The Monty Mole

By Badyoyo

Day 21
Castle Koopa

Badyoyo: The group is now 6. Kamek, the innocent one, was eliminated. For the rest they all had a nice relaxing night on an island... or on a boat. Now 4 more challenges are ahead, 4 more challenges where contestants must show tactics, endurance, bravery, and the most important of all... their brains - to guess who is The Monty Mole

Gourmet Guy is walking in some trenches.

Waluigi is throwing chips into the air.

Grodus is being rebuilt.

Captain Syrup is sneaking around a battlefield.

General Guy is counting something.

And Goomba is sleeping.

Badyoyo: This is... The Monty Mole

Day 10
11:00 AM

The 6 are being driven through Giant Land in taxi cabs. Gourmet Guy, Waluigi, and Goomba are riding in a green taxi. Grodus, Captain Syrup, and General Guy are riding in a yellow one.

Badyoyo: Like we said, we need to determine the contestants’ tactics. So we're going to have quite a... tactical challenge.

Wario: Really? That's the best you can do?

Badyoyo: Oh hush up! I'm rushing these next few stories, I don't have time for jokes!

Wario: For DAD’s sake, you WORK on jokes!

Badyoyo: Be quiet, here come the contestants.

The 6 contestants walk up to badyoyo and Wario.

Badyoyo: Well, welcome. We have some special visitors for you all, but, before that. We have a challenge for you, and it's worth 50,000 coins. Now before I can explain, you're going to split into two teams of three. Please choose them now.

Gourmet Guy: I want to team with Grodus.

Waluigi: Waluigi join you guys!

Captain Syrup: AR! That leaves me with Goomba and General Guy.

Badyoyo: Okay, who will go first?

Grodus: Sensors predict, the challenge will be difficult. Our team will go first.

Badyoyo: All right, let's go.

The 3 run through a dark doorway into some dark trenches.

Badyoyo: Their mission is to solve three brain teasers I've made for them in these trenches. They'll have to work as a team to figure out the puzzles, for every wrong guess will cost them time. Both teams need to complete the puzzles and get out of the trenches within 40 minutes.

Grodus, Gourmet Guy, and Waluigi run up to the first puzzle. It's a sign with 31 triangles: some hidden, some obvious.

Sign: How many triangles are there?

Waluigi and Gourmet start counting while Grodus starts calculating.

Waluigi: Waluigi count 18.

Gourmet Guy: I have 19.

Grodus: Calculating triangles... 31.

Waluigi: Let's go on that logic.

Gourmet Guy: 31!

Badyoyo: Correct.

36:00 remains.

The three start running through the trenches and down some stairs up to the next puzzle.  It's a drawing of a boat with a ladder on it floating at sea.

Sign: There are eight rungs on the ship's ladder. The lowest is just touching the water. The distance between each rung is 25cm. How long will the water take to reach the second rung if the water moves at a meter an hour?

Grodus: Calculating... 16 minutes.

Gourmet Guy: 16 minutes!

Badyoyo: Incorrect.

Even with taking the penalty, they still have to answer the question.

Gourmet Guy: Maybe it means the second to the top.

Grodus: Calculating... One hour and 45 minutes.

Gourmet Guy: One-

Waluigi covers Gourmet Guy's mouth.

Waluigi: Hold on, look at this.

Waluigi examines the picture.

Waluigi: It's impossible. The boat will stay afloat.

Badyoyo: Correct.

Gourmet Guy: YES!


The go up a ramp and through some paths to reach the final puzzle. It's a sign with three floors. The basement has 3 lights, the first floor has nothing, and the second floor has 3 light switches.

Sign: Each switch on the second floor activates a light in the basement. If you make only one trip to the basement, can you figure out which switch is for which light?

Waluigi: Are there any switches we can experiment on?

Gourmet Guy: I don't think so.

Grodus: Calculating... error... incalculable equation.

Waluigi: Let's see, if we're on the second floor, we can't see what lights turn on.

Gourmet Guy: What about the heat off the bulbs? If we turn one light on, then a second one on, then after a while turn it off, then go down, then the lit one represents the one we turned on. The warm one that's off would represent the one we turned on, then off. Then the cold one would represent the one we never each touched.

Waluigi: What he said!

Badyoyo: ... Correct.

21:06 remains.

Grodus, Gourmet Guy, and Waluigi run out. General Guy, Goomba, and Captain Syrup run in.

