in, Merlon pulls out a crystal ball from the wall behind him. “So, what is it you need from me, Mario?” he asks in a wise-sounding, yet dreamy voice.

Mario pulls out the card from the pocket of his overalls. He hands it to Merlon, who looks at it and cries out in shock.  “How did you get this?” he asks, forgetting all pretense of sounding wise and dreamy.

Mario looks at Merlon quizzically. “Well, I-a have been keeping the Pure Hearts with me ever  since what happened recently involving Count Bleck, because you never know what might happen. Then, after the party that didn’t end too well, I began to gather the Star Spirit Cards and Crystal Stars so that I could combat Dimentio. As soon as I got my first Star Spirit Card and my first Crystal Star, the Card, Star, and a Pure Heart began to float around each other, and they transformed into this!”

Merlon sighs.  "Well, this is either a very good thing, or a very bad thing."

O'Chunks starts to say something, but Ninja speaks up first. "What do you mean?"

Merlon bites his lip, then continues to speak.  "Well. A long time ago, as you know, the ancients endowed the Star Spirits with power to watch over the Mushroom Kingdom. This was about the same time they made the Purity Heart. At the time, they made those to combat the Crystal Stars, which had been controlled by the Shadow Queen, who made them. The ancients took the Purity Heart and the Star Spirits, and pitted the two powers of good against the Crystal Stars. The Purity Heart and Star Spirits won, but the force of the battle shattered the Purity Heart into eight pieces, and they were all separated. Now, when a Pure Heart and a Star Spirit (or their Card) are near a Crystal Star, the evil inside that Star begins to stir, making the Pure Heart and Star Spirit (or Card) wary, and they immediately fuse with the Crystal Star and each other. Once fused, they can't be separated. When someone possesses one of these combined objects, called Pure Stards, if he is a good person, the good in the Pure Stard will try to help the hero, even as the evil tries to stop him. The good ought to be able to win, but the Pure Hearts and Star Spirits are extremely weakened by their battle, having stayed like that for life. So now there is a chance that your Stard will be helpful, but an equal chance that it will bring about evil."

Mario looks at the Stard in his hand, utterly repulsed now.  "Wouldn't it be better just to throw these away, and fight Dimentio normally?"

Merlon looks at Mario sort of pityingly.  "Well, normally I'd suggest that, but he's acquired so much power now, that it would be foolish to attack him by yourself. The Stards are your only chance."

Mario sighs, then grudgingly agrees.  "Fine, I'll do it. Can you locate the next Star Spirit Card or Crystal Star?"

Merlon looks into his Crystal Ball, focusing hard. Soon, he says, "I see something! I see something! It's emerging, and-"

Suddenly a strange blue Fuzzy hops through the door.  "Hey, put a sock in it, old fogey! Us Fuzzies are taking over the town, so you'd better give us your valuables and get out of here! My, that's a nice crystal ball! I think it'll look nice on my wall!" The Fuzzy leaps on the table, grabs the crystal ball, and hops off.

Merlon, who has been sitting there a bit shocked, leaps off his chair and runs for the door, yelling words not fit for print. Mario, Ninja and O'Chunks look at each other, sigh, then get up and go out the door.


Dimentio and Blagon are speaking in that one underground room we see so often. "Ah ha ha! This adds one more to our number! Now, I have located a Star Spirit Card, like a magpie locates treasures. It is on an island with a volcano just south of Dinosaur Land. It will be your first mission in which you are racing Mario, so you should be careful to do it well."

"Yes, Master, I shall leave immediately." Blagon puts his wand into his trench coat and snaps his fingers, going into the uncomfortable sensation of teleportation.

Dimentio hears a knocking on the door, and calls out, "Enter!"

Koopark strides in and salutes smartly to Dimentio. "Preparations are complete! The army is assembled and ready to march."

Dimentio grins devilishly. "Ah ha ha! Excellent! Then we shall send them out at once, like a snake sending out his baby cobras to wreak havoc! And you, my helpful Koopark, and your brothers shall be the leaders!"

Koopark laughs evilly along with his master, as the screen fades black.


