The Monty Mole

By Badyoyo

Day 21
Castle Koopa

Micheal Tarver: Hey boss, it looks like we have competition to finish the story.

Badyoyo: I'm not your boss yet. Now wait for the other to finish their Interviews, but I am glad "abcd" is making his own story to The Mole.

Cameraman: You're on!

Badyoyo: Huh? Oh yeah! *ahem* Name the Monty Mole, and you win the game. That's what Bowser tried to do in thinking Kamek was the Monty Mole, but he was wrong and was eliminated. There are now 7 left, one proven innocent, 6 who could be... The Monty Mole.

Kamek is relaxing

Gourmet Guy is pulling crabs

Waluigi is on an island

Grodus is using a pulley to pull something into a boat.

Captain Syrup is eating

General Guy is fishing

Goomba is sitting in a boat.

Badyoyo: This is... The Monty Mole.

Day 8
8:00 AM Water Land harbor.

Everyone has the same breakfast they had on day 5. Badyoyo walks in.

Badyoyo: Good morning, everyone.

Contestants: Morning.

Badyoyo: Well the numbers are getting smaller. Tensions are rising, and the Monty Mole is still at large no thanks to Bowser. However, as they say, worse things happen in Water Land. Right now I need you to choose two people who make good sea scouts. Choose now.

Kamek: All right, I'll be one.

Captain Syrup: AR! I be scouting the sea ever since I was an hour old!

Badyoyo: We have our two, good. Please make your way to that luxury taxi boat.

Kamek and Captain Syrup leave and get in the boat.

Badyoyo: Now for the remaining five. We have a challenge for you, you're going on a fishing trip. I need you to split into two teams; two people will go to the calm waters of Water Land, while the other 3 will take to the Boss Bass-filled seas, hoping to net some fish. Please choose your teams now.

Grodus: Systems recommend I take the calm waters.

Gourmet Guy: I just ate so I'll take the calm waters.

Waluigi: So that makes me, General Guy, and Goomba the rough waters.

General Guy: This should be interesting.

Badyoyo: We have our teams, good. The rules to this challenge are simple, within 3 hours you must collect 14 pounds of fish and be back here in the time limit, to win 50,000 coins.

Wario: And lose this one!

Badyoyo: Your 3 hours begin... NOW!

The two teams race down to their boats and the boat drivers speed them off to their destinations.

With Grodus and Gourmet Guy:

They probably thought calm waters would be the easy part of the challenge, but if so, they were wrong. They now have to pull out crab pots from the bottom of Water Land's deep deep ocean.

Grodus: Attach them to my pulley. Systems scanner show the largest is only a couple of pounds, my pulley should hold them all.

Gourmet Guy: Ok

Gourmet Guy hooks the rope to Grodus's pulley and Grodus starts pulling the crab pot while Gourmet Guy starts pulling as well. It's 30 minutes before they get any progress.

With Waluigi, General Guy, and Goomba:

For the rough water people it's like a pleasure cruise as they are simply fishing.

Goomba: It's pretty tough when you don't have hands!

It's also been 30 minutes without a catch. Maybe it's because only two people are fishing.

Meanwhile with Kamek and Captain Syrup:

They've been taken to a remote island.

But the others are beginning to strike lucky.

Gourmet Guy: We got them!

Gourmet Guy throws them in the crab pot.

Grodus: Amount of crabs after 35 minutes... 2.

Gourmet Guy: Then we need to continue, here's another rope.

Gourmet Guy hands Grodus another rope and Grodus uses his pulley to pull it in.

With Waluigi, General Guy, and Goomba:

Waluigi and General Guy: HEY! I got something!

Waluigi and General Guy pull in two Cheep Cheeps. However, there's a problem.

Waluigi: Waluigi isn't going to be cutting any fish!

General Guy: I'm not either.

Waluigi: Goomba, make yourself useful and cut up the fish.

Goomba: All right, all right.

Goomba takes a knife, puts it in his mouth, and kill the Cheep Cheeps.

With Grodus and Gourmet Guy:

Gourmet Guy puts two more crabs in their bucket.