Captain Syrup: AR! Let's answer some questions!

Goomba: Yeah!

General Guy: I remember these trenches... follow me!

General Guy leads Captain Syrup and Goomba through a shortcut to the first puzzle, saving precious seconds.

21:00 remains.

Captain Syrup: AR! How many triangles are there on this here sign?

The three begin counting.

General Guy: I count 29.

Goomba: Me too.

Captain Syrup: AR! It be 29? I count 30.

General Guy: Where's the thirtieth?

Captain Syrup: AR! Those three in the middle make a triangle!

Goomba: I don't think that counts.

General Guy: I don't either.

Captain Syrup: ... *sigh* Is the number 29?

Badyoyo: Incorrect.

Captain Syrup: *BLEEP* you two! Now you're going to follow my way! It be 30!

Badyoyo: Incorrect.

11:00 remains.

Goomba: Let's count them again.

They all get thirty again. They're missing the obvious triangle-shaped sign.

General Guy: Did we count that one?

General Guy points to the same triangles Captain Syrup pointed out. Captain Syrup whacks him on the back of the head. General Guy hits his head on the sign, leaving a triangle-shaped bruise.

Goomba: Hey wait a minute... 31!

Badyoyo: Correct.

General Guy: It's obvious we couldn't figure that one out if he hit us right in the face.

Captain Syrup and Goomba: BOOOO!

General Guy: Well excuse me for not being that good of a comedian... Follow me!

General Guy leads them through another shortcut to the second puzzle, saving an entire minute. However, they can't decide what puzzle two means.

Goomba: It's talking about the second to the bottom.

General Guy: No, it's talking about the second to the top!

Captain Syrup: AR! Is it talking about the second to the top, or the bottom?

Badyoyo: From the bottom.

Goomba: 16 minutes! I'm good at math!

Badyoyo: Incorrect.

5:00 remains.

General Guy: Wait, is the ladder curved or straight?

Badyoyo: Straight. Like most ladders.

Captain Syrup: AR! I be an expert on boats! And this question is impossible!

Badyoyo: Correct.

Goomba: YES!

General Guy: I think I know where the third is.

General Guy makes one last shortcut, saving just enough precious time to make one guess on the puzzle.

3:00 remain.

General Guy: I'll go down to the basement! You two find the light switches!

Stupidly General Guy runs off to the trenches basement, while Goomba and Captain Syrup try to find the light switches. They waste all their time.

Badyoyo: Captain Syrup, Goomba. I'm sorry, but your time is up. Please go find General Guy and take him out.

Goomba: Let's split up and find him.

Captain Syrup and Goomba split up to look for General Guy.

With General Guy...

General Guy: Ok, if my memory is right, the basement should be right over there in that black mass.

General Guy runs into the black mass.


General Guy: OW!

Badyoyo is waiting by the outside of the trenches, noticing no one is there.

Badyoyo: Where is everybody?

Soon General Guy pulls himself out of the trenches. He looks rather loopy.

Badyoyo: Where's Syrup and Goomba?

General Guy: Who?... Why is everything spinning?

Badyoyo: What's with that lead pipe in your hand?

General Guy: What lead pipe?

General Guy is holding a lead pipe.

Badyoyo: And what's with that non triangle-shaped bruise on your head?

General Guy: What bruise? I feel perfectly fine.

General Guy has a swelling, giant, red bruise right on his forehead. Goomba emerges from the trenches.

Goomba: I can't find him, or Captain Syrup.

Goomba looks at General Guy.

Goomba: Ouch... What happened to you?

General Guy: I... don't know, Mommy.

Captain Syrup comes out of the trenches.

Captain Syrup: AR! I couldn't find the feeble landlubber!

Captain Syrup looks at General Guy.

Captain Syrup: AR! Who beat you to a pulp?

General Guy: Huh?

Goomba: Where are the others?

Waluigi, Grodus, and Gourmet Guy walk up.

Badyoyo: Where were you three?

Waluigi: Waluigi bought a lottery ticket in case Waluigi doesn't win!

Grodus: Recent events... Got upgrade for myself.

Gourmet Guy: And I went out for a pizza!

Badyoyo: Well... someone has attacked General Guy, we don't know who, but we do know someone did. It could be himself, it could be one of you five. All we know is that this is probably the work of... The Monty Mole.

The 5 begin muttering to each other.

Badyoyo: And to literally add insult to injury, you failed the task. So the money goes to Wario.