Mario, Ninja, and O’Chunks run out the door to see Toad Town overrun by Fuzzies. Everywhere, Fuzzies are pestering people, stealing their belongings, and generally causing mayhem. Mario looks around and sees one Fuzzy urging all the others on. He is standing on a podium on top of a Toad house, and in his hand (wait, do Fuzzies have hands?) he holds Merlon's crystal ball.

"That's the one!" O'Chunks shouts, pointing at the Fuzzy on top of the roof.

Mario motions for the others to stay where they are, and sneaks up behind the Toad house, grabs his hammer, and throws it with all his might. Wham! The Fuzzy is hit in the back and topples forward, falling off the roof. "Get him!" Mario shouts to Ninja and O'Chunks, running back around the house.  When he gets around, he sees Ninja and O'Chunks in a ring made by Fuzzies. Mario tries to get in, but the Fuzzies push him out.

The Fuzzy leader shouts, "MEEEEEOOOORK! I, Fuzz E., challenge the fat one to a duel, for despicable behavior such as hitting me in the back!"

O'Chunks cracks his knuckles. "Ah accept."

Ninja steps forward. "I'll help."

O'Chunks sticks out a hand, pushing Ninja back. "No, I'll do this myself."

Ninja hesitates, then steps backward out of the ring. Fuzz E. hops back and forth, shouting meork at random times while working himself into a frenzy. O'Chunks hops up, holding his fists in front of him, and Fuzz E. attacks.

Fuzz E. bounces back and forth, crazy eyes rolling around and around, then he shoots himself forward at O'Chunks. O'Chunks steps to the side, but Fuzz E. uses his momentum to execute a sideflip, landing right on O'Chunks's head. Fuzz E. brings out his fangs, but O'Chunks shakes his head hard and Fuzz E. flies off, then rolls a few times and regains his composure. Fuzz E. charges at O'Chunks, who this time dodges to the side and then falls flat on his belly. Unfortunately for him, Fuzz E. had a different plan. Fuzz E. waits for O'Chunks to land, then he walks up and bites him. O'Chunks, horrified, kicks out, and catches Fuzz E. in the face. Fuzz E. flies to the opposite side of the ring, and lands on his head.

"Ouch! Meeeeooooork! You'll pay for that one!" Fuzz E. hops up and down, then turns red in anger. He shoots himself forward at supersonic speed, and O'Chunks dives away, just barely dodging. Fuzz E. bounces against one of the Toad houses, then bounces against another, going back and forth, quicker and quicker. O'Chunks watches, and Fuzz E. launches himself full speed at O'Chunks, who leaps out of the way. Fuzz E. crashes into a Toad house, and breaks clean through the wall.

O'Chunks dives right in after him. "Where are ya, ya lil Fuzzy?"

"Right here!" Fuzz E. shouts, pouncing on O'Chunks's head. O'Chunks smashes his head into the wall, knocking Fuzz E. off but leaving them both dazed. O'Chunks recovers more quickly and grabs Fuzz E. O'Chunks throws him with all his might. Fuzz E. bounces everywhere through the house, then breaks a hole through the ceiling. Pieces of debris and masonry fall down, pelting O'Chunks all over his face and the rest of his body. Suddenly a large slab of roof breaks off halfway above O'Chunks, big enough to crush him flat. O'Chunks thinks quickly and grabs a lamp, pole vaulting up and onto the roof, where Fuzz E. awaits. Fuzz E. grins sinisterly at O'Chunks, then takes out one of those packets of sugar that you put in coffee.

He opens it and pours all the sugar in his mouth. He turns red-orange from all the sugar entering his veins, and bounces around crazily, back and forth and up and down, and CRACK! The two fighters look down at their feet and see that the entire Toad house roof is collapsing! O'Chunks leaps toward the nearby house, adrenaline coursing through his veins, and rolls a bit, ending in a cat-like pose. Fuzz E. bounces over right when the Toad house roof collapses and the house is demolished. Good thing that it is that vacant one that was always locked in PM. Fuzz E. leaps at O'Chunks again, who jumps from the roof of Tayce T's house and grabs a tree, swings around it, and flies off, catching Fuzz E. right in the face. They both land right in the middle of the ring from earlier, O'Chunks with one foot on Fuzz E.

