The Monty Mole

By Badyoyo

Day 21
Castle Koopa

Badyoyo: Goomba tried to betray his friends to get an exemption pass, however due to Waluigi's cockiness before victory, he cost his team the challenge and Goomba his exemption pass. This also infuriated Goomba, since he was eliminated. Now only five remain, Gourmet Guy, Grodus, Waluigi, Captain Syrup, and General Guy. Suddenly it's every man or woman for himself or herself. Then again, it's always been that way... for the Monty Mole.

Gourmet Guy is sitting down exhausted.

Waluigi is sitting in a cell

Grodus is sitting at a desk

Captain Syrup looks shiftily at the four others.

General Guy is getting led to some room.

Badyoyo: This is... The Monty Mole.

It's still day 11.

The friends and family of the contestants are about to leave (they definitely had fun laughing at the contestants during the paintball challenge though), but we asked them who they think the Monty Mole is, since they've watched every episode so far.

Anti Guy, brother of Gourmet Guy: (gasping for air) I *pant* think *pant* it's *pant* Waluigi. *pant* DAD, I hate it when my bro hugs me like that.

Mario, Cousin of Waluigi: I-a think it's-a Waluigi. He would-a do anything to ruin the game for everybody.

X-Naut, Partner in crime with Grodus: Dude, I think it's my dude, I mean my sir, I mean... boss.

Wario, "Friend" of Captain Syrup: I-a don't care who-a the Monty Mole is, all I care about is these guys making me more money. So Syrup, if you're the Monty Mole, you're-a doing a good job.

Wario pats Captain Syrup on the back and she pulls out her sword.

Captain Syrup: AR! Never touch me again, you scurvy dog! Unless you want your nose to be nonexistent.

Mediguy, Friend of General Guy: Who's the Monty Mole? Hmmm? A Shy Guy would never stoop so low, so I would have to go with Waluigi, his criminal record makes him an easy target.

Badyoyo: All right, time to leave.

Badyoyo teleports the guests away.

Gourmet Guy: Aw.

Badyoyo: Well your friends are gone, but the Monty Mole isn't. We have a challenge for you and I think you're going to love this one.

Badyoyo leads the five to the top of some mountains (Grodus and Gourmet Guy have some trouble getting up though, requiring assistance from Grodus's X-Nauts). There is an old castle, attached to it is a zip line.

Badyoyo: This is a zip line.

Waluigi: As if that wasn't obvious.

Badyoyo: As you can tell it's no ordinary zip line. It's 300 meters long and 60 meters high.

General Guy: Why meters?

Badyoyo: I feel I should work more on the metric system. That's the bad news. The good news is, this challenge is worth 100,000 coins. Here's how it works, 3 out of 5 of you have to ride down this zip line to the landing pad below and answer a question. You can chicken out, but it will cost your turn, and possibly the money.

Wario: So chicken out!

Badyoyo: If you chicken out or get your question wrong 3 times, then you lose the challenge. If you get 3 answers correct, you win the challenge. Please choose the order.

Waluigi: Waluigi want to go first!

Captain Syrup: AR! I be going second!

General Guy: SIRS! I will be going third SIRS!

Gourmet Guy: I'll go fourth, please finish before I have to go.

Grodus: Places left for me to take: ... 5th.

Badyoyo: We have our order. Waluigi, please make your way to the zip line.

Waluigi grabs the zip line and swings off.


Waluigi soars down the mountain and into the jungle, landing on the landing pad.

Hammer Bro: Here is your question! How many stories was the place you were held captive?

Waluigi: Two!

Hammer Bro: Correct!

Hammer Bro whacks a gong, which is heard in the castle.

Badyoyo: Waluigi got his question correct!

The contestants cheer. Captain Syrup goes up, secures herself unlike Waluigi, then jumps off.


Captain Syrup flies down to the landing pad.

Hammer Bro: Here is your question! How long did Waluigi last in the corn maze?