50,000 coins fall out of the sky and land in Wario's pot.


Badyoyo: Well, we'll take General Guy to the doctor to have him checked up. For you 5, we have a challenge.

Badyoyo leads the other 5 to a card table in a casino.

Badyoyo: Well, we have a present for you for surviving this long. Wario?

Wario (bored): For your hard work we have sent one of your friends or a family member.

Contestants: YEAH!

Badyoyo: But before you can meet them, let's play cards. You all get 3 cards. You can offer to trade with others. The cards range from 1-10. If you have the highest amount, you win these.

Badyoyo shows the 5 some tokens.

Badyoyo: These are exemption tokens; every token you have will add one correct answer to your test. Let's play cards.

Badyoyo passes the cards to everyone. Grodus scans the cards and trades his 3 with Waluigi's 7. However, Waluigi switched his cards around and gave Grodus a two instead.

Badyoyo: Everyone content with their cards?

Grodus: Sadly, yes.

Badyoyo: Reveal.

Waluigi has 15, Grodus has 9, Goomba has 7, Gourmet Guy has 12, and Captain Syrup has 13.

Badyoyo: Congratulations, Waluigi. Here are 5 exemption tokens.

Waluigi: AWESOME!

Waluigi runs out with his exemption tokens.

Badyoyo: New game.

Badyoyo passes out the cards. Grodus scans the cards and switches his 5 with Gourmet Guy's 6.

Badyoyo: Content?

Remaining Contestants: Yes.

Badyoyo: All right, reveal.

Grodus has 13, Gourmet Guy has 12, Goomba has 8, and Captain Syrup has 10.

Badyoyo: Good job, Grodus. Here are your 4 tokens.

Grodus: Chances of me passing next test... 100%.

Badyoyo: Ok, let's play a new game for 3 tokens.

Badyoyo passes out the cards. Goomba and Gourmet Guy switch their cards. Captain Syrup keeps hers, but secretly replaces her two with a ten she found on the floor.

Badyoyo: Everyone happy with their cards?

The contestants nod.

Badyoyo: Let's see.

Captain Syrup has 19, Gourmet Guy has 15, Goomba has 9.

Badyoyo: Good job, Captain Syrup. You get 3 tokens.

Captain Syrup: AR! Some booty is better than none!

Badyoyo: Final game!

Badyoyo deals out the cards. Gourmet Guy can see Goomba's cards. He does not trade with him.

Badyoyo: Well, since we're not trading, reveal your cards.

Gourmet Guy has 24. Goomba has 10.

Badyoyo: Sorry, Goomba. Gourmet Guy gets two exemption tokens.

Gourmet Guy: WOO!

Gourmet Guy leaves. Goomba flips over the table in rage.


Badyoyo: Goomba, calm down. I have good news for you. Since General Guy is out due to injury, he can't play, so you automatically win the next round... congratulations. You get the final exemption token.

Goomba: YES!

Badyoyo: Now let's go.

Goomba follows Badyoyo, but is gagged and taken away.

Badyoyo: All right... Hey where's Goomba?

The remaining contestants shrug their shoulders. Meanwhile, a small figure charges toward Badyoyo. The small figure is General Guy.

General Guy: SIR! The doctors gave me a diagnosis SIR! They say I am ready to compete in the game SIR! They also gave me a new personality SIR!

Badyoyo: Good to have you back. Will Waluigi follow me please?

Badyoyo leads Waluigi onto the balcony of a stage.

Badyoyo: Congratulations, Waluigi, 5 free tokens. But now, we have a challenge for you, and it's worth 50,000 coins.


Waluigi looks down to see 12 people sitting in chairs in this order:
1 Anti Guy
2 Fryguy
3 Lord Crump
4 Luigi
5 Mario
6 Medi Guy
7 Paragoomba
8 Shake King
9 Spiked Goomba
10 Spy Guy
11 X-Naut
12 Wario

Badyoyo: There are 12 people down there. 6 of them are guests who have a connection to one of you as family or friend, 6 of them are imposters. Your job is to guess who is who. There are thirty potential rights answers. If you get 21 right guesses we'll give you the cash.

Waluigi: Got it!

Badyoyo: Good, we'll start with General Guy's friend.

Waluigi: 2

Badyoyo gives the same speech to everyone else.

Grodus: Calculating... best chance... 6.

Captain Syrup: AR! It be 6!

Gourmet Guy: 6.