Fuzz E. gulps as Mario, Ninja, O'Chunks, and a bunch of Toads come to stand above him, looking down angrily. Mario grabs him. "Why did you do this to our home?! What-a have you to say for-a yourself?!"

Fuzz E. panics, many thoughts racing through his mind, and he suddenly blurts out, "I'msorryIwon'tdoitagainI'lldoanythingpleasedon'thurtmeIwantmymommy!"

Mario looks at his companions, then grins. Ninja looks confused, then realization dawns on her face. "Oh, no, you can't be thinking of-"

Mario takes out a collar. "You said you'd-a do anything, so me and my-a friends are going to take you on a mission. A mission to save the world. But don't be thinking you'll get away safely! This collar won't shock you, hurt you, or anything. It'll keep you from being able to get farther than twenty yards from-a me. If you-a try to go farther then you-a will find an invisible wall!"

Fuzz E. looks from one to another. "And if I don't agree? Meeoork!"

Mario grins. "Well, if you want to spend the next ten years in prison, I'm-a not one to stop-a you!"


Mario grins, putting the collar on Fuzz E. "I thought you'd-a say that. Now, I believe you have a crystal ball that we'll need!"

Fuzz E. meekly hands over the crystal ball, and Mario, Ninja, O'Chunks, and now Fuzz E. go to Merlon's house.

Merlon takes the crystal ball huffily, then looks back into its depths. "Hmm… It appears that the next Star Spirit card is… on an Isle South of Dinosaur Land. It has a volcano on it."

Mario turns for the door, saying his trademark line: "Let's-a go!"

Ninja, O'Chunks and Fuzz E. look at him curiously, but follow him. They get to the docks and buy a boat from some random guy on the docks. Then they set sail!

The Koopa Bros. stand tall at the front of their vast army of minions. They look around at the dark, bleak land that is Dark Land. Koopire grins at Koopightning. "This is the life, eh? We rebelled against Bowser, joined Lord Dimentio, and now we have a full army behind us, ready to do our bidding!"

Koopightning laughs, a deep, throaty laugh. "Ha, yeah! And we also get to be the generals who lead Lord Dimentio's army to world domination!"

Kooplant joins in. "Once again, we are the coolest of the cool!"

Koopark spins into the group, then jumps out, one hand in the air. "We are…"


Koopark leaps up to the head of their army. "Let's do this! We march at once, to attack Bowser's Castle!"

Author's Note: This part of the story is not in accordance with what happened in GBT, it's just a tribute. I know you die-hard GBT fans will know that some things are off, but I did my best.

Out in the middle of the vast Shitake Sea, there is an island that has a large volcano. The camera pans all around the volcano, showing many different interesting rock formations. A small hole is visible in the rock face, and the camera zooms into the hole and comes out the other side, where we can see that there is a telescope poking into the hole. Looking into it is a Shy Guy. The camera goes into first person view, and through the microscope we can see a small rowing boat, then a little ways to the east, the mighty Blade, farther east, a doomship, and even farther east, a blimp with the face of some creepy old lady plastered on the front. The Shy Guy begins to pull away from the telescope, when he sees activity on the shore. He points the telescope down, to see a strange man that looks like a Flipsider appear on the beach.

The Shy Guy pulls away from telescope and mumbles to himself, "Perhaps I should tell Chef Torte… right after I play with Lucy," he decides.

The crazy Shy Guy exits the room with the telescope, and enters his bedroom. There, his eyes fall on a very evil-looking cat, with red eyes and black fur. "Lucy!" the Shy Guy runs to the cat and embraces it. Lucy looks murderous, and claws the Shy Guy, who doesn't care. The Shy Guy sits down on a sofa, flips on the television, and grabs a bowl of popcorn. Suddenly the door opens and a Magikoopa wearing black robes comes in.

The Magikoopa calls, "Genius Guy!"

Genius Guy turns around, "What bes it, Changling?"

Changling says, "Chef Torte wants to speak with you. And he looked pretty mad."