Captain Syrup: ... I don't know... 15 seconds?

Hammer Bro: Incorrect! He lasted eleven seconds!

Hammer Bro blows up some dynamite, which shakes up the castle. A Koopa Troopa falls out of the ceiling.

Badyoyo: Captain Syrup got her question wrong! You now must deal with this Koopa Troopa while waiting in line!

The Koopa Troopa walks up to Grodus, who zaps it with lightning. General Guy goes up to the pulley, secures himself, and jumps off.


General Guy jets his way down to the landing pad.

Hammer Bro: Here is your question! How long did it take Waluigi's team to make it out of the bunker?

General Guy tries to remember, but his bump on the head makes it hard for him to think logically.

General Guy: 40 minutes SIR!

Hammer Bro: You're an idiot!

Hammer Bro blows up more dynamite, this time some Tetris blocks fall from the ceiling. Grodus keeps dodging them while Gourmet Guy goes up to the pulley.

Badyoyo: General Guy got his question wrong. You have to answer your question correct... unless you want to chicken out.

Badyoyo kicks a rock off the castle ledge and it falls down into the forest and out of sight. However it hits Waluigi on the head.

Waluigi: OW!

Gourmet Guy: *gulp*

Gourmet Guy starts to think about the jump. He leans on the pulley and the pulley catches hold of his clothes and pulls him down.

Gourmet Guy: AHHHHHHHH!

Gourmet Guy keeps flailing his arms and legs while falling. He lands roughly on the landing pad.

Hammer Bro: Here is your question! What was the name of the boat you were on in the fishing contest?

Gourmet Guy is boggled by the fall, and tries to remember.

Gourmet Guy: ... Sega Genesis?

Hammer Bro blows up the last of the dynamite, which causes the castle to fall down the mountain and onto the landing pad. The castle is in pieces, as is most of Grodus's body.

Grodus: Actually my body got destroyed by an "L" block.

General Guy: SIR! Do you know how old that castle was SIR!

Badyoyo: Relax, it's a fake castle. It was basically a two-story, stone-covered tin can, see?

Badyoyo picks up a brick and crumples it up into a tin toothpick. He uses it to pick some dirt out of his teeth.

Badyoyo: Well, you guys lost again. Another 100,000 coins given to Wario.

Wario: YAY!

Wario's pot lands next to him. Badyoyo gives Wario a treasure chest and Wario throws all the gold into his pot.

Badyoyo: We have plenty more challenges ahead of us. But for now, a night on the town.

That night the contestants are all in a karaoke bar. Captain Syrup and General Guy are drinking and chatting at the bar, while Grodus, Waluigi, and Gourmet Guy are doing the robot.

Day 12
10:00 AM

Badyoyo: How do we all feel today?

Contestants: Good.

Badyoyo: That's good. Only five of you remain, so I think it's time to discuss the identity of the Monty Mole...  Could it be Waluigi? In the car challenge it was really hard for him to use the jack.

Waluigi Wario
Age 24
Occupation: Oil Company President
Lives: Dinosaur City.
Nicknames: Skinny
Interests: Money
Likes: Family Guy, but isn't stupid enough to reference jokes from it
Dislikes: People who portray him as a scaredy cat in their Fun Fiction

Badyoyo: Captain Syrup, a very tough girl. Always ready to risk her life. She's clearly a smart girl, but those simple brainteasers were too much for her in the bunker.

Captain Syrup
Age 34
Occupation: Pirate
Lives: Unknown location
Nicknames: The bounty of the seven seas, That annoying girl who never gives Wario a break
Interests: Money
Likes: Boys that aren't Wario, conning people, Merfie Syrup
Dislikes: Wario

Badyoyo: What about General Guy?  In the Bunker, he couldn't ever get a question right.

