The Legend of The Mario Bros

By SuperLuigi46

Episode 1: Origin

FLASH! FLASH! Many cameras go off as King Toadstool, wearing a neat robe and crown, walks up to the stage, then many cheers and claps are heard as he sets up the microphone.

Person: King Toadstool! King Toadstool!

King Toadstool: Uh, yes, you there.

Person: King Toadstool, whatís your opinion on the ongoing Sub-con war?

The flash photography keeps going.

King Toadstool: Uh, no comment, but as you see we seem to have it under control-

Person: But sir, Sub-con has gotten incredibly stronger and stronger each day!

King Toadstool: Well, weíre handling it, as you can see our new representative is dealing with these issues. And of course, Iím talking about our new representative, uh, ladies and gentlemen, may I present Wart!

Most people roar in applause as Wart, the new representative, with a blue cape and business clothes, comes to the stage and acknowledges the cheers.

Wart: UhÖ thank you.

The people still cheer.

Wart: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. Uh-

The people are still cheering.

Wart: Thank you, people.

The people stop cheering.

Wart: Now as you see, our new weapons, the Bob-ombs of course and the Bullet BillsÖ

People ooh and ah at the Bullet Bills.

Wart: Now listen. I know times are tough, and everything may seem bad, but things will always get worse before they get better.

More people applaud as Wart then raises his hands to silence the people.

Wart: Well, if there arenít any other questions I guess Iíll leave now.

But then one person raises his hand. Itís the same one who asked King Toadstool some questions.

Person: Sir, what about the Scared 2?

Wart: Well, we havenít found anything yet, but trust me, weíll find them and take care of them, because god knowsÖ we need them now.

Wart then sees a cloaked figure making a sign that means ďCome here.Ē

Wart: Uh, thatís it now. Goodbye.

Wart then leaves as some people are puzzled. Then the cloaked figure disappears as well. King Toadstool approaches the stand again.

King Toadstool: Well, uhÖ Iíll go follow Wart.

King Toadstool leaves suddenly as the people are now totally confused. Toadstool follows Wart and stops him.

King Toadstool: Tell me youíve got it under control!

Wart: Trust me, Toadstool! Everythingís fine!

King Toadstool: Fine?! You call Sub-con somehow infiltrating our base and stealing our weapons fine?! Itís a disaster! You said that everything will change for the better! You said my daughter will live in a better world.

Wart then stops.

Wart: And I meant it. But itíll take a while! Trust me! Everything will be better soon!

Wart then leaves as King Toadstool stands there.

King Toadstool: For your sake, I hope youíre right.

In an abandoned parking lot, the cloaked figure is standing in the middle as Wart approaches. The cloaked figure quickly turns around but then sighs in relief.

???: You know, you ought to say something before you stalk behind something.

Wart: You shouldíve stayed here where I put you!

???: Thereís been a change of plans.

Wart: What?!

???: We found them.

Wart: What?!

???: Yeah. We have everything, their names, address, every single thing.

Wart: Good, then get ready. Part 2 will soon begin. Come on, Kamek.

Kamek then takes off his hood.

Wart: Letís go.

???: Oh, so you think that just because you know where these guys are, you can just get rid of them and the prophecy will be over?

Wart and Kamek turn around to see another figure in a circle of light. His face is blocked by the darkness surrounding the circle, but his voice seems very familiar to both Wart and Kamek.

Wart: Well if it isnít my asylum freakish brother, Koopa.

Bowser: Actually itís Bowser, moron.

Wart: Well, what are you doing here? If you think Iíll agree to partner with you, youíre nuts.

Bowser: Oh, Iím pretty sure you wonít agree with me, since you think Iím a complete embarrassment to you.

Wart: Well you are. Just think of it. Wart, representative of the Mushroom Counsel, the first amphibian ever to have this position, related to Koopa, a maniac who was locked up in an asylum. I shiver thinking about it!

Bowser: Oh yeah, youíre embarrassed to be around me, when, uh, Kamek, is it? Has done more dangerous and critical crimes than me?

Wart: The difference is Kamek can erase all of his records, something you still to this day have failed at.

Bowser: Oh, just because of that, heís better? Oh, bravo Wart, you are so smart!

Bowser claps fakely while falsely smiling, though they canít see it.

Wart: Donít insult me, you filthy swine!