Badyoyo: Please tell us which one is your friend, General Guy.

General Guy: SIR! It is number six SIR! Medi Guy has always been a great help to me in war SIR!

Correct Answers: 4/21

Badyoyo: Waluigi, we're looking for a friend of Goomba's. Who is it?

Waluigi: 9.

Grodus: Best chance... 9.

Captain Syrup: AR! It be 7!

Gourmet Guy: 9.

General Guy: It is probably 9 SIR!

Correct Answers: 5/21

Badyoyo: Waluigi, we're looking for Gourmet Guy's brother. Who is it?

Waluigi: 2.

Grodus: Best chance... 2.

Captain Syrup: AR! It be 2!

General Guy: SIR! I believe it is 2 SIR!

Badyoyo: Gourmet Guy, please point out your brother.

Gourmet Guy: 1.

Correct Answers: 6/21

Badyoyo: Waluigi, now we're looking for the "friend" of Captain Syrup.

Waluigi: Hmmm... 12.

Badyoyo: Her worst rival?

Waluigi: Whoops! Waluigi means 8!

Grodus: Sensing sarcasm... Best possible person... 8.

Gourmet Guy: 8.

General Guy: It must be 8 SIR!

Badyoyo: Captain Syrup, who's your "friend"?

Captain Syrup: AR! It be a trick question! A pirate has no friends!

Badyoyo: Just choose a number.

Captain Syrup: AR! It be the Shake King!

Badyoyo: Actually... it's Wario.

Captain Syrup: WHAT?!

Badyoyo: You two quarrel the most. I thought it would be smart to throw him in.

Correct Answers: 6/21

Badyoyo: Ok Waluigi, we need to find Grodus's partner in crime.

Waluigi:  This one's easy! 3!

Captain Syrup: AR! It be 3!

Gourmet Guy: Hmmmmm... 3

General Guy: SIR! As a leader Grodus must like his minion more than his stupid right-hand man! It must be 11 SIR!

Badyoyo: Grodus, who is your partner in crime?

Grodus: Number 11.

Lord Crump: BWAH?

Grodus: Use for Lord Crump... none. Use for X-Nauts... everything.

Correct Answers: 8/21

Badyoyo: While you're here, can you point out Waluigi's cousin?

Grodus: Calculating Wario family tree... Waluigi's cousin is... 5.

Captain Syrup: AR! It be 5!

Gourmet Guy: 5

General Guy: SIR! Waluigi's cousin is 5!

Badyoyo: Waluigi, point out your cousin.

Waluigi: Hi Cousin Mario! ... 5!

Badyoyo: All right, wait here while I bring the others in.

Badyoyo and the other 4 contestants walk onto the balcony.

Badyoyo: I'm afraid to say, you weren't even close to the  target number of answers. You only got 13 out of 30, you needed 21 at least. You failed. Wario gets another 50,000 coins.

A giant gold anvil falls in Wario's pot.

Wario: I-a love this game!

Badyoyo: Thank you, fake guests. You may leave.

Fryguy, Luigi, Shake King, Spiked Goomba, and Spy Guy leave.

Badyoyo: For the rest of you 5, the rest of the day is yours.

Private Journals:

Gourmet Guy: It's sad we lost that challenge. But I can hang with my brother now.

Waluigi: What a stupid task!

Grodus: Chances of us passing that task... 35%... We still should've won.

Captain Syrup: AR! Why would Badyoyo make Wario my "friend"? That cost us 5 points! We would've been at least close!

General Guy: SIR! This was a hard task for us all SIR!

Gourmet Guy: I love my bro.

Gourmet Guy is bear-hugging Anti Guy.

Waluigi: This isn't even worth talking about.

Waluigi turns off his camera.

Grodus: Trench task difficulty for my team... easy.

Captain Syrup: AR! The Brain Teasers were a nightmare!

General Guy: I find that we couldn't have won that task if we kept to our normal plan sir!

Gourmet Guy: The brainteasers were easy.

Grodus: The answer to who attacked General Guy... still contemplating.

Captain Syrup: AR! I bet it be General Guy who attacked himself! The only other people in the trenches were me and Goomba! And Goomba doesn't have hands!

Day 11
10:00 AM

Everyone is having the same breakfast.

Badyoyo: Ok, seriously, do you people ever eat anything else for breakfast?

Gourmet Guy: No, lobster is great!

Waluigi: Is Goomba ever going to get back?