General Guy
Age: 34
Occupation: General
Lives: Shy Guy Toy Box
Nicknames: King of Pain
Interests: Roy’s Sports Hall despite the fact he barely ever wins
Likes: Armies
Dislikes: Having the disadvantage in things

Badyoyo: Grodus, despite being a super computer robot thing, only answered one correct answer in the bunker. In the sniper game he was out quickly, just like Gourmet Guy.

Age: Unknown
Occupation: Leader of X-Nauts
Lives: Unknown location
Nicknames: Dude, Sir, Boss
Interests: World Domination
Likes: Steven Spielberg Productions
Dislikes: Water

Badyoyo: Gourmet Guy, first man to ever get out of the corn maze. What about the fishing challenge, did he know the challenge would be difficult?

Gourmet Guy
Age: 36
Occupation: Food Taster
Lives: Shy Guy Toy Box
Nicknames: Fatty, Roadblock
Interests: Losing Weight
Likes: Food
Dislikes: Bad cooking

Badyoyo: Clues are all there. I hope you paid attention. For now, we have a challenge for you. I need a volunteer, one with a cool head yet who stays competitive.

Grodus: I will volunteer.

Badyoyo: All right, please make your way to Wario.

Grodus rolls over to Wario, who walks with him into Giant Land's Giant City. Grodus has to spend the day with Wario, but he's not told why. The others are given the afternoon off. So they decide to have a pool party since the aquaphobic robot is gone.

Waluigi: Mario!

Gourmet Guy: Polo!

Waluigi: Mario!

Gourmet Guy: Polo!

Waluigi: Mario!


General Guy does a cannonball, knocking Waluigi out of the pool and into the hot tub Captain Syrup's in.

Captain Syrup: AR! What be your problem?

Waluigi: Don't blame Waluigi. Blame General Gu-

Waluigi stops speaking as the bubbles in the hot tub start to pop away (stupid timed bubble hot tubs), revealing Captain Syrup's pirate bikini. Waluigi, of course, checks her out. Captain Syrup smiles and calmly throws her martini into Waluigi's face.

Waluigi: AHHH! It burns Waluigi's eyes! What was in that thing?!

Captain Syrup: AR! It be a combination of a Shirley Temple and the chlorine you splashed into my drink!

Waluigi: AHHHH!

Waluigi runs back up to his room as the rest of the contestants laugh at the situation.

4:30 PM

Captain Syrup, Waluigi, General Guy, and Gourmet Guy are on a couch with Badyoyo.

Badyoyo: Back to business. We have a challenge for you, and it's worth 50,000 coins. Now you've probably been wondering what Grodus has been doing all day, haven't you?

The four contestants nod.

Badyoyo: Grodus has spent the day with Wario. Unbeknownst to both of them, we've been watching. I'm about to show four clips of Grodus's day in Giant City. To win the money, you must predict how Grodus will act in 3 out of the 4 clips. Let's see how well you know Grodus. Show clip one.

The TV shows a coffee shop. Grodus orders oil, and Wario orders coffee. Wario goes off to use the bathroom, but forgets his phone and it starts ringing the Monty Mole theme song.

Badyoyo: Here's your first question. Does Grodus answer Wario's phone?

Waluigi: He would!

Captain Syrup: AR! No one would touch that idiot’s phone!

General Guy: I must agree SIR!

Gourmet Guy: But he's heard the theme song before, I think on instinct he would pick it up.

Captain Syrup: ... Fine,  we guess he will.

Badyoyo: Let's see.

Grodus picks up the phone and answers it.

Grodus: Hello?

The four contestants cheer.

Badyoyo: Let's see clip two.

The TV shows a garage with a ladder next to it, Grodus and Wario are walking straight towards the ladder.

Badyoyo: Here's your next question. Does Grodus go under, or around the ladder?

Waluigi: Hmm... Waluigi thinks he would go around.

Captain Syrup: AR! They be way too fat to go through!

Gourmet Guy: I agree.