Genius Guy jumps up and runs out the door, then runs back in, puts an angry-looking Lucy back on the chair, and runs out again. Changling sighs, and walks out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

Genius Guy walks into the meeting room and sits in a chair opposite a mad-looking Koopa chef named Chef Torte, who seems to have a burn on his hand. Chef Torte glares angrily at Genius Guy. "Vas it you who joost zo happeined to leive ze trapdoor next to my room opein? You know, ze vone sat leads to ze lava pits?!"

Genius Guy grins unashamedly. "Yup, I kept it open in case of intruders attacking!"

Chef Torte's face turns red, and Genius Guy, sensing danger, quickly says, "Oh, I have something to report!"

Chef Torte speaks in a voice shaking from surprised anger.  "Vat eez eet?"

Genius Guy thinks for a moment, then a spark lights up in his brain.  "Um, well, did you invite guests?"


Nearby, the dragon Soshi is relaxing in his room, which is full of lava. Suddenly he hears a loud shriek. Soshi leaps into the air and mumbles to himself, "Trouble. Better go to the chef!"

Soshi flies off through a door, and comes into the large entrance hall at the same time as Changling, a Podoboo (Embert T. Podoboo), a Whomp (named Whomp), a big Glum Reaper (the Grand Glum Reaper), Chef Torte's apprentice (Apprentice), and a smaller version of Chef Torte (Mini Moi). Chef Torte quickly looks around at everyone, a worried look in his eyes.

"All right, ve have a leitle problem. Zere are intruders on ze island: a doomship, a blimp, a giant axe, a bloo man, und a rowing boat. I don't zink sat ve have much to vorry about from ze rowing boat; Genius Guy, take eet out. Changling, go for ze blimp. Zoshi, take out ze doomship, Glum Reiper, attack ze axe; and Embeirt, go for ze bloo man. Ze rezt of us vill hold down ze fort."

Genius Guy runs off to his room, grabs Lucy, and runs out the main door; and everyone else just… walks out. Once they’r all gone, Chef Torte turns to Apprentice, Mini Moi, and Whomp.

An evil gleam comes to the deranged Chef's eyes. "Vhile zey're gone, ve vill set up ze traps! Quick! Mini Moi, set up ze vones near ze lava pools; Apprentice, zet up ze vones at ze top; Vhomp, ze vones heir; und I'll take ze vones lower down."

Everyone breaks and runs off to their posts… except for Whomp. He sorta edges toward the main door, then takes a large Viking hat out of a pocket he has, puts it on, and runs out.


Outside, Changling and Embert stop, letting everyone go past them. When they're sure that no one is still around, they nod to each other and jump behind a bush, taking out a large book that says "D and D." They sit down and wait, then Whomp jumps behind the bush as well, wearing that ridiculous Viking hat.

"Okay! You two ready for Dungeons and Dragons?" Whomp asks, putting on spectacles to try to look old and wise.

Changling and Embert rub their hands together and simultaneously reply, "You bet we are!"


Roy leans casually against the steering wheel of the doomship, looking at the nearing Isle Soshi. His brutal features break out in a grin. It would be he to get the first Card, or Star. He would be exalted by his father, King Bowser, and everyone would know who the best Koopaling of the bunch is. Then, when Bowser trusts him the most, he would come from behind and take the throne. All his siblings, his parents, ALL would be his slaves! And as soon as he became king, the first thing he would do would be to launch a full-scale attack on the Mushroom Kingdom! He would demolish it and rule the world! Everything, from that puny island he was flying to, to that Yoshi-like dragon attacking his ship! All would be his! Wait a minute, something's wrong with what he was thinking. Wait, dragon attacking the ship?

Sure enough, a strange dragon has flown up to the ship and is in the middle of ramming into it.  Roy switches on the intercom and calls out, "Attacker! Bring out the cannons, and take maximum firepower! We will demolish this foolish invader of our conquest!"

Numerous hatches open, bringing out cannons, laser blasters, Bill Blasters, homing Bill Blasters, Banzai Bill Blasters, homing Banzai Bill Blasters, and one giant homing King Bill Blaster. Roy looks at Soshi, an evil grin on his face, and he says to himself, "This will be the first to try and stop me. And, for a while, the last."