With Waluigi, General Guy and Goomba:

Waluigi: YAH!

Waluigi throws a Cheep Cheep into the boat and Goomba kills it.

General Guy: Hurry up! It's been an hour and we've only got 3 Cheep Cheep.

With Grodus and Gourmet Guy:

Grodus and Gourmet Guy pull in another crab pot.

Grodus: Amount of crabs in this pot... 1... Adding our current amount to this one... 5...

Gourmet Guy: Hey, this is a big one though.

Grodus: Even though nothing is lucky to a computer, I feel that is lucky.

With Kamek and Captain Syrup:

Kamek and Captain Syrup have to build a camp for 5 people, using a few survival essentials.

Captain Syrup: These must be the basics.

Kamek: Forget about the basics! Just use magic!

Kamek whips out his wand and makes a boat-shaped house complete with all the gizmos and gadgets to modern life.

Kamek: We got our job done. Let's relax.

With Waluigi, General Guy, and Goomba:

General Guy: Oh, here's a good one.

General Guy pulls in a Spiny Cheep Cheep, which Goomba quickly kills.

With Grodus and Gourmet Guy:

Gourmet Guy: Geez, this one is heavy!

Grodus: This one is predicted to be the heaviest.

With Kamek and Captain Syrup:

Kamek is relaxing in the shade, reading his book on one half of the island, while on the other half Captain Syrup is suntanning in a bikini she found in the boathouse Kamek made.

Kamek and Captain Syrup: Ah, this is the life.

With Waluigi, General Guy, and Goomba:

General Guy: *yawn* How much more time do we have?

Waluigi: About an hour and 10 minutes.

With Grodus and Gourmet Guy, they're starting to struggle., and when I mean struggle, I mean disaster strikes.

Grodus: MY PULLEY!

The weight of the crab pot is too much and pulls the pulley in. It falls right through Gourmet Guy’s hands.

Gourmet Guy: ROPE BURN!

25 minutes later…

Grodus, now manually pulling, gets the crab pot in while Gourmet Guy has his hands in ice cold water trying to cool them down.

Grodus: Finally...


Grodus: MY ARMS!

Grodus's arms snap off and fall in the ocean along with the crab pot.

Grodus: Chances of that happening... 5%... Why me?

Gourmet Guy: Hey, what happened here?

Grodus turns to Gourmet Guy.

Gourmet Guy: Oh.

Grodus: Systems predict it's the best time to leave now.

With General Guy, Waluigi, and Goomba:

General Guy and Waluigi: I got two!

They both pull in two Cheep Cheeps, Goomba kills them.

Goomba: We have 8 Cheep Cheep now!

Waluigi: That should be enough.

General Guy: TAKE US BACK!

The two teams go back and go to Badyoyo, who's on a dock.

Badyoyo: Let's see how much you made. We'll start with the people in the rough waters.

They place the fish on the scale.

Badyoyo: ... 13 pounds. You just need 1 pound to get the money. Calm water people, show us how much you made.

Gourmet Guy puts the bucket on the scale.

Badyoyo: ... 12 pounds! That's 25 pounds! You win the task!

Contestants: YES!

50,000 coins fall out of the sky and land in the group’s pot.

Badyoyo: And since you almost doubled that, we're going on a pleasure cruise. On a yacht.

Contestants: WOOHOO!

The 5 get on the yacht, celebrating winning 50,000 coins for their pot... Well, most of them.

Grodus: Difficulty in partying with no arms: ... Extreme.

After spending over an hour suntanning and reading, Kamek and Captain Syrup are instructed to go back to ship. They get in a tiny motorboat and ride toward the ship, just as the other contestants are told to get in a tiny motorboat and head toward the island.


Waluigi takes control of the motorboat and rams Kamek and Captain Syrup.

Goomba: Was that necessary?

Waluigi: No, but it got the viewer's attention.

Kamek: Immature beasts.

Kamek and Captain Syrup drive to the yacht and climb into it.

7:00 PM

The five contestants get on the island Kamek and Captain Syrup were on.