General Guy: We vote he goes around! SIR!

Badyoyo: Let's see.

Grodus and Wario stop. Grodus lets Wario go under first, then Grodus goes under. The four contestants start complaining.

Badyoyo: I'm sorry, but you're wrong. One more and you lose. Show clip three.

Wario and Grodus are having lunch at a cyber cafe, where they're about to order their drinks.

Badyoyo: Here's your next question. Does Grodus order oil or another drink?

Waluigi: Totally oil, he doesn't have anything else BUT that!

Captain Syrup, General Guy, Gourmet Guy: We agree!

Badyoyo: Let's see.

Grodus: May I please have a mug of oil?

The contestants cheer again.

Badyoyo: Let's see if you can get the money by answering the final question.

Wario and Grodus are talking, the waiter hands them the bill.

Badyoyo: The bill the waiter gave them is 10 coins higher than the original price. You're final question is, does Grodus notice?

Waluigi: Hmm... Grodus scans things. But Waluigi doesn't think he scans checks.

Captain Syrup: AR! The landlubber has a lot of gold already! I say he doesn't notice it.

Gourmet Guy: I'll agree with that.

Badyoyo: Let's see.

Grodus: X-Nauts, your mission is to pay this bill for me.

X-Nauts: Yes sir.

The X-Nauts give the waiter the exact amount of coins.

Badyoyo: Congratulations, you won 50,000 coins for the pot!

The four contestants celebrate and give high fives. Meanwhile, Wario has been giving Grodus an afternoon of special instruction in the art of interrogation.

Wario: All right, loser, Badyoyo told me to help you or else I don't get to keep my money. So here's your next lesson in creating impact. Different losers have different personal bubbles. They also have different areas of influence. In business this can get you a lot of money. It also is good to get info out of people. Now Grodus, what did you do this afternoon?

Grodus: Most recent activity: ... Ate lunch with you

Wario: THAT'S A LIE! ... All of a sudden I'm in your face-like thing and there's the feeling of intimidation. Get enough intimidation, and you can get whatever you want. Remember, when they try to escape, follow them with more intimidation. Everyone cracks, Grodus. Just get in their space,

Wario picks up a fake plastic leaf.

Wario: Enter their bubble, and make them crack.

Wario cracks the plastic leaf so hard it ends up in tiny little flakes.

Grodus is learning skills that may become useful. Meanwhile the others are recording their video diaries.

Gourmet Guy: The zip line scared me, I didn't even want to get on it.

Waluigi: Waluigi LOVES zipping to his doom!

Captain Syrup: Everyone knows Waluigi's going to step up to the plate.

General Guy: SIR! If Waluigi's the Monty Mole then he's doing a good job on the back SIR!

Gourmet Guy: Just don't look down, I screamed to myself, just don't look down.

Waluigi: Waluigi was the only who got his question right!

Captain Syrup: AR! Most of the questions were easy! We should've gotten them all right! General Guy had the hardest, but I could've answered that one right. I should've gotten mine right as well.

General Guy: SIR! The only reason I didn't get my question right is because I have a massive head wound SIR!

Gourmet Guy: I wish we won the challenge.

Waluigi: The prediction game, however, was fun! We know Grodus quite well!

Captain Syrup: AR! We know Grodus better than anyone at this point!

General Guy: SIR! All of Grodus's activity was reasonable SIR!

Gourmet Guy: I'm just glad we won a challenge after breaking our five loss streak.

Waluigi: Everyone's judging everyone else's actions!

Captain Syrup: AR! It be best to keep quiet for once!

General Guy: SIR! I hope Grodus helps us in the next task SIR! Grodus is a valuable asset!

Gourmet Guy: I think Grodus will have to make a lot of tough choices, and after tonight, the group will not be as close as earlier today.

Giant Land Castle
11:00 PM

A car with the four contestants drives up to it; Badyoyo and the others get out for a nighttime rendezvous with Grodus.

