The Monty Mole

By Badyoyo

Day 21
Castle Koopa

Badyoyo: Only 8 of the group now remain. Belome, who had so bravely recovered from an illness, got the least correct answers on the test. The group is now stronger, wiser, and healthier, and now 100,000 coins are on the line. But there is still a long journey in front of them, and a traitor is still tagging along. That Traitor is... The Monty Mole.

Kamek is jumping off a building.


Bowser is thinking.


Gourmet Guy is biting his clothing


Waluigi is running


Grodus is talking to Captain Syrup


General Guy is tasting some food.


Goomba still doesn't know what to do.


Badyoyo: This... is The Monty Mole.

Day 5
11:00 AM

Bowser, Gourmet Guy, and Waluigi are having a nice lobster breakfast, Goomba is having muffins, Captain Syrup and General Guy are drinking some soda, Grodus continues to have oil, and Kamek is having some crackers.

Badyoyo appears!

Waluigi: Go Pokeball!

Waluigi throws a Pokeball at Badyoyo, and Badyoyo gets sucked in.


Waluigi: Awesome!

Would you like to name your "Badyoyo"?

Waluigi: No

Badyoyo has been added to your main roster.

Waluigi: Waluigi don't want Badyoyo in main roster! Release!

Waluigi throws the ball in the air and Badyoyo pops out.

Badyoyo: ... Now that we have our Pokemon reference out of the way. Now we are 8, but let's put Belome's elimination behind because we have a special challenge for you all. So special that we need to go by boat to get there... All Aboard!

The 8 get on a boat, Badyoyo activates a horn, half the contestants go deaf, and Badyoyo drives off to Dr. Crygor's lab.

Badyoyo: You see that building?

Captain Syrup, Waluigi, Bowser, and Kamek: What? Speak up! I can't hear a thing!

Badyoyo: ...

Badyoyo snaps his fingers and his Marty-Stu powers magically give the contestants back their ability to hear.

Badyoyo: Anyway, you see that building? That's Dr. Crygor's lab, and where your next challenge is going to be. Your next challenge is... you have to jump off the roof of that building and into this boat!

The contestants’ jaws drop.

Badyoyo: Well, no reason to stand around doing nothing, let's go... Also you have an hour to do this, but you must go one by one. This challenge is indeed awesome, so as Mario would say-

Waluigi: Mamamia?

Badyoyo: No, let's-a go!

The camera cuts to the top of the building, where Badyoyo, the contestants, and Wario are standing.

Badyoyo: All 8 of you jump off in 1 hour and we'll add 200,000 coins to your pot. Who's up first?

Bowser: I AM!

Waluigi: Waluigi call dibs on second! No way Waluigi is giving up that money!

Badyoyo: Off you go!

Bowser charges off the roof, speeds down, and lands in the boat. However, his immense weight makes the boat break, leaving a giant hole in the center. The boat quickly sinks.

Badyoyo: Never fear, I have a backup.

Badyoyo tosses an "Instant Raft" (Just add water) into the water, it inflates and Bowser gets on it.


Badyoyo: 59 minutes left. It's your turn, Waluigi.

Waluigi runs off the roof backwards and does a triple flip, and lands in the raft perfectly.

Badyoyo: Impressive, 58 minutes left.

Grodus: Chances of surviving with no injuries... 0%... I am sorry... but I cannot compete.


Waluigi: Waluigi will too!

Grodus stays at the top for a long time, until Captain Syrup throws Goomba at him and he tumbles backwards off the edge. Bowser and Walugi catch him before he gets wet.

Badyoyo: 21 minutes left, next.

Captain Syrup: AR! I be jumping off to show you scurvy landlubbers that girls can compete and win!

Badyoyo: This is more rage because of Biff Atlas's comments in Wario's Apprentice, isn't it?

Captain Syrup: AR! That be right, matey! How dare that ghost say we women can't win anything other than the Amazing Race Fun Fiction!

Captain Syrup jumps off.

General Guy: Hey wait up!

General Guy jumps off following Captain Syrup.

Badyoyo: That leaves Kamek, Gourmet Guy, and Goomba... And you have... 5 minutes.

The 3 are scared stiff.

Badyoyo: 4 minutes.

Wario: (singing) I'm going to get the money! I'm going to get the money!

Goomba sees Wario and is enraged.


Goomba charges off the roof and lands in the raft.