Gourmet Guy: I hope there's good food here.

Grodus: Nearest repair shop... 10 miles from this spot.

Waluigi: This is going to AWESOME!

Goomba: I wonder what we're supposed to do here.

General Guy: Obviously it's something without Kamek and Captain Syrup.

Gourmet Guy: I hope we don't have to stay here for the night.

Meanwhile with Kamek and Captain Syrup:

Kamek: Ah, this is the life.

Captain Syrup AR! I thought that time on the island was the life!

Kamek: That too.

Captain Syrup: AR! Look what be here on this yacht! Champagne!

Kamek: Well pop it open and let's get drinking!

Meanwhile the five just found the boathouse and a note connected to it.

Note: You must spend the night in his house to win the money. The prize amount is 100,000 coins, however we will also throw in the first exemption pass for this game. In the house is a cell phone with a number on it. If one of you wants to give up and live on the boat with Kamek and Captain Syrup, just dial the number and we'll pick you up. However it will cost you the challenge.

General Guy: That can easily be changed.

General Guy throws the cell-phone into the water.

Goomba: You know, this place doesn't look bad.

Waluigi: Hmmm.

Gourmet Guy: IT HAS FOOD!

General Guy: No television though.

Grodus: Shut down.

Grodus shuts down again.

On the yacht Badyoyo checks on Captain Syrup and Kamek.

Badyoyo: So how's yacht life?

Badyoyo opens the door to see Kamek and Captain Syrup making out and an empty bottle of champagne. Badyoyo quietly closes the door.

Badyoyo: *shudder* That's why I'm straight edge.

On the island the temperature's dropped, but everyone's relaxing in the boathouse next to a fireplace eating chips.

Waluigi: This is great!

Gourmet Guy: We really have to thank Kamek and Captain Syrup.

General Guy: Yes, definitely.

Goomba: Pass the chips, please.

After an hour passes, Waluigi is seen cooking burgers.

Waluigi: Ah, how Waluigi loves to cook again.

Waluigi flips the burgers into the air, flings each of them between two buns, and places a BLT on them.

Waluigi: Now for the old Wario family secret ingredient!

Waluigi takes out a ketchup bottle.

Waluigi: What the? This isn't the secret ingredient!

Waluigi throws the ketchup bottle into a trashcan and takes out a bottle of grease.

Waluigi: Here it is!

Waluigi puts a large tab of grease on each burger.

Waluigi: Come and get it!

Gourmet Guy, General Guy, and Goomba run towards the table and begin eating their burgers with Waluigi.

Another 2 hours pass and everyone is in bed. Except for Badyoyo, who's playing TF2.

Badyoyo: I love this game! ... Except when I get killed by this General Toad fellow.

Badyoyo's Pyro gets killed.

Badyoyo: DANG IT! Sniped again!

We're over a third into this game, and it’s time for everyone to look at the evidence.

Goomba started off okay, but followed by telling General Guy to stop in the middle of the road, costing them the hostage challenge. He did well at the golf challenge, but in the corn maze he didn't tell Grodus that a Hammer Bro was nearby and got disqualified.

Gourmet Guy also started okay. He was reluctant to jump out of the plane, but eventually jumped out. In the hostage challenge he put up little to no resistance to Belome eating the phone. In the food challenge he won his team the challenge, and in the corn maze he was the only one to ever get out of the maze.

Grodus has been very quiet. However he knows my favorite pizza and successfully made it, and in the car challenge he annoyed Captain Syrup with his GPS-like instructions.

Waluigi made a fatal mistake in the suitcase challenge, putting only eggplants in Belome's bag. He was a good golf teacher, and at the car challenge he wasn't strong enough to get the jack under the car, let alone lift it.

General Guy has made stupid mistakes and been beaten up, but he gave Gourmet Guy the directions to get out of the maze.

Captain Syrup has been a different figure, and not because she's the only female competitor. She wasn't good at driving her car in the car challenge and wasn't able to paint a face in the charity challenge.

