Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom League

By Blade Guy

Author Note: This is not going to be based off of my Minionmon on the Drawing Board. It has a different storyline than that one. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: A New Journey Unfolds

Mario and Luigi are seen sitting at their coffee table, tired after their adventure in Galaxy 2, Mario having beat up Bowser and Luigi having searched for the Green Stars. Then, they hear Parakarry outside.

Parakarry: MAIL CALL!

He flies away. Luigi fetches the mail and brings it back to Mario.

Mario: So, anything interesting?

Luigi: Bill, bill, bill, junk mail, junk mail, junk... hey. This looks interesting.

Mario gets up and sees what Luigi is talking about. It is a book with a Piranha Plant, Podoboo, and Blooper on it. Luigi opens it and reads the front page, from which a letter falls out. Mario grabs it, opens it, and reads it.

Mario: Dear Mario Bros, E. Gadd here with some news. During your last adventure in space, I was able to create a device called a minion ball. A minion ball is able to catch enemies, or minions, and lets you take control of them. You can battle with them and compete in things called gym battles to earn badges. If you are interested in learning more, be at my lab at ten o'clock. Signed, Professor Elvin Gadd. PS. Also, study the book that the letter was in.

Luigi: Well, should we take a look?

Mario shrugs.

Mario: I guess so.

Luigi opens it more and they are amazed at what they are reading, which takes them hours to read, making it midnight when they finish.

Mario: *yawn* Well, weíd better head to sleep so we can be fully rested for E. Gadd tomorrow.

Luigi nods and they put on their pajamas and head for bed. The next day, they get up and get ready quickly, then rush over to E. Gadd's lab. When they get there, E. Gadd greets them and invites them inside, where they see three balls on a table.

Luigi: So, what is it that you want to talk about?

E. Gadd: Well, I hope you studied the book I sent you because I am sending you on an adventure.

Mario: Okay, but we always go on adventures. You know, saving Peach from Bowser.

E. Gadd: No, a different kind of adventure. One with... minionmon.

Luigi: Huh?

E. Gadd: Minionmon are minions that you will use to battle and compete in gyms. If you win in a gym, you will earn a badge. Once you win all eight badges at the eight gyms, you will be able to compete in the Mushroom Kingdom league.

Mario and Luigi look at each other, impressed.

E. Gadd: So, will you do it?

Mario and Luigi: Yes.

E. Gadd: Great! Now, I want you to pick a minionball and throw it into the air.

The Mario Bros. approach the table with the balls and grab the first and last ones. They throw them up and out come Podoboo and Blooper.

E. Gadd: Ah, so you have chosen Blooper and Podoboo. Wise choices. Now, I will supply you with a miniondex, which will tell you information about new minions you will encounter, ten minionballs each, and a guidebook.

Mario and Luigi take them and thank E. Gadd. They head outside, and Luigi turns to Mario.

Luigi: Bro, I think that we should go on separate journeys.

Mario: Why's that?

Luigi: Well, with each of us going on different journeys, we won't have to wait for each of us to beat each gym.

Mario: Well, if that's what you want.

Luigi: Hey, who knows, we might see each other in the Mushroom Kingdom league.

Mario smiles and extends his hand. Luigi shakes his hand.

Mario: Good luck, Bro.

Luigi: You too.

They then head their separate ways to compete in the Mushroom Kingdom league.

Chapter 2: Mario's First Catch

Mario is seen looking at the instruction book that E. Gadd gave him. He looks at the best spot for the first gym. He finds that the best spot to start with is Koopa Village. So, he heads for Pleasant Path. On his way, he finds many minionmon roaming, mostly Koopas and Goombas. But, he also finds a certain Koopa, a red-shelled Koopa. He checks his miniondex and looks to see if there is any difference between green- and red-shelled Koopas. There is no difference, but it says that Red Koopas are rare. Mario goes for the single red-shelled Koopa he sees.

Mario: Go, Podoboo!

Out of the minion ball pops Podoboo. Mario looks at his miniondex to see his attacks.

Mario: Okay, tackle, leer, ember, and... oh. I think I can make this work. All right Podoboo, letís start off with tackle on the red-shelled Koopa!

Podoboo charges toward the Koopa and tackles him to the ground. The Koopa come back and uses his own tackle. He hits Podoboo and launches him back.

Mario: Not bad. Ember!