Badyoyo: That leaves you two... in 3 minutes.

Kamek: Just imagine how much food you could be having with 300,000 coins...

Gourmet Guy: Yeah...

Kamek: Go...  Do it for those 1-coin cheeseburgers at McKoopas!


Gourmet Guy charges off the roof and lands in the raft.

Badyoyo: 30 seconds... 25... 20...

Kamek: Oh man...

Badyoyo: 15...

Kamek: *gulp*

Badyoyo: 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3...

Kamek runs off the roof.

Badyoyo: 2... 1...

Kameks lands in the raft just in the nick of time.

Badyoyo: 0... You guys win!

Contestants: Hooray!

Wario: Phooey!

Badyoyo: Well, you all did it. 8 of you went up, and 8 of you came down. 200,000 coins have been added to your pot.

200,000 coins fall out of the sky and land in the team's pot.

Badyoyo: I say we all cool down, go back to the hotel for a hot shower, and maybe something else.

Waluigi, Captain Syrup, Kamek, and General Guy have hot showers when they get back to the hotel. Bowser and Gourmet Guy go to a Dunkin Donuts, Grodus shuts down for the time being, and Goomba falls asleep on his bed. When everyone is ready they give their video diaries.

Kamek: Running off that tower... I looked at my team, I looked at Wario. I wanted that money, I was determined to get it.


Gourmet Guy: This was scarier than the helicopter challenge.

Waluigi: Waluigi love showers and jumping onto tiny rafts!

Grodus: Systems predictions were inaccurate and estimated... chances of surviving that plunge... 0.53478 %.

After their interviews they meet on a bridge with Badyoyo and Wario.

Badyoyo: All right, time for another challenge. We need 3 teams: 2 teams of 3 and one team of 2. Who have the best noses?

Bowser, Waluigi and Captain Syrup raise their hands.

Badyoyo: Who are good tasters?

Gourmet Guy, General Guy, and Goomba raise their hands.

Badyoyo: And that leaves Kamek and Grodus to stand the heat. Time to distribute your prizes for lasting this long. Wario?

Wario: For the tasters, they all win a trip to Club Sugar's "Behind The Scenes Bar" to go taste wine.

Gourmet Guy: WOOOO!

Wario: The best noses win a trip to a goat farm.

Waluigi: WAH?!

Bowser: WHAT?!

Captain Syrup: AR! You scurvy dogs have obviously never tasted goat milk and liked it! Unlike me!

Wario: Kamek and Grodus win a trip to Torte Pizza.

Kamek: Yes!

Grodus: Ratings Scanner says that Torte Pizza gets 5.324 out 5 stars overall rating

Cabs drive over and the eight get in them. In a 3-screen clip we see them at their jobs.

Contestants: Hello.

The camera now turns back into one screen.

With Gourmet Guy, General Guy and Goomba.

Jimmy T: Yo dogs! I'm going to teach you how to drink wine the right way!

Goomba: And what way is that?

Jimmy T: By taking a nice big swig and hoping none of it gets on your clothes!

Jimmy T takes a glass of wine and gulps it all instantly.

Jimmy T: Now you try.

Gourmet Guy, General Guy, and Goomba all see what color the wine is, see how it moves, and take a sniff before tasting it.

Jimmy T: No no no! You're all idiots!

Meanwhile with Grodus and Kamek.

Torte: Totay, I vill teach vou how vo make pizza!

Torte takes out a frozen pizza and throws it in an oven.

Torte: Now, vhat's the easy way! Vis is the hard way.

Torte takes out some bread and throws it in the air, then covers it with sauce, then sprays cheese on it, then throws it in the oven.

Torte: If you want voppings, put them in before the cheese, but after the sauce, you are tismissed.

Kamek: But-

Torte: Vario paid me 5 coins to keep vo here for 5 minutes! Vat five minutes is up! Vow go!

Meanwhile with Captain Syrup, Bowser and Waluigi.

Bully: Hello! I'm going to teach you how to make goat cheese!

Captain Syrup: AR! It be seven solar revolutions since I had me some goat cheese!

Bully: First you must take a goat and milk it... Since I have no hands and all of my staff in on some sort of vacation, you guys are going to have to milk the goats.

Bowser: NO WAY!

Waluigi: Waluigi isn't going to milk a goat!

Captain Syrup: Ay ay, Captain!

Captain Syrup starts milking a goat.