Finally there's Kamek. A self-professed born leader, he wasted time in the rescue challenge, not even thinking to call Waluigi, but he answered a question right at the golf challenge. In Bowser's elimination he was proven innocent when Bowser guessed wrong in thinking he was the Monty Mole.

Suspicions on all contestants other than Kamek are understandable. But only one of them is The Monty Mole.

Day 9
6:00 AM

Waluigi's alarm clock goes off. Waluigi presses the snooze button.

7:00 AM

Waluigi's alarm clock goes off again, this time Waluigi smashes it with his fist. Waluigi yawns and gets out of bed, pulls on his clothes, and walks downstairs to make himself some coffee.

Grodus: Boot up.

Grodus boots himself up. Meanwhile the others walk downstairs.

General Guy: Morning?

Gourmet Guy: Where's breakfast?

Goomba: How should I know?

Gourmet Guy: Because you might be it.

Goomba runs away from Gourmet Guy only to go face-first into a wall. A box of Pop-Tarts that was previously on the shelf falls in Gourmet Guy's hands due to the vibration Goomba made.

Gourmet Guy: Thanks.

Gourmet Guy eats the box whole.

Waluigi, yawning, prepares some coffee and drinks it.


Grodus: Chances of that joke happening: ... 65%.

7:15 AM

The yacht drives up 100 yards away from the island.

Waluigi: OVER HERE!

Gourmet Guy: Pick us up!

Goomba: We want that 100,000 coins!

 General Guy: I don't think he's coming over.

Grodus: Chances of me swimming... -1%

Waluigi: Give Waluigi your head!

Grodus: Head eject.

Grodus's head pops out of his body and Waluigi throws him to the boat; Captain Syrup catches him.

Captain Syrup: AR! Welcome aboard, matey!

Gourmet Guy: Grodus has a point, we should swim. Besides, I need the exercise.

Goomba: You obsess over food, but you also want to exercise. What kind of messed up character are you?

Gourmet Guy: One written by this guy.

General Guy: ... Let's go swimming, I guess.

Gourmet Guy, General Guy, and Waluigi jump in the water and start swimming toward the boat. Goomba rides on Gourmet Guy. After an hour of swimming, the 3 exhausted contestants and Goomba get pulled into the boat.

Badyoyo: You do know you just lost the challenge, right?

Waluigi: WHAT?! All Waluigi did was throw Grodus to the boat.

Badyoyo: Not that challenge. You won the 100,000 coin survival challenge. However, you lost the latest challenge.

Gourmet Guy: What latest challenge?
Badyoyo: Didn't you get the text?

General Guy: None of us have phones.

Badyoyo: What about the one I gave you?

General Guy: I threw that... in... the... water.

The 6 contestants glare at General Guy.

Badyoyo: You had a challenge worth 50,000 coins. You were supposed to get over here without getting wet above your waist. I'm sorry, but you lost.

The contestants start complaining.

Badyoyo: Well, you can go complain at the hotel. Because it's time to take... THE TEST!

Pretest interviews:

Captain Syrup: I hate hangovers

General Guy: I’ve got a lot of heat on me. So... maybe I should just bomb the test, I don't have a good suspect in mind.

Goomba: Hmmm, I'll stick to my old answers.

Gourmet Guy: I think it's obvious who's the Monty Mole now.

Grodus: X-Nauts!

Some X-Nauts run to Grodus

Grodus: Take this test for me, I have no hands or body.

Waluigi: Hmmm. Waluigi doesn't know who's the Monty Mole... Waluigi might be out of this game.

Kamek: I hate hangovers.