Badyoyo: Sorry to drag you out of your hotel at the last moment. I expect you want to know why you're here in the middle of the night and why Grodus still has yet to join you. Well it's time to find out. Grodus has spent the whole day with Wario. Wario is a very sly businessman who knows how to get what he wants. He's been schooling Grodus all day. in the art of interrogation. Now, during the night, Grodus is going to be interrogating you four. Grodus has no idea what you guys have been doing today. He has no idea that he was filmed, he has no idea that the film was used in a challenge. That is the information that he is going to attempt to extract from you. And we have a challenge for you: if you can keep that information secret from Grodus until dawn, you will win 100,000 coins.

Meanwhile with Wario and Grodus…

Wario: All right, I'll be listening and watching your conversations via cameras and earpiece, and I'll be giving you advice through your earpiece. Remember our deal, you win me that 100,000 coins, and I'll give you an exemption pass. Remember you can call those losers at any time and in any order. Soon they're going to feel very uncomfortable and then, they'll crack. I’ll win the 100,000 coins, and we all can sleep in comfortable beds. SHH! Here they come.

Badyoyo leads the four contestants into their rooms. They have blank jail cells and must be put in annoying positions on the guards’ instructions, and at the same time listen to the Monty Mole theme song. What they're about to go through will push the team to their very limits. They know they can opt out of the game at any time, but then they will nothing. Grodus's task is to figure out the group was given a challenge to predict his behavior and what specifically the four questions were.

Grodus: Please send in Waluigi.

A Sledge Bro throws Waluigi into Grodus's room, where Grodus is sitting at a desk.

Grodus: I'm looking for someone to make a deal with. One of the best choices... Waluigi Wario. You like me, I like you. You deal with people, you're Wario's stepbrother for DAD's sakes.

Waluigi: Waluigi only make deals to his benefits!

Wario: There! Hit him there, you got his attention!

Grodus: You are the ideal person to make a deal with, something you must really think about.

Waluigi: Waluigi will think about it.

Grodus: GUARD!

The Sledge Bro throws Waluigi back into his cell and brings out General Guy, who looks rather scared but isn't afraid to still say SIR!.

Grodus: Will you tell me the truth if I ask you questions?

General Guy: If I have to SIR!

Grodus: I'm not going to force you. Anyway, as a group, what did you do together today?

General Guy: SIR! We nominated you to go with Wari-

Grodus: I don't care about what happened before 2:00 PM. I want to know what happened after 2:00 PM.

General Guy: Things SIR!

Grodus: What sort of things?

General Guy: Food. SIR!

Grodus: Food.

General Guy: Yes SIR!

Wario: That's totally a lie!

Grodus: Chances of you lying... 100%. You are a very bad liar.

Wario: Tell him as the weakest part of the group, you are willing to go all the way and make his life a living torture rack.

Grodus: The amount of time between you entering here, and you leaving, is controlled by me. I'm sure you're aware of that, and you're one of the weakest ones of the group. Now what did you discuss?

General Guy: Food SIR!

Grodus: What else did you discuss?

General Guy: Drinks SIR!

Grodus: You as a group did something together, chances of it involving me... 90%. Food and drinks, we established that quickly, we can all go home to comfy beds if we want to. Can't we?

General Guy: We can SIR!

Grodus: But if you don't tell me the truth you won't be comfortable at all... GUARD!

The Sledge Bro throws General Guy back into his cell and brings in Captain Syrup. It's only been an hour, and Grodus has already made progress.

Grodus: Listen, General Guy has told me what you did between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM. He said it involved food and drinks, and a discussion about me. What do you think, Captain Syrup?

Captain Syrup: AR! I was in the hot tub!

Grodus: Chances of you lying... 96%. You are lying. If you lie it just gets worse.

Wario: Tell her she's going to be the reason for General Guy's discomfort.

Grodus: Do you feel bad for General Guy?