Genius Guy hides behind a bush on Soshi, looking at the rowboat coming. He cackles madly to himself, petting Lucifer- I mean Lucy Fur, who is digging her claws into his arm and screeching loudly. Genius Guy chuckles while looking at Lucy, and pets her softly on the head. "Don't worry, you'll get some action soon enough."

But Lucy, desperate to get away from Genius Guy, bites him sharply on his arm. Genius Guy drops Lucy, grabbing his arm, and Lucy runs off to shore. Unfortunately for them, Mario and Co. have just arrived, and Lucy doesn't like it when people get in her way…


The Grand Glum Reaper looks up at the Blade nearing the island. He thinks a bit, then decides on a plan. He flies directly below the Blade and phases inside. He looks around until he finds where the main cabin is. Very stealthily, he slides up behind the door and forms a large energy ball on his scythe. Then, when it is large enough, he breaks into the door, only to find that the Axem Rangers have in fact been waiting for him.


Whomp sighs. "Changling, you no doing too well. We been doing this for three hours today already. And you still level 17! Why you no doing any better?"

Changling's face turns bright red. "Well, it's been very difficult! I've had the hardest missions ever!"

Whomp thinks (le gasp) for a minute, then decides, "Whomp know how to make Changling get better. Whomp give Changling prize if he get to level 20 today!" Whomp pulls out the Kalmar Card.

Changling's eyes shine with wonder. "It's so… shiny…"

Embert turns to Whomp. "What about me? Can I get a prize?"

Whomp shakes his head. "You no need prize! You level 25 already!"

Embert scowls deeply, casting glances at the very shiny card every now and then.


Soshi gulps as all the cannons and laser turrets and Blasters pop out. He tries to think what course of action he should take, and he looks all around, then studies the doomship. An idea pops into his head. He flies around in a circle, and a bunch of cannon balls are fired out of the ship. Soshi flies swiftly upward, and a laser turret turns upward, and A FIRES ITS LAZAH! at Soshi. Soshi swoops under it, then flies right, barely dodging a Bullet Bill. Then the homing Bill Blasters kick in, and twenty homing Bills are fired at the dragon. Soshi does a barrel roll followed by a dive downward, barely dodging blasts. The Bills go around in a U-turn, but this is precisely what Soshi wants. The pack of Bullet Bills follow right behind Soshi, who leads them to the doomship.

Roy looks at Soshi coming closer, leading the homing Bills, and he figures out Soshi's plan. Roy quickly looks around, then pushes buttons and pulls levers. Right before Soshi gets the Bullet Bills to the doomship, a bubble-like shield pops up around the doomship, and the homing Bills only smash against the shield. Roy looks at the shield power, which reads "Power at 99.87%". Roy breathes a sigh of relief, then goes back to his seat and sends out the next wave of attack.


Mario looks at the cat coming for him, and dodges out of the way, bringing out his hammer and hitting the cat on the head, KOing it. Genius Guy jumps up and shouts, "What did you do to Lucy?!"

He runs for his cat and grabs it. Then he runs to the volcano, casting hateful glances back at Mario and Co. Ninja stands there for a second, and then says, "That… was lame…"

Fuzz E. looks at everyone else. "What was that all about?"

Mario replies, "I don't know, but let's go to the volcano!"

Too bad the Card isn't even in the volcano…


Red leaps at the Grand Glum Reaper and knocks the scythe out of his hand with his axe. The energy ball smashes into the control panel, blowing up the thing. The Blade begins to fall downward, and Grand Glum Reaper exits, thinking that his work is done. Boy is he wrong.


Soshi dodges under another barrage of normal Bullet Bills, but then, the Banzai Bills come out. One giant one flies right at him, and Soshi swoops to the side, pulling up sharply as another Banzai Bill nearly smashes his guts out. He waits a minute and a barrage of homing Bills are fired. Soshi swoops in a wide circle around the doomship, and the Banzai Bills smash into the shield, reducing the power to 84.59 percent. Soshi rejoices in his victory, but a laser from the ship smashes through his wing. Soshi swoops drunkenly around, crippled but managing to stay in the air.