Podoboo fires small flames at Koopa, who begins to burn, but shakes it off. He then goes into his shell and uses shell shot. Podoboo is launched back and hits the ground hard. Mario then grins.

Mario: Sunny Day!

Podoboo sends a ball of light up, and it gets brighter. Koopa is blinded.

Mario: Now use ember!

Podoboo fires not small flames, but bigger flames. They nail Koopa and knock him out. (Note: During sunny weather, Podoboo's fire moves are increased to do more damage.) Mario throws the minionball, and Koopa is sent into the ball. The ball then wobbles one, two, three times, and stops.

Mario: YES! We caught Koopa!

Podoboo is cheering as well.

Mario: Thanks for the help, Podoboo.

Mario then calls him back into his ball. Mario goes on, but someone from the bushes saw the whole thing.

??????: Hehehehehe!

Chapter 3: Mario vs. Kooper

Mario keeps on going and eventually makes it to Koopa Village. He goes to the Minionmon Center to restore the health of Podoboo and his new Koopa. They are fully restored and Mario goes around town to find the gym. He eventually runs into a blue-shelled Koopa citizen.

Mario: Um, excuse me, but do you know where the gym is?

The blue-shelled Koopa turns around, and Mario recognizes him.

Mario: Kooper! It's been awhile.

Kooper: Yeah. Glad to see you again. Now, you want to know where the gym is?

Mario nods.

Kooper: Well, come by my house first.

Kooper follows Mario to his house, and when they get inside, Kooperís house looks like...

Mario: A battle arena? Then that means...

Kooper: I'm the gym leader! I use normal types.

Mario: Wow. So, shall we begin?

Kooper: Yes. This shall be a two on two battle. Now, let's begin!

GYM BATTLE #1: Kooper

Kooper: GO!

Kooper throws his ball, and out pops a green-shelled Koopa.

Mario: Interesting. Then I'll choose...

He throws his ball, and out pops his red-shelled Koopa. Kooper is impressed.

Kooper: Wow, you found a red-shelled Koopa. Those are rare. I congratulate you, but, I'll have to beat it. Koopa, use shell shot!

Mario: You too!

Both Koopas tuck into their shells and charge at each other. They collide, and Mario's Koopa is launched back due to Kooper's having more power.

Mario: Withdraw!

Mario's Koopa tucks into his shell and raises his defense.

Kooper: Trying to raise your defense, huh? Well then, letís use takedown!

Kooper's Koopa goes at fast speeds toward Mario's and knocks Mario's into the wall with full force. Marioís Koopa slowly gets up and starts panting.

Mario: (Kooper's Koopa has a ton more attack power than mine. But, I have to think of something... OH!) Use endeavor!

Kooper: HUH?

Mario's Koopa charges at Kooperís and attacks it with everything itís got.

Mario: Yes!

Kooper: Ah, not bad, using endeavor to even up the damage done to each of us. But, this is where it ends. I rarely use this move, but you are proving to be a worthy opponent. Koopa, use... RETURN!

Kooper's Koopa charges at Mario's and hits it dead on. Hearts fly out and Mario's Koopa is knocked out.

Mario: But... how?

Kooper: Return is a move that gets more power when the user really loves the trainer, and Koopa really loves me!

Mario calls out Podoboo.

Mario: Ember!

Kooper: Dodge and use return!

Podoboo fires small flames, and Koopa jumps over them, charging at Podoboo. Mario then gets an idea.

Mario: LEER!

Podoboo makes a weird glare at Koopa, which apparently spooks him, stopping him from attacking.

Kooper: HUH?!

Mario: TACKLE!

Podoboo slams Koopa to the ground and into a knockout. Kooper calls his Koopa back and laughs.

Kooper: Time for my final minionmon! I found this little guy while exploring with Kolorado. Go... SPEAR GUY!

Kooper calls out a red Shy Guy with face paint on its mask, wearing a grass skirt and holding a spear. Mario gulps.

Kooper: Stab!

Spear Guy charges toward Podoboo, spear-first. Podoboo gets out of the way, which causes Spear Guy to hit the wall.

Mario: Ember!

Podoboo fires mini flames at Spear Guy, who spins his spear to deflect them.

Kooper: Spear Throw!

Spear Guy throws his spear at Podoboo at high speeds and hits him dead on. Then Spear Guy grabs another spear out of nowhere. Podoboo gets up.

Kooper: Hehehe. My Spear Guy has tons of power, so this match should end quickly. But just in case...