Badyoyo: You'll find out soon. Because, we have a challenge for you. Goomba has been taken captive.

The 5 begin muttering to each other.

Badyoyo: Don't worry, nothing bad has happened to him... yet. I'm sure bad things will happen to you, though. Because we're going... to go play Paintball!

Some Hammer Bros. throw Goomba into an army truck and un-gag him.

Hammer Bro: Listen pal, we have a deal for you. Your friends are going to come and save you. If you cost them the challenge and shoot them with one of their paintball guns, and get across the finish line in one piece, then we'll give you an exemption pass. Understand?

Goomba nods his head.

Hammer Bro: Good, here come the others.

Badyoyo and the five contestants walk up to Goomba.

Badyoyo: There's your hostage.

Waluigi grabs Goomba.

Waluigi: Got him! Where's the money?

Badyoyo: It's not quite that easy. Follow me.

Badyoyo leads the 5 to a ditch in the woods.

Badyoyo: Here's the challenge; if you win, you get 100,000 coins. Here's how it will go” run across the field, grab Goomba, and get him back to base. Goomba must be accompanied by at least one of you when he reaches the base. If Goomba is hit by a paintball, Wario gets the money; if you five get killed, Wario gets the money. Is that clear?

The contestants nod their heads.

Badyoyo: Good, here's your supplies to save him.

Badyoyo gives each of them padded camouflage.

Badyoyo: Also, to make this more interesting, take a look up.

The 5 look up to see 2 Hammer Bros. and Wario with paintball guns.

Badyoyo: These are your snipers. They will do anything to try to kill you. You get a five second head start to get cover from them... GO!

The 5 run toward some rubble. Gourmet Guy and Grodus are too big and both get hit in the chest, taking them out.

Wario: HA! Two down! I-a see that 100,000 coins coming to me already!

While Wario was talking to himself the remaining 4 ran into the forest. The Hammer Bros. sneak into the forest too.

Waluigi: RUN!

Waluigi runs out of the forest, and gets hit in the shin by a paintball.

Hammer Bro: Injury!

The other 2 heed Waluigi's command and break into different areas. If the contestants are hit on their blue vests like Grodus and Gourmet Guy, they're automatically dead. If they get any hits on any part of their body, they must heal. Waluigi gets into some shelter to heal himself. If he gets two more wounds, though, he’ll die.

General Guy: SIRS! I'll keep this guy busy!

Another Hammer Bro keeps trying to hit General Guy, but keeps missing. This gives Waluigi and Captain Syrup time to sneak through more of the forest.

General Guy: YAH!

General Guy runs to some rocks, and then to the woods.

Hammer Bro: Drat!

Meanwhile Wario is slowly sneaking behind Waluigi and Captain Syrup. However he steps on a stick, making them run closer to the ground. With Wario in pursuit of the others, General Guy decides to make a break for it.

General Guy: YAH!

However General Guy doesn't even make it halfway before he gets hit in the chest by one of the Hammer Bros, taking him out.

Wario: Get over here, you stupid idiots!

Wario is still in pursuit of Captain Syrup and Waluigi, but they're much too fast for him.

Wario: You guys have to take them out!

One of the Hammer Bros. rushes out to the forest and hits Captain Syrup in the side, taking her out. However he misses Waluigi, who gets to the safe zone. He picks up Goomba and a paintball gun.

Waluigi: ...

Goomba: What are you waiting for?

Waluigi: Waluigi is thinking of a good joke with guns in it.

Goomba: ...

Waluigi: AH! Waluigi knows!

Waluigi deepens his voice to sound Russian.

Waluigi: YA WALUIGI!

Waluigi charges out and starts firing at Wario and the Hammer Bro, taking them both out.

Waluigi: YA WALUIGI!

Waluigi makes a break for the finish line. However he forgets that one Hammer Bro is still alive, and he has been waiting right at home base. It pops out of some bushes and shoots Goomba right on the top of his head. Goomba is dead.

Badyoyo: GAME OVER!

Waluigi: ... Aw...

Badyoyo: So close... Sorry guys, you lose. Wario gets another 100,000 coins.

100,000 coins fall out of the sky and land in Wario's pot.

Wario: YES!

The 6 contestants start to glare at Waluigi.

Badyoyo: Well, you worked hard for that, and you get nothing. That's the circle of life, I suppose.

Everyone is mad, but no one is madder than Goomba, who had planned to shoot Waluigi just before he got to home base so he could get the exemption pass.