Roy raises his fist in triumph, and grins. Finally, this annoying dragon would die! Roy smashes many different buttons, turning the laser turrets, cannons, Bill Blasters, homing Bill Blasters, Banzai Bill Blasters, and homing Banzai Bill Blasters on autofire. Then he looks around, and, grinning devilishly, smashes a large button entitled "King Bill".

Soshi nurses his torn wing, then decides to keep it at his side as he figures it'll be easier to fly with one wing then to work his wing as hard as he would have to. Suddenly the sound of a large explosion knocks him back into reality. Soshi spins around quickly and flops to the side, barely dodging a laser. A cannonball shoots at his head and he ducks under it, and then he sees the King Bill. The giant explosive weapon plows through everything else, intent on reaching its target. Soshi evaluates his options, knowing that he won't be able to fly fast enough to get away from the King Bill. He flies toward a homing Banzai Bill, which turns for him. Soshi quickly rushes toward the ship, steering the Banzai Bill behind him. Instead of leading the Banzai Bill into the shield, Soshi drops back and grabs onto the Banzai Bill. He then steers it along, through all the homing Bills, homing Banzai Bills, and the giant homing King Bill. Soshi turns the Banzai Bill back toward the doomship, an evil grin coming onto his features. This would be the most evil he'd done in a long time.


Koopark grins at his brothers. Finally, they are ready to takeover Bowser's Castle. The army is fit and ready, and no one in the castle even suspects anything, as the army has been hidden secretly in a web of caves scattered across the dark, lonely plains like raindrops. Now, there is one thing left to do.

With his army at his back, he and his siblings march on Castle Koopa. Their army is so vast and innumerable that it stretches to the horizon. Koopark smirks, thinking about how much better this is now than life was working for Bowser. Now he has the chance to get rid of that disgrace of a leader. Koopark mentally measures the distance between the army and the castle. Good, they are just beyond range of projectiles. Koopark shouts out in a loud, commanding tone, "HALT!" The vast army of Goombas, Koopas, Clubbas, all sorts of monsters, halts immediately, the red bandanas used to separate them from other monsters shimmering like a see of blood. Koopark calls a young Koopa out from the front line and whispers something in his ear. The young Koopa nods excitedly and hurries off to stand right before the castle.

The Koopa shouts at the top of his lungs, "Is anyone in there?"

A long silence stretches on for a few moments, then some scuffling is heard. Kamek peers over the balcony at the vast army, and he gulps, before replying, "His Highness does not see fit to waste his breath on scum like you. State your business and be gone!"

The Koopa's mouth spreads into a wide, toothy, grin. "I come with a message from the great general Koopark and his legions. You have one hour to vacate this castle, before we will come in and take this land forcefully."

Kamek looks at the Koopa with distaste clearly shown on his face. "You need not wait an hour for our answer. We Koopas have existed in Dark Land for centuries. We have defeated all invaders and eliminated all trace of rebellion in our troops. We have no need for time to think about it. Here is our answer for you!"

Kamek takes out a remote control and slams his hand down on a button. The glass figure of Bowser charges up a huge fireball, then launches it. The poor messenger has no chance to get away and is obliterated.

Koopark turns to his troops and shouts, "You heard them! This means war! Charge!"

And so the siege begins.

Wow, how complex is Dimentio's plan anyway? A huge, full-scale invasion has just gotten underway, Soshi is in fierce combat with Roy's doomship, Mario and Co. are stuck with a Fuzzy who'll likely turn traitor any second and they're looking for the Star Spirit Card in the wrong place, the Grand Glum Reaper thinks he's safe but I know that he will have a tough time later on (Oh my DAD, spoilers!), Chef Torte is making traps but Whomp deserted his post to play D&D, and Cackletta and Blagon have faced no resistance at all. This episode has led to many interesting loose ends, and the madness isn't over yet! Tune in next time for Episode 10: Tribute To Torte II! Happening Thursdays, 8:00 on the Koopa Channel!

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