Bully: You do know I was joking, right?

Captain Syrup: Oh.

Bully: Come with me.

Bully leads the 3 to a freezer with 3 steel cheese containers, Bully opens one.

Bully: In this one is the unprepared cheese. It's about 2 to 3 days old and is the kind of cheese you put on mac and cheese for kids.

Bully opens another one, the cheese looks a little more aged.

Bully: This is our standard cheese we sell at normal price. It's 2 or 3 weeks old. It's the kind of cheese diners put on your cheeseburgers.

Bully opens the last one, which holds really fancy-looking cheese.

Bully: This is our specialty cheese, which we sell at three times the price. It's a month old or more. This is the kind of stuff that makes tiny cheese balls at upperclass parties... Here, try some.

Bully gives them a tray of cheese balls, which they eat.

Bowser: TASTY!

Waluigi: Delicious!

Captain Syrup: AR! I told you all that goat cheese is great!

That night…

Everyone is having a luxury dinner of their favorite foods. Bowser and Gourmet Guy are having steak and vegetables. Waluigi and General Guy are having pizza, Captain Syrup is having goat ice cream with merfie syrup, Goomba and Kamek are having a fruit salad, and Grodus, as you probably have guessed, is having oil.

Grodus: Inaccurate description made by narrator: I am having oil with a drop of grease.

Badyoyo walks through the doors, with 3 butlers each holding a plate.

Badyoyo: I hope you are having a fine time, but I must ask you stop eating, because we have a challenge for you, and it's worth 50,000 coins. First I need you all to separate into your old groups.

They all switch around the table.

Badyoyo: Now, let's see what you all remember from your last task. Each team will be given a challenge. If you win your challenge, you get a point; two points gives you all 50,000 coins. We'll start with the people who were in the kitchen. Nameless Butler Number One?

The first butler gives his plate to Kamek and Grodus. It shows bread, cheese, all the toppings in pizza history, and sauce.

Badyoyo: You must construct my favorite kind of pizza.

Kamek: What's your favorite kind of pizza?

Badyoyo: That's for you to find out.

Grodus: Files... Badyoyo... Favorite foods... Pizza... Favorite pizza... Cheeseburger Pizza.

Badyoyo: ... I hate technology... You still have to make it.

Grodus tosses the bread up into the air to give it a fine shape, then pours sauce onto it, then puts hamburger on it, then some pepperoni, then sprays a double helping of cheese on the pizza.

Grodus: Recipe incomplete with no use of oven.

Badyoyo: Oh well-

Grodus: Wait, systems memory is recommending me a file on my oven feature.

Grodus opens up a slot and place the pizza in it, waits 10 minutes, and pops the pizza out.

Grodus: Recipe complete.

Badyoyo: ... All right... You get the point.

Kamek: Yes!

Badyoyo: Nameless Butler Number Two, if you will.

The second butler opens his plate to Gourmet Guy, General Guy, and Goomba; the plate holds 3 glasses of wine.

Badyoyo: Two of these wines are the ones you had today, one of them is a cheaper brand. Find the phony.

Gourmet Guy: Goomba, it's best you stayed out of this.

General Guy: Actually I'll back out too, this is really your job.

Gourmet Guy: All right.

Gourmet tastes all three like he did in Club Sugar.

Gourmet Guy: Hmmmm.

Gourmet Guy tastes another glass.

Gourmet Guy: This one.

Badyoyo: Correct, you guys win the 50,00 coins.

Badyoyo places a 50,000 coin check into the team's pot. Wario inspects both of the pots.

Wario: DANG IT! They're tied with me now!

Badyoyo: Well, you guys get some rest, I've given you new rooms, here are your keys. And please don't try to pull an all-nighter. We have a big day tomorrow.

The contestants don't really hear Badyoyo, they just hear they got new rooms and keys, so they decide to hit the town for a night of fun.


Kamek: It's magnificent.

Grodus: Calculating city size... 90 square miles.

General Guy: Dang.

Grodus: Calculating awesome factor at nighttime... All things cool go up by 89%

Waluigi: Then why are we standing around like nerds in line for the next Harry Potter movie? Let's go have some fun!