Badyoyo: Everyone is mad. I can tell. But let's let all our aggressions on... the TEST.

1. What did the Monty Mole have for breakfast on day 11?
Gourmet Guy: Lobster
Waluigi: Oil
Grodus: Lobster
Captain Syrup: Soda
General Guy: Lobster
Goomba: Soda

2. What color taxi was the Monty Mole in at the beginning of the episode?
Gourmet Guy:  Yellow
Waluigi: Yellow
Grodus: Green
Captain Syrup: Yellow
General Guy: Green
Goomba: Yellow

3. Did the Monty Mole's team go into the trenches first or second?
Gourmet Guy:  First
Waluigi: First
Grodus: Second
Captain Syrup: Second
General Guy: First
Goomba: Second

4. Did the Monty Mole get an even number of exemption tokens or an odd number? (0 is an even number for those that are idiots.)
Gourmet Guy:  Odd
Waluigi: Even
Grodus: Odd
Captain Syrup: Even
General Guy: Odd
Goomba: Odd

5. How many right answers did the Monty Mole get in the friends and family challenge?
Gourmet Guy: Two
Waluigi: Three
Grodus: Two
Captain Syrup: Zero
General Guy: Three
Goomba: Three

6. Consider Waluigi to have been killed one second after Goomba; put all the kills in a list, the first to be killed being 1. Was the Monty Mole an even or odd number on that list? (Gourmet Guy was hit before Grodus.)
Gourmet Guy: Even
Waluigi: Even
Grodus: Odd
Captain Syrup: Odd
General Guy: Even
Goomba: Even

7. Did the Monty Mole bring a family member?
Gourmet Guy: No
Waluigi: No
Grodus: Yes
Captain Syrup: No
General Guy: No
Goomba: No

8. What is the Monty Mole's favorite food?
Gourmet Guy:  Oil
Waluigi: Pizza
Grodus: Pizza
Captain Syrup: Pizza
General Guy: Pizza
Goomba: Goat Ice Cream

9. Does the Monty Mole still have luggage?
Gourmet Guy: Yes
Waluigi: No
Grodus: Yes
Captain Syrup: No
General Guy: Yes
Goomba: Yes

10. What is the Monty Mole's occupation?
Gourmet Guy: Oil Company President
Waluigi: Pirate
Grodus: Oil Company President
Captain Syrup: General
General Guy: Pirate
Goomba: Pirate

11. Where was the Monty Mole born?
Gourmet Guy: Unknown
Waluigi: Shy Guy Toybox
Grodus: Unknown
Captain Syrup: Shy Guy Toy box
General Guy: Unknown
Goomba: Shy Guy Toybox

12. How many words are in the Monty Mole's name?
Gourmet Guy: One
Waluigi: Two
Grodus: One
Captain Syrup: One
General Guy: One
Goomba: Two

13. Who is the Monty Mole?
Gourmet Guy: ???
Waluigi: ???
Grodus: ???
Captain Syrup: ???
General Guy: ???
Goomba: ???

The 6 are in a new field, Badyoyo's standing around, Wario's by the same machine, Gloomtail's behind them. Blah blah blah.

Badyoyo: Well, we're closing quickly to our finale. After this elimination, they'll only be 5. Let's see who won't be joining us. Starting with... CAPTAIN SYRUP!

Wario types her name into the machine. Her carrot pops up, she grabs it and it's...

Captain Syrup: AR! I knew it be green!


Wario types General Guy's name into the machine, his carrot pops up and it's...

General Guy: SIR! I did not do the worst on the test SIR! You can tell because I have a green top SIR!

Badyoyo: GOOMBA
Wario types his name into the machine. His carrot pops up and it's...

Goomba: Red?!

Badyoyo: Goomba, it's time to go.

Goomba: Aw man.

Gloomtail spews poison breath on Goomba, who faints. The ground opens up into a giant hole and Goomba falls in.

Badyoyo: The Monty Mole has claimed his or her fifth victim. Who will be next?

Interview with the Monty Mole: You didn't really expect Goomba to win this game, did you? Oh what idiots you all are... And yes, I did attack General Guy in the trenches. The question you should be asking is... am I General Guy?

The Monty Mole begins laughing evilly again.

Kamek: Hey, quiet down! Some of us are trying to read here!

The Monty Mole: The judge is the murderer!

Kamek: Aw. You ruined the whole book!

The Monty Mole begins laughing evilly again.

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