Captain Syrup: AR! He can pull through the night!

Grodus: Waluigi wants to make a deal already.

Captain Syrup: AR! You might be lying!

Grodus: Computers never lie. Now between four and six you discussed food, drinks, and me.

Captain Syrup: AR! I was in the hot tub!

Grodus: What do you know about any of this?

Captain Syrup: AR! I have no idea!

Grodus: Guard!

The Sledge Bro throws Captain Syrup back to her cell, and puts in Gourmet Guy.

Grodus: I actually got progress. That's bad news for you already. However, it's General Guy who's not having a good time with this. He told us that between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM you did something that involved food, drinks, and me. I've sent the Sledge Bros. to pressure General Guy. I can make them pressure him even more. Now you can stay here a minute and say no and we can bring General Guy back in.

Wario: Tell him you'll give General Guy a bed if he says one piece of information.

Grodus: If you give me one piece of information, then I'll give General Guy a bed.

Gourmet Guy: I'll give you a piece of information.

Grodus: All right, but first. Send him back, Guard!

The guard puts Gourmet Guy back in his cell and send Waluigi back in.

Grodus: Now you mentioned you're possibly up for a deal. Would you like to shed more light on the food, drinks, and me thing that happened between 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM?

Waluigi: You give Waluigi your terms and conditions and Waluigi listen to them.

Waluigi whispers something to Grodus.

Grodus: I'll be seeing you later. GUARD!

The Sledge Bros. give Waluigi a bed and throw him back in the cell. They send General Guy back in.

Grodus: Things are moving on quite well. About those drinks, did it mention anything about... oil?

General Guy: Indirectly SIR!

Wario: How indirectly?

Grodus: What might have been mentioned about oil?

General Guy: Whether you had some or not SIR!

Grodus: Did I?

General Guy: I think you did SIR!

Grodus: Was that a question? If I had oil or not?

General Guy: We might have been asked whether you had oil or not?

Wario: Ohhh, that's a good one.

Grodus: Would you have won money? Was it related to money today?

General Guy: There was a challenge today SIR!

Grodus: A challenge...

Wario: Excellent, excellent, go for the kill.

Grodus: Did we win the challenge?

Wario: Look at General Guy, the guy looks so feeble. It's obvious he's hiding you guys won a challenge. Go for something else.

Grodus: In the cafe, where I had lunch, I was being filmed; there was a camera on the side where our drinks were brought?

Wario: You got him. You got him!

Grodus: Am I correct?

Wario: You got him. If he says maybe it's definitely a yes.

General Guy: Maybe SIR!

Wario: YES!

Grodus: Was I filmed at the cafe?

General Guy: Maybe SIR!

Wario: Totally a yes.

Grodus: You do know somebody already told me that, right?

General Guy: Waluigi, you're a weak man, SIR!

Grodus: If you tell me something about the food, I'll give you a bed.

Wario: He's going to go for it.

General Guy: It might have been related to money SIR!

Wario: Pop the bubble, Grodus. Make him crack.

Grodus: Come on, General Guy, you can go to bed for a little more information.

General Guy: ... Your bill might have been incorrect SIR!

Wario: YES!

Grodus: Good, I'll give you a bed.

Wario: Well done, Grodus, well done.

Grodus: Guard!

The Sledge Bro throws General Guy in his cell with a bed.

It's 3:54 in the morning. Grodus has already discovered that he was secretly filmed, that a challenge was set, that they won money, that the challenge involved whether or not he had oil and that his bill was incorrect. Will his teammates break before dawn does? If Grodus can figure out the questions about the ladder and the phone, he will win his exemption pass and cost his team the money.

Captain Syrup is now in Grodus's office.

Grodus: What else happened in the cafe? The only other thing that happened today was that Wario's phone rang, I answered it, and no one was there.

Captain Syrup: AR! It probably be a wrong number!