1. What did the Monty Mole have for breakfast on day 8?
Kamek: Soda
Gourmet Guy: Lobster
Waluigi: Oil
Grodus: Lobster
Captain Syrup: Soda
General Guy: Soda
Goomba: Soda

2. What was the Monty Mole's role in the Sea Challenge?
Kamek: Build Camp.
Gourmet Guy: Fish
Waluigi: Lobster
Grodus: Fish
Captain Syrup: Fish
General Guy: Lobster
Goomba: Build Camp

3. What did the Monty Mole have for dinner?
Kamek: Champagne
Gourmet Guy: Burgers
Waluigi: Burgers
Grodus: Burgers
Captain Syrup: Burgers
General Guy: Champagne
Goomba: Champagne

4. How many bad things were said about the Monty Mole in the synopsis?
Kamek: 2
Gourmet Guy: 2
Waluigi: 1
Grodus: 2
Captain Syrup: 2
General Guy: 2
Goomba: 1

5. What did the Monty Mole have for breakfast on day 9?
Kamek: Pop-Tarts
Gourmet Guy: Coffee
Waluigi: Nothing
Grodus: Nothing
Captain Syrup: Nothing
General Guy: Nothing
Goomba: Nothing

6. Did the Monty Mole swim?
Kamek: Yes
Gourmet Guy: Yes
Waluigi: No
Grodus: Yes
Captain Syrup: Yes
General Guy: No
Goomba: No

7. Did something bad happen to the Monty Mole this episode?
Kamek: No
Gourmet Guy: No
Waluigi: No
Grodus: No
Captain Syrup: Yes
General Guy: No
Goomba: No

8. Was the Monty Mole participating in the survival challenge?
Kamek: No
Gourmet Guy: Yes
Waluigi: Yes
Grodus: No
Captain Syrup: Yes
General Guy: Yes
Goomba: No

9. What is the Monty Mole's favorite food?
Kamek: Goat Ice Cream
Gourmet Guy: Pizza
Waluigi: Fruit Salad
Grodus: Pizza
Captain Syrup: Pizza
General Guy: Goat Ice Cream
Goomba: Goat Ice Cream

10. Does the Monty Mole still have luggage?
Kamek: No
Gourmet Guy: Yes
Waluigi: Yes
Grodus: No
Captain Syrup: No
General Guy: Yes
Goomba: Yes

11. What is the Monty Mole's occupation?
Kamek: Pirate
Gourmet Guy: Oil Company President
Waluigi: Leader of X-Nauts
Grodus: Oil Company President
Captain Syrup: General
General Guy: Pirate
Goomba: Pirate

12. Where was the Monty Mole born?
Kamek: Unknown
Gourmet Guy: Dinosaur City
Waluigi: Unknown
Grodus: Unknown
Captain Syrup: Shy Guy Toybox
General Guy: Unknown
Goomba: Unknown

13. Who is the Monty Mole?
Kamek: ???
Gourmet Guy: ???
Waluigi: ???
Grodus: ???
Captain Syrup: ???
General Guy: ???
Goomba: ???

Everyone's standing in a different field, Gloomtail is still behind everyone. Wario's at the same old machine, and Badyoyo refuses to do anything but stand around.

Badyoyo: Well... I have nothing to say, so let's do it! Starting with... CAPTAIN SYRUP!

Wario types in her name, the carrot pops up, Captain Syrup grabs it and it's...

Captain Syrup: AR! I knew it all along! Green!


Wario types his name into the machine. The carrot pops up and it's...

General Guy: *phew* Green

Badyoyo: GOOMBA!

Wario types his name into the machine, the carrot pops out and it's...

Goomba: Hooray! It's green.


Wario types his name into the machine, the carrot pops up and it's...

Gourmet Guy: YES! Green!

Gourmet Guy eats the carrot.

Badyoyo: GRODUS!

Wario types his name into the machine, the carrot pops up and it's...

Grodus: Predictions were accurate... the carrot is green.

Badyoyo: KAMEK!

Wario types Kamek's name into the machine, Kamek grabs the carrot as it pops up and it's...

Kamek: Red?!
Badyoyo: Kamek, it's time to go.

Gloomtail spews poison breath on Kamek, who faints. A hole opens up in the ground and Kamek falls in.

Badyoyo: The Monty Mole has claimed his or her fourth victim. Who will be next?

Interview with the Monty Mole: Fun night with Captain Syrup, recovering from hangover, not spending time thinking about me. Recipe for destruction. Now no one knows who I am. Hehehe... hahaha… MUHAHAHAHA!

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