Captain Syrup and Waluigi hit the casinos (Captain Syrup wins everything she goes to, while the most Waluigi makes is two coins off a slot machine after he put in 50). Bowser and Gourmet Guy eat at all the pizzerias to see which one makes the best pizza (Torte Pizza wins). General Guy and Goomba compete in a double motorcycle race (and come in first), and Grodus goes into a bookstore with Kamek to get some peace and quiet. (Kamek buys "And Then There Were None" while Grodus simply downloads some music into his personal stereo.)

There is only one video diary taken, but it's pretty dang important; Bowser thinks he's uncovered the Monty Mole


After a while the contestants gets tired and head back to their room. They all open their doors at the same time to see...


8 different-sized sleeping bags are spread out on the floor in a circle, basically saying "Yes, you all sleep in one room."

Captain Syrup: AR! This must be some joke by the Monty Mole! I refuse to sleep with boys, especially these 7!

Waluigi: What's this?

Waluigi picks up a note.

Waluigi: (reading note) We have a low budget, had to make this awesome challenge, so you all have to sleep here tonight.

Grodus: Shut down.

Grodus shuts himself off.

Kamek: Well, that's one person down.

General Guy: Well, I guess we should get prepared.

Gourmet Guy: Thankfully all our stuff is here.

Bowser, Waluigi, Kamek, General Guy, Gourmet Guy, and Goomba head into the bathroom to use the shower. However, there's only one shower available.


Waluigi: NO! WALUIGI WANTS TO SHOWER FIRST! Waluigi smells like a dumpster after sweating so much at the casino!

Kamek: Hey, age before beauty here!

General Guy: Hey, me and Goomba had a nasty scrape and fell in the mud in that race... but I totally need a shower more than him.

Goomba: Hey!

Gourmet Guy: I got pizza on my suit! I need a shower too!

While the boys are arguing, Captain Syrup changes into a pirate-themed nightie.

Captain Syrup: I'll shower in the morning.

The boys finally decide on an order to shower. When they're done showering Bowser heats up a steak before going to sleep, Kamek summons a lamp and starts to read his book, Gourmet Guy, General Guy, and Goomba simply go to sleep, Waluigi checks his Emails on his iPhone, and Captain Syrup decides to paint her nails liquid gold before going to bed.

2 hours later…

Day 6
2:00 AM

Badyoyo charges through the door.

Badyoyo: Wake up, everyone! It's challenge time! We have to get to Grass Land ASAP! I need you all downstairs, packed and dressed, in 10 minutes!

Everyone groggily wakes up, Bowser takes his giant suitcase and goes downstairs, Kamek teleports himself and his suitcase downstairs, Grodus boots himself up and goes downstairs, Gourmet Guy takes a carrot and munches on it before going downstairs, General Guy walks downstairs since he has no luggage, Goomba does the same, and Waluigi pulls up his overalls and shoes and walks downstairs with his luggage. In an effort to save time, Captain Syrup in pulls her normal street clothes over her nightie, packs her other stuff, and makes her way downstairs.

Badyoyo: That's more like it. Now, please get into those vehicles.

4 taxis drive up, the drivers come out and toss the contestant's stuff into the trunk, and the eight get in the taxis, 2 in each. Being so tired, Kamek, Waluigi, Captain Syrup, and Bowser fall asleep on the way to Grass Land. An hour passes before they arrive at a cornfield. The drivers wake up those who fell asleep. Everyone gets out. Badyoyo and Wario are hanging by a television.

Badyoyo: Good morning, everyone. I know we just woke you, but I think you'll find this challenge quite... exciting.

Badyoyo turns on the TV, revealing an overhead of the cornmaze. It's shaped like a Monty Mole claw.

Badyoyo: This is a maze, a maze so difficult that no Human or any species on this planet has gotten through it. That's what you're going to try to do; find the exit to the maze, and you win 150,000 coins.

The sound of that many coins awakens the contestants.

Badyoyo: You must form 4 teams each consisting of a runner and a navigator. The navigator will see the runner's progress through this television, and will communicate to the runner through radio. Choose now!

Kamek: I'll navigate, who wants to run?

Bowser: I'LL DO IT! (I'll find the exit myself, I just won't listen to Kamek, then at the end of the episode, I’ll win the game.)

Goomba: I'll navigate for someone.

Grodus: Systems have experimented and have concluded, wheels are faster than feet. Therefore it would be a good idea if I ran.

Goomba: Good, I'll do be your partner

Captain Syrup: AR! Who be my partner!

Waluigi: *yawn* Waluigi will do it.