Grodus: A wrong number?

Captain Syrup: AR! I don't know.

Wario: Ah, what Syrup's done now is admit to the call.

Captain Syrup: AR! I don't really know what you're talking about.

Grodus: ... GUARD!

The Sledge Bro throws Captain Syrup back in her cell, then sends in Waluigi.

Grodus: I know about the overcharged bill, I know about whether I had oil or not, I know that you won 50,000 coins, I know there was a phone involved, and there's only one other piece of information I'm missing.

Wario: Just be weary of him. He looks mad.

Waluigi: Then what is Waluigi doing here then?

Grodus: Because I want to know more.

Waluigi: Ask the others then! You obviously got all this info from them, what are you asking Waluigi then?

Grodus: Because there's more to know.

Waluigi: You don't need to waste Waluigi's time or your time, Grodus!

Grodus: You can help me as well.

Waluigi: How can Waluigi help you?!

The two begin arguing with information being shared. Due to this Waluigi gets his bed taken away. The Sledge Bro pulls Gourmet Guy back in.

Day 13
5:00 AM

Grodus: So, on my route around town, which bits could be seen?

Gourmet Guy: I remember a garage.

Wario: Here we go. Something about the garage.

Grodus: Anything else?

Gourmet Guy shakes his head.

Grodus: Do you want to help General Guy or not?

Gourmet Guy shakes his head.

Grodus: GUARD!

The Sledge Bro puts Gourmet Guy back in his cell. With just one tiny piece of information still needed, General Guy is woken up and thrown in Grodus's office. He's even more disorientated, more exhausted, and more vulnerable than before. However, after an entire night of hostility from his pals and persisting to find the answers, Grodus is getting tired as well.

5:30 AM

Grodus: I didn't want to bring you back, but the others gave me no choice.

General Guy covers his eyes, almost about to cry.

Grodus: I need your eyes open.

General Guy uncovers them.

Grodus: I already know everything, the last thing I need to know is by the garage. Do you know what it was?

General Guy gets more teary eyed.

Grodus: Just one more piece of information... I'm not going to even ask you for it.

Wario: I can smell the money, just solve the puzzle. Then we can all go home.

General Guy starts sniffling.

Grodus: Just tell me and we can all go home.

Wario: He ain't saying a thing! Go for anger!

Grodus: ... No...

General Guy: Huh?

Wario: What?

Grodus rips off the earpiece and leaves the office.

Wario: Grodus, I can't hear you... Grodus...? ARRRRRRRRRRGH!

6:00 AM

Badyoyo: Well, morning has come. But the key moment was 15 minutes ago. At 5:45 AM, Grodus had extracted all but one piece of information out all of you. The ladder was the only one he didn't get. At the last moment, when General Guy was called in, exhausted and weak, Grodus became Mr. T and indeed "Pitied the Fool". So Grodus lost his exemption pass and you guys win 100,000 coins for your pot.

Contestants: Yay.

The contestants are rather tired so they barely give a care that they won, all they want to do is go to sleep.

Badyoyo: But now with that win out of the way, it's time for bed, and first thing in the morning, the test.

When afternoon comes, the contestants take their test.

1. Who did the Monty Mole's friend/relative suspect to be the Monty Mole?
Gourmet Guy: Waluigi
Waluigi: Syrup
Grodus: Waluigi
Captain Syrup: Waluigi
General Guy: Syrup

2. Did the Monty Mole climb up the mountain with no problems?
Gourmet Guy: Yes
Waluigi: No
Grodus: Yes
Captain Syrup: Yes
General Guy: Yes

3. In the order for the zip line did the Monty Mole have an odd number or an even number?
Gourmet Guy: Even
Waluigi: Odd
Grodus: Even
Captain Syrup: Odd
General Guy: Even