Bowser: Hey, all Iím trying to say is, you canít possibly stall the prophecy if youíre going to go ahead with your plan.

Wart: Iím not going to stall it! Iím going to end it! Iím going to kill them both. That way, the prophecy will die and itíll take a million years for two more to be born. But by then, the Mushroom Kingdom will have ended.

Bowser: Youíre nuts if you think thatís going work. Remember that special ďpowerĒ?

Wart: Iíll take care of it.

Bowser: You think thatíll work?

Wart: Stop stalling! Kamek! We are leaving now!

Bowser: Ok then. Leave.

Wart and Kamek then leave as Bowser grunts.

Meanwhile, at the Mariosí house. Martha and James Mario (whoís wearing a black suit with a white shirt and black tie) are busy getting ready for a party theyíre attending.

James: Martha! Are you ready?

Martha then comes in looking busy. Her red dress is marvelous and neat-looking. Her red high heels are magnificent and elegant.

Martha: Yeah, just got to do one more thing.

James: What?

Martha then looks at James as if she canít believe he said that.

Martha: Our kids!

James: OH! Sorry!

James then heads to the nursery, where their sons Mario and Luigi are. Mario and Luigi are playing in their crib as Martha and James come in. Martha looks at the Brothers and holds each one, kissing both of them.

James: Uh, Martha? *points at watch*

Martha: Hold on!

Martha then picks up Mario and looks at Mario first. She smiles, and then she puts Mario down. After that, Martha picks up Luigi and does the same. After she puts Luigi down, she turns to James.

Martha: Ok, we can go now.

James: Look, Iím sorry, but I donít want to be late for this!

Martha: Ok, we can go now.

Martha and James then leave as Mario and Luigi just sleep there quietly.

Martha and James arrive to the party in time as they open the door to find a costume party. Martha then gives James that look again.

James: What?!

Martha: You took me away from my two boys, just to drag me to a costume party?! We donít even have costumes.

James: Actually, (looking at Martha) youíre a rose.

Martha: I guess. *looks at her dress* But what about you?

James: Uh, excuse me.

James then unbuttons the rest of his jacket and puts on black sunglasses and a black hat.

James: Oh, who I am, you might ask? Uh, Jake, ďJolietĒ Jake if you may.

Martha then sighs and puts on a little smile as James goes to the snack bar. Martha then sits down in a chair. James is sipping some fruit punch as he bumps into someone.

James: Oh uh, sorry man.

The person turns around to face James. He has a red suit complete with a hood. His pants are blue, and he had a mask that was white and has three holes, 2 eyes and a mouth.

James: Uh, what are you anyway?

The person then shrugs.

???: I donít know.

This person is, in fact, a Shy Guy, one of Wartís minions.

James: Then, why are you dressed as that?

Shy Guy: I donít know.

James: Ok.

James then goes somewhere else as the person draws out a walkie talkie.

Shy Guy: Targets are here, sir.

In the parking lot outside, Wart is holding a walkie talkie too.

Wart: Great. Now, you know what to do.

Shy Guy: Of course.

The person grins as he then walks somewhere else.

Wart: Ok. Now that the Shy Guys are in check, we can kidnap the Mario Bros. and kill them at our lair.

Kamek: But, why not kill them at their house? Why wait-

Wart: SHUT UP!!!

Kamek: Ok, ok, ok! Jeez.

Wart: Now as I was saying-

Back at the party, the person is now walking towards Martha.

Shy Guy: Sup.

Martha: Uh, hi?

Shy Guy: Mind if I sit here?

The person puts his glass down.

Martha: Uh, sort of. My husband might come back, so just to make sureÖ

Shy Guy: Well, ok, Iíll go somewhere else-

The person then purposely knocks over Marthaís glass.

Shy Guy: Aw man! Iím sorry!

Martha: Oh, itís ok. (half sarcastically) Just like blowing my kids off just for a costume party.

Shy Guy: Oh. Uh, here, have mine.

The person then hands Martha his glass.

Martha: Ah, no thanks. I donít need it anyway.

Shy Guy: Hey come on, itís the least I can do.

Martha: Ok, fine.

Martha takes the drink. The person then leaves as Martha then drinks some of the punch.

Martha: Ugh!

It tastes horrible. Martha puts it down. But then, thereís a sweet aftertaste, and Martha has another drink. It actually tastes better than before.

Meanwhile at Toadstool Castle, King Toadstool is sitting on his throne.

King Toadstool: *sigh* This kingdom will never be ok, will it?

King Toadstool waits around to see if an answer will surface, but that never happens.

King Toadstool: I need more friends.

Later at the party, Martha has entirely drunk the entire glass the Shy Guy gave her. Now she is feeling very hungry and tired. Martha gets up and finds James dancing on the dance floor.

Martha: Ugh!

James: *stops dancing* You all right?

Martha: What does it look like, genius?! Of course Iím not.

James: Ok, jeez, woman. Come on, letís go.

Martha: Can we get some tacos on the way?

James then stops and looks at his wife.

James: Ok, seriously, whatís up?

Martha: Nothing, I just want some tacos.

James: (looking suspicious) Ok?

Martha: Well?! Are you going to stand there or are you going to go to the car and start it?

James: (mumbling) If I got a dime for every time IÖ

Martha: Well MOVE!!!

James: GRR!

James opens the door and lets Martha go through first, though James has no choice anyway because Martha rushes through before James can move any more. In the parking lot, Martha waits for James to open the door for her.

Martha: AHEM!

James: GRR!

James then opens the door for her, then he gets in too and starts the car. They spend a long time at Taco Bell as Martha canít decide if she wants burritos or not. In the end she decides that she does want some.

James: Are you good now?

Martha: (eating) Oh, yeah. This is good.

James: Eat with your mouth closed, please?

Martha: Hey, Iím hungry here!

James: So?

Martha: So I need to eat!

James: Ugh!

Martha: Just keep driving.

James: Hey! Can you at least give me my food?

Martha: Why do you need to eat? *big swallow* Just drive!

James: Meany.

Martha: Just drive.

Then Martha gets even hungrier and begins shoving the food in her mouth.

James: Martha! Stop shoveling!

Martha: Stop talking!

Meanwhile in the parking lot, Wart is then checking a camera installed in the car.

Kamek: Nice move there, Wart.

Wart: I know it was.

Kamek: So what was that stuff that girl drank?

Wart: Superior Nitro.

Kamek: Oh. Wait! Isnít that the stuff where one-?

Wart: Uh-huh.

Kamek: Wow. You stoop very low sometimes.

Wart: I know. Itís a curse.

Back in the car, Martha then starts seeing bright stars everywhere.

Martha: Wow. Pretty!

Martha puts up this goofy smile and sits there looking funny.

James: You ok?

Martha: Uh huh! Oh, their now bunnies.

James: Honey?

Martha then closes her eyes and slumps back.

James: Hello?

Martha then wakes up and sees a damp, dark jungle full of centipedes and spiders.

Martha: AHH!

James: Martha! Whatís wrong?!

Martha turns and looks at James, but she instead sees a buzzing flyís head.


Martha then starts unloosening her seatbelt and gets out of the moving car. James, horrified, stops the car and gets out, trying to find his wife. He finds Martha looking around everywhere. In her mind, Martha keeps hearing her babiesí squeals of laughter but doesnít find them. Finally James gets close to her, but all she sees is her husband and kids in a mirror. She tries to get in the mirror but fails. Martha finally falls down and hears something.

???: Good night! Sleep tight!

Marthaís eyes then close as James tries shaking her up. But she doesnít budge! James then lays her down and cries uncontrollably as he gets up.

James: Goodbye, Martha.

James then heads for his car until heís hit in the head. And the last thing he sees before fainting, is the same guy from the party.

James: You!

James then blacks out.

Meanwhile at the Mariosí house, the Shy Guys have broken into the house and kidnapped the Mario Bros.

Shy Guy #1: We got them! Letís go!

The Shy Guys run from the Mario house and head to a place where a giant bird is waiting for them.

Shy Guy #1: Albatoss! Weíre here.

The Albatoss sits down, ready for the Shy Guys to get on.  The Shy Guys get on with the Mario Bros. and hold on tight. For 10 minutes the Albatoss is just flying until they are crossing the mountains, and suddenly, Mario starts slipping off. The Shy Guys try to catch Mario but instantly he falls off. Mario (in a bag, of course) falls and falls until he lands on Yoshiís Island.

Shy Guy #2: Aw SHOOT!

Shy Guy #4: Wart wonít like this.

Shy Guy #5: Letís just pretend it didnít happen, ok? Ok. Letís just go to Sub-con already.

The Albatoss continues to fly towards Sub-con.

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