Mario: What's he planning?

Kooper: Spear Guy... Doom Reverb!

A bell appears above Spear Guy, and he begins to chime it. Musical notes are sent toward Podoboo, and surround him. They then disappear. Mario is confused.

Mario: What was that?

Kooper: Doom Reverb is a move that halves all the attacks of my opponents. Now, things shall be easy. Finish this with stab!

Spear Guy charges toward the powered down Podoboo. Mario tries to think of something fast, then, it hits him.

Mario: Sunny Day!

Podoboo fires a small orb of light into the ceiling and the room becomes very bright, which blinds Spear Guy.

Kooper: NO!

Mario: EMBER!

Podoboo fires large flames at Spear Guy, who begins to burn.


Spear Guy is too occupied with being burned to listen to Kooper.

Mario: Finish this with... huh?

Podoboo begins to form a small fireball and launches it at Spear Guy, who gets hit and faints.

Mario: What... was that?

Kooper: It's called flame. It's a move that many fire minionmon can learn. It's powerful, and can cause the burn status.

Mario is amazed at his Podoboo and calls him back, while Kooper calls back Spear Guy. He then approaches Mario.

Kooper: That was an excellent match. Here, take the Shell Badge, and this TM for the move return.

Kooper hands Mario a small badge that looks like a Koopa shell, and a white disk.

Mario: Thanks Kooper.

Mario goes to leave, but Kooper stops him.

Kooper: Hey, Mario. Would you like a traveling partner?

Mario: You mean... you want to come with me?

Kooper: Yeah, I like exploring. Plus, I can give you a few pointers.

Mario: Wow, thanks. Welcome to the team!

Mario and Kooper head out of Koopa Village and head back to Toad Town, where they look for the next gym.

Chapter 4: Search for Flower Field's Gym

Mario and Kooper make it to Toad Town and stock up on items, while Kooper finds some TMs.

Kooper: Hey, they got TMs. Looks like they are selling fire punch, roost, and... Crystal? Hmm... Got any more?

Shopkeeper: Sorry, fellas. But, I should be getting another shipment really soon, so come by later.

Kooper: Okay, but for now, we'll take one of each.

Shop Keeper: That will be 200 gold coins.

Kooper hands the coins over and takes the TMs. Mario and Kooper walk outside.

Mario: Why'd you by all three?

Kooper: Well, roost because Koopa evolves into Paratroopa, which is a flying type. Roost recovers the user, but the user must land for a turn to regenerate the wings. Fire punch because Koopa can actually use it, and crystal because I thought it might come in handy later. So call out Koopa so we can teach him fire punch.

Mario calls Koopa out, and Kooper puts the TM in front of him. Koopa grabs the disk and it glows. The disk disappears, and Koopa can now use fire punch.

Mario: Cool, now Koopa can use fire punch.

Kooper: Yup. It should give you an edge at the next gym.

Mario: Which is...?

Kooper: Grass.

Mario: I actually have a double advantage. I have Podoboo.

Kooper: Yup. Now, the next gym is in Flower Fields, so let's head there.

Mario nods. They head for the flower garden and go through the door and end up in Flower Fields. Kooper looks around, trying to see if there are any signs that lead to the gym.

Kooper: Hmmm.

While Kooper is looking, Mario is seen looking up at the sky, watching the sun keeping Flower Fields sunny.

Kooper: Well, we might as well start asking where the gym is.

Mario: Huh? Oh, yeah.

Mario and Kooper start looking around Flower Fields, asking questions about the gym. But nobody knows what they are talking about. As they are about to give up, Mario thinks of something.

Mario: Let's see if we can find the gym by looking at the top of the Sun Tower.

Kooper: Good idea, Mario.

They head for the Sun Tower and start climbing. When they reach the top, they can see everything, including Cloudy Climb.

Mario: Wait... Maybe the gym is on Cloudy Climb.

Kooper: Why would the gym be there?

??????: Mario is actually right. The gym is located on Cloudy Climb.

Mario and Kooper look up to see the Sun coming down.

Sun: The gym leader is located there for a reason I'm not allowed to say. But I can give you advice. She likes to use minionmon with an ability that raises their speed.

Mario: Thanks for the advice.

Sun: Good luck on your battle, Mario.

Mario and Kooper rush off and ride the leaf to Cloudy Climb. When they reach it, they see Minh T. with a Crazy Dayzee.

Mario: Minh T?

Minh T: Why hello, Mario. I see you beat Kooper.

Mario: How did you know?

Minh. T: He wouldn't be traveling with you if he had won.

Mario: Oh. Anyway, I'm here for a gym battle. Do you know where the leader is?

Minh T. smiles.

Mario: ... You're kidding.

Minh T: Nope. I'm the grass gym leader. There used to be a flying gym here led by Huff N. Puff, but he went off on his own little journey or something. So now Iíve taken over the gym. Get ready, Mario, because I won't be going down easily.

Mario: Okay, lead me to the battlefield.

Minh T: You're standing on it.

Kooper: You mean the clouds are the battlefield?

Minh T: Yup. Plus, I like the outdoors. This will be a two on two battle, so get ready, Mario, because I am much tougher than Kooper.

Mario and Minh T. each grab a minionball and throw it to the field.

GYM BATTLE #2: Minh T.

The minionmon are released, and on Mario's side is Koopa, while on Minh T.'s is Petal Guy.

Mario: Ugh. Another Shy Guy. But that won't stop me. Shell Shot!

Koopa tucks into his shell and launches himself at Petal Guy. Minh T. smiles.

Minh T: Dodge.

Koopa is right in front of Petal Guy. But Petal Guy disappears and reappears behind Koopa. Mario is shocked.

Mario: HUH?! Bu... bu... but how?!

Minh T: Hahahahaha! I knew you'd act very surprised. Okay Petal Guy, show them your vegetable toss!

Petal Guy plants a seed into the clouds, and it quickly grows into a large turnip. He chucks it at Koopa, who gets knocked over. Petal Guy then charges toward him at fast speeds and uses Shy Punch, which is a move that makes the user go at high speeds to give the foe a powerful punch and causes them to run away after the hit. Koopa slowly gets up.

Mario: (Fast speeds, and powerful attacks. Minh T. wasn't kidding when she said she was tougher than Kooper. But that Petal Guy is incredibly fast. How...! Wait. The Sun said something about an ability that raises speed. But what was that ability called...)

He looks over toward the sun, which is giving off a bright light that reaches all the way to Cloudy Climb. It then hits Mario.

Mario: Chlorophyll!

Minh T: Wow, I didn't think you'd catch on that fast. But, no matter. This match shall be over quick. Petal Guy, end this with vegetable toss!

Petal Guy quickly plants a seed and it turns into another turnip, but smaller. He tosses it at Koopa, who dodges.

Mario: Fire punch!

Koopa's fist is engulfed in fire and he charges at Petal Guy, who quickly dodges the attack and ends up behind Koopa. Mario then gets an idea.

Mario: Fire punch once more!

Koopa charges at Petal Guy, who dodges it again, but...

Mario: Turn around!

Koopa swings his fist behind him, and Petal Guy ends up being hit with a powered up fire punch thanks to the Sun.

Mario: Ha! The sun can be used to my advantage too, Minh T. So I think I'LL wrap this up. Shell shot!

Koopa tucks into his shell and charges at Petal Guy, who slowly gets up.


Petal Guy throws many seeds into the air and they begin to fall into the clouds. They quickly grow, turning into thorny roses. Petal Guy lifts his hands into the air, and the roses lift into the air. He shoots his hands forward and the thorny roses are sent toward Koopa, who is only partially protected by his shell. Koopa stops where he is and comes out of his shell, knocked out.

Mario: ...

Minh T: Petal Guy's best move. However, Rose Blast is not the most powerful. There is another move. But, you'll have to wait to see it.

Mario: You might have taken out Koopa, but I have my best one for backup. Show 'em what you got with your flame, Podoboo!

Podoboo comes out and immediately uses flame, which hits Petal Guy and knocks him out. Minh T. isn't too disappointed.

Minh T: He was getting weak. But now, this is where things will get ugly.

She turns to her Crazy Dayzee. It nods and rushes off onto the battlefield. Mario and Kooper have a bad feeling about this.

Mario: Flame!

Podoboo forms a small orb of fire and hits Crazy Dayzee with it. It gets flung into the sky, burnt. But it lands softly thanks to the clouds.

Minh T: Energy Ball!

Crazy Dayzee fires a ball of grassy energy, and it hits Podoboo with massive damage, despite the fact it is a fire type.

Mario: O_O  Don't give up! Use ember!

Podoboo gets up and shoots mini flames that pelt Crazy Dayzee.

Kooper : (Somethingís not right. Why isn't she dodging? And how was Energy Ball so powerful...! Wait. Crazy Dayzees have more than one ability. They have chlorophyll, and...!) MARIO! END FAST! I FIGURED OUT HER STRATEGY!

Mario, impressed at Kooper, looks at Minh T, who is grinning, and he sees Crazy Dayzee panting.

Minh T: Well, I would love for this to continue, but I must end it. Crazy Dayzee... sing.

Crazy Dayzee starts singing, and it puts Podoboo to sleep.

Minh T: Now, ingrain!

Crazy Dayzee starts forming roots under its feet.

Mario: What is this?!

Minh T: My perfect combo. First off, I know you are confused by the fact that my Crazy Dayzee's energy ball was VERY powerful on a fire type like your Podoboo. Well, Crazy Dayzee can have one of two abilities: Chlorophyll, which my Petal Guy had, and Solar Power, which is an ability that raises Crazy Dayzee's attack tenfold! But there is a drawback. Crazy Dayzee uses so much power that it hurts itself in the process of attacking. But, I found a way to keep Crazy Dayzee from hurting herself by using ingrain. Ingrain is a move that recovers the user gradually, but they cannot move. There is more, but you'll have to wait and see.


Podoboo slowly gets up and turns to Mario. He looks at Podoboo and sees Podoboo with a face that says heís all right. Mario grins.

Mario: FLAME!

Podoboo forms a small fireball and fires it. Minh T. just grins.

Minh T: Double Team.

Crazy Dayzee multiplies and five appear. But, it doesn't last long because the effects of ingrain kicks in, and the real Crazy Dayzee glows to show it is recovering.

Minh T: There is the last part of my combo. I use double team to avoid attacks, and Crazy Dayzee keeps on healing! Also...

Minh T. looks at Crazy Dayzee, and pink petals start forming around it.

Minh T: I've been waiting for this move for a long time. It has finally learned... PETAL BLAST!

Crazy Dayzee screams and more pink petals form. They form a tube around Crazy Dayzee. They are then fired at Podoboo, who is being pelted with very sharp petals made so by solar power. Podoboo is launched up into the sky and lands with a thud on the clouds, burning a hole where he lands. Mario looks and sees the roots Crazy Dayzee planted going all the way down to Flower Fields. Mario then gets an idea.

Mario: Podoboo, can you keep going?

Podoboo winces in pain, but gives Mario a wink.

Mario: Good. Now, fire ember in front of Crazy Dayzee.

Podoboo nods and fires the small flames. The flames don't hit Crazy Dayzee but fall right through the clouds.

Minh T: Ha! I don't even know why you did that, but this match just ended. One more recovery, and Crazy Dayzee shall finish you off with one last petal bl... HUH?!

Crazy Dayzee's feet begin to burn. Minh T. panics and realizes what Mario has done.


Mario: Exactly. Now, finish this battle with flame!

Podoboo releases the small ball of fire and it hits Crazy Dayzee, which begins to suffer more pain. Eventually, Crazy Dayzee falls, knocked out.


Mario and Kooper: YEAH!

Mario goes and hugs Podoboo, but ends up being a little burned. Mario was so excited that he forgot Podoboo was pure fire. He calls him back and Minh T. approaches him.

Minh T: I haven't had a battle that fun in so long. Thank you for giving me a fun and challenging battle, Mario. And with that, I'd like to give you the Petal Badge and the TM for energy ball.

Minh T. hands over the items and Mario takes them with pride. They say their goodbyes, and Mario and Kooper leave and head back to the Mushroom Kingdom for the next gym location. They go to the Minionmon Center and try to find that location. Then, someone covered by a robe approaches Mario and Kooper.

??????: Ah, Mario. I see you're trying to become a minionmon champion. But, I'm afraid I'll have to stop you.

Mario: And why is that?

??????: Whahahahahaha! Because I'M going to become the greatest minionmon champion! Me...

He pulls off his robe.

??????: WARIO!

Mario and Kooper gasp.

Wario: Yes. I have been watching you for some time now, and I want to battle you!

Mario looks at Kooper.

Kooper: I guess it would be a good training experience.

Mario: It's on.

The three of them walk outside and get in battle positions.

Wario: Two on two. Ready... GO!

They throw their minion balls, and the battle begins.

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