4. Is the Monty Mole in its 30's?
Gourmet Guy: Yes
Waluigi: No
Grodus: Yes
Captain Syrup: Yes
General Guy: Yes

5. What is the Monty Mole's occupation?
Gourmet Guy: Oil Company President
Waluigi: Leader of X-Nauts
Grodus: Oil Company President
Captain Syrup: General
General Guy: Pirate

6. Does the Monty Mole have more than one nickname?
Gourmet Guy: No
Waluigi: No
Grodus: No
Captain Syrup: No
General Guy: Yes

7. Is the Monty Mole interested in money?
Gourmet Guy: Yes
Waluigi: No
Grodus: Yes
Captain Syrup: No
General Guy: No

8. Does the Monty Mole like something that has a description of 3 words of less?
Gourmet Guy: Yes
Waluigi: No
Grodus: Yes
Captain Syrup: Yes
General Guy: No

9. Does the Monty Mole dislike one particular thing?
Gourmet Guy: No
Waluigi: No
Grodus: Yes
Captain Syrup: No
General Guy: Yes

10. Where was the Monty Mole born?
Gourmet Guy: Unknown
Waluigi: Unknown
Grodus: Unknown
Captain Syrup: Shy Guy Toy Box
General Guy: Unknown

11. What's the Monty Mole's favorite food?
Gourmet Guy: Pizza
Waluigi: Pizza
Grodus: Pizza
Captain Syrup: Pizza
General Guy: Goat Ice Cream

12. How many words are in the Monty Mole's name?
Gourmet Guy: One
Waluigi: One
Grodus: One
Captain Syrup: Two
General Guy: Two

13. Who is the Monty Mole?
Gourmet Guy: ???
Waluigi: ???
Grodus: ???
Captain Syrup: ???
General Guy: ???

The five are out in the field, Badyoyo's still standing around, Gloomtail's still behind them, and Wario's by the same machine.

Badyoyo: You are in the final 5! But who will be in the final 4? Let' find out the results! Starting with... CAPTAIN SYRUP!

Wario types her name into the machine, Captain Syrup grabs her carrot on the way up, and it's...

Captain Syrup: AR! It is and always will be green!


Wario types his name into the machine, the carrot pops up and it's...

General Guy: It's green SIRS!


Wario types his name into the machine, Gourmet Guy catches the carrot on the way up and it's...

Gourmet Guy: Red?!

Badyoyo: Gourmet Guy, it's time to go.

Gourmet Guy: Can I have one last meal?

Badyoyo: Sure, why not?

Gourmet Guy: Goodbye, guys. I'll miss you all!

Waluigi: Aw Gourmet Guy, we'll always remember. You big lug!

Grodus: I wish I had a pipe break in my face to resemble me crying.

General Guy: SIR! It has been an honor playing this game with you SIR!

Captain Syrup: AR! Why does this stupid scallywag get a happy goodbye and the others don't?!

Badyoyo: Because *sniff* I loved writing for this guy!

The contestants that care hug Gourmet Guy.

Gourmet Guy: All right... I'm ready.

The contestants stop hugging Gourmet Guy and get a safe distance away. Gourmet Guy eats his carrot in the most dramatic way possible, then jumps up and slams the ground, making his own hole, which he falls through.

Badyoyo: The *sniff* Monty Mole has claimed his or her sixth victim. *sniff* Who will be next? This may have been the most emotional Mole elimination in Lemmy's Land history.

Meanwhile with the losers…

Gourmet Guy falls into the cafe.

Bowser: WASSUP!

Gourmet Guy: Not much... This cafe looks good.

Kamek: SHHH!

Gourmet Guy: What?

Bugaboom: The Monty Mole's speaking, we have to be quiet.

Monty Mole: I'm quite surprised. I'm not surprised that Gourmet Guy was eliminated, but that he lasted this long. Well, congratulations Gourmet Guy, you did something. Now enjoy your lunch with the losers.

Gourmet Guy: *GASP* You're not who I thought you were! You're-

Read on!

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