General Guy: All right, that leaves me and Gourmet Guy, so I'll run, and you-

Gourmet Guy: No, I'll run; I need to lose weight, and you're a better navigator,

General Guy: But you're much too fat.

Gourmet Guy: I don't care, it will be easier for both of us to be in these positions.

Badyoyo: Have you made your teams?

The contestants nod.

Badyoyo: Oh, I forgot to mention something, in that maze are two Hammer Bros. If they touch you with their hammers, you fail the task.

The contestants begin to rethink their choices. Mainly Kamek and General Guy.

Badyoyo: Who wants to go first?

Grodus and Goomba raise their hands.

Badyoyo: Very well, let's go.

Badyoyo leads Grodus up to the corn maze.

Badyoyo: Ready...? GO!

Grodus rolls into the field.

Goomba: Ok, go forward.

Grodus keeps going forward.

Goomba: Now go right. Now forward

Grodus heeds every command until he comes to a triangular piece of corn and goes too fast for Goomba to say something

Goomba: Go right, I mean wait!

Grodus stops.

Goomba: Forget it, keep going.

Grodus keeps going but ends up in the sight of a Hammer Bro.

Grodus: Reasons for Goomba not telling me that Hammer Bro was near... unknown.


Grodus heads in the opposite direction but trips over a rock and the Hammer Bro whacks him with his hammer.

Badyoyo: Grodus has failed his task.

Grodus slowly rolls his way out of the maze entrance.

Badyoyo: How do you feel about that?

Grodus: Data analyzing reasons for Goomba not telling me about that Hammer Bbro: still in progress.

Badyoyo: All right, can we have the next team come out.

Kamek shoves Goomba aside and Bowser walks up to Badyoyo.

Bowser: LET'S DO THIS!

Badyoyo: GO!

Bowser charges into the maze, however an invisible wire pops out of the ground, Bowser trips over it and flies into the first wall of corn. The Hammer Bro that got Grodus is on the other side of the wall and whacks Bowser on the head with his hammer.

Badyoyo: Disqualified AND caught. How do you feel about that, Bowser?


Badyoyo pulls Bowser out. Meanwhile Captain Syrup pushes Kamek out of the way and Waluigi walks up to the entrance.

Waluigi: Waluigi time!

Badyoyo: Ready...? GO!

Waluigi goes into the maze and avoids the invisible wire (without ever seeing it, though)

Captain Syrup: AR! Go left, matey, and keep going forward!

Waluigi keeps running.

Captain Syrup: AR! Hammer Bro off the port bow! RUN!

Waluigi runs, but another invisible wire pops up. Waluigi trips over it and the Hammer Bro hits Waluigi with his hammer.

Badyoyo: Waluigi has failed his task.

Waluigi walks out.

Badyoyo: How do you feel?

Waluigi: What is up with this maze?

Badyoyo: I don't know. Can we have the last team up?

Gourmet Guy walks up to Badyoyo while General Guy settles down in front of the TV.

General Guy: This is going to be a train wreck.

Gourmet Guy walks in.

General Guy: Ok, go left... now right... STOP!

Gourmet Guy walks very quietly, looking all around. He even notices the trip wires.

General Guy: Ok, keep going.

Gourmet Guy keeps slowly making his way around, and almost always seems to get away from every Hammer Bro while always heading General Guy's directions. Soon...

Badyoyo: Congratulations, Gourmet Guy! You are the first person to ever make it out of the maze without being caught! 150,000 coins are yours!

150,000 coins fall out of the sky and land in the team's pot.

Wario: No fair! Now they have 500,000 coins! WAH!

Badyoyo: We're halfway to a million coins and you guys are only two people down, but who's not going to get over half a million coins? It's time for... THE TEST!

1. What did The Monty Mole have for breakfast on day 5?
Kamek: Lobster
Gourmet Guy: Lobster
Waluigi: Oil
Grodus: Lobster
Captain Syrup: Lobster
General Guy: Lobster
Goomba: Soda

2. Did the Monty Mole go deaf at one point in this episode?
Kamek: Yes
Bowser: YES!
Gourmet Guy: Yes
Waluigi: No
Grodus: No
Captain Syrup: Yes
General Guy: Yes
Goomba: Yes

3. What did the Monty Mole do when we got back from the first challenge?
Kamek: Dunkin Donuts
Bowser: SHOWER!
Gourmet Guy: Shower
Waluigi: Sleep
Grodus: Shower
Captain Syrup: Dunkin Donuts
General Guy: Dunkin Dounts
Goomba: Shower

4. What was the Monty Mole's role in the food challenge?
Kamek: Nose
Bowser: NOSE!
Gourmet Guy: Nose
Waluigi: Kitchen
Grodus: Nose
Captain Syrup: Taste
General Guy: Taste
Goomba: Nose

5.  What did the Monty Mole do when the contestants went out for a night on the town?
Kamek: Pizza Tasting
Gourmet Guy: Gambling
Waluigi: Book Shopping
Grodus: Gambling
Captain Syrup: Pizza Tasting
General Guy: Pizza Tasting
Goomba: Gambling

6. What is the Monty Mole's favorite food?
Kamek: Burgers
Gourmet Guy: Pizza
Waluigi: Burgers
Grodus: Pizza
Captain Syrup: Burgers
General Guy: Burgers
Goomba: Goat Ice Cream

7. Did the Monty Mole fall asleep on the way to the cornfield?
Kamek: Yes
Bowser: YES!
Gourmet Guy: Yes
Waluigi: No
Grodus: Yes
Captain Syrup: Yes
General Guy: No
Goomba: No

8. Does the Monty Mole still have luggage that's not a repair kit?
Kamek: Yes
Bowser: YES!
Gourmet Guy: Yes
Waluigi: No
Grodus: Yes
Captain Syrup: No
General Guy: No
Goomba: No

9. What was the Monty Mole's role in the Maze challenge?
Kamek: Runner
Gourmet Guy: Runner
Waluigi: Runner
Grodus: Runner
Captain Syrup: Navigator
General Guy: Navigator
Goomba: Runner

10. What is the Monty Mole's occupation?
Kamek: King
Gourmet Guy: Oil Company President
Waluigi: Pirate
Grodus: Oil Company President
Captain Syrup: King
General Guy: King
Goomba: Pirate

11. Where was the Monty Mole born?
Kamek: Dark Land
Bowser: DARK LAND!
Gourmet Guy: Dinosaur City
Waluigi: Unknown
Grodus: Dinosaur City
Captain Syrup: Dark Land
General Guy: Unknown
Goomba: Unknown

12. What color hair does the Monty Mole have?
Kamek: Red
Bowser: BLACK!
Gourmet Guy: Brown
Waluigi: Red
Grodus: Brown
Captain Syrup: Red
General Guy: Red
Goomba: Red

13. Who is the Monty Mole?
Kamek: ???
Bowser: KAMEK!!
Gourmet Guy: ???
Waluigi: ???
Grodus: ???
Captain Syrup: ???
General Guy: ???
Goomba: ???

Everyone is out in a different field. Wario is by the same machine, Gloomtail flies down behind them, and Badyoyo continues to stand around.

Badyoyo: Well, it's going to be sad losing another person... Just kidding, one of you has lost the chance to win over half a million coins. Let's see who it is, starting with... BOWSER!

Wario types in his name.

Wario: Hold on, look at this.

Badyoyo looks at the test.

Badyoyo: It seems Bowser has answered the final question, let's look at his guess.

A giant cage appears above Kamek.

Badyoyo: Bowser has picked Kamek to be the Monty Mole. If Bowser gets a carrot with a green top, he wins the half million coins and Kamek gets captured.  I he gets a red top then he gets to join Belome and Bugaboom.

The carrot pops up, Bowser grabs it and it's...

Bowser: RED?!

Kamek: Phew!

Badyoyo: Bowser, it's time to go.


Gloomtail spews poison breath on Bowser, who faints, then the ground opens up and Bowser falls in a hole.

Badyoyo: The Monty Mole has claimed his or her third victim, who will be next?

Meanwhile Bowser quickly regains consciousness and notices he's falling.


Bowser lands in a large cafe with Bugaboom and Belome.

Bowser: WHY AM I IN A CAFE?!

Belome: I have no idea, but it serves the best food.

Bugaboom: This is even better than what Mom makes.

Monty Mole: Quiet, will ya?! This is my interview! What? Oh yeah. *ahem* Oh Bowser, Bowser, Bowser, you were a fool, and now, thanks to your stupidity, Kamek has been proven innocent; thank you, Bowser. Now the TV audience is even closer to guessing my identity. But no matter, I will still stay so secretive, no one will guess who I am even with Kamek being proven